Against the Gods


Against the Gods Chapter 876-879

Chapter 876 – Su'er's Whereabouts

Among the disciples of Seven Stars Divine Palace that came here, the weakest was still a Throne, not to mention that there were two early stage Overlords. Any one of them was a powerful god-like existence to the Grandwake Clan disciples and even to all the profound practitioners of the entire Rivereast Region. However, in a blink of an eye, they were annihilated by flames and penetrated by cold ice.

Not a single one of them made contact with Yun Che's sleeves, nor was there even a single moment of struggle. They were just a living bunch of worms that charged forward and ended up tyrannically mowed down with a step of his foot.

The sickly pale face of the black-robed divine envoy had already turned miserably white from fear. As level eight Overlord, he had initially felt absolutely assured in his victory over Yun Che, whose profound aura was merely at the sixth level of the Tyrant Realm. However, even if he was an idiot, by now, he should have understood that Yun Che's strength was definitely not as simple as being in the ranks of a level six Overlord.

The most terrifying thing was that the other party basically did not care about their Seven Stars Divine Palace background in the slightest. During the two times he attacked, they were all fatal blows that were completely relentless with nothing held back!

The feet of the black-robed divine envoy retreated amidst his shock and fear. Then, he fiercely pushed away from the crowd, squeezing out his fastest speed.

However, how could Yun Che possibly let him escape? Reaching out his hand and grasping it, a blue light softly flashed and an ice wall was instantly condensed right in front of the black-robed divine envoy.

Caught by surprise, the black-robed divine envoy, who was desperately squeezing out and escaping, ruthlessly crashed onto the ice wall. Following after, an irresistible immense energy could be felt from behind, pulling him towards Yun Che's direction at extreme speed.

The black-robed divine envoy desperately struggled. However, even after using all his strength, he was unable to escape from Yun Che's power in the slightest. Under immense fear, vile intentions sprouted amidst his fright. He no longer struggled but had instead suddenly turned around. Letting out a wild roar, the profound energy in his entire body gathered in his arm and then struck towards Yun Che head-on while carrying an astonishing profound energy vortex.


There was neither an ear-trembling blast nor sounds of air explosions but merely a light ring that sounded especially dull. In a casual manner, Yun Che's hand had already grabbed onto the black-robed divine envoy's fist, which was infused with all of the divine envoy's profound energy. In an instant, the profound energy vortex disappeared without a trace, while the profound energy that the black-robed divine envoy condensed had completely scattered as well. His entire body was thus fixated in midair, his eyes widened due to extreme fear and were on the verge of exploding.


Yun Che's face was ice-cold as his hand slightly squeezed. A clear bone shattering sound instantly resounded.

The black-robed divine envoy screamed miserably and he instantly knelt on the ground. His left hand was tightly clasping his right wrist, yet he was unable to free himself in the slightest. The intense pain drained his entire body of its color and his forehead was raining with sweat.

"You… just who in the world… are… you…"

The black-robed divine envoy trembled, his voice was coarse. His strength as an level eight Overlord was actually this weak in the face of the person in front of him. To be capable of accomplishing a feat of this extent, one definitely had to possess strength at the level of a Monarch.

Even in his dreams he would never have expected that the foreign young man who suddenly appeared in front of him was actually a Monarch!

As for the surrounding Grandwake Clan disciples, their souls had already scattered from astonishment. The faces of Su Haoran, Su Hengyue, and the rest had long lost all of their color. They wanted to retreat but their legs had gone incomparably limp due to their intense trembling. Forget about escaping, they would soon be incapable of even standing stably.

Their current postures were not just because of their astonishment and fear… Yun Che's aura had long enveloped all of their bodies; it was as though an enormous mountain was heavily pressing them down.

Facing the black-robed divine envoy's question, Yun Che simply smiled with incomparable coldness.

Crack crack crack…

Like several hundreds of beans exploding at the same time, the bones of the entire right arm of the black-robed divine envoy were heartlessly shattered in a blink of an eye. The black-robed divine envoy let out the miserable squeal of pigs being slaughtered and his entire body spasmed like a worm that was about to die. Large beads of sweat wildly poured down from all over his body.

"Spare my life… Hero… Spare… my… spare my life…"

His instincts to plead for his life caused the black-robed divine envoy to let out cries for mercy, his distorted face was filled with a lowly, pleading look. Yun Che was still grabbing onto his bone-shattered right hand without loosening his grip and he coldly said, "I shall ask one last time, tell me all the news you have received about Su Ling'er, otherwise…"

"I will say it… I will say it!" The black-robed divine envoy desperately nodded as he hissed out under intense pain. "Six… Six hours ago… I received news… that someone in the Mythical Abode Mountain Range… saw a person who was most likely Su Ling'er… This is all I know… Presently, this is all the news concerning Su Ling'er… Spare my life… I'm someone from Seven Stars Divine Palace… Spare my life…"

Hearing the black-robed divine envoy's words, Yun Che's body trembled, his eyes revealed an incomparably agitated glow.

Mythical Abode Mountain Range?

Located south of the Country of Supwake, separating Country of Supwake and Southern Sky Country was the Mythical Abode Mountain Range!

The Cloud's End Cliff which he fell into back then, was exactly within the Mythical Abode Mountain Range.

Yun Che calmed his breathing and continued. "If that's the case, according to the news received, I assume all the people of your Seven Stars Divine Palace are currently gathered at the Mythical Abode Mountain Range to capture Su Ling'er?"

"Yes…" The black-robed divine envoy nodded tremblingly.

"Good…" Yun Che's eyes revealed a fierce light. "Right now, you shall do something for me. Immediately send a sound transmission to your people and have them stop chasing after Su Ling'er this instant!"

"Ah…" The black-robed divine envoy's eyes widened. "Hero… There's something you're unaware of… The people chasing after Su Ling'er… are all under the instructions of an elder in our Divine Palace… I am but a mere Hall seat… and I'm only staying here to interrogate… Su Hengshan… I'm basically… unable to give them orders… Ugh…"

Yun Che's expression sank and no longer wasted any more of his breath on him. His other hand suddenly stretched out and his profound handle charged straight into the black-robed divine envoy's soul.

The black-robed divine envoy's will had long crumbled under the fear and pain and his soul was basically devoid of any retaliating forces. In an instant, the consciousness of his soul was infiltrated by the profound handle.

Yun Che began to quickly retrieve his recent month’s' worth of memories. The causes and consequences behind all the Grandwake Clan's changes gradually surfaced in his mind.

The history of the Grandwake Clan was not considered long and until now, with everything calculated in, it had only amounted to about nine hundred years. On the six hundredth year, when an ancestor of Grandwake Clan headed towards the southern territory, he coincidentally saved someone who had been miserably hunted down and was at his dying breath. However, that person still ended up losing his life in the end and right before he died, he handed a pitch-black box to him.

