Against the Gods


Against the Gods Chapter 911-912

Chapter 911 – Vicious Battle in the Ocean Depths (2)

"Darkness profound energy!?" Xuanyuan Wentian's expression completely changed. "Why do you possess darkness profound energy!? Why do you possess this sovereign's power!?"

"Your power?" Yun Che flashed a disdainful, cold smile. The richness of the dark aura on his body had seemingly surpassed Xuanyuan Wentian's. "To be blunt, I don't really like this power too much, nor do I want to be treated by others as a devil like you. But in this place, it no longer matters."

The profound veins were the source of profound energy for regular people, while the devil origin orb was the source of profound energy for the ancient devil gods.

As for Yun Che, he had two sources of profound energy.

One was the Evil God’s Profound Veins, while the other, was the devil origin orb that originated from the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign and had assimilated into his profound veins!

Possessing the four Evil God's Seeds of fire, water, lightning and darkness, he could convert the energy in his profound veins into profound energy of the fire, water, lightning or darkness attribute at will. However, the devil origin orb could only release dark profound energy. As it was a terrifying negative profound energy, the Evil God back then did not allow anyone to know that he possessed this power and Yun Che similarly did not want to either.

Thus, after ascertaining that he could not defeat Xuanyuan Wentian, he lured Xuanyuan Wentian deep into the ocean and then finally released the power of the devil origin orb without the slightest hesitation. The energy released by the Evil God’s Profound Veins had all converted into darkness profound energy as well. Under the convergence of two masses of dark profound energy, Yun Che instantly turned into a completely awakened devil god as the aura on his body expanded at a peerlessly terrifying speed.

Clang… Hsss…

The Eternal Night Devil Sword in Xuanyuan Wentian's hand suddenly trembled, letting out an obscure metallic sound. After which, an extremely terrible-sounding voice emitted out from the Eternal Night Devil Sword. "This energy… Where did you obtain it from… Impossible… This is impossible."

Yun Che did not find the restlessness of the Eternal Night Divine Sword the slightest bit unexpected, because the devil soul within the sword was the son of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, so naturally, he would be able to catch the scent of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign from his dark profound aura. Raising the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword, the dark aura from his body speedily spread towards the blade of the sword as well and mixed with the crimson red vermillion sword glow that was originally there in the first place, forming an incomparably strange dark crimson mist.

"There's no need for me to answer a dead person," Yun Che's voice was shady and his face displayed haughtiness that far surpassed his usual. "Though I'm still not too comfortable with this power, it should be enough to kill you, Xuanyuan Wentian."

"Hahahahaha!" Xuanyuan Wentian laughed wildly. "Though this sovereign doesn't know where your dark profound energy came from, compared to the power of this sovereign who has stepped into the divine way, your dark profound energy is but a lowly existence. Wanting to kill this sovereign, is forever a foolish dream!"

"This time, you no longer have anywhere to run to. Die!!"

The Eternal Night Devil Sword penetrated through the ocean water, smashing towards Yun Che's head… What seemed like a simple and plain sword strike, actually carried a might as if a devil god was making its descent.

Yun Che stepped forward with his right foot, the dark aura around his body intensely surged. The energy coming from his profound veins and the devil origin orb gathered on his two arms, as he smashed his sword towards Xuanyuan Wentian.

Yun Che, who had previously evaded Xuanyuan Wentian with all his might, had actually chosen to clash head-on this time.

"You're courting death!!" Seeing that Yun Che was actually not dodging and was facing him head-on, Xuanyuan Wentian released a ridiculing loud roar. The energy he poured into the Eternal Night Devil Sword once again intensified, as if he was planning to shatter all of Yun Che's bones with a single sword strike.

The two swords clashed. Even in the ocean depths, a loud, piercing reverberation was still emitted out. The ten millennium old bedrock beneath their feet instantly disintegrated.

