Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days


Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days Chapter 24


“let’s play Plants vs Zombies!”

day nineteen| lie in the quilt together and play games



Before pretending to be gay with Zhang Lingyi, Wang Guangning had always thought that Zhang Lingyi was a very cool, handsome and domineering kind of man, just like himself.

But now, he felt that Zhang Lingyi was simply just a fool.

Other than a fool, Wang Guangning couldn’t think of any other person who would run to his room in the middle of the night and drill into the bed, just to invite him to play games.

Shou shou~ Come~ Let’s play a game~”

Wang Guangning had revised until twelve o’clock and only then decided to sleep. He had just lied down when Zhang Lingyi barged in.

Since Wang Guangning had ordered again and again that Zhang Lingyi wasn’t allowed to come near the study room for the whole day in order to prevent himself from being disturbed, Zhang Lingyi could only linger in his own room and the lounge feeling aggrieved. In his boredom, Zhang Lingyi skimmed through a few books. He had waited until Wang Guangning finally finished revising, then immediately rushed over to harass him.

Wang Guangning held his forehead in helplessness. He had revised for an entire day, so his mental state was very tired. Now, he just wanted to sleep.

However, Zhang Lingyi had completely immersed himself in the world of being a gay couple. Regardless of Wang Guangning’s attitude which was obviously not welcoming, he happily burrowed into the blanket. Straightening the pillow, Zhang Lingyi pulled Wang Guangning into a sitting position and made him lean against it. Then he took out an iPad and asked, “Shou shou, what game do you like to play?”

“Sleeping.” Wang Guangning

“Oh~ Sleeping isn’t a game~” Zhang Lingyi’s finger slid around on the screen, then finally pointed out Plants vs Zombies, “Shou shou, how about we play this?”

Wang Guangning’s lips twitched as he stared at the game which he had already completely cleared. He said casually, “Whatever, I don’t mind. You can play, and I’ll watch.”

“How could we possibly do that? Of course we have to play together~!” As he said that, Zhang Lingyi moved the iPad between them. “Hey, let’s choose the plants first! Pick a sunflower first, then a peashooter……shou shou, what do you want to choose?”

Wang Guangning, “……”

Ah, quickly choose one~” Zhang Lingyi bumped his elbow against Wang Guangning’s shoulder.

But this should be a level which could be passed by simply choosing any plant!

Wang Guangning replied, “Then pick the chomper.”

Zhang Lingyi said, “The attack power of the chomper is too weak though!”

Fuck, then why did you ask me to choose?!

Wang Guangning wanted to strike out, but he was too tired and couldn’t be bothered arguing back, so he just rolled his eyes.

Stuck in his own world, Zhang Lingyi continued, “But since it’s what shou shou has chosen, then we must definitely use it ~ En, how about this. In front of the chompers, I’ll plant a row of potatoes!”

That’s a wall-nut! A wall-nut!

Wang Guangning felt like cursing.

“Don’t worry, shou shou. I will be like these potatoes and use my own body to ward them off, so you can enjoy eating the zombies!” As Zhang Lingyi spoke, he felt particularly moved. He felt that he really was an excellent, self-sacrificing xiao gong!

He didn’t have a hobby of eating zombies, thank you! Wang Guangning was already speechless, unable to say anything.

Zhang Lingyi then chose a few others, and rubbed his hands together as his eyes shone brightly, “Come, shou shou. Let’s fight the zombies together.”

Wang Guangning didn’t know why he had the urge to lie down and pretend to be a corpse.

En, but one person playing this game would be enough to pass. Therefore, he would wait until Zhang Lingyi was playing the game then silently sleep.

Wang Guangning quietly calculated this inside.

However, Zhang Lingyi obviously wasn’t a selfish xiao gong who only cared about playing the game himself. That’s right, Zhang xiao gong was someone who upheld the spirit of sharing; a particularly great gong who was very considerate and caring towards their xiao shou!

Hence, just as Wang Guangning had quietly closed his eyes slightly, Zhang Lingyi moved the iPad towards him as if he had been injected with chicken blood. Leaning his head against Wang Guangning’s shoulder, Zhang Lingyi said, “Shou shou, quick, plant your chompers.”

Wang Guangning was basically dragged along by hand to press the chompers and plant them. Zhang Lingyi would once again then say to himself, “Good. I’ll plant a few potatoes in front of the chompers to protect you.”

