Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu


Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu Chapter 9 part4

Chapter 9-4

As Alicia and Patrick spotted Mary’s figure, her countenance immediately melted into a smile; waving her hand happily, the girl ran toward Mary.

——-Following her action, bolts of chastisement were pitched by Mary but it didn’t seem to affect Alicia at all——

“Mary-sama, that’s a lot of thing you’ve bought.”

Seeing the boxes in Addie’s hands, Alicia drew a breath. Rather than jealousy, a look of amazement painted over Alicia’s mien; “Yes, Jackpot!” Mary internally did a guts pose and snorted victoriously.

“These are normal, don’t you think? Well, a country hick who must sweat tears and blood to buy a piece of dress probably can’t appreciate it.” Marry affixed, coated with sarcasm. Those mountain of boxes existed solely for this scenario.

Getting the reaction she has been seeking for, a sense of accomplishment swept her; thence cue to her deliberate acerbity, the girls within the avenue were overcame by a strong will to splurge and some fervently ordered their servants to follow them into the next shop.

Being self-centered, always in her high-horse and tongue as poisonous as ever, that’s the role of villain Mary was bestowed. It was reflected strongly as she’s frivolously imposing her standard of norm while flaunting stacks of packages carried by her servant.

Alicia’s expression did warp greatly thanks to Mary’s cynicism, in fact.

Whilst the girl seemed to be disgruntled, desponded to be exact, Mary was assured of her sweet victory.

At this moment, Alicia ostensibly understood their difference in economical stances, being envious of her and begrudged Mary who superciliously boasted her wealth.

It took all her being to not bounce on her feet and zealously squeal at Addie for her success, but Mary settled with a wicked smile. She mustn’t falter so easily, her façade as villain must remain until the recital closed its curtains………hence as Alicia pouty face increased a notch, Mary readily responded with a devilish smirk.

“Oh dear, what a lovely expression. Did you perhaps having a flowery delusion of being able to splurge like me? Gosh, first and first you ought to nicely consult with your pouch beforehand.”

Mary laughed and laughed, increasing her volume by seconds.

In equal timbre, it’s made Alicia’s pout twisted further; as if bullying a helpless toddlers, Mary’s gaze seemed to convey.

Hence what oozed from Alicia’s mouth were words full of resentment.

“Mary-sama, you allegedly have a great fancy for shopping but have never been willing to go with me………..”

She emphasized.


“That’s cruel of you, even though you’ve been declining my invitation at every opportunity, I’d assumed you’ve an aversion for shopping……..”

Alicia turned her face sideways as her cheeks swelled like a balloon.

Her fashion of sulking was as blatant as open books – remaining Mary of her own similar looking approach in order to maneuver things – but the bigger question was why Alicia has resorted to this little tricks thus leaving her with bigger puzzlement.

From Mary’s offhand experience, puffing her cheeks and averting her gaze was equal to saying “I’m angry”, albeit she wasn’t truly angry and just pulling strings so her opponents would gladly dance to her tune.

A technique she had used in her younger days when she sought attentions.

‘For what purpose Alicia acted accordingly?

Wait a minute, is she perhaps pestering me to offer invitation like “Let’s go together then!” ………………

Stop it; I’ve no intention to stoop so low…!’(Mary)

How should I thread henceforth? As Mary looked upward and beseeched Addie’s succor, the towering packages had to be in the way and concealed whatever expression he masqueraded. Great, no answer on her plate.

Nevertheless through the slight rattles those wriggling packages produced, someone was holding his mirth and Mary wasn’t blind hence her foot rose for painful experience……….but withdrew midtracks. If by any chance those boxes were to crumble, the consequences would equate her as a victim.

Being pushed by Alicia’s intensity and unable to deliver any punishment for her coughing attendants, Mary was stoned in her place barred from solution.

And not realizing her predicament, the harmonious couples, Alicia and Patrick said their goodbyes and parted, slipping promises to see each other at another time.

Looking at those two’s backs in a stupor, Mary then regained her wits, all of a sudden.

‘Whoops, I mustn’t let him go!

There’s something I ought to do!’(Mary)

“W-wait a minute Patrick……..-sama! Patrick-sama, please halt your step!”