Wanting to expel the ocean water thirty kilometers under the ocean was incomparably difficult, because every drop of ocean water carried a heavy pressure from thirty kilometers of depth. However, the moment their two swords clashed, the three hundred meters of space surrounding Yun Che and Xuanyuan Wentian instantly turned into an incomparably terrifying vacuum zone and this vacuum zone was even maintained for a long while. Within it was filled with a terrifying energy that was enough to destroy mountains as tall as thirty kilometers.

Their eyes met through the lock between the Eternal Night Devil Sword and Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword. Xuanyuan Wentian's face was intensely distorted, his eyes were filled with deep astonishment. While Yun Che's gaze was mild, the corners of his lips curved into a light, arrogant smile.

"You…" Xuanyuan Wentian's voice was slightly trembling, fine strips of blood erupted within his eyes, because Yun Che was actually able to hold up against his Eternal Night Devil Sword!

He held up against his Eternal Night Devil Sword head-on and without any fancy tricks!

When the Eternal Night Devil Sword was in hand, what the devil blood and devil soul released, was power of the Divine Profound Realm! It was the one and only absolute power in the history of the Profound Sky Continent that was enough to view all the profound practitioners of the Profound Sky Continent as ants!

It was actually… blocked by Yun Che!

Yun Che loudly roared, as flames ignited within the dark light surrounding his body. The Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword fiercely pushed forward and with a loud boom, a second wave of energy erupted from the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword. The two of them were instantly sent flying far away.


The ocean water that was expelled quickly poured back in, however, the surrounding dozens of kilometers of the deep ocean were in unrest for a long while.

Xuanyuan Wentian, who was blown away, felt a numbing sensation in his arms. He looked at his own hands in utter disbelief and with even more disbelieving eyes, he looked towards Yun Che who was immersed in black light on the opposite side… When his power was suppressed by Yun Che before he wielded the Eternal Night Devil Sword, it had merely astonished him.

However, with the devil sword now in hand and his body now circulating with power of the divine way… How could his attack possibly be fended off by a mere mortal at the Sovereign Profound Realm?

"Impossible… Earlier, you must have… you must have used some sort of trick!!"

Xuanyuan Wentian roared out in agitation and as if it had exploded, the black aura surrounding his body wildly surged. Then, he once again pounced towards Yun Che.

"This sovereign wants to see how you're going to take on this blow!!"


Before the Eternal Night Devil Sword had even made contact, the surrounding ocean water was already in chaos, as if it was boiling water. The terrifying water pressure did not seem to exist when it came to the two of them for a distance of three hundred meters in the ocean was instantly closed. The Eternal Night Devil Sword and Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword once again clashed ruthlessly against each other.

The clashing sound this time was extremely sullen and the ocean began to shake incomparably violently. Intense ripples wildly shot out towards the surrounding ocean water, all the way towards the ocean surface thirty kilometers above. However, they did not stop there and had even shot through the waters, carrying waves of thirty kilometers in length.

Even though the surrounding world had sunk into a crisis that had never occurred before, even in ancient times, at the center of the crisis, the Eternal Night Devil Sword and Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword were as if they were glued to each other. Xuanyuan Wentian was not blown away and similarly, Yun Che was not blown away either.

This sword strike, a sword strike which Xuanyuan Wentian did not leave even the slightest of reserves behind due to his frenzy, was still completely received by Yun Che head-on.

"Guaaah…" Xuanyuan Wentian's eyes were astonished to the verge of exploding apart. To Xuanyuan Wentian, this was definitely not as simple as receiving his full powered blow but the power of the divine way he had chased after for an entire lifetime… No, it was the faith he had finally managed to obtain after experiencing countless pains and pursuing it for an entire lifetime that was seemingly about to collapse.

"It seems like this is your full power," Yun Che's eyes half-narrowed and he sullenly sneered. "You schemed for a thousand years, killed so many people and have even forsaken your own flesh and blood to obtain your present power. While I… have only used less than eight years!"

Yun Che's words were a simple declaration of a truth, without even the slightest of offensive remarks. However, when they resounded in Xuanyuan Wentian's ears, it was as if he had heard the most heartless and disdainful and most malicious curse in the world.

