Against the Gods


Against the Gods Chapter 880-883

Chapter 880 – Descending into the Abyss

Amidst the dreadful sounds of bodies being ruptured, the bodies of the ten Divine Palace disciples were cruelly smashed into pieces within a few breaths by the berserking Yun Che. Just as his blood-drenched fist was about to explode against the body of the last Divine Palace disciple, he suddenly stopped moving and just stood in place.

The Divine Palace disciple who had sunk limply to the ground had long ago been drained of all color. The Divine Palace disciple had originally given up all hope but when he saw that Yun Che's movements had suddenly stopped, he saw his one chance for survival. His body trembled as he scrambled backwards, "Don't kill me… don't kill me… Ah!!"

He gave a miserable shout as his entire body was sucked towards Yun Che. Yun Che's hand grabbed his skull, his left arm flashed with light as his profound handle flew out and instantly buried itself into his soul.

The Divine Palace disciple immediately grew dazed as his memories over the past hour swiftly flooded into Yun Che's brain… Within his memories, Yun Che clearly saw the scene where Su Ling'er jumped down Cloud's End Cliff.

"UWAA… AAAAAAHHHH!!!" Yun Che's face warped as he let out a furious roar, his teeth chattering as he fiercely flung the Divine Palace disciple in his hand away. Before the Divine Palace disciple had even hit the ground, he had already been shattered into many pieces.

Bright red blood splattered the mountain stones, the twelve members of Seven Stars Divine Palace had instantly been turned into broken bloody corpses littering the ground but it had not done anything to lessen the fury and pain in Yun Che's heart. He closed his eyes and howled wildly like a berserking vicious beast…


He fell to his knees with a heavy thump, his blood-drenched fist fiercely exploding downwards.


A huge explosion blanketed most of the Mythical Abode Mountain Range as countless boulders rained down from the Cloud's End Peak.

Yun Che's arm streamed with blood but he could no longer feel even the slightest hint of pain. He knelt to the ground, both his hands rigidly clawing the ground. Rough and heavy gasps escaped his throat as his whole body was shaking in an incomparably violent manner.


Why had it turned out like this…

Yun Che felt as if his soul had been pierced by ten thousand arrows… Losing Ling'er had always been the greatest point of pain and regret in his life.

After he was allowed to be reunited with Ling'er once more, he had always believed that this was definitely the greatest boon that heaven had ever bestowed upon him. When he found out that he was destined to die, the last and greatest desire of his life was to see Ling'er once more… Even if he could only gaze at her from a distance.

He used the Primordial Profound Ark, taking his one and only chance to come to the Azure Cloud Continent. After he confirmed that everything that had happened here six years ago was not a dream, he was simply ecstatic. However, before he was even able to see Su Ling'er, he received such tragic news instead. This kind of ending was…

In his past life, he had allowed revenge to consume his eyes and soul. Su Ling'er had given her everything to him, giving him enough tears to last a lifetime but he had not even made a single promise to her…

In this life, when he had met Su Ling'er again in that "dreamscape," he had made all those promises to her but before he could make those words a reality, those words had caused her to wait vainly for six years… before he lost her once more.

"Ling… er… Just what sin did she commit…" The pain of his soul being torn apart caused Yun Che to be unable to feel the existence of his body or his five sense. Icy-cold tears dripped down to fall on the ground besides his hands, "Why did heaven… have to treat her this way!!"

"No… It's my fault… It's all my fault…" Yun Che said as his entire body trembled. He had gritted his teeth so hard that he had nearly shattered them, "Why did I waste so much time… to deal with Su Haoran and those other bastards… If I had come just a bit earlier, things wouldn't have turned out this way… and Ling'er would have been fine…"

"It's all my fault!!"


Yun Che's pupils went red as he raised his left arm and heavily smashed it against his own chest.


His chest sank under the weight of this blow as a long arrow of blood was fiercely expelled from his body. But the pain his body felt was not even ten-thousandth of the agony his heart was under.


Under his blow, a small and delicate precious stone that he had kept inside the clothes around his chest was jolted high into the sky, striking the mountain stone in front of him. It let out a clear and crisp sound as it the stone before it rebounded back towards Yun Che while it quiet shone with a dull purple light.

The weak purple light that was flashing in his eyes caused Yun Che to freeze the arm that was just about to smash his chest again. In the next instant. He sprung forward as fast as lightning, picking it up in his hand.

The small rhombus-shaped precious stone was releasing a warm purple light. This precious stone was no ordinary profound jade, it was the soul crystal that Su Hengshan had given him!

Su Ling'er's soul crystal!!

A soul crystal was bonded with its owner's soul; once the soul of the owner was extinguished, the soul crystal would instantly shatter. In those sects that were slightly bigger, important members of the sect would leave soul crystals within the sect. So if they died while abroad, their sect would be the first to know.

But the soul crystal of Su Ling'er which he held in his hand… had not shattered and it still glowed with the light of her soul!!

Ling'er was not dead!!

It was as if a cold spring had rushed into Yun Che's body, causing his chaotic heart to become incomparably cold and sober. He tightly gripped the soul crystal as he hurried over to the side of Cloud's End Cliff.

The foggy cliff was so deep that Yun Che could not see the bottom. Cloud's End Cliff was also known to the world as the Death God's Graveyard. Over the entire history of the Azure Cloud Continent, countless people had either been thrown off Cloud's End Cliff or had tried to climb down Cloud's End Cliff but not a single person had ever returned alive—This included the incomparably formidable existences that were akin to gods for most people, Monarchs!

Furthermore, this was not something that was hidden, it was something that was common knowledge in the Azure Cloud Continent!

The twelve people from Seven Stars Divine Palace could lie to him but those memories were not able to lie to him. Su Ling'er had indeed jumped down Cloud's End Cliff.

However, the warm and unbroken soul crystal that lay in his hand would also not lie to him.

