Against the Gods


Against the Gods Chapter 890-892

Chapter 890 – The Other Sky Poison Pearl (1)

Upon leaving the Primordial Profound Ark, Yun Che and Su Ling'er sat against each other for an entire night at the side of Cloud End's Cliff. They talked about what happened all these years or perhaps more accurately, what happened in this lifetime.

In regards to the pitch black abyss below them, they were not the least bit anxious at all. Both of them had jumped down Cloud's End Cliff before and their fates had completely changed because of it. It was obviously the "Death God's Graveyard" that everyone in the Azure Cloud Continent talked about and yet, it did not devour their lives. Instead, it had completely mended their severed fates.

After that, Su Ling'er fell asleep smoothly in Yun Che's grasp and when she woke up, it was already noon the next day.

"Big Brother Yun Che, after we go to the place called Illusory Demon Realm, are we really unable to return anymore?" Su Ling'er asked as she watched Yun Che with a tender expression, but her voice did not show much unwillingness.

"At least, in the short term, we would probably not be able to return. The amount of energy within the Primordial Profound Ark was only sufficient to travel to and from from the Illusory Demon Realm to the Azure Cloud Continent once. But if Ling'er wants to come back, I can think of something," Yun Che said seriously.

However, Su Ling'er smiled lightly and shook her head, "With you and Father here, anywhere is fine."

As she spoke, she took out a profound crystal that was intertwined with a yellow glow from her shirt. Judging by its aura, the profound crystal seemed to hiding some sort of unique profound formation.

Immediately, Yun Che deduced that it had to be the "precious treasure key" Su Hengshan gave her. It was because this "precious treasure key" attracted many eyes of avarice that there was an internal conflict within the Grandwake Clan. In the end, it even attracted the attention of Seven Stars Divine Palace, resulting in the disbandment of the Grandwake Clan.

Gripping the profound crystal in her hand, Su Ling'er forcibly threw it towards the Cloud's End abyss.

They watched the orange-yellow arc into the endless world of the abyss alone and eternally be buried within; the so-called supreme treasure of the sect would now no longer attract greed and disaster ever again. Su Ling'er's face did not show any heartache or unwillingness but only a short moment of anxiety and sadness… before revealing a relaxed smile.

"Big Brother Yun Che, I want to return to the Grandwake Clan first. There are still some things from my mother there that I cannot bear to part with."

"Okay," Yun Che naturally expressed his complete consent, "Let's return to the Primordial Profound Ark. If I use the Primordial Profound Ark, it would only take an instant to return from here to the Grandwake Clan."

However, Su Ling'er shook her head and smiled cheekily, "I refuse! I want Big Brother Yun to carry me and fly there. Last time, it was always me that carried you. Now, I want you to repay everything back."

"…Alright!" Yun Che's emotions were riled and his eyes were slightly warm. That's right, in the past, she had always carried him… when he was covered in blood. However, he had not even hugged her warmly more than a few times. Other than enjoying her tireless care and her tears filled with concern, he was the one who roughly released his beastly desires onto her.

Putting away the Primordial Profound Ark, Yun Che wrapped his arms around Su Ling'er's waist and leapt into the air. Accompanied by her dreamlike laughter, Yun Che moved by stepping on the air.

Yun Che moved at slow speeds and it took nearly two hours before they flew out of the Mythical Abode Mountain Range's borders and returned to the borders of the Country of Supwake. In the process of flying out of the Mythical Abode Mountain Range, he detected numerous energy waves. He counted that there were a total of thirty seven different auras of Seven Stars Divine Palace disciples.

Obviously, they were trying to find who was it that killed their people. After all, an elder of Seven Stars Divine Palace being brutally murdered was an earth shattering event within the entire Azure Cloud Continent.

If it were before, when his remaining hatred had not been quelled, he would make all the divine palace disciples that had come to Mythical Abode Mountain Range die there and cause Seven Stars Divine Palace to be even more enraged. Now however, he couldn’t be bothered to even give them another glance.

Looking at the Country of Supwake's territory from afar, Yun Che's gaze gradually became dreamy.

"Big Brother Yun Che, is something on your mind?" Su Ling'er who had been listening to the sounds of the wind and the heartbeat sounds of Yun Che asked in concern.

"I'm thinking… where would Master be right now? Should I go and find him?" Yun Che heaved a faint sigh, "In the Azure Cloud Continent now, Master must still be safe. however, what's different is that he does not have me by his side and has never possessed the Sky Poison Pearl before."

"It's just that…" Yun Che laughed self mockingly, "he brought me up, imparted me medicinal skills and taught me how to be kind and benevolent. However, after his 'passing,' the amount of people I killed were several million times more than the amount of people I saved. Do I even have the face to see him?"