"AHH!!!" Xuanyuan Wentian loudly roared as if he was venting out, to the point where his throat had instantly turned hoarse. "Yun Che, no one in this world is worthy of looking down on this sovereign! How can this sovereign's strength possibly be compared to by a little bastard like you who has yet to grow out a single hair!?"

"You have but received two of this sovereign's blows… Let me see just how many of this sovereign's blows can you receive!!"

This time, Xuanyuan Wentian's degree of irritation had far surpassed any single moment previously. He was like a dark ferocious beast which had been completely enraged as he charged towards Yun Che with a hoarse, wild roar. The Eternal Night Devil Sword smashed down with all of his might and fury.




The Eternal Night Devil Sword clashed intensely with the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword. Within the ocean depths, it was as if an ancient divine bell was vibrating from being struck, as their positions in the ocean depths constantly changed. As they moved horizontally, the ocean water was either overbearingly expelled or annihilated into nothingness. The bedrock beneath their feet had even caved, shattered and disappeared layer by layer.

Incomparably rich black light wound about their bodies and within the ocean depths where the sun and moon could never be seen, it was as if two ten thousand year old ferocious beasts tearing each other apart had suddenly appeared.


The blue ocean exploded and the two of them were sent flying back several hundreds of meters away at the same time. Xuanyuan Wentian's head heavily struck onto the bedrock and several meters of it instantly shattered apart. The Eternal Night Devil Sword had also plowed out a gully of several dozen meters in length in the ocean floor.

This time, Xuanyuan Wentian did not immediately charge towards Yun Che again. The hand he was grasping the Eternal Night Devil Sword with was trembling… Because after several hundred clashes, his two arms had seemingly been completely numbed. The gaps between his fingers were all drenched in black blood, yet he did not seem to feel the slightest bit of pain.

Compared to his numbed arms, what was even more terrifying was the energy that was surging in his entire body which was close to bursting out of his body.

Every single sword strike Xuanyuan Wentian threw out, was imbued with the power of the divine way, while Yun Che's Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword was already one million kilograms in weight alone. In every single clash of the two swords, the might they carried was as if a meteorite had fallen and the immense rebounds had all gone to their bodies.

Even with Xuanyuan Wentian's prided devil physique, he still found it hard to endure after several hundred intense clashes. He could feel that his own organs were about to be torn and the bones in his entire body were at the verge of falling apart.

However, at this moment, Yun Che let out an explosive roar. The Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword, shrouded with a dark aura, smashed towards him, carrying a terrifying might that did not seem to have weakened.

The two of them had been enduring the exact same rebounds the entire time and he was beginning to feel that his devil physique could not last much longer. Yun Che, however, actually looked completely unharmed and had instead grown even fiercer.

"You…" This time, other than the astonishment in Xuanyuan Wentian's eyes, there was finally a hint of fear within them. He fiercely gnashed his teeth, as he raised the Eternal Night Devil Sword horizontally to forcefully block it.


That short breather earlier had weakened Xuanyuan Wentian's momentum and the energy of this one sword strike was far weaker than the previous ones. With a booming noise, the blood vessels in his arms erupted and blood scattered into the water. As he screamed out, his body which was leaning against the bedrock was sent flying away. Yun Che had merely stepped backward for a moment and had then suddenly caught up to Xuanyuan Wentian when he smashed down his sword.

"Un… unforgivable!"

"Lightless… Eternal… Night!!"

Xuanyuan Wentian's pupils intensely shrank and then they intensely widened with fear. He stopped his body and fiercely puked out a large mouthful of black blood as a black light that was even denser in black aura by several times suddenly exploded. It instantly swallowed the surrounding space of several tens of meters, completely engulfing Yun Che within.

This was the dark domain that originated from the Illusory Tome of Eternal Night and it was also the most extreme dark power which Xuanyuan Wentian could release. The dark energy that had reached the stage of the divine way was sufficient enough to engulf everything within the domain into endless darkness and emptiness.

