Against the Gods


Against the Gods Chapter 894-895

Chapter 894 – Sky Poison Fusion

"Hong'er has something delicious to eat again. This sword… even I feel like eating it when I see it."

When he stroked the White Jade Imperial Dragon Sword he obtained from Mu Yingchan, the shiny whiteness of the sword's blade seemed like a young girl's skin and even gafe off an extremely concentrated aura of a true dragon. Yun Che muttered a few words, placed the sword into the Sky Poison Pearl, and then descended.

Ice that was several kilometers thick sealed all the members of the three sects within. The weakest were Thrones while the strongest were Monarchs. None of them could escape and there wasn't even anyone that could make any noise. If it were the usual Yun Che, these people would have long turned into a sea of corpses and it would only be a question of whether they would still have complete corpses. Now, however, all of these people were simply sealed in ice and not one of them lost their lives.

Zuo Hanshuo, Duan Heisha and Mu Yingchan were stacked on top of one another. The three of them were still in almost the same state; their eyes were listless, their mouths foamed, and their entire bodies seemed as though they were a pile of boneless slime. It was just that their limbs spasmed occasionally.

They were similarly still alive but the profound strength that once stood on top of the Azure Cloud Continent had been completely crippled.

Which also meant that after all the commotion Yun Che caused today, not one person had died.

If the perished souls of the Burning Heaven Clan were to know of this, they would definitely jump out from the depths of hell at all costs and loudly scream, "WHY!?"

They were some of the culprits that forced Yun Che to his death back then. If he had not come not come today, Yun Gu would have definitely lost his life. Among them, Seven Stars Divine Palace even harmed the entire Grandwake Clan and nearly caused Yun Che and Su Ling'er to be separated yet again, but he actually did not kill anyone.

All of this was because of Yun Gu.

Not just because Yun Gu was unable to accept the murder of living beings; even if he had killed all of them, Yun Che believed that his master Yun Gu would definitely blame himself for the deaths of all these people. The guilt and responsibility might haunt him for the rest of his life.

Since he could not kill them, he might as well let his master Yun Gu pardon them… perhaps, this could be considered something that he had done for him.

Calling out the Primordial Profound Ark, Su Ling'er and Yun Gu walked in together and the sights within caused them to be greatly shocked.

"This…" Yun Gu looked at the surroundings, his face revealing several emotions.

"Big Brother Yun Che, are you alright?" Su Ling'er hurried over and examined him worriedly. Only when she did not find any drops of blood on him that she heavily heave a sigh of relief.

"Of course I'm fine, they are the ones that are in trouble." Yun Che's face was completely relaxed as he held Su Ling'er's hand and walked in front of Yun Gu, "Senior, don't worry, all these people are just simply sealed by ice profound energy, they aren't dead. As for the leaders, I only crippled their profound cultivations, preventing them from causing any more trouble. As for how they should be handled… since they came for Senior, how they shall be treated should be decided by Senior."

Yun Gu looked at Yun Che for quite a while, his gaze filled with doubts and complexity. Following which, he shifted his gaze away, glanced at the three people by his feet, sighed lightly and closed his eyes, "Let them go."

A reply that was completely expected, Yun Che did not immediately release the ice seal but added, "Release all of them? Senior, you should know that there are massive powerhouses behind them. You magnanimously let them off but they might not let you off. In no time, they will definitely come trouble you again. They might pay you back with a fiercer vengeance. Even so, are you still intent on letting them go?"

"As long as you give me consent, I can immediately kill of them here and now, letting them receive the retribution they deserve. No traces would be left behind. In the future, there would not be anyone that could point the blame to you. Perhaps, even the secret of the Sky Poison Pearl on you might not be known."

Although the people within the ice seal could not move or make any noise, they could clearly hear what was happening on the outside. Yun Gu's words caused them to be overjoyed but Yun Che's words that followed caused their hearts to sink. Their gazes showed feared and despair.

"Ahh," Yun Gu sighed longingly, "This old one has made his mission in life saving others. How can I let so many lives be lost because of this old one? They are only driven by greed and do not deserve death. Now, it can be said that they have already been punished. Just let them go."

Do not deserve death? Then, does Master deserve death?

Furthermore, how would these people be "not deserving of death?!" Heaven Thwarting Sect, Seven Stars Divine Palace, and Soaring Celestial Sword Sect; they were all the top of the food chain within the Azure Cloud Continent, the makers of law and order within the entire continent. They had lived for hundreds to thousands of years. Which one of them does not have hands that are stained with large amounts of blood of the innocent.

