Almighty Athlete


Almighty Athlete Volume 1 Chapter 14

CHAPTER XIV: Twists and Turns

In the Director office, Hounju Chang Fu was carefully reading the file.

Hounju Chang is a born athlete, retired, in charge of the women volleyball team, which took the lead in the most glorious moment. Later, he was called by the state system of general administration of the sport comission, starting from the first Olympic gold medal of Xu Haifeng, step by step witnessed the growth and the glory of the national sport, it can be said that he had dedicated his life to the cause of national sport.

This year Hounju Chang has 64 years old, after the Athenas Olympic games he will retired leaving his post dedicated to sports, but until that time comes he will share the responsibilities and fight for the improvement of sports in his country.

Many people think Athens Olympics next year Games results will not be very promising, but Honju Chang does not think so, he not only has high hopes that the national team can achieve excellent results in Athens but also is able to make a great progress in some projects, although the desire to win is great, he wants finish his work and retire in the best way possible.

Houju Chang at the moment this sostenindo in his hands the list of people the track and field who have reached the standards of Olympic competition.

Liu Fei 110m hurdles, which is clearly listed as the most dazzling star, are the most promising players Houju Chang. According to the current level of people Liu Fei, he will be able to win a medal at the Olympics, in order to achieve a medal in the athletic program does not have any progress.

Huh? “Chang Houju reading the list of project 100 m Sprint men, was surprised to see that there are two names that have reached Olympic standard.

¿Two people! “Houju Chang watched carefully to ensure he not misread, then his eyes revealed excitation light.

“Race of men 100 meters, usually only reach the Olympic B standard, but two men reached actually the standard A, might be able to reach the second round. Chen i heard the name, it seems to have a medal at the Asian Games, is pretty good; ZHANG Guang who is this, “Houju read them carefully and call the secretary and said,” I need information two athletes from 100 m”


La secretaria busco inmediatamente la informacion y en menos de 20 minutos informo sobre Chen Jian ,Zhang Guang a través de un email.

“Chen Jian, 2001 Juegos de Asia Oriental de cien metros runner-up.
2002 Juegos Asiáticos de Busan cien metros runner-up. Segundo lugar 4 x 100 m.
Campeón de 2002 en Prix Nacional de Pista y Campo …. ..
“Houju Zhang Chen miró a los datos en una fila , Campeonato Nacional Huangpu 100 metros campeón “.

The secretary immediately seek information and in less than 20 minutes reported on Chen Jian Guang Zhang through an email.

“Chen Jian, 2001 East Asian Games hundred meter runner-up.
2002 Busan Asian Games one hundred meters runner-up. The second place 4 x 100 m.
2002 National Champion Prix Track and Field …. ..
“Houju Zhang Chen looked at the data in a row, Huangpu National Championship 100 meters champion.”

Zhang Houju with a smirk on his face said. “National Track. Championship and the Huangpu Station, its best time is 10.17 s looks good on this project, Chen Jian, if we send it to the Olympics might be able to achieve very good progress.”
Houju Chang opened the information ZHANG Guan.

“Zhang Guang so young, only 17 years old, Hounju Chang started reading and saw his only achievement asian athletic championship winner.

Houju Chang’s face showed confunsion, he called his secretary and handed the pitiful information Zhang Guang and said, What is this? just a line.

The secretary knows that Houju Chang thinks the little information of Zhang Guang is for his incompetence, he immediately says, “I want to talk about your report of this Zhang Guang!!!. I also thought it was a mistake so I called the athletic department and confirmed, the department says Zhang Guang only has 17 years and before he had never participated in a competition, the asian athletic championship was the first participation of Zhang Guang, so there is only one line.

The expression of Huoju Chang relaxed and then asked: “Since there is no game data must have data of their training, their competence in the sports school before entering the team?