Facing this peerlessly terrifying dark domain, there was not the slightest of bit of anxiety and heaviness on Yun Che's face. Rather, he flashed a light, disdainful smile. Then, he completely ignored the extreme darkness that was engulfing towards him and had suddenly moved forward, with a speed that was even slightly faster than before. Under Xuanyuan Wentian's utterly disbelieving eyes, a sword stabbed into his chest and the tip of the sword penetrated out of his back.  


Xuanyuan Wentian's body stiffened. His eyes widened as he let out a painful and hoarse scream. The Lightless Eternal Night Domain that was just established earlier quickly dispersed like a punctured soap bubble. In front of him, Yun Che was grasping onto the enormous vermillion sword that had stabbed into his body with a heart-palpitating ghastly smile.


Xuanyuan Wentian suddenly smashed his palm onto Yun Che's chest, pushing Yun Che and the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword far into the distance. Xuanyuan Wentian held onto his chest where a hole had been punched all the way through and stepped back in a staggering manner. The pain running through his entire body felt as though he had fallen into hell itself.

"Cough… cough cough… Haha, hahahaha! Xuanyuan Wentian, isn't it really refreshing!?" Yun Che consecutively puked out several mouthfuls of bad blood. He looked at Xuanyuan Wentian's miserable state and laughed out loud in a wilful manner.

"This sovereign… shall kill you!"

"Kill you!!!!"

All of Xuanyuan Wentian's viciousness was completely stimulated as he released the hand that was pressing on his chest. Allowing the black blood to rapidly flow, his hands grasped onto the Eternal Night Devil Sword as he crazily smashed it towards Yun Che.


A crack several dozens of kilometers in length tore through the ocean depths and under this sword strike, Yun Che was ruthlessly smashed flying, smashing through seven or eight boulders in the ocean. However, he instantly leapt back up the moment he landed on the ground and like a ferocious beast which did not know of pain or fear, he made a counterattack against Xuanyuan Wentian.

The two of them swept up terrifying dark tornadoes that continuously grew in intensity and their blood swirled within the tornadoes, suffusing and raging within the ocean region.

Chapter 912 – Xuanyuan Wentian Defeated

Supreme Ocean Palace was enveloped in flames. Those who were engulfed in the sea of flames released ghostly screams but these screams did not last for long before they all sank into silence. However, the sky-shrouding fiery light continued to burn for a long while before slowly scattering away.

Beneath the extinguished sea of flames, a hole shaped with the image of the phoenix was engraved on the Ocean Palace and when looking through the hole, one could directly see the blue ocean below. It had actually burned through the Ocean Palace which had stayed afloat for ten thousand years!

Those who were engulfed by the sea of flames had all disappeared, as if they had all been vaporized from the world itself, without leaving behind even a trace of ash. Not to mention, these people were not weaklings of any sort but powerful experts belonging to Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, the almighty Sacred Grounds of the Profound Sky Continent.

Among them, included the Hall Master of Sun Moon Divine Hall… One of the four Sacred Masters—Heavenly Monarch Ye Meixie!

With Ye Meixie's strength, even if he had only a single arm remaining and could never be Feng Xue'er's match, he could have still at least resisted for a period of time with his full power. However, he assumed that she was still the Feng Xue'er of several months ago and decided to court death by going head-on with the blazing image of the phoenix that was unleashed with her anger. He was then instantly swept into the center of the sea of flames. No matter how he struggled, he was unable to escape from the pressure of the Phoenix flames and was burnt alive under the image of the phoenix. In the end, he was completely annihilated.

When the Phoenix flames extinguished, Supreme Ocean Palace was a field of silence. The enormous phoenix-shaped hole had separated the two factions. On one side were the people of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, Supreme Ocean Palace, and Divine Phoenix Sect and every single one of them was dumbfounded, as if they had seen a ghost. On the other side, not even half of the line-up of Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region remained. The Sacred Ground profound practitioners at the back who were unable to charge out in time and had fortunately kept their lives intact, but all the color had drained from their faces. While their bodies trembled, some of them had even gone limp and slowly fell onto the ground.