Stored inside was something called the 【Coiling Dragon's Feeler】.

The Coiling Dragon Feeler was similar to the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus which Xia Qingyue ate back then, it was something comparable to a "sacred object" that could be hardly seen in several hundred years. When Xia Qinyue took the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus after being refined by the Sky Poison Pearl six years ago, she broke through into the Emperor Profound Realm from the Earth Profound Realm in just a single day. On the other hand, the medicinal effects of the Coiling Dragon Feeler were much fiercer than the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus. Profound practitioners with strength below the Sky Profound Realm would immediately die from self-imploding when taking it, making it only usable for profound practitioners with strength comparable to and above the Sky Profound Realm.

If a Sky Profound Realm profound practitioner took in a refined Coiling Dragon Feeler, that profound practitioner would immediately break through a large realm, achieving the level of a Throne.

Furthermore, Seven Stars Divine Palace also possessed a divine pellet that was ranked at the apex of the Azure Cloud Continent and was famous throughout the world—the "Seven Stars Heaven Crossing Pellet". Its effects were to allow someone at the peak of the Emperor Profound Realm to immediately breakthrough that bottleneck, achieving the level of a Overlord, similar to the Overlord Pellet of the Illusory Demon Realm.

And, the material for the "Seven Stars Heaven Crossing Pellet" that was the most important and also the hardest to find, was exactly the Coiling Dragon's Feeler. Even with the forces of Seven Stars Divine Palace, they could only find one an average of once every two hundred years. Once traces of a Coiling Dragon Feeler could be sniffed, they would obtain it no matter the price… Even if they had to annihilate an entire clan to seize it.

That person who was saved by the ancestor of the Grandwake Clan, was precisely being hunted down by Seven Stars Divine Palace. Their reason was naturally to seize the Coiling Dragon Feeler from his hands.

The ancestor of the Grandwake Clan brought the Coiling Dragon Feeler back to the Grandwake Clan from the southern territory. He was deeply aware that this Coiling Dragon Feeler was enough to allow their Grandwake Clan to ascend to the skies and was even more so aware that if this was exposed, a crisis of the annihilation of their clan would probably be brought upon them. He had hesitated for a long time over keeping it and personally handing it to Seven Stars Divine Palace and in the end, he chose the former. He sealed the Coiling Dragon Feeler in an absolutely secret place and left behind an unique key, which was then passed down to every generation of Clan Master. Only when a genius with an upright conduct had broken through the Sky Profound Realm under the age of thirty-five appeared in the clan could it be retrieved with the key, allowing that disciple to take in the Coiling Dragon Feeler and achieve the level of a powerful Throne. That person would then inherit the position as the new Clan Master, leading the Grandwake Clan to even greater and more prosperous heights.

All these were recorded in the secret codex left behind by that ancestor of the Grandwake Clan and this secret codex could only be read by each generation of Grandwake Clan Masters. Thus, other than every generation of Clan Masters, no one else was aware just what this "treasure" being passed down through the generations of Grandwake Clan was. They only knew that only when a peerless genius were to appear in the clan, could the "treasure" finally be retrieved.

In these few years, Su Haoran had been harboring ulterior motives and had deliberately wanted to pry into the secrets of the clan treasure. Then, one time, he took the opportunity while Su Hengshan was not in the clan to overturn his inner chamber and accidentally activated a hidden profound formation. He discovered that secret codex and from then on, found out about the origin and secret behind the clan treasure.

After finding out that one had to be at least in the Sky Profound Realm to take in the Coiling Dragon Feeler and without sufficient profound strength, forcefully taking it in would be undoubtedly an act of suicide, Su Haoran was disappointed and resentful that even if he obtained it, there was nothing he could do with it. However, his foolishness and madness had led him to forming the thought of dedicating it to Seven Stars Divine Palace to curry their favor.

But he did not speak of this to Su Hengshan nor anyone else. Rather, he secretly came up with countless schemes and at all costs, searched for opportunities to speak with people from Seven Stars Divine Palace face-to-face… After all, this was a "huge merit" belonging to him, he definitely could not make use of others to pass on the message.

After two years worth of "hard work," he finally obtained an opportunity and informed a "divine envoy" of Seven Stars Divine Palace the news of a "Coiling Dragon Feeler" being hidden within the Grandwake Clan face-to-face.

From then on, after Su Haoran, who had received Seven Stars Divine Palace's "commendation," returned to the Grandwake Clan, he speedily collaborated with Su Hengyue, Su Wangji and Black Wood Stronghold, to force Su Hengshan to hand over the key to the treasure. With the terrifying "Seven Stars Divine Palace" as their backing, members of the Grandwake Clan fearfully defected to Su Haoran's side one after another.

As for all those who were not obedient, other than Su Hengshan, they were heartlessly massacred and their corpses were abandoned in the bamboo forest in the rear mountains.

Yun Che's hand slowly loosened from the black-robed divine envoy's head, the peripheral light in the corner of his eyes swept towards the trembling Su Haoran. With his head lowered, he slowly said. "It seems you did not lie. In that case, I shall keep my promise and grant you a pleasant death!"

"Uugh…" Deep fear and despair surfaced on the black-robed divine envoy's face.

Yun Che withdrew his hand, flinging the black-robed divine envoy onto the ground and then, stomped his foot.


Yun Che's right foot instantly stomped through the black-robed divine envoy's chest, heavily landing onto the ground's surface. A mashed bloody hole appeared in his chest from the stomp and a large amount of scarlet blood, broken bones and organs fiercely scattered, sprinkling the surrounding area of about a dozen meters with stains of blood.

The four limbs of the black-robed divine envoy spasmed before he completely went silent, no longer making a single breathing sound.

Yun Che raised his leg, yet his leg was not stained even with the slight trace of blood. He kicked away the black-robed divine envoy's tattered corpse in disgust and then his fingers gently moved.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang…

The Trees of Frozen End that buried all of the Divine Palace disciples heartlessly exploded. The Divine Palace disciples who endured the long ice hell torture let out their final screams of despair as their bodies fragmented and shattered amidst the fluttering snowflakes that filled the sky.

Looking at the scattered ice crystals and broken corpses, the large number of Grandwake Clan disciples in the surroundings toppled onto the ground. Amidst their screams, as though they had awoken from their dreams, all of them dropped the weapons in their hands and fled in a haphazard manner.

"Heh, still thinking of fleeing!?" The corner of Yun Che's lips revealed a cruel cold smile. His palm slowly opened and flames were ignited. The sky above the Grandwake Clan was suddenly covered entirely in red.


