Against the Gods


Against the Gods Chapter 902-903


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Chapter 902 – Those Who Obey Will Survive, Those Who Resist Will Perish

"Saint Emperor, that was well said!"

Spiritual Master Bitter Agony and Spiritual Master Nine Lamentations moved to stand at the left and right of Huangji Wuyu. All of the profound energy around their body was surging and the determination to see this to the bitter end was clearly reflected in their eyes.

Once the Saint Emperor had said his piece, all of the spiritual masters, elders and disciples of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary left their seats to stand behind Huangji Wuyu. Huangji Wuyu's words had completely ignited the flames of dignity and honor within every single one of their hearts without fail. He was absolutely right! As Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, they had proudly lorded over the Profound Sky Continent for ten thousand years, so how could they resign themselves to being someone else's dog?!

"Hehehehe, Huangji Wuyu, it looks like you've steeled yourself to be the first disobedient one here." Xuanyuan Wentian was not the least bit disappointed or angry. Instead, he gave a bland laugh that was as thick as a devil's.

"Xuanyuan Wentian! You want to become the ruler of everything under heaven and given your current power, I, Huangji Wuyu, have no choice but to concede that position to you! But if you want us to be slaves grovelling at your feet… Dream on!!" Huangji Wuyu snarled through gritted teeth. His hands balled into tightly-clenched fists as the profound energy in his body circulated restlessly, impatiently waiting to be unleashed.

He, Qu Fengyi, and Ye Meixie had all personally experienced the dreadfulness of Xuanyuan Wentian, so they were more clear than anyone else regarding the level of strength Xuanyuan Wentian had obtained. So once those words had left his mouth, he did not plan to live past this day, even if his name was Huangji Wuyu.

"Hmph, I can still respect this Absolute Monarch Sanctuary but I wonder how Supreme Ocean Palace and Sun Moon Divine Hall will respond," Yun Che muttered to himself in a low voice while he was hiding behind those clouds.

"Very good. This is extremely good indeed. You have truly given this sovereign an opportunity to make you a rather satisfactory example," Xuanyuan Wentian said as he smiled merrily. But after he finished, he suddenly whirled around to look at Sun Moon Divine Hall, which was on the other side. "Absolute Monarch Sanctuary has chosen to stand against this sovereign. So, Ye Meixie, how about your lot?"

"Oh, don't be in a hurry to reply," Xuanyuan Wentian said with half-narrowed eyes as he gently pushed his right arm backwards… towards the direction where Absolute Monarch Sanctuary was standing.

"Be careful!!"

Huangji Wuyu had been focused on guarding against each and every move made by Xuanyuan Wentian. So when he saw Xuanyuan Wentian flip his palm around, he let out a great shout.
The empty air ruptured as a pitch-black hand emerged from the rift in space. In the blink of an eye, it stretched out more than three hundred meters in length as it abruptly loomed over where Absolute Monarch Sanctuary was standing.


Black light exploded outwards as the Sea God Arena violently shook. About one third of the two thousand odd people who represented Absolute Monarch Sanctuary today had been engulfed by that pitch-black devil claw. Amidst miserable cries which shook the skies, six hundred Absolute Monarch Sanctuary disciples shared the same fate as Spiritual Master Ancient Wood; they were all turned into jet-black dust in the blink of an eye. Twelve elders belonging to Absolute Monarch Sanctuary had also been thrown aside by that black light and after flopping and rolling on the ground for a while, all of them lay there completely lifeless.

Even the Spiritual Masters who wanted to dart forward to save their fellow sect members turned pale the moment they approached that scattered black light. They hurriedly retreated, their faces filled with shock and fear.

Xuanyuan Wentian had simply flipped a single hand but that had been enough to reduce Absolute Monarch Sanctuary's contingent by one-third. At this moment, he finally slowly turned back towards them, "Come, let this sovereign see how many people has died this time?"

"Xuan… Yuan… Wen… Tian!!"