"Ah… Ah… Ah…" Xuanyuan Botan sat paralyzed on the ground, his feet less than half a meter away from the edge of the phoenix-shaped hole. It was as if his gallbladder had broken from fright; his pale expression carried hints of yellow and his pupils could barely be seen within his eyes. Only his mouth was emitting out a moan which he was seemingly unconscious of.

"Heav… Heavenly Monarch." The remaining Divine Envoys, Elders and disciples of Sun Moon Divine Hall were either shocked to a standstill or had lost their souls. No matter how, they could not believe their own eyes. The almighty Heavenly Monarch, was actually burned into nothingness… in just a few dozen breaths of time.

From the descent of the image of the phoenix to the extinguishing of the flames, Feng Xue'er had her eyes tightly closed the entire time, her chest heaved intensely. When she sensed that people among Sun Moon Divine Hall were once again approaching, she then instantly opened her eyes and pushed out her palm towards the front. Her voice was trembling slightly and a teary glow could be faintly seen within her eyes. "Stay back! You're not allowed to come any closer, otherwise… otherwise… I will no longer… show any mercy!"

"Ah!" Feng Xue'er's action made all the people of Sun Moon Divine Hall retreat in a fluster. Xuanyuan Botan, who sat paralyzed on the ground, trembled. Letting out a strange cry, he tumbled and crawled as he retreated far away. The eyes he was looking at Feng Xue'er with constantly shrank and he no longer dared to take even the slightest step forward.

Members of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace were all looking blankly at Feng Xue'er as well, all of them had completely lost their voices.

"Xue… er…" Feng Hengkong was excited to the point where he was finding it extremely hard to articulate his words. "Could it be that your… Your Phoenix God power… has completely awakened?"

The flames earlier had released a Phoenix might which they had never felt before!

Burning Ye Meixie to death in just a few dozen breaths of time… Even if it was the Phoenix God that had passed on, it was seemingly impossible to accomplish!

"Mn…" Feng Xue'er lightly nodded. "But it will still take a few more years before it can awaken completely. It's Big Brother Yun… who helped me…"

When she spoke the last few words, her head lowered and her voice had subconsciously softened a little as well, looking as if she had recalled something.

Feng Zukui's beard and eyebrows trembled and then, he took in a long breath, firmly holding back the old tears in his eyes as he said while facing the sky, "It must be the Phoenix God watching over us from the heavens… The heavens are watching over our Divine Phoenix Sect!"

Ever since the Phoenix God had passed on, their biggest desires were the awakening of Feng Xue'er's Phoenix God power and her becoming the second Phoenix God of Divine Phoenix Sect. They had initially thought that it would take at least another hundred years and these hundred years would be the most dangerous hundred years for Divine Phoenix Sect. They never expected that during their reunion this time, Feng Xue'er's Phoenix God power would have already awakened to such an extent… She had clearly already surpassed the level of the Ancestral Phoenix God!

"Heartfelt… congratulations… to esteemed your sect," Zi Ji sincerely said as he lifted his hands towards the Divine Phoenix Sect. If not for Feng Xue'er's divine might, they might have all died miserably at the hands of Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region by now.

Boom boom!!


The ocean waves below were tumbling intensely. All of the ocean within sight was in complete turmoil, as if there was a sky supporting pillar stirring chaos beneath the ocean. The constant explosive reverberations were not loud but it was as if one's heart could crack from their oppressiveness.

"Big Brother Yun…" Feng Xue'er called out softly, as she hurriedly turned around to look at the rumbling ocean surface. Deep colors of anxiety appeared on her snow-white face.

"Princess… Snow…" Zi Ji, who was being deeply tortured by the devil poison, said with incomparable difficulty. "Your power… must have… already surpassed your esteemed sect's Ancestral Phoenix God… I wonder… if you have a way… to remove the devil poison… in our bodies… Cough…"

Light of hope brightened in the eyes of everyone who were being tortured by the devil poison when they heard Zi Ji's words. All of them looked towards Feng Xue'er and some of their eyes even carried deep beseechment.