Yun Che stepped onto the very edge of Cloud's End Cliff while he sucked in a deep breath of air, striving his best to calm his wildly beating heart. He could not stop himself from muttering in a flustered voice, "Ling'er is still alive… Ling'er isn't dead… Ling'er isn't dead…"

He suddenly took the air and hovered right above Cloud's End Cliff. After that he used all of his strength to shout into the boundless abyss below him:

"Ling'er!! Ling'er!! This is Yun Che… Ling'er, where are you… Ling'er!!"

His voice was enhanced by profound energy, so it could be heard from as far as fifty kilometers away. But it had been completely swallowed up by the jet-black abyss below him. He did not hear even the tiniest response, even after a long time had passed… and more importantly, he did not hear Su Ling'er's response.

Above him was the boundless blue dome of heaven, below him was an endless abyss. At this moment, it seemed as if he was standing on the border between heaven and hell and the only sounds left in this world were the sound of his breathing and the sound of his beating heart.

He slowly raised his hand, the soul crystal that was bonded with Su Ling'er's soul glowing with a warm light. This warm light told him that Su Ling'er was still alive in this world, waiting to be reunited with him. He steadily stared at the soul crystal and Su Ling'er's figure slowly appeared before his eyes…

First was the Su Ling'er from his previous life, the girl who seemed like a melancholic fairy, the girl who had wept countless tears over him…

Next was the Su Ling'er from six years ago, the girl who had the smile of an angel, the girl who cried as she told him that he must definitely come back…

Yun Che softly gripped the soul crystal in his hand as he stopped shouting. The chaos had suddenly vanished from his eyes, becoming incredibly clear as his body slowly descended. After that he began to quickly pick up speed as he plunged downwards towards the boundless abyss below him like a falling meteor.

【Yun Che, I want you to promise me… When you go to the Azure Cloud Continent, regardless of whether that happens sooner or later, you're not allowed to approach Cloud's End Cliff ever again! Even if your strength becomes a hundred times stronger than it currently is and you grow strong enough to sweep across the entire continent and easily defeat someone like Xuanyuan Wentian, you must never attempt to investigate the bottom of Cloud's End Cliff… I can't tell you what is hiding at the bottom of Cloud's End Cliff. Its dreadfulness is far beyond what you can imagine!】

【I understand! I won't ever go near Cloud's End Cliff from now on. Even if I do end up at Cloud's End Cliff due to special circumstances, I will definitely not attempt to investigate what is hidden at the bottom… This is something that I've promised you Jasmine, so I definitely won't ever break this promise.】

The warning that Jasmine had issued to him in the sternest of tones echoed in his ear. The vow that he made in front of Jasmine also clearly rang in his mind as well.

Jasmine, I am sorry, I am going to break the vow I made to you back then…

During my life in the Azure Cloud Continent, I had thought that the most important thing in my life was vengeance.

But the moment that Ling'er died in my arms, I suddenly felt as if my entire world had become hollow and empty and that pain and remorse doggedly followed me for the rest of my life… I was tortured by pain and remorse every single moment I was awake. In my dreams, I dreamt countless times that all of it was a lie and that Ling'er was still by my side. I dreamt that I was willing to set aside everything else for her sake, to give her all of me…
Moreover, those dreams and hopes have miraculously become a reality… So how can I lose her again!?!

"Ling'er…" Yun Che softly whispered as he descended into the abyss, "Even if I am buried forever with you in the Death God's Graveyard, I will definitely not let go of you again!"

Yun Che descended without any hesitation or fear. Instead, he grew faster and faster as he tightly grasped Su Ling'er's soul crystal in his hand. He fervently prayed in his heart for it definitely not to shatter… for it to never ever shatter.

In the blank of an eye, he had already descended a full three thousand meters and his surroundings had become a sea of pitch-black darkness. He raised his head and discovered that he could no longer see even a hint of light in the space above him.

Ling'er, where are you… Where exactly are you!

I know that you are definitely safe and sound… I am going to find you soon!!

Darkness instinctively causes fear in human beings, let alone the absolute darkness found in a deep abyss. But the speed of Yun Che's descent did not slow in the slightest, instead, it was growing even more rapid with every passing moment.

The soul crystal in his hand told him that Su Ling'er was definitely waiting for him in the world beneath the abyss.

Previously, his tardiness had resulted in and led to a terrible result where Su Ling'er had chosen to jump down Cloud's End Cliff. So how could he tolerate the slightest bit of hesitation and sluggishness at this moment?


The scarlet phoenix flames ignited in Yun Che's hands, illuminating the pitch-black world of the abyss. But under the light that was radiating from the Phoenix flames, he still only saw a swathe of darkness and he saw no end to the abyss that stretched below him.

Yun Che simply extinguished the ignited Phoenix flames and continued his descent at full speed… In the history of the Azure Cloud Continent, the countless profound practitioners who had attempted to descend Cloud's End Cliff had done so in an exceedingly slow and cautious manner. Even Jasmine had remained vigilant and careful when she descended the Cloud End's Cliff several months ago.

So Yun Che was definitely the first person to ever crazily rush down this cliff that was the most dreadful abyss in the entire Azure Cloud Continent… or even the rest of the world.

The wind whistled in his ears as the air slowly grew dark and colder. Yun Che's wildly beating heart had not regulated itself from the start to the end. He imagined that the world below the abyss was a vasty body of water… or perhaps it was a pitch-black forest… But just what would allow a person who fell down here to survive while making it hard for them to escape…

So, Ling'er was definitely safe! As long as he fell into the world below him, he would definitely be able to find her!

Jasmine had clearly told him that the world beneath Cloud's End Cliff was incomparably dreadful, that it possessed a dreadfulness he would not even be to imagine… But right now, he exerted all his effort to cling onto those thoughts, used all his might to continue believing.

