Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days


Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days Chapter 1

30Days 001



“that’s right, they’re F University’s Mr Perfect representatives”


“Alright, next we’ll have one of the most handsome guy in our school sing for us the song 《过火》- Guo Huo. He is known as F University’s Mr Perfect¹, and it is said that girls who have seen him can’t help but fall in love, unless at the same time they have seen Zhang Lingyi. That’s right, he is the natural enemy of the unattractive², and the end of goddesses³.”

[1] 高富帅: phrase meaning Mr Perfect or Prince Charming, as it describes someone who is tall, rich and handsome.

[2] 屌丝: is slang used by Chinese netizens and means the opposite of  高富帅, referring to someone who is born in a humble family, with a mediocre appearance and works in a dead-end job.

[3]女神: does not literally mean goddesses such as those from myths and legends, but rather refers to women who have superior intellect and charms.

Screams and cheers erupted from below the stage.

“Let us grandly welcome the ‘lady killer’ Wang Guangning.”

Just as the host Sun Siyang, who was rather rotund and a had face full of joy, finished his exaggerated introduction, a tall and charming youth with facial features that could only be described as deep and moving walked out leisurely from behind the stage.

As he passed Sun Siyang, Wang Guangning stared at the other man and half-squinted at him, “Who let you mention Zhang Lingyi?”

Sun Siyang stuck out his tongue then retreated to the side. Below the stage, all the girls screamed wildly.

“Wang Guangning!”

“Wang Guangning!”

“Wang Guangning!”

The situation seemed almost out of control.

Wang Guangning smiled flirtatiously, then motioned for everyone below to quieten down. He raised the microphone and spoke as his voice which held an underlying sense of allure sounded out, “Thank you to everyone for coming. For the song today, I would like to dedicate it to a girl I like.”


Below, the audience was in an uproar. A girl’s sharp voice abruptly sounded out, “Is it me?!”

“Sorry, but it isn’t,” Wang Guangning calmly replied, obviously having experienced this before.

The audience was once again in chaos.

Realising that the situation was becoming out of control, Wang Guangning hurriedly spoke, “This song, I would like to dedicate to Yu Haining from the journalism faculty.”

“Waaa!” The audience cried out, as the song started playing and Wang Guangning’s voice echoed the music, singing along to the opening of the song.


“Was it I who promised you too much? Or did I just not give enough?”

Wang Guangning sang very well, and coupled with his striking features as well as affectionate and leisurely appearance, it immediately caused many girls to become intoxicated and heartbroken.

Wang Guangning gazed at the audience, seemingly calm on the surface, yet inside he had long felt refreshed.

Good. He had given her his heart, and with this, he could definitely move Yu Haining to death!

But if she didn’t accept him…then what ‘devote his life to her’. He would strip her naked and throw her out in public.

[4] 绝对把张灵逸甩十条街不止: not sure how to translate this, but I got help from another user on Discord. Literal translations would be ‘dump for more than ten blocks’. If you have any other ideas, let me know below ;-;


Wang Guangning was very handsome and tall, and when he smiled there was even a dimple. Most importantly, he was not only attractive with outstanding grades, but was also rich and had an excellent temperament.

He was simply like an idol actor unfolded in reality. Of course, this was only on the surface since at heart, he just a foolish and arrogant youth⁵. However, just feeling proud on the inside was enough as when around others, he would adopt an elegant and humble appearance. This was the reason why from the sixth grade of primary school onwards, he was always the number one most handsome guy. He had countless female suitors and virtually no rivals.

[5] 内心拽了个二五八万的中二少年: wasn’t completely sure how to translate this, but I received suggestions a few weeks back from GZXD and TG, so thank you to them. If there are any other suggestions, please let me know in the comments ^^

This halo followed him until he came to university. Then he met the rival of his life, F University’s  Zhang Lingyi from the department of Human Resources Management. Apparently, he and Zhang Lingyi shared very similar pasts, with both having excellent appearances and reputation. Zhang Lingyi also managed to retain his title as the xiao cao,  and came to this famous university situated in the south.

[6] 校草: the male version of 校花. It’s used to describe the number one most attractive guy of the school.

Therefore, the two youths who from grew up being known as the one and only xiao cao had to share the title at F University. This didn’t sit well with either Wang Guangning or Zhang Lingyi, and they both ended developing a secret rivalry with each other ever since the beginning of university.

If Wang Guangning joined the student union, then Zhang Lingyi would join the student association.  If Wang Guangning became the president of the student union, then Zhang Lingyi would subsequently become the chairman of the student association.

If Wang Guangning received the first-grade scholarship of the Marketing department, then Zhang Lingyi would receive the first-grade scholarship for the Human Resources Management department. If it is said that today the top beauty of the Finance department confessed to him, then tomorrow the top beauty of a neighbouring university would invite Zhang Lingyi to participate in activities.