"No," Su Ling'er softly consoled, "Master was such an amazing person. How would he not be able to differentiate whether Big Brother Yun Che was a good or bad person? He loved you so much back then. If he were to see you again, even if he did not recognize you, he would surely like you like before. Because my Big Brother Yun Che possess such charm."

"Hahaha…" Su Ling'er's words that were filled with infatuation made Yun Che laugh. However, in his heart, he was still hesitating about whether or not he should go and search for his master. He desired to see him again but was also afraid of meeting him. He was even more afraid that his appearance might disturb his peaceful life.

The current Azure Cloud Continent did not have the existence of the Sky Poison Pearl which meant that his master would no longer meet with a disaster due to the possession of a treasure. Instead, he would be widely respected. As for him, no matter where he went so far, bloodshed would follow. He was afraid that his appearance might destroy his master's peaceful life.

After leaving the Mythical Abode Mountain Range, the two of them continued flying north, in the direction of the Country of Supwake. After traveling another fifty kilometers, Yun Che's eyebrows suddenly twitched… because an exceptionally strong profound aura came not far ahead of him.

The aura of more than forty people who were in the Sovereign Profound Realm!!
Among them, the strongest three were already in the ninth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm!

Other than the sovereign profound aura, there were more than two hundred Tyrant Profound auras present as well.

Among the three continents on Blue Pole Star, the combined profound cultivation of the Profound Sky Continent was the strongest and the Illusory Demon Realm was weaker than the Profound Sky Continent. As for Yun Che's understanding of the Azure Cloud Continent, the combined profound cultivation on the Azure Cloud Continent was to some degree, weaker than the Illusory Demon Realm.

The three strongest sects within the Azure Cloud Continent were the Heaven Thwarting Sect, Seven Stars Divine Palace, and Soaring Celestial Sword Sect. Each one of them possessed strength that was similar to a middle class guardian family within the Illusory Demon Realm.

Ninth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm was essentially the pinnacle of strength within the Azure Cloud Continent. As for the tenth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm, they currently existed within the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm, but for the Azure Cloud Continent, it seemed as though there were only records of their appearances before.
Therefore, the appearance of forty odd Sovereign Profound Realm auras… was an extremely exaggerated figure in the Azure Cloud Continent.

Then, the three who were in the ninth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm were essentially the same as the gathering of the Four Sacred Masters in the Profound Sky Continent.
Furthermore, all the profound auras will obviously split into three sections and each of their combined strengths was largely similar.

To be able to pull off something like that, there was no other possibility in the Azure Cloud Continent.

Heaven Thwarting Sect! Seven Stars Divine Palace! Soaring Celestial Sword Sect!
The three most pinnacle sects of Azure Cloud Continent were actually gathered in the Country of Supwake and they had brought such an outrageous lineup… It was highly likely that even their three sect masters were present. Just what was going on?

What was so worth it within the tiny Country of Supwake that the three supreme sects would take such huge actions?

"Big Brother Yun Che, what's wrong? Is something happening in front?" Seeing Yun Che's eyebrows slightly knitted together, Su Ling'er asked curiously.

Yun Che's eyes turned back and he laughed, "There seems to be a bunch of people causing trouble in front. I guess we had better move away from them? Or should we just fly past above their heads?"

Su Ling'er laughed at his strange question.

If it had been Yun Che alone, he would have definitely gone forward to investigate. However, he had Su Ling'er in his grasp now so she was obviously the one that mattered the most. He did not hesitate much as he greatly changed directions and lowered his high speed.

As he approached this exaggerated aura closer and closer, Yun Che used Hidden Flowing Lightning to hide the aura of both him and Su Ling'er. He had not wished to frighten Su Ling'er again because of some outsiders.

However, when he passed by, he was still driven by curiosity and released his spiritual sense to listen to the commotion nearby.

"Sect Master Zuo, you have indeed still come." The voice came from a middle aged man and each word he uttered was filled with exceptionally dense profound energy. He was one of the three level nine Monarchs present.

"Hohoho," The one who was called "Sect Master Zuo" let out a long laugh and said with some contempt, "That's natural. I heard that this object that would harm the world has appeared and it is a duty of our clan to exterminate it. As for Sect Master Mu, have you specifically come to exterminate it as well?"

"That's natural, however, it seems that I am very 'uncoincidentally' handling the same matter as Sect Master Zuo. In order to get rid of that trouble, Sect Master Zuo has personally come, even sacrificing by prematurely coming out of seclusion, wasting a heaven sent chance to breakthrough for nothing. This is really the ultimate self sacrifice."

Sect Master Mu's words sounded like compliments but as long as one was not an idiot, one could hear the mocking behind each and every word.

"Heheh, same here. Speaking of which…" Sect Master Zuo attempted to shift the conversation onto the other person, "Palace Chief Duan, I heard that an elder and several dozen disciples of your palace were murdered sometime back. For Palace Chief Duan to appear in this tiny Country of Supwake so suddenly, could you be personally handling the investigations?"