Huangji Wuyu's was completely enraged. He let out a low roar as the robes he was wearing billowed fiercely. His hands were crisscrossed as he rushed directly at Xuanyuan Wentian, a giant profound formation swiftly spinning in front of him.

"Absolute Monarch Star Formation!" Yun Che, who was observing in the shadows, muttered under his breath. Xia Yuanba had said that the only person in Absolute Monarch Sanctuary who could display this profound formation at its full power was the Saint Emperor himself, Huangji Wuyu.

A cold smile appeared on Xuanyuan Wentian's face as he directly thrust a hand out so that he could grab the Absolute Monarch Star Formation. Intense golden light immediately clashed against black light but the Absolute Monarch Star Formation let out a wail as it started to warp violently. Huangji Wuyu's body fiercely trembled as he was instantly sent tumbling away. But he let out a fierce yell as he was spinning through the air. After that, he flipped back to his feet as the Absolute Monarch Star Formation abruptly widened and hurtled through the air to strike at Xuanyuan Wentian.

"Heh, you're way in over your head!"

After Xuanyuan Wentian let out that dark chuckle of disdain, the black light on his arm suddenly exploded outwards, instantly piercing the Absolute Monarch Star Formation. At the same instant the Absolute Monarch Star Formation had fractured, it also heavily exploded against Huangji Wuyu's chest.


All of the profound energy in Huangji Wuyu's body was scattered as he was sent flying. A large cloud of blood spewed from his mouth as he flew, soaring more than ten feet into the air.

"Saint Emperor!!"

Spiritual Master Bitter Agony and Spiritual Master Nine Lamentations took to the air, receiving Huangji Wuyu's tumbling body. The moment he entered their arms, both of the men were completely shaken… Just a single palm strike from Xuanyuan Wentian had injured Huangji Wuyu so heavily that it actually endangered his life.

"Xuanyuan… Wen… Tian…" Blood was leaking from Huangji Wuyu's seven orifices and all of the profound energy in his body had been thrown into great chaos, so even speaking had become exceedingly difficult for him.

"Huangji Wuyu, this sovereign will let you live for now," Xuanyuan Wentian said as he looked down at him. "Didn't you say that you would rather see Absolute Monarch Sanctuary be destroyed? Very good, then before this sovereign sends you down to hell, he will fulfill your heart's desire and allow you to personally witness how Absolute Monarch Sanctuary is going to vanish from this world completely."

"In the world that this sovereign rules, things which do not obey, no matter what they are, have no reason to continue existing."

"You…" Huangji Wuyu stretched a finger towards Xuanyuan Wentian, blood gushing from the corner of his mouth yet again.

The atmosphere in the Sea God Arena suddenly grew several times more oppressive. Everyone fiercely sucked in a cold breath of air as the pupils in countless eyes trembled and contracted. Even though they had all heard that the current Xuanyuan Wentian had grown extremely powerful, now that they had personally witnessed it today, their hearts shook with shock and fear.

With a casual wave of his hand, hundreds of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary disciples and more than ten of their elders had instantly lost their lives, it was as if he was cutting grass… But the people he had cut down were not some abject weaklings, they were members of the most powerful Sacred Ground in the Profound Sky Continent! Overlords and Monarchs, positions of power that countless profound practitioners could only dream of attaining in their lifetimes, were no more than grass in front of Xuanyuan Wentian.

Even Absolute Monarch Sanctuary's Saint Emperor, the person who was publicly acknowledged by the Profound Sky Continent as the number one person in the profound way, had been heavily injured by Xuanyuan Wentian after just two exchanges.

This was a power that they could not even imagine in their dreams.

"Huangji Wuyu, in the past, you could still be compared to our Lord Sword Master. But today, our Lord Sword Master has already become the Heavenly Sovereign, so do you think you can still be mentioned in the same breath as the Heavenly Sovereign!? Humph, the Heavenly Sovereign has already given you a chance but to think that you would actually foolishly refuse him. All of you are truly seeking death!"