These two youths competed from all aspects, from appearances to talent to popularity. The students at F university all knew that that these two handsome guys who were both the university’s xiao cao were like fire and water, neither one put the other in their eyes. Even the girl they both liked were the same, Yu Haining who was the department beauty of the journalism faculty.

Yu Haining was younger than both Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi, and she possessed a charming smile and sweet voice paired with a snowy white complexion. In a place like the journalism faculty where beauties were as common as clouds, she still managed to pressure the other girls since she was endowed with assets that could even topple cities.

At F University’s final competition for the top ten elite singers, Yu Haining was invited as a special guest. Wearing white cotton skirt and leisurely carrying a violin up the stage, he pure and refined aura captivated the entire school.

To Wang Guangning who didn’t put any of the girls at F University in his eyes, only Yu Haining who possessed superior qualities was regarded as being worthy of him. So for the first time, the Wang Guangning who enjoyed being fervently chased after by the girls in the university, decided to chase after a girl himself.

Yet unexpectedly, Zhang Lingyi also took fancy to Yu Haining. After being sent a bouquet of flowers from Wang Guangning in the morning, Yu Haining would then receive chocolate from Zhang Lingyi in the afternoon. If Wang Guangning was to go to the library with Yu Haining on Saturday, then Zhang Lingyi would definitely ask Yu Haining out for a walk in the university on Sunday. Yet just like their previous competitions, Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi were both equally matched in their pursuit of Yu Haining.

Yu Haining accepted Wang Guangning’s roses, but also accepted Zhang Lingyi’s chocolate. She agreed to go read at the library with Wang Guangning, yet also accompanied Zhang Lingyi on a walk around the university. They could accept there being two winners for all other competitions, but regarding this girl, they could not!

Therefore, Wang Guangning thought that it must be that he hadn’t found the way to deeply move Yu Haining’s heart. He spent nearly a day surfing Baidu and Weibo, until he finally came up with the perfect solution. In December every year, F University would hold a festival in the evening at the gymnasium to welcome new students and bade farewell to the old.

Wang Guangning believed that such a confession admitted before the entirety of the university was domineering, yet deep and moving. With this, he would definitely throw off Zhang Lingyi. So by taking advantage of the various connections and relationships he had accumulated from his years in the student union, Wang Guangning schemed up this sort of situation.


Just as Wang Guangning finished the song tenderly, a loud noise interrupted as Sun Siyang stumbled up the stage, “Students, I have good news to tell you all!”

Face red with excitement, Sun Siyang continued, “A few moments ago, our staff received a student’s request to add an extra program…"

As Wang Guangning twisted the cap of the bottle of mineral water, a foreboding premonition rose in his heart. Sure enough, Sun Siyang announced in an exaggerated trembling voice, “This student is shares the title with Wang Guangning as F University’s xiao cao, and has stolen the hearts of millions of girls- Zhang, Ling, Yi!”

Sun Siyang gestured with his hand and Zhang Lingyi strode onto the stage. As he faced the audience with a smile, cheers erupted from below the stage.

“I apologise for suddenly making such a decision, I hope that I haven’t affected everyone’s mood. I am like Wang Guangning, wishing to use this hard to come by opportunity to sing a song for the girl I like. Haining, I hope you understand what I want to say.”

The audience once again exploded in earth-shattering cheers. Zhang Lingyi’s clear voice sounded out slowly as he sang the song《我的歌声里》-  Wo De Ge Sheng Li. Wang Guangning was angry, this was the plan that he had carefully constructed, why should he yield such an opportunity to Zhang Lingyi? There were some things which could be tolerated, but there were also other things which could not.

“Zhang Lingyi, if you are a man, then come to the fake grass turf at three o’clock tomorrow afternoon,” spat out Wang Guangning aggressively, blocking Zhang Lingyi’s path as he descended the stairs.

This was the first time Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi had challenged each other face to face. Although in the past they both competed incessantly, in reality they didn’t interact with each other often. Instead, they maintained a pretence of peace on the surface as the student union and student association had to organise various events and activities together.

If it wasn’t for Zhang Linyi’s intolerable act, why would Wang Guangning decide to go down this path and make himself abandon his elegant demeanour?!

Zhang Lingyi lifted his chin proudly, “Sure. I am a man, so I will solve this problem like a man.”


The next day at three o’clock in the afternoon, Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi arrived on time at the fake grass turf. This turf was in fact F University’s soccer field as the university had two fields, one which was grown with real grass, and the other with fake.

Since this field with the fake grass was in a relatively remote place, therefore usually not many people came here to exercise. Gradually, this field also became the default setting for F University’s students to fight. No matter what the grudges were, boys would all settle their scores on this field. Sometimes, if you were lucky, a few beauties could also be seen tugging each other’s hair.