"Hoho," the one who had been called "Palace Chief Duan" laughed. "My palace's elder was killed outside. Such a matter has not happened for more than a thousand years. This was not just simply the lives of one elder and several dozen disciples, it's also a big shame that my divine palace has suffered for the first time in a thousand years. Of course this palace chief has to personally handle this! Instead, coincidentally meeting Sect Master Mu and Sect Master Zuo who also personally appeared, now that is such a strange coincidence."

"Who says it isn't , hahahaha……"

The three of them began laughing and within each of their laughters, obvious coldness could be felt.

Their auras, language and greetings for one another immediately allowed Yun Che to confirm their identities.

Heaven Thwarting Sect's Sect Master Zuo Hanshuo!

Seven Stars Divine Palace's Palace Chief Duan Heisha!

Soaring Celestial Sword Sect's Sect Master Mu Yingchan!

The three of them had actually came in person.

Furthermore, they obviously had the same motive!

For this same motive, they had all not descended and collided strongly against one another.
Just that it was uncertain why they took such strong measures.

Yun Che brought Su Ling'er and quickly passed the region of the three great sects. The further Yun Che went, the words and voices that he could hear gradually became weaker.

Just as Yun Che was prepared to retract his spiritual sense, he heard one of them say, "Very good… since we have the same goal, should we force the 'trouble' out before deciding who should handle it?"

"Sect Master Mu is right," Duan Heisha happily agreed before his voice suddenly turned cold and he let out a deep pressurising howl. "Yun Gu, since you already know who we are, don't choose the hard way out. Immediately hand us the Sky Poison Pearl!"

Yun Che, who had already flown a long distance away, seeme to have been struck by lightning as he came to an abrupt halt.

Chapter 891 – The Other Sky Poison Pearl (2)

"Ah," Su Ling'er, who was bathing in the wind, exclaimed out when Yun Che suddenly stopped and she hurriedly asked, "Big Brother Yun Che, what's wrong?"

"Master…" Yun Che muttered out absentmindedly. Then, he forcefully turned his body. He was about to wildly charge over regardless of the costs. However, the moment he gathered his profound energy, his reason took over and suppressed the impulse.

The "Yun Gu" which Duan Heisha shouted out earlier, was his master's name!

The name of the "Medical Saint" whom everyone in the Azure Cloud Continent knew and respected!

He never expected that just as he was thinking about his master, hesitating over whether he should look for him, look at him from afar or even head over and have a simple conversation with him… he would be caught by surprise and suddenly hear the name of his master.

Nor would he ever expect that Heaven Thwarting Sect, Seven Stars Divine Palace, and Soaring Celestial Sword Sect would move together. The three great hegemons personally coming to this scene could be said to be an enormous parade in the Azure Cloud Continent that one might not be possible to witness even in a hundred years. And it was actually for his master and…

The Sky Poison Pearl…

Sky Poison Pearl!!??

"Master? Are you talking about Master?" Su Ling'er was also tightly grabbing onto Yun Che's arms in excitement. "Is it true? Where is he? Where is Master?"

Yun Che carried incomparable respect towards Yun Gu and though he had always addressed him as "Master", during that lifetime when he was in the Azure Cloud Continent, that person was his only father!

And why wouldn't Su Ling'er carry deep respect and feelings towards Yun Gu as well?

Yun Che's eyes flickered. He did not immediately reply, as a doubt floated in his heart… What was going on with the "Sky Poison Pearl" Duan Heisha spoke of? These words of his clearly expressed that the three great sects were here in order to snatch the Sky Poison Pearl off the hands of his master, Yun Gu.

However, the Sky Poison Pearl was clearly in his possession and it had even merged with his body, accompanying him back to the Profound Sky Continent. So how could another one possibly appear?

Furthermore, Jasmine once mentioned that the reincarnation brought about by the Mirror of Samsara was accompanied by the amendment to karmic effect but it was definitely impossible to bend the laws of causality. Though time had shifted in the Azure Cloud Continent, another him would no longer appear and another Sky Poison Pearl would not appear either.

Not to mention, the Sky Poison Pearl was not just an ordinary object but a Heavenly Profound Treasure similar to the Mirror of Samsara!

How could something like this possibly be "duplicated!?"

There was another thing he couldn't figure out… Though his master was forced to death because of the Sky Poison Pearl, the sects and clans that forced him to death were just a few first-rate sects and clans of the Azure Cloud Continent. At the very most, they had only ruled over certain countries or certain territories in the Azure Cloud Continent; none of them was a sect at the sacred ground-level like Heaven Thwarting Sect.

Later on, with intent for vengeance, he madly released the poison power of the Sky Poison Pearl, allowing the common people to witness the terror of the Sky Poison Pearl. This thus attracted the greed of sects like Heaven Thwarting Sect… and the pursuit of the entire continent.

