Against the Gods


Against the Gods Chapter 866-869

Chapter 866 – Jasmine's Message (2)

Yun Che quickly gathered his concentration, found the memory fragment Jasmine left behind in his sea of consciousness, and gently touched it. Instantly, a voice rang from deep within his heart.

"Yun Che…"

Just two short words that were completely emotionless, yet they caused Yun Che's entire body to feel numb and his eyes instantly became warm. His soul that was now hollow was also instantly filled up by something warm—because that was Jasmine's voice.

During the past seven years, this was the voice that he had heard the most everyday. In this lifetime… and perhaps even including his previous life, the voice that he had heard the most was definitely Jasmine's voice. Now, although it had only been three short months, hearing Jasmine's voice again caused his soul to tremble violently; it was as though it had been centuries since then.

"…After our separation this time, we will not reunite again. In our fate of seven years you have saved my life and I've sculpted your life. Following this separation, our debts are cleared and our relationship shall end. From today onwards, I will no longer be your master. You don't have to miss me, just treat it as if I had never appeared before… I will do the same."

Jasmine's voice was ice cold and heartless, just like what she personally said when she left him that day.

"The only reason why left behind this memory fragment is because I only want to say some stuff that I couldn't say to you face to face… There are two matters in which I've lied to you."

"Firstly, what I told you, was really not my actual name. I am the eldest princess of the Star God Realm. 'Jasmine,' is not my name but my title."

Yun Che, "…"

"Jasmine" was just her princess title and not her name. But hat was all that she said; she did not reveal her real name.

However, this wasn't important to Yun Che. Because, no matter what her real name was, she would still be Jasmine.


Jasmine's voice paused for a very long moment as though even using this method, it was difficult for her to say what she wanted to say.

"…is regarding Chu Yuechan."

Yun Che's heart suddenly clenched.

"That day, after completely getting rid of the devilish poison, I proceeded with my promise and searched for Chu Yuechan within the Profound Sky Continent."

"There is much life on the Profound Sky Continent and even with my powers, it is not possible for me to search through all the life. However, it could still search the auras of those above the Emperor Profound Realm… however, among them, Chu Yuechan's wasn't present.

Jasmine voice was very calm but the speed of her talking was obviously slower than usual.

As for Yun Che, his heart sank ferociously and an ice cold feeling spread across his chest, suffocating him.

That day, what Jasmine said to him was… although her devilish poison had been cleansed, the strength of her soul was still insufficient for her to search for Chu Yuechan at a place like the Profound Sky Continent and she needed to wait until her body was reconstructed.

"Chu Yuechan is your heart's greatest worry and pain. After much consideration, I chose to lie to you.

"When I reconstructed my body, although I did not hold much hope, I searched for Chu Yuechan's aura once again. This time, the aura I searched was not just those above the Emperor Profound Realm, I also searched those in the Sky and Earth Profound Realm as well. However, I still could not find her aura.

"Although Chu Yuechan's profound arts were self crippled then, her Emperor Profound power should still remain. Even if her profound strength did not improve and deteriorated instead, her profound strength should not have fallen by more than one realm… unless she had been crippled by someone else.

"Therefore, she's either dead or her profound strength has been crippled. Given her looks, if it were the latter, the consequences would be worse than death. With Chu Yuechan's temperament, she would undoubtedly end her own life."

Yun Che, "!!!!!"

"When you know this, you'd be devastated. However, remember, this isn't your fault. Beside you are people who share the same bloodline as you, friends who would die for you… and a huge herd of women. Do not let the passing of one affect all of this. I'll give you three days to grieve but after three days, you have to forget everything. Treat it as though there was no Chu Yuechan and no me in your life."


In the fragment, all the voices of the memory were released and Jasmine's voice finally stopped.


All of Yun Che's strength left his body and he slumped down weakly, the back of head knocking violently against the wall.

He closed his eyes, his face trembling with pain. His arm twisted and his palm grabbed firmly onto his chest. Within the sounds of meat tearing, his fingers dug deep into his flesh leaving behind streaks of blood.

However, he could not feel the pain at all as his consciousness and soul had long since been consumed by immeasurable grief.

"This isn't… real… isn't real…"

His body trembled until it spasmed and all the aura within him was a mess, relapsing the already calm internal injury within him. His body collapsed and he fell off the bed…

Knock! Knock knock…

Outside, gentle knocking noises entered the room which was followed by Cang Yue's voice, "Husband, may I enter?"

Cang Yue stood quietly in front of the door and held a bowl of dessert that she had just made. After knocking and not getting a response, she lifted up her hand again but stopped in midair this time. After some hesitation, she chose to put down her hand, turn around, and prepared to leave.

However, after just taking two steps, her heart suddenly felt an inexplicable strong feeling of unease. She swiftly turned around and pushed open the room door… The scene before her eyes caused her to be dumbstruck.

Streaks of blood spread from the bed all the way to the wall. Yun Che shrunk to the corner, his head between his knees and his right hand clutching his chest. All five fingers were deep in his flesh, dripping with blood.

His entire body gave off a dark aura of despair.

"Hus… husband!!"

Cang Yue lost her composure, the dessert smashing to the ground as she ran towards Yun Che while screaming in shock and hugged him tightly. The moment she opened her mouth, she had already started crying, "Husband… Husband, what happened… don't scare me… husband…"

Cang Yue's voice seemed to have awakened the soul of Yun Che who was trapped in an abyss of despair. He slowly looked up… The corners of his mouth, his nose, his eyes and his ears… there were trails of blood from all these orifices.

"Yue'er…" His mouth cramped as a raspy voice was filled with immense pain.

"Husband… What… has happened to you…" Cang Yue was so frightened that she was almost going to sob loudly, "I… I… I'll go call for Father and Mother…"

A hand held onto Cang Yue as Yun Che gradually shook his head, "I'm alright… Just let me hug you for a while… and I'll be fine…"

He embraced Cang Yue and laid his head on her chest. Initially, his grip was light. However, it soon became tighter and tighter unconsciously, as though he was a baby that has lost its sense of safety.

Feeling the chaotic aura within Yun Che starting to slowly calm down, Cang Yue's panicking heart started to calm down as well. She stuck her soft body even closer to him and placed her petite hand on his back, softly holding him.

Their numerous embraces had always been her lying on his chest and that had always been when her life felt the most safe and most satisfied. This was the first time Yun Che laid on her chest looking weak like an injured child.

"Husband, no matter what happens, I'll always be by your side," Cang Yue muttered. "Even if you lose everything, you'll never lose me."