Chapter 877 – A Will That Hovered Between Life and Death

The aura of death hurtled down from below and blanketed the area. The fleeing disciples of the Grandwake Clan screamed in pain and terror as they felt like they had suddenly been thrown into a blazing furnace.

Just as a raging Yun Che was about to burn them all to ashes, Su Hengshan’s hurried shout rang out behind him, “Yun Che! Don’t hurt them!”

Yun Che’s movements stopped for a moment but he only stopped for just that moment. After that, he immediately flipped his palms as the flames that were hovering in the sky mercilessly exploded downwards.

“Stop… STOP!!!”

Those loud yells nearly tore Su Hengshan’s throat… In an instant, the flames which filled the sky stopped in place while Yun Che’s expression fluctuated. Amid the stifling fear which had seized everyone’s heart, he finally took in a deep breath and withdrew his palms.

The flames in the air had all been extinguished as well, immediately allowing the gathered members of the Grandwake Clan to escape that terrifying and hellish furnace. After that, all of them sank to the ground limply, their bodies shaking in fear.

Su Hengshan’s lips trembled before he spoke in an agonised voice, “Spare them. Seven Stars Divine Palace. These four words are far too terrifying, so they had no choice but to go along. It was not even for their own lives but for the lives of all of their family members… Their sin is not worthy of death.”

“Their sin isn’t worthy of death?” Yun Che asked in a deep voice, “Then could it be that you committed a sin that was worthy of death? Or could it be that those other clan members, whose bodies litter the bamboo forest, deserved death?”

“The ones who were truly loyal to the Grandwake Clan have all died a terrible death but these vile things who have betrayed their clan, renounced their ancestors, harmed their fellow clan members and clan master and willingly became someone else’s lapdog deserve to live instead?”

As he thought of his fellow clan members who had thrown their bodies in front of him and collapsed one by one in their own blood, Su Hengshan’s heart was filled with agony. Tears streamed from his eyes as he spoke, “The result of today’s events is mainly due to the uselessness of this clan master and my incompetence in educating my own children. They meant to do me harm but I am unable to watch them suffer injustice. Too many people from the Grandwake Clan have died already… Let them go…”

Yun Che’s words caused all the disciples of the Grandwake Clan to bow their heads in shame but Su Hengshan’s words caused all of them to tremble violently. They felt so ashamed that they wished for death and they were unable to lift their heads.

Since Yun Che had already withdrawn his Golden Crow flames, he was not planning on wiping all of them out anymore. His eyes coldly swept across the surrounding area as his spoke in an incredibly dark and grave tone, “Sincerely kowtow ten times to Clan Master Su. After that is done, all of you are to disappear from my sight immediately! Also, you are never to call yourselves members of the Grandwake Clan ever again!”

Yun Che’s words were undoubtedly a special pardon for all of them. The gathered disciples of the Grandwake Clan collapsed to their knees in panic as they heavily banged their heads against the ground as they faced Su Hengshan… Their kowtows were especially deep and heavy and it was not only due to their desire to live, it was also because of the gratitude and shame that burned in their hearts.

“Clan Master, it is we who have wronged you. We are not even worthy to be called dogs or pigs. We will never have the face to ever see you again, we wish you… all the best!”

“Clan Master, in our next lives, we will definitely work like cows and horses for you in order to repay your great magnanimity…”

Tears streamed down the faces of some of the Grandwake Clan disciples who had finished performing their kowtows. There were others who kowtowed tens of times, smashing their heads against the ground until their heads bled and there were still others who bid farewell to Su Hengshan while kowtowing; they were too ashamed to look him in the eye.

They made their retreat swiftly, before all of them finally dispersed. Yun Che observed their flight coldly but he did not block their retreat.

Su Haoran, Su Hengyue, and Su Wangji were huddled together. All of them were planning on quiety creeping away but a heavy, icy-cold aura suddenly pressed down on them, causing all of them to freeze in place.

“Did I say the three of you could leave?” Yun Che’s bone-piercingly dark voice rang out from behind them.

All of three men trembled as they turned around. Their legs had grown weak and they were on the verge of sinking to their knees. Their lips moved continuously but not a single sound came from their throats.

“Su Hengyue, Su Wangji,” Yun Che said, his dark and tyrannical gaze piercing the two pale-faced men, “Six years ago, the both of you teamed up together with Black Wood Stronghold in order to intimidate and threaten Clan Master Su. Those actions were already equivalent to betraying your clan and even if the both of you had been killed on the spot, it would not have been unjustified. But on account of your relationship with the clan, Clan Master Su not only did not seize the opportunity to severely punish you, he even directly overlooked your actions, deciding not to pursue the matter any further. But the two of you were not only not grateful towards him in the slightest, you actually even conspired to commit such an ungrateful and ugly act!”

“And as for you, Su Haoran,” Yun Che said as he gritted his teeth lightly. “As the Young Clan Master of the Grandwake Clan, you terribly harmed your own clan members and your own father for the sake of personal gain! You destroyed the foundation that the Grandwake Clan had built up for hundreds of years in a single day! You are simply completely devoid of conscience, not even worthy to be called a dog or a pig, a person who deserves to be struck by lightning! So are you shameless enough to still think you deserve to live!!?”

Su Haoran’s entire body trembled uncontrollably before he suddenly knelt to the ground and started kowtowing towards Su Hengshan without stopping, “Father, I was wrong… I’m truly repentant, save me… Save me please… Father!!”

“You still have the face to call him father?” Yun Che said as he slowly advanced towards them, his mind flashing with the most terrible and cruel ways to ensure that they died in great agony. “The fact that Clan Master Su has a son like you and the fact that Ling’er has a elder brother like you is truly the greatest shame of their entire lives.”

“All of you can go as well,” Su Hengshan’s disappointed voice rang out from behind Yun Che, causing their bodies to jump.

“Never ever appear before me again… I have no desire to see any of you again.” Su Hengshan’s eyes were downcast, his voice drifting, it was as if he was talking to himself.

“…” Yun Che’s feet ground to a halt, his face a cold and frigid mask.

Su Haoran and the other two people could barely believe their own ears after they had heard Su Hengshan’s words. All three of them widened their eyes as they climbed to their feet while shaking in fear. They tried to see if they could retreat a few steps… and after that, they practically bowled themselves over as they scrambled to flee like three dogs that had their tails snipped off.

Yun Che stood at his original spot and did not pursue them. It was only after a long period of time that he finally turned around and arrived in front of Su Hengshan.