Enough! Those were wall-nuts!

Zhang Lingyi planted the nuts then once again stared at Wang Guangning passionately, “Shou shou, don’t be afraid. I’m here for you!”

Ah, heavens! Is it possible to send two real zombies over to eat Zhang Lingyi?!

Speechless, Wang Guangning gazed up at the ceiling then silently covered his head with the quilt.

Shou shou, you have already eaten three zombies!” Zhang Lingyi held an expression of jubilation, but frowned upon turning his head and seeing that Wang Guangning had already covered himself up. “Shou shou, don’t you want to play the game?”

“I’m really sleepy!” Wang Guangning’s patience had finally run out and he glared at the other.

It was only then that Zhang Lingyi noticed Wang Guangning did indeed look quite tired. Rubbing the other’s fluffy hair, he said, “Well then, you go and sleep first while I finish this round.”

Wang Guangning’s scalp tightened slightly with Zhang Lingyi’s warm palm on his head. However, he didn’t dare to react too strongly in case he garnered Zhang Lingyi’s suspicion, so he tried hard to ignore that kind of feeling. Although Wang Guangning spoke to Zhang Lingyi in a casual manner, there was still a hint of frustration in his eyes that was hard to avoid, and his heart felt somewhat disturbed.

He said, “I’ll watch you play.”

“Didn’t you say that you were sleepy?” Although Zhang Lingyi posed this as a question, his eyes had clearly brightened up.

If you can’t pretend, then don’t pretend!

Wang Guangning nodded his head , “It’s fine, watching doesn’t require any effort. Just don’t ask me to do anything.”

“Alright.” Zhang Lingyi said with a smile. He thought for a moment, then offered his shoulder over to Wang Guangning, “Here, I’ll lend you ben shao’s shoulder. If you’re tired, you can lean against it.”

“I’m not that tired!” Wang Guangning gave Zhang Lingyi a shove, “Stop speaking nonsense and play your game.”

“Oh.” Once again, Zhang Lingyi immersed himself into the game.

Wang Guangning stared blankly. What he was looking at wasn’t the interface of the game, but rather……Zhang Lingyi’s shoulder.

In truth, he really was very sleepy, and wanted to find a place to lean against.

But it couldn’t be Zhang Lingyi’s shoulder.

Wang Guangning was afraid that he would really fall into his enemy’s hands.

Zhang Lingyi played with great enthusiasm. While planting the chompers and wall-nuts, he imagined a scene of him standing in front of Wang Guangning to protect the other. In his mind, the zombies naturally became the Li Sihong who had once held errant intentions towards Wang Guangning.

As expected, he truly was enduring humiliation as part of this important mission!

It was particularly moving.

Zhang Lingyi passed one round after the other. In each round, he would plant a row a chompers and wall-nuts.

He continued playing the game. Suddenly, his shoulder sank down. Wang Guangning had finally been unable to keep supporting himself up and collapsed onto his shoulder.

Zhang Lingyi’s shoulders stiffened, and he turned his head to look at Wang Guangning. His nose rubbed against the other’s short hair, and Zhang Lingyi’s mood immediately became somewhat complicated.

Since he was already so tired, why did Wang Guangning persist in accompanying himself while he played the game?

Although Zhang Lingyi was sometimes stupid, he was still a first class scholarship recipient so his brain wasn’t just for display. If it was Wang Guangning from the past, the other would definitely just kick him out without hesitation.

Wang Guangning really was a very good person. Before, when Zhang Lingyi didn’t understand him, he had thought that Wang Guangning was proud and arrogant. Zhang Lingyi had disapproved of him. It was only after genuinely interacting deeply with the other that he realised Wang Guangning was a person who was very sincere to his friends. Wang Guangning was patient and accommodating, and he was willing to compromise. That bit of conceitedness seen from an outsider’s point of view had disappeared without a trace.

Towards this kind of person, Zhang Lingyi should have long been friends with.

Zhang Lingyi was unable to prevent himself from laughing. Supporting Wang Guangning’s head on his palm, Zhang Lingyi moved the other and let him properly sleep. He quietly slipped off the bed and walked to the door. Turning his head back to glance at Wang Guangning who was sleeping heavily, Zhang Lingyi carefully closed the door.