"…" Yun Che hugged Cang Yue even more tightly.

Yun Family Great Hall. Mu Yurou was talking to Feng Xue'er.

In terms of appearance, Mu Yurou had always firmly believed that the Little Demon Empress was the most perfect woman in the world and that there could never be a woman that could be placed on a similar level. However, now that she met Feng Xue'er, even as a woman, she felt as though she was in a trance from meeting a deity. Not only that, even her profound cultivation did not pale in comparison to the Little Demon Empress. Most importantly, she was extremely devoted to Yun Che.

Although this was only their first meeting, she felt an unexplainable liking for Feng Xue'er. She held her hand and had not let go ever since.

Following an icy cold aura, Murong Qianxue and Chu Yueli entered and paid respects to Mu Yurou, "Madam Yun, we heard that Asgard Master has returned. We wonder if he's well… We sisters would like to go pay our respects."

Senior Master Murong, Senior Master Chu, you all don't have to worry. Big Brother Yun is fine already and is resting now. His body should fully recover in a few days," Feng Xue'er smiled as she consoled.

"That's good." Murong Qianxue and Chu Yueli heaved a sigh of relief. The worry on their icy faces finally seemed to alleviate slightly.

Mu Yurong looked at them and smiled gently, "You all tire yourselves for Che'er, abandoned your ancestral grounds and came to this foreign land. Yet, you still show such care towards him. For Che'er to receive such treatment from you all is his fortune."

Mu Yurou's words caused to two of them to be slightly afraid, "Madam Yun, please don't say that. Asgard Master has once saved our Frozen Cloud Asgard. If it weren't for him, our Asgard would have long since ceased to exist."

"That's right." Murong Qianxue nodded slightly in agreement, "Asgard Master has saved us numerous times from the perils of extinction and we are in his debt for still existing today. If it weren't for Asgard Master, we sisters and the other disciples would have already passed away in the Profound Sky Continent. Furthermore, back then… we did not protect our senior sister, nor did we protect the child of Asgard Master and our senior sister. However, Asgard Master did not blame us and treated us kindly. Not only did he save us numerous times, he never viewed us as burdens and even when his life was threatened, he never gave up on us. The debt we owe Asgard Master is something that we cannot repay in this life…"

Murong Qianxue's voice gradually softened. Because she saw that Mu Yurou's smiling face had suddenly stiffened and her expression remained fixed there.

Mu Yurou held onto the chair for support and slowly stood up. Her eyes looked listless as she looked at Murong Qianxue, "What… what did you just say… Che'er's… child?"

Mu Yurou's reaction caused both Murong Qianxue and Chu Yueli to be stunned at the same time, "Madam Yun, regarding this matter… could it be that Asgard Master has never mentioned it before?"

"Is it… is it really Che'er's child? Che'er has a child?" Mu Yurou became agitated as she grabbed Murong Qianxue's arm and worriedly said, "Why hasn't Che'er mentioned it before? What does didn't protect properly mean? Who is your senior sister… Just what happened?"

"…" Murong Qianxue's mouth remained half agape. She realized that she had gotten into trouble and said something that shouldn't be said. However, since she had already mentioned it, she couldn't just stop there in front Mu Yurou's earnest expression. She could only bite the bullet and slowly recount the matters concerning Chu Yuechan back then to Mu Yurou.

Mu Yurou slowly sat back down, her expression stunned and she could not focus for some time.

"Madam Yun, don't worry. Even though senior sister has lost her profound arts, within Blue Wind Nation, there still isn't anyone that could possibly bully her. A good person like her is undoubted safe and she's definitely leading a safe life now and isn't bothered by anyone. There won't be any problems," Murng Qianxue consoled.

Chu Yueli bit her lips, her expression slightly dreamy.

"Six years ago…" Mu Yurou muttered while lost in thoughts, "Six whole years… The child is already five… Che'er's child…"

"Auntie, don't worry," Feng Xue'er consoled softly, "Big Brother Yun will definitely find… ahhh, Big Brother Yun."

Yun Che walked in from the entrance and by his side, was Cang Yue holding his arm.

"Asgard Master." Murong Qianxue and Chu Yueli hurried forward. Murong Qianxue said with unease, "Asgard Master, I…"

"Senior Master, no worries." Yun Che looked pale but he still smiled gently, "Just now when I was outside, I already heard a little. Regarding this matter, I never knew how to break it to my parents. Now that Senior Master has said it, that's one thing off my mind."

"Che'er!!" Mu Yurou stood up and walked to his side, her eyes looked teary. She said to him seriously, "Even though mother has never seen this Chu Yuechan girl before, she was willing to cripple her profound arts, get kicked out of her sect and ruin her good name to exchange for half a life of misery… you must definitely find her and never mistreat her for your entire life!"

"…" Yun Che looked up, millions of emotions flooded his heart. Just as he was about to answer, hurried footsteps were suddenly heard coming from the outside.


"Mother!!!" Xiao Yun rushed in panickedly. He tripped and even before he managed to stand up steadily, he shouted in panic, "Mother… Hurry… Seventh Sister… Seventh Sister, she…"


Chapter 867 – Xiao Yun’s Son (1)

“What about Number Seven?”

“She… It seems like she’s…” Xiao Yun said as he gasped for breath, “It seems like she’s about to give birth!”

“Ah!” Mu Yurou let out a startled cry as she shoved Xiao Yun aside and rushed out of there like the wind.

Xiao Yun also hurriedly followed behind her; he did not even have time to greet Yun Che or Cang Yue.

“Husband, let’s go check on them as well,” Cang Yue said in a gentle voice.

She consoled Yun Che in his grief, then changed into new clothes. Even though he looked as if he had returned to normal, she could still clearly sense the extreme heaviness which weighed down on Yun Che’s heart. All of them had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Xiao Yun’s and Number Seven Under Heaven’s child, so she hoped that the birth of this small life would help to dissipate some of the heavy gloom that shrouded Yun Che’s heart.

The already ultra-busy Yun Family immediately started to get even more frenetic. Yun Qinghong, who was outside the house, returned at a blazing speed. When Greatest Ambition Under Heaven, who was just about to go to the northern part of the city to oversee the great barrier which protected the entire city, received the news, it was as if a fire had been lit under his backside as he abandoned everyone and wildly sprinted towards the Yun Family household.

When Yun Che, Cang Yue and Feng Xue’er had arrived, the courtyard where Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven stayed was filled with people bustling about. Tense and nervous voices could constantly be heard coming from behind the tightly-secured door and at times Number Seven Under Heaven’s cries of pain could be heard as well.

