Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days


Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days Chapter 19


“regarding the problem about whose surname the child should have…have you guys really not grasped the main point?”




Sun Siyang thought that today was a very strange day; Wang Guangning who would always get up early in the morning was actually sleeping in!

He silently lifted his head and stared at the Wang xiao cao who had already wrapped himself in a cocoon. Sun Siyang wondered whether he had forgotten to adjust his alarm clock. Hence, he silently breathed out a sigh and said, “Guangning, it’s time to get up.”

Wang Guangning poked his head blearily through his quilt. Shooting a glance at Sun Siyang, he asked, “What time is it?”

Sun Siyang checked his phone. “It’s nearly nine o’clock. The library won’t have seats anymore.”

“Oh, that doesn’t matter. Today I’m going to stay in the dorm and revise.”

Wang Guangning climbed out of bed while he spoke.

“There seems to be something wrong about you these days!” Sun Siyang scratched his head with an expression of confusion, “Ah! Does it have to do with Zhang Lingyi?”

“No, there’s nothing.” Wang Guangning yawned and gave Sun Siyang a shove, “Don’t be troublesome and quickly go.”

When Sun Siyang left the dormitory, Wang Guangning rubbed his fluffy crew-cut while opening his phone to give Zhang Lingyi a call.

Zhang Lingyi picked it up swiftly, but Wang Guangning could gather from his tone that the other had probably just gotten out of bed.

“Ah, shou shou. I’m a bit tired today, so you can do what you usually do—” He yawned, “I’ll come and find you tonight.”

“En.” Wang Guangning didn’t ask him why he was so listless. Compared to Zhang Lingyi, the worries is his heart were heavier. Furthermore, Wang Guangning had a slightly guilty conscience and didn’t have the courage to question him.

Quietly hanging up the call, Wang Guangning moved a stool over to the balcony and grabbed a book to read.

Their balcony faced the southeast. During the morning, faint blossoms of sunlight would fall onto the body, resulting in a very pleasant feeling.

Wang Guangning stretched comfortably and decided that studying was more urgent, personal feelings should be put aside for now.

Hence, he opened his textbook and began to revise.

An hour later, Wang Guangning closed his book in irritation.

Why was his entire brain thinking of Zhang Lingyi against his control?

He wanted to know how Zhang Lingyi felt about him now, he wanted to know whether this kind of worrying about what might happen to them was normal between friends…fuck. He couldn’t really be gay?!

There was no way Wang Guangning could calm down and keep reading.

He scratched his head, annoyed. Wang Guangning had just decided to forget it and go back to sleep, when his phone rang.

It turned out to be Zhang Lingyi.

“Shou shou, where are you? I have something to give you.” Zhang Lingyi’s voice was still dispirited like before. Wang Guangning thought that it must be because he had gone back to sleep after taking his phone call this morning.

En, this should be Zhang Lingyi’s style.

Wang Guangning realised sorrowfully that he himself actually seemed to sort of understand Zhang Lingyi!

This way of thinking, if it wasn’t being good brother, then it must be because they were pretending to be a gay couple!

But friends wouldn’t get hard because of each other, right?

Wang Guangning felt slightly worried, and said, “I’m in my dorm.”

When Zhang Lingyi arrived, he was carrying a small potted plant and two take-away boxes.

“Ah? Is this what you said you wanted to give me?” 囧囧, Wang Guangning took the small pot containing the Money Tree. Wasn’t this what he had bought for Zhang Lingyi in return for the other’s gift of the SpongeBob SquarePants pyjamas?

“En, I knew that xiao shou wasn’t diligent!” Zhang Lingyi said with an expression of disdain, “In the future, we must nurture a potted plant together, giving it water and letting in bask in the sun.”

“Ah!” Wang Guangning stared at the small pot in his hand and said, “We have to look after it like that? I haven’t even waited upon my mother like that!”

“That’s why I said xiao shou doesn’t have any compassion!” Zhang Lingyi hmphed softly. Taking the potted plant, he walked over to the balcony. “This isn’t an ordinary potted plant, this is our son!”

Wang Guangning coughed, feeling that he had received a terrible fright. He watched blankly as Zhang Lingyi placed the potted plant on the sink in their balcony, a place where sunlight could just reach. His earnest expression really did reflect the behaviour of a father towards his son. Wang Guangning thought that he himself needed to be rescued for a bit, and clutched his heart while saying, “Zhang Lingyi, are there too many holes in your brain?”