The next day, the two of them once again lived together in harmony. Wang Guangning continued to kick Zhang Lingyi away into his own room, while burying himself in the study and reading his books comfortably for an entire day. When he was tired, Wang Guangning would go and look for Zhang Lingyi to play Plants vs Zombies with.

Zhang Lingyi had apparently identified Wang Guangning as a chomper. In every match, Zhang Lingyi would be sure to plant a row of chompers, then another row of wall-nuts.

Hence, Wang Guangning stared speechlessly as the label of ‘xiao shou’ was slapped upon the row of savage and fierce chompers. As for the simple and honest wall-nut gentlemen, they became known as the xiao gongs who used their body to screen off the wind and block the rain for their xiao shou.

Could the patches in Zhang Lingyi’s brain increase even further?

Although it was very comfortable staying at Zhang Lingyi’s house, the two of them still had more exams tomorrow. They remained at the house until evening, then ate their dinner and packed their things before returning to the campus.

It was already dark by the time they arrived back at the university. They had both studied for an entire day, so naturally they didn’t want to visit the self-study hall and proceeded to return to their respective dormitories.

Wang Guangning had only arrived in his dorm for a short while when he received a phone call from the guidance teacher and was told to go online to fill out a few forms for the exchange program. These kinds of forms were usually quite tedious, so it was already ten o’clock at night by the time Wang Guangning completed them.

Stretching his body, Wang Guangning prepared to wash his face and rinse his mouth then go to sleep. He didn’t think that he would unexpectedly receive a phone call which he had thought would be impossible to ever receive again.

Wang Guangning stared at the three letters of ‘Yu Haining’ twinkling on the screen of his phone, and believed that his eyesight had momentarily blurred.

When he had previously chased after Yu Haining madly, she had clearly not paid any attention to him. So why did she always call him now when he had decided to ignore her?

Indeed, the heart of a woman was as deep as the sea!

Wang Guangning was completely unable to understand the train of thoughts of women. He directly answered the phone call. “En.”

“Guang……Guangning……” Yu Haining’s sweet and unctuous voice carried a hint of intoxication, “Is it……you?”

Wang Guangning’s brows wrinkled, “What happened to you?”

Yu Haining laughed happily, “Nothing……there’s nothing wrong……”

Was this called ‘nothing wrong’?

“You’re not drunk, are you?” Wang Guangning asked. Although he didn’t like Yu Haining, she was still the woman he had once chased after. Listening to her voice, he determined that she was probably drunk. He didn’t know where she was, but it would be fine as long as she didn’t meet any danger.

“Drank…..a bit……” Yu Haining paused, it seemed as if she was slightly despondent. Then she continued, “I had some alcohol……then……then I thought of you……”

She must definitely be intoxicated quite heavily!

Wang Guangning knew that Yu Haining was a person who thought highly of herself, so she would normally never speak out such words.

But now, it was a pity that disregarding the fact that Wang Guangning didn’t like her, it was also unknown whether he even liked girls. Otherwise, he would definitely believe what she had said.

“Who are you currently with?” Wang Guangning asked calmly. If she was safe and together with her friends, then he would directly hang up the call.

Hee hee~ No……no one……” said Yu Haining, “I am standing under the moon……thinking of you……”

So Yu Haining was actually a werewolf who would transform upon seeing the moon and eat himself?

Wang Guangning knew that he should not be having these unfathomable thoughts in his brain at this moment. Hence, he took a deep breath and said, “Where are you exactly? I’ll come and find you.”

Fuck. He was definitely a good Samaritan who appeared only once every a hundred years, alright? He even needed to care about the safety of such a woman, could it be that he was the legendary Virgin Mary?!

Wang Guangning broke out in cold sweat.

“I’m at……Moon Lake……near the edge……en……I already forgot……” Yu Haining’s voice sounded a bit foolish. If it was before, Wang Guangning would definitely find it cute.

Yet, now he only felt very irritated. Since she was drunk, why did Yu Haining not call that damned fatty who ‘supported’ her?!

Also, why would she run to Moon Lake? Ah, it really was baffling!

However, it was still very dangerous for a drunk woman to be alone at Moon Lake. In the end, Wang Guangning was unable to harden his heart and ignore this matter. Grabbing a coat and his wallet, he rushed out.


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