Against the Gods


Against the Gods Chapter 853-857

Chapter 853 – The Yun Family Receives Guests

Xiao Yun and Number One Under Heaven led the people who had come to the Illusory Demon Realm for the first time to Demon Imperial City before directly heading towards the Yun Family household.

The Yun Family had already received a sound transmission beforehand, so Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou were already at the main gate waiting to receive them.

After Xiao Yun spied the anxiously waiting figures of Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou, he galloped towards them before heavily bowing to the ground, "Father, Mother, your child has returned."

Number One Under Heaven was hot on his heels as he bowed as well, "Patriarch Yun, Madam Yun, it has been a long time."

Yun Qinghong gave a faint smile as he nodded his head. He extended a hand to lift Xiao Yun up, his warm gaze extending to the unfamiliar faces behind him, including the gaggle of Frozen Cloud girls who were so beautiful that they caused one's head to spin. Just as he was about to ask, he suddenly heard Mu Yurou speak in an anxious voice, "Yun'er, where is Che'er? He didn't come back with the rest of you? And the Little Demon Empress… Has she already returned to the palace?"

"Father, Mother, concerning Big Brother and the Little Demon Empress…" Even though Xiao Yun had already thought about what to say while he was on the way here, now that he saw Mu Yurou's extremely worried eyes, he still felt his heart panicking. He silently swallowed a mouthful of saliva before forcing himself to speak in a relaxed voice, "Actually, Big Brother sustained some injuries before he returned. So the moment we returned, the Little Demon Empress brought him to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley in order to get the Golden Crow Divine God to heal Big Brother's wounds."

"Ah!!" Mu Yurou gave a cry of alarm as the look of joy and anticipation on her face instantly turned into a look of fear and dread. She grabbed Xiao Yun's arm, gripping it so hard that the joints of her fingers turned white, "Yun Che, he… how did he get hurt… Are his injuries serious… Who was it that hurt him… Just what exactly is his condition right now…"

"I… Big Brother, he…" Xiao Yun was a person who was extremely bad at lying. Besides, right now, he was in front of the mother he was closest to and loved and respected the most. So in this moment, he was at a complete loss as to what to do, stumbling over his words and unable to form a coherent sentence.

"Yurou, there's no need to worry." Yun Qinghong said as he gave a relaxed smile and patted Mu Yurou's shoulder, "Your concern has truly left you frazzled this time. Could it be that you've forgotten that Che'er not only has extremely great medical skills, he also possesses a constitution that far exceeds that of a normal person? Even extremely serious injuries can be quickly recovered from in his case so even if his injuries are particularly heavy this time around, hasn't the Little Demon Empress already personally brought him to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley? Given the divine power of the Golden Crow Divine God, no matter how serious his injuries are, he will definitely be able to safely recover from them."

"Yes, yes, yes, yes!" Xiao Yun hurriedly said as he followed along and nodded his head, "Even though Big Brother was wounded this time… and it was just slightly on the serious side the moment he meets the Golden Crow Divine God, he will definitely be better in no time. So Mother doesn't need to be worried at all. For all we know, Big Brother might safely return tomorrow."

Yun Qinghong's words had managed to somewhat assuage the panic that had seized Mu Yurou's heart, "That's right… The Golden Crow Divine Spirit regards Che'er so highly, so it definitely won't be stingy with its divine power. Che'er will definitely return safe and sound."

"Heh heh, of course," Yun Qinghong laughed as he nodded his head. But at the same time, a somber heaviness flashed in the depths of his eyes.

He was very clear regarding Yun Che's abnormal recovery ability… but this time, he was so badly wounded that they had not even brought him back home first. They had instead directly gone to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.

The injuries he sustained this time were definitely extremely vicious…

What exactly had happened over in the Profound Sky Continent?

"Right! Father, Mother, I found Grandfather when I went to the Profound Sky Continent."

Xiao Yun quickly strode towards Xiao Lie's side and supported him over before speaking to Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou once more, "This is my grandfather by blood. It was also Grandfather who raised Big Brother up into a man. Grandfather, these are my parents in the Illusory Demon Realm, they have raised me for more than twenty years and they have treated me as their very own. In my heart, I have always regarded them as my real parents."

Xiao Lie measured the couple before making a light bow, "At the risk of being presumptuous, I must say that I, Xiao Lie, will never be able to return the favor you have done me by raising Yun'er."

Xiao Lie did not receive a reply for a long time after he spoke. From the moment Xiao Yun introduced him, Yun Qinghong's body had shaken before he stood there completely petrified. His eyes dazedly stared at Xiao Lie as they trembled and his body was so tense that it kept trembling.

"Father?" Xiao Yun gazed questioningly at the Yun Qinghong who suddenly seemed to lose all his vigor.


Yun Qinghong fell to his knees with a heavy thump as he knelt in front of Xiao Lie.

"Father!!" Xiao Yun cried out as in great shock.

"Ah! Pat… Patriarch!!" The gathered elders and disciples of the Yun Family cried as they all went white with shock.

Xiao Lie was so shocked that he had instinctively retreated half a step. But after that, he hurriedly sprang forward and extended a hand to help him off the ground, "This… What you are doing… this is not something that you should be doing!"

But even though he used all of his strength, Yun Qinghong's knees were rooted to the ground and he did not move in the slightest. Beside him, Mu Yurou had also knelt down, her eyes shining with tears.

"Senior Xiao…" Yun Qinghong but his tiger eyes were already streaming with tears, "I, Yun Qinghong, have wronged you… It was I who caused Brother Xiao Ying to meet such a calamity during his heroic years. It was I who caused your family to break down, separating all of you for more than twenty years… But not only did you not hold any resentment or hatred towards us, you even treated Che'er as your own flesh and blood, personally raising him for more than ten years, allowing my family to finally be reunited…"

"Even if I have lived past ten lives, I, Yun Qinghong, will still be unable to repay the debt of guilt I owe you. I will still have not repaid the great favor you have done for us…"

When Yun Qinghong had personally heard from Yun Che that Xiao Ying had died more than twenty years ago, he was in such agony and grief that he wished that he was dead. The boundless gratitude and guilt he felt towards Xiao Ying had left an extremely deep knot in his heart. So when he saw Xiao Lie today, all of the emotions that had piled up in his heart exploded forth like rushing river. This Yun Family patriarch, who was deeply respected and admired by far too many people, was crying like a child in front of this weak and fragile-looking old man.

Mu Yurou was crying along with him because she was very clear on just how much pain he bore in his heart. Now that Xiao Ying's father was in front of them, he was finally able to vent that pain out.

The rims of Xiao Lie's eyes had also grown wet. He was face to face with the patriarch of the most exalted family in the Illusory Demon Realm, a family whose status was comparable with the unparalleled Sacred Grounds of the Profound Sky Continent. But such a person was actually kneeling down before him, an old man who could not be any more ordinary, in front of everyone… This sentiment was as heavy as a mountain. He now finally and completely understood why his son Xiao Ying would be willing to go to such an extent for this man all those years ago.

"Please rise… Please quickly rise." Xiao Lie tried to pull the couple off the ground time and again. He said tearfully, "What happened all those years ago was never your fault, so how could you owe us? My son Xiao Ying died for the sake of friendship and he died with no regrets or complaints and I have never borne even a shred of hatred or resentment towards the both of you either. Today, Yun'er and Che'er have all grown into men who have achieved remarkable things so everything in the past have turned into so much fog and smoke. Why should we still allow them to weigh down on our hearts?"

Xiao Lie not only did not blame or resent them in the least. He instead strove to encourage them to not torment themselves over such a thing. A multitude of emotions surged in Yun Qinghong's heart and for a time, he wept without being able to make a sound. Afterwards, he kowtowed heavily towards Xiao Lie.

The gathered members of the Yun Family, who were gathered behind, could finally figure out that the person Xiao Yun was kneeling to was actually the person who had raised Yun Che in the Profound Sky Continent. In the next moment, all of them stopped kicking up a ruckus as every one of them felt a deep respect for Xiao Lie.

"Senior Xiao." Yun Qinghong's every word resounded like the clang of metal, "Xiao Ying and I are brothers, so Xiao Ying's father is also my, father. My blood father was harmed by villains and he also passed on to the west so I am unable to perform my filial duties towards him. But from now on, you will be my father and I, Yun Qinghong, will be your son… If I am ever unfilial to you, may it not be tolerated by the heavens or the earth!"

"Most respected father, please accept this kowtow from your children." Yun Qinghong's attitude was extremely serious as he kowtowed along with Mu Yurou.

Even though Yun Qinghong was far older than Xiao Lie when it came to age, this scene was not the least bit inappropriate and everyone present all felt the rims of theirs eyes grow wet.