Amidst the dark and howling wind, he continuously descended several thousand feet. At this time, he had finally begun to sense the weird aura that Jasmine had sensed at that time.

This aura was…

Darkness devil energy!?

Chapter 881 – The Girl in the Abyss (1)

Why would there be devil energy here?

If it were someone else, they would only treat this as a yin aura that naturally occurred at the bottom of the deep abyss. However, Yun Che had fought Fen Juechen and Xuanyuan Wentian, as well as interacted with an actual devil within the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest before. In one instant, he could tell that this aura was the same type of aura as the devil aura on the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign!

However, this devilish aura was exceptionally weak… at least based on Yun Che's senses, if one was not paying attention, there was a possibility that it would not be detected.

As Yun Che was feeling extremely anxious, although he wondered for a short moment, he did not take it to heart too much and continued descending at maximum speed.

Usually, he was an exceptionally cautious person. When searching an extremely dangerous region, he would definitely take each step with caution. However, today, facing Azure Cloud Continent's most frightening "Death God's Graveyard," he had instead "rushed to his death" without a care.

The sound of wind became ever more eerie. He had already descended for quite some time. Based on his estimate, he had already fallen for more than thirty thousand kilometers yet there were no signs of it coming to an end. His heart contracted more and more tightly. Su Ling'er's profound strength was only in the Spirit Profound Realm so there was no need to talk about flying as even her ability to float in the air was exceptionally weak.

Falling from three kilometers would be certain death, let alone thirty kilometers.

However, the soul crystal he held in his hand remained whole and warm all the while.

Both of Yun Che's hands clenched slightly tighter as he tried to rid his brain of all other useless thoughts. To him right now, just knowing that Su Ling'er was still alive would be sufficient… No matter what was below, no matter what happened to Su Ling'er, this time, this lifetime, he would definitely not let go again!

Not just an unknown deep and dark abyss, even if he knew it was hell, he would jump down without any hesitation.

When he jumped down Cloud's End Cliff for the first time, he had lost his consciousness in the progress while he descended. He did not know where he landed or how long he fell. Only this time did he know how frightening the deep abyss below Cloud's End Cliff was.

After falling for another several kilometers, he still had not reached the bottom of the abyss. However, Yun Che's body had unknowingly passed through a "checkpoint" at this time and entered into a different world.

Instantly, Yun Che's body felt extremely cold. A strong and extremely dense cold aura started attacking from the surroundings, attacking his entire body and his profound veins. At the same time, he felt a strong attraction force coming from below. It was as though there were countless unseen hands of darkness pulling him violently.

He instantly gathered his strength and tried to resist but the strength of the pulling force was too extreme. His profound strength seemed like a speck of dust in front of this force and he could not even gather one bit of resistance as he was violently swung downward.



With a painful cry, like a stone that had been thrown with great strength, Yun Che fell head first and descended for some thousands of kilometers before eventually smashing heavily into an exceptionally tough object. Pain shot through his entire body turning it numb as he collapsed down there. After some time, he finally managed to struggle and sit up.

Yun Che pressed one hand onto his head while the other hand pressed onto the floor. Finally, he reacted. Below him was hard ground, which meant that this was the bottom of the abyss!!

The surface that the palm came in contact with was cold yet tough… the feeling it gave him was that this was even tougher than the toughest profound steel that he had ever seen within the Profound Sky Continent.

Just as Yun Che wanted to stand up, when his arm tried to support his body, he sat down heavily once again. His mouth opened widely and he nearly had to use all of his strength before he managed to breathe once. He felt suffocated, as though an extremely heavy steel plate was compressing his chest. His brain felt dizzy and his mind was so fuzzy that he felt as though his spirit was leaving him.

The remaining clear-headedness in his brain told him that this was the devouring power which originated from a dark devil aura!

Devouring one's life force and soul!!

When he initially entered the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, he had already felt this type of feeling. Now, his profound strength was far superior to that time but it was several dozen times more times unbearable. Only several breaths of time and he felt as though he had lost half his life.

Because the dark devilish aura was even more dense than the frightening one at the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest… and it was numerous times stronger!

Furthermore, this type of dark devilish aura not only devoured the life force and soul, it also suppressed profound energy. If not for his Evil God's Profound Veins that were not suppressed, he wouldn't have the chance to come up with any resistance at all.

"Devil energy… why… is there… such a frightening… devil energy…"

Yun Che let out a groan but he nearly could not hear his own voice. He shook his head with strength and struggled to maintain consciousness before he wriggled himself into an upright sitting position. He quickly calmed his mind and used the Great Way of the Buddha. It started slowly before turning faster and faster. Fifty four profound entrances and all the pores in his body were opened and strands of heaven and earth's energy entered his body like a refreshing stream, turning into his strength and life force.

Above Yun Che's head, a pale golden mini pagoda appeared hazily and began to spin slowly.

In this world of darkness that was frightening beyond imagination, his life force and soul were being devoured quickly. However, at the same time, the Great Way of the Buddha was also swiftly replenishing his life force and soul by taking the denser than normal heaven and earth's energy from the extremely dense dark world… Gradually, as the mini golden pagoda spun noiselessly, the devouring and recovery finally reached an unique equilibrium.

Just like that time within the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, except that it took much longer this time.


Yun Che opened his eyes and let out a long breath of stale air. His gaze and consciousness finally returned to normal but he did not feel one bit of joy within him. Instead, his heart sank even more.

Darkness devil aura that was at least ten times more dense than the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest… This was a world so frightening that no normal person could imagine what it was like. Not just normal people, even those as strong as the Little Demon Empress or Feng Xue'er, if they were to fall into this world, they would undoubtedly lose their lives within fifteen minutes.

He possessed the Evil God's profound veins and Rage God's strength. The former resisted the suppression of profound strength while the later maintained his vitality and soul force. That was the only reason why he could stay in this world for so long… and it was only him that could do such a thing in this world.

