Against the Gods


Against the Gods Chapter 849-852

Chapter 849 – Unrelenting Spirit

"Xuanyuan Wentian… You definitely… won't… have a good end!!"

Xiao Yun struggled painfully. Although Number Seven Under Heaven was right by his side and in her stomach was their unborn child, he could not even stretch forward to touch her.

"Really… It's a pity that you people who are about to die will never ever get to see it!"

Even Xuanyuan Wentian yell allowed others feel his rage and killing intent. His main objective for coming here today was to seize the Mirror of Samsara. His secondary objective was to eliminate the Little Demon Empress and Feng Xue'er, two people who might pose a threat to him. He did not overestimate himself but he did underestimate the Little Demon Empress' strength, which nearly caused him to lose his life and ended up in an exceptionally miserable and pathetic state.

Although he had regained control of the entire situation as well as control over everyone's lives, the fear and shame he suffered caused him to feel much more rage than happiness.

Xuanyuan Wentian walked forward one step at a time, his devilish gaze stared fixedly at the Little Demon Empress, "Little Demon Empress, you are much stronger than that pathetic trash of a Demon Emperor. You actually stepped onto the path of divinity before this sovereign… However, after your death, under these heavens, there will no longer be anyone that can pose a threat to this sovereign!"

"This sovereign had originally wanted to just cripple you and let you live until the day this sovereign descended upon Illusory Demon Realm and let you personally see Illusory Demon Realm submitting below this sovereign's feet!

"But now… This sovereign wants you dead immediately!!" Xuanyuan Wentian howled. The Eternal Night Devil Sword gave off a black glow and it pierced straight towards the Little Demon Empress, who could not move.

Being restrained within the Darkness Prison, the Little Demon Empress could not move. Facing the impending death, she did not speak and her eyes were as calm as still water, there was not a single sign of fear. If one wanted to really talk about her emotions, there was only intense hatred and discontent.

"Little Demon Empress sis!!" Feng Xue'er desperately struggled but could only close her eyes in despair.

"Stop it!!" Number One Under Heaven's eyes were bloodshot as he howled so loudly he nearly tore his throat.

Rippp ——

The darkness aura tore a long black crack in the air before suddenly stopping. Xuanyuan Wentian's hand slowly closed and his face remained hideous, "Tch… This sovereign has nearly forgotten the important matter. Before you hand over the Mirror of Samsara, you cannot die."

Little Demon Empress, "…"

"Tell this sovereign, where is the Mirror of Samsara?" Xuanyuan Wentian stretched out his hand towards the Little Demon Empress and asked in an unusually low voice. Although all of them were like fish in a tank to him, it did not mean that he would be able to find the Mirror of Samsara after killing everyone. He did not even see the actual Mirror of Samsara before so there was no way he could find it from its aura either.

The Little Demon Empress' eyes were ice cold, "Even if you kill all of us, you will never be able to find it."

"Heheheh, is that so?" Xuanyuan Wentian's lips curled up and he smiled eerily like a devil, "That's great. There's so many people here, if I kill all of them at the same time, it would be too boring. Since you chose to be stubborn, let's play a game. This sovereign will patiently ask you the same question over and over again. You can choose not to answer. But… each time you remain stubborn, I will tear one person here into pieces! I'll let you see clearly how they all die without a complete corpse due to your foolishness!"

"Xuanyuan Wentian… you despicable and vicious devil!!" Number One Under Heaven had nearly shattered his teeth from clenching them.

"Little Demon Empress sis, don't say anything, you don't need to worry about us!" Feng Xue'er was still struggling furiously.

"Laughable!" The Little Demon Empress looked up and mocked coldly, "Since I'm destined to die, should I still fear your death threats? The Mirror of Samsara is my clan's sacred artifact. It is not something a pathetic human like you can touch!"

The Little Demon Empress's gaze made Xuanyuan Wentian extremely uncomfortable. The corners of his mouth twitched before he started laughing even more eerily, "Very good! Extremely good… It's only interesting this way! What this sovereign has now is time. Let this sovereign see just how long you can keep this up."

His gaze ferociously left the Little Demon Empress' body and landed on the people behind her, "Then, where shall I start… Heh, a game must have increasing difficulty to be fun. So let's start… from the most useless one!!"

Xuanyuan Wentian's gaze instantly fixated onto the person with the weakest profound strength. With a cold laugh, his palm closed and that person was sucked right in front of him.

This person, who was the weakest in profound cultivation amongst everyone, was…

Xiao Lingxi!!

