Akuyaku Reijou no Yume Watari


Akuyaku Reijou no Yume Watari extra 1 part2

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Extra Chapter: Horun Part 2

By the way, there’s something noticeable.

Horun never touched Tianne today.

Even though he usually touches her somewhere whenever he sees an opening, but he’s showing no such sign of doing it now that they’re alone together.

Once she realized it, she couldn’t help but wonder.

Why isn’t he touching her, Tianne couldn’t understand herself for getting uneasy about such a thing and her expression turned cloudy.

Horun immediately noticed the change in Tianne’s expression. But he doesn’t know what caused it. He couldn’t think of one even when he thought about it. What it is that’s making Tianne make that kind of face, Horun, who is a direct person, decided to ask her directly.

[Did something happen?]]

[Eh? Wha, what do you mean?]

Horun frowned and stopped towards her candid reply. Tianne also stops and looks up at him.

[You, do you know just what kind of face you’re making right now? It’s a face that has “anxiety” clearly showing in it…. Am I that unreliable to the point where you can’t tell me? Or is it that I’m not worthy of your trust?]

The words she was about to say to mislead Horun got stuck after seeing his serious face. She erased her thoughts and opened her mouth.

[....Why, aren’t you touching me?]


[Like I said! Why do you not touch me!? Even though you’re usually touching me all over!! Why not today!?]

Tianne desperately declared as if she’s shouting. After Horun took a while to digest what Tianne has said, he looked as if he’s seeing something unbelievable as he asked.

[Because if I did touch you, I will end up putting my hands on you. I have no confidence to stop myself if it’s just the two of us without the hindrances. Remembering the you in the dream, I definitely won’t be able to stop even if you hate it. I don’t want to force you. You don’t like it, right?]

Tianne stared at Horun for a while after hearing his words. Horun’s eyes had the look of hope and unease mixed together.

[Idiot. Muscle-brained fool.]


[You’re thinking too much even though you’re a stupid muscle-brain.]

After laughing with a crying expression, Tianne hugged Horun’s chest herself. She did such an unexpected thing that Horun turned rigid. Tianne thought that such a Horun is adorable, she pushed her forehead on his chest as she muttered with her eyes closed.

[But…. it seems I like you like that.]

[!? O, OOOOUUUU!!!!] (TN: He’s really just screaming.)

[Hey, you’re loud!!!]

Horun involuntarily shouted, Tianne panicked and distanced herself.

Horun suddenly opened his eyes widely, lifted Tianne up, and started running.

Tianne wanted to open her mouth to protest, but figuring that she might bite her tongue with how fast they’re going, she immediately decided to stay quiet.

And now, they arrive at the inn as lovers.

Horun flew into the room faster than Tianne could perceive, and brought her to the bed.

Th, the development is too fast!!

‘Just how long has this guy been suppressing himself?’ Thought Tianne as her cheeks twitched. Horun ignored the state she’s in as he moved his face close.

[Once you are in my arms I won’t be holding myself back. You’re mine.]

Without waiting for Tianne to answer, Horun kissed her.


[Aah, it’s the real Tia. Nh, more. Let me have more.]

[Fuaah. Mn!! Uhn,ngh!!!]

Even though her body shouldn’t have known how a real man feels, but it responds thanks to her brain remembering the pleasure. Horun could bear it no longer and took off Tianne’s clothes as as if tearing it off.

The moment she felt the air touch her bare skin, her nipple disappeared into Horun’s mouth as if he’s eating it.

There’s no mistake that the accurate description of his fierce expression is the same as jumping into a fight as he sucks it.

[Ah!! Ah!! If you suck it that hard!! Noo! Ahh!!]

[Haa, it’s so hard….]

Tianne’s nipple is gleaming from Horun’s saliva is red and hard. While his tongue is teasing it, he spread open her legs that are rubbing against each other not long ago and reached out his hand from towards the top of the underwear on that wet place.


Tianne’s face turns red as she hears the reverberating wet sounds.

[You’re also a virgin among other things.  How irresistible…. Are you really sure? If it’s now, although I find it a pity but you can still make it. I’m going to do anything to what is mine.]

Tianne affirmed without without delay.

[You are, just fine…. However, please be as gentle as possible. Hey, mnaah!!]

On Tianne’s words, Horun composed himself and he soon after shifted her underwear to the side and inserted his finger in. That place which has gotten slippery easily welcomed his finger in. However, it was hard for him since she’s a virgin.

[Since you’re a virgin, I must loosen you up as much as I can.]

He kisses her again, and he stirs inside her while her body is still relaxed, looking for her good spot. 'If it’s like in the dream then’, Tianne’s body sprung up greatly when he found it.

[Nhah!! No way!! There!! Don’t!! You can, not!!!]

[Cum once!! Look!! You’re sopping wet!! Without holding anything back, cum!!]

Tianne’s body was unable to hold itself from cumming as it receives the stimulation from having her good spot persistently rubbed and her secret bud pinched . After her body twitched a number of times, in order to adjust her breathing,she took a deep breath. At that moment, something with an incomparable size to a finger was thrusted in.

The pain travelled and Tianne let out a scream that couldn’t be called a scream. (TN: Uhm…. yelp?)

[Sorry, I thought it’s better if I put it in in one go…. Are you okay?]

Horun didn’t move and sounded out Tianne’s condition.

[Uuu. It hurts, you idiot! However…. although it hurts, I’m happy. Also, you look like you’re suffering yourself, are you okay?]

[Geez. You’re so cute!! I’m, fine.  It’s just that, it’s so tight inside of you…. It’s as if you’re going to squeeze me dry. Kuh.]

Even though it hurts, Tianne shakes her hips looking for the pleasure. Horun cursed out ’damn’ as he held her waist and started thrusting wildly. As Tianne is being rocked violently, she could feel the pleasure climbing up.

The intense wet sounds and loud sighs together with their sweat were transformed into stimulus. When Horun greatly thrusted inside once more, a hot substance poured out inside Tianne as her body is still shaking. She didn’t expect him to cum inside her and was shocked, and the stimulation of being cummed inside made her reach climax herself. Horun’s thing started to twitch as if it’s exploiting Tianne’s orgasm.

[Haah, haa, to think, you’d suddenly, cum]

[My bad. Haah. I wasn’t able to pull out. Haah. But, even if I could, it doesn’t matter.]

He hugged Tianne without pulling out and entwined her legs around him. Tianne’s unplugged part was once again re-entered and her body once again trembled.

[If it’s Tianne’s kid then it’s definitely gonna be cute. I’m really looking forward to it.]

That’s right, he gave Tianne a smile and his movements restarted. His intense movement felt like it’s gonna continue forever.

[It’s, coming!! No, mo,re!! Something hot’s coome!! Cumming!! UHNNN!!!]

In the end, Horun kept Tianne company until she fainted.

The next morning, Tianne came across Noark in the corner of their house waiting for her when she came home. Horun and Noark’s fight unfolded since morning, and the two that didn’t listen to Tianne, who was trying to stop them, was made to promise not to approach her for one week.