Zhang Lingyi turned around and rolled his eyes. Wang Guangning felt that he could see through the other’s supercilious glare and glimpse the middle finger erected in Zhang Lingyi’s heart.

“In short, this will be our common property in the future. You nurture it for a month, and I’ll nurture it for a month. As long as you remember to let him bathe in the sun every day and don’t give him too much water, then it’ll be fine.” As Zhang Lingyi returned into the dormitory, he said, “Oh, right. I also gave him a name, Zhang Dafa¹!”

[1] 张大发: The name alludes to something like future prosperity and success. Zhang Lingyi named the plant this so it may bring them luck, I guess.

“Zhang Dafa?” Wang Guangning seemed to smell the burning scent of his hair being struck with lightning.

“Yes!” Zhang Lingyi was extremely proud and rubbed his hands in a vulgar manner, “Isn’t it very auspicious? The fact that it’s a Money Tree and has such a rich and honourable² name, it will definitely bring good luck! Ah, I was thinking for you!”

[2] 富贵: (Fu Gui) directly translates to ‘riches and honour’.

“But why is it surnamed³ Zhang?” This was the main point, alright? Since he was the son of them both, why was he named Zhang and not Wang?

[3] 姓: also known as the family name.

Wang Guangning stared with wide eyes at the other man, completely unaware that the point he had brought up had been tilted crooked by Zhang Lingyi.

“Ah, it’s because I’m the gong!” Zhang Lingyi actually explained to him with seriousness. “When men and women marry, their children are named after their father’s surname. It’s the same principle, the son of a gay couple must also be named after the xiao gong~”

“No, it must not!” Wang Guangning opposed vigorously. Bullshit, no matter what, he was also a pure man. Wang Guangning had already lost face when he wore the title of ‘shou’, so if even the right to the child’s name was lost, did he still want any face? Instantly, he roared, “I am also a man, the child must take my surname. Besides, Wang Dafa sounds much better than Zhang Dafa!”

“Nonsense! How does Wang Dafa sound better?” Zhang Lingyi lifted his head in an upright manner, “Zhang Dafa is a very rousing name, hearing it will bring wealth and honour. If our child follows my surname, he will definitely flourish and grow every day!”

The veins on Wang Guangning’s forehead bulged and he was temporarily unable to find any words to overwhelm the other. Hence, the nerves in his brain broke and he struck the table fiercely, shouting, “I don’t care! He must be surnamed Wang. If you don’t let him be surnamed Wang, then you can nurture it yourself!”

That’s right! As a shou, he had the privilege of being arrogant and shameless.

Wang Guangning had been the shou for so long, and this was the first time he had discovered the benefit of being the shou!

Ah, these truly were bitter and miserable tears!

“How can you be like this?” Zhang Lingyi asked incredulously, his voice full of complaint.

“Hmph! I am happy!” Wang Guangning decided to be shameless to the end. Your sister, finding out that he had the inclination of turning this fake show into a real play was already enough painful for his balls. If he couldn’t even get the power to choose the surname for a potted plant, then what hope would he have for future days?

Zhang Lingyi probably didn’t expect that when Wang Guangning who had previously always self-claimed the title of having the temperament of a prince could actually be so unreasonable when he acted shameless. Tears streaked down his face and he said mournfully, “Then…then he’ll be surnamed Wang!”

Wuwuwu…child, your father can’t live up to your expectations! Father is useless, you have to take your mother’s surname!

Zhang Lingyi opened his take-away box while using his life to repair his mind.

Wang Guangning had successfully taken the right to choose the surname. Consequently, he began to open his take-away in a satisfied manner while saying, “What kind of take-away did you bring?”

Zhang Lingyi curled his lips, “Rice with green pepper and beef.”

“Oh~ Don’t tell me it’s cooked by a bald man, I heard that beef from bald men are all made from beef extract.” Wang Guangning’s words held slight dislike, but the movements of his ands did not stop. Although he was very fussy towards people and had many bad habits, he had one good point. That was, when other people gave him things, he wouldn’t despise it in front of them and his demeanour would still be particularly pleasant.

Zhang Lingyi squinted at him, “Are you mocking men who are bald? Or are you just mocking me?”

Wang Guangning glanced at Zhang Lingyi’s shiny head and stared. Laughing, he said, “I had forgotten that you are now bald.” Although, he was a handsome bald.