To let go any of them go, allowing them to live for several hundred more years, who knows how many hundreds or even more innocent lives would die at their hands… this was equivalent to harming several hundred lives.

In reverse, killing them would be equivalent to saving several hundred lives.

Such logic, if it were any other benevolent person, he would undoubtedly preach this. However, he was unable to do it before Yun Gu.

Furthermore, with Yun Gu's experience and intelligence, how would he not have thought about all of this…

"Since that's the case, we shall follow your wishes." Yun Che smiled and his finger waved. Instantly, the profound ice instantly melted, releasing the elders and disciples who had been trapped within for a long while. When they regained their freedom, they all collapsed to the ground weakly. They were holding onto each other's shoulders and trembling with cold and fear, unwilling to believe that they would actually be spared.

Yun Che swept his eyes across them and coldly said, "I had originally wanted to kill all of you but Senior Medical Saint chose to repay your evil acts with kindness and forgave all of you. Since this is the instruction of Senior Medical Saint, I shall let you off temporarily for today!"

All the trembling people raised their heads and finally believed that they were really going to leave the place alive.

"We thank Senior Medical Saint for his kindness… Thank both seniors for the kindness…"

They dragged the slime-like bodies of their three sect masters in fear and sprinted frantically in three different directions. Their bodies gradually warmed as their speeds became even faster; they feared that the fiend behind them would change his mind.

"Little brother, thanks for saving me today. This old one has no means of repayment but will definitely remember this for all his life," Yun Gu said in gratitude, greatly paying his respects towards Yun Che and Su Ling'er.

Yun Che brought Su Ling'er and retreated at lightning speed, causing Yun Gu's action to land on thin air. Cold sweat broke out in the back of Yun Che's forehead and he stammered, "Master… Nononono, Senior, you can't. Junior can't… how can I receive such great courtesy? Senior is a medical saint of this era. Being of help to Senior is this junior's honor.

"This…" Yun Che's strange actions caused Yun Gu to be slightly stunned before he sighed, "Little brother, you have such shocking profound strength but your temperament is so pleasant. This is indeed a joy to the world. Today, you have not only saved the life of this old one. If the Sky Poison Pearl were to fall into the hands of those evildoers, who knows how many innocent lives would suffer from the calamity of the Sky Poison."

Yun Che's heart was moved and followed on, "Senior Medical Saint, what are you going to do with the Sky Poison Pearl?"

Seeing the deep doubt in Yun Che's eyes, Yun Gu said, "Looks like little brother really does not know about it. This Sky Poison Pearl appeared approximately four years ago. It was said to be found by a merchant of True Vermillion Country's Miragecatcher City…"

When Yun Gu said "True Vermillion Country's Miragecatcher City," Yun Che's entire body tightened and Su Ling'er's hands also grabbed onto Yun Che's arm tightly.

True Vermillion Country’s Miragecatcher City… This was one of the cities he exterminated using the Sky Poison Pearl previously. An entire town of one million seven hundred thousand people and all the other living beings within had died due to the Sky Poison!

Only because Miragecatcher City possessed two of the huge sects he hated to the core, yet was unable to go against due to their size

That was one of the biggest debts in his two lifetimes.

And it was also that time, when the Sky Poison Pearl's poison powers were completely used up and could not release its poison powers anymore from then onward.

"The family that picked it up only put it at home as they thought it was a pretty looking pearl but after several days, the family was bathed in green light and when they were found, the entire family of several dozens had all passed away from a vicious poison that had never been seen before."

"From then on, whenever the Sky Poison Pearl appeared, it would cause a poisonous disaster and each time, the poisonous disaster would become more and more frightening. Also, because of that, its poison powers started to be sought after by some who hoped to use its poison for their own benefits. Southern Sky Country's Fleeting Villa obtained the Sky Poison Pearl out of pure chance and had the intention of causing a huge disaster. But such a huge sect… Sigh."

"Big Brother Yun Che, that Sky Poison Pearl, could it be…" Su Ling'er whispered.

Yun Che, "…"

Yun Gu did not notice Yun Che and Su Ling'er's weird expressions and continued, "This old one personally obtained the Sky Poison Pearl from Fleeting Mountain Villa several months back and learned that its true might was far more frightening than the rumors. This old one felt that its poison powers were still just awakening and if its poison powers were to completely recover, I wonder…"

Yun Gu's voice suddenly stopped and his expression darkened.