“According to the information of Athletics Federation (IAAF), Zhang Guang participate in the Asian championship with only two months of formal training, but he does not come from a school of sports, he is an ordinary high school student,” the secretary whispered, “they say Chen Lao luckily found him”

” Chen Lao found him? Houju Chang nodded to the ability of Chen Lao.

“So he does not come from a specialized school” Houju Chang hit the table with his hand and in his mind the word “genius” was formed.

National atlets train with this system, at all levels of sports teams and sports schools require a lot of staff and financial resources, which are responsible for selecting and training athletes. Famous athletes need 9 years of rigorous training, gymnastics athletes need to start their training at 3 or 4 years old. this is the only way we can prepare athletes, this shows that he is a genius.

Chang Houju suddenly shook his head and said: “No, we can not send an inexperienced player like Zhang Guang to participate in international competition, it certainly can not send him directly to the Olympics, is too irresponsible. The Olympic Games we can lose the game for our country but we can not lose face.

Houju Chang is from a generation that has worked to build young people to improve in sports, being a coach he has led numerous expeditions abroad, at beginning he met with hostility and indifference abroad then got respect and flattery, so nobody understands better than people of his generation the importance of the image of thecountry.And the Olympics in Athens in his last major tournament, He hopes that each member will be able to achieve good results.

Houju Chang took a pen and wrote the following information about Zhang Guang: make sure that before the Olympic Games in Athens to participate in an international tournament, to strive to gain experience, so that is not nervous or have stage fright in the Olympics.


Zhong Tian Guang.

Ma Zhuren reconvene everyone to the meeting room.

“Houju Zhang personally instructed, the central leadership told me personally that assures that Zhang Houju instructions are strictly complied,today’s meeting was basically to discuss this issue, Ma Zhuren looked at Gu Xie and said, “Gu Xie sprint is your responsibility, so first talk about your views on this

Gu Xie coughed and cleared his throat and said I would like to talk about national events, the competition this year just missing the Grand Prix national in November, before the championship a few races are needed to accumulate enough points to participate , so Zhang Guang not qualify, as for the next year, after the spring festival will be the national indoor athletics championship , in addition probably in april start the beginning of the national athletics championship Grand Prix, but the field of the championship will be in the Athenas olympic games trials.

Zhang Guang already reached the Olympic standard, he already qualified for the Olympic Games in Athens, I believe that Zhang Guang maximum can participate in two contests.

“So little” Ma Zhuren frowned and asked, and international competitions?

“Internationally, at the end of this month are 9 Asian athletics championships, the World Grand Prix Zhang Guang not qualify, and there are no more races this year. The next year in Europe the event of the Golden league is very high, we can not get an invitation of the organizing committee for the level of athletes in our country. the world championship Grand Prix next year is needed over 18 years to participate, Zhang Guang still not old enough and then are the Olympics, “said Gu Xi

“Would not it be only 9 Asian championship? Ma Zhuren thought and said” and the sub-18 championships?

“Games sub-18 are relatively small, but counting next year the World Junior Championship at the end of July to early August, in Italy, but are very close to athenas” said Gu Xie

Ma Zhuren sigh with disappointment: “time does not permit, the opening ceremony of the Olympic games are on 13 August and athletes need to have participated in training, especially beginners athletes, adding that the admission of the Olympic Games in the early July ”

All came to the realization that the registration of the Olympic Games is before the youth world championship has begun, so the registration of Zhang Guang to international competition is impossible.

“It seems that there are only 9 Asian athletics championships, prepare a letter to Zhang Guang participate in the Asian championship, Ma Zhuren said helplessly.

“It is to increase the number of participants, or to replace any of the original contestants” Gu Xie asked immediately.

Ma Zhuren thought and said: “” Replace some of the original participants, the number of entries have been established, financial allocations have been given, according to the number of people the sudden increase of one more the funds for the needs would be insufficient .

Xie Gu asked, “” there is a project of relay 4 x 100 m Zhang Guang will participate in this?