If Su Ling'er were to fall into this world, even if she did not fall to her death, she would definitely not be able to survive in such a world.

Being only in the Spirit Profound Realm would be instant death in such a world.

However, why…

Yun Che opened his palm, the soul crystal that had been held firmly by him all this while was still shining with a faint purple glow.

The soul crystal has not shattered, which meant that its owner was still alive.

However, Su Ling'er had jumped down Cloud's End Cliff before him and would have descended into the same world. With her physique and profound strength, there was no chance of her survival…

Just what had happened?

Could it be… that this was not Su Ling'er soul crystal?

It couldn't! It definitely couldn't… Yun Che shook his head hard to reject the idea… This was handed to him personally by Su Hengshan and he had held it tightly with him for dozens of days when he was in jail. It could not be wrong!

It definitely couldn't be!

Ling'er must be safe, it's just that I haven't found her yet.

Yun Che stood up, the Golden Crow flames on his body burned strongly but barely illuminated a fifteen meters radius around Yun Che in the extreme darkness.

Beneath his feet, the floor was flat with an occasional bump here and there. The entire area was black and did not contain any other color. Not far away, at the sides, the mountain side along which he descended could be seen. He tilted his head and looked down, recalling the attractive force which he could not resist. His heart tightened and he jumped up with all his strength, flying into the air.

He continued flying for several hundred meters but there was still no change.

However, just as he was about three kilometers off the ground, the extremely frightening attractive force suddenly gripped him from thin air. Yun Che was prepared and immediately opened the Purgatory gate. The surge in profound energy brought his body up with full strength…

However, the strength of his full power seemed like a piece of leaf within a huge wave, under the effects of the attractive force and instantly… Simply instantly, he was flung violently down to the ground just like before.


With a loud noise, Yun Che was smashed to the ground and even somersaulted a few times. His entire body nearly fell apart and the flames on his body extinguished. However, the ground remained perfectly fine and there was not one bit of damage on it.


Yun Che grimaced in pain. As he looked up into the dark sky, his heart heavily sank.

Now, Yun Che already understood why if someone fell down Cloud's End Cliff, there would be no return. It was certain death. This exceptionally frightening darkness devil aura was something that the profound practitioners of this world could not resist. Even if they were so strong that they could resist it temporarily, with such a frightening attractive force, there was essentially no escape.

This also meant that anyone who came into contact with the dark world within the deep abyss would instantly be attracted in. There was no chance of any struggle, let alone escaping.

This was also why… Jasmine warned him to never ever try and explore the world below Cloud's End Cliff.

Yun Che did not attempt to challenge that frightening attractive force because no matter how hard a leaf struggled, it would never be able to overcome the huge wave. He lifted up his hand and looked sternly at the soul crystal that was shining purple… In such a world, how could Ling'er possibly be alive… Once she came into contact with this world, in less than a breath of time, she would be completely devoured by the darkness leaving no trace behind…

How could she still be alive…

Could it be that Su Hengshan really had mixed up the soul crystals?

That's not right… I cannot think this way… How could I possible think this way… Yun Che shook his head miserably, closed his palm and held the soul crystal tightly… I need to believe this soul crystal, I need to believe in Ling'er… and I need to believe in miracles! Ling'er, whom I have already lost once, could appear yet again in my life… What reason do I have to not believe that she could be safely alive still!?

With his head filled with thoughts that Su Ling'er must still be alive, Yun Che stood up once again and ignited his Golden Crow flames. He took each step slowly, searching in the darkness of this creepy world. Even after walking for sometime, the scene that he saw remained the same… Eerie, dark, empty and lonely.

This was simply like an empty world of death. Other than darkness and exceptionally strong devil aura, there was nothing else.

"Ling'er! Ling… Er!!!"

Yun Che started to shout loudly, hoping for the appearance of a miracle. His shouts did not transmit too far in the deep darkness. As he carefully went forward hoping to find something, he started to focus his profound energy on shouting.


"It's Yun Che! Where are you… I know you're here!!"

He proceeded forward step by step and shouted continuously. In the extreme darkness of the world, the light from the flames on his body seemed exceptionally eye catching.

In the darkness, he did not know how far he had walked. He had already shouted more than a thousand times but each time, the reply he got was still darkness and silence.

Finally, Yun Che stopped… subconsciously, he already knew that Su Ling'er could not survive in this world. Within this entire plane, other than him, there was no one nor any living being that could survive in this world.

However, he dared not and was unwilling to accept this cruel truth. He struggled internally to believe that this was definitely Su Ling'er's soul crystal and struggled to chase after the slim chance of a miracle occuring…

He looked up. All he could see was just pure darkness. His heart sank so much that he felt like his chest was exploding. His entire body shuddered as he sucked in a huge breath of air and let out a scream with all his might:

The air vibrated and the shout passed through the darkness, travelling a long distance.


At this time, a long distance away, there was suddenly a dull roar.

This roar came from extremely far away, possibly thousands of kilometers away. However, Yun Che's body was stunned, he temporarily lost his hearing, his chest felt as though it had been smashed by a huge hammer, his organs trembled and a mouthful of blood back flowed through his throat.

This… this was?!

Yun Che retreated several steps before he managed to stabilize himself as his heart was completely shocked… this sound was obviously the cry of a beast!

In this place… there were actually living profound beasts?

In such a world, there were actually living profound beasts?!

Simply having living beings surviving here was enough to shock Yun Che but what shocked him the most was that just the roar of a profound beast from such a distance away was enough to cause him to suffer internal injuries.

It was as though a level eight Monarch had struck him on the chest while he was defenseless.

What kind of frightening strength and what kind of frightening being was that!?

Chapter 882 – The Girl in the Abyss (2)





After that terrifying roar, large numbers of roars resounded from much further away, one after another. In an instant, the previously dead silent, dark world began to slightly tremble and even space itself was faintly shaking. Yun Che quickly channeled his profound energy to resist but his entire body was still numbed by the shock wave from the overbearingly horrifying roar, sending his mind into a daze.