“Big Brother!” Once he saw that Yun Che had arrived, Xiao Yun, who had been waiting outside, hurried over to him. His face was flushed completely red and he was nervous, tense and completely bewildered.

“Congratulations Xiao Yun, you’re about to become a father,” Cang Yue said with a faint smile.

“Hee, I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl,” Feng Xue’er said in a voice filled with anticipation.

“Heh… Heh heh.” Xiao Yun was both excited and nervous at the same time.

Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Lie hurriedly strode through the gates of the courtyard. When she saw Yun Che, Xiao Lingxi gave a low cry as she ran towards Yun Che, “Little Che, You… Are you alright?”

“Of course I’m alright. Do I look like I’m not alright to you?” Yun Che said with a relaxed smile on his face. He arrived at Xiao Lie’s side and spoke in a concerned manner, “Grandfather, I have yet greeted you since I’ve returned. Have you grown used to staying in this place yet?”

“It’s been well. I’ve had an excellent time here,” Xiao Lie said with a faint nod of his head. When he saw that Yun Che seemed fine and did not seem to be greatly affected by anything, it was as if a boulder had rolled off his shoulders, relieving him greatly. He gave a sigh of lament before speaking, “In the Profound Sky Continent, I have heard rumours regarding the Illusory Demon Realm many times. The Illusory Demon Realm that I heard about was a land filled with completely inhumane, fiendish brutal demons. Sigh, but when it comes to the affairs of this world, it seems like one must truly witness something before they can finally believe it. There are simply far too many people who are living a lie that has been forced on them by those with ulterior motives.”


The cries of pain that were emanating from the room suddenly turned into shrill screams of agony. The voices of the doctors within also grew more hurried.

“It seems like… it’s really painful,” Xiao Lingxi said in a nervous and trembling voice.

“Seventh Sister. You definitely need to be alright…” Xiao Yun said with a pained expression on his face. He could not stand still and both his eyes were anxiously fixed on the door as he continuously muttered under his breath.

“Grandfather, you’re only just over sixty years of age but you’re about to become a great grandfather,” Cang Yue said with a faint smile. Just as she finished speaking, Yun Che suddenly chimed in mischievously, “We also need to congratulate Little Aunt, she’s about to become a grand aunt.”

[email protected]#¥%…” Xiao Lingxi’s petal-like lips parted before she started getting mad, “I… I… I don’t want to be a grand aunt, I’m still a girl who hasn’t even gotten married yet… I don’t want to be a grand aunt… I don’t want this!”

“Hahahaha!” Xiao Lie let out a loud and unrestrained laugh. He gave Xiao Lingxi a deep look before speaking in a voice that was filled with implied meaning, “Lingxi, you’re not young anymore, it’s about time you started to thinking about your big day.”

“I…” Xiao Lingxi’s heart was completely flustered and she subtly shot a sidelong glance at Yun Che, “I don’t want to.”


Following the blast of wind which sounded like a thunderclap, they saw Greatest Ambition Under Heaven rush into the courtyard in a frenzied manner. Yun Qinghong was right beside him while the other six Under Heaven brothers trailed behind them, their bodies matted in sweat.

Greatest Ambition Under Heaven landed on the ground while roaring testily, “Seventh Treasure… How is Seventh Treasure doing right now?”

Yun Qinghong patted his shoulder, “Brother Under Heaven, you don’t need to worry. Number Seven is no ordinary girl, so it will definitely go smoothly. Your time will be better spent thinking of what kind of gift you want to prepare for your grandson or granddaughter.”

“Right, that’s a good point, that’s a good point indeed,” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven said as he gave a quick, herky-jerky nod of his head. His hands jerked in the air before he rushed towards that tightly shut door and hollered, “Seventh Treasure, Father is right outside. Just give birth to a big grandchild for your father and I will give you whatever you want.”


The only response he got was a long and miserable wail of pain from Number Seven Under Heaven and the moment everyone heard it, their hearts tensed up.

“Senior Under Heaven, it would be best to not speak to her for the moment, so as to not divert her attention to other things,” Yun Che said.

“Ah… alright.” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven immediately quieted down. But after that, he did not forget to cautiously warn his six sons, “Did you hear that? All of you better shut your mouths. No one is allowed to make any loud noises.”

“…” Yun Che’s brows twitched. He looked towards the door, his expression growing faintly serious.

“Husband, what’s wrong?” Cang Yue asked in a soft voice after she noticed the change in Yun Che’s expression.

Yun Che shook his head lightly, “There’s nothing wrong… It’s probably just me worrying too much. Seventh Sister is a princess of the elf clan, so she has the protection of nature energy. It should definitely be an extremely smooth procedure.”

Time slowed to a trickle as they waited with anxious excitement. The activity taking place in the room continued to grow more frenzied and Number Seven Under Heaven’s wails continued to ring out. Moreover… it seemed like each wail was more shrill than the last.

“Number Seven. Don’t be anxious, relax your body… Use your strength carefully.” That was Mu Yurou’s voice.

“Mother… I… I’m in so much pain… so much pain…” Number Seven Under Heaven was laced with a deep pain. This elven princess who had grown up smothered in love had never experienced such painful torment in her entire life before.

“It’s alright, it will get better soon…” Mu Yurou continuously consoled her but her voice had also started to tremble as well.

One hour went by…

An entire two hours went by!

Number Seven Under Heaven’s miserable wails continued to ring out but her voice had now become completely hoarse. They could also clearly hear the heavy breathing of the imperial physicians inside the room… and it was clear that their breathing was laced with panic as well.

During the wait of over two hours, the initial anticipation, excitement and joy had long ago turned into anxiety and worry. Xiao Yun paced back and forth, his hands snatching at his scalp or his chest every now and then. His entire body was drenched in sweat and he haphazardly muttered under his breath, “It will be fine… It will definitely be fine…”

The complexion of both Yun Qinghong and Greatest Under Ambition Under Heaven had turned rather grim… They did their utmost to keep in check the ominous thoughts that ran through their heads but that feeling of uneasiness had long ago spread through their chests, causing their hearts to seize up rigidly.

“Husband?” Seeing Yun Che’s extremely grim expression, Cang Yue could not help but softly call out to him.

“…” Yun Che sucked in a deep breath of air before speaking, “Something is wrong… Something has gone horribly wrong.”

If it was a normal girl, it would be very normal for their labor and childbirth to take two hours or more. But Number Seven Under Heaven was definitely no ordinary girl. She had reached the Tyrant Profound Realm and the profound energy that she cultivated was the most pure and unsullied nature energy. She also had a constitution that far exceeded that of a normal person. So the entire process of her labor should have been exceedingly simple and smooth. Furthermore, as long as she was willing, she would not even need to endure any pain.

