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Alice Tale in Phantasmagoria Chapter 47 interlude

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Our departure to the front lines was delayed by a day due to the riots within the castle.

We rushed as quickly as possible, but I had doubted that we would make up for lost time. Regardless, we reached the planned staging point before the enemy. From a nearby hill, it was clear the my army's battle formation was perfect. Did the enemy march slowly?

In other words… was our ability to completely prepare caused by the enemy commander's incompetency?

On the morning of the third day after departing from the capital, we arrived and deployed our army of 8000 strong at the Arsenes Wetlands.
With mountains on either side, and a miry wetlands in front, it was the worst possible terrain to traverse. If one was to travel from Austria to the Royal Capital, there would be no option but to take this route. Despite the bridge crossing being well maintained, anyone using such a narrow path would leave themselves vulnerable. While they are crossing, we will be able to attack them from outside their range, and still intercept at the bridge's exit. It's an extremely solid tactic.

I'm not enough of an optimist, however, to treat this as a stroke of good luck.

I regret thinking like that at times.

"…… Have I overlooked anything?"

War is simply an extension of politics, played with different pieces. However, this fight is about rooting out terrorism. To that end, our only choice is to attain a complete victory by eliminating all enemy defense forces.

We'll make these foolish people, who instigate a coup d’état understand their actions are nothing but brainless acts of terrorism.

I have strategically positioned my 8000 troops. Specializing in long range warfare, I have numerous archers. Boasting of unparalleled offensive power, I have shock troops, equipped with fire crystals to throw at the enemy. I also have heavy and light cavalry. Finally, I have gathered as many as possible experienced soldiers to serve as Infantry.

Even if the enemy has superior numbers, I have no intention of conceding superior locational position, soldier variety, equipment, or supply routes. I also left a private reserve force of 5000 soldiers in the capital. In planning for the worst case scenario, I have done everything I can think to do.
There should be nothing to be worried about, supposedly.

―― There should be nothing to be worried about… Huh… How unsightly Francesca Wilmington, to tell myself only what I would want to hear.

I am only ridiculing myself. There is nothing that can be done about it now, the time for thinking about strategy is over. All that remains is to execute tactics and crush the enemy.

―― As a tactical advantage, I would have Tilbell Ainshura… is what I would like to say.
That person, she possesses great power, yet ignores nearly all worldly affairs. Even in this war, soldiers will die. It is an undeniable truth. Shouldn't the truly strong bear the brunt of the attacks for that very reason? Even if that person makes Alice take over responsibility, it doesn't seem that Tilbell would personally interject. Although its also true that it would be unfair to rely on a wandering Elf.

On the other hand, I first approached her thinking that I could use her disciple for all she's worth, but now…

―― Alice, I have not yet talked enough with her.

I want to hurry and subjugate these foolish rebels, so I can return to drinking tea with Alice, and making idle gossip. She is a priceless friend. I'll think of some reason or another to tie her to the Wilmington family.

―― It's because I think like that, she calls me scheming.

"Even if you say it like that, it doesn't change the fact that I want that!"

The gloomy atmosphere would be dispelled if I had Alice here to talk with.

"――Enemy forces, confirmed."

The report comes from a scout via magic stone.

"… Attention! Double line formation!! Archers forward! We shall wear them down before they can approach!"

Similarly, I use magic stones to notify each unit to commence operations.

From the hilltop, I watch as my army mobilizes in formation.

How much can we exhaust the enemy army before they leave the wetlands? That’s the game we play.

When the enemy manages to slip through our archer's hail of arrows, and is near enough, we'll have the shock troops attack them, greatly increasing the damage taken. After that, the infantry will swap out and maintain the front line, with the cavalry attacking in column formation when an opening is presented. After splitting the enemy forces, we'll crush them with a concentrated all out attack.

―― Okay, I'm sure it will go well!

My hands are pathetically trembling with excitement, not fear, I try convincing myself, as I firmly grasp my rapier.