Feng Xue'er lightly shook her head. "There isn't anything I can do. The only one who can remove a poison like this is most likely Big Brother Yun… He, he will definitely defeat Xuanyuan Wentian!"

Zi Ji opened his mouth and continued with a hoarse voice. "If… Ah, no… After Asgard Master Yun defeats that old crook Xuanyuan Wentian, can Princess Snow plead to Asgard Master Yun on our behalf… We will definitely… be most grateful…"

"Yes…" Spiritual Master Bitter Agony of the Sanctuary hurriedly followed up as well. "Princess Snow's heart is as pure as ice and snow, you must find it unbearable to see us… die after suffering from such torture… We have to trouble Princess Snow to plead on our behalf. Asgard Master Yun loves Princess Snow so dearly… He will definitely… definitely not reject your request."

Of course, this was all under the premise that Yun Che could defeat Xuanyuan Wentian.

Feng Xue'er lightly bit her lips and all of a sudden, instead said with a strong tone, "If Big Brother Yun is willing to save you all, then he will do it. If he isn't willing, I… I won't plead to Big Brother Yun on behalf of you all!"

Feng Xue'er's words made the faces of all the people of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace stiffen and even Feng Hengkong and the rest had astonished expressions as well… Because, those words did not sound like something Feng Xue'er would say at all.

Just like how, in the past, Feng Xue'er had never used her Phoenix flames to burn anyone… nor had she ever taken the life of any living creature.

And her words, clearly carried deep anger within.

Very evidently, since the day she brought Yun Che away from Divine Phoenix Sect, she had definitely experienced many, many things…

"Wh… Why?" Zi Ji painfully asked.

"Why? I should be asking you people that!" Feng Xue'er turned around. She, who was very rarely angry, unleashed it all towards their resentment at this moment. "Back then at the Devil Sword Conference, you all wanted to harm Big Brother Yun and snatch away Big Brother's Mirror of Samsara. In the end… In the end, Big Brother Yun chose to forgive all of you! All of you had clearly promised not to seek Big Brother Yun for trouble ever again. But… But… On the day Big Brother Yun and I were engaged, when Big Brother Yun suffered from heavy injuries, it was you people… It was you people again!! If not because Little Demon Empress Sis had rushed over in time back then, Big Brother Yun might have… have…"

"Big Brother Yun has never done any wrong to any of you but you treat him that way time and time again. Why must Big Brother Yun save you people!? Why must I help plead on your behalf!?"

Feng Xue'er's furious speech stunned all the people of Supreme Ocean Palace and Absolute Monarch Sanctunary. Huangji Wuyu's mouth was agape. I was as if all his energy had escaped from his body when his head instantly drooped down. The expression of Qu Fengyi, who was lying in Zi Ji's embrace, was deathly pale, her chest heaving intensely and an agonizing, trembling noise emitted from her mouth.

"There… There must be some sort of misunderstanding here." Zi Ji shook his head. "Back then during the Devil Sword Conference… we were indeed in the wrong but we had clearly reconciled with Asgard Master Yun. On the day of your engagement, we… we could not be more excited than to personally show up and express our congratulations, when did we ever make things difficult for Asgard Master Yun?"

"You people! You people clearly did it, yet you still refuse to admit it!" Feng Xue'er grew even more furious, as she pointed her fingers straight at Huangji Wuyu and Qu Fengyi. "All of you ask those two!"

All the eyes in Absolute Monarch Sanctuary landed on Huangji Wuyu, while all the eyes in Supreme Ocean Palace landed on Qu Fengyi. Spiritual Master Bitter Agony said with difficulty. "Saint Emperor, this… this matter…"

Huangji Wuyu closed his eyes and slowly said. "We simply… did not wish for the Mirror of Samsara to land in that old crook Xuanyuan's hands…"


It was as if something had exploded within the minds of all the Sacred Grounds' profound practitioners. The bodies of the eleven Spiritual Masters shook, their faces ash-gray. Zi Ji painfully closed his eyes as well. Even though his heart was filled with extreme hatred, with Qu Fengyi already in a half-dead state, how could he possibly utter any words of reproach?