There were living creatures in this place and not only was there more than one, they existed in large numbers!?

After the heaven-shaking roars, Yun Che began to feel the earth trembling. The dark ferocious beasts faraway were evidently quickly approaching… And their speed was incomparably fast.

Though Yun Che really wished to personally witness just what kind of monster could actually survive in this dark world, the strength of a monster that could injure him with just the shockwave from its faraway roar was basically not something that he could retaliate against… No, it had already completely surpassed his range of knowledge and imagination by countless times.

It was possible that it might not be that much weaker than Jasmine herself.

With a monster like that, if he entered its attack range, he basically would not have any possibility of surviving… With his strength, in the face of such a monster, he might not even be able to struggle for a mere instant.

Yun Che hurriedly calmed his energy and blood. Not hesitating any further, he fled in the opposite direction at his fastest speed.

The Extreme Mirage Lightning Yun Che executed with all his might, could be said to be speed at the extreme limits of this plane. However, the beast roars behind him were clearly getting closer and their immensely loud footsteps, that were capable of moving mountains, were becoming even more startling to the ears as well.

The monster behind him not only possessed power, its speed was something he had never seen before either.

Just what in the world is that thing!?

What is going on with the world in this deep abyss?

Why does such a place exist in the Azure Cloud Continent!?

Yun Che's inner heart was filled with the same doubts as Jasmine had back then.

Presently, he was beginning to understand why Jasmine had warned him with an especially stern tone, to never investigate the world beneath Cloud's End Cliff.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!!

The sounds of the footsteps of the monster behind him drew closer and finally, every step it took was as if it was stepping on his heart itself, greatly messing up the rhythm of his heartbeat, making his entire body feel incomparably uncomfortable.

It was extremely rare for foreign bodies to enter the world within this deep abyss and since Yun Che was found to be a completely foreign entity, naturally, he would attract the dark ferocious beasts here and be wildly chased by them.

The pressure coming from behind continued to grow and accompanying it was an unprecedented sense of danger. Though Yun Che had been resisting it with all his might, streaks of blood still began to trickle down from the corner of his lips.

Yun Che glanced behind him. What entered his eyes was still plain darkness and not even the monster's huge silhouette could be seen.

Yun Che forcefully wiped the corner of his lips, his complexion gradually darkened… This can't do. If this keeps up, it will be certain death. Just what should I do?

Turning back was just seeking death, he would be immediately caught by moving forward and going up was even more impossible…

It seemed like he had to first leave this place immediately. No matter how, it was impossible for Ling'er to be in this place.

Yun Che did not hesitate any further. He immediately summoned the Primordial Profound Ark and directly jumped a vertical distance of forty-five kilometers.

Although he was unable to resist against the strange attractive force of this dark world, he could still directly escape by jumping through space with the Primordial Profound Ark. Going up a height of forty-five kilometers was the distance he estimated that could allow him to return to the edge of Cloud's End Cliff.

The Primordial Profound Ark appeared and then disappeared amidst the ripples in space… However, the layers of spatial ripples were a little frail and they disappeared immediately after.

The Primordial Profound Ark's jump was complete. Yun Che left the Primordial Profound Ark and arrived at the outside world… Then, he instantly blanked.

The place he was in, was still the incomparably dark world and his surroundings were filled with an extremely dense amount of dark devil energy. Beneath his feet, it was still that incomprehensibly firm dark ground.

"What's going on?" Yun Che repeatedly confirmed his surroundings, the haze in his heart instantly grew several times heavier.

The approaching terrifying roars had disappeared and his surroundings were dead silent. This proved that he had indeed left the place he was previously at, as he was completely unable to hear the roars of those dark monsters. At the very least, he had traveled several hundred or even several thousand kilometers. However, he had clearly steered the Primordial Profound Ark to jump upwards and it was not even a distance of sixty kilometers. However, his vertical position evidently had not undergone any change!

"…" Yun Che heavily frowned. Not giving up, he once again summoned the Primordial Profound Ark. This time however, the jump coordinates he directed, was a vertical jump of exactly sixty kilometers.

The Primordial Profound Ark appeared and disappeared, completing its second spatial jump.

Leaving the Primordial Profound Ark, Yun Che's feet directly stepped onto the cold hard ground and the terrifying dark devil energy, like the breath of a fiend, blew straight towards his face.

The two consecutive vertical spatial jumps, both ended in failure! Furthermore, there was not a single change in his vertical position during these two times, though an uncertain degree of offset had appeared in his horizontal coordinates.

Yun Che's mood quickly sank… He suddenly recalled Jasmine had once described to him the spatial laws. The spaces in different worlds and different planes were different and like other elements, they were ranked from high to low. The realm of the spatial laws in the Profound Sky Continent was very low, enabling one to tear through it and undergo spatial jumps rather easily. However, in a world which possessed a high realm of spatial laws, tearing space and undergoing spatial jumps were much more difficult.

Jasmine had also once mentioned that the realm of power of the Primordial Profound Ark itself was extremely high, however, with only the Jade of the Nine Suns as its sole energy source, it was basically impossible to unleash its full strength. It could make whimsical jumps in a world like the Profound Sky Continent but within a high level space, the trajectory of the jump could be really easily twisted, which might even make short distance jumps impossible.

These two completely failed spatial jumps had undoubtedly proven to Yun Che that the spatial laws of this dark world were far from being comparable to the world outside.

Very evidently, the jump trajectory of the Primordial Profound Ark was being severely twisted in this world!

However, if he was unable to rely on the Primordial Profound Ark to leave this place, then… would that not mean that he had no choice but to be trapped here for all eternity!?

Yun Che's expression changed. He opened his hand and on his palm, was still that complete soul crystal, emitting a warm purple glow.