But an entire two hours had already gone by and she had been letting out miserable wails of pain throughout.

Towards the end, those wails of pain sounded even more shrill than those of a normal girl.

Yun Che had wanted to personally confirm the condition of Number Seven Under Heaven many times but he had held himself back each and every time. But right now, he finally could take it no longer. He grabbed hold of Xiao Yun and said, “Xiao Yun! You need to go inside immediately and cover Seventh Sister with a quilt. It seems like there is something abnormal with her condition, I need to go in and personally check on her myself!”

The panicked and bewildered Xiao Yun quivered and he did not even have time to respond. He just hurriedly nodded his head as he stumbled and staggered towards the door… But just as he had just started to run, Number Seven Under Heaven let out a loud wail and Mu Yurou’s joyous voice rang out immediately after that, “The baby has come out… the baby has come out!”

Xiao Yun came to a complete halt. This was music to the ears of the tense and nervous audience. This was especially true for Xiao Lie and Greatest Ambition Under Heaven. Hot tears spilled from their eyes in that instant of emotion and they unwittingly moved forward towards the door.

Their pleasant surprise did not last for long as their expressions grew completely rigid.

There was no wailing of a newborn babe which should be ringing out from that room. In fact, the entire room had gone completely silent and there were no cries of joy nor of celebration either.

“My child… Let me look at my child…” Number Seven Under Heaven cried in a weak and worried voice.

“Madam Yun, Young Madam…” This was the voice of an imperial physician and her voice was trembling, “This is… is… is a stillborn child.”

That shivering voice mercilessly exploded in everyone’s ears like a thunderclap from a clear sky.

Xiao Yun was rooted in place, his pupils slackening and his body swaying. He suddenly let out a great shout and crazily dove forward, violently smashing the room doors aside, “This isn’t possible… It isn’t possible!!”

The sound of the doors being smashed startled the already terrified physicians who were inside the room. Xiao Yun, who had rushed inside, saw Mu Yurou hugging a tiny infant to her chest, the long and uncut umbilical cord still attached to his body… But Mu Yurou’s face was streaming with tears.

Xiao Yun staggered forward as he roughly snatched the infant into his own embrace. The baby’s soft body entered his embrace and his movements instantly grew light and gentle… The baby that was in his arms did not move, it did not cry and it did not breathe. It did not even have any body heat, the only feeling it imparted to Xiao Yun was the icy cold feeling that a person felt when he was being plunged into the icy abyss of despair.


Xiao Yun’s knees hit the ground as his body trembled in pain.

Number Seven Under Heaven was laying on the bed and her face was so pale that it seemed like she had just weathered a great illness. However, her eyes were dreadfully empty; it was as if someone had yanked out her soul. The sound of Xiao Yun’s knees hitting the ground shook her from her nightmare. She scrambled off the bed as she let out a heart-wrenching sob, “This isn’t real… This isn’t real… My baby… Give me back my baby… give me back my baby.”

“Seventh Treasure!” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven yelled as he rushed inside and hugged her firmly in his arms. Pain lanced through his heart like a knife as he said, “It’s alright… It’s alright… You and Xiao Yun are still so young, you can have another baby… As long as the both of you are willing, you can have many many more…”

“No… You’re all lying to me…” Number Seven Under Heaven voice cracked and it seemed like she was weeping blood. This usually incomparably strong and optimistic girl. This little elf girl who had insisted on being with Xiao Yun despite the objections of her family and the mockery of the entire world had now completely collapsed, “My baby… You’re all lying to me… Give my baby back to me… Give my baby back… Ah…:”

Mu Yurou turned her face aside, collapsing onto Yun Qinghong’s shoulders as she sobbed soundlessly. Yun Qinghong raised his head and gave a heavy and deep sigh, his hands tightly clenched into fists.

“…” Xiao Lie’s body swayed violently. If not for Xiao Lingxi’s support, he would have long ago collapsed to the ground.

“Why did this… happen…” Feng Xue’er murmured through tightly closed lips as she wept softly. Cang Yue leaned on Yun Che’s chest, her shoulders heaving incessantly.

Everyone had looked forward to the joy and the newborn life but what welcomed them instead was a dark and gloomy nightmare. Xiao Yun knelt on the ground, his soul seemingly rent from his body. Number Seven Under Heaven wept in the most heart-wrenching manner, causing everyone to feel as if their insides had been pierced by myriad arrows. It was so painful that it was stifling.

Yun Che’s expression was dark and overcast but he still maintained enough rationality. He arrived at Xiao Yun’s side, stretching a hand towards the cold and lifeless infant in his arms.

Even if it was a stillborn child, Number Seven Under Heaven should not have gone through such a long and painful labor… He had to know what exactly had gone wrong.

Yun Che’s finger lightly pressed against the infant’s cold and delicate arm… After an instant, his entire arm shot back as if he had been electrocuted.

This was…

Devil energy!!

Why would there be devil energy!?


Chapter 868 – Xiao Yun’s Son (2)

“Xiao Yun, you need to calm down first!”

Yun Che shoved Xiao Yun’s shoulder but he did not respond.

Yun Che’s eyebrows twitched as he fiercely raised his energy and gave a loud roar, “Xiao Yun! Seventh Sister! Stop crying and calm down first… The child isn’t dead, he still has life in him! But if you don’t calm down now, he really will die!”

Yun Che’s loud roar caused all the weeping to instantly stop. Number Seven Under Heaven was completely dumbstruck while Xiao Yun had vigorously leapt off the floor. He hugged the ice-cold baby as he spoke through trembling lips, “Big Brother… what did you say? Is what you’re saying… really true?”

All eyes focused on Yun Che as Mu Yurou agitatedly strode forward and asked in an excited voice, “Che’er, is what you’re saying… really true? But that child is already… already…”

His body was icy-cold and lifeless… He was only an infant, so how was it possible that he was still alive?

“He does indeed still have some life left in him,” Yun Che said in a solemn voice. “It’s just that his life is currently ensnared by a tendril of devilish energy. This is also the reason why his entire body is icy-cold.”

“Devil… Devilish energy? What is going on here?” Yun Qinghong asked in an astonished voice.

“The only person under the heavens that could release such devil energy is Xuanyuan Wentian. Seventh Sister, you need to to recall something for me. During the time when all of you fought off Xuanyuan Wentian, were you ever directly harmed by his profound energy?” Yun Che asked.