Su Hengshan sank to the ground limply, his head drooping low amidst his unkempt hair. He muttered to himself, “Yun Che, my present state is definitely something that you despise… Heh heh heh…” He gave a miserable laugh before continuing, “If it was any other clan master, they would have long ago leaped at the chance to personally tear them to shreds but I… I was not able to do so…”

“These past few years, I have always remembered our relationship as a clan and a family. As a result, I kept compromising and giving way to them, thinking that this would definitely be able to correct everything. But in the end, I… am simply not fit to be a clan master. If not for my indecisiveness, compassion and soft-hearted ways, the Grandwake Clan would not have walked this path under my supervision…”

Su Hengshan’s shoulders were heaving as hot tears flowed down his face.

“…” Yun Che did not deny Su Hengshan’s words because six years ago, he had already seen Su Hengshan’s soft-heartedness and compassion.

“Clan Master Su, perhaps you were indeed unfit to be the leader of a clan but at the very least, you are someone worthy of respect and everything you have done in your lifetime has been done with a clear conscience and is above all reproach,” Yun Che said sincerely.

Su Hengshan’s shoulders stopped heaving at those words. He raised his head and steadily looked at Yun Che, “Yun Che, did you come this time for Ling’er? Does the current you still… still remember the words you said six years ago? Are you still willing… to take care of Ling’er?”

The Yun Che six years ago had given him a far too distant and hollow feeling. The current Yun Che had grown strong to the point where Su Hengshan believed that he would never be able to fathom his strength. During these six long years, he had never truly dared to believe that this kind of person would still be willing to marry his ordinary daughter.

“I remember, of course I remember.” Yun Che nodded with incredible vigor, “All of these years, I was not able to return because… because of circumstances that I could not control. But during the past six years, Ling’er has always been on my mind. Don’t worry, I will immediately go and find Ling’er. I will definitely bring Ling’er back safe and sound, no matter what, even if I have to bet my own life.”

“Good… Good!” Su Hengshan’s eyes once again flowed with tears. He could sense the pure sincerity and concern in Yun Che’s voice and eyes… From the moment Yun Che had killed all of the people from Seven Stars Divine Palace for his and Ling’er’s sake, he had no reason to not believe him.

Su Hengshan stretched out a hand and retrieved a small and exquisite crystal. It was shaped like a rhombus and radiated a weak purple light.

“This is?” Yun Che unconsciously spoke.

“This is Ling’er’s soul crystal,” Su Hengshan said softly. After that, he carefully and gently placed it in Yun Che’s hand. Su Hengshan’s solemn and dignified attitude made it seem like he was entrusting his entire world to Yun Che, “As long as this soul crystal does not shatter, it means that Ling’er is still alive. If Ling’er is in the vicinity, its light will grow stronger… I beg you please, definitely find Ling’er.”

Ling’er’s… soul crystal!

Yun Che held it softly in his hand before gravely nodding his head, “Alright. Don’t you worry, I will definitely bring Ling’er back safely.”

“Good, good.” Su Hengshan said with a light nod of his head, a small and relieved smile finally showing on his face, “Then I will entrust… Ling’er to your care.”

Just as he was about to agree, he suddenly sensed that there was something wrong with Su Hengshan’s words.

Just as he had sensed this, Su Hengshan’s entire body shook before his eyes lost their luster. His body slowly toppled to the side, a bright stream of blood running down the side of his mouth.

“Clan Master Su!!”

Yun Che was so startled that the color drained from his face. He rushed to Su Hengshan’s side at lightning speed, extending a hand to catch his body. But he discovered that his life force was swiftly flowing away like a stream of flowing water.

This was… the severing of one’s own life veins!

Yun Che instantly understood what was happening. Su Hengshan wanted him to be able to rescue Su Ling’er without anything distracting him and he was afraid that if he still lived, he would only become a burden on Yun Che which would cause him to delay his rescue of Su Ling’er.

Besides that, he let off those disciples of the Grandwake Clan while feeling like he had let down those fellow clan members who had died for him and acknowledging that today’s result had all been his responsibility.

Therefore, he chose to commit suicide by severing his own life veins once he had entrusted Su Ling’er’s safety to Yun Che.

“Clan Master Su… Clan Master Su!!”

Yun Che continued to shout but Su Hengshan gave no response. This caused Yun Che to immediately recall what had happened all those years ago under the Heavenly Sword Villa’s Sword Management Terrace. His grandfather Yun Canghai had chosen to sever his own lifeline so that Yun Che could see the light of day again…

Yun Canghai had done it for him.

Su Hengshan had done it for Su Ling’er.

He was indeed not qualified as a clan master but he definitely was a great father.

He could not save his grandfather all those years ago, the only thing he could do was kneel on the ground and weep…

Today, while facing another such situation, how could he sit back and allow the same sequence of events to play out right before his eyes!!?

Yun Che firmly gritted his teeth as he activated the Great Way of the Buddha with all of his strength. Instantly, a golden pagoda appeared over his head. Yun Che pressed one hand to Su Hengshan’s brow and the other hand to his heart as he started to pour pure energy of heaven and earth into his body. He firmly sealed the last bit of life force Su Hengshan had as he tried to slowly repair his severed life veins.

“Clan Master Su… Don’t die! Ling’er is still waiting for you! Don’t die!” Yun Che yelled in a low voice as sweat cascaded down his forehead.

The eyes of the Ling’er who had zealously defended him during their past lives was forever clouded by melancholy that could not be dispelled.

So how could he allow the Ling’er who had miraculously been given back to him to return to that previous condition!

Fifteen minutes passed and under the miraculous power of the Rage God, Su Hengshan’s life force stopped slipping away and even started to slowly recover. Su Hengshan’s eyes cracked open, his dull pupils slowly regaining focus. His lips trembled as he croaked in a hoarse voice, “Don’t… bother with me.. Go save Ling’er… Go and save Ling’er quickly…”

“I will definitely find Ling’er and bring her back!” Yun Che yelled loudly as his brows sunk, “But you definitely can’t die either! If you die, then what will Ling’er do!? Do you want her to be parentless from now on!? Do you want her to live a cold and lonely existence with no one that she can rely on!!?”

“I…” Su Hengshan muttered with a face filled with pain.

Yun Che was already someone destined for death so he would not be able to take care of Ling’er for life… Yun Che knew this well but Su Hengshan did not. If Su Hengshan died as well, then Su Ling’er would truly be alone and without support.

“Clan Master Su, if you really mean well for Ling’er, then you must live properly as well! Do you think that you are being very magnanimous if you do such a thing!? Bullshit! Could it be that you want to deprive Ling’er of her father at such a young age? Could it be that you want her to live a pain-filled life, suffering under the dark shadow left behind by the fact that her own father severed his own life veins because of her? You’re just being selfish right now! It’s utterly foolish!”

