Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days


Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days Chapter 3 part1



“we’ll toss a coin to determine who the gong and shou will be”




Today, in the coffee shop near F University’s library appeared an inconceivable scene. The two xiao cao who were often rumoured to be in disagreement and fighting over the sole position of king, Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi, were unexpectedly sitting together discussing questions harmoniously, even though just two days prior they had both serenaded Yu Haining with songs at the evening party. It must be because 2012 was quickly approaching…  

The part-time waitress working there pretended to play on her phone and secretly uploaded a picture of them with their heads leaning against each other onto Weibo and tagged F university’s official poster of the university’s forum.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah~~~ I just saw Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi together! They seem so close, are they together? Was Yu Haining just cannon fodder? [starry eyes] @FXingRen

The waitress’ post on Weibo was rapidly forwarded by F University’s official poster from the forums “FXingRen” to show everyone —

@FDaShuDong: Ah, am I going blind? Someone quickly tell me this was photoshopped~

@ZuiAiZhongXiao: Actually I already knew since ages ago that Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi were a pair. Yu Haining was only used to shamelessly pull the wool over everyone’s eyes about the matter of being gay.

@WeiWeiAnQianNianQuiDeLiDaRen: To think that Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi are gay, does the world even want peace?

@WoYaoHuiHuoXing: Was I wrong in the way I opened this? It doesn’t make sense ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

@NaBuDaoManJiDianShiBuGaiMing: Tired, don’t think I’ll love again~

@HongDiWangDao: I knew since early on that they had JQ¹ ! ! ! ! ! ! ! And were together!

[1] JQ: means BL in English, I think ^^ Correct me if it’s wrong though ~

Within a few short hours, the post was madly forwarded everywhere on Weibo and various versions of the story also emerged.

Including, version one: Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi were actually childhood sweethearts who were deeply in love however it was allowed as their feelings were considered secular. They had to patiently and bitterly endure in silence and took the entrance exams to the same university. In order not to let their affections be known, they pretended to be enemies and both chased after Yu Haining to fool people.

Version two: When Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi  first entered the university, they fell in love at first sight and felt a strong passion for each other. However, Wang Guangning later fell in love with Yu Haining and the two became enemies. Furious, Zhang Lingyi decided to snatch Yu Haining away but after they finished singing their songs for her on stage that day, the two realised that they were still deeply in love with each other. Once again, they became engulfed in passion for each other and were unable to let go.

Version three: Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi were always in disagreement with each other so they often fought both openly and secretly until even the woman they chased was the same. However during the process of their competitions with each other, they gradually became attracted to the other and realised the truth that they were both gay.

Version four: ……

Version five: ……

Even though there were countless versions, the final version acknowledged unanimously was that there would definitely be another struggle. This must merely be the calm before the storm!

The supporters of these rumours were namely two kinds- one was males, and the other was females who were secretly in love with Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi. The guys believed that men fighting for a woman was common, and the two also had obvious bruises on their faces. However, the girls were simply unable to accept the fact that the two men they loved the most were actually in love with each other!

Life was already so difficult. Good men having boyfriends, this kind of thing shouldn’t be played out in real life!

As a result of the enormous numbers of both populations, this version became the final mainstream version. During the period this was uploaded on Weibo like wildfire, Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi who were the two involved parties were completely ignorant of the matter. Instead, they were both seriously studying something in the coffee shop.


How to be gay?

“Have you been gay before?” Wang Guangning touched his chin and asked earnestly.

The corner of Zhang Lingyi’s lips curled up, “No, I haven’t even done prostitutes².”

[2] 鸡鸭: this was the closest word I could find. It might mean something else in Chinese slang though, so let me know in the comments if you have an idea ;-;

“We’re finished. I haven’t been gay before either, what are we going to do?” Wang Guangning’s eyebrows exuded a touch of distress

He he he, you don’t need to worry. I’ve already completely prepared for this.” Zhang Lingyi smiled smugly and brought out two A4 sized sheets of paper which had words scribbled on it everywhere.

“What’s this?” Wang Guangning accepted one of the sheets of paper passed to him from Zhang Lingyi and was immediately blinded by the title.

《 30 Things Couples Must Do Together》

  1. Wear matching clothes for couples and walk together on the streets.
  2. Run, exercise and play sports together.
  3. Compliment each other in front of others.
  4. Take a picture together in a photo booth and set each other’s face as the wallpaper for your phones.
  5. ……
  6. ……

“Awesome, right?” Zhang Lingyi’s face had proud written all over it. “Although I haven’t been gay before, however gay couples should be about the same as male and female friendships. Anyway, it’s all about dating so as long as we do everything on the list once, it should be fine.”

Wang Guangning was speechless and had black lines over his head, “Where did you find this list?”

“I saw it on Weibo, the reposts were very high,” said Zhang Lingyi. “Many girls commenting that it was very romantic. I guess that by going through it once, we’ll definitely infuriate heaps of girls.”

“Fine.” Although Wang Guangning had a feeling as if his balls were going to shatter, he couldn’t think of a better idea. Looking at Zhang Lingyi’s appearance as if he had many cards up his sleeves, Wang Guangning thought that since the other possessed an IQ that had received a scholarship, he would believe him for the time being. “Then we’ll follow this list. When do we start?”


Who do you think will be end up being the gong and the shou? >.<

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