The battle is starting――――

Since when did I start hating politics? When I was young, I was proud that my family supported the Kingdom. No, even now that has not changed. Blood ties the Wilmington family to the Royal Family. My grandfather was asked to be the Prime Minister, and was proud of that appointment, as a sign of deep trust from the former king. My Father and Mother as well, governing fairly over the Dukedom of Wilmington, as rulers of their people and land. Without levying more taxes than necessary, they completed domestic projects like flood control and agricultural reformation, and tried to live with their citizens. You could call the Dukedom of Wilmington a true utopia. However, it's benevolent nature led them to admit into their Dukedom a great number of refugees. You could say this was the beginning of their downfall, as the population quickly became multi-ethnic.

A nation's power comes from it's people. As commerce grew, the beast tribe, a race discriminately underemployed, found purpose in joining the military, becoming the country's military power. That was probably what angered Austria. The sight of commoners banding together, was seen as them encroaching on the privileges of the aristocrats. Additionally, the aristocrats saw the magnification of the Dukedom's military power through its influence with the able-bodied citizens in the military as a threat. They were also envious of the trust the King placed in my grandfather.

Without warning, Austria placed export restrictions on goods going to the Wilmington Dukedom, due to Austria being a mining export country, it was difficult to acquire even the necessities for the citizens' daily lives, including agricultural tools, and weapons for soldiers. My father tried desperately to negotiate, yet even when they agreed to resume importing, it came with outrageous tariffs. Due to the excessive tyranny, my parents traveled to the Royal Capital to arrange an audience with the King, but during the journey…

―― Father and mother were killed.

They were assassinated. Officially, it was reported to be an accident, and written off… as if some sort of joke. But even in a simple investigation, they could have easily concluded that it was murder. They also would have easily found that it had been at the hands of the beast tribe. I did not believe in discriminating between the peoples of my Dukedom.

That's what I thought.

That's what I thought, but since then, certain feelings started to stir inside me. I started to think that if the price was right, a person might do anything.

The Republic, The Kingdom, The Dukedom of Austria, The Dukedom of Sacramento, The Dukedom of Wilmington. Which of these seems like the easiest for people to live in? As I thought of this, those feelings inside me turned to anger.

As I was first in line for the next duke, I was immediately placed in the seat of Dutchess, without any coronation ceremony. I became fed up with myself trying to deal with all the country's old policies while governing over the Dukedom, and earned the admonishment of my grandfather.

―― That's why Maria, at the time, made Paru my attendant.

That’s what I believe.

I found Maria in the streets dying and I took her in. Paru was taken in similarly when I was young and he was also destitute. During the end of his life of vagrancy, he found himself in Wilmington, lying on the road at life's end. He was later nominated as a candidate for my attendant, and even my open-minded parents balked in ire. I still remember the words that I said even now.

―― The life of any person should have the same value.

In the end, my parents accepted my selfishness after exchanging glances with each other and sighing.

Since then, has it been 8 years?

Can I still say those same words?

―― My nostalgia was interrupted by a roar that sliced through the battlefield.

Looking from atop the hill, a huge body had informed me what had happened.

With roars that could reach the heavens.
An incarnation of magic.
Standard weapons like bows would be useless.
The explosive blasts of fire crystals were nothing but a gentle breeze.
Both infantry and cavalry were simply trampled under foot.
This one creature alone was fully capable of rendering many of our preparations useless, this was the enemy's secret ace in the hole!

"That's… a White Dragon? I've never heard of anything like it!"

A Fire Dragon?
An Ice Dragon?
An Earth Dragon?
A Winged Dragon?
Not one of them!
What is that?

Besides, why is a dragon here of all places?
Dragons, alongside elves, are a rare species. They almost never appear in front of people. But even so, there must be a method to employ a dragon, it had been a contingency I had made plans around. In conclusion, I had arranged for enough soldiers and equipment to handle one.

―― Although at the time it was just a theory without proof.

The dragon tore apart our formation, and the enemy wasted no time charging into the gap.
The frontline was going to collapse!

If I can't prevent that, we'll need to retreat!

Should I consider using the reserve forces?

No, that won't change anything.

Even if we withdraw, we will suffer heavy casualties.

That's what I can't――!

"―― I am going to the frontlines! I shall assist there!"

I held tight in my grasp the magic rapier, our family heirloom, and raised my voice in a war cry.