“She wasn’t, she definitely wasn’t!” Xiao Yun said as he gasped for breath, “I always stood in front of Seventh Sister. Even though Xuanyuan Wentian’s profound energy had breached the barrier a few times it had not spread to where Seventh Sister and I was standing at.”

“…Hand the child over to me,” Yun Che said as he extended an arm towards Xiao Yun.

“Big Brother…” Xiao Yun said between choked sobs as he handed over the ice-cold baby to Yun Che, “He… Is it truly still possible to save him…”

Yun Che did not reply. Instead, he closed his eyes and slowly infused his profound energy into the body of the baby amidst the deathly silence… In an instant, he opened his eyes and said, “This tendril of devilish energy has already merged with his life vein, so it indeed should not have been something that infiltrated the body only recently. This was something that happened at least two to three months ago.”

Two or three months ago…” Xiao Yun mumbled under his breath before he suddenly leaped up, “Yes… It was three months ago… Seventh Sister and I had been trapped by Xuanyuan Wentian’s dark energy. Could it be… could it be that…”

Three months ago, they had been ensnared by Xuanyuan Wentian’s Darkness Prison at the Snow Region of Extreme Ice. In the end, they had only been saved because Fen Juechen’s spirit had suddenly awakened.

“That is extremely likely!” Yun Che said with a grave nod of his head, “Even though Seventh Sister dispelled the devilish energy in her body on that day an extremely small amount must have entered the body of her baby. This small amount would be extremely hard for the mother to detect and even if she did manage to detect it, it would be extremely hard to get rid of it as well.”

The reason why Yun Che’s profound veins had been crippled was because when he had been struck by the cold poison of Sun Moon Divine Hall while he was still in his mother’s womb. So the situation of the baby in his arms was quite similar to his own all those years ago.

It was just that he had been stricken by poison all those years ago but this child had been stricken by devil energy——Even though it was a very faint and weak tendril of devilish energy, it was still ten million times more dreadful than just poison.

“Che’er.” Yun Qinghong asked in a hopeful voice as he fought to keep cool, “Is there truly a way for this child to be saved?”

“…” Yun Che’s lips moved but no sound came from his mouth.

“Big Brother Yun!!” Number Seven Under Heaven struggled to kneel down on top of the bed as she cried out in a tearful voice, “I beg you, please save my baby… You are the greatest genius doctor in the entire world… So you definitely have a way to…”

“Little Che…” Xiao Lingxi said, looking at him through her tear-filled eyes as she supported Xiao Lie.

“Young Patriarch Yun, as long as you can save this child, I will do anything for you. I won’t blink or flinch even if you ask me to be your ox or horse!” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven said with great emotion in his voice.

Yun Che shook his head, “All of you needn’t behave in this manner. This child is the son of Xiao Yun and Seventh Sister. He is the grandson of my parents and the great grandson of my Grandfather. So he is like half a son to me. As long as the faintest ray of hope still exists, I will definitely do all that I can to save him.”

After saying that, he hugged the child and grabbed Feng Xue’er’s hand, “Xue’er come with me. If we are to save this child, I will definitely need to borrow your power.”

Yun Che pulled Feng Xue’er into the courtyard as the rest of them anxiously followed behind. Once he stood in the middle of the courtyard, Yun Che spoke in a solemn voice, “This tendril of devilish energy has been in his body for a long time. If it was any other child, that child would have died a long time ago. But thankfully Seventh Sister possesses a constitution that far surpasses that of a normal person, so even though it looks like he has passed on, there is still a trace of life left in his life vein. If I am able to dispel the devilish energy and resuscitate his life vein… then there is a possibility that we can save him.”

But this was only a possibility.

Whether it was Xiao Yun, Number Seven Under Heaven or the rest of them, everyone here had a clear understanding of just how difficult it would be to dispel devil energy that had infiltrated one’s body… Furthermore, because he was still a baby, he would definitely not be able to endure anything but the gentlest of profound energies. The moment the the profound energy used grew too strong or the moment the slightest deviation occurred during this process… Even the slightest error would be fatal to the already extremely frail baby.

Even though Yun Qinghong and Greatest Ambition Under Heaven were both Monarchs, they knew that they would definitely not be able to perform such a procedure.

“If it was just poison or another type of profound energy, I would be very confident. But devil energy is different…” Yun Che said as he sucked in a quick breath, “Right now, it is hibernating within this child’s body. But the moment it is touched by an external energy, it will thrash about like a startled venomous snake. Therefore, the risk that comes with trying to expel it is extremely high… So the only option we have left is to cleanse it away!”

Feng Xue’er immediately reacted to those words, “By using the Phoenix flames?”

“Right!” Yun Che said as he nodded his head, “Xue’er, your Phoenix flames are many times purer than my own. If we use your Phoenix flames, it will increase the chances of our success.”

As he spoke, Yun Che had already sat down on the ground. He placed the baby in his lap, “Father, could I trouble you to help me erect a light and sound isolating barrier?”

“Alright!” Yun Qinghong said as he stepped forward, his hand flashing with lightning. He was very clear that the procedure Yun Che had just detailed would be something that required the utmost precision and carefulness. So Yun Che definitely could not be distracted by anything during this procedure

“I’ll help as well,” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven said as he hurriedly stepped forward.

A isolation barrier that was more than three meters in width was quickly erected by the combined powers of the two Monarchs.

“Big Brother, I will leave… everything to you,” Xiao Yun said in a trembling voice, extending his hand as if he was grasping at the very last straws of hope.


With a gentle ring, the isolation barrier had been completely erected. Everyone’s hearts were firmly stuck in their throats… But at least the atmosphere was no longer as sorrowful or gloomy as it had been before, because now a faint ray of hope had appeared.

“Xiao Ying, my son, your spirit in heaven definitely needs to protect this child,” Xiao Lie muttered as he raised his head to the heavens, tears coursing from his old eyes.

The world inside the barrier was filled with a white profound light. Feng Xue’er sat by Yun Che’s side as she spoke in an apprehensive but sincere voice, “Big Brother Yun, what should I do?”

“Xue’er, I will need a drop of your blood,” Yun Che said softly.

“Mn!” Feng Xue’er did not hesitate to extend a finger. A drop of blood appeared on the tip of that finger before dropping onto the tip of Yun Che’s finger under Yun Che’s careful guidance.

“Phew…” Yun Che’s chest rose and fell. His forehead was already matted in sweat before he had even begun the procedure. Because the outcome of this endeavor concerned the life and death of a newborn baby… Furthermore, this also concerned the future happiness of Xiao Yun and his wife and Grandfather’s lifelong wish.

