Akashic Records of the Bastard Magical Instructor


Akashic Records of the Bastard Magical Instructor Volume 7 prologue

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Translator: Huapollon

It was a memory from many years ago… when I was just a child.

My mother, Queen Alicia Septima, came to the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy on her routine inspection of the empire.


With my hand in hers, I accompanied Mother into the magic academy’s main hall and was absolutely entranced by the sight that unfolded before my eyes.

The bright chandeliers hanged from the ceiling and walls, while the glittering candelabra basked the white tables and a vast selection of dishes on top with a gentle glow. Nearby, musicians in tuxedoes played a cheerful tune, where pairs of girls and boys in splendid clothes danced the night away. Surrounding the dance floor, prom attendees enjoyed a lighthearted chatter.

Everyone laughed and enjoyed their time at the joyous occasion. To me at the time, the sight of the academy’s main hall was a scene out of fairy tales.

“Hehehe, are you surprised? Erumiana, this is the famed ‘Academy Prom’.” Mother explained to me, “This prom is an annual tradition held at the magic academy. It felt like yesterday when I had enjoyed the festivities as a student at this academy… Quite nostalgic…”

“Really…? So even Mother had taken part in this prom…”

“Of course! Shall we look around, Erumiana?”

Hand in hand, we toured the ‘Academy Prom’. Certainly, it was a tour that felt surreal and dreamlike, or perhaps it could simply be considered as a reflection of the wondrous event itself.

At the center stage of the Academy Prom, there appeared to be a dance contest as pairs twirled to the cheers of the spectators. The stunning environment was infectious, and, despite standing a fair distance away, my heart was set aflutter by the jovial atmosphere.

“If only Renillia-oneesama could come as well…”

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Just as I was feeling regret for my dear sister, who was unable to join us due to poor health, loud cheers and applause erupted in the hall at the appearance of a pair of students on stage. The pair basked in the gentle glow of magic, as if receiving a wonderful blessing from the heavens above.


At that moment, I could not help but focus on the female partner of the pair. More precisely, I was enraptured by the splendid dress she wore.

“H-how b-beautiful…”

The wondrous dress further amplified the already dreamlike state. Its litheness was reminiscent of a gown worn by angels, while its long sleeves fluttered in the wind like the wings of fairies. Countless gems dotted the surface in the same way stars dotted the night sky, and, under the brilliant light above, glittered with an almost mysterious light.

The surrealistic scene immediately entranced me.

“Hehehe~ Do you like that dress, Erumiana?” Mother spoke to me with a hint of nostalgia in her voice, “I am not surprised that you would be attracted to that dress – the ‘Gown of Fairies’.”

“Gown of Fairies…?”

“Yes. It is a gown that would appear at every ‘Academy Prom’ since the prom’s inception. Only the female partner of the dance contest’s champion pair would be granted the privilege to wear it for the night. It is a dress adorned with magic – the symbol of the undisputed champion.”

Legends told that the dress was the masterpiece of a powerful fairy. It would remain beautiful and pristine no matter how many years had passed, and it was enchanted with the ability to fit whoever that should wear it. Furthermore, the embedded magic allowed for the amplification of its wearer’s beauty and charisma.

“Although I do not quite understand… but it seems the gown is quite impressive.”

“Hehehe~ To tell you the truth, I had had the opportunity to wear it… when I was a student in this academy.”

“Huh?! R-really?! Mother had worn it before?!”

“Yes. It was with your father – The man who had passed away before you came to age – as a dance partner that we were able to triumph in the contest and gained the privilege to wear the gown… It was a wonderful memory for me to this very day.”

“With Father…?”

Mother looked exceptionally happy when reminiscing about the memory from a long time ago.

“How envious… Mother, I also want to wear that gown one day!”

“Huh? Does that mean Erumiana plans to enroll in the magic academy in the future?”

“Yep! I want to wear the Gown of Fairies, just like her… and just like you, Mother.”

It was a silly goal, but one reflective of my youth at the time. Despite my selfish declaration, my mother gently patted my head as she turned to me.

“Hehehe~ Is that so? Then you must learn to be mature… and master the dance… and, most importantly, find the splendid other half of your life worthy of your hands.”

“…Other half?”

I did not understand Mother’s profound words at the time.

“Hey, Mother. Why would I need this ‘other half’?”

“Hehehe… To tell you the truth, Erumiana, there happened to be quite the legend surrounding the gown…”

It was a legend that foretold of the wearer’s partner…