Yun Che was shocked, "Senior Medical Saint?!"

"This… why is this? It's obvious already…" Yun Gu suddenly raised his head and shouted loudly, "Hurry and leave! You guys hurry up and leave!!"

"Senior… just what has happened?" How would Yun Che possibly leave? Instead, he took a step forward.

"It's the Sky Poison Pearl! Its poisonous powers are suddenly showing signs of losing control… You guys hurry up and leave! If you don't, you won't make it!" Yun Gu urged with even more anxiety.

Yun Che swiftly pushed Su Ling'er behind him and rushed forward to the front of Yun Gu and said seriously, "Senior, hurry and take out the Sky Poison Pearl! It's lucky that this junior has some special properties that can cure poison, perhaps they can help senior control the vicious poison… Quick!  Believe me!

With Yun Gu's temperament, how would he risk the lives of innocents? Just as he was about persuade them once again, he thought about Yun Che's heaven-shakingly powerful profound strength, gritted his teeth and took out the Sky Poison Pearl.

A pale green round pearl appeared before Yun Che and emitted a slightly aggressive green light.

This pale green poisonous light shone into Yun Che's eyes and a sensation that felt like connected souls was quickly borne in his heart.

This feeling…

Could it be…

"This old one has thought that he already had it under control and it would not lose control within a year. Unexpectedly…" The aggressive green light caused Yun Gu's heart to be completely anxious, "Looks like, this old one has overestimated himself… Oh!?"

In Yun Gu's shock, the Sky Poison Pearl suddenly flew out of his hand by itself and shot straight towards Yun Che. Yun Che did not dodge and looked stunned as it approached, flying all the way to his chest.

"Little brother!" Yun Gu stretched out his hand subconsciously and wanted to remind Yun Che when he suddenly realized that with a flash of light from the Sky Poison Pearl, it had fused into Yun Che's body like a stone that has dropped into water and completely disappeared.

A pale green light instantly flashed on Yun Che's entire body but in an instant, Yun Che gradually lifted both his arms.

His left hand, was the familiar jade green light of purification.

And his right hand also flashed with a pale green light.

The light of vicious poison!!

Chapter 895 – The Conclusion of Azure Cloud

Previously, when he heard Duan Heisha and the others talk about the "Sky Poison Pearl," he had thought that it was only just a coincidence in name because the actual Sky Poison Pearl was already on him and there could never possibly be two Sky Poison Pearls existing in this world.

However, when Yun Gu took out the "Sky Poison Pearl," a feeling of spiritual connection reverberated clearly within his heart. The Sky Poison Pearl within his body appeared to sense it strongly and in his mind, the three words "Sky Poison Pearl" appeared.

The Sky Poison Pearl within his body was real, but the Sky Poison Pearl that Yun Gu held was real as well!

However, these were two completely different Sky Poison Pearls.

The Sky Poison Pearl that fused with Yun Che had strong purifying and refining abilities but did not possess any poison powers. However, poisonous powers were the Sky Poison Pearl's main powers, but even after so many years had passed, there were no signs of the poison powers of the Sky Poison Pearl recovering even slightly. Although Yun Che had never mentioned this matter to Jasmine before, he still wondered about it frequently.

However, the Sky Poison Pearl on Yun Gu possessed pure poison powers!

When this "second" Sky Poison Pearl fused with his body, the memory seal on it finally solved the doubts in Yun Che's mind…

Back then in Azure Cloud Continent, when Yun Gu handed the Sky Poison Pearl to Yun Che, he warned him never to release the vicious poison within the Sky Poison Pearl. After Yun Gu died, Yun Che lost his mind and furiously released the Sky Poison that Yun Gu had tirelessly sealed, exterminating numerous people and clans with the poison. The final time he released the poison, he completely used up all the poison powers within the Sky Poison pearl and even the poison origin had at the same time been released following the release of the last bit of Sky Poison.

Originally, when the poison origin had recovered, it would return to the Sky Poison Pearl on its own. However, due to the interference of the Mirror of Samsara, not only had the Sky Poison Pearl that had lost its poisonous origin oddly fused with Yun Che's body, it had also passed through reincarnation and arrived in a different world. There was even a mismatch of time. Although the poisonous origin that remained on the Azure Cloud Continent did not disappear due to the powers of the Mirror of Samsara, after it recovered, it did not manage to return to the Sky Poison Pearl and formed its own body, producing the second Sky Poison Pearl.