Tears coursed from Xiao Lie's aged eyes. He did not reject Yun Qinghong's gesture and accepted the kowtow from the couple. After that, he extended a hand to help both of them off the ground, "Good, good children, hurry up and rise…"

This time, Yun Qinghong was finally willing to be helped off the ground.

"This is simply splendid!" Xiao Yun said as he felt his nose crinkle with emotion. "The spirit of Father in heaven will definitely be very joyful and appreciative of this… Ah, right, besides Grandfather, I also have a little aunt."

"Father, Mother, this is my little aunt, her name is Xiao Lingxi." Xiao Yun pointed towards Xiao Lingxi as he introduced her.

"Oh you, how can you be so impudent and actually address a senior by her name." Yun Qinghong rebuked Xiao Yun with a smile as he wiped away the tears on his face. After that, he spoke to Xiao Lingxi in a peaceable manner, "Miss Xiao, I have often heard Che'er mention you. I am truly unable to express the gratitude in my heart for the abundant care and concern that you have shown towards him while the two of you were growing up. From today onwards, you are my, Yun Qinghong's, own sister. So if anything ever happens, you must definitely not be too polite with your big brother over here."

When Xiao Lingxi had first seen Yun Che's real parents, she was filled with a nervous apprehension. Just as she had thought of how to greet and address them, Yun Qinghong's "from today onwards, you will be my own sister," completely stunned her. Her beautiful eyes widened as her heart was thrown into turmoil. To acknowledge those words would be bad but to not acknowledge those words would not be good either. So she stood in place, stumbling over words that she could not utter.

The senses that only women possessed allowed Mu Yurou to vaguely figure out the reason for Xiao Lingxi's appearance. She gave a faint smile as she strode forward and clasped Xiao Lingxi's hands intimately. After that, she rolled her eyes exaggeratedly at Yun Qinghong, "Look at you, she is still a small and little girl but the old man that you are wants to immediately make her your sister. You're making this little girl feel old."

As she looked at Xiao Lingxi, Mu Yurou's expression immediately turned warm and genial, "Lingxi, you don't need to bother with him. From now on, you can treat this place as your own home as well. If you need anything, feel free to let me know about it, you definitely mustn’t be too considerate towards me. As for how to address me, if you want to call me sister, then call me sister. If you want to call me aunt, then call me aunt. You don't need to follow what these men have decided on their own."

Yun Qinghong was utterly baffled by Mu Yurou's glare so he had no choice but to shut up and not speak any further.

"Yes… Au… Aunt." After her hands had been clasped by Yun Che's mother, Xiao Lingxi turned even more nervous and she confusedly addressed her as aunt.

This greeting caused Mu Yurou to beam on the inside. At this moment, her gaze was suddenly drawn to one particular girl. She stood quietly in her spot, the profound strength surrounding her body was faint and weak but she exuded a gentle refinement and nobility that was hard to describe. Furthermore, this air of nobility was definitely not something an ordinary family could cultivate and from all the girls that she had met in her lifetime, only the Little Demon Empress had made her feel this way.

As they had just arrived in a strange world and had just arrived at the Yun Family, most of the newcomers were apprehensive and reserved. Only she was unperturbed and tranquil, looking as picturesque as an elegant painting.

"And whom might this lady be?" Mu Yurou had been captivated for a brief moment before asking that straightforward question.

"Hehe." Number Seven Under Heaven giggled as she said in a happy and bubbly tone, "Father, Mother, didn't the both of you keep talking about that princess daughter-in-law that you hadn't met yet? She is standing right in front of you right now."

"Ah… Could it be that she is…" Mu Yurou said with a startled little cry. Yun Qinghong's gaze also settled on Cang Yue as surprise flashed in his eyes.

Cang Yue strode forward and made a deep bow, "Daughter-in-law Cang Yue greets Father and Mother."

Now that Mu Yurou had finally seen the daughter-in-law that she had pined for day and night, she hurriedly strode forward to help Cang Yue up. She measured Cang Yue at a glance and she was so excited that she was at a loss for what to do, "Good child… Ah look at this mother over here, I even forgot to prepare a greeting present for you…"

"You just need to prepare another greeting present then. Mother, I have another secret to tell you," Number Seven Under Heaven said with a lovable smile. "Sister-in-law isn't a princess anymore. She is the current empress of Blue Wind Nation and she is renowned throughout the entire Profound Sky Continent. She is simply too awesome."

"Hahahaha!" Yun Qinghong let out a great laugh as he sighed in a heartfelt manner, "You are indeed a girl that has caught Che'er's eye. Che'er is truly a lucky man."

"As father and mother, we were unable to be present on the day of your wedding… Child, we have truly wronged you," Mu Yurou said in an affectionate voice as she looked at Cang Yue. The more she looked at her, the more she felt like Cang Yue was truly a rare specimen and that even the heavens would have very few of her ilk.

Cang Yue gently shook her head, "Being able to become Husband's wife is Cang Yue's greatest fortune in life, so why would I feel even the least bit aggrieved? Today, I have finally managed to meet Father and Mother, thus resolving a great wish of mine. From today onwards, I will wait on you and show my filial piety towards you along with Husband."

"Ah, such a good child." Mu Yurou was so overjoyed that hot tears touched her eyes but she did not forget that there were other guests as well. She looked towards the gathered ladies of Frozen Cloud Asgard who were standing in the back and despite her extensive life experience, she had never once seen so many rare beauties with outstanding temperaments gathered together in her life. Just a single glance already threatened to completely dazzle her. After that, she asked in a hesitant and unsure voice, "These ladies, they wouldn't happen to be… Che'er's concubines, right?"

Even though the number was rather exaggerated, given the fact that his formal wife was an empress, finding several thousand concubines did not seem to be too far-fetched. Was there not a saying that went something like "the imperial harem is filled with three thousand beauties…"


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Chapter 854 – Tortuous Wait

Just as Xiao Yun was about to introduce Frozen Cloud Asgard to Yun Qinghong and his wife, he suddenly heard Mu Yurou’s words and he was so shocked that he felt his legs go weak, his knees almost hitting the ground.

The jade faces of the gathered Frozen Cloud girls had turned a faint shade of pink as they stood there completely flabbergasted.

Murong Qianxue stepped forward and spoke in a respectful manner, “Patriarch Yun, Madam Yun, we are the disciples of the Profound Sky Continent’s Frozen Cloud Asgard. Yun Che is our Asgard Master. Half a year ago, Asgard Master Yun saved our sect from calamity and he was the one who granted us salvation. He brought us here in order to preserve the lives of everyone here. Forgive us for imposing on your hospitality but we were overwhelmed by fear for our lives.”

“Oh?” Yun Qinghong said with a puzzled expression on his face as he nodded his head. “So that is how it is. I have heard Che’er mention the name Frozen Cloud Asgard before. But when Che’er spoke about your noble sect, he mentioned that you have traditionally only taken in female disciples, so how did Che’er become your Asgard Master?”

“How this all came to pass… is a long story,” Murong Qianxue said solemnly. “If not for Asgard Master Yun, Frozen Cloud Asgard would have long ago disappeared off the face of the earth.”

“Father,” Xiao Yun said. “I will give you a detailed account of the reasons for why this happened later. Frozen Cloud Asgard has around two thousand disciples altogether, this is the first time they have come to the Illusory Demon Realm and they have basically nowhere else to go. Before Big Brother returns, I request that Father arrange a place for them to stay in the meantime.”

“Mn, of course we will.” Yun Qinghong nodded his head without hesitating in the slightest. Since Yun Che specially brought all of them to the Illusory Demon Realm, it spoke of his regard for Frozen Cloud Asgard. He thought about it for a moment before speaking to Murong Qianxue, “If you don’t mind, how does it sound if all of you fairies stayed in the residences of our Yun Family until Che’er returns? I also want to reassure all the fairies gathered here, I heard from Che’er that Frozen Cloud Asgard is cold and distant from the rest of the world and that your sect has never been willing to taint yourselves with the affairs of the outside world. So I will also give an order that no one is to be allowed near the residences where all of you will be staying so as to not disturb your peace and quiet. And there will definitely be no one outside the Yun Family who would dare to intrude upon any of you.”

Murong Qianxue bowed deeply in gratitude before speaking, “Since this is so, Murong Qianxue thanks Patriarch Yun and Madam Yun on behalf of all of the disciples of Frozen Cloud Asgard.”


A huge boom resounded through the air as the main gates of the Yun Family were roughly thrown wide. A loud and boorish yell immediately followed after, “Seventh Treasure, Seventh Treasure!!”

“Father!?” Number Seven Under Heaven crowed in delight as she turned around to see Greatest Ambition Under Heaven bustle towards her.