No, I must find a way to leave this place!

I have not gotten to see Ling'er and I have yet to pull Xuanyuan Wentian down to purgatory along with me!

I can die but I can't die for naught!

Though I can no longer leave by going up, there might be other exits somewhere.

Yun Che knew in his heart that this possibility was basically close to non-existent, however, since he was still alive, there was no reason for him not to search and try.

Presently, he was completely unaware of where he was in this dark world and he was unable to discern the direction he was facing either. He could only randomly choose a direction and walk forward with heavy steps.

Though this place was covered in absolute darkness, with Yun Che's eyesight that transcended the realm of humans, he could still caught a few blurry silhouettes in the darkness after gradually adapting to it. After walking for a good while, he ignited the Golden Crow flames, brightening up the surrounding space.


Not too long after the Golden Crow flames started burning, a heavy breathing sound suddenly came from behind Yun Che… And after this breathing sound, was a sudden explosive roar.


This roar was different from the ferocious beast that was chasing after him earlier, however, it was similarly terrifying beyond compare. Yun Che's body trembled immensely, his vision instantly darkened and he was so close to spitting out a mouthful of blood.

The previously silent and dark world, was suddenly enveloped by an evil air that could shroud the heavens and the roaring dark ferocious beast stood up from its silence. Amidst the loud resounding roar that could shake the sky and earth, it pounced towards Yun Che's location.

"!!!" Yun Che did not even think, as he fiercely raised his energy and fled forward with his fastest speed.

"Aoouu!! Ouu!!"

With a devil god-like imposing aura and an extremely terrifying roar, the ferocious beast behind him seemed to have gone completely enraged, as if it wanted to annihilate Yun Che at all costs.

Yun Che gnashed his teeth as he constantly looked back. Every time he looked back, he could sense that it had gotten closer to him by a certain extent. Though its speed was inferior compared to the one that had chased him previously, it was still at a level where he could not escape from it with his speed alone.

Could it be that all the monsters here do not have the least bit of reason and only know how to desperately kill all outsiders?

Wait a minute! Could it be… the flames!?

To be capable of living in this dark world, the monsters within it must possess a similar attribute. Jasmine had long mentioned before, that bodies which carried darkness profound energy would averse to or even hate flames. They would even be suppressed by fire profound energy to a certain degree. Especially the flames of the Vermilion Bird… Followed by the Phoenix flames and then the Golden Crow flames.

The purer the dark profound energy, the more it was so.

The dark monster behind him was suddenly alerted right after he ignited the Golden Crow flames as well.

Realizing this point, Yun Che hurriedly extinguished the Golden Crow flames from his entire body, allowing the surrounding world to once again return to complete darkness.

"A… Ouuu!!"

However, the roars behind him persisted and there was not the slightest bit of slowing down or hesitation in its pursuit. The extremely terrifying sense of danger continued to approach from behind.

"Hss… Is it already too late?" Yun Che gritted his teeth in the dark… It seemed like he had to once again rely on the Primordial Profound Ark to forcefully flee.

Though the Primordial Profound Ark was unable to bring him out of this world, at the same time the two former attempts failed, he was still brought to different places… Especially the first time, where he successfully escaped from the dark monster's pursuit.

Yun Che's speed slowed down slightly and he turned his body around in the air. The flames that he had extinguished earlier once again burned… However, they were no longer the Golden Crow flames but the Phoenix flames.

Since a dark monster like you hates and fears flames, then before escaping this place, let me give you a big present!!

The profound energy in Yun Che's entire body poured out and the flaming light from his body exploded forth. A gigantic Phoenix Flaming Lotus speedily bloomed, growing several hundred meters wide in the blink of an eye. Then, it was pushed towards his back with all his might.

The gigantic flaming lotus flew out amidst a sonorous phoenix cry and when it landed on the ground, a stream of crimson flaming light blazed through the darkness, charging straight up into the skies and reaching several hundred meters in height. It released what might be the most intense heat and light in the history of this dark world.

Initially, Yun Che smashed out this flaming lotus with the pure intention of disgusting the dark monster that was relentlessly pursuing him.

However, he was unaware that this action of his had ruthlessly stabbed the hornet's nest of this dark world.




The previously considerably silent dark world, was suddenly blasted with countless thunderous beast roars. Some came from afar, some came from up close and these roars evidently carried incomparably intense ferocity and anger.


The earth and space wildly trembled. Those were the sounds of countless dark ferocious beasts sprinting at the same time. In the sky faraway, extremely shrilling space-tearing sounds could also be heard. Evidently, a large number of flying ferocious beasts were approaching with peerless speed.

One dark monster was already incomparably terrifying, let alone a herd of this size. Their overlapping roars constantly shook Yun Che's body and there were several times where he had almost collapsed. Never did he expect that a causal release of his flames had actually brought about such a terrifying situation. He no longer dared to stay any further, as he charged forward with all his might. At the same time, he quickly summoned the Primordial Profound Ark and set his coordinates, which was still a vertical jump of sixty kilometers.

Where it was going to bring him was not important, as long as it could allow him to escape from the noses of these dark monsters.

The Primordial Profound Ark appeared and under Yun Che's will, its spatial jumping ability activated. Layers of ripples swayed in the surrounding space… However, these ripples were incomparably frail, several times weaker than the previous two times. They could not even be compared to the water ripples caused by a gentle breeze.

Following after, these ripples immediately appeared, while the Primordial Profound Ark stayed at its original position, not having moved in the slightest.

"!!!" Yun Che was shocked in his heart. Though there were situations in the past where he was unable to jump out of independent small worlds, there had never been a case where he could not even undergo a jump within the same world.

Could it be that the spatial laws in this place were far stronger than his previous location, preventing the Primordial Profound Ark from even undergoing a spatial jump?

Not giving up, Yun Che consecutively tried several times but the results were all the same. The Primordial Profound Ark would only bring about frail spatial ripples and would not move in the slightest.

