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Age of Adepts Chapter 161

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**********************************MAIN STORY*************************************

Now, at this moment, Green and Goblin Kobe were having a secret conversation in the back-storage room of the Goblin shop.
  "Master, this is the crystal of knowledge and different magical crystals, which you had requested." Goblin Kobe respectfully presented the leather pocket, which was full of magical crystals that Green needed. In addition to the items, the bag also contained a crystal of knowledge as Green requested.

Green picked up the crystal of knowledge and placed it on his forehead. Instantly, he hears the chip resonating in his mind.

"Beep! External data interface found. Do you want to import data to main storage?"


"Beep! Order Accepted. Starting data entry ... "

Following the chip instructions in his lower retina, Green has transferred all the knowledge of all the crystals in to his mind. As for the remaining data processing. He has left all of it for the chip to handle.

After processing the crystal of knowledge, Green opened the leather pocket, which contained magic crystal of various attributes, which included some of the most common five element crystals, and also rarer ones such as darkness, plant, poison and light ... ... As for their rankings, starting from beginning level to quasi-adept level for each type of crystal.

Unfortunately, there is no adept level magic crystal!

However, it was l not outside of his expectations, as Green has long since known that they were not so easy to come by, so this was no surprise for him. Green took a simple count of it and then placed it back into the bag.

After becoming a first level adept, his apprentice level magic golems were no longer as great as before. But when in a pinch, these low-level magic puppets could still play a small, yet important, role. Thus, Green slowly collected the knowledge, and carved his own magic puppet army.

On his own when he was an adept apprentice, Green had noticed that the current knowledge for adepts are too narrow and one-sided. In his mind, a quasi-adept is no different than an adept apprentice with mental power of 20 points, and such level of the adept is nothing but the difference of mental power!

But after his dangerous ascension to an adept, Green was finally able to see the strength gap between an adept and an apprentice.

To be an adept, it is not as simple as have reaching the mental of 21 points, but a change in the original spirit of the existence and the qualitative change in the process. Before the ascension, his spiritual power has 20 points, but now after ascension it was reduced to 0.9 instead!

This was not to say that his mental strength has declined, but the adept and the apprentice's basic character power measurement had been completely different from the beginning. Apprentice's character attributes are basically based on the physical data of ordinary adults, and then it is used to measure the strength of apprentices relative to other adults, while adepts are basically on a different class of magical beings.

Wild monster and beast have a natural talent in magic, as magical crystals are located deep inside their bodies, hence they have better ability in manipulating magic elements. The adepts are obviously imitating them, but as all imitation, they are not on the same level.

The beast's magical crystal is due to a physical phenomenon and thus it is like a key which can easily be used to access magical element. while in comparison the adept's core, which is a virtual core and it only exists in their consciousness.

Hence, even after slaying an adept, it is impossible to seize an adept's core like what is done with a magical beast. But the mind cores are sure to exist, because all the adepts only rely on it to manipulate the magic elements.

If the standard of the mentality of an adept is just 1, then the current Green is substandard. His mentality is only 0.9! But it is due to the fact he had ascended differently. In a matter of time, he will eventually reach the standard mentality of 1.

More than a month after the arrival of Fernando, Green measured the gap between the adept and quasi--adept. If a quasi-adept's mental power upper limit is 20 points, then the adept's 1 point of mental power is almost equal to the quasi-adept's 100 points.

This means that, aside from the mental suppression, magical equipment, magical knowledge and magical techniques and other differences, even if the mentality of a single apprentice is of a quasi-adept but, an adept alone is also enough to dominate five quasi-adepts. If you let go a battle hardened veteran adept go a while, then he can easily kill 7 to 8 quasi-adepts.

Adepts are always adepts!

If you have not reached the adept level, then in the eyes of the adept, you are just a lowly bug. Although most adept follow the principle of protecting the source however, many of the adepts will pick out apprentices with good potential for an extra training and care. But deep in their heart, they are still adept apprentices and cannot be compared with their kind.

Getting the things he had wanted, Green did not stay in the Goblin Shop too long, and head straight to the outskirts of the adept tower.

Compare to the magic tower located in the swamp, the magic tower of Fernando is the true definition of a magic tower and has 17 layers, containing each layer with special means to expand the internal space, packed with highly advance magical facilities,.