“Father,” Number One Under Heaven said as he hurriedly strode forwards to greet Greatest Ambition Under Heaven.

But Greatest Ambition Under Heaven practically ignored Number One Under Heaven as he swept past him and rushed towards Number Seven Under Heaven and roared with delight, “My Seventh Treasure, you’ve finally returned. From the time you were little until now, you’ve never left your father’s side for more than three days but this time you were gone for half a year. You made me miss you so much!!”

Number Seven Under Heaven’s mouth gaped open and her body retreated with a ‘whoosh’ as she hid behind Xiao Yun’s back, causing Greatest Ambition Under Heaven to hug the empty air in front of him. Both his arms embraced the air in front of him as he stared in disbelief at the Number Seven Under Heaven who was hiding behind Xiao Yun. He spoke in an incredibly wounded voice, “It’s only been half a year but… but you’re not close to your father anymore…”

“Cough, Father-in-law.” Xiao Yun hurriedly and carefully explained, “Actually… Actually Seventh Sister is currently already six months pregnant, so…”

“WHAT!?” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven roared as he jumped. His roar was so loud that it caused Xiao Yun’s ears to buzz and ring.

“This… Is this true?” Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou asked with looks of delighted surprise on their faces.

“Of course it’s true,” Number One Under Heaven said helplessly. “Father, if Old Seven hadn’t dodged your embrace just now, you might just have inadvertently hurt your yet-to-be-born grandson.”

Greatest Ambition Under Heaven shoved Xiao Yun aside with one hand while he grabbed Number Seven Under Heaven’s arm, “Let’s go! Seventh Treasure, hurry up and return home with Father. Right now you are pregnant, so you definitely must not be gallivanting about.”

“Go home? I don’t want to.” Number Seven Under Heaven said as she retreated backwards, “I want to stay with Brother Yun.”

“This…How can this punk know how to take care of you? Right now, you are pregnant with my grandson, if by any chance… if by any chance some mishap occurs…” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven said as he was overcome by a fit of anxiety.

“That’s enough, Brother Under Heaven,” Yun Qinghong said as he hurriedly stepped forward. “You’ve truly let your emotions get the better of you. There is no reason to force your married daughter to return to her previous home. Besides, Number Seven is currently a royal princess whose title was personally bestowed by the Little Demon Empress.”


Another loud boom rang through the air as the main gates of the Yun Family, which had just been closed, were blasted open once again. The sound of loud and carefree laugh that was filled with excitement practically resonated throughout the entire Yun Family household, “Hahahaha, Che’er, Grandfather has come to see you.”

Mu Feiyan had brought along his three sons Mu Yubai, Mu Yuqing and Mu Yukong as he grandly strode through the gates. After that, he was immediately startled by the formation in front of him. Mu Feiyan’s eyes swept the area several times but he did not see Yun Che’s figure. So he immediately spat out a few words while glowering at everyone, “How about Che’er? Where is Che’er right now? Could it be that he didn’t return with you all?”

“Father, you need to calm down first,” Mu Yurou said in a soft voice. “Che’er did return but he was injured, so he is receiving treatment from the Golden Crow Divine God right now. He should return fairly quickly…”

“WHAT!?!” Mu Feiyan’s hair and beard immediately stood on end as he soared into the air in explosive rage, “Who was it!? Who was the bastard that harmed Che’er!? Speak, who was it!? Let’s see if this old man doesn’t tear him to pieces and pound him into mincemeat.”

“That’s about enough Father,” Mu Yubai said wryly, the corners of his mouth hooking upwards. “With the Little Demon Empress around, the bastard who harmed Che’er has definitely been burned to the point where there wasn’t even ashes left. What makes you think that you’ll even get a chance?”

“…” Xiao Yun opened his mouth before speaking in a very soft voice, “Actually… Actually, the Little Demon Empress wasn’t able to beat that person either and she ended up wounded as well. She was even forced to ignite her origin blood… In fact, all of us nearly died there.”

Those few words of Xiao Yun caused Mu Feiyan and the rest of them to be completely stunned, their faces rapidly losing color. Yun Qinghong grabbed Xiao Yun anxiously as he stared straight at him, “You said… that the Little Demon Empress was wounded as well? And that she was also forced to ignite her origin blood?”

“How… How can that be possible?” Mu Yukong said with a shocked and frightened expression on his face. “How can there still be anyone who can rival the Little Demon Empress in this world… How can that be possible!?”

“Xiao Yun’s words were not the least bit exaggerated,” Number One Under Heaven said with a heavy sigh.

Mu Feiyan, Greatest Ambition Under Heaven and Yun Qinghong glanced at each other with dismay. They were scarcely able to believe their own ears. Yun Qinghong relaxed his grip on Xiao Yun as his brows furrowed tightly together and he spoke in solemn tone, “Yun’er, give us a detailed account of everything that happened after all of you left for the Profound Sky Continent.”

“I think it’d be better if I told this story,” Number One Under Heaven said as he took a step forward.

Immediately after he said that, Number One Under Heaven gave them a long and detailed account of what had happened in the Profound Sky Continent. He especially focused on the details regarding Xuanyuan Wentian, from the time he had kidnapped Xiao Yun to the time when he had forced everyone into a desperate situation. He gave a thorough and detailed explanation of every single detail to the best of his ability.

Once Number One Under Heaven had finally gotten to the part of the story where they had returned to the Illusory Demon Realm, Yun Qinghong and the rest of them had lapsed into a deep state of profound shock and they did not regain their senses for a long period of time.

“Duke Ming was actually… only a pawn… He was actually only a pawn…” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven kept muttering to himself as he shook his head.

“Just where did Xuanyuan Wentian’s power come from? How did it come to pass that even the Little Demon Empress was not able to fight him?” The shock that was present on Mu Feiyan’s face refused to recede as he asked that question.

“I have already told you all that I know,” Number One Under Heaven said in a heavy voice. “However, I spent the majority of the time in Floating Cloud City, so Brother Yun and Princess Snow definitely have more information and know more secrets than I do. They may even know the reason behind Xuanyuan Wentian’s bizarre change.”

“If all of this is really true, then Xuanyuan Wentian is at least ten times more dreadful than Duke Ming,” Yun Qinghong said as he closed his eyes and sucked in a deep breath.

Greatest Ambition Under Heaven suddenly thought of something and his expression faintly changed. He spoke in a heavy voice, “Since Xuanyuan Wentian’s current power is so dreadful and his obsession for the Mirror of Samsara is so fierce, then once he fully recovers from his injuries, he will definitely attack our Illusory Demon Realm… During those years, they could already forcefully construct a dimensional profound formation that could link both of our continents, so there is no reason that they would not be able to do it now. This won’t do! I need to inform all the cities and the various regions who hem our borders. From today onwards, we need to be on our guard constantly.”

“Hold on for a moment, Brother Under Heaven,” Yun Qinghong said to restrain him. “It is not advisable to make this matter public at this present time. The absolute authority that the Little Demon Empress currently possesses is entirely built upon the reality of her absolute power. If the news that the Little Demon Empress was defeated gets spread around, it will definitely incite fear and panic. We should keep this matter to ourselves for now and wait for the Little Demon Empress to return from Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley first before deferring this decision to her.”

“Mn, Qinghong’s reasoning is sound,” Mu Feiyan said with a faint nod of his head. “We should refrain from disclosing this news for now. Since Xuanyuan Wentian’s injuries are so serious, he definitely won’t make any rash moves for now. Let’s wait for the Little Demon Empress to return first before we make a decision on anything.”

“Ah, we had just quelled the chaos incited by Duke Huai too. The Little Demon Empress presided over the land with power and prestige and I thought that the chaos and disorder that afflicted the Illusory Demon Realms was finally over, but who would have thought…” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven said as he let out a long sigh. “These are truly troubled times that we live in.”

So Xiao Lie, Xiao Lingxi, Cang Yue and all the disciples of Frozen Cloud Asgard were moved into the Yun Family household.

Yun Qinghong regarded Xiao Lie as his own father and he would go and pay his respects every morning and night. He also personally attended to every matter that concerned Xiao Lie. He also took extremely good care of Xiao Lingxi, his only fear being that she suffered even the smallest indignity.

As the wife of the Young Patriarch, Cang Yue was accorded remarkable status the moment she entered the Yun Family. Mu Yurou grew more and more delighted with this daughter-in-law of hers as the days passed and she would spend entire days dragging Cang Yue along with her and asking her various things about her relationship with Yun Che.

Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven did not return to their King Palace. Instead, they stayed with the Yun Family to accompany Xiao Lie and spent every day joyfully awaiting the arrival of that little life.

Yun Qinghong had also personally arranged for the disciples of Frozen Cloud Asgard to be housed in the Yun Family residences.