As she screamed in panic, an irresistibly massive, ice cold force had pushed her to the front of Xuanyuan Wentian. She, Cang Yue and Xiao Lie had originally been protected at the back. Although given how things had developed, everyone had already prepared for certain death, no one could have imagined that the first person Xuanyuan Wentian was going to go for would be Xiao Lingxi.


"Little Aunt!!"


This scene caused Xiao Lie to scream in despair. Tears rolled down his elderly face in an instant which caused everyone to show signs of pain in their eyes. Their hearts felt torn as well. Their reactions caused the dark glow within Xuanyuan Wentian's eyes to intensify as happiness surged in his heart… This was the scene that he had wanted to see the most!!

"Hahahahaha… " Xuanyuan Wentian could not control himself and laughed frantically. He was glad that he had not instantly killed everyone in rage previously. Otherwise, how would he be able to enjoy a scene of such satisfaction.

He lifted his palm that was shrouded with dark aura and said exceptionally slowly, "Little Demon Empress, just look at how she will turn into bloody pieces under this sovereign's hands… Hehe, little girl, after you go to hell, you shouldn't blame me. Because you originally could have had a quick death. However, because she insists on being stubborn with this sovereign, you're going to die without a complete corpse, HAHAHAHA…"

As he laughed heartily, Xuanyuan Wentian's palm was slamming down onto Xiao Lingxi's forehead with intensity.

"Stop it!!"

"Little Aunt!!"


Heart wrenching despair could be felt from the shouts but because their bodies were firmly trapped within the Darkness Prison, other than shouting, they were completely unable to do anything to stop him.

With wide open eyes, Xuanyuan Wentian's palm landed onto the top of Xiao Lingxi's head. They could only close their eyes in pain as there seemed to be ice cold blood flowing from the torn apart soul…

"Ahhhh… ahhhhhhhh!!!"

There was a deafening and miserable scream but… it was not the cries of Xiao Lingxi! But obviously…

The voice of Xuanyuan Wentian!?

Xiao Lingxi, who kept her eyes shut, could feel the impending death approaching… However, after that, she did not feel any pain. It was even as though the aura of death approaching had vanished as well. Beside her ears, she could hear miserable cries that should not be present. She opened her eyes in confusion…

Xuanyuan Wentian's palm still remained on top of her head with his fingers fully spread. However, the darkness aura coming from it seemed to have disappeared. His other hand was firmly grabbing onto his own head while his face and body seemed to be contorting. He was even letting out extremely miserable cries as though he was suffering from some intense pain.

Everyone opened their eyes and were shocked upon seeing Xuanyuan Wentian who had suddenly undergone such a weird change. However, no one knew what had happened.

"Im… Impossible… Ugh… Ahhhh… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Xuanyuan Wentian felt as though his own soul was currently being pierced by thousands and thousands of knifes. The fingers of the hand that was holding his head twisted until they broke and nearly pierced into his skull.

"Im… Impossible…" He painfully shouted, "I clearly… had… already… Ughhhhhhh…"

"What happened?" Xiao Yun muttered in shock.

"Could it be… the backlash of his energy?" Number One Under Heaven muttered before immediately denying it himself, "That's not right… This doesn't look like an energy backlash at all…"


"Ahh… ahhhhhh… ahhh…" In a short instant, Xuanyuan Wentian half knelt down to the ground. His body spasmed intensely in pain and the joints on his hands were as white as bone. It looked as though he was suffering from the world's most cruel torture.

Xiao Lingxi, who was the closest to him, was so startled her petite face turned pale white… and at this time, the painfully struggling Xuanyuan Wentian seemed to have suddenly thought of something and his eyes that were almost completely white from the torture suddenly turned and stared firmly at Xiao Lingxi, "It's… you… It's you! I… will kill… you!"

He raised up his right hand and pounced aggressively towards Xiao Lingxi.



With two miserable cries, one that came from the once again greatly frightened Xiao Lingxi while the other more intense cry came from Xuanyuan Wentian. Originally, he was pouncing towards Xiao Lingxi but he had fallen to the ground in an instant. His hands clutched onto his head tightly and rolled continuously on the ground as though he was a wolf that had its leg broken and was completely afraid. He could not stand up and uttered cries that were increasingly miserable as though he was trapped in the deepest depths of hell.

Time and time again, brushing against the doors of death, yet completely not knowing what was happening, Xiao Lingxi's petite face was completely lacking any hint of color. She wanted to shrink back in fear and her heart nearly jumped out of her mouth.