“Even if you don’t want to be reunited with your daughter, Ling’er definitely… she definitely wants to be reunited with you!!”

Yun Che’s roars caused the pupils of Su Hengshan’s eyes to continuously contract. As they contracted, his eyes gradually grew hazy and after that his eyes closed as he fell unconscious once more.

But Yun Che could clearly sense that the will to die had completely vanished from his body. What replaced it was an incredibly fierce will to survive.


Chapter 878 – Mythical Abode Mountain Range

Based on anyone’s knowledge, the result of self-severing of one’s own life vein was inevitable death. In this plane of existence, only Yun Che’s Rage God powers were able to allow someone who had self-severed the life vein to come back to life.

Su Hengshan’s aura still remained exceptionally weak but luckily, it had stabilized. Furthermore, his desire for death had already disappeared. If there were no accidents, his life was no longer in danger.

Yun Che removed his hands from Su Hengshan’s body before feeding him three of Frozen Cloud Asgard’s Snow-colored Pellets. Only after that did he let out a long sigh of relief. However, repairing the life vein was not something that could be done quickly. Even with Yun Che’s power of the Rage God, it still required several months of time.

He shifted Su Hengshan into the Primordial Profound Ark, stood up and muttered, “Ling’er, wait for me!”

The Mythical Abode Mountain Range lay far south. Yun Che knew the approximate position and distance, however, he did not immediately enter the Primordial Profound Ark to undergo spatial transfer nor did he head towards the south. Instead, he flew the opposite way, towards the north.d

Su Haoran, Su Hengyue, and Su Wangji who had all just escaped from death rushed towards the north like a bunch of homeless animals after they left the Grandwake Clan. As they were escaping, they did not even dare to stop for a short rest as they were afraid Yun Che would suddenly change his mind and chase them… He even dared to kill members of Seven Stars Divine Palace without hesitation, to kill them would be no different from trampling three ants to death.

Escaping with all their lives, they could not tell how far they had already run. Only when they were completely out of strength did they collapse on the ground and breathe heavily. Their faces were pale white and their souls unsettled.

“Should be… should be safe already,” Grand Elder Su Wangji muttered. When he looked behind them, Grandwake Mountain was already more than fifty kilometers away.

“Young Master, what should we… do now?” Su Hengyue asked while breathing heavily.

“Huff… huff…” Escaping just now, Su Haoran nearly burst his lungs. He lay on the ground, relaxing for a long time before he gritted his teeth and complained half in shock and half begrudgingly while his entire body trembled, “Let’s go to Seven Stars Divine Palace… Yun Che killed their people, Seven Stars Divine Palace won’t let him off so easily!”

“Yes, Young Clan Master is right,” Su Wangji voiced his agreement. After all, Su Haoran was someone who obtained the “agreement” of the people from Seven Stars Divine Palace. Even though things had developed in such a way, they still had to treat Su Haoran as their core. “That Yun Che must have eaten a bear’s gall to be so daring and actually kill someone from the Seven Stars Divine Palace. An existence like Seven Stars Divine Palace, if they found out, even if Yun Che could dive underground, his only outcome would be death. Then…”

“Hehe, very good idea. I pray that you all succeed.”

A voice with an ice cold tone of ridicule sounded from above, causing the three of them to be extremely shocked. Su Haoran sat onto the ground, his entire body trembled and he nearly peed his pants in fear, “Yun… Yun Che!”

Yun Che slowly descended from the sky and stood in front of the three of them. They all trembled vigorously, they stared wide eyed as though they had seen a death god descending.

“It’s… It’s them who said it… I didn’t say anything, I didn’t say anything… Even if I were ten thousand times braver, I also… also wouldn’t dare to disrespect you.” Su Hengyue’s teeth chattered as he shook his head repeatedly.

“Su Hengyue, you… you…”

“…Oooo… Ahhhh… Sss…” Su Haoran’s entire face trembled as though the flesh on his face was rotten, he had wanted to open his mouth to beg for forgiveness but due to the intense shock he was in, he could not utter a single word.

“Heh,” Yun Che coldly laughed. “ You all don’t have to be so afraid, I didn’t say I’m going to kill you all. Since I’ve already let you all leave in front of Clan Master Su, I’ve no desire take your lives anymore.”

Hearing Yun Che’s words, the three of them who were frightened to death were all stunned before becoming overjoyed. Su Hengyue could not believe what he had said, “Really… really? Is what you said for real?”

“Of course.” Yun Che narrowed his eyes, “Of the three of you, one can be considered Clan Master Su’s elder, one is an elder brother of the Clan Master Su with the last being the Clan Master Su’s own son. If I were to kill you privately after already promising to follow his wishes, I would not be able to answer to him. You all have to be grateful to Clan Master Su for being able to keep your lives.”

Su Haoran and the three of them finally believed that they were not dreaming, Su Hengyue panickedly replied, “Yes… yes, we have done our Clan Master wrong. In our next life… in our next life, we’ll definitely do everything and anything and show our utmost gratitude until death.”

Su Hengyue and Su Wangji pulled up Su Haoran whose strength had left his body and said fearfully, “Go… let’s go.”

They had just walked a few steps when Yun Che’s eerie voice sounded yet again from behind them, “Hold it.”

The three of their bodies trembled, they turned around cautiously and Su Wangji asked in a trembling voice, “Young… young hero Yun, what other instructions do you have? Didn’t you personally just say that… you would definitely not harm our lives?”

“Of course, I said that I was not going after your lives.” Yun Che’s gaze instantly turned ice cold, “But I did not say I was going to let you off!!”

Frightening killing intent was emitted from Yun Che’s body caused the three of them to freeze in their tracks. Su Haoran who was already weak to begin with, collapsed yet again, crying with all his might, “Let me off… I’m Su Hengshan’s son, Ling’er’s blood related brother… Let me off… I… I definitely won’t go to Seven Stars Divine Palace… I won’t tell anyone the fact that you killed people from Seven Stars Divine Palace… I won’t say a single word… Let me off please… I’m willing to do anything…”

“You still have the face to claim you’re Ling’er’s brother!”

Su Haoran’s words undoubtedly angered Yun Che even more. The Grandwake Clan was now finished. Su Hengshan had undergone intense torture for the past few days and only barely escaped death just now. Su Ling’er’s fate was still uncertain too… and the culprit of all of this had been Su Haoran who was devoid of any humanity!

As Yun Che stretched out his hand and grabbed, he had already sucked Su Haoran ferociously in front of him and a splatter of blood burst out from his abdomen area. Instantly, his profound veins were all severed and his profound aura that he had been cultivating for several dozens of years quickly dispersed like a balloon that had been burst… In his currently lifetime, he would be a complete and utter cripple from now on.