Even if one was to randomly choose one girl from amongst the girls of Frozen Cloud Asgard, she would be breathtaking enough to stun everyone around her, let alone when so many of them appeared at one time. During the thousand year history of Frozen Cloud Asgard, there was never a time when they completely mobilized and showed themselves to the world. So one could well imagine the sort of commotion they incited after they had all entered the Yun Family. Whether they were old or young, every single one of the Yun Family disciples were left completely dumbstruck by their beauty. It was as if all of them had entered some dreamland. But the stern prohibition of Yun Qinghong that swiftly followed firmly put a damper on all of their fantasies. So the only thing the male disciples of the Yun Family could do was stare at those distant courtyard walls with a burning desire. Because even drawing close to those walls was wishful thinking.

The Mu Family had dispatched many people to guard the entrance of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley but even after a day and night had passed, the profound formation at the entrance of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley remained shut and no one had emerged from within.

Seven days…

Ten days…

Fifteen days…

One month…

An entire month had passed by but the Little Demon Empress and Yun Che had still not emerged from Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley. At this point, even Yun Qinghong could no longer maintain his previous cool. For the next few days, he would travel by himself to the entrance of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley before the sun even kissed the sky and observe the sealing profound formation to see if it had undergone any changes.

The only thing he could console himself with was the certainty that Yun Che was definitely alright. If not, the Little Demon Empress and the girl who was known as Princess Snow would have long ago departed from Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.

They must have a very important reason for staying in there for such a long time.

It was amidst this self-consolation and increasingly anxious and frantic waiting that an entire three months slowly passed. The wait was akin to a long and drawn-out painful torture.

However, while they were still unaware, a dark cloud was slowly creeping towards the Illusory Demon Realm.


Author’s Note:
The title of this volume is: “Cloud’s End Mirage”. These four words are the key. The rest are just to make up for the word count.

A friendly reminder: Su Ling’er is now sixteen years old.


Chapter 855 – Illusory Demon Crisis

Five Way Region was located northwest of the Illusory Demon Realm. There were no cities present in the region and it was simply a piece of wasteland. However, a large army was safeguarding the region day and night, all year round. That year, this place was the starting point of Profound Sky Continent’s infiltration into Illusory Demon Realm. Back then, the Four Great Sacred Grounds paid a great price to construct a spatial profound formation and its exit was right here.

At the same time, this place could be considered the end point of the infiltration that year. Though the Four Great Sacred Grounds were strong, the number of people that could be transferred was limited. With Demon Imperial City as their home ground, the battle eventually pushed the people from the Four Great Sacred Grounds back here and the final ferocious battle unfolded in this Five Way Region.

Even till today, traces of disasters left behind by that ferocious battle a hundred years ago were still present here.

Not too long after the disappearance of the Little Demon Emperor, the exit of that spatial profound formation disappeared. However, Demon Illusory Realm was still unable to ascertain whether the Four Great Sacred Grounds had completely closed off the spatial passageway for good. In order to prevent the other party from re-opening the exit, a large elite army would always be keeping watch, day and night. Among them, there were even several disciples from the Guardian Families.

A hundred years had passed and not a single anomaly had appeared. Forget about the profound formation making a reappearance, even the slightest of irregular spatial ripples was never sighted at all.

Following after the calm of Duke Huai’s upheaval, the Little Demon Empress regained her authority and even obtained astonishing strength. The pressure on the guards here had thus plummeted as well. In the past, this was a dangerous land that concerned the safety of Demon Imperial City but now, it would often be filled with laughter and sounds of happy guards. There was no longer even the slightest bit of heavy or suppressive atmosphere.

In the early hours, the sky had just turned bright. If it was a year ago, it was most likely the time for a change in shift as per schedule. Presently, however, the various powerful guardian districts of Five Way Region were filled with snores and those guards who were on night duties were in a mess as well. It was seemingly impossible to find a person who still maintained his clarity and alertness. Even the leaders coming from the Guardian Families were all sound asleep.

Right at this moment, in the skies above the center district of Five Way Region, space severely distorted all of a sudden. An abnormal profound light weakly flashed and then, in the span of a few short breaths, it released an eye-piercing profound radiance, drawing out a small sized profound formation that was merely a meter in length.

A spatial profound formation that only allowed a single person to pass through once!!

In the instant the spatial profound formation was formed, a black figure gently descended from within.

A suppressive aura that felt as though it had originated from purgatory enveloped the entire Five Way Region, waking up all the soundly sleeping guards in thick, trembling fear.

Demon Imperial City, Yun Family.

It had been exactly three months and there had yet to be any news of Yun Che and the Little Demon Empress since they had entered Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley. Though Yun Qinghong was still consoling Mu Yurou especially calmly and peacefully like before, he had actually long been blazing with anxiety.

Today, he had once again gone another night without sleep, as he silently stood in the courtyard, staring blankly until the sky brightened. Finally, he was no longer able to restrain himself and was preparing to head over to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley again like yesterday.

At this moment, an incomparably intense energy ripple was suddenly released from his sound transmission jade.

With a heavy heart, he quickly picked up the sound transmission jade. Glancing at the sound transmission imprint, he realized it was actually coming from Yun Zheng, a disciple from Yun Family who was stationed at Five Way Region!

Yun Qinghong’s brows fiercely twitched. The number of disciples stationed at Five Way Region was not many but every single one of them was a leader of either a small or large group of soldiers. As for Yun Zheng, he was the leader among all the Yun Family disciples stationed in Five Way Region. Usually, he would send a routine sound transmission at the end of each month to report on the situation among the guards and there had never been a situation where he would send a sound transmission at any other times.

“Patriarch… Save… us…”

The voice transmitted by the sound transmission jade contained an agonized and hoarse voice, as though it was uttered by someone who would soon meet his death, carrying deep fear and despair.

Yun Qinghong was shocked, growling. “Yun Zheng, what happened over there!?”

“Hehehehe…” What replied him was the sound of sunken laughter.

Though it was merely the sound of laughter and did not carry the slightest bit of the other party’s aura, it still fiercely pressed down on Yun Qinghong’s chest and even his breathing had suddenly turned abnormally rapid.

“Who are you?” Yun Qinghong said with a sunken voice.

“Regarding this sovereign’s identity, why don’t you make a guess… Yun Qinghong.” Behind the sinister voice was Yun Zheng’s bitter and frail groans.

Yun Qinghong’s hair stood on end and his pair of hands trembled, as though at any moment, he could shatter the sound transmission jade due to the loss of control of his strength. The heavy name which had been binding his heart in this few days, surfaced within his mind…

“Xuanyuan… Wentian!?”

“Well done.” The voice on the other side softly praised and then continued with an amused tone. “Yun Qinghong, inform the Little Demon Empress that within the next hour, this sovereign shall grandly descend upon Demon Imperial City. Furthermore, it will just be this sovereign alone. Have her bring the Mirror of Samsara and personally welcome this sovereign’s. This sovereign might even consider pardoning Demon Imperial City then. Otherwise, this sovereign will have all of you witness what true fear is.”


The final sound that reverberated was Yun Zheng’s scream and following after was the sound of the sound transmission jade shattering.



The sound transmission jade in Yun Qinghong’s hand was also immediately shattered by the squeeze of his hand due losing control of his profound energy. His back was ice-cold and his heart felt as though it was being pressed down by a hundred and fifty ton gigantic boulder, incomparably heavy.

If it was three months ago, suddenly hearing news of Xuanyuan Wentian… forget about Xuanyuan Wentian, even if he received the sudden report of the Four Great Sacred Grounds making another infiltration, he would still remain incomparably calm. However this time, the arrogance that was carried within that voice, as though he was a deliverer of judgement, had informed Yun Qinghong that only he alone had arrived. It made his hands shiver intensely and he only managed to calm himself down after taking in a few dozen breaths.

Because, the present Xuanyuan Wentian was not the Xuanyuan Wentian of a hundred years ago but someone who could defeat Little Demon Empress!!

The strength that Little Demon Empress possessed after she awakened her bloodline was powerful beyond compare and had even broken the record in the history of the Illusory Demon Realm. Duke Ming, who was supposed to be undefeatable in the Illusory Demon Realm, merely had the power to flee when facing her. During this period, the Illusory Demon Realm had seemingly regarded the Little Demon Empress as a divine spirit. The Twelve Families and the countless Duke Palaces were all behaving obediently as well and none dared to carry the slightest bit of treacherous intention or disobedience.

After the situation in the Illusory Demon Realm had completely settled down, taking revenge on the Profound Sky Continent would no longer be a mere dream but a matter that was within reach.