Now, as Yun Che approached, the two Sky Poison Pearls detected the existence of one another and fused together once again.

Only today, Yun Che finally learned that the Sky Poison Pearl that he possessed had always been incomplete. It was a Sky Poison Pearl that had lost its poison origin, which was also why it never possessed any poison powers.

The pearl that Yun Gu possessed was a Sky Poison Pearl that possessed poisonous powers.

Now, the time and space mismatch between the two finally reverted to normal once again, becoming complete within Yun Che.

"Little brother, this… this…" Yun Gu revealed a rare expression of shock.

With a simple thought in Yun Che's mind, the green light on his palm extinguished instantly and all the poisonous aura disappeared without a trace. Compared to himself back then who could only barely manipulate the Sky Poison Pearl, fusing with the Sky Poison Pearl had allowed him to gain complete knowledge of the item. With the return of the poison origin of the Sky Poison Pearl, the Sky Poison was slowly recovering. The awakened Sky Poison was already nearly ten percent of what it was back then.

If it were completely released, it would be sufficient to turn a small town into a prison of poison.

"Senior Medical Saint," Yun Che did not know how to explain so he could only sincerely say, "This Sky Poison Pearl has already recognized junior as its owner and can be controlled at junior's will. Therefore, there should no longer be any signs of the poison powers losing control. Senior does not have to worry."

Yun Gu was, after all, no ordinary person. After being shocked temporarily, he smiled gently, "Then that couldn't be even better. This old one can now be at ease."

He did not question the reason behind this nor did he question Yun Che's intentions but the gentle smile on his face had come from the bottom of his heart. From what he saw, Yun Che's gaze was clear as water and he said each word with sincerity. Although he was obviously exceptionally strong, he did not show any arrogance or carelessness.

Furthermore, with strength that could even casually suppress the three major sects, he definitely would not covet a Sky Poison Pearl that one could not decide if it was a blessing or a curse.

"Even after having my life saved and having a matter that was weighing on my heart settled, this old one still does not know little brother's name," Yun Gu gently said.

"Senior Medical Saint does not have to be so courteous." Yun Che frantically paid respects and said after a slight pause, "Junior's surname is Yun, with a single word Che. This is junior's childhood sweetheart, Su Ling'er."

Yun Che… this name, was also given to me by you.

"Yun… Che…" Yun Gu muttered before smiling slightly and sighed, "As leisurely as clouds, as clear as water.. Such a good name. Not only do you have the same surname as this old one, your heart of medicine is so compatible. It seems like we really have been brought together by fate.


There was a faint buzzing noise in Yun Che's mind, his lips moved but he could not say anything.

As leisurely as clouds, as clear as water… This was the meaning and desire of the name that Yun Gu had when he named him "Yun Che" back then.

"To able to meet someone like little brother is definitely a blessing upon this old one's life. Little brother's profound strength is earthshaking and your temperament is exceptional. You must have some important matters to attend to coming here. This old one shall not nag anymore. If there are any matters where this old one can help, please let this old one know and he shall definitely assist you with all his strength."

"Senior, hold on!"

Even before Yun Gu managed to move, Yun Che frantically shouted for him and asked panickedly, "Where is Senior heading to now?"

Yun Gu laughed and shook his head, "A person who practices medicine has no fixed home. Where he goes shall be where he stays. However, this old one's life also has an end. It's time this old one finds a successor to which he can pass on his skills and the heart of medicine. However, the world is tainted, people meet by fate and it cannot be sought. This old one is uncertain when his wish can possibly come true."

The heart of medicine…

Yun Che's hands clenched tightly, as he dared not look into Yun Gu's eyes in guilt. He bore all of Yun Gu's hopes but in the end, he did not succeed the heart of medicine and instead walked to the other end of the extreme…

"Senior Medical Saint," Yun Che said. "Those that were pardoned by Senior previously and escaped all know that the Sky Poison Pearl is on senior. In no time, the message will swiftly spread and the entire world will know. Even if you told those people that it was no longer on you, no one would actually believe you. At that time, Senior would undoubtedly encounter unavoidable trouble. Has senior thought about all of this?"

"Whether it's a blessing or a curse is to be determined by the heavens." Yun Gu shook his head slightly, "With the lesson little brother has taught them, they might not have the guts to do anything to this old one due to fear."