Su Haoran let out cries of despair as he hugged his abdomen and rolled on the floor in pain. However, how would simply crippling his cultivation be sufficient to calm Yun Che’s rage? Yun Che stepped forward and stepped onto Su Haoran’s right arm.

“Crack.” With a crunching noise, Su Haoran’s right arm had been stomped and broken into two pieces. Blood splurted out of the wounded area like a fountain.

Su Haoran’s miserable cries instantly became several times more pathetic. Seeing Su Haoran’s body curl up like a prawn while rolling around in pain, Yun Che’s face did not show any signs of sympathy or empathy. He stretched out his fingers and two icicles shot out and mercilessly into Su Haoran’s eyes.


Both of Su Haoran’s eyeballs had been destroyed and Su Haoran, who had been sent into eternal darkness, let out miserable ghastly cries. Yun Che gave a cold glance at Su Haoran’s miserable state and muttered like a devil, “Su Haoran, you’re not fit to be a human. Even being an incomplete human and an incomplete ghost is too light a punishment for you!!”


Yun Che kicked a rock that was on the ground and the rock shot like a meteor towards Su Haoran. It entered from his left face and exited from the right, producing two bloody holes on his face while at the same time, neatly severed his tongue.


Su Haoran’s cries instantly became even more miserable and despairing than the wailling of a ghost… His profound veins completely crippled, his right arm severed, his eyesight lost, his face disfigured, and his tongue also cut off. Willing to sacrifices the lives of his loved ones and his clansman, willing to send the entire Grandwake Clan to their graves. Su Haoran, who dreamt of hugging Seven Stars Divine Palace’s feet had now not only become a cripple, he would no longer be able to see or speak and could no longer hold any dreams about his future. All that was left for him was endless nightmares.

The color of the faces of Su Hengyue and Su Wangji who were behind were completely drained. When Yun Che’s gaze shifted towards them, they let out similarly miserable cries, half rolling half crawling and tried to escape.

Yun Che stretched out his hands slowly towards the direction they escaped in.


With a soft noise, the profound veins of Su Hengyue and Su Wangji were destroyed simultaneously. They fell to the ground and their entire bodies twitched. They had faces of horror and despair.

Yun Che turned around, unwilling to take another look. He floated into the skies and said extremely coldly, “The three of you better pray that Ling’er is fine. If… Ling’er were to meet with any mishap, I… would… ensure… you… all… live… the… remainder… of… your… lives… as… though… you… were… in… hell!”

The last of Yun Che’s words were uttered with extremely dense malice; it was as though they were the most vicious curses of a devil.

Yun Che swiftly flew towards the south and after flying for several kilometers, he swiftly called out the Primordial Profound Ark. While thinking about the location of the Abode Mythical Mountain Range in his heart, he swiftly proceeded toward the Abode Mythical Mountain Region from his memories.

Hundreds of kilometers passed by instantly. When Yun Che left the Primordial Profound Ark, the view before him was not an endless and massive mountain range.

The Mythical Abode Mountain Range was situated between the borders of the Azure Cloud Continent’s Supwake Country and Southern Sky Country. The north was Supwake while the south was Southern Sky. Although it was not the Azure Cloud Continent’s largest mountain region, it possessed Azure Cloud Continent’s highest peak.

Standing at the borders of Mythical Abode Mountain Range, at once glance, one could see that beneath the surrounding hills, a massive mountain shot straight into the sky, surpassing the cloud layer and dominated the area.

However, people from the the Azure Cloud Continent knew that although it looked like it was a single mountain from far, it was actually two separate mountains. They lay at the core of the Mythical Abode Mountain Range. They were close in proximity and had similar heights. What was the weirdest was the fact that at the opposite ends of the mountains, the slopes were exceptionally steep and the ends between the mountains were practically like a vertical line upwards, from top to bottom, as though it had been cut!

If viewed from the east or west side, it looked as though a mountain had been cut neatly into half by a sword from the heaven, forming two weirdly shaped mountains.

The cliff formed by these two weirdly shaped mountains had been named by the people of the Azure Cloud Continent as 【Cloud’s End Cliff】. It was the most forbidden location within the Azure Cloud Continent and the place where Yun Che ended his Azure Cloud Continent life.

It was also the place Jasmine forced him to swear to never to approach and explore.

Upon coming here, Yun Che did not have time to recall anything. He took out the soul crystal that Su Hengshan had given him. He maximized his speed and shot straight into the Mythical Abode Mountain Range like a flash of lightning while screaming in his heart, “Ling’er, please be safe!”

The Mythical Abode Mountain Range possessed numerous profound beasts and vast resources. Often, there were profound practitioners from the Country of Supwake who came here to train or search for treasures. However, immediately after Yun Che entered the region, he realized that the atmosphere was rather odd. It was overly quiet. As Yun Che proceeded swiftly, he also maximized his spiritual sense to detect any possible aura as well as constantly looking at the soul crystal in his hand… This was a soul crystal that belonged to Ling’er and if she was near, the crystal would become even brighter.

Then, Yun Che’s spiritual sense suddenly detected a group of profound practitioners. Their auras were in close proximity and it seemed like they belonged to the same clan. The strongest was only in the Sky Profound Realm with the weakest in the Spirit Profound Realm. There were a total of seventy to eighty people. Yun Che did not slow but instead swiftly approached them before stopping at a mountain path nearby.

This mountain path was one of the main paths of Mythical Abode Mountain Range. At this time, there was a group of people wearing the same clan’s profound robe standing there. Their expressions were nervous and cautious and they constantly looked around at their surroundings.

Judging from the formation they put up, it seemed as though they were sealing the path.


Chapter 879 – Dire News Concerning Ling’er

The young profound practitioner dressed in luxurious clothes who stood at the forefront of all of the other profound practitioners spoke to the stern-faced middle-aged man in front of him, “Father, who exactly is that Su Ling’er? I heard that she is some girl from a sect in the Rivereast Region in her teens. So just why is Seven Stars Divine Palace trying to hunt her down?”

Yun Che, who was just about to go forward and ask a question, immediately came to a halt.

Yun Che observed this middle-aged man’s attitude and the thick and dense profound energy aura radiating from his body before concluding that this person should either be the leader of this group of people or their sect master. He faintly shook his head, “I doesn’t know either. It would also be wise if you refrained from inquiring about the affairs of Seven Stars Divine Palace.”

The young profound practitioner’s neck contracted as he spoke in a low whisper, his voice unconsciously dropping a few octaves, “No matter who she is, since she has been targeted by the people from Seven Stars Divine Palace, then all her fleeing will be in vain.”