Yun Che had thought that because he did not possess the Sky Poison Pearl in this lifetime, with his kindness and medicinal techniques, his master Yun Gu would definitely be able to live his life peacefully amidst the respect garnered by the people. He never expected that his master Yun Gu would still end up suffering such a plight…

However, based on the present time, it had been brought forward compared to his past lifetime and it was even more terrifying than his past lifetime… Coercion by three sects at the sacred ground level!

Just what in the world was going on?

However, no matter what and no matter who it was… How could he possibly allow his master to suffer the same disastrous fate again!?

"Ling'er, the person those people were surrounding earlier, was Master," Yun Che had already calmed down and he said with a low voice. "Back then, I did not have the abilities to save master. This time, even if it's the heavenly king himself, he shouldn't even think about touching a strand of Master's hair again!!"

"Ah…" Su Ling'er's eyes turned towards the back and her expression instantly tensed up. She was anxious about Yun Gu but she was even more anxious about Yun Che.

"Ling'er, let's head over quietly… Don't worry, we won't be discovered by them."

Yun Che tightly hugged Su Ling'er again and with Hidden Flowing Lightning activated, he perfectly concealed both their auras before quietly approaching them… He wanted to figure out what exactly was going on. He wanted to know if the "Sky Poison Pearl" he heard earlier could actually be the Sky Poison Pearl.

After approaching within a distance of three kilometers, with his gaze passing through layers of trees and the human crowd, Yun Che saw the old man who was being surrounded by the three great sects with a single glance. Yun Che's heart fiercely trembled and his eyes, which had several times lost control after reuniting with Su Ling'er, once again swelled up.

He had a long white beard, long white brows, and long white hair, yet his face was not the least bit covered with wrinkles and his eyes were as clear as water. His entire figure looked as if he was a celestial walking out from the clouds as his body exuded an extraordinary and dustless brilliance.   

Even though the three great hegemon sects were surrounding him, even though he was directly facing the might of the three great sect masters who had reached the apex, he still carried a calm look. Only his eyes carried a deep tiredness, as though he was sighing at human greed and its filth.

"Master…" Yun Che agitatedly muttered and it seemed as if his profound energy was about to leak out due to his loss of control. "I finally… I finally get to see you again…"

"Yun Gu, you're not trying to say that the Sky Poison Pearl isn't in your hands, right?" Heaven Thwarting Sect' Sect Master Zuo Hanshuo took several steps forward with leisurely eyes, giving a faint smile. "Seven months ago, the number one sect of Southern Sky Country, Fleeting Villa, suffered the disaster brought upon by the Sky Poison Pearl as they tried to hide the Sky Poison Pearl for themselves. A total of two hundred and seventy thousand people in the villa melted into venomous liquid and the entire villa turned into a ruin of death. It was unspeakably miserable and even the people that entered the villa after that, all lost their lives."   

"After the poison scattered, there were actually no traces of the Sky Poison Pearl in Fleeting Villa and there has been no news of the Sky Poison Pearl since that day. However, just recently, we confirmed a single matter… Before the poison in Fleeting Villa scattered, there was a single person who came out alive after walking in and that person was you, Yun Gu! Are you going to deny this matter?"

"Haah," Yun Gu let out a long sigh.

"Sect Master, why the need to waste time speaking with this old man? Let's just take him down." An elder of Heaven Thwarting Sect was about to step forward.

"Ah, don't be impolite." Zuo Hanshuo however lightly raised his hand. "Yun Gu is the Medical Saint of this world. Having saved countless lives and being revered by the people of the world, how could he possibly be an idiot who does not know where he stands and does not care about the peace and stability of the entire continent?"

Naturally, these words were not out of respect towards Yun Gu. If there was only a single sect present here, they would have long made use of all possible methods to take it away. However, with the three great sects gathered together, though they looked harmonious on the surface, whoever was to make the first move would definitely suffer from a combined assault.

"Sky Poison Pearl is indeed in the hands of this old one," Yun Gu slowly said. His voice was rich, without the slightest sense of having aged.

Yun Che: "…" (Yun Gu actually directly admitted to it.)

"Hahahaha." Seven Stars Divine Palace Chief Duan Heisha laughed out loud. "As expected of the Medical Saint, you're truly a smart individual who knows your place. In that case, are you going to obediently hand it over or do you want us to personally take it away from you?"

"Why do you people wish to obtain the Sky Poison Pearl?" Yun Gu raised his head to look at the sky and asked a question that he already knew the answer to.

