Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days


Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days Chapter 23


“brushing our teeth together…this definitely isn’t our first kiss!”




This time, when Wang Guangning came to Zhang Lingyi’s house, he was well prepared as he already had prior experience. He had not only prepared for a change of clothes, but also brought along a toothbrush and towel.

After having washed his face and rinsed his mouth, Wang Guangning intended to go and revise when Zhang Lingyi suddenly appeared like a ghost.

Shou shou, let’s go and watch a horror movie!” Zhang Lingyi smiled eerily, causing Wang Guangning’s teeth to ache upon seeing it.

“You’re already very frightening, we don’t need to watch anymore horror movies.” Wang Guangning pushed Zhang Lingyi into the study room and said solemnly, “Zhang Lingyi, I will tell you very seriously right now, that you’re not allowed to enter the study room tonight.”

“Why!” Zhang Lingyi’s expression was sorrowful. His mind frantically supplemented him with a scene of a newlywed wife refusing their husband to enter the bridal room, and Zhang Lingyi immediately felt as if his whole person was about to suffocate.

“What do you think?” Wang Guangning’s face was cool and elegant. He had been a gay couple with Zhang Lingyi for quite a few days already, so he knew that as long as Zhang Lingyi was present, then there was no way he would be able to revise.

“This is my house.” Zhang Lingyi lifted his head up and straightened his back in an attempt to seize back authority.

Wang Guangning slightly squinted, “You want to chase me out?”

If Zhang Lingyi dared to nod his head, then Wang Guangning would definitely beat him to death.

“I wouldn’t dare.” Zhang Lingyi’s bald head wilted and he slumped back despondently to his room.

Wang Guangning watched as Zhang Lingyi closed his door then sighed gently, sitting back onto the rainbow coloured sofa.

Outside the French window, the nightscape of G City could be seen from the splendid lights. The skies were dark, yet those lights in this enormous city were flickering like resplendent stars.

It was if the heavens had been overturned upon the earth.

As he gazed upon the sight, Wang Guangning became lost in his thoughts.

When he was at his house in S City, this happened quite often too. Standing upon his balcony, he could see the neon lights in the city. The night view over there was the same as here.

Although this was a different city, for someone who stood stared at the landscape from such height, the scenery seemed to be not that dissimilar.

But the people who lived in these places would be different.

Amongst the lights in S City, there would definitely not be Zhang Lingyi.

In a city, if the person who was very important to you wasn’t there, then it that would not be any different to other brilliantly lit cities.

But, once you knew that standing in the distance, somewhere amidst the lights, was the person who was very important to you…

Then, that city would be different to the others.

So now, exactly what kind of meaning did G City hold for him?

Wang Guangning suddenly realised that he seemed to have basically pushed himself onto a path where the road ahead was unclear.


The next morning, Wang Guangning stumbled blearily into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror to brush his teeth. Just as his mouth had been brushed to the point of being full of foam, Zhang Lingyi boldly ran inside, nearly hitting Wang Guangning.

“What are you doing?” Wang Guangning frowned, his words spoken unclearly because of the mouthful of foam.

Shou shou, how come you didn’t wait for me so we could brush our teeth together?” Zhang Lingyi wore an expression of ‘how could you still have the face to ask me’, and held himself back from jabbing the other’s forehead.

Gu……” Wang Guangning’s mouth was still filled with foam so he was unable to say ‘uh’, and could only form an odd ‘gu‘ sound. Then he realised that today’s task for being gay was to stand in front of the mirror together and brush their teeth.

It seemed that Zhang Lingyi definitely had a premeditated plan when he tricked Wang Guangning into coming to his house.

It was obvious that Zhang Lingyi was not completely awake. His eyes carried a hint of mist, and coupled with his bald head, the image was particularly funny. What made it even more hilarious was that Zhang Lingyi wore such an appearance while glaring at Wang Guangning in grievance. Then he rubbed his eyes a few times in an attempt to make himself become more awake.

Wang Guangning almost couldn’t hold back from choking on the toothpaste in his throat.