"[email protected]#$%…"

The roars behind him grew even closer and the numbers were increasing as well. Yun Che's hair stood on end. He put away the Primordial Profound Ark and once again raised his speed to the absolute limits, charging towards the darkness in front of him.

Under this immense crisis, his will surpassed his concentration and he ended up not noticing something that was obviously strange. A large number of dark ferocious beasts were startled into moving by his flames but the auras and roars of these ferocious beasts, were all coming from the world behind him.

In the direction he was fleeing to, it had been completely silent from beginning to end, as though no dark ferocious beasts existed there. Not even a single one.

Chapter 883 – The Girl in the Abyss (3)

Yun Che did not know the direction in which he was traveling nor did he know what was ahead of him. The only thing he could do was fly forward with all of his strength. Death would bear down on him the moment he stopped.

The oppressive might that was bearing down on him from behind was growing more and more dreadful, the sound of pursuit growing ever so closer. However, it was at this time that a penetrating cry pierced the air above him. That shrill cry directly covered the darkness monster that had started pursuing him first. A dangerous aura that was even closer and more terrifying than the previous one spread out from above and it swiftly drew near to him using a dreadfully peerless speed.

What was that? What a terrifying speed!

Yun Che was greatly shocked and alarmed because the darkness monster, which was rushing in from above, was at least two to three times faster than the previous monster!

If Jasmine was here, she would instantly be able to tell that this was clearly the primordial devil beast known as the Bane Glass Bird! When she had come here previously, she had also been attacked by a Bane Glass Bird.

This kind of speed was undoubtedly a terrifying nightmare to Yun Che.

With the Bane Glass Bird's dreadful speed, the considerable distance between the two of them had swiftly dwindled in a short period of just over ten breaths.


The shrill cry behind him abruptly turned incredibly sharp, the sound causing Yun Che's entire body to fiercely shiver… Because judging from that sense, the darkness monster that was pursuing him from above was astonishingly only a few kilometers away from him!

Furthermore, when this bird cry sounded, the dangerous aura behind him instantly turned into an aura of death which sent chills running through Yun Che's entire body.

The Bane Glass Bird who had already come within seven kilometers of Yun Che gathered its wings before it violently flung them out wide. In a split second, a howling darkness gale was formed and it hurtled forward with an earth-shaking screech. Wherever this storm of darkness hit, it instantly warped the dark space, which even the Primordial Profound Ark could not jump through, into twisting vortexes.

The instant the storm of darkness arrived, Yun Che felt as if he had been thrown into an abyss of death… He was acutely aware that if he came into contact with this storm of darkness, even if it merely brushed him, he would instantly be wrung into dark powder.

Yun Che's gaze grew dark and heavy as he desperately raised his speed to its very limit. Even though his speed was already peerlessly quick and fierce, the storm of death that bore on from behind grew ever closer…

This would not do… If he maintained his current speed, he would definitely die!


Yun Che fiercely gritted his teeth, his eyes glowing with a tyrannical light. After that, he let out a low roar as he forcefully opened the 【Rumbling Heaven】 gate.


A profound energy storm violently exploded outwards from Yun Che's body. His profound energy immediately turned scarlet red. As his profound strength explosively increased by several times, his speed also abruptly increased as he frantically tore through the darkness at a frantic rate…


The storm of death smashed against the ground behind Yun Che, reducing the dark ground which was countless times stronger than profound steel into countless motes of dust. The intervening space immediately became riddled with holes.

After that peerlessly dreadful destructive power erupted, the remaining power spread out in waves that buffeted the surrounding space that was tens of kilometers wide…

Before Yun Che, who had forcefully opened the 【Rumbling Heaven】 gate to escape certain death, even had time to catch his breath, the extremely dangerous aura hurtled in from behind once again. His pupils contracted and he did not have enough time to even turn around but he nearly instinctively activated the Evil God Barrier.


Yun Che's back was buffeted by a backlash wave that had been emitted by the storm of death.

It was merely a backlash wave that had yet to dissipate and its strength could only be described as weak compared to the center of that storm. But for Yun Che, this "weak" backlash wave was still akin to an incredibly dreadful disaster.

With an explosive ring, his Evil God Barrier instantly collapsed and fractured and his entire body shot out at a speed that was even faster than his fastest speed. He flew for an entire thirty five kilometer before fiercely smashing against the ground.

"Cough… cough, cough… cough…"

Yun Che planted his palms on the ground as he gingerly lifted himself off the ground before coughing out more than ten mouthfuls of bright red blood.

After he had perfectly obtained Feng Xue'er's Phoenix vital yin, his strength had risen explosively and he had reached the pinnacle of strength in this world. Besides Xuanyuan Wentian, the Little Demon Empress, and Feng Xue'er, there was no one else who could rival him/.

But within this dreadful dark abyss, he was like a young and tender child who had mistakenly crawled into a demon's den, he was so weak that even a touch could consign him to death.

It was just a backlash wave that had been dispersed from far away but it practically took away half his life… and this was when he had even activated the Evil God Barrier.

Right now, Yun Che did not have time to even consider what kind of crazy place this was. He stood up and staggered forward… Forcefully opening up Rumbling Heaven had already done an enormous amount of damage to his body and before he even had time to catch his breath, he had sustained such a dreadful amount of damage yet again. But he had to stand up, because the moment he stopped, he would die.

"Cough… cough, cough…"

Yun Che pressed a hand against his chest and the fierce pain that he felt from his internal organs told him that most of his vital organs had ruptured. It felt exceptionally difficult to even walk and if there was light in this place, one would be able to see a long trail of blood dripped along the ground that he had traversed.

I… still cannot die yet…

His steps were heavy and his wounds were so serious that he was unable to take to the air. Even his consciousness was starting to grow blurry. After he had taken more than ten steps, he finally sensed that something was amiss and he slowly turned around.