"What's… going on? Could the heavens be giving out judgment?" Xiao Yun and the others were completely stunned.

"Ughaahhhhhhh… Ahhhhahhh… Ahhh…"

Xuanyuan Wentian rolled on the ground and struggled continuously. However, his miserable cries started to become less frequent. Suddenly, a voice rang beside Xiao Lingxi's ears.

"Lingxi… Hurry… Leave…"

This voice was exceptionally weak and hoarse and it even sounded to be in extreme pain.

This indistinct voice that was unable to be recognized caused Xiao Lingxi to feel as though she was struck by lightning. A figure instantly flashed through her mind.

"Big Brother Fen…" Xiao Lingxi muttered subconsciously before her entire body shuddered intensely and she shouted agitatedly, "Big Brother Fen! Is that you… Is that you!?"

Xiao Lingxi's cry was like a sword that pierced fatally straight at Xuanyuan Wentian's soul, causing his body to spasm intensely. He rolled on the ground even more strongly and his cries sounded even more painful. The spots that his body rolled past were left wet with shocking sweat.

"Fen Jue… chen?!" Xiao Yun and Number One Under Heaven could not believe their own ears and Number One Under Heaven even uttered in shock, "Could it be… Feng Juechen's soul was not completely eradicated by Xuanyuan Wentian?"

"Hurry up and leave…" The hoarse voice was even weaker and sounded more pained.

After Xuanyuan Wentian lost control of the body, his soul was in extreme pain and the strength of the Darkness Prison started to decrease. The struggling Feng Xue'er felt as though the profound energy that was suppressing her had greatly reduced. She suddenly raised her energy and following a loud phoenix cry, the black aura surrounding her instantly dissipated and ferocious phoenix flames burned.

Feng Xue'er, who had regained her freedom, surged her profound energy immediately and brought Xiao Lingxi to the back before shooting a phoenix arrow straight at Xuanyuan Wentian.


Xuanyuan Wentian howled miserably as he was sent flying by the phoenix flames. Unable to gather any profound energy for defense, his body was immediately engulfed by the phoenix flames and burned fiercely. Feng Xue'er shot forward swiftly, conjuring up all the phoenix flame energy within her body and shot several blows of Phoenix Flames Sears the Heavens at Xuanyuan Wentian.

This was the first time in her life she did not hold back one bit and merciless burned all her phoenix flames!

In the blink of an eye, the skies were illuminated by the flames and the area where Xuanyuan Wentian stood turned into a sea of phoenix flames. However, Feng Xue'er's attacks did not stop. A massive Star Scorching Demon Lotus descended from the sky and bloomed mercilessly within the sea of flames.


A streak of black light suddenly flashed from the midst of the sea of flames and forcefully destroyed the Star Scorching Demon Lotus. From the opening that had been torn apart within the sea of flames, the Eternal Night Devil Sword shot towards the sky. On the sword lay Xuanyuan Wentian who appeared as though he was on the brink of death. Following which, the devil sword flashed with a black light and shot off towards the south.

"Eventually… one day… this sovereign will…. send all of you to hell!!"

Xuanyuan Wentian's weak voice, that was filled with hatred, echoed from afar. Just as Feng Xue'er was about to give chase, she blacked out. Her body buckled and she nearly collapsed to the ground.

After she broke free from the Darkness Prison and attacked without restraint, she worsened the internal injuries she had suffered previously. Judging from her current state, chasing up to Xuanyuan Wentian who had escaped on the Eternal Night Devil Sword was nearly impossible.


Chapter 850 – Returning to the Illusory Demon Realm

Feng Xue’er could only give up her chase for Xuanyuan Wentian. She rested for a short moment before turning around and dispelling the remaining dark aura, letting everyone out of the darkness cage.

“Little Aunt, are you alright?” Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven hurriedly ran over to support Xiao Lingxi and asked with concern.

Xiao Lingxi shook her head somewhat rigidly as it seemed as though she had still not recovered from her shock yet.

“I had thought we were bound to die… Unexpected, we actually lived yet again.” Escaping from the calamity, Chu Yueli nearly collapsed as all the energy left her body.

“What happened just now? Why did Xuanyuan Wentian suddenly go into a… frenzy?” Murong Qianxue was still unable to comprehend the scene before her eyes.