Such an odd visual image was really challenging for his mental state to react to, alright?

Zhang Lingyi had already squeezed out his toothpaste and prepared his water, so he was ready to brush his teeth together with Wang Guangning. Yet, before he started to brush his teeth, Zhang Lingyi’s old habit of competing with Wang Guangning made him unable to resist from cracking a smile at the mirror. Raising his eyebrow provocatively, he said, “My teeth are still whiter than yours.”

Wang Guangning spat in contempt, nearly spraying Zhang Lingyi’s face with the foam, “Do you want to receive a beating?!”

Zhang Lingyi laughed and pushed Wang Guangning over a bit with his shoulder. After occupying more than half of the space in front of the mirror, Zhang Lingyi began to brush his teeth.

Unable to accept it, Wang Guangning shoved him back.

Then the two began to stupidly and childishly play the game of ‘you hit me so I’ll hit you’.

After finally finishing brushing his teeth amidst all the pushing and shoving, Zhang Lingyi proceeded to squeeze out a pile of shaving cream and began coating the foam lightly on his face.

Upon seeing this, Wang Guangning revealed an expression of contempt. He had always thought that men who used shaving cream were very effeminate.

In fact, Zhang Lingyi had been completely wronged. As his facial hair was relatively hard, it felt very uncomfortable if he didn’t use shaving cream when shaving. Furthermore, he was more casual when he was outside, so he wouldn’t be this particular when he was on campus.

Hence, as soon as Wang Guangning’s gaze filled with disdain swept over, Zhang Lingyi was immediately provoked, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

The number one thing that Zhang Lingyi was unable to endure was——being held in contempt by Wang Guangning.

Wang Guangning couldn’t be bothered to reply, and gently washed his face with the towel. When he finally lifted his face again, Wang Guangning nearly died from laughter upon seeing the scene before him.

Ha ha ha ha……” Wang Guangning couldn’t hold back from laughing loudly, and he pointed at Zhang Lingyi while saying, “A Buddhist monk grew a beard…….ha ha ha ha……”

Hearing this, a cluster of flames erupted in Zhang Lingyi’s eyes. Then, almost subconsciously, one of his hands secured the back of Wang Guangning’s head and he leaned over.

Wang Guangning’s eyes were opened wide.

Across the layer of the white shaving cream, their lips touched.

At that moment, time seemed to stop still. Any other sounds ceased to exist.

Zhang Lingyi also appeared to be surprised by his own aberration, and momentarily forgot to move.

Without knowing how much time had passed, Wang Guangning was the first to return to his senses. In his disordered state of mind, he pushed Zhang Lingyi away. “Are you crazy?!”

Zhang Lingyi knew that he was in the wrong, and felt somewhat guilty. He touched his bald head embarrassedly, and pretended to be calm. He laughed and said, “Now you’ve also grown a beard!”

Indeed, a circle of white shaving cream was stained around Wang Guangning’s mouth.

Zhang Lingyi’s intention had only been to smear the shaving cream onto Wang Guangning who had ridiculed him. However, the result was that the matter slipped into a completely different direction that was out of his control.

Even if he pretended that nothing had happened, it still couldn’t erase the sensation that he felt which remained on his lips.

It had been soft, yet caused him to also tremble in apprehension.

Wang Guangning calmed himself down, and didn’t jump up to give Zhang Lingyi a violent beating.

This was already beyond the scope of a mere joke.

With a cold expression, Wang Guangning stared at Zhang Lingyi for quite a while, before indifferently throwing out a sentence, “Are you that bored?” Then he left, without even turning his head back.

“Uh……” Zhang Lingyi watched his receding back, and was silent for a moment.

He had obviously just intended to play a prank, so why had it evolved into such an action? Zhang Lingyi also couldn’t recall exactly what his mood had been at the moment when he leaned over.

Clearly he had only wanted to plaster his cheek on Wang Guangning’s, so why would…

Zhang Lingyi knocked his smooth head, feeling a headache coming on. He was somewhat annoyed and upset.

What should he do? Shou shou seemed to be really angry!


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