But to be capable of defeating the Little Demon Empress… That immense power was something Yun Qinghong and even the entire Illusory Demon Realm, was unable to imagine or comprehend!

Furthermore, the Little Demon Empress was still inside Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley. If Xuanyuan Wentian were to break into Demon Imperial City, the consequences would be completely unimaginable!

Yun Qinghong’s expression immensely changed. Then, he fiercely gnashed his teeth, as he had finally made a heavy decision. His arm suddenly struck towards the sky and an astonishing lightning bolt exploded apart in the sky above the Yun Family residence, releasing out a lightning light that had seemingly filled the skies of Illusory Demon Realm with a purple glow.

“Purple… Purple Cloud Tribulation Order!!”

To the Yun Family, this purple lightning bolt was no less important than lightning from the Ninth Heaven. From the highest echelons of Grand Elders to the most regular of Yun Family disciples, all leapt up as though they had been struck by lightning and they madly charged towards Yun Qinghong’s position.

The Purple Cloud Tribulation Order was Yun Family’s summoning order used for extreme emergencies. Even during the chaos brought upon them by the Profound Sky Continent a hundred years ago, the Purple Cloud Tribulation Order was never used. Because the Purple Cloud Tribulation Order would only be used at the moment when the Yun Family was standing at the border of life and death!

The sudden appearance of the Purple Cloud Tribulation Order had not only startled the Yun Family but also the entire Demon Imperial City, the Twelve Families and especially the countless Duke Palaces. When they saw the purple lightning that filled the skies above the Yun Family, none of them failed to pale from astonishment. The various Patriarchs, Elders and Dukes basically did not spare any time to think, as they put down all of the matters they had on hand and charged towards the Yun Family household at their fastest speeds.

The Yun Family was in a complete mess and the skies above the Illusory Demon Realm were instantly filled with human figures flying towards the Yun Family household, like locusts swarming through.

“Patriarch! What happened!?” All of the Yun Family Elders charged over hectically and they said with unstable emotions. The moment they saw Yun Qinghong’s expression, their hearts had even skipped a beat because Yun Qinghong’s face was enveloped with a layer of gloom that they had never seen before.

“Father!!” Xiao Yun flew over while holding Number Seven Under Heaven by her arm. Number Seven Under Heaven’s abdomen was already heavily bloated, as the infant in her belly was already sufficiently nourished and she could give birth at any moment.

“…” Yun Qinghong however did not speak up for a long while. In his surroundings, even more Yun Family disciples had arrived while panting.

It had only been a short few dozen breaths since the Purple Cloud Tribulation Order was released and all of the Yun Family disciples had already gathered in one area, without a single exception. All of them looked straight at Yun Qinghong, their faces carried unease and panic. Even after all the Yun Family disciples had gathered, Yun Qinghong still remained silent.

For a moment, the oppressing atmosphere made it hard for people to breathe.

“Patriarch Yun!!”

Several loud roars sounded from all directions. The various Patriarchs, Elders and Dukes had all arrived in flaming anxiety and then, they surrounded Yun Qinghong. Looking at the formation encompassed by the Yun Family, their hearts started beating wildly as well. With their understanding of Yun Qinghong, if not because of a heaven-bending matter, he definitely would not have done such a thing.

“Qinghong, just what in the world happened?” Mu Feiyan said with a stern expression.

“Could something have… happened to the Little Demon Empress?” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven said anxiously.

Yun Qinghong swept a glance at his surroundings. Most of those who should be here had arrived. He took in a heavy breath. “It seems like none of you received the report from Five Way Region?”

“Five Way Region?” Everyone present looked at each other. “What happened in Five Way Region!?”

“…” Yin Qinghong was now absolutely certain that the troops in Five Way Region had all lost their lives at Xuanyuan Wentian’s hands. Furthermore, it was in a such an extremely short timespan that they did not even have the slightest bit of opportunity to transmit a message outside. As for Yun Zheng, he was purposefully left alive.

Yun Qinghong said in a sunken voice. “Xuanyuan Wentian has already infiltrated Five Way Region… In less than an hour, he will make his way here to Demon Imperial City!”

“Wh… What!!?”

All of them were utterly astonished, while Greatest Ambition Under Heaven and Mu Feiyan who knew of the internal circumstances had both roared out loud, their faces had instantly lost all color.

“Brother Yun, how many people have Xuanyuan Wentian brought this time? Does is it comprised of merely Mighty Heavenly Sword Region or have all Four Great Sacred Grounds came?” Su Xiangnan anxiously said.

“…Only him alone.” Yun Qinghong said.

The moment he said this, the crowd let out long sighs of relief. Su Xiangnan’s expression soothed and then he said with a sharp voice. “Alone? Hmph, is he here to send himself to death!?”

“But, why is he coming alone? Could a problem have occurred with the spatial profound formation?” Yan Zijing said skeptically.

“No, this matter is not as simple as you people think. Although he is alone… That person is Xuanyuan Wentian!!” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven said agitatedly, cold sweat had already drenched his entire forehead.

“This… Why is that?” The entire crowd was filled with doubtful looks.

“Since things have come down to this, there’s no longer a need to conceal it any further,” Mu Feiyan sighed heavily. They had wanted to wait for the Little Demon Empress’s return and have her make the final decision on this entire matter. They never expected that after three months had passed, there would still be no movement from Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley. He clenched his fists tightly and he said with an incomparably heavy voice. “The present Xuanyuan Wentian can basically no longer be treated as the same Xuanyuan Wentian of a hundred years ago. Does anyone know why the Little Demon Empress has been staying in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley for the past three months?”

“Wasn’t it said that the Little Demon Empress had brought Young Patriarch Yun to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley to heal his injuries? … Could it be, there’s still other hidden reasons behind it?”

“That’s right!” Greatest Ambition Under Heavenly fiercely gnashed his teeth. “The one injured is not limited to Young Patriarch Yun… Even the Little Demon Empress suffered heavy injuries, to the extent… to the extent where she was forced to ignite her origin blood. And, the person who forced her to such an extreme, was exactly Xuanyuan Wentian!”

“In other words, the present Xuanyuan Wentian, is someone even Little Demon Empress… is unable to defeat!”

This declaration was as though thunder had blasted right next to everyone’s ears. Among the various Patriarchs and Dukes up above and the crowd of Yun Family disciples at the bottom, none of them was not astonished with gravely twisted expressions, as though they had heard a clap of thunder.

“That… That’s impossible! How is that possible…” Su Xiangnan said with a trembling voice. “Though Xuanyuan Wentian’s strength is incredible and might have even surpassed the former Demon Emperor’s but… but how could he possibly be the Little Demon Empress’s match?! In just a short hundred years, even if he had a heavenly fortunate encounter, his strength couldn’t possibly rise by such a degree.”

“This is true.” Number One Under Heaven said with a stern voice. “That was something which Xiao Yun and I, along with Little Seventh, personally witnessed in the Profound Sky Continent! We can’t figure out what kind of demonic technique Xuanyuan Wentian used but he actually managed to possess someone else’s body and his strength has grown to an incomprehensible degree. Even after igniting her Golden Crow origin blood, the Little Demon Empress was still defeated… Furthermore, she almost lost her life at Xuanyuan Wentian’s hands.”

Xiao Yun and his wife quickly nodded as well.

“If Xuanyuan Wentian has really come, it means that his injuries have completely healed… This is disastrous.” Number One Under Heaven’s tightly clenched fists trembled. Because he had seen Xuanyuan Wentian’s terror first-hand and had personally experienced the fear brought about by him…

“…” Immense astonishment and disbelief surfaced on everyone’s faces. The sky was filled with the sounds of people taking in cold breaths.

After the Little Demon Empress awakened her bloodline, her strength had grown to an incomprehensible extent and just by releasing her might was enough to shake the bodies and souls of these Monarchs, drowning them in chilling silence. They had firmly believed that the Little Demon Empress’s strength was bestowed by the Golden Crow Divine Spirit. Not a single person in the history of Illusory Demon Realm could match her and even among the countless experts that resided in the Illusory Demon Realm, it was impossible for anyone to be the Little Demon Empress’s opponent.

The countless citizens of the Illusory Demon Realm had even begun to revere the Little Demon Empress as a divine spirit.

They never expected that…

If the incident of the Little Demon Empress’s defeat were to spread, it would definitely ignite an uproar on an extremely large scale.

“No matter the case, if he truly is alone, how can we possibly be afraid of him?” a duke said but his tone carried a degree of frailty, with no backing to his words whatsoever.

Yun Qinghong slowly shook his head and calmly said, “Back then, when Duke Huai almost succeeded in taking the throne, in the end, whose power turned the tide? It wasn’t us but the Little Demon Empress herself!”