"Fear is limited but greed is limitless!" Yun Che stood in front of Yun Gu, his tone slightly agitated. He was certain that if Yun Gu chose to stay within the Azure Cloud Continent, he would meet with the same fate as today in no time, "Senior Medical Saint, regarding this matter, junior has a solution. Junior is not from the Azure Cloud Continent but came from a place called the Illusory Demon Realm. I hope senior can follow junior to the Illusory Demon Realm. At that place, junior can guarantee that no one will cause trouble for Senior nor will anyone disrespect Senior."

"…" Yun Gu turned and stared at Yun Che for quite a while, shaking his head, "This old one had already guessed previously that little brother had come from elsewhere and it looks like I was right. This old one is extremely grateful for little brother's sincere heart. However, this old one's roots are after all firmly buried here and this old one's medical path is also set on this land…"

"No, that's not right! What Senior has said is wrong." Yun Che suddenly interrupted and denied Yun Gu's words and said exceptionally firmly, "Senior Medical Saint has a heart of medicine that is revered by many and the heart of medicine is what Senior has pursued all his life. If it were just the heart of medicine, it would be curing more illness and saving more people, regardless kindness or evil, race, status, and location!"

Yun Gu's entire body trembled slightly.

"Since your entire life has been dedicated to the medical path and you've lived by the heart of medicine, then, what difference is there whether you practice medicine within the Azure Cloud Continent or the Illusory Demon Realm? Furthermore the territory of the Illusory Demon Realm is larger than that of the Azure Cloud Continent. There's more living beings and more races that need people like Senior.

"In the Illusory Demon Realm, Senior can continue saving the masses and I believe that in a few years, Senior's name would resound around the entire Illusory Demon Realm. If Senior were to remain adamant about staying in the Azure Cloud Continent, if Senior were to encounter any accident, all that you have learned and all that you desired would turn into nothing. If you take the first option, your life would be fulfilling and it would benefit many. However, if you chose the latter… perhaps you might save millions fewer people and would not even find a successor, leading to the suffering of future generations."

"…" Yun Che's words caused Yun Gu to remain silent for a long while as his gaze began to shift.

"Senior Medical Saint, Big Brother Yun Che is right. Please follow us to the Illusory Demon Realm. It's too dangerous for you to stay here," Su Ling'er pleaded softly.

"Senior…" Yun Che held his breath as he looked nervous at Yun Gu.

"Hohohoho," Yun Gu suddenly turned around and smiled gently, "That's right, since my whole life has been dedicated to medicine, where I practice makes no difference. Only when I leave, can I help more people and save even more lives. Little brother, it is you who has enlightened this old one. It seems like this old one's heart of medicine is still lacking."

"Does that mean… Senior, you… have agreed?" Yun Che asked in joy.

"Hoho," Yun Gu smiled once again, "Then, I'll have to trouble little brother and little miss here to bring this old fogey along."

"That's great!!" Yun Che and Su Ling'er exclaimed together in joy. At the same time, their eyes were watery due to agitation.

Upon seeing the joyful faces of the two youths, Yun Gu also began to laugh. However, he did not know why but his eyes also began to water uncontrollably.

Yun Che immediately brought Su Ling'er and Yun Gu into the Primordial Profound Ark. They returned to the Grandwake Clan to retrieve the items Su Ling'er's mother left behind. After staying in the Azure Cloud Continent for some time, the Primordial Profound Ark was reactivated and entered its second million kilometer spatial travel.

Su Ling'er was now by his side. His master was also by his side. There was nothing that he missed any more in the Azure Cloud Continent.

When he came to the Azure Cloud Continent, he had already known that he was facing certain death and only hoped to accomplish one last wish, which was meeting Su Ling'er again. He did not expect that, not only had he found Su Ling'er, he had also found his master. Even the Sky Poison Pearl that was unknowingly incomplete had been completely reformed.

Furthermore, the devil origin orb that originally would have definitely taken his life was no longer a threat and instead became something of his own. Not only did he no longer have to die, even his profound strength had surged to an exaggerated level that was unheard of.

He had also vaguely encountered an exceptionally frightening secret.

On this trip to Azure Cloud, not only did he achieve all that he wanted to achieve, his entire person had seemingly been reborn and underwent complete change. Unbeknownst to him, even his temperament had slightly changed.