Mighty Heavenly Sword Region's Fourth Elder Xuanyuan Bo said with a cold smile. After Mighty Heavenly Sword Region's Three Sword Attendants and the top three elders had been killed by Jasmine, he had suddenly become the First Elder, becoming the person who was just below Mighty Heavenly Sword Region's Sword Master and Young Sword Master. Since today was the Heavenly Sovereign Conference, he naturally had to put up a strong front.

As expected, Xuanyuan Wentian did not continue to attack Huangji Wuyu. Instead, he once again turned towards Sun Moon Divine Hall before speaking, "Ye Meixie, you can give this sovereign your answer right now. From today onwards, will you obey this sovereign or will you choose to rebel against this sovereign?"

If Ye Meixie could be said to be struggling with this previously, the two attacks that Xuanyuan Wentian had just shown had completely extinguished the last fires of resistance which burned in his heart. He took a step forward and bowed towards Xuanyuan Wentian before speaking, "Since my Sun Moon Divine Hall has the words sun and moon in its name, then it is also natural that we view the heavens as sovereign over all. So from today onwards, Ye Meixie and the entire Sun Moon Divine Hall will serve the Heavenly Sovereign with all of our might."

"Ah… Heavenly Monarch!?" Many people behind Ye Meixie gasped out in shock and dread.

"Shut up!!" Ye Meixie yelled in a low voice, "Could it be that you desire for Sun Moon Divine Hall to vanish from the face of the earth after this day!?"

"…" Even though those disgruntled people still wore pained expressions on their faces, no one spoke up again.

"Very good, Ye Meixie, you have indeed not let this sovereign down," Xuanyuan Wentian said with a huge gratified smile on his face. The gaze he used to appraise Ye Meixie was clearly the gaze someone would use when he was praising an obedient dog. Following this, he turned his gaze towards Supreme Ocean Palace, "Qu Fengyi, what say you?"

Just as Qu Fengyi was about to speak, Zi Ji, who stood by her side, had already taken a step forward, "Xuanyuan Wentian! Our Supreme Ocean Palace and Black Moon Merchant Guild has only attained our current foundation after an entire ten thousand years! We have labored for generation after generation to get to this point and it was all to uphold the grand might of our Supreme Ocean Palace and to protect our name. Unlike some other people, it was not done for the sake of becoming a dog to a demon like you!!"

"You're courting death!" Ye Meixie snarled viciously as he turned his head to look towards Zi Ji.

"Well said, Mister Zi!" The remaining four Venerable Ones of Supreme Ocean Palace all stepped forward as well, "We are not as craven and contemptible as some so-called Heavenly Monarch. Compared to becoming someone else's dog, we would rather merrily die in battle in this place."

"All of you shut up!!"

What bore down on them was not Xuanyuan Wentian's killing intent but Qu Fengyi's furious rebuke. As Zi Ji and the remaining four Venerable Ones stared at her in disbelief, Qu Fengyi cupped her hands towards Xuanyuan Wentian and said, "Heavenly Sovereign Xuanyuan, this sovereign has presented the Sea God Arena as the place where the Heavenly Sovereign will be crowned as sovereign over all, so I'm sure I have already expressed sufficient sincerity. From today onwards, my Supreme Ocean Palace will willingly heed the words of the Heavenly Sovereign."

"You… You… What are you saying?" Zi Ji asked with widened eyes, the pupils of those eyes were filled with boundless shock, disappointment and pain, "You… Have you gone mad? We are the ten thousand years old Supreme Ocean Palace, how can we become someone else's slave… If we do this… If we do this, how can we account to the founding fathers of Supreme Ocean Palace!"

"Allowing our Supreme Ocean Palace to be destroyed like this is what will truly let down our founding fathers!" Qu Fengyi said severely, "The power of Heavenly Sovereign Xuanyuan is something that this sovereign has personally tasted. If he wants to destroy our Supreme Ocean Palace which has lasted for ten thousand years, it will only take him a day!"

"I would rather be a hero for a single day than a dog for ten thousand days!" Zi Ji said in a completely disappointed voice. "Qu Fengyi, if you persist in doing this, then I, Zi Ji, will no longer recognize you as the Sovereign of the Seas and our relationship as husband and wife will end here as well!"