"Hmph, is there even a need to ask?" Mu Yingchan, the Sect Master of Soaring Celestial Sword Sect, slowly stepped forward and righteously said. "Ever since the Sky Poison Pearl appeared in this world four years ago, countless people of our Azure Cloud Continent have died under its intense poison. In the beginning its poison merely killed several dozen people. However, with every subsequent appearance, it would bring upon an even more terrifying poisonous disaster. From a few dozen people, to killing several hundred people at a time and then to a thousand people… several thousand… several tens of thousands…"

"And, the last time it appeared, it had poisoned and killed a total of two hundred and seventy thousand people in Fleeting Villa. All of their corpses no longer exist and the entire villa has turned into a wasteland. Furthermore, the intense poison had only scattered after an entire month. An item of such disastrous level will definitely bring a gargantuan crisis to the Azure Cloud Continent if given even more time. The reason our Soaring Celestial Sword Sect had bitterly search for the Sky Poison Pearl the entire time, was in order to seal it forever and to prevent it from harming the world ever again."

"And looking at the entire the Azure Cloud Continent, the only ones with the abilities capable of sealing the Sky Poison Pearl, are our Soaring Celestial Sword Sect."

Yun Gu: "…"

"Hohohoho, Sect Master Mu, are you not afraid that your tongue will get bitten by the large winds?" Duan Heisha said in a ridiculing tone. "If it's the way of the sword, our Seven Stars Divine Palace is indeed unable to compare but when it comes to the ways of medicine and poison, I'm afraid your esteemed sect is not even at the level of our toes. If the Sky Poison Pearl is truly handed to your esteemed sect, heh… Sect Master Mu, are you not afraid that your Soaring Celestial Sword Sect would step on the trail of Fleeting Villa due to its lack of abilities?"

Mu Yingchan was not angry either, as he said smilingly. "Now this isn't something Palace Chief Duan has to worry about. If our Soaring Celestial Sword Sect is really unable to contain the Sky Poison Pearl, the ten thousand years we have stood on the Azure Cloud Continent for, would have been for nothing. Though when it comes to Palace Chief Duan, an elder and a bunch of disciples from your esteemed palace seem to have just been killed by someone, yet even now, you still do not have any leads. With a foreign danger not yet dispelled, you still forcefully ran over here to intervene in the matters of the Sky Poison Pearl. This sect master was merely worried that your esteemed palace would be overwhelmed and accidentally step onto the trail of Fleeting Villa. Now that would really be ugly to see."

Duan Heisha coldly laughed. "Compared to the peace and stability of the Azure Cloud Continent, what's there to care about a mere foreign danger?"

Their words fell into Yun Che's ears without a single word missing, causing him to feel even more surprised.

The "Sky Poison Pearl" they spoke of appeared four years ago and it was able to release an incomparably terrifying poison.

The Sky Poison Pearl that merged with him possessed complete purifying and refining powers. However, even after so many years had passed, the poison powers that it once had were never restored… Not even the least bit of it was restored.

Back then, his master Yun Gu was forced to death. The reason why they wanted to snatch away the Sky Poison Pearl, was all for the purifying and refining powers displayed by the Sky Poison Pearl when Yun Gu was giving treatment to people.

Yun Gu used the Sky Poison Pearl to save people, yet the ones who were saved exposed the powers of the Sky Poison Pearl. Through the entire the Azure Cloud Continent, they spread the fact that the Sky Poison Pearl could understand the countless poisons under the heavens and that it could refine countless objects under the heavens. With the Sky Poison Pearl, they no longer needed to be afraid of any form of poison and there would no longer be medicine that they could not refine.

In the end, under the greed of countless sects and clans, Yun Gu killed himself. The reason he killed himself, was in order to protect Yun Che. However, Yun Che had instead…

As for the poison powers of the Sky Poison Pearl, the people of the world only found out about the most terrifying part of the Sky Poison Pearl, its annihilative poison powers, only after the vengeful Yun Che had released them to kill those who had forced Yun Gu to die without regard for any consequences.

And now, the reason why these three hegemons wanted to snatch away the "Sky Poison Pearl," was clearly because of its poison powers. In their words, they had never brought up that it carried purifying and refining powers.

The "Sky Poison Pearl" they were trying to snatch right now, just what in the world was it?

Yun Gu swept his eyes at his surroundings and lightly sighed. "If you people are truly here to seal the powers of the Sky Poison Pearl and prevent it from bringing a crisis of poison to the Azure Cloud Continent, then all of you can leave now."

"What do you mean by that?" Heaven Thwarting Sect Master Zuo Hanshuo leisurely asked.

"The poison of the Sky Poison Pearl is not your regular poison. Presently, its poison powers have only just awakened by a small amount, yet it is already displaying such a level of terror. Controlling and sealing its poison powers is definitely not as easy as using a profound energy formation. This old one has dwelled deep into the ways of the medicine and poison for so many years and furthermore, when it comes to the way of poison, I have a slightly unique disposition for it, which allowed me to barely control the Sky Poison Pearl. If it is handed to you people, the moment its poison powers lose control and go berserk, yet another calamitous crisis that can never be restored will happen once again."