Dropping a stone onto the man who had fallen into the well once, was something they could still resolve.

However, after dropping another stone once more… it was already extremely benevolent of Yun Che to not have followed their example, how could they possibly have the face to beg him to save their lives?

After his heart had been pierced by Yun Che's sword, whether it was his profound energy or blood, both rapidly leaked out from Xuanyuan Wentian's body. The power behind his every subsequent sword strike was gradually weakening and with every breath, the pain he felt intensified. When he swung out his twentieth blow, the Eternal Night Devil Sword had already been smashed into a crescent shape by the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword.

Xuanyuan Wentian could no longer take on a blow from Yun Che's sword and the bones in his arms all shattered into pieces. A deafening explosion resounded in his ears and the scene before his eyes started to spin as he was directly sent smashing towards the bedrock below. Only his head remained exposed on the outside.


Xuanyuan Wentian furiously howled, the dark light around his body erupting forth. The surrounding bedrock had completely disintegrated into dust but right after, his body began to shake intensely. With his hand firmly grasping on his chest, his heavily injured body seemed to be unable to resist the chaotic water currents as he twisted and turned about. His face that was filled with agony and had turned even more ferocious than an evil ghost.

"Ha… ha…" Yun Che panted like a cow but he had only paused for a short few breaths of time before he once again raised his sword and charged towards Xuanyuan Wentian.

He lured Xuanyuan Wentian into the ocean depths for two reasons. One, he did not wish to expose his dark profound energy in front of outsiders and two, he had the absolute advantage within the ocean.

The ocean currents and water pressure here could restrict people's movements and spiritual senses and could even increase one's energy consumption by a considerable degree. However, to Yun Che whose body carried the Evil God's Water Seed, all these negative influences were completely non-existent. Rather, the rich water elements here could hasten the recovery of his injuries and profound energy.

"Urgh…" Seeing Yun Che charging towards him again this quickly, a groan that seemed to be filled with agony and despair leaked out from Xuanyuan Wentian's throat. However, his bone-shattered arms could not even raise the Eternal Night Devil Sword in time.


An enormous vortex swirled up within the ocean depths as Xuanyuan Wentian was smashed firmly on his chest. He screamed out and was then sent flying far away, brushing a long streak of crimson-black blood within the ocean water. The Eternal Night Devil Sword had also flown out of his grasp in that motion

Xuanyuan Wentian flew for several hundreds of meters before he stopped due to the obstruction from the ocean waters. His entire body was like a pile of boneless, tattered flesh while he powerlessly swirled with the tumbling ocean water. It was as if he had completely lost all his energy.

Though Yun Che's body was soaked in blood, his expression and aura were still incomparably ferocious.

Just from profound energy alone, if not because the Darkness Seed and Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword had suppressed Xuanyuan Wentian in all aspects, he indeed would not have been a match for Xuanyuan Wentian.

However, when speaking of physiques and recovery abilities, Xuanyuan Wentian's self-proclaimed undefeatable "devil physique" was far from being comparable to his dragon god physique.

"It's about time for this to end, Xuanyuan Wentian." Yun Che panted heavily. Separating the ocean water, he walked towards the silent Xuanyuan Wentian a step at a time.

At this moment, an irregular black aura suddenly surged from Xuanyuan Wentian's body. Following after, his eyes opened and his body which was filled with vermillion scars suddenly flipped up. Then, he stretched out his arm and the Eternal Night Devil Sword flew back into his grasp.

That layer of irregular black aura began spreading toward the Eternal Night Devil Sword as well.

Suddenly, an intense metallic cry sounded from the Eternal Night Devil Sword and following after, the devil soul within the sword emitted out a hysterical roar. "You… What are you doing!? Ah— Stop!!"

"…" Yun Che fiercely stopped his feet. At that one moment, he suddenly had a dangerous feeling… It was as if an extremely terrifying evil spirit from a bygone era was awakening within Xuanyuan Wentian's body.