“Duke Huai Palace had patiently prepared for so many years and had won over countless forces and experts. Back then, even if the former Demon Emperor were to return alive, there was hardly a possibility to turn the tide. But, the Little Demon Empress was able to. It was not because her prestige had surpassed the former Demon Empress but because her absolute strength made the crowd of experts under Duke Huai Palace lose all ability to retaliate. It was as though they were children, she defeated them in the blink of an eye!”

“Anyone should know that after having her bloodline awakened, the degree of strength that the Little Demon Empress possessed had already surpassed the realm of ‘Monarchs’ and there’s an extremely high possibility that it reached the legendary divine way. This plane-surpassing absolute strength can no longer be dealt with by just numbers. Otherwise, the power that Duke Huai Palace had accumulated for several hundred years would not have fallen apart in the blink of an eye with just the power of the Little Demon Empress alone.”

“And since Xuanyuan Wentian could defeat the Little Demon Empress, needless to say, his strength has definitely reached that level as well… Furthermore, his strength is even a step higher than the Little Demon Empress’. He’s basically not an enemy that the collaborative strength of people of our level can possibly deal with!”

Yun Qinghong’s tone were very calm but every single word of his was incomparably heavy, as they pressed down heavily on the hearts of everyone present.

“Qinghong, have you already thought of a countermeasure?” Su Feiyan said.

“There’s only one final resort.” Yun Qinghong lightly sighed.


Chapter 856 – Great City Barrier Formation

“What final resort!?”

Yun Qinghong gazed afar, his sunken expression carried deep helplessness. “Do you people still recall the thing left behind for Demon Imperial City by the fourth generation Demon Emperor, which he used half of his entire lifetime worth of sweat and blood to build?”

“Patriarch, are you referring to… the Great City Barrier Formation?” Great Elder Yun Waitian immediately said.

Beneath Demon Imperial City was a Great City Barrier Formation and presently, seemingly not many people still knew of this matter. It was not some secret that could not be made known to outsiders, rather, it had long been gradually forgotten due to the passage of time.

However among the Twelve Guardian Families, the people who knew of its existence still made a decent number.

“In the history of our Illusory Demon Realm which spans thousands of years, there are indeed records of the fourth generation Demon Emperor spending several hundred years of sweat and blood to construct an enormous protection profound formation beneath Demon Imperial City in order to guard against a tribulation that might descend one day. However…” Mu Feiyan shook his head. “This Great City Barrier Formation has completely sunk into silence ever since the fifth generation Demon Emperor took the throne and it has never been activated in the next several thousand years. The energy within the formation must have long been scattered away and presently, it’s already a dead formation with neither head nor tail… Qinghong, you should be aware of this point as well.”

“That’s right, the Great City Barrier Formation is indeed already a dead formation,” Yun Qinghong sternly said. “However, though the formation is dead, the foundation of the formation still exists and it is even completely intact. About this point, the Little Demon Empress and I specially confirmed it half a year ago… Back then, I merely headed there under orders and I never expected that we would actually be forced into such a situation all of a sudden.”

“Patriarch Yun, what you’re meaning to say is… we’re going to forcefully awaken the Great City Barrier Formation and resist Xuanyuan Wentian?” A duke had his mouth wide agape, as he said with utter disbelief. Similarly, everyone else was looking on with widened eyes… And if Yun Qinghong were to nod in response, they would definitely believe that he had already gone crazy.

“That’s indeed the case!” Yun Qinghong did not have the slightest hesitation. His tone suddenly grew heavier and his eyes turned incomparably sharp. “Everyone, the immense amount of energy needed to awaken this Great City Barrier Formation, I believe you people have a rough estimate in your minds. Furthermore, the amount of time we have is merely less than an hour! In this hour, we must bring out all of the energy that can be possibly used… All of it! Including all of our disciples and all of our profound crystal resources! Not the least bit must be left hidden away!”

The word “all” was emphasized incomparably heavily.

Everyone present looked at Yun Qinghong with astonished expressions and the Yun Family disciples below were all in dazed states as well… They basically could not believe their own ears.

“Patriarch Yun, bringing out all of our energy… All of our accumulated strength to forcefully awaken the Great City Barrier Formation… This… This…” A duke shook his head, he was unable to comprehend this at all. This was more than just exaggeration, it was simply the biggest ludicrosity in the world.

If this had not been said by Yun Qinghong himself, they would have just treated this as the most absurd joke that they had ever heard in their lives.

“I’m not joking.” Yun Qinghong heavily sighed, his eyes firmly locked onto everyone present. “Xuanyuan Wentian is worth us doing such a thing… And we have no choice but to do it in this manner! You people carefully recall how powerful the Little Demon Empress’s profound strength was. Xuanyuan Wentian is someone who can defeat the Little Demon Empress!”

“On the other hand, though he is merely a single person, what’s he bringing over can be said to be the biggest crisis Demon Imperial City has ever faced in history! The chaos brought about by Duke Huai, if he had gotten his way, would merely lead to a change in royal authority. However, if Xuanyuan Wentian breaks into the city, the consequences would be a city dyed in blood! Perhaps, by this time tomorrow, Demon Imperial City will have been turned into ruins and wiped from existence!”

“Do you people wish to be bathed in blood or choose to put everything on the line for this resistance that is the only possible way to extend the short amount of time of us living in this world?”

Yun Qinghong’s words were like the chimes of a morning bell, causing their expressions to fiercely change… Probably only at this moment did they truly realize just how terrifying this tribulation actually was.

Even though he was alone… he possessed power that surpassed the Little Demon Empress!!

It was a power that was completely sufficient in decimating the entire Demon Imperial City!!

“Brother Yun, I understand now.” Su Xiangnan nodded heavily. “If I am not mistaken, there are a total of eight formation regions in this Great City Barrier Formation and every formation region has its own six formation points. As to how we’re going to go about doing it, let’s have you issue the orders!”

“That’s right, presently, we still do not have any response from Little Demon Empress and Patriarch Yun is the most suitable in managing this entire situation. Patriarch Yun, please be at ease. This matter concerns the existence of Demon Imperial City, not a least bit of the powers of my Duke Zheng Palace will not go undeployed. The profound crystals we have accumulated will also be taken out, not sparing a single one!”

“Patriarch Yun, your orders please!!”

None of the various Guardian Family Patriarchs, Elders and Dukes present had a single hesitation, some were even trembling due to their anxiety.

“If Xuanyuan Wentian is unable to break through from a single spot, he will definitely shift to another position. So all eight formation regions must be protected! It’s best we distribute our powers evenly, not leaving a single weak area. Otherwise, once a breach opens up, it will lead to the annihilation of Demon Imperial City. As to how we’re going to distribute our powers, I will inform everyone through voice transmission in a moment. Everyone, please return hastily back to your clans. Gather all your disciples and bring all of your profound crystals, as well as deploying all possible profound practitioners in the city… All preparations must be completed in the shortest time possible and then prepare to activate the Great City Barrier Formation.”

After saying that, without waiting for them to make any response, Yun Qinghong suddenly turned around and sharply said, “All Yun Family disciples heed my order, I shall give you two hundred breaths of time to make preparations. After two hundred breaths, gather in this place once again. Yun Ye, Yun Qiuyue, Yun Yanzhi, Yun Fanjian, make haste to the Medicine Pavilion and bring all the profound crystals and medicinal pellets, not the least bit must be left behind!!”

Yun Qinghong gave the most tragic patriarchal order ever since he became the Yun Family Patriarch. The rest of the guardian families and dukes had also retreated at their fastest speeds. With a crisis approaching, the entire Demon Imperial City was already thrown into a storm.

“Seventh Treasure… Hurry! Leave to the south of Demon Imperial City immediately! The further you run, the better! Do not turn back!”

Greatest Ambition Under Heaven, the only person who did not leave, charged towards Number Seven Under Heaven and said with burning anxiety. If not because he had taken her nine months pregnancy into consideration, he would have immediately sent her flying with a push of his palm.

“Don’t want to…” Number Seven Under Heaven however stubbornly shook her head. “I want to be together with Big Brother Yun.”

“Then you two husband and wife leave together!” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven grabbed onto Xiao Yun and growled. “Hurry and leave with my daughter! Even if it’s not for my daughter’s sake, you must do it for your wife and your soon-to-be born child… If you don’t leave now, it will be too late.”

“I…” Xiao Yun was in a fluster. He glanced at Number Seven Under Heaven for a moment and then firmly shook his head. “In a time like this, how can I possibly selfishly flee… If I manage to live in such a way, I won’t have the face to welcome my child’s birth. Seventh Sister, you…”

“Brother Yun, no need to speak any further.” Number Seven Under Heaven lightly leaned on him and said with a smile. “Be it life or death, our family shall be together and none of us will be left alone.”

