Akuyaku Reijou no Yume Watari


Akuyaku Reijou no Yume Watari Chapter 10

AN: The next chapters will be on the reincarnated Heroine’s POV.

Tenth Night

It’s a cloudless moonlit night. In a room in the Yurks Family, Noark irritatedly hit the desk.

[She definitely did something!]

The reason why everyone is acting weird, it’s certainly Tianne’s fault. He tried to visit Tianne’s room before to confront her but was refused by the servant, further irritating him.

[Even though she wasn’t like that in the past.]

The old Tianne was kind, she loved me dearly, smart, and noble…. and I loved that girl so much it was unbearable. He was shocked the moment he became siblings with Tianne. Remembering his feelings at that time, he grasped his chest over his clothes.

[....However, that’s already in the past.]

He laid in his bed and covered his eyes with his arms.

Recently, something dark has been swirling within his heart that’s making him uncomfortable.

He has always wanted to remove that disgusting thing so bad. However, he has no idea how to do it. Noark breathed out deeply to somehow suppress his helpless feeling and letting drowsiness to sink his consciousness.

Noark’s room is surrounded by pictures. She looked around the pictures stuck on the walls stunned. However, they’re all white for some reason.

Although Tianne felt creeped out, she saw Noark but he didn’t notice her as he took hold of a white picture and muttered something.

[This, this, this, and this also doesn’t have my ーーーーー reflected in it!!!]

Tianne felt like backing up after hearing Noark’s bitter cry before her, but he renewed her determination and approached him.


[Ugh. Tianne.]

While looking like he’s about to cry at any moment, Noark looked up at Tianne and hugged her reflexively.

This child, he’s the boy from the past.

He was a crybaby and had always ran after my back.

[My, myーーーーー is…]

[It’s alright. It’s going to be fine.]

Tianne wasn’t able to hear clearly what Noark murmured, but she knows that he’s sad.

[I’m here. Haven’t I always been beside you to protect you? That’s why this time, I will also protect you.]

It didn’t matter to Tianne that her fiance has become one of the heroine’s entourage, but she found it hard to bear having Noark turn antagonistic towards her. If I’ll be able to solve this time’s matter and get Noark and I to be like we were before, it doesn’t matter if I don’t become a commoner after cancelling my engagement. In order to do that,

[Noark, I’m sorry.]

She apologized and gently placed her own lips on his. Noark’s eyes opened wide in surprise.


[Noark, you can speak ill of me as much as you want later…. Being hated by you…. will be a bit painful, though.]

[What are you… mph!!!]

She held Noark’s cheeks with her hands and deepened their kiss.

Noark, who was puzzled at first, starts to intertwined with her as a response.

[Noark. Does it feel good?]

Sitting across Noark’s lower body which is in a sitting position, she rubs herself*, which doesn’t have anything on, onto Noark’s thing as she whispers in his ear.

After a while, the wet sounds of their bodily fluids grows louder. The obscene sounds excited the both of them.

[Tianne, it feels good. I’m feeling so good.]

[I’m feeling good, too. Ah, just now, it was about to go in. Look, Noark’s enlarged thing has gotten stuck in the entrance, mh. Haah. Noark, touch them.]

She took Noark’s hands and guided them to her chest.

Noark swallowed his saliva, he weakly rubbed her breasts, then he brought his mouth close.

[Ah, don’t bite i-- yah~!]

[But this place of yours has swollen red and looks like it’s feeling good.]

He bit and nibbled while also licking. But he then started sucking and strongly teased her with his tongue. Tianne feels like she’s gonna cum just from having her breasts teased. Noark picked it up and stopped caressing. Tianne opened her closed eyes which were soaked in passion and looked accusingly at him. Noark passionately returned it with a burning gaze.

[That’s no good. If you’re going to cum then it must be because of mine.]

The hips that have stopped moving started rubbing strongly. She could feel it get caught a number of times, and she moans every time it happens. How frustrating. My hips end up moving on their own.

She rubbed repeatedly for a while, and when Noark’s thing once again got caught in her entrance, he held Tianne’s butt and plunged right inside her. She threw her head back and climaxed at Noark’s instant deep invasion.

Noark’s body also seemed to trembled from it.

They both adjusted their breathing, and when their eyes met, Noark smiled while watching Tianne.

Tianne felt a shock ran down her back. She tried to move but his hands were holding her and won’t let go.

[At last, I finally have you. Tianne.]

Tianne was puzzled. Who is this man in front of her?

Noark doesn’t have this kind of atmosphere. They have the exact same face but….. they’re different.

And then she noticed that the pictures hanging in the walls are no longer white.

Tianne was even more surprised. Every single one of the pictures is of her. From her childhood probably up until he met Lilia.

Tianne looks at the man before her in disbelief.

[I finally regained it. My feeling for Tianne. It’s because of that shitty woman. No, none of that matters now. I feel the best right now. Tianne.]

Her hands which she used to try to shake him off and untangle themselves were collected behind her back at once as she was mercilessly screwed from behind. Tianne felt like this act will last forever.

No way, to think that Noark is a yandere.

[Ah~. Aah! Haah~! Stop, already, plea~aah!!!]

[I don’t want to. More, even more. More, until you can’t be without me.You should just break until no one else will want you other than me!]

Noark was able to break through Lilia’s charm thanks to Tianne, but she also removed the restraint he placed upon himself on his desire towards her.

In the end, Noark and Tianne woke up from their sleep the morning two days later.


*-  For further clarification, she rubbed her uncovered kitty to his you-know-what.