Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu


Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu Chapter 8 part5

It’s afternoon break.

Mary, Addie and Alicia – she had one way or another followed the pair nonchalantly to the cafeteria -sit in one table.

Since Mary’s mind was geared toward the destruction end, ‘this activity of spending lunch together like a friend’ was beyond awkward for her.

“Can you please eat with more elegance? Gosh, the bread crumbs are scattering all around, do you want to lure those doves in the courtyard?”

Another scorn was volley from Mary to Alicia.

Alicia readily looked at her knees in spite of the harsh cynicism; noticing the cluttered grains, she spouted an apology with cerise cheeks. Thus, she began to eat with extra care.

Her gestures were a bit crude but graceful at the same time. ……..Although, the real lady, whose seat was beside her, was confidently enjoying a rice bowl.

“Well, I admit that cutting bread is a quite difficult task.”

Adjoined Mary as she moved to seat in front of Alicia, then with a skilled movement she cut the bread like a steak and took an appropriate bite.

As usual his choice of menu was incredibly lavish. But the master who should have scolded him was remarking on something completely unrelated, “I’m surprised you can eat hefty things at noon. Is your stomach made out steel?”, nonetheless seeing their situation, her reaction was rather on track.

“Mastering the table manner is the foremost crucial subject; for instance even if you inadvertently step on your dance partner’s foot, you only need to divulge that you’re nervous while showing your roseate cheeks, thus you’ll be easily forgiven; howbeit that’s not the case with table manner. The moment you take your seat, you’ll be evaluated for every little gesture.”

“H, how nerve-wracking……… I, I’ve to keep up my pace.”

“Don’t fret about it, as you are now there’s no significance in gauging your table manner. At any rate I’ll mention this as a precaution; your gawky discreetness at nibbling your food is literally unattractive. A lady is the crystallization of elegance and beauty, plus having impeccable table manner.”

“Uu……. It’s an unreachable height for me……….”

“Obviously, it’s not something a rustic girl like you can tackle in one night. Well, if you reach my level, cutting a boule* while smiling is a duck soup.”

Mary snickered condescendingly. “That’s amazing indeed,” nodded Addie in agreement.

Whereas being solely ill-informed about the bread – an extremely hard variety ones – the girl had been referring to, Alicia simply showed her reverent gaze to Mary.

Then, somebody called them out, it was Patrick, followed by the Student Council Members.

Normally their mere presences will encourage shrilly voices to be lobbed hither and thither, notwithstanding since there had been a big hubbub this morning, the surroundings were cladded in queer silent;  everyone was in a big wonder over their appearances and mingled reactions were born.

‘It’s certainly my blunder to design such a problematic meeting time,’ thought Mary as she saw how much ruckus they’d stirred, alas it’s something Mary had decided so she couldn’t refuse them.

“Good day, everyone,” greeted her somewhat reluctantly with a faint smile coated.

At that instant, Addie swiftly stood up and bowed deeply to them, apparently for him, this morning hullabaloo was over and done; whereas seeing his confounding actions, a pout resurfaced on Alicia’s face, her hands animatedly shred the bread in resentment.

Mary floated a wry smile for their brazen and contrasting reactions – after all, both were the reactions she initially wanted to display. It’s indeed ironic – As the Student Councils Members have been fiddling in their place for some time now, looking anxious and all, she decided to give them a benevolent help.

“I’m truly sorry for this morning upheaval. It seems that I’ve not fully recovered yet.”

“N-no, the ones who should apologize are us. Being hoodwinked by fallacious information, we’ve brought huge dishonor for you in front of many people. “

Please forgive us, the Vice President lowered his head, and everyone followed his gestures in sync. The only exception was Patrick, howbeit noticing Alicia shredding her bread vigorously in the background; he hurriedly arched his head as well.

This pretty much proven that Mary was deemed as a culprit because of these ‘credible yet incorrect evidences’. Hence, there was probably the real perpetrator lurking behind the curtain, but it was unwise to bring this topic up before many eyes.

She was curious about their true identity, nonetheless she could just ask Patrick after the accident was resolved or ordered Addie to investigate secretly. If she opened the discussion here, that would indirectly gave the masses delicious gossip.

“I’ve been careless with my conducts, and there’s a misunderstanding in your part. Let’s call this even since we’re both at faults.”

“Lady Mary……… really have been thinking this trough, I’m ashamed with my naivety.”

“Oh my, in the first place I’m being in this situation right now because I was callow……..but”

Mary abruptly lowered her tone.

Her eyebrows slanted downward as her expression went milder and everyone was drawn in by this peculiarity, paying her a double attention.

Thence Mary muttered softly, “…..How terrifying,” she appeared so ephemeral as she did so.

Because of her delicate impression, every man was instinctively urged to protect her, even women were stirred to lend their hands for her.

——-Perceiving what Mary wished to convey, no, what she’s feigning for, Addie quietly shifted the rice bowl position toward himself.———

“There’s someone heinous enough to do such fiendish things to Alicia-san in this academy……..somehow, this realization brought me great fear.”

“Please put your mind at ease. We’ve placed a tight surveillance on the culprit and absolutely won’t let them near both of you again.”

“That’s certainly an assuring news. I expected nothing less from the Student Council Members. Please try hard for the school’s peace henceforth.”

“Y…….yes, of course!”

Burying memories best left uncovered, their terse shoulders relaxed.

Subsequently they gave her a deep grateful bow and left the cafeteria. After regaining their usual charismatic composure, heaves of relieved sighs were heard.

Patrick as well, making sure that Alicia has recovered her normal mien, eating her bread with serenity, “I’ll take my leave here,” he slipped away shortly.

Not long after the cafeteria resumed its liveliness again, Mary blew a long breath.

What a grueling work just after she recovered. Moreover, the inquisitive gazes directed on her made her uncomfortable.

“Good job,” Addie complimented, probably in recognition of Mary’s fatigue. Mary lips arched and she sneered in wisecrack.

“Their loutishness was incredibly adorable compares to a certain someone.”

The cafeteria aunt called her in merry voice.

“Rice bowl Lady, I heard you were struck by intelligence fever? (chie-netsu)”

Mary smiled beautifully as she kicked Addie’s leg under the table, it happened few minutes after their repartee.


There’s an author note here, in short she apologized that lots of joke were mingled in as she stated that it’s because this is a rom-com story thus there are only few characters appearing and the lack of depth it has.

*ミュンヘナーブロード, the real name of the bread is ‘moon henna brood???’, but I don’t know how to translate that, I searched on google and it showed me a similar shape bread to boule. If you have better knowledge in bread, do tell me, I’ll fix it.

Oh, not complaining or being pesky, but few days ago I just received a pretty shocking message that read in short, ‘I wish to take Albert-ke project and I won’t ask for payment from readers and I’m not being rude,’. When I read that, I was rather astounded. I’ve involved myself on many manga translations before and even now I still do it – hence my slow update -, but because the politics of these manga translation groups, honestly I kinda of retreat myself a bit from being dragged to that. Long story short, I have never ever seen another group just take other group’s project while the said group is being relatively active, they never dared to publish something unless the previous group was in hiatus for at least 3-6 months. And here I am, my last update was not even a month ago. Seriously, is this how they do it in translating webnovel nowadays? (屮゜Д゜)屮