Aim the Deepest Part of the Different World Labyrinth (WN)


Aim the Deepest Part of the Different World Labyrinth (WN) Chapter 11 part1

11. Hunt

After finishing the labyrinth search with Dia, my experience value increased by 100. The experience necessary for my next level up is around 600. The level-up speed is too slow being 100 experience points per 2 hours.

Well, when compared to the 30 years old skillful adventuers at level 10 it would be fast growth. Anyway, if I keep like this for the next six days I would level up to level 5. I would those who have been fighting for more than 10 years in just a year.

When thinking so, it is an unusual speed.

However, I am not satisfied with only that.

My goal is to clear all the 100 floors. So I have to exceed the human limit. I start making a plan to reach that game-like objective.

First, we have to arrange what is needed for the labyrinth search. There are many things I don't understand, but our capability to continue exploring is important.

I ended using all my MP, while my HP didn't lower a bit.

In other words, we can continue fighting if I find a way to recover or save MP. Thus leading to an increase in the experience obtained.

The other thing is how to hunt monsters that match our rank. It is better to challenge monsters because of Dia's high firepower to guarantee better experience and money.

It is good.

The thing is finding a way to recover and select proper hunting grounds. Those are the basic on leveling on online games.

"The problem is clear" [Kanami/Christ]

I mutter my thoughts.

"Oh, what is clear?" [Rin]

Rin-san reacts to my murmur.

"Ah, I began to enter the labyrinth again, so I was thinking about how important it is to know what monsters appear, and where do they appear" [Kanami/Christ]

The employees at this bar are knowledgeable about the labyrinth. So hoping for some advice I spoke without hiding anything.

"Hee, I thought you got tired of it" [Rin]

"Well, since I am free in the morning I decided to use that time on the labyrinth…" [Kanami/Christ]

"Well, it is inevitable as you came all the way just for the labyrinth, isn't it?" [Rin]

"I will make sure to not be injured so the store isn't affected" [Kanami/Christ]

"No, you can focus on your dreams before worrying about the store. And what you asked about the monsters. You should ask the store manager" [Rin]

That is what I was thinking.

Anyway, the manager is level 15. So it is certain that he was a top-ranked adventurer.

"Well, I will consult some things with the manager" [Kanami/Christ]

"Yes, you should do that" [Rin]

It was up to that that we could joke around, after that the customers started arriving.

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