He was not confident of his chances of success… But no matter what, he needed to be the one to shoulder this immense burden.

“Child, you have a kind and gentle father, a grandfather whose righteousness touches the sky and you have a compassionate great grandfather. You are the continuation of their lives… So, you need to be strong and you definitely mustn’t be beaten by a lousy tendril of devilish energy!”

As he muttered to himself, his finger swiftly descended as he pressed that droplet of Feng Xue’er’s blood against the baby’s chest. After a few moments, the droplet of blood had slowly sunk into his tiny body like quicksilver sinking into the ground.

Under the guidance of Yun Che’s profound energy, the droplet of blood slowly spread throughout the baby’s entire body.

The Sky Poison Pearl and the Phoenix flames both possessed extremely strong purifying abilities but there were differences between the two types of purification. The Sky Poison Pearl could cleanse poison, impurities and foreign matter but the Phoenix flames cleansed negative energy.

If one were to compare the strength of their purifying power, the Sky Poison Pearl was far stronger than Phoenix flames that were not one hundred percent pure… It was just that it was unable to cleanse away devilish energy.

The Phoenix flames were a divine power. The destructive power of these flames were so dreadful that even the tiniest cluster of flames would be something far beyond what a newborn baby would be able to endure. So, when Yun Che ignited that purifying flame in the places where the devilish energy lingered, he had to carefully use the energy generated by the Great Way of the Buddha to isolate it.

Yun Che was extremely familiar with the composition of the human body. So he very clearly knew where the human body was weak, where it could be fatally wounded, in which parts the devilish energy would most likely hide and which parts could not be touched by profound energy… Swiftly, he confirmed that all of the lingering devilish energy in the infant’s body originated from one corner. So he started at that point and used the Phoenix flames to purify the devilish energy bit by bit.

A tendril of Phoenix blood came into contact with the devilish energy as a faint and tiny Phoenix flame instantly used that devilish energy as its medium and started burning weakly.

This procedure was exceedingly slow and difficult, so it would definitely take a lot of time. Even if he did not make a single mistake, it was still possible for this extremely frail baby to die at any moment.

Yun Che had thought of infusing the infant with the essence of nature in order to strengthen his life force… But he was deeply afraid that it would instantly cause the devil energy in his body to go berserk, which would cause instant death, so he could only hope that this child’s remaining life force would be strong enough to endure this current procedure.

This procedure used very little of Yun Che’s profound energy but it was an extremely mentally-taxing task. He had not yet fully recovered from his previous injuries and his heart and soul had been acutely wounded by Jasmine’s revelation. But in front of this tiny life that only he could save, his heart and soul swiftly became a sea of tranquility.

Feng Xue’er silently gazed at him. She had initially been fraught with nervousness and tension but her gaze gradually grew entranced. At this moment, that expression of single-minded concentration was deeply engraved into her heart and memories forever.


Outside the barrier, everyone’s heart was on edge as they held their breath and waited in an extreme state of anxiety. Before long, the Little Demon Empress had also arrived after receiving news of the current situation and she waited along with them.

Two hours passed.

Four hours passed.

Six hours passed…

The sky began to gradually grow darker and even though the wait grew more tortuous with every passing breath, no one had left at any point of time. Number Seven Under Heaven had struggled out of bed and she stared at the isolation barrier with unblinking eyes as Xiao Yun supported her.


The soft ring that emanated from the barrier fiercely jarred everyone’s nerves.


A crack spread across the surface of the barrier. Following that, the entire barrier completely shattered from within and dissolved into scattered fragments of profound light… However, before the fragments of profound light had completely disappeared, the high-pitched wail of an infant rang in their ears.

Yun Che strode out from within the profound light. There was a faint smile on his face as he hugged the loudly bawling infant in his arms. The cries of the child rang out bright and clear as day, they were completely devoid of any weakness. Furthermore, one could see four tiny and seemingly mischievous limbs moving in a lively manner within Yun Che’s embrace.

“…” All of the people present were stunned in place, it was as if they had heard a voice that had come from the very heavens themselves.

Xiao Yun’s mouth gaped open as he extended both of his trembling arms. But his feet felt like they had been nailed to the floor and his vision had gone completely blurry… It was as if he had been abruptly thrust into an illusory dreamscape.

“Xiao Yun, Seventh Sister…” Yun Che said as a gentle and happy smile appeared on his exhausted face, “I got lucky.”

Number Seven Under Heaven was roused from her stupor. She swiftly moved forward, her trembling hands carefully picking up the child in Yun Che’s arms. She looked at her child, who was bawling loudly, as his limbs flailed about and before she could even speak, her tears had already started to pour down like a dam that had been burst. She tightly hugged her son, who had been snatched back from the very jaws of death and she could not think about anything else as she started sobbing loudly.

“Seventh Sister…” Xiao Yun stood by Number Seven Under Heaven’s side. As he looked at his wife and child, his entire being was suddenly suffused by something that was warm and fuzzy, leaving him with a contentment that he was unable to describe. He turned around and looked at Yun Che, his voice trembling, “Big Brother…”

“If you want to thank me, there is no need,” Yun Che said with a smile. “We’re brothers after all. Your son is my son. So you could say that I saved my own son. It was a natural thing to do.”

“Mn…” Xiao Yun bit his lips as he strove not to cry. After that, he nodded his head with extreme vigor as he said, “Mn!!”

“Hahahahahaha…” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven turned around and let out a booming laugh. The gloom that had been in his heart and the heavy pressure and burden that had been caused by Xuanyuan Wentian had completely melted away in this moment as his heart was filled with boundless contentment and joy.

Mu Yurou was so elated that she shed tears of joy. Yun Qinghong wore a faint smile, tears gleaming in his eyes as he looked at his two sons who stood side by side. Once again, he was struck by a profound feeling that the heavens had truly not been unkind to him.

Cang Yue’s beautiful eyes were fixated on Yun Che and her lips slowly curved into an extremely lovely smile. She sensed that the smile currently on Yun Che’s face was not the same forced smile that it had been previously. She could tell that most of the gloom and darkness that clouded Yun Che’s heart had been lifted.

It could be said that he had redeemed his soul the same time he had saved this child’s life.


Chapter 869 – The Little Demon Empress’ Determination

Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven presented to their child to Xiao Lie, “Grandfather, how about you decide on a name for this child?”