“Y-y-y-you… You two…” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven stomped his feet out of anger.

“Brother Under Heaven, be at ease.” Yun Qinghong said with a smile. “I won’t allow them to die before my eyes. Furthermore, with a Great City Barrier Formation activated with all of our powers, no matter how strong that Xuanyuan Wentian is, he best not think of breaking through it that easily.”

“Haah!!” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven sighed heavily. Rising into the air, he flew in the direction of his clan like a madman.

The airflow within Demon Imperial City instantly began to stir, while a huge wave had hit the entirety of the Yun Family. Only Yun Qinghong was still quietly floating in that same spot. Raising his head to look at the sky, he closed his eyes and lightly sighed. This plan was undoubtedly quenching one’s thirst with poison. Even if they managed to temporarily stop Xuanyuan Wentian, it would severely expend Demon Imperial City’s power and resources. Not to mention, they definitely would not be able to resist a second time.

However, Xuanyuan Wentian would arrive in just another hour. Other than this method, there were no other choices to make.

Or maybe, a miracle was all that was left to hope for.

The news of an approaching crisis had spread throughout the entire Demon Imperial City. All of the citizens received the news very quickly and the atmosphere was filled with heavy fear and chaos. Countless people squeezed into the streets. Among them were mortals and profound practitioners and they were all desperately running out of the city. However, there was still close to half of the population staying behind.

With the Yun Family taking the lead and with the Twelve Guardian Families and the various Duke Palaces as the core, they quickly arranged and integrated the strengths of all of the large and small families, sects, clans and forces of the city. Very quickly, the distribution of power among the eight formation regions had been completed and the energy released by countless profound practitioners merged into profound energy tornadoes, where each and every single one of them was enough to shake the entire world. The energy radiance emitted by the profound crystals that were stacked into mountains had even caused the sky to shine in a purple color.

A scene like this was never before seen even in the ancient history of Illusory Demon Realm. As Yun Qinghong had predicted, under such incredible power, the Great City Barrier Formation that had silently slept for several thousand years was being awakened at a quick pace.

Rays of profound light pierced through the skies from underneath Demon Imperial City and enormous translucent light curtains slowly began to form and link with one another in the sky. Then, the curtains enveloped the entire Demon Imperial City.

Following after the completion of the Great City Barrier Formation, the northern skies suddenly dimmed at this moment as well.

“That darkness… It’s Xuanyuan Wentian!!” Number One Under Heaven cried out!

Yun Family and Under Heaven Family were guarding north of the Great City Barrier Formation. Dozens of Elders and twenty thousand disciples of the Yun Family were present, while not a single person out of the sixteen thousand elves of Under Heaven Family was missing either. If one were to return to the Yun Family and Under Heaven Family households now, they would realize that the two enormous residences were actually completely empty.

They were truly in desperate straits!!

The rest of the Guardian Families were the same as well.

With two great Guardian Families taking the lead, there were still a total of three hundred thousand profound practitioners who belonged to regular sects and clans. Though their power levels were far lower than that of Guardian Families, the strength of three hundred thousand profound practitioners still should not be underestimated.

The other seven formation regions were all stationed with protection forces of similar degree as well.

Thick darkness quickly spread from the northern direction of Demon Imperial City and this gloom was completely different than regular dark clouds. With just a single glance, chills would run down one’s entire body and his heart would thump wildly, as though he had fallen into an ice-cold abyss. Several of those weaker profound practitioners at the back were even drenched in cold sweat, their bodies trembling.

“So this is what you people spoke of… Xuanyuan Wentian’s extremely strange black profound energy?”

Even someone as powerful as Yun Qinghong, while the dark aura was still quite a distance away, was feeling extremely uncomfortable all around his body.

The fast approaching dark aura was far, far more terrifying than predicted. Standing at the very front, the expression of Greatest Ambition Under Heaven grew heavier as he watched the darkening northern skies. At this moment, he unquestionably understood that Yun Qinghong’s words were not the least bit exaggerated at all.

Because, that was a pressure that was even heavier and more terrifying than the Little Demon Empress’!

“All Under Heaven disciples heed my order… Prepare to battle! If you don’t want to die, then release all of your power!!” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven roared out explosively.

“One can leave the Great City Barrier Formation but not enter it. Absolutely remember not to mistakenly leave the great formation,” Yun Qinghong said in a sunken voice. Raising his two hands, purple lightning exploded forth from his palms and his body was encircled by dozens of lightning spirits.

“I never expected that Xuanyuan Wentian’s strength would actually be powerful to such an extent. He’s nearly twice as strong as the Little Demon Empress!” Yun Qinghong’s chest felt like it was being ripped apart by the terrifying aura coming from the northern direction and his expression grew much heavier than before.

“Ah? That… That shouldn’t be the case.” The profound energy in Xiao Yun’s entire body surged and he was trembling a little from the anxiety. “Though Xuanyuan Wentian defeated the Little Demon Empress back then, he ended up very fatigued as well, not to mention he suffered from very severe injuries, to the point where he could barely stand. Even if he surpassed the Little Demon Empress, he shouldn’t have surpassed her by that much.”

Yun Qinghong, “…”

“No.” Number One Under Heaven however shook his head. “Xuanyuan Wentian’s aura has changed. It has become much more powerful than that time in the Profound Sky Continent three months ago. Just by this aura alone, being nearly twice as strong as the Little Demon Empress is definitely not an exaggeration!”

“Wh… What!?” Xiao Yun paled from shock. He hurriedly focused and sensed the aura in the northern direction and his expression gradually paled even more. Cold sweat wildly dripped from his forehead. “How… How can this be…”


Chapter 857 – Resilient Defense

“What is with this eerie and evil aura?” Great Elder Yun Waitian gritted his teeth and said, “Duke Huai’s Fallen Flame Devil Art’s evil aura was suffocating but this aura is… on an entirely different level.”

“With how things are, there’s no point thinking about it. We better prepare well to defend the city with our full strength. Only after we survive today will there be a chance for us to think about other matters. If we fail… we will no longer have a tomorrow!” Yun Qinghong sternly said.

Yun Qinghong rarely spoke with pessimism and this was the first time he ever said something so depressing. Yun Family’s Second Elder Yun Duanshui shook his head as he spoke, still unable to believe it, “Is the current Xuanyuan Wentian really frightening to this extent?”

Yun Qinghong did not answer as he merely looked forward and said coldly, “Xuanyuan Wentian, just come out. Acting sneakily will only invite ridicule!”

“Heheheheh… Hahahaha!!”

In the distance, the dark clouds rumbled and a deep laughter that seemed like thunder echoed in the skies. Suddenly, the dark clouds seemed to spread instantly from the distance and covered over half of Demon Imperial City. This caused the city to instantly become dim, especially the region where the Yun Family and the Under Heaven Family were located. It became so dark that it was as though night had fallen and the laughter that came from the skies suddenly turned into a careless and hysterical laughter.

“Yun Qinghong, it’s you instead that came to receive this sovereign. Could it be that your Little Demon Empress has escaped with her tail between her legs?”

Beneath the dark clouds, the figure of a person slowly descended. He was surrounded by a black aura and his eyes gave off a creepy black glow. Following his appearance, an unexplainable cold aura could be felt and it caused everyone to tremble uncontrollably.

Although he was still at the northern part of Demon Imperial City, the cold aura and his voice spread throughout the entire city.

Almost everyone within Demon Imperial City doubted whether Xuanyuan Wentian was as frighteningly strong as Yun Qinghong had imagined and they all also felt that their actions were simply too much of an exaggeration. However, following the descent of this aura, even those as strong as monarchs could not help but tremble uncontrollably

Now they finally really understood how frightening the opponent they were going to face was.

The figure that appeared from within the darkness caused Yun Qinghong to squint his eyes… because although this person’s exterior was indeed the Xuanyuan Wentian that he knew, their auras were completely different.

“There’s… actually such a thing as bodily possession!?” Great Ambition Under Heaven had not only seen Xuanyuan Wentian before, he had also fought with him for a short while hundreds of years ago. He could recognize Xuanyuan Wentian’s voice, but the person who appeared before him was a completely fresh face.

“You want to meet the Little Demon Empress? We must first see whether you have the qualifications!” Yun Qinghong stretched out his hand and pressed on the Great City Barrier Formation now that Xuanyuan Wentian was right before him. He relied on Number One Under Heaven and Xiao Yun’s descriptions to try and predict Xuanyuan Wentian’s strength with the utmost accuracy and he dared not underestimate him at all. Eventually, he made such a decision now… Now that Xuanyuan Wentian was in front of him, he was shocked that his abilities were far beyond what he had imagined.

And they had surpassed it by a large extent.