“Hmph!” Zhang Lingyi said, then reached out a hand to grab Wang Guangning’s take-way box.

“What are you doing,” Wang Guangning quickly dodged, “I wasn’t deliberately talking about you, don’t be so petty.”

“Who’s trying to taking your box.” Zhang Lingyi felt extreme disapproval towards Wang Guangning’s suspiciousness, “This take-away box was indeed bought from someone who is bald. If the beef isn’t good, then don’t eat it. I’ll go out and buy you another one.”

“No need.” Wang Guangning wolfed down his food ferociously, afraid that Zhang Lingyi would really go out and buy him another one…

Brother, we are acting gay based on an agreement, not truly being gay. You don’t need to be so conscientious.

Of course, he wouldn’t say these words out loud. Lowering his head and immersing himself in his food, he said, “As a Chinese citizen, if I can’t even digest this little bit of beef extract, then how can I be worthy of the country and its people.”

Zhang Lingyi helplessly watched as Wang Guangning rapidly finished the food in his take-away box as the problem which had disturbed him for the entire night arose again.

Wang Guangning was indeed a person who was very deserving of making friends with. He knew how to joke, was magnanimous, and knew how to consider the needs of his friends. However, the other sentiments which Zhang Lingyi held…were they truly suitable to exist between the two of them?

“Oh, right. What are we doing tomorrow?” Wang Guangning cleared his food, and thought of another matter. Even though they were pretending to be gay, he had always been just been dragged along by Zhang Lingyi. He basically only knew of the task they needed to do as a gay couple on the day. For example, this nurturing potted plants together task…was really too 囧, so he had better ask in advance!

“Ah, tomorrow…” Zhang Lingyi stared up at the ceiling in thought, “I think tomorrow it’s supposed to be…get drenched together in the rain…”

Wang Guangning, “……”

Zhang Lingyi, “……”

With an expression of solemness, Wang Guangning asked, “Then, did you check tomorrow’s weather forecast yet?”

Zhang Lingyi replied, “No, I haven’t.” While speaking, he opened his phone.

The facts proved that God had his own consciousness and wouldn’t make way for someone just because they were handsome.

It was expected that tomorrow’s weather would be sunny.

“En, we can only pray that the weather forecast will be wrong like in the past.” Wang Guangning touched his chin.

Zhang Lingyi was more optimistic than him and put away his phone while saying, “Let nature take its course for matters like the weather. If it rains tomorrow, we’ll go and run about wildly in the rain. If it doesn’t rain, we can just take a break! Continuously being gay for so many days is actually quite tiring, we should seize the opportunity and have a rest!”

Have a rest…

Wang Guangning felt that he had received an internal injury.

However, since Zhang Lingyi felt that being gay was quite tiring, did that mean he did not take as much pleasure in this matter as he seemed to be?

Therefore, was this nothing but a boring play that had started because they wanted to retaliate against society but had strayed further and further off the track?

Wang Guangning surveyed Wang Dafa in his pot bathing under the sun outside and suddenly felt…extremely unhappy!


They have a child now~  (ノ’ヮ’)ノ*: ・゚ *instates myself as the one of the godparents*

I made a mistake in Chapter 12, which I have now corrected. At the end of the chapter, Wang Guangning refers to himself as zhen and calls Zhang Lingyi ‘xiao yizi’ ( 小逸子: 小 [name] 子) which is actually how an eunuch would be called by the emperor. I apologise for the misunderstanding > . <

ZLY: *edges closer to WGN* Shou shou…

WGN: *ignores him*

ZLY: *persists in plastering himself against WGN* (ノ’ з ‘)ノ

WGN: *shoves ZLY away* Xiao yizi, get los-

ZLY: <( ̄ ﹌  ̄)> What did you call me? I’m not an eunuch!

ZLY: *points at his lower half* Look! ( ̄ヘ ̄)

WGN: *glances at the place* *smirks*

ZLY: ……

WGN:  ╮(︶▽︶)╭ You’re definitely an eunuch!

ZLY: (╮°-°)╮┳━━┳ ( ╯°□°)╯ ┻━━┻

The author has something to say: Small Theatre< strong>Wang Guangning: Baby, be good. You’ll now be called Wang Dafa!

Wang Dafa: ~~~~(>_<)~~~~ Can I change the name?

Wang Guangning: Then…Wang Fugui?

Wang Dafa: The name Dafa is quite good, just call me that~

translator: k i a i

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