Perhaps the only ones who knew the reason why were only Number One Under Heaven, Number Seven Under Heaven and Xiao Yun. Number One Under Heaven looked deeply at Xiao Lingxi before looking up and muttering to himself, “In my life, I have finally witnessed a true case of kindness begets kindness today…”

Initially in Floating Cloud City, Xiao Lingxi did not let him kill Fen Juechen and could not bear to see Fen Juechen die. She even ignored the immense dangers, brought him into the Xiao Clan and personally looked after him… She was obviously so weak that she constantly required people’s worry and protection and yet, she used her own crystal-like soul to let Fen Juechen, who had already become a devil, feel like a human again… because of her, he had even given up his intent to kill Yun Che.

Today, because of Xiao Lingxi—this person who possessed the weakest profound cultivation among them; who had the least experience; who needed the most protection, because of her initial kind thoughts, their lives had all been saved.

If the first person that Xuanyuan Wentian had chosen had been anyone else, the result would undoubtedly have been different. However, he had purposely chosen Xiao Lingxi…

If Xuanyuan Wentian had seriously read Fen Juechen’s memories before, he would have known that in Fen Juechen’s dark and cold inner world… Xiao Lingxi was the only bright spark and warmth that existed.

And she was his only relative in this world.

Even more so since he was willing to let go of his killing intent, she was a raw spot that should never be touched.

When Xuanyuan Wentian stretched his devilish claws towards Xiao Lingxi, his destroyed and extinguished soul which was already in tatters manage to conjure up the strength of despair…

The Little Demon Empress’ profound energy had been completely used up and before this, she was subjected to the direct pressure of Xuanyuan Wentian. Currently, she was so weak that she could not stand. Feng Xue’er held her up, tolerated the pain and transferred some of her vitality to her before hurrying to Yun Che’s side.

Yun Che looked as though there had not been any change. Despite the uproar that had happened, the faint lifeforce still remained stubbornly within his body which also allowed everyone to hang onto this last hope. Feng Xue’er took Yun Che over from the hands of Murong Qianxue and said while panting, “We must immediately leave this place, otherwise… we could be in danger anytime.”

“However, where can we go now?” Murong Qianxue looked into the distance and a flash of sadness swept past her eyes, “There is no more… Frozen Cloud Asgard…”

“I’ll immediately send a sound transmission to my royal father and get him to send the Divine Phoenix Ark over. At that time, we…”

Feng Xue’er’s voice suddenly stopped and her bottle trembled intensely… Because she clearly felt an ice cold hand pressing softly on her petite hand.

“Xue… er…”

This call as was as weak as a mosquito’s buzzing, yet it was extremely deafening in Feng Xue’er’s heart. She looked down and saw the Yun Che, who was in her grasp, had half opened his eyes and his dry lips were slightly moving.

“Big Brother Yun… you’re awake… you’re finally awake.” As Feng Xue’er spoke, all her determination and strength seemed to have been released as well as she started crying uncontrollably and in the blink of an eye, her cheeks were completely wet.

What Yun Che gave Xue’er was a warm sense of trust and dependence that was even stronger than what her royal father could giver her. As long as he was by her side, her soul would be at ease and satisfied and she would not feel any anxiety.

Although the current Yun Che was weaker than even an infant, him waking up and looking at her allowed her wavering soul to seem as though it had found the most secure backing. She felt as though she could let out her weakness and helplessness without restraint.

“Asgard Master!!” Hearing Feng Xue’er’s shout, all the ladies from Frozen Cloud Asgard surrounded her in surprise.

“Big Brother!!”


“Little Che!!”

“Brother Yun…”

Everyone seemed as though they heard the calls of a deity and hurriedly crowded around Yun Che. Just narrowly escaping death and Yun Che finally regaining consciousness gave them a sudden pleasant surprise which seemed to make them forget their current predicament.

The Little Demon Empress walked over with the support of Number Seven Under Heaven. She looked towards Yun Che and said in a serious tone, “It’s good that you’re awake… Take out the Primordial Profound Ark and bring all of us to the Illusory Demon Realm!”

“I… know.” Yun Che softly said, “Everything that has happened today, I already know…”

“Ahhh?” Everyone was instantly shocked. Xiao Yun stared widely and said, “Big Brother, you… know?”

“Three days ago, I had already recovered some of my consciousness,” Yun Che spoke slowly. “I could hear the sounds from the outside and could roughly sense the changes in aura. However, no matter how much my consciousness struggled, I could not wake up. It was like… I was separated from my body…”

Although he could not wake up nor could he open his eyes, her could clearly hear everything that happened today while he was unconscious. He struggled with his life to try and wake up but no matter how hard he tried, he could not open his eyes nor could he feel the presence of his body.

When Xuanyuan Wentian, who was on the brink of death, was