"You…" Qu Fengyi gasped as her face turned deathly white, "Why do you have to be so stubborn?! Is your dignity more important or the ten thousand year foundation of our Supreme Ocean Palace more important!?"

All the gathered members of Supreme Ocean Palace were completely stunned. They looked at each other but no one dared to make a sound. On one side was their Sovereign of the Seas, on the other side was Mister Zi, someone whom everyone in Supreme Ocean Palace respected. At this moment, not a single one of them dared to speak.

"Hmph, this woman Qu Fengyi!" Yun Che said with a low snort. Even though he held Huangji Wuyu and Qu Fengyi in contempt, he had never denied that Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace could be counted as righteous sects. The Twelve Spiritual Masters all radiated an air of righteousness while the people from Supreme Ocean Palace gave him a good feeling as well. Today, Huangji Wuyu had shown himself worthy of respect but Qu Fengyi, who had seemed to have a lofty and dignified air about her… Today, Yun Che had found that she was growing more and more loathsome.

"Hahahaha… Hahahaha…"

As he looked at the conflict that occurred within Supreme Ocean Palace, Xuanyuan Wentian threw his head back and let out a great laugh. His laugh was incomparably carefree and relaxed, because to him, this scenario was tens of times more satisfying than watching Sun Moon Divine Hall obediently bend their knees to him.

"Qu Fengyi, on account of your adequate sincerity in personally preparing this Heavenly Sovereign Conference for this sovereign, this sovereign will give you some time to settle the affairs within your own house. However, I will only give you thirty breaths. If you have not settled matters within these thirty breaths, then this sovereign will take action on your behalf."

After that, Xuanyuan Wentian's body suddenly turned as he looked towards the Divine Phoenix Sect. The instant that dark and icy gaze was directed towards them, nearly all of the elders and disciples of the Divine Phoenix Sect had retreated in shock.

"How about you, Divine Phoenix Sect?" Xuanyuan Wentian said as the corners of his mouth hooked up into a small and bland smile.

Feng Hengkong slowly strode forward. There was no fear on his face and on the contrary, he looked exceptionally calm, "Our Divine Phoenix Sect has received the favor of an Ancient Divine Spirit and we have inherited that Divine Spirit's bloodline. We can lose and we can be destroyed but even if we burn up the very last of our bloodline, we will never ever surrender!!"

With an explosive "boom," Feng Hengkong's body ignited with flames. He snarled at Xuanyuan Wentian, "Xuanyuan Wentian, all of the members of the Divine Phoenix Sect who are not afraid to die have all been gathered here! So the amount of people you will want to kill today seems rather high!!"


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【Yun Che still hasn't come out yet! Isn't that infuriating?!】


Chapter 903 – Eternal Night Heavenly Devil Miasma

“Very good, this is very good indeed. It should be as lively as this. It is only when it’s like this that it truly becomes the Heavenly Sovereign Conference, hahahahahaha!”

Xuanyuan Wentian threw his head back and let out a great laugh. It was as if he felt that the more people who rebelled against him, the better.

“Feng Hengkong, this sovereign truly wishes that your Phoenix God was still alive today. If that was the case, then this sovereign would be able to personally enjoy the thrill of killing a god!” As he was laughing wildly, Xuanyuan Wentian suddenly let out a low roar, “Is there anyone else!? Who else desires to rebel against this sovereign!? All of you come out now!”


All of the Divine Phoenix Sect members who were present brandished swords made of Phoenix flames. Over two thousand clusters of strong and weak Phoenix flames started to burn, radiating an oppressive might which made it hard for anyone who was present at the Sea God Arena to breathe. Feng Zukui rushed forward first, the tip of his word pointing towards Xuanyuan Wentian. His ancient voice rang throughout the entire empty Supreme Ocean Palace, “Those who are afraid of death can get lost now! Xuanyuan Wentian, it doesn’t matter if our blood paints the ground today, because you will never ever enslave our Divine Phoenix Sect!!”