Those terrifying bestial roars and earth-shaking footsteps that had rung out behind him had completely disappeared.

The dangerous aura that had engulfed him had also completely dissipated.

What was going on?

Has my consciousness become muddled to such a great extent?

However, all of this was not Yun Che's misperception. Tens of kilometers away, those profound beasts that had been chasing after Yun Che had completely stopped their pursuit. Even the sounds of their howls and roars had completely died down and they did not dare to advance even a step further.

It was as if the region in front of them was a forbidden ground that they absolutely could not enter.

Yun Che did not know what had happened behind him. He trudged forward in the darkness and he did not even know how long he had been walking for. At the moment when he was just about to collapse, he suddenly fell against a hard and solid wall.

After he had run around in this unknown and vast world for such a long period of time, he had finally touched something other than the ground.

Yun Che, who had finally found something to support him, leaned against the wall for a while as he gasped for breath. Now that he had arrived at this point, he was able to confirm one thing, his feeling that those profound beasts had abruptly stopped their pursuit was not due to his senses growing blurry.

Before he could even consider the reason for this, he had to regulate his energy and blood first. So he sat down and started to treat his injuries. At this time, he suddenly saw a gleam of purple light out of the corner of his eye.

Yun Che's heart was shaken and he swiftly turned his head around as he focused his vision on that spot… He had not been mistaken, there was indeed a gleam of purple-colored light coming from a spot that was somewhere in front of him.

This gleam of light was extremely faint and weak but in this world that only contained endless darkness, the existence of this light was undoubtedly extremely unusual.


Yun Che subconsciously muttered to himself

Yun Che gave up on healing himself. He leaned against the wall and dragged his heavily wounded body towards the purple light, his leaden feet dragging against the ground. He was not being motivated by his curiosity. He was moving to the light because this gleam of light in this incomparably dreadful world of darkness was undoubtedly a dazzling ray of hope!

As he moved forward, the purple light grew increasingly closer and increasingly brighter in his vision. Gradually, Yun Che could sense a strangely familiar feeling from this purple light.

This purple light… I have definitely seen it somewhere before!

What could it be?

Yun Che gasped roughly as he strove to pick up speed. After he had walked a very far distance and seemed to be very near to that purple light, he abruptly reached a bend in the wall that he had been using to support himself.

After he turned the corner, he stood in a complete daze for a while.

What appeared in front of his eyes was a world that was filled by a bewitching purple light.

There were countless stalks of fantastical flowers swaying amidst this purple light. Scores of bewitching flowers bloomed proudly upon deep purple stalks. Every single petal of these flowers seemed to be like gleaming purple jade, they released a bright purple light and a faint and indistinct dull purple fog that seemed to come from the depths of the netherworld floated around them.

The purple light that filled this space had all come from these bewitching purple flowers.

Within this incomparably dreadful world of darkness, Yun Che's flames could only illuminate an area that was not even ten feet wide but these bewitching flowers could clearly illuminate a very large area and the light that was being radiated was incredibly clear. It seemed to be near at hand and it was not dimmed by the darkness at all.

Yun Che dumbly stood in place and it seemed as if his entire body had been petrified.

These bewitching purple flowers were clearly Netherworld Udumbara Flowers!!

Before this, he and Jasmine had spent an entire seven years just to find the traces of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower in the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest. Jasmine had also said that it was likely that the flower they had found in the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest was the only one that could be found on this plane.

However right now, tens of thousands of Netherworld Udumbara Flowers swayed before him in full bloom, forming a gigantic sea of Netherworld Udumbara Flowers.

It was as if he had been thrust from a dark world of death into a purple-colored netherworld dimension.

However, the Netherworld Udumbara Flower was not only incomparably bewitching, its most unique trait, which was also its most dreadful trait… was its ability to steal one's soul!!

Even though Yun Che was still rather far away from this sea of flowers, he was heavily injured and was being bathed by the purple light that radiated from tens of thousands of netherworld Udumbara Flowers. So in a short amount of time, the vision of those eyes which stared at the sea of Netherworld Udumbara Flowers grew increasingly blurry as his pupils swiftly expanded without him noticing.

Yun Che rapidly tried to raise his guard but it was already too late. He wanted to retreat but he could barely even feel the existence of his body, and his vision and consciousness very swiftly grew blurry.

When he had gone to the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, Yun Che had personally experienced the dreadfulness of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower and he was even more acutely aware that the dreadful result of having one's soul stolen was no different from death.

He fiercely bit down on the tip of his tongue as he regained some clarity of mind but his body, which had slipped out of his control, swiftly sank to the ground.

This could not happen… He definitely could not faint here.

Yun Che fiercely gritted his teeth but his wounds were too severe and his complexion was exceptionally pale. At this moment, he suddenly saw a silver-colored figure slowly drift out of the sea of purple flowers through his blurry eyes.

"Ah…" Yun Che's body had completely collapsed to the ground. He desperately tried to widen his eyes and look towards that silver-colored figure…

It seemed to be the figure of a human and it was very tiny and delicate, it was just as small as Hong'er. The silver that gleamed in his eyes came from the light that gleamed on her long hair and her body was covered by a layer of lustrous white light.

She slowly floated over, her feet not touching the ground but her silver-colored hair was long enough to reach the ground.

His consciousness grew more and more blurry and his blurred vision could no longer clearly distinguish outlines or colors. Yun Che's eyes closed many times but he forcefully opened them each and every time. And every time he regained his vision, he discovered that the figure that floated over from the sea of flowers had grown closer by several degrees.

After he barely managed to open his eyes for the last time, he saw an unfathomably beautiful pair of eyes that was right in front of him.

A pair… of eyes that seemed to glitter with all the colors of the rainbow.

"Who… are… you…"

Yun Che let out an extremely weak and faint voice as his vision turned white before everything turned black and his consciousness completely faded away.