She made a quick tweak as her habit almost tripped her off guard. Notwithstanding that calling a gentleman by dropping their titles was pretty improper before marriage, if they were engaged like before, it’d be somewhat acceptable; now that their relationship was of an ex-fiancé, calling him in friendly term would produce undesirable controversy.

Even now seeing Mary and Patrick’s relationship after the disengagement becoming friendlier had subjected many people to be mystified. Among the ladies that had yet being betrothed, not envious nor pitying tittle-tattles were circulated inside their circles but “Don’t tell me she gives up only for the time being…” and misguidedly conjured that Mary had come with a grand plan and being extra vigilance around her.

Nonetheless, whether they’re being green or alerted, their everyday conducts remained the same, which was directing their hot and passionate gazes upon Patrick.

“What’s it Mary…….Mary-sama, do you need something from me?”

Patrick fixed his manner as he felt the prickling stares Mary has been subjected as well.

Following his disengagement, every single day he was overwhelmed with the fervent looks rapt unto him. Had he not adopt any formality here, talks about his disengagement being false would definitely spread around.

But not realizing Patrick’s deliberation, Mary cleared her throat to the couple that stopped in their tracks………she met Patrick’s line of sight and smiled. It was an elegant and lovely smile.

“There’s a tailor shop that Otou-sama favored here. Previously, Otou-sama had said his interest to buy you a party suit. May the two of us go now?”

Patrick tilted his head as Mary emphasized ‘the two of us’ phrase.

“Two of us?” blurted Patrick, “Yes, the two us,” parroted Mary with a seraphic smile glazed over her lips.

—– “I’ll disturb Patrick’s date, hence the two of us.” Mary had answered for this aim while as Patrick’s question had stressed on his qualm “Mary is going to leave Addie behind?”———

Patrick’s eyebrows wrinkled. What’d happened? He paid double attention to Mary and slanted his neck once more.

“I’m grateful but can we put it for another time?”

“Oh dear, what a shame, Otou-sama would be disappointed.”

“I’ll contact you again for the exact date. Your esteemed father has excellent taste in attire; I’ll be looking forward for it.”

“That’s right! Danna-sama sense of fashion is fabulous! You can trust his judgement whether for his own interest or others!”

“Please be quiet, box boy*”

“Box boy!?”

Are you referring to me!? Squawked Addie. However due to the towering boxes his face couldn’t be seen and it gave an impression the boxes were doing the talking. Hence box boy.

After silencing the box boy, Mary cleared her throat for the second time. An uncanny laugh erupted from her, like a true villain she swiped her locks over her shoulder.

……….With her motion she imprinted the images of villainous lady as her ringlet made a swift sound. Although only one roll stirred.

“It really is a shame. I’ll tell this properly to Otou-sama.”

“Yes, thank you. Then Mary……Mary-sama, let’s meet again.”

“Mary-sama, excuse me.”

Alicia bowed her head. Patrick gave a small curtsy and leaved the place.

Mary lastly bid them goodbye and heaved a breath in satisfaction. She seemed to have accomplished her mission; noticing Mary’s queer behavior in between the slight rift of the multiple boxes and admittedly puzzled, Addie called her name.

“Ojou, what’s the meaning of all this?”

“Hmm? As you’ve witnessed, I’ve been dumped.”

“Well that much is clear but wasn’t the conversation leaning to Danna-sama more than anything else……”

Instead of being a meddler, she seemed to have been expecting something. As Addie pressed for an answer, Marry grinned.

It’s an impish beam, a stark contrast to her ladylike smile beforehand.

Addie thought that it suits her verily much and equally meant Mary had something up on her sleeves, thus he molded an inquisitive regard.

“Aright, I’ll spill the bean. This date event is a branch point for the ending.”

Clarified Mary whilst she suddenly turned on her heels; Addie couldn’t make any head or tails from her speech nonetheless since she’s heading for a coffee, he’s wondering whether it’s her cue of showing her willingness to expound further therefore he trailed after.


*箱男 It’s a play of word: in Japanese box is read as ‘hako’ and written in ‘箱’ while man ‘男’, so when they’re combined it becomes box man.

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