Also, Xiao Yun and Number One Under Heaven’s words from earlier obviously meant that three months ago, Xuanyuan Wentian was only barely able to defeat the Little Demon Empress and was not as overbearingly strong as he was now.

He could not imagine just how Xuanyuan Wentian had obtained strength that exceeded the Little Demon Empress in these hundred years.

“Heh heh heh,” Xuanyuan Wentian laughed with contempt. Other than Yun Qinghong, tens of thousands of other profound practitioners stood in front of him but his eyes still showed signs of pity, “Yun Qinghong, looks like you’re still completely unaware of the situation. Duke Ming, that dumb pig, still continuously praised you and once saw you as his biggest stepping stone. This sovereign had thought that you were exceptionally clever but it turns out that you were just another pathetic and stupid worm. You actually dream of putting up an useless struggle. Hehehehe, could it be that you want this sovereign to have a little more fun?”

Yun Qinghong had never heard such an arrogant voice in his life before. However, this arrogance was not intentional. Instead, it was borne from possessing absolute strength that caused him to looked down on the entire world and all living beings.

“Xuanyaun Wentian, just what are… your intentions!?” Great Ambition Under Heaven roared.

“My intentions?” Xuanyuan Wentian eyes shut slightly, “Of course to kill and take what I want to take. All along, all this sovereign wanted has been the Mirror of Samsara and was never interested in your Illusory Demon Realm. It’s a pity that not only did your Little Demon Empress refuse to heed my words, she even damaged this sovereign’s devil body. It took this sovereign an entire month before he fully recovered. This is a sin that cannot be forgiven.”

Xuanyuan Wentian slowly stretched out his hand, his palm facing downwards and his eyes grim like a ghost, “Not only do I want to tear her apart today, this sovereign is also going to turn your Demon Imperial City into eternal ashes! Let that foolish woman know the consequences of angering this sovereign! After all of you go to hell, never forget that it was that foolish woman who sent you all to your deaths!”

“Don’t bother to talk to him!” Yun Qinghong said in a low voice. Even though the situation had turned out this way, he was actually not one bit afraid. “He has already turned into a mad man… no, he has always been a mad man! Let’s bet our lives and defend Demon Imperial City!”

“With just you lot? With just your pathetic barrier? Hahahaha…” Xuanyuan Wentian laughed hysterically. “Tsk tsk, you pathetic people. You’ll forever remain pathetic worms that think that a mere Monarch is already the pinnacle. You’ll never be able to comprehend what true strength really is. Pity. Such a pity. Regardless of whether it’s your so-called powerhouses of Illusory Demon Realm or whether it’s the barrier that you all think is so strong. In front of this sovereign, it is all a bunch of garbage!”

“Take a clear look at what true strength is!”

Black light surged from Xuanyuan Wentian’s body. A pitch black sword beam descended from the skies and shot straight at Yun Qinghong, accompanied by the sounds of space being torn apart.


The pitch black sword beam collided with the Great City Barrier Formation. The translucent barrier instantly exploded with thick black beam. At the position the sword beam struck, thousands of tiny cracks appeared and started to quickly spread. However, it did not break apart and following the black sword beam dispersing under the impact of the recoil, the cracks on the formation began to slowly mend.

“Oh?” Xuanyuan Wentian’s eyes slanted as he was obviously surprised.

Yun Qinghong and the others were also exceptionally shocked.

This Great City Barrier Formation that the entire Illusory Demon Realm had activated without considering the cost had actually been cracked by Xuanyuan Wentian with a sword beam that had been casually struck.

“Patriarch…” Behind Yun Qinghong, the voices of a few elders started to tremble.

“Prepare yourselves,” Yun Qinghong coldly said. “Remove all doubts from yourself. He is just that strong. We either defend to our deaths or we die!”

“Let me remind you once again, the Great City Barrier Formation can only be exited and not entered. Don’t rush outside of the formation by mistake!”

“A mere barrier and you hope to stop this sovereign?” Although Xuanyuan Wentian’s sword beam was casually struck, it still possessed the strength of a half-step Profound God. The fact that it did not destroy the barrier in one blow had obviously damaged his self esteem slightly. All the negative aura on his body surged and his voice became so low that it was suffocating.

“You all are going to find out how laughable your struggle is going to be!”

Xuanyuan Wentian howled and black fog rose from his body. A black figure then flashed past and a right hand that had been infused with darkness profound energy grabbed onto the barrier.

“Protect the barrier!!!”

With a loud roar from Yun Qinghong, the Yun Family disciples who had been waiting shot into the skies like a flock of majestic eagles. They released all their profound energies without restraint and turned into lightning that completely filled the skies as they struck the formation while screaming loudly with all their might.

The energies that struck the barrier all turned into the barrier’s defense in an instant. This caused the barrier to instantly glow purple, as though it was a purple gem.


Xuanyuan Wentian’s right hand struck the formation and a ball of black light instantly exploded. The formation slightly caved but did not break apart. There were not even any cracks on the formation. Then, a strong recoil that exceeded Xuanyuan Wentian’s imagination struck back at him, causing him to be sent flying three hundred meters away in an instant.

“We… succeeded!” Xiao Yun shouted in agitation.

“Heh…” Xuanyuan Wentian who was sent flying looked up strongly, his eyes which were filled with the black light stared fixedly at the barrier that he did not think much about before, “A defensive formation that could gather profound energy from within. The tiny Illusory Demon Realm actually has such a thing!”

“Hmph! This was the product of our Illusory Demon Ancestors’ wit and strength. Now, it also contains all our strength and willpower,” Yun Qinghong coldly said. “It’s not something a maniac who lost his mind can break through.”

“Hoh, is it?” Xuanyuan Wentian revealed an extremely dangerous cold laugh, “This sovereign’s power has long since exceeded the limits of this world. There is nothing in this world capable of stopping this sovereign. Let alone a mere barrier!!”

Both of Xuanyuan Wentian’s arms waved and black aura rumbled behind him. Then, it ferociously turned into ten black tentacles, concentrated and struck at the barrier in front of Yun Qinghong.

Yun Qinghong’s Purple Cloud Art was already activated to its limits. Both his palms were deep purple and they directly held onto the part of the formation where Xuanyuan Wentian’s dark energy was going to strike. All the Yun Family elders and disciples followed Yun Qinghong’s actions and screamed loudly and struck their energy onto the barrier.

The most special part about Demon Imperial City’s Great City Barrier Formation was that it could absorb the profound energy of those within the formation and turn it into its own defensive power. The Great City Barrier Formation was split into eight parts. Any energy from within that struck onto it would turn into the formation’s defensive power and the efficiency of this was exceptionally high.

This Great City Barrier Formation had already existed for thousands of years but this was the first time it was actually used. Its power brought about surprise and hope for everyone.

Bang bang bang bang bang…

As thought a meteor had crashed, the noise was deafening. Xuanyuan Wentian’s strength was exceptionally frightening but the formation that had turned purple stood on steadily and there was no sign of it breaking. Although a crack might appear occasionally, it would disappear immediately as well.

Although the Yun Family was strong, against Xuanyuan Wentian, who was half-step into the divine way, even if all the Yun Family elders and disciples ganged up on him, the outcome would still only be their complete destruction.

However, a defensive power made up of all the gathered profound energy from everyone in the Yun Family was not something that even Xuanyuan Wentian he could easily break!

Looking at the formation that remained undamaged under his strength, the black glow within Xuanyuan Wentian’s eyes started to turn hideous. He stared widely and roared as thousands of black sword beams filled the skies.

“Pointless struggle… All of you can die now!!!”

Thousands of sword beams shot down as though it was an apocalyptic rain.

“Defend with all your might!!!” Yun Qinghong’s Purple Cloud Art that had already been activated to its pinnacle had been forcefully raised by another level. At the same time, he shouted, “Brother Under Heaven!!!”


The pitch black sword light stabbed ferociously at the purple barrier like a blade from hell. Although they were separated by the barrier, all the Yun Family disciples were experiencing a deadly pressure that they had never experienced before. Their eyes turned bloodshot and they all struck with the Purple Cloud Art like mad men as they used up all their strength to support this barrier that would decide the fate of the entire Demon Imperial City.


Under the impact of the black sword beam, the purple glow on the barrier began to dissipate bit by bit. It gave off an ear piercing screech and cracks started to form and spread.

At this time, following a roar from Great Ambition Under Heaven, everyone from the Under Heaven Family who had not acted since the start leapt into the air and thousands of pale green profound lights shone gently.


The purple barrier that protected the city started to give off a jade green glow. Under the combination of the deep purple and jade green colors, the cracks on the barrier disappeared quickly. The black sword beam continued to descend ferociously but it was no longer able to damage the barrier at all.