Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu


Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu Chapter 9 part1

"Hey Addie, there's something I want to ask of you………. Is that okay?"

Being confronted by her reticent question out of nowhere, Addie tilted his head.

They were at the garden of Albert House, past the dinner time.

Enjoying a cup of green tea after meal whilst beholding the magical landscape of the gradually retreating light upon the garden, Mary asudden turned her face as if remembering something, hence the following question.

She seemed to have recalled an important matter, ostensibly struggling to bring it up, yet at last she steeled herself and masked a determined mien, "Everything alright?" Addie responded.

"You see…….a conjecture, this is but a mere conjecture, nonetheless if by any chance……."

"What is it?"

"I only said this as a hypothesis, alright? Within realm of possibility, it's very unlikely…………or so I believed………."

"That's why, what are you talking about?"

As Addie was befuddled, Mary let out a sigh "Perhaps," she emphasized and continued.

"Perhaps, Alicia has taken a liking for me…….."

Addie gaped at lost thanks to Mary little monologue.

"…………Ojou, had the truth finally dawned on you?"

"No, I can't be credulous of it yet. I only saw a glimpse of it; therefore please give me a more inexplicit opinion…"

Mary who honestly expressed her feebleness unlike her usual self earned a small sigh from Addie.

Nevertheless since he was an attendant he couldn't stay taciturn. "I understand, "he acknowledged. Mary's face became serious as she waited for his reply.

Thus Addie molded an answer for Mary's sake.

"Let me see, the two of you seem to have an amiable relationship and certainly not a stranger toward each other, furthermore there were many occurrences of your actions to be mingled with her."

His reply was too equivocal that she conversely had a hard time accepting it.

"A-as I expected. If it just that………then, for references sake, would you give me the unfiltered answer."

"No matter one thinks about it you two are practically best friends."


Bombarded with eye-opening rounds one after another, Mary held her chest, dumbstruck.

'Looks like it's a decisive blow, huh', Addie with a feeling of accomplishment lobbed a cookie to his mouth. 'Rather aren't they running to 'forever best friend' route at this point?'(Addie)

———-It's not like Addie held any grudge toward Mary but to outsiders' eyes, those two are basically close friends. Although, Mary's choice of words were as harsh as ever. ———

However Mary seemed to have a complaint or two regarding that statement, sobering up from her devastated state, and raised her face, "First of all……."

"First of all, that girl is an enigma…..that's right, I'm not in the wrong here…..definitely not, I'm doing my job properly as a villain!"

"Despite not in the wrong and yet being a villain is a paradox itself."

"To begin with, I've been doing cruel things to her every single day; therefore the victim is the screwy one!"

While Mary narrated her heartfelt frustrations of the going awry situations, "Is that so," Addie inserted as he poured another serving to her tea cup.

Certainly, true to Mary's words every day she had been trying to hurt Alicia. Despite not in the shape of harassment happening in the game, her flinty verbal abuse was a notch higher than game version.

The game Mary appeared intermittently and her mockeries were limited to "country bumpkin" or "hick".

At last "Dora-gaku" was an Otome game, they naturally gave a more detailed attention to the heroes' sweet lines than the villain's callous jeering, plus there's an age restriction so Mary derision became milder.

Contrariwise, Mary didn't only holler "country bumpkin" or "hick" at every opportunity, per times they spent together her sarcasms could go beyond over there.

Normal person would crack, or else having an aversion and distance herself from Mary………

"At one time, she'd found me and sprinted toward me, hence I said,

"Can you please refrain yourself from running around like an undisciplined dog? My manor house watch dog clearly has superior brain tissues than you."

Do you know how she replied back?"

Apparently remembering the occasion had Mary's expression painted with annoyance and Addie wrinkled his eyebrows.

What Mary has hollered to Alicia could be classified as a good reprimand but it wouldn't color him surprised if a fight has broken out. Even Addie wouldn't turn a deaf ear if another people outside of Albert House told him that.

Hence, it baffled Mary that her cynicism hadn't had any effect on Alicia; the girl would return any of them with candor and so he was pretty curious about her reply.

Looking at Addie inquisitive stare, Mary averted her face. Her long gaze was unthinkable for a girl in her teens.

"That child……

"Whoa! Mary-sama you have a doggie at home, huh!"

Readily responded…….."

"That's mind-boggling indeed….."

"The heck is "whoa" meant, she took the word right out of my mouth!"

Mary hit the table vehemently in exasperation moreover Addie couldn't muster a word of encouragement and only looked at her in sympathy.

He was simply tongue-tied, she left the impression of a person who walks around all day with her head above the clouds*……….but for it to be that extends; he started to pity the other girl. And at the same time, he totally admired Alicia's steel-like mental.

Nonetheless if he was to utter that, Mary's plummeting spirit would be beyond salvation, so Addie chirped, "But you can try again,"

"Although it probably a spilled milk." He added inside his mind.

"Y, yes you're completely right……..I can tackle it from zero……..yes, I'll work harder. For I'm Mary Albert; I've to hurt her at least once!"

"Exactly, I believe Ojou can do it! Alicia-chan will be hurt!"

"Yeah, now I've a renewed confident! If it still doesn't work I'll resort to using brute force!"

"Brute force is a no-no!"

"I'll pierce her with these drills!" Mary roared with a revitalized vigor in a spur of moment. Addie was forced to pour cold water on her resolve pronto.

And after deflating her dynamism to the point of her admitting….. "That's right, using drills is out of question……anyhow, these aren't drills either." The two faced each other again.

Having something to say again, Mary cleared her throat. Also because she's been referring her hair as 'drills' to her own embarrassment, her cheeks were a bit cerise, as expected Addie couldn't breach that subject so he awaited her next words quietly.

"Hearken; tomorrow at noon that child will go on a date with Patrick in town."

"Oh, a date, is it? How knowledgeable of you."

"Based on the comparison I did with the game story, I know that it'll be tomorrow. Furthermore I've received the news from the concerned party."

"Ah, I see, being invited like always, huh."

"…………..refrain from asking, will you."

"Forgive my insolence, please continue." Since Mary diverted her eyes, Addie acted like a true servant and courteously asked her.

From her reaction, it seemed that his guess hit the bull's eye. Ostensibly, she had refused with poisonous tongue, but her eyes right now were murky like a dead fish eyes.

"Then, are you going to obstruct their date?"

"Of course! We'll depart tomorrow at 8 o'clock!"

Prepare yourself! Mary ordered and Addie bowed deeply. "As my master wishes."

"8 o'clock?"

Why so early? He tilted his neck.


*It’s an idiom, 常日頃よく空回る御方, the literal translation is someone who is idly. I add something similar to English idiom.

Sorry for the late update, summer killed me with its heat.