Xiao Lie extended his hands and touched the infant’s tiny hands but he did not take him… He was afraid of accidently startling this little life which had just escaped a nightmarish fate. He held back his tears while he spoke in an unhurried manner, “All those years ago, I named your father Xiao Ying in hope that he would soar in the blue dome of the heavens like a majestic eagle, radiating power and majesty. But I never thought that he would be separated from us forever at such a young age.”

“After going through many ups and downs and experiencing the many vicissitudes of life, my vision is finally clear and I have gained great insight on many things. This child… My hope is not that he achieves great success and fame in life, my hope is that he simply lives a peaceful life that is free of calamity or strife. So I will name him… Yongan.”

“Yongan…” Xiao Yun murmured softly before nodding his head with great vigor, “Good, let his name be Yongan then.”

“My child, did you hear that? Your name is Yongan,” Number Seven Under Heaven whispered as she hugged her baby tightly. Even though she had stopped weeping, tears still streamed uncontrollably from her eyes.

“Xiao Yongan, that is a good name,” Yun Qinghong said with a faint smile on his face. “There is a saying that good fortune will surely follow a person who manages to survive a calamity. Yongan met with a great crisis the moment he was born but he tenaciously soldiered on. So he will definitely be graced by fortune beyond measure from today onwards.”

“That’s right. He is indeed hardy and tenacious,” Yun Che said as he nodded his head cheerfully. “The quantity of devil energy that had invaded his body was more than I expected. During the entire time that I spent cleansing the devilish energy away, my greatest fear was that he would be unable to endure until the devil energy had been completely cleansed. But he was extremely outstanding… The procedure took six hours for me to complete, that was more than twice the length than I had initially anticipated. But he managed to endure the entire thing with incredible tenacity.”

These wholehearted words of praise had come from Yun Che himself. Xiao Yun was so emotional that hot tears scalded his eyes. A profound sense of pride appeared on Number Seven Under Heaven’s tear-stained face. She hugged her child tightly, unwilling to relax her grip for even a single breath.

“Hahahaha…” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven’s booming laugh filled the air, “At first I had been scared completely witless by Xuanyuan Wentian and just thinking of him would fill me with dread. But… even a newborn babe was able to defeat his power, so this old man has no reason to fear him either! The next time he dares to come, even if this old man has to sacrifice his own life, I will not let him return from whence he came!”

“Hahaha, that was well said Brother Under Heaven!” Yun Qinghong said as he joined in his laughter, “Yongan has set an outstanding example for us all. What is there to fear from that Xuanyuan Wentian!? Brother Under Heaven, you should stay behind today. Both our families should drink their fill today. As for the preparations for battle, we’ll discuss those things tomorrow!”

“Alright!” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven replied in a merry voice.

Xiao Yongan’s miraculous revival after he had been struck by calamity had swept clean the heavy oppressiveness that had shrouded the Yun Family. This oppressiveness had now been changed into a vibrant joy which filled the air as it veritably bubbled over. Even the heavy shadow left behind by Xuanyuan Wentian had practically vanished into thin air.

As the leader of the Twelve Guardian Families, the change in atmosphere that occurred in the Yun Family subtly helped to dispel much of the haze that had enshrouded Demon Imperial City.

However, after the initial enthusiasm had worn off and they had all calmed down, they would still have to face the enormous fear wrought by Xuanyuan Wentian… and the complete annihilation that threatened to rain down on them at any moment.


After more than ten days had passed, Yun Che had completely recovered from his wounds and the Little Demon Empress and Feng Xue’er had largely recovered from their own as well. The work they had to do for Demon Imperial City in the wake of Xuanyuan Wentian’s attack was basically done. Under the guidance of the Twelve Guardian Families, Demon Imperial City was prepared to deploy against the disaster that could strike at any time… The terrifying shadow left behind by Xuanyuan Wentian on that day kept them all on their toes and the entire city was in a state of high alert and constant vigilance.

Powerful individuals from the other parts of the Illusory Demon Realm had either responded to the summons or had come to Demon Imperial City of their own accord as all of them prepared to defend against Xuanyuan Wentian together. After all, if Demon Imperial City were to be destroyed, the entire Illusory Demon Realm would implode on itself and fracture apart.

The funerals of Yun He, Yun Jiang and Yun Xi, the three Grand Elders of the Yun Family who had sacrificed their lives during the battle against Xuanyuan Wentian, had been concluded. As a result, the Yun Family disciples’ daily training had increased in both intensity and length. After the joy that had been brought about by the birth of Xiao Yongan had receded, the Yun Family and the entire Demon Imperial City had been engulfed by a nervous and tense atmosphere which grew heavier with each passing day.

This was because Demon Imperial City was currently facing the greatest and most dreadful crisis in its history. Even the chaos caused by Duke Huai paled in comparison to this imminent threat. If they were not able to resist the coming darkness, then there would no longer be a Demon Imperial City in this world… and that sentiment was not the least bit exaggerated.

Yun Qinghong left the house every day as he met with the other patriarchs and dukes to discuss the various strategies and tactics they could use against Xuanyuan Wentian. Yun Che did not even need to ask him about the result of those meetings; just one look at the expression on Yun Qinghong’s face told him that they had been unable to find a strategy that would be truly effective in countering Xuanyuan Wentian. After all, Xuanyuan Wentian’s power was simply far too dreadful and in front of this excessively overbearing strength, all strategies, profound tools and numbers were were rendered completely futile and meaningless.

Furthermore, as the person who had directly clashed against Xuanyuan Wentian, he had an even clearer understanding of just how terrifying and dreadful Xuanyuan Wentian actually was.

Yun Che sat on top of the highest roof in the entire Yun Family household. His eyes were calm and tranquil as he silently gazed off into the distance. He had maintained this posture for most of the late morning. At this moment, rainbow robes fluttered at his side as the Little Demon Empress quietly arrived at his side. Her face was an icy mask as she spoke, “When do you intend to return to Demon Imperial Palace?”

Yun Che turned his face to the side, a cheeky smile appearing on his face as he spoke, “Ah, Caiyi, could it be that if I’m out of your sight for more than two hours, you’ll miss me so much that you will lose all your appetite and become unable to sleep well?”

“Hmph!” The Little Demon Empress gave a cold snort, “Don’t forget, right now you’re a member of my Demon Imperial Family. Since you are back, it’s only natural that you reside in Demon Imperial Palace.”

“I know.” Yun Che said with a helpless expression on his face, “But my mother is unwilling to see me go.”

“You’re just afraid that Xue’er or that empress wife of yours will get jealous, right!?” After saying those words, the Little Demon Empress subconsciously averted her gaze, refusing to meet his eyes with hers.