"Heh heh heh, hahahahaha…" Heaven Thwarting Sect Master Zuo Hanshuo laughed out arrogantly and Duan Heisha and Mu Yingchan were similarly laughing out loud. With a ridiculing tone, Zuo Hanshuo said, "And here I was wondering just what kind of individual this Medical Saint is. I had thought he was a saint who truly cared about the safety of countless lives but in the end, he's nothing more than a vulgarian who covets the Sky Poison Pearl."

"Such laughable words. You're the only one capable of controlling the Sky Poison Pearl and we can't? In other words, our three sects, which have prospered for ten thousand years in the Azure Cloud Continent, cannot hold a candle to an old man who practices medicine? Hahahahaha, this is simply the most idiotic joke this palace chief has heard in his entire life." Duan Heisha laughed arrogantly.

"Old fogey Yun." Mu Yingchan dropped his pretense. His address towards Yun Gu had already turned incomparably belittling as he reached his hand out towards Yun Gu. "Hand over the Sky Poison Pearl obediently. This is all for the countless lives under the heavens."

"What you people want, is but the poison powers of the Sky Poison Pearl." Grief was clearly carried within Yun Gu's eyes and his voice was still as light as the wind. "The real disaster and mistake, will be handing it over to you all."

"Heh." Mu Yingchan's eyes darkened, as an ice-cold and pale hand stretched out, grabbing onto Yun Gu's left shoulder. "You sure are unexpectedly stubborn. In order to monopolize the Sky Poison Pearl, you would even throw away your life. I really wonder, if you were to lose an arm, would your answers remain the same?"

The moment Mu Yingchan's voice fell, an ice-cold, bone-piercing voice rang behind him.

"Take your dirty hand off him!"

Chapter 892 – Debts of Past and Present

It was as if someone had suddenly poured a bucket of cold water over Mu Yingchan's head as his entire body went completely rigid.

This sound seemed to come from the empty space that had abruptly ruptured as it echoed in his ears. As the Sect Master of Soaring Celestial Sword Sect, one of the three most powerful people in the Azure Cloud Continent, he actually had not detected the aura of the owner of that voice before it had appeared.

What was even more terrifying was the fact that even though that voice was very soft, it contained a coldness and killing intent that seeped into his very soul, causing every hair on his body to stand on end.

He had never ever experienced this sensation before in his long life.

"Who is it!?" Mu Yingchan yelled out in a low voice as he turned around as swift as lightning. After that he unwittingly looked above him as everyone's shocked gazes simultaneously focused on the space above Mu Yingchan's head.

They saw a young man dressed in white hovering in the air with a green-clad girl who did not look a day over sixteen in his arms. The girl was beautiful enough to cause the fall of cities and countries and she clung tightly to the man by her side. There was some fear reflected in her eyes but it was overshadowed by a sense of security and safety.

The place they were in was only thirty meters above them but not a single person who was present knew when exactly they had appeared in that place.

Those were two overly-youthful and completely unknown faces. The girl's profound energy aura was only at the third level of the Spirit Profound Realm but the young man's aura was at the initial stages of the Sovereign Profound Realm.

The three great sect masters all felt profound shock in their hearts… There were already very few Monarchs in the Azure Cloud Continent and the three of them were extremely familiar with all of them. Moreover, only a peerless genius could have reached the Sovereign Profound Realm at such a young age but the three of them had never seen this young man before.

"Who are you?" Mu Yingchan said as his eyes narrowed into slits, "Were you the one who spoke to this sect master just now?"

"Sect Master, it's merely some reckless young punk who doesn't value his own life. Do we chase him away or…" a person standing behind Zuo Hanshuo said in a voice that was filled with disdain.

"Young punk?" Zuo Hanshuo said with a low chuckle, "From the aura given off by his lifeforce, he should not be more than thirty years old, yet his profound strength has already reached the initial stages of the Sovereign Profound Realm. This young fellow surely must have an incredible background."

"Oh?" Zuo Hanshuo's words caused everyone besides the three great sect masters to gasp in shock. But their shock was merely at the level of surprise, so that person immediately replied, "No wonder he dares to display such an arrogant attitude, he indeed has the goods to back it up. However, it is truly a pity that he has chosen the wrong people to target today."

"Young man, you called this sect master's hand dirty. That is truly a strange thing to say," Mu Yingchan said in an amused manner as he shook his own hand. "This sect master has lived for seventeen hundred years but it is the first time I've heard anyone use the word 'dirty' to describe this sect master. Do you want to try and say it again?"

Yun Che did not say anything and his expression did not change either. Both him and Su Ling'er were still looking intently at Yun Gu and it was as if neither of them had even heard what Mu Yingchan had just said.