“Ah.” The middle-aged man gave a heavy sigh before speaking in an extremely soft voice, “Seven Stars Divine Palace will be Seven Stars Divine Palace. Even though only twenty of them have arrived, the various mayors and sect masters would have no choice but to bow their heads and obey if they issue so much as a single order. Right now, all the sects belonging to the northern region of this mountain have been gathered here, so even if that Su Ling’er had the ability to traverse the heavens, she can forget about escaping us today. Furthermore, she is only a little girl.

Yun Che’s teeth fiercely ground together… It was just as he had expected, these people belonged to one of the sects in the Country of Supwake who had been forced to search for Su Ling’er by Seven Stars Divine Palace.

Yun Che’s heart palpitated and he felt the urge to rush forward and grab that person so that he could perform a Profound Handle Soul Search on him. At that moment, the middle-aged man suddenly snatched up his Sound Transmission Jade as profound energy ripples rapidly vibrated on its surface.

The middle-aged man swiftly read the Sound Transmission Jade and after that, his face had clearly grown relieved. He turned around and spoke to his men, “Everyone, we can relax and stand down now. Let’s make preparations to leave.”

The young profound practitioner promptly asked, “Father? What’s the situation? Could it be that this Su Ling’er person has already been captured by Seven Stars Divine Palace?”

Yun Che, “…!”

“I don’t know.” The middle-aged man said calmly, “According to the traces she left behind, it has already been confirmed that she fled towards Cloud’s End Peak. At first, she could still use the interference that came from the auras of profound beasts and the complicated terrain of this place to hide but once she climbs up Cloud’s End Peak, there will be no way out for her. After Seven Stars Divine Palace confirmed that Su Ling’er had fled towards Cloud’s End Peak a while ago, twelve of their seniors personally started to ascend Cloud’s End Peak as well. So we can assume that this matter has already reached its conclusion.”

“The reason for why Seven Stars Divine Palace wants to capture this girl and what they will do after they capture her are things that are impossible for us to know… Let’s all prepare to leave. Don’t ask too much about anything else. If you don’t want to die too young, then the less you know the better.”


An energy explosion that sounded like a clap of sudden thunder rang out as Yun Che exploded into the depths of the Mythical Abode Mountain Range like galloping lightning. The hurricane that was stirred up in an instant sent all of the profound practitioners who were preparing to leave flying. They instantly flew into a great panic, their faces filled with shock and fear as they thought they were being assaulted by a powerful profound beast.

Yun Che used all of the profound strength in his body as he circulated Extreme Mirage Lightning to its limit. His speed was so fast that it would leave even a Monarch wide-eyed and tongue-tied…

No, this would not do… this method is still too slow!

Relying on his memories of the Mythical Abode Mountain Range, there were still roughly around two hundred kilometers between his current location and Cloud’s End Peak. Given his current speed, he would close this distance in a very short time but right now, he could not afford to waste even half a breath.

He quickly summoned the Primordial Profound Ark as he was running and he instantly jumped across the space of two hundred kilometers, arriving at the foot of Cloud’s End Peak.

As he raised his head to look up at it, the gigantic mountain rose into the heavens. It climbed into the clouds, its peak hidden from sight. The moment Yun Che appeared, he did not even bother trying to find any mountain paths. He simply rushed up the side of the mountain, his body surging with incredibly violent profound energy.

“LING’ER!!” Yun Che let out a great shout, “Ling’er, where are you? It’s me, Yun Che… Ling’er, where are you!!?”

His shouts which were laced with profound energy shook the surrounding area, startling the countless profound beasts that lived in Cloud’s End Peak and causing them to flee in all directions.

The body of Cloud’s End Cliff was enormous and even Yun Che’s spiritual perception was not able to fully cover it in its entirety. Coupled with the fact that there were many profound beasts that lived in this area whose auras would interfere with his search, this meant that it would be very hard to find Su Ling’er quickly even though he had already confirmed that she was on Cloud’s End Peak… If those from Seven Stars Divine Palace managed to find Su Ling’er before him, the result would be unthinkable.

As Yun Che’s mind whirled, he once again summoned the Primordial Profound Ark. After estimating the location of the mountain peak, he forcefully jumped through space again.

It would naturally be easier to locate his target from above.

After the Primordial Profound Ark jumped through space, Yun Che directly arrived at the summit of Cloud’s End Peak. He glanced downwards and to his shock, he saw a steep cliff that hung across the clouds. Below that steep cliff, a boundless abyss that resembled the great maw of a devil devoured all light, releasing a terrifying aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

The summit of Cloud’s End Peak… Cloud’s End Cliff!!

Even though fate had returned him to the Profound Sky Continent, this location in the Azure Cloud Continent… the place which terminated his fate with the Azure Cloud Continent was a location that he would never forget.

Just a few months ago, he had promised Jasmine that he would definitely never approach Cloud’s End Cliff. But who would have thought that he would come face to face with it again right after he had returned to the Azure Cloud Continent.

But right now, he was not the least bit melancholic. His eyes directly skipped over Cloud’s End Cliff as it quickly surveyed the area below him. After that, he also started to swiftly descend as well… Just as he was about to call out Su Ling’er again, he suddenly discovered that there were more than ten human figures gathered near the borders of Cloud’s End Cliff.

Yun Che’s eyes immediately focused and zoomed in on them. Twelve people stood in front of Cloud’s End Cliff. The auras radiating from their bodies were rather powerful, there were six Thrones, five Overlords… and astonishingly one Monarch!

From what Yun Che could determine from his aura, that person was a level three Monarch.

All twelve people were dressed in similar attire. Eleven of them were dressed in black, the green-colored seven star mark embroidered on their breast. However, the old man who was radiating the aura of a Monarch was dressed in silver clothes, the same seven star mark was also embroidered on his breast… However, his mark was not the same dull green color as the others, instead it was a rather dazzling bright blue color.

Yun Che’s heart fiercely seized up… The sect that had guarded that mountain path had mentioned that the people from Seven Stars Divine Palace had personally climbed up the mountain to look for her after they had confirmed that Ling’er had entered Cloud’s End Peak. The party of people that was mentioned also numbered twelve in all.

These twelve people were astonishingly the twelve people who belonged to Seven Stars Divine Palace, not a single person was missing!

They had actually already reached the summit!

Wait a minute… then what about Ling’er??

He was the one who had been forced into Cloud’s End Peak all those years ago, so he clearly knew that only one side of Cloud’s End Peak was a mountain, the other side was the dreaded Cloud’s End Cliff. The moment someone was forced into Cloud’s End Peak, unless he could forcefully break through the forces encircling him and flee, he would definitely be forced down the dead end that lead to Cloud’s End Cliff. There would definitely be no mountain waiting on the other side that he could flee down.