The Divine Phoenix Sect had just taken its greatest tumble in its entire history just a few years ago… and this tumble had been caused by the hands of Yun Che. It just so happened that Feng Xue’er had deeply-rooted feelings for Yun Che, so in the end, Feng Hengkong, Feng Tianwei and Feng Zukui, the Divine Phoenix Sect Masters of the past three generations, had all accepted this matter, even though this meant that the majority of the Divine Phoenix Sect would fall into Yun Che’s hands after he married Feng Xue’er.

They had not accepted this purely because of Feng Xue’er’s feelings for Yun Che. It was also because they and the rest of the disciples in the sect, while resenting and fearing Yun Che, also felt a sense of admiration and amazement towards him in the depths of their hearts. Even though they had torn down their sect gates and given up Princess Snow and even though they still held resentment towards Yun Che deep in their hearts, it had become easier and easier to accept what had happened.

At least he was a person and he was a person who had far more guts than the average man at that.

Xuanyuan Wentian on the other hand… He was merely a crazy dog who had even lost all semblance of humanity once he had obtained great power.

Even if resistance basically meant death, they would definitely not allow the Divine Phoenix Sect to become slaves under the feet of Xuanyuan Wentian!

The gathered profound practitioners of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary had also all floated into the air. Immediately, thousands of scorching hot or icy cold killing intents locked firmly onto Xuanyuan Wentian as thousands of powerful individuals unleashed their auras at the same time, causing the flow of energy in the Sea God Arena to be thrown into complete disarray as their surroundings became fiercely warped.

Those people whose profound strength was slightly weaker, especially those from the various great royal houses or merchant guilds, were all so frightened that they were cowering in their seats, their bodies trembling and shaking.

Xuanyuan Wentian’s indifferent gaze swept over them, his eyes were so contemptuous that it seemed as if he was looking at a bunch of bugs who did not know their own strength. His eyes slanted towards Qu Fengyi as he spoke in an indifferent tone, “Qu Fengyi, have you managed to clean up your own household yet?”

Qu Fengyi swiftly replied, “Heavenly Sovereign, please be abate your anger, I guarantee that not a single person in Supreme Ocean Palace will dare to…”

“Xuanyuan Wentian!” Before the Sovereign of the Seas Qu Fengyi could finish speaking, a flash of purple light had erupted from Zi Ji as his sword pierced towards Xuanyuan Wentian’s throat, “Die!!”

It was clear that Zi Ji was sending himself to his death when he thrust his sword towards Xuanyuan Wentian. Perhaps, this attack was made not so much because of his hatred towards Xuanyuan Wentian but more because of his despair and disappointment towards Qu Fengyi.

“Ss… top!!”

Qu Fengyi shouted in great shock but she was basically too late to stop the attack from happening.

“Hmph, you can’t even settle a household affair as simple as this, so what do I still need you for?” Xuanyuan Wentian’s mouth curled up as one of the hands hidden within his voluminous robes suddenly moved and arched into a claw… However, this claw was not pointed at Zi Ji but Qu Fengyi.


A pitch-black sword beam tore a long rent through space and before Zi Ji could even approach Xuanyuan Wentian, the aura that emanated from this pitch-black sword beam had sent him flying. He tumbled onto the ground… and in the next instant, the pitch-black sword beam had already pierced into the chest of Qu Fengyi, who barely even reacted to it.

The Qu Fengyi, who had been pierced by this pitch-black sword beam, fell to the ground like a kite that had its strings cut. Even the blood that sprayed out of her body was reddish-black in color

“Sovereign of the Seas…”


The current scene had totally caught everyone present by surprise. Just when they were on the brink of a vicious battle that threatened to break out at any moment, the first person that Xuanyuan Wentian had chosen to attack was actually Qu Fengyi, the person who had prepared this Heavenly Sovereign Conference and had expressed her “loyalty” in a sufficiently sincere manner!

Perhaps, even Xuanyuan Wentian, a half-devil whose humanity had been warped and distorted by darkness profound energy, had despised Qu Fengyi’s decision in the depths of his heart.

