Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days


Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days Chapter 4 part2


"never mind, matching couple clothes for men don't exist"


DAY ONE【wearing matching couple clothing on the streets】



Zhang Lingyi’s one hand was still carrying the bag of their clothes. Hearing what he said, his face frowned, “No, then I’ll have no hand to pull the strap handle.”

“Are you going to die if you don’t hold the strap handle?” Wang Guangning’s voice lowered and he tugged at Zhang Lingyi’s hand, pulling it stiffly away from the strap handle and then aggressively held it.


Just as Zhang Lingyi was going to react violently, Wang Guangning immediately gave him a supercilious look full of a hint, “I’m holding a pole, if you can’t stand steadily, then clench my hand tightly. I’ll hold onto you.”

Then he lowered his voice even more, “Those girls are watching. Sweet and happy, take notice, sweet and happy!”

Only then did Zhang Lingyi remember their current status of lovers, and he promptly directed a tender gaze at Wang Guangning, his hand holding Wang Guangning’s tightly.

“Shit, don’t grasp my hand so tightly!” said Wang Guangning with a pinched expression.

“No, I can’t bear to leave you.” Zhang Lingyi spoke, sickeningly sweet.

Consequently, a sweet and romantic scene of holding hands at the subway became arm-wrestling.

Of course, to others it still seemed to be harmonious and romantic.

Sure enough, the faces of the girls who were excitedly discussing before changed silently.

“Ah, look. They’re holding hands, am I seeing wrong?”

“You’re right, they’re really holding hands!” The voice shook.

“Men holding hands and what not, how disgusting. Do you think they are that~”

“Shhh, be more quiet~”

“So sad…why do all the good men have boyfriends?”


Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi left the underground subway in satisfaction.

That’s right, must hear the sound of the girls’ heart breaking.

The two of them circled around the F University campus in their matching couple outfit. After receiving countless astonished glances and broken glasses, they finally parted to return to their own dormitories, perfectly contented.

Wang Guangning had only just entered the dormitory when the door opened and his roommate Sun Siyang threw himself at him, with an expression of making a fuss about nothing.

“Guangning, I just saw a hot thread on F Xing Ren forum that said you and Zhang Lingyi were wearing the same clothes and that you bitterly met each other on accident. Many people saw you wearing the same clothes and appear simultaneously at the same place.”

Fuck, how come it seemed to be different to what he had predicted?

Indignant, Wang Guangning went straight to his computer and started it up, opening the F Xing Ren forum.

Sure enough, the hot topic for today was the thread《Unprecendented in history, two xiao cao finally wearing the same outfit》.

The post used an extremely exaggerated tone to describe every aspect of how Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi appeared on campus wearing the exact same clothes, receiving many people’s attention.

The two people who were F University’s number one candidate for the intense competition of most handsome guy normally didn’t meet, yet met today in the most bitter style. Meeting once, they met again and again, meeting each other more than bumper cars.

Underneath the post, there were even many pictures supplied by different users of the two wearing the same clothes and meeting at different corners of the campus. There were even fierce debates of who was the most handsome in the end.

Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi both had their own fans at school, so normally when there was nothing to talk about, they would take the topic of who was the number one handsome guy and fight with each other. However, since both of them had their own distinguishing characteristic, it was difficult to separate who was superior.

The situation today of them both wearing the same clothes was extremely rare, and it could be considered truly allowing the two of them to be compared online at the same level. Therefore, it was awfully chaotic on the forum.

However, even though the opinions of both sides conflicted, their fundamental ways of speech was relatively similar. It was all, ‘our family¹ wears the clothes like he’s a prince, and yours wears them like he’s no different than a waiter at the dining hall!’

[1] 我家: used by Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi’s fans to refer to them in a more intimate manner.

The more Wang Guangning read, the more black his face became.

The little fatty Sun Siyang thought that he was angry because of the situation of having worn the same clothes in public and hurried to console him, “Guangning, don’t take offense. I think you wearing these clothes look much better than Zhang Lingyi.”

Wang Guangning hmphed, ignoring him then registered a sock-puppet² for himself and prepared to go into battle.

[2]马甲: A sock-puppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception.

There was nothing else he could do. After all, as a campus celebrity, his name has long been stripped of the light.

“Don’t you all think, that this is a set of matching couple outfit?” he posted using his sock-puppet. But the “cute matching couple outfit” was short-lived, quickly covered and drowned by a debate of who was F University’s most handsome guy.

“Fuck!” Wang Guangning suddenly hit the table and his phone which was on the table just happened to flash.

Opening it, Wang Guangning realised it was a message from Zhang Linyi.

Such a tragedy! Have you seen the forum?

Wang Guangning replied: I saw it already.

I feel so laden with grief. I’ll go and wash early then sleep. Don’t arrive late tomorrow.

Reading the message, Wang Guangning abruptly wondered whether choosing to by gay with Zhang Lingyi was really the correct decision.


  • translator: k i a i