Aim the Deepest Part of the Different World Labyrinth (WN)


Aim the Deepest Part of the Different World Labyrinth (WN) Chapter 11 part3

– You have won the title "Green-Counter" –

– You have received a +0.05 to strength –

I was actually aiming at the body, but it seems that I missed and it hit the throat.

Still, the head and the torso were separated, and it died instantly. Apparently Dia's magic seems to be able to eliminate enemies at full power.

I confirm that the "Forest's Queen" dead and check Dia's and my status. There is a huge amount of experience added, and it seems that it was distributed in half, I don't know the formula for the distribution, but it seems that it is distributed equally for all the party members.

I smile at the unexpected results and move on to the next action.

"Yeah, the boss was defeated. Now let's eliminate the monsters around. It seems that the other enemies are rushing around without knowing out position. Let's defeat the other enemies and then secure the drops"

"Oh, is it done?"

Dia has a face that shows his disappointment at the unexpected end of the epic battle.

"Let's finish now. We will advance slowly. We will try to avoid any enemies, but be prepared for any fight"

I said so and began to check the situation around the dropped items.

Half of the monsters are moving to search for the person who snipped the. And the other half stays there.

The monsters that we encounter in the way are killed as we usually do.

After ten minutes or so, we reach the place where the dropped items fell. The distance left is around a hundred meters. It took more time than I thought it would due to some detours.

Then I wait to ambush the 3 monsters.

Dia shoots his magic with my help in aiming.

One monster disappears without being able to do anything. It seems that the other 2 monsters know where the magic was shot from. So both of them come towards us. Looking at Dia we prepare to shoot again, and aim at the monsters approaching, and so another monster died without being able to approach us.

And the last one Is confronted by me using my sword, because it is a high ranking monster I fight it without saving MP.

In this boss fight, this is the only chance for me to fight face to face.

When I approach the monster, I can feel its ability in my skin.

That monster looks like a mantis. Both arms like sharp swords, and it quickly swings those down to me. I move my body after judging its path. Before I could catch my breath, the mantis swings its other arm from below. So I block it with the broad side of my sword, and I kick the mantis' body to take distance.

And I am convinced of our win.

There is no special attack, and it Is totally focused on fighting me so it doesn't target Dia. I devote myself to gain time.

"(Fire Arrow)!"

The moment I made distance from it, it's head was blown away.


"Are you okay Christ? It was a fast monster, wasn't it?"

It was a monster that makes fast attacks with its arms, completely different from what we have been fighting. However, I don't feel like I could lose if it was a 1 against 1.

It shows the extent of the battle capability of my "Dimension" magic in close range fights.

"If it is to that extent, it is easy; moreover, with this we are done"

"… Oh. That was good"

Dia and I begin collecting the dropped items.

Boss' magic stones are unique drops so it has to be secured, and then we escape from the area while avoiding the other monsters.

We move to the "Right path" carefully.

When I confirm the MP left, I still have more than half.

"Well then, shall we go and defeat the next boss?"

"Where is the next?"

"It is close, in a goblin village, there seems to be a huge goblin in there"

"Ok, understood!"

Dia agrees while looking at the magic stone dropped by the Forest's Queen in his palm.

We headed to the area I heard from the rumors and repeated the same procedure.

"But this is somehow different from the labyrinth search I thought of…"

"Well, I think so too. But this is the most efficient and safe method considering our abilities"

The fights that rely totally on our special abilities and extraordinary magical powers differ from ordinary fights.

Still, Dia and I repeat this method. And in this way we can easily defeat bosses which normally require adventurers to risk their lives on, so what can we complain about?

On that day Dia and I defeated three bosses and left the labyrinth.

– You have won the title "Strength of the cautious" –

– You have received a +0.05 to strength –

– You have won the title "Trample" –

– You have received a +0.05 to strength –

Fourth and fifth day

— Status

Name Aikawa Kanami HP 119/151 MP 325/141 No Class

Level 4

Strength 3.14 Endurance 3.21 Ability 4.07

Speed 5.05 Intelligence 6.10 Maryoku 8.09 Potential 7.00

Condition : Confusion 4.27

EXP : 3442/800――

――Skill Status

Innate Skill Swordsmanship 1.01 Ice magic 2.02

Secondary Skill Dimension magic 5.01

??? ???

??? ???――


Ice magic : Freezing 1.00 Ice 1.01

Dimension magic : Dimension 1.02

Unique magic: Dimension - Expansion 1.01 Dimension battle gladiator 1.01

Translator: Leoito