“Sovereign of the Seas!”

Zi Ji’s expression greatly changed and he could not be bothered to attack Xuanyuan Wentian again. He quickly rushed over to Qu Fengyi’s side. A round, pitch-black hole had appeared in her chest after she had been pierced by the darkness. A pool of blood appeared beneath her, growing larger by the second. The blood that leaked out of her body was gradually turning darker as well.

Zi Ji fiercely gritted his teeth as his heart was wrenched by intense pain. Even though he thought that Qu Fengyi was in the wrong, in the end, she was still the Sovereign of the Seas and they had still been husband and wife for a millenia. He also believed that she did not make this choice because she feared death like Ye Mexie. Instead, he believed that she was truly doing this so that she could forcibly protect the ten thousand year foundation of Supreme Ocean Palace.

When all was said and done, Qu Fengyi was still a level ten Monarch. No matter how powerless she was in front of Xuanyuan Wentian, she should not be so weak as to die from a single blow from Xuanyuan Wentian. It was just that she had been anxious and distracted when she saw Zi Ji attack Xuanyuan Wentian. Moreover, she had never even dreamed that Xuanyuan Wentian would suddenly attack her. That was how she received such a heavy injury from Xuanyuan Wentian… In fact, the blow Xuanyuan Wentian had dealt her was a fatal one!

Given the extremely serious nature of this injury and that dreadful darkness profound energy, most other people would have died instantly. Given Qu Fengyi’s profound strength, she could perhaps hold out for another four hours, but that was merely the last gasps of a dying woman.

The fury and killing intent of the Supreme Ocean Palace’s four Venerable Ones had risen to their very limit. Their hearts no longer contained even a shred of hesitation or anxiety. Lightning crackled between the palms of Venerable Purple as he roared in rage, “Absolute Monarch Sanctuary’s Saint Emperor, Divine Phoenix Sect Master, no matter what grievances and resentments we had against each other in the past… Today, let us act together to kill the demon known as Xuanyuan Wentian! Even if all of us have to die here today, let us be companions as we travel on the road towards the Yellow Springs!”


The eleven Spiritual Masters of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary all advanced forward, their exploding profound energy shaking an area that was tens of kilometers wide.

“Tsk, tsk…” Despite facing “resistance” from so many people, Xuanyuan Wentian merely shook his head in regret, “How pathetic and laughable all of your struggles are. In the eyes of this sovereign today, what does your power even amount to? Tsk, but I can’t blame you lot. After all, none of you can understand the heights of power this sovereign has ascended to.”

“I don’t mind telling you all this tidbit. This sovereign has already clearly sensed the existence of a whole new world, a place where you lot won’t even be able to dream of reaching even after ten thousand lifetimes. Compared to that place, everything that exists in the world is simply far too small and insignificant.”

A whole new world!?

Yun Che’s heart thumped fiercely in his chest.

When a person’s profound strength truly entered the realm of the divine, that person would be able to sense the presences of worlds that existed on different planes of existence.

This was what Jasmine had told him back then and the Golden Crow Spirit had said something similar as well.

That was also to say that the current Xuanyuan Wentian had already properly stepped into the realm that belonged to the way of the divine!?

In the Profound Sky Continent, it had only been a legend and no one had ever truly come into contact with it before…

The Divine Profound Realm!!

When Xuanyuan Wentian had invaded Demon Imperial City, even though he had managed to defeat Yun Che, Feng Xue’er and the Little Demon Empress even when they had joined hands to fight him, he had also sustained serious injuries. So at the very least, he had not reached a realm of power where he completely suppressed them. That was also to say that the Xuanyuan Wentian at that time had only taken half a step into the Divine Profound, or perhaps he was just at the borders of truly stepping into the Divine Profound Realm.

It had only been a little more than a month since then but he had actually truly managed to step into that fabled realm!!

“Heh, perhaps it is true that we cannot kill you but you can forget about ever seeing us grovel at your feet,” Feng Hengkong said with a great laugh. Since he already knew that he was certain to die, he felt absolutely no fear.