“Uhh…” Yun Che said as he grabbed the Little Demon Empress’ hand and gently pulled her over, sending her soft, delicate and exquisite body spinning into his embrace, “I don’t know if Yue’er and Xue’er are the type to get jealous but my wife Caiyi is definitely jealous right now.”

“You…” Panic flashed through the Little Demon Empress’s eyes before she stubbornly turned her face aside, yet she did not expend too much energy trying to struggle free from Yun Che’s embrace.

“Okay, I understand. From tomorrow onwards, I will be at the Yun Family residence during the day but at night, I will return to Demon Imperial Palace to accompany my dear wife Caiyi.”

Yun Che’s soft and gentle words caused the Little Demon Empress’ delicate body to melt into his embrace as she spoke in tiny voice, “You don’t need… to force yourself…”

The Little Demon Empress’ voice suddenly trembled because she realized that Yun Che’s palm had abruptly moved to her chest as he gave it a light squeeze.

“…” The Little Demon Empress unconsciously struggled against him but she immediately melted back into his chest, allowing him to run amok. It was just that her breathing had become hurried as a coquettish red blush stained her cheeks.

With a deft move of his arm, Yun Che’s palm skillfully plunged into the depths of the Little Demon Empress’ rainbow robes. He unrestrainedly enjoyed feeling the shape and softness of the snowy bosom which filled his palm. He let out a contented sigh in his heart. Frozen Cloud Asgard’s Heavenly Jade Dew was indeed super effective, to think that it would actually fill his entire palm now!

The Little Demon Empress’ gentle meekness only encouraged Yun Che to push his luck even further. He nimbly and gracefully undid the belt of her rainbow robes from behind and with a slight tug of his fingers, he pulled down her robe, leaving her bare to the waist, immediately exposing her delicate, lustrous and white bosom and snowy shoulders to the air completely.

If this was Demon Imperial Palace, she would allow Yun Che’s desires to run rampant but they were in the Yun Family household! As a slight chill ran through the snowy flesh of her jade body, she immediately pushed Yun Che aside as if she had been struck by lightning. She hurriedly adjusted her clothing and at this moment, the majesty she normally radiated as the Little Demon Empress had vanished into thin air.

“You… It seems like you’ve already sat there for a good long while. What are you thinking about?” The Little Demon Empress said as she bit down on her lower lip. She was scared that her actions had harmed Yun Che’s self-esteem.

“…I was thinking of the problem that everyone has been dwelling on. Thinking about exactly what we should if Xuanyuan Wentian comes again.

Yun Che spat out a shallow breath as he spoke in a rather melancholic voice, “During these past three months, my profound strength has soared dramatically thanks to Xue’er. The degree to which my strength has increased was far greater than any previous time. I felt as if my entire body has been remoulded and reborn, reaching a level that I have never even dreamed about. In fact, I even have the feeling that I have reached the stage where no one could match me.

“However… even though my strength has clearly grown by leaps and bounds, we still could not beat Xuanyuan Wentian even when I joined hands with you and Xue’er.”

Yun Che’s words caused the Little Demon Empress’ faintly blushing face to grow solemn and grave. She abruptly said, “Yun Che, you must promise me one thing.”

Yun Che gave a bland laugh, “Are you thinking of saying something along these lines? If Xuanyuan Wentian returns to the Illusory Demon Realm, you want me to use the Primordial Profound Ark to take everyone and run away, leaving you behind to face him alone?”

“…That’s right!” The Little Demon Empress said with a heavy nod of her head, “On that day, Xuanyuan Wentian had already exhausted a large amount of his power so that he could forcefully break apart the Great City Barrier Formation. But even in that situation, we were still not his match even when the three of us combined our strength. Even though he looked very heavily wounded we had yet to touch his foundation.”

“Furthermore, he had clearly said this before he had left. In another three months, his devil blood will completely awaken. At that time, his power will reach the so-called ‘perfect’ state. At that time, it did not seem like he was making idle threats either. If all of this is really true, then the Xuanyuan Wentian who will appear before us once more will be even more dreadful than the Xuanyuan Wentian we previously faced.”

“Over the past few days, I have also been trying to think of a method to deal with Xuanyuan Wentian but I could not come up with anything. If we were to stay behind and attempt to forcefully resist him… we would merely be vainly throwing our lives away! There is no shame in running away! In fact, that is the wisest and most sensible decision! Xuanyuan Wentian’s power is far too abnormal, there will definitely be a bottleneck to that power and tremendous negative side effects to it… So if you and Xue’er manage to escape for now, there will definitely be a day when the both of you can defeat him!”

“Since that is the most sensible choice, then you definitely have to come along as well!” Yun Che said with furrowed brows.

“I can’t leave!” The Little Demon Empress said as she gave a resolute shake of her head, “Don’t forget who I am. I am the empress of the Illusory Demon Realm, the inheritor of the ten thousand year will of the Demon Emperor’s bloodline. If I run away, not only will I be abandoning Demon Imperial City and the Illusory Demon Realm, I will also be besmirching the dignity of the Demon Emperor’s bloodline, betraying the glory and the ten thousand year will left behind my ancestors!”

“Everyone should abandon this place as early as possible instead of pointlessly waiting for death. But for me, there will be no escape, what awaits is a glorious death in battle.”

“Fine,” Yun Che said with a faint smile as he nodded his head. “Since that’s the case, then I definitely need to stay behind with you.”

“Foolish!” The Little Demon Empress rebuked him with a cold look, “If you die, then who will protect and take care of your family members and women. Who will defeat Xuanyuan Wentian and rescue the Illusory Demon Realm from disaster!?”

“…” The Little Demon Empress softened her tone before continuing in a soft voice, “Don’t forget, I am already someone who is destined for death. Even if there was no Xuanyuan Wentian, I have less than two years left to live.”

She turned around before continuing to speak in that soft voice, “Yun Che, the fact that I was able to become your wife near the end of my life already leaves me with boundless satisfaction and contentment. Instead of quietly waiting for death to take me, I would rather carry on the will of all the Demon Emperors who have come before me and die a glorious death in battle. To me, that would be an even better conclusion to my ending.”

“As long as you are willing to promise me this one thing… Before the day comes, I will be willing to do whatever it is you wish me to do.”

After she finished speaking, the Little Demon Empress took to the air and flew far away. After her figure had completely vanished from Yun Che’s vision, a soft voice mumbled in his ear, “When you return to Demon Imperial Palace, I allow you to bring your empress wife and Xue’er along with you.”

Yun Che, “…”


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