Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu


Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu Chapter 8 part3

"Members of Student Councils, are you perchance inferring that by being pitifully robbed off from Patrick-sama, I’d harassed Alicia-san in retaliation?"


"In other meaning, me, Mary Albert, once a hick girl took her fiancé, was neglecting her studies and treating them as inconsequential matters…….is that it?"

Due to Mary's pressurizing subzero tone, the Student Councils gawped in astonishment.

Mary's atmosphere was dripping frost, undeniably for them this 'Mary' was poles apart from the one they knew. Someone who condoned her servant crudely talking her back, turned a deaf ear toward any malicious slanders about her, and commuted to school by bike. That 'oddball of a lady' wasn't present here.

"Inexcusable, to think that I was getting such an obnoxious impression."

"M-miss Mary…….?"

"Spoiling her uniforms or scribbling on her desk, did you dare saying yours truly Mary Albert would downgrade oneself by partaking in those clichéd and ignominious endeavors?"


"Nevertheless explicating them here would be the foremost fruitless labor, so how about experiencing it first hand?"

As if blurting something innovative, Mary blithely smiled and clasped her hands. Although, her eyes were devoid of any mirth, rather they were dangerously frigid.

——Addie was totally unruffled seeing Mary's smirk, he placated Alicia that has been shaken by Mary's abrupt change of personality. Whereas Patrick was diverting his face, covering his mouth to contain his leaking emotion——-

"Please experience the repercussion of taking something important from Mary Albert. Henceforth, I assure that you'll fathom the whole bit."

She's implicitly told them "Mine won't stop at such cute degree", Mary tittered and curved her mouth upward.

It's an elegant laugh for a noble lady; nonetheless in this situation it just frosted the atmosphere further.

Obviously Mary had no intention to thaw it; the first-year secretary drew a sharp breath from the hefty tension and didn't dare to deter his eyes.

She emotionlessly placed her stern gaze on the previously indomitable and vociferous males. Her orbs didn't take them in as enemies, yet they didn't necessarily hold warm as a fellow student. As if she'd dispose things unneeded, there's not a spec of mercy in her approach.

"Well, who should I start with? Why not, I'll welcome all of you coming at the same time. I hope rather than a measly bumpkin girl, you guys will provide a better entertainment, right?"

She smirked; lips arched like crescent moon, Mary then gave Addie, who stood nearby, a wink.

Understanding her intention, Addie hastily reacted; the Student Councils that have been showing anxious faces, their shoulders quaked almost synchronously in respond.

Their expression were a hodgepodge of perplexity and trepidation, their earlier brimming dynamism were nowhere to be seen. It's such a pitiful sight; their miens were out-and-out ashen right now.

That too was unavoidable outcome, after all they had ultimately realized.

Who they had made an enemy of.

While they just did this for fulfilling the responsibilities of Student Councils', essentially whose house's daughter they had tried to condemn?

And despite their standing as the Student Councils, their actions formerly might topple the whole views of white and black, resulting in destruction.

They had at last understood that.

——In other hand, Patrick who had comprehended that sooner, was covering his mouth and averting his face, in a posture that outwardly reaching his last straw, his shoulders quivered in a whole different meaning from his colleagues. Maybe after finally grasping the reason of Patrick's peculiar behavior, Alicia kept glaring on him as she pouted.  She's being extremely cute—–

Withal the situation they were in, their spirits to correct evil still remained, the Student Councils that had been given authorities as public officers from instructors were showing an unyielding comportment.

"You often act unladylike. By the teachers' word, you are atrocious."

"Oh dear, how cruel. I had been told as an eccentric, but I'd on no occasion intended to inconvenience anyone. Of course, I'd never participated in conducts that dismay the teachers as well."

"Then again there's no rebuttal that your everyday conducts are demeaning St. Karelia's reputation. As St. Karelia's student, as a lady of Albert House, we'd always preferred for you to behave with your stature in mind."

He was obliquely saying, she's being suspected since her daily manners were unflattering. Remembering the teachers' word made Mary's skewed her mouth again.

Really, they'd said something fabulously interesting. (Mary)

"So, are you denoting that I'm not ladylike, not suitable as a daughter of Albert House, is that it?"

"Yeah, as your behaviors spoke louder."

"Long story short, you're accusing my exalted father impregnating other woman. Or, my noble mother having a secret lover behind his back, aren't you?"

"No, that's impossible……….!"

"Oh my, then my exalted father and my noble mother had unknowingly and foolishly raising a child they didn't convinced, had not them? If those stories were to be truth, then Albert House's crest should be a cuckoo."

Oho ho, Mary seemingly thrilled, snickered loudly.

Their surrounding was subsequently drowned in raucous whispers, among the spectators that have been listening to their exchanges; one of them even said "How indecent of Albert House's lady."

Of course, none of them believed that the Albert's couple has been cheating. The Albert's couple's relationship was harmonious to say the least, people had always found them lovely smiling to each other. Adolescent ladies had at all times admired them as the idyllic couple.

Forget about doubting their faithfulness toward each other, no one would dare to cast a slur on them.

And evidently, Albert's couple was renowned to dote on their daughter very much. Obviously, the rumor about the eccentric Mary was included in them.

Hence following Mary's enquiry, they realized how they had inadvertently voiced an unfounded slander toward Albert's couple.

"Uh I….."

The Vice-President weakly mumbled.

He's a figure which had been confidently supporting the Student Council President all along, lots of students were very thankful for his dedications. Words coming from him came as gentle lullaby and he's received as a sociable individual yet there's another side of him that couldn't forgive people who robbed something important from someone else. Then again whichever sides were unthinkable to utter such pathetic voice.

Mary reflexively thought,

'I might get stabbed by one of Vice-President's fans henceforward.' (Mary)

And sighed, nonetheless the boys around her appeared to get the wrong signals and sounds of people taking a deep breath was heard, not just them, but from the onlookers as well.

Just moment ago she's bombarded with harsh accusations; this change of attitudes was itself an object of bizarre fear.

If she's asked which one is better, both are equally unsolicited.

Their faces were dead pallid, they're totally blanched that their good looks regrettably became unrecognized. They're incredibly sensitive toward Mary's movement that her soft sigh sent shivers through their veins and tremors to their shoulders.

They dared to point their lances toward Albert House, so this was pretty much a predictable outcome.

Notwithstanding from Mary's perspective who had taken their bait, their scared figured made her feel being the perpetrator of this ludicrous charades, it left a bad taste.

………….'This's why I've been living quietly.' (Mary)

'People blathering about me being maverick and all, as the truth isn't so different, and above all because I understand it'll lead to this thus


Yours truly have been tuning them out, what a bummer.' (Mary)


Mary is a true savage!!!!!!!!!