Furthermore, given Su Ling’er’s profound strength, there was basically no way she could have forced her way through these twelve people. Moreover, since these people had already chased her to this location, why did he still not see Su Ling’er?

Yun Che’s heart violently sank. He could not be bothered to care about anything else as he boldly rushed down… At the same time as he was making swift descent, the people from Seven Stars Divine Palace had already discovered his presence. The old man that was leading them shouted in a stern voice, “Who goes there!?”


Yun Che landed heavily in front of them, his gaze dark and dreadful. A malevolent aura poured from every pore on his body as he roared in a crazed and enraged voice, “Where is Ling’er? Where is Su Ling’er? Where have you hidden Su Ling’er!!?”

“Heh, a punk like you actually dares to make rude demands our Seven Stars Divine Palace. Have you grown tired of living?” One of the Divine Palace disciples said with a look of contempt plastered over his face.

The old man who stood at their head sharply raised his hand to stop everyone from acting blindly without thinking. Because he could clearly sense a dangerous aura radiating from yun Che’s body. He slowly strode forward and said in an indifferent voice, “Who are you? You’re looking for Su Ling’er? Could it be that you are prepared to fight our Seven Stars Divine Palace over this person…”

Before his voice had even finished falling, the figure in front of him suddenly blurred. Before he could even react, a peerless and dreadful aura enveloped his entire body. A hand that felt like cold steel firmly wrapped around his throat and carried him off the ground.

“You…” The old man from the Divine Palace croaked as his eyes bulged outwards, he was in a state of complete shock and terror. He was a dignified elder of Seven Stars Divine Palace, a level three Monarch who could arrogantly look down on the entire Azure Cloud Continent! However, it had only taken an instant for him to be seized by the throat like an infant. His shock and fear had caused him to attempt to struggle against this hold but to his horror, he found that his profound strength was being suppressed by an enormous power that he was not able to resist. He could barely even move at all and despite being a Divine Palace elder, he could only allow himself to be limply suspended in the air like some dead dog.

“Elder Duoxing!!”

The remaining divine palace disciples were all utterly shocked but after that, they rushed forward together.

“Speak! Where is Su Ling’er… SPEAK!!!”

The hand which Yun Che used to grab the Divine Palace elder was shaking and he lost control of the power he was exerting with his hand, his fingers jabbing deeply into the old man’s flesh. Every single word that he roared sounded like a clap of sudden thunder and the onrushing Divine Palace disciples were blasted aside by this roar as if they had been hit by a heavy mallet. As they flew threw the air while they screamed, the six Thrones felt their internal organs rupture. When they landed on the ground, they vomited a large mouthful of blood and they were unable to stand up for a long time.

The bulging eyes of the Divine Palace elder nearly burst under the extreme terror he was experiencing. The pair of eyes glaring at him were the most dreadful eyes he had ever seen in his entire life, they were so bloodshot that it seemed like they had just been soaked in fresh blood.

“Quickly speak! SPEAK!!!”

“She… She…” The great terror and icy-cold despair that gripped the divine palace elder caused him to let out a voice filled with unbearable agony, “She… just… jumped down… Cloud’s… End… Cliff…”


It was as if countless bolts of profound lightning had exploded in Yun Che’s brain simultaneously as his blood-stained pupils nearly instantly turned ashen.
After he had appeared at the summit, the moment he had seen the people belonging to Seven Stars Divine Palace but not Su Ling’er, this dreadful idea had flashed through his head… Ending my own life is far preferable to falling into the hands of wicked men.

But this thought was fiercely extinguished by him nearly instantly, because he could not believe nor was he able to accept that anything had happened to Su Ling’er.

So when those ice-cold words had been blurted out by the Divine Palace elder he was grabbing, Yun Che felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

“No… No… it’s not possible…” Yun Che’s face and lips had lost all color as his entire body swayed, “It’s not possible… it can’t end up like this… it’s not possible…”

Suddenly, both his hands firmly grasped the divine palace elder’s neck at the same time as he yelled wildly in a crazed voice, “You’re lying to me! You’re definitely lying to me!! Tell me… Where is Su Ling’er!! You must have hidden here somewhere… Where is she, where did you hide my Ling’er!!”

“Uuug…” The divine palace elder’s neck bones snapped and his entire body twitched. A dry and hoarse groan came from his throat as his skin slowly started to turn grayish-white, the same color as a corpse.

All of the Divine Palace disciples present knew just how powerful this old man. So once they saw that he was not able to struggle or resist as Yun Che held him aloft like a little bird in his hands, none of them dared to move forward anymore. One of the Divine Palace disciples said in a trembling voice, “Se… Senior, Elder Duoxing isn’t lying to you, Su Ling’er, she… she really jumped down that cliff.”

“~!@#¥%…” The malevolent aura that radiated from Yun Che’s body seemed to come from a blood-drenched despairing beast caused all the Divine Palace disciples to shake in their boots.

“Thi… This has nothing to do with us, we didn’t want this to happen either.” Another divine palace disciple said in a flustered tone, “We only wanted something that she had in her possession. We had no plans to harm or kill her. But who would have guessed… who would have guessed that she would suddenly jump off the cliff the moment she saw us.”

“Right, right, right… We didn’t even touch her. Before we were even given the opportunity to speak to her, she suddenly… jumped down…” The Divine Palace disciple who spoke panickedly took out an item, “This is the token that dropped from her body… when she jumped off the cliff… Senior, please… look at it.”

The wooden token in his hand was dainty and delicate and an unusual “Su” word had been engraved on its surface.

As his last rays of hope were completely obliterated, Yun Che’s vision spun.


All of the blood in his body rushed to his head in nearly an instant. After that, Yun Che’s body became as sinister as a devil’s. He let out a shrill howl that overflowed with grief as he slammed his fist into the head of the old man in his hand.


With an explosive pop, the Divine Palace elder’s entire head was instantly turned into blood and pulp which sprayed into the air.



Yun Che had gone completely insane as he smashed the body that had just lost its head fiercely into the ground, pounding it into parts that could not be described.

This bloody and horrifying scene had scared the Divine Palace disciples completely witless. They made weird noises which they themselves had never heard before as they raced down the side of the mountain like mad men. But mere moments after they had fled, they heard a howl that seemed to come from a devil growing closer and closer to them.





Given their speed, how could they possibly escape from the palm of Yun Che’s hands? The Yun Che who had nearly lost all coherent thought and rationality hunted them down one by one. He did not use his sword nor did he use fire. This time, he simply struck them fiercely with his fists. Every time a fist thundered forward, the body of one of the Divine Palace disciples mercilessly exploded into ground meat.