Feng Hengkong, who possessed the weakest profound strength among all the great powers, used the Phoenix flames that he was burning with all his power to stir everyone’s flow of energy. After that, all of profound energies belonging to the members of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, Supreme Ocean Palace and the Divine Phoenix Sect erupted out at full force.

“Form the Boundless Star Formation!”

“Infinite Lightning Beast Domain!”

“Heaven Scorching Phoenix Domain!”

Thousands of people rose in the air as three different gigantic domains swiftly rose up around Xuanyuan Wentian. However, Xuanyuan Wentian did not move a single muscle. Instead, he said with a merry smile, “What a magnificent spectacle, such staunch and unyielding determination. Ah, it truly is such a pity… It looks like it is about time for all of you to understand just how pathetic and laughable your struggles are.”

“If I were to allow all of you to die such simple deaths, it would simply be far too dull. At least let this sovereign revel in your despairing and discontented faces as you die.”

The three great powers attacked at full force as three domains which contained the limits of power that belonged to thousands of strong individuals stretched out towards Xuanyuan Wentian. But Xuanyuan Wentian behaved as if he did not pay them any mind. The black light in his eyes flashed as both of his hands suddenly clapped together and a cluster of black light exploded in midair, instantly shooting out beams of black light which covered the heavens and the earth.

“Eternal Night Heavenly Devil Miasma!”

These beams of black light easily pierced the three rapidly forming domains, trapping all the members of the three great powers within.

As the black energy engulfed everything, Ye Meixie let out a strangled cry as he hurriedly scampered backwards but immediately after that, he breathed a heavy sigh of relief as he discovered that the black energy had not touched Sun Moon Divine Hall.

This black energy moved far too quickly, it was at a speed that defied all knowledge. Every single one of the members belonging to the three great powers, from the lowliest disciples to the lofty Spiritual Masters and Venerable Ones, had been trapped by this black energy. Not a single one of them had escaped. All of their faces turned dark but following that, miserable cries, which shook the heavens, suddenly erupted from within their midst as most of them instantly dropped to the ground like flies and started writhing on the floor in agony.

This was especially true for Divine Phoenix Sect. Besides Feng Zukui and Feng Tianwei, every single one of them had fallen to the ground. All of them let out howls of pain and sorrow as black energy coiled around their bodies, administering a purgatorial punishment that stretched the agony they were experiencing to its limits.

Even Feng Zukui, Feng Tianwei, the eleven Spiritual Masters of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and the four Venerable Ones of Supreme Ocean Palace were writhing and twisting in the air, expressions of extreme agony appearing on their faces. The three great domains which had just been formed were also weakening at an extremely fast pace.

“Royal Father… Grandfather!” Feng Xue’er gasped in shock, the color draining out of her pretty face.

“That is devilish poison!” Yun Che said as he grabbed Feng Xue’er’s hand. He was just about to rush out before he suddenly and swiftly retreated, his eyes shooting towards the east.

“Xuanyuan Wentian, you… What did you do!!?” Zi Ji asked in a pain-filled voice.

“Naturally this is a favor that this sovereign has given to all of you.” Xuanyuan Wentian said as he laughed out loud, “This is the devilish poison that this sovereign has prepared just for all of you. However, you don’t need to be afraid. While you’re afflicted by this devilish poison, you won’t die immediately and you’ll even live for an entire two hours longer. However, over the course of these two hours, you will endure ninety nine different kinds of pain and every single kind of pain will be engraved into your memories so deeply that you won’t forget even if you reincarnate a hundred times. After that, all of you will die by being reduced to puddles of black-colored blood. Hahahaha… What are you waiting for? Why haven’t you thanked this sovereign for the grace I have shown to you.”

“You… Ugh!!” Zi Ji’s eyes widened into saucers and he abruptly fell from the sky the moment he spoke. He half-knelt to the ground and even though he staunchly refused to let out any screams of pain, all of the muscles in his body were fiercely trembling and spasming under the extreme agony he was experiencing.