The weather today was very suitable for fighting, with the cold and biting wind causing the dried leaves on the ground to whirl up. Standing opposite each other, Wang Guangning was higher than Zhang Lingyi by a fraction, but he was quite slim whereas Zhang Lingyi was more sturdy yet his imposing manner didn’t lose to Wang Guangning’s at all. With their clothes fluttering in the wind, they both gave off a feeling of being proud and solemn.

Slightly narrowing his eyes, Wang Guangning said, “First off, let’s agree that hitting the face isn’t allowed.”

Zhang Lingyi smiled lightly, “Alright.”

Just as he finished speaking, Wang Guangning already felt a blow hitting his stomach.


Zhang Lingyi ignored his cursing and kicked out his leg, not willing to be outdone. The two people quickly entered a cycle. Wang Guangning was a member of the basketball club, while Zhang Lingyi was a member of the track and field team. They were both evenly matched, punching and avoiding each other vigorously.

The outcome was difficult to predict. Wang Guangning suffered a few blows to the stomach, and he grimaced in pain. Realising that this couldn’t continue any longer, he ruthlessly kicked out with his leg and swept Zhang Lingyi to the ground. Continuing relentlessly, Wang Guangning then sat on Zhang Lingyi’s stomach and delivered a punch towards his face.

“Fuck, you hit my face!”

Furious, Zhang Lingyi rolled them over and threw Wang Guangning to the ground, then retaliated by throwing a punch towards his face. With this, their previous agreement to not hit the face was broken.

The two viewed each other as being not pleasing to the eye, especially since the other’s face was claimed to be comparable to their own. This really made their teeth itch in resentment. Before, they could still maintain a pretence of being noble. Yet now that their deal was broken, all they desired was to hit the other’s face until it was disfigured and would no longer be recognisable.

As a result, the sound of fists and shouts echoed throughout the field from time to time.

Ah! You hit my eye.”

“Well you kicked my little brother…”

“Fuck, if you hit my nose again then I won’t hold back…”

“You dare…”


The fight persisted for two hours, until finally the two lay on the ground, panting for breath. Their faces were too appalling to describe, painted with bruises of many different colours. Their bodies were exhausted, and even if they wanted to move, they couldn’t.

“This isn’t…isn’t finished…wait until loazi⁷ regains my breath, then we’ll fight again.” Panting, Wang Guangning spoke. Although his voice was hard, but his eyes had already lost spirit as he gazed at the sky.

[7] 老子 : used in anger, out of contempt or as a show of arrogance. I’m sure many of you have seen this phrase, which translates to ‘I, your father’ or ‘I, your daddy’.

Also unable to completely form a sentence, Zhang Lingyi replied, “Alright…later…laozi will break your…little…little brother!”

After that, a long silence ensued. The bodies of the two youths ached all over and they were unable to get up from the ground. Having finished what they wanted to say, neither wished to speak again.

As dusk fell, the field where not a soul was in sight appeared even more empty as the wind whistled through, mingling with the gasping of the two youths as they struggled to breathe.

“Honey, why did you come so late? Made me wait for so long~”

It was Yu Haining’s sweet voice speaking in a coquettish manner.

“I was only delayed…you know that I have to attend dinner partied every day. I just finished drinking wine with the mayor and discussed that project worth 100 million…” His words were slurred from intoxication and he finished speaking with a hiccup. It was obvious that the man who spoke had a hoarse voice as a result of long term alcohol and tobacco consumption.

Heart constricting, Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi glanced at each other. Then, in a moment of tactic understanding, they both got up softly and stealthily headed towards the source of the voices. Next to the field outside the wired fence was a strip of asphalt road, and since this place was relatively remote, there usually wouldn’t be people walking around. The chances of vehicles passing by was even lower.

The two youths hid in a corner and peered out. Parked by the side of the road was a Mercedes-Benz which exuded the impression of a nouveau riche. Standing next to the car was a fierce looking, slightly bald fatty who had his hand entirely on Yu Haining’s ass.

Yu Haining’s back was towards Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi so the two could clearly see her ass being caressed by the man’s rough hand.

Pouting playfully, Yu Haining slapped the fatty’s arm,” You’re so bad. Didn’t you say that when you went to discuss the project you would bring me too? How come you went by yourself…”

“Ah, you’re so beautiful…if the mayor took a fancy to you, then what would I do?”

The fatty pinched Yu Haining’s ass, “I heard that you’re quite popular at your university. Last night there was even two xiao cao who competed for you out of jealousy.”

Yu Haining laughed, her voice tinkling like the sound of a silver bell, “Honey, you still don’t understand me? I’m only interested in a stable and mature man like you, not those kind of naïve young boys.”

“Ah, I know…little boys definitely wouldn’t have much money in their pockets.” As he talked, the fatty led her into the car. “Let’s go, I’ve already booked a room at Di Hao, tonight you must properly accompany me.”

Di Hao was a five star hotel which was famous in the area.

[8] 帝豪: 帝 meaning emperor and 豪 meaning grand or heroic.


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