Despite such formidable magic tower, it was rarely filled with adepts.

In addition to the 2nd order Ferguson, there are only three first-order family adepts. Therefore, during Green's stay in the magic tower for a month, the number of contacts with other adepts are less than the number of fingers then he has on his hands,

All these adepts have strange personalities, and are either hiding in the laboratory every day, conducting extremely dangerous witchcraft experiment or going out to collect the necessary knowledge and resources for their research and advancement. Therefore, it is extremely rare to see them aimlessly wander around. Moreover, there is only 6 months till the start of the Sanlu family battle, therefore all the adepts are scrambling to prepare for the war, otherwise even the veterans will fall inside hell's mouth.

So, the family adepts are finally getting busy!

After this period of stability and recollection, Green's finally have a good concept of the battlefield's status. From the information, he had obtained going to war is a tough choice!
Want an adept family to rise to fame? Go to war!

Want to make an adept family disappear? Go to war!

A little bit of war, allows adept to usurp the family's resources and wealth and it is also the reason why most of the adept's family are worried.

By choosing a target, and then invade the realm, leaching the massive amount of rare resources and knowledge of the mysterious, will make any backwater family rise to be a top family. And as these resources and knowledge continue to trickle back to the family, the family can cultivate more and more excellent new adepts.

So, with a bit of war is necessary to obtain the resources and knowledge to train themselves newer adepts, and then the new adepts will become part of the family can open enter even greater battlefields in the future to obtain more resources. Only in this way, the adept's family can embark on enviable virtuous circle, and grow up step by step.

But winning or losing is only the upper surface of the war.

Once an adept family has lost in the realm war then many their adepts will most likely fall and huge amounts of resources investment will result in zero return lastly, the patriarch of the adept family has to take the responsibility the and bear the heavy burden. Hence, going to the battlefield once or twice is good, however long encounters will attract a strong hostile family or an ill-intentioned family forces to take this opportunity to invade the whole adept family, and led the family to its demise!

The central part of the mainland called Tailin , consists of hundreds of adept families, these adept families unite or merge through marriage, alliance or other means to form a large and small coalitions therefore, the relationships between families are increasingly complex and chaotic.

Moreover, every adept family, college, school, alliance and other adept forces have their own secondary realms.

The so-called secondary realm is actually a well-developed small or medium-sized plane although, the overall strength of resources is not comparable to a larger planes and the power located in such planes are vastly weaker.

However, given enough time to grow and develop, then they will grow and develop in to a large plane. But once they are found by the adepts in the depths of the sea, then they will be like lambs present in front of wolves, and their invasion is inevitable.

The adept world is gem in the sea of realms, with high level of materials and resources. If the adepts find another material plane in the depths of the deep sea, then they will try to assess their overall strength. Once they feel it is profitable, they will return to the adept world to convene a powerful force to invade it.

The war between large planes do not occur easily, as the invasion is too difficult, and the cost of resources is too high to get a decent return in the short term. Therefore, the invasions mainly occur in the realms of small and medium-sized planes!

Individual strong medium-sized planes, may need the forces at the level of Tallinn, North Adept, Adept Association and Silver Union for the invasion to be sucessful . As for the general small and medium-sized planes, an ordinary adept family is enough to do such a job.

The measurement of strength of the family forces, is largely based on the number of invasion of the realms that a family participates each year, and the amount of resources that they can squeeze from the realms they conquer. Moreover, within each adept family, the realm's coordinates of the world they conquer are their valuable property, and must not be leaked to any hostile forces.

According to legend, the Salu Bo family has two small secondary level realms, but they have relatively low degree of development according to the regional cooperation model, which is far less than the return of enslavement of conquered realms.

Regional cooperation model is used when the invasion of small planes of the adept family forces is too low, and is not enough to suppress the opposing forces in the realm. Therefore, to avoid incurring greater losses in the invasion of realms, the adept's family and the forces of native settlement reached a regional cooperation, which is a joint development for mutual trading.

Although the invasion family forces need to give the native some resources to have a deal, but when the items are resold into the adept world, they can still can maintain a high return. Although the earnings are substantially less then forced occupation and enslavement but the risk in the war will be at a much smaller scale!

Hence, due to these two small secondary level realms, the Saulu Bo family are consider a mid-level family in the local regional area. And this new surface war, could bring the family three more additional secondary level realms.

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