Yun Che's figure blurred and in an instant, he had already flashed by Mu Yingchan with Su Ling'er in tow, both of them arriving at Yun Gu's side. Mu Yingchan did not stretch a hand out to stop them. Instead, he turned around in a calm and composed manner. From his behavior, it was clear that he was extremely interested in Yun Che's identity. He was also naturally mistaken about why Yun Che had rushed to Yun Gu's side. He gave a cold smile as he said, "Ah, you are also here for the Sky Poison Pearl after all."


As he looked at Yun Gu, who was right in front of him, Yun Che cried out loudly in his heart. His mood, the complete change in his nature and temperament, and the greatest frenzy he had ever fallen into in both of his lives had both been because of this old man in front of him. The debt Yun Che owed this man for raising him and nurturing his talent was higher than the heavens and deeper than the ocean. He had originally thought that he would forever be separated from him. He also never expected to actually be able to meet him once more.

His appearance had not changed in the slightest and his aura was still as warm as a gentle breeze. The clear and fresh smell of medicine wafted from his body and his eyes looked deep enough to hold the entire world in them.

In this world, there were many people who were called magnanimous men or saints but in Yun Che's eyes, if there could only be one true saint in this entire world, then it would definitely be Yun Gu, who had been both a father and a teacher to him.

Yun Gu was also gazing at Yun Che. Yun Che's eyes alternated between clear and cloudy and it was as if his emotions had been so stirred up that he could barely control himself. However, Yun Gu could not see the slightest trace of greed in Yun Che's eyes… So, at the very least, Yun Gu could tell that he was definitely not here for the Sky Poison Pearl.

He was sure that he had never seen this person before but he hazily felt a strange and old sense of familiarity with him.

"Little brother, even though I do not know why you rushed towards this old one but you are definitely not after the Sky Poison Pearl in this old one's possession. Or perhaps, you've mistaken me for someone else. This place is far more dangerous than you can imagine, I would advise that you leave as quickly as possible," Yun Gu advised.

"…" Yun Che calmed the emotions that threatened to overwhelm him. He squeezed Su Ling'er's small hand and said in a low voice, "Ling'er, return to the profound ark with Master first… I will forcibly send Master there."

Su Ling'er hands tensed as she gazed at Yun Che for a good long while before she finally gave a light nod of her head, "Big Brother Yun, you must be careful."

A spatial ripple surged from around Yun Che and before any of the people present had a chance to react, Su Ling'er and Yun Gu had both vanished from that place.

Mu Yingchan, Duan Heisha and Zuo Hanshuo were briefly stunned but after that, their expressions changed as all three of them rushed towards where Yun Gu had been standing at practically the same time. But whether it was his figure or his aura, Yun Gu had completely vanished and he had not left even a single trace behind.

"It… it was a dimensional escape!" Zuo Hanshuo said with a low yell as he swiveled towards Yun Che. He stared at Yun Che furiously, his aura firmly locking onto him as well, "There is some kind of spatial profound artifact hidden on his person."

"To think we fell for this young punk's trick," Mu Yingchan said as his expression turned completely dark. The three great sect masters and the entirety of their three supreme sects had been gathered in this place and no one in the Azure Cloud Continent could disobey or resist such a force. The power gathered here could rule over all of existence but all of them could only watch as their prey disappeared right before their eyes.

"Hohoho, it seems like Sect Master Zuo and Sect Master Mu truly have not made much progress these last few years. It is merely a small accident, yet it so easily caused the two of you to lose your composure."

On the other hand, Duan Heisha was completely calm and composed. He stared at Yun Che, his amused smile deep and long, "Even if that Yun Gu flees, where else can he flee to? Moreover, don't the both of you think that another big present has delivered itself to our doorstep?"

"Oh? What does Palace Chief Duan mean?" Mu Yingchan and Zuo Hanshuo's gazes grew more intense as they reacted to those words.

"Heh." Duan Heisha slowly walked towards Yun Che, "Kid, this palace chief really has to commend your guts. Of course, the reason you have such courage is because you still do not know who we are. Before this palace chief personally reveals this to you, you still have one last chance… Right now, this palace chief is extremely interested in the spatial profound artifact that you just used. If you are willing to obediently hand over, perhaps this palace chief will disregard your previous behavior. Otherwise…"

"Otherwise what?" Yun Che said as the corners of his mouth hooked up into a cold smile, "Duan Heisha, I heard that Seven Stars Divine Palace dispatched an elder and a group of disciples to shamelessly harm an innocent sect in the Country of Supwake. All for the sake of a stalk of Coiling Dragon Feelers. But in the end, they received their just desserts and all of them died a miserable death… I don't know who it was who sent them all to hell but I wonder if your Seven Stars Divine Palace has found that person already?"

Duan Heisha's face gradually grew rigid but a divine palace elder who stood behind him already started to roar in fury, "Ah, so the one who killed the Nineteenth Elder and his party was you!!"

"Preposterous." Duan Heisha smiled despite his rage. He had originally believed that the reason Yun Che had dared to act so boldly and presumptuously in front of them was because he did not know who they were… If not, he would have been scared shitless a long time ago.

But right now, Yun Che had addressed him by his name and had accurately identified the Seven Stars Divine Palace behind him.

He actually even took the initiative to tell them in a tone filled with contempt that he was the person who had cruelly killed all of those people from Seven Stars Divine Palace ten days ago!

If they had originally believed that the reason for his lack of fear was sheer ignorance, then right now… the other party not only knew who they were, he had also clearly and arrogantly treated his Seven Stars Divine Palace with contempt while boldly taunting them.

"Sect Master Zuo, Sect Master Mu… Will there be any objections if my Seven Stars Divine Palace takes down this kid?" Duan Heisha's face had turned a faint green and it was clear that he was truly enraged.

"You can subdue him but you need to guarantee his survival," Zuo Hanshuo said, the schadenfreude evident in his voice. "Whether it is the Sky Poison Pearl or the spatial profound artifact, once we reach an agreement on these two things, you can deal with him in whatever manner you please."

"Forget it, I'll leave this matter to Palace Chief Duan. This sect master will just treat the matter where this kid just called this sect master's hands dirty as forgotten," Mu Yingchan said indifferently as his lips curled up but his hot and venomous gaze was still locked onto Yun Che's body.

After seeing that the other two sect masters consented to his proposal, an elder that was standing behind Duan Heisha strode forward and spoke aggressively. "Palace Chief, let me teach this arrogant and ignorant punk a lesson! He has merely reached the first level of the Sovereign Profound Realm but he behaves as if he is unrivaled under heaven and actually dares to kill members of our Seven Stars Divine Palace."

"Let him keep his life but break his arms and his legs first!" Duan Heisha said in a dark voice. As the Seven Stars Palace Chief, it was only natural that he would not stoop to dealing with this matter personally.

The divine palace elder took a step forward before fiercely rushing towards Yun Che. The boundless and majestic energy field of a Monarch instantly expanded outwards, causing squalls to spring up in the surrounding area which was tens of kilometers wide.

"Kid, give your granddaddy a good kneel first!" As he shouted those furious words, his extended palm was no more than three feet away from Yun Che's head.

Yun Che did not move an inch. His eyes were tranquil and his expression was cold and indifferent, not wavering in the slightest. He only blandly murmured in his heart: The old debts of the previous years and the new debts of the present, I'll settle them all today!


The divine palace elder's palm grabbed Yun Che's head but in the instant that his profound energy expanded outwards, he suddenly discovered that his palm was grabbing empty air and the profound energy that he released had only torn a long black gash in the air.

Wha… What!?

Where was he… Where was he!?

The divine palace elder felt an unexpected shock bloom in his heart; he could barely believe his own eyes. But before he could recover from his shocked daze, an extremely dull and heavy sound suddenly rang out behind him.


This sound was not particularly resonant. It also could not be described as intense, but it was so dull and heavy that it caused extreme discomfort to everyone's eardrums and body. It was as if something had suddenly exploded against their heart.

The Yun Che who had "disappeared" had materialized in front of Seven Stars Palace Chief Duan Heisha like a ghost. His right elbow struck Duan Heisha's chest… At that moment, Duan Heisha's expression was still dark and heavy and he did not even have time to be startled before this happened.

That dull and heavy noise was the sound of Yun Che's elbow striking Duan Heisha's chest.

After everyone had shifted their incredulous gazes to Yun Che's new position, he was in the midst of moving his elbow away from Duan Heisha's chest in a simple and unexaggerated manner.

Duan Heisha's body did not move an inch and even the place that was struck did not sink in or bend. In fact, there was not even the slightest change in Duan Heisha's expression.

Yun Che's speed was so fast that it was as if they had seen a ghost. However, after they saw that his "sneak attack" had clearly not hurt Duan Heisha and they had recovered from their shock, the surrounding divine palace elders and disciples were about to open their mouths to laugh out loudly to mock Yun Che's overconfidence… But before their laughter could make it out of their throats, they suddenly saw Duan Heisha's face turn ghastly pale at an astonishing speed and then his face then started to turn into a purplish-black color… After that, his entire body fell backwards like a block of wood that had been blown on by a light wind.


Duan Heisha's body smashed against the ground, his eyes set in a wide and unblinking stare. A large amount of red-stained foam leaked out of his mouth as blood wildly gushed from his nose.

"Pala… Palace Chief!!"

The scene shocked all the gathered divine palace disciples. In fact, it shocked everyone present and the shock was so great that it seemed to cause everyone's souls to leave their bodies. The divine palace elders scrambled forward but before they could even draw near to him, Duan Heisha's body abruptly trembled.


Duan Heisha's profound veins and dantian resembled a punctured balloon. The profound energy that he had cultivated for his entire life was turning into countless streams of agitated energy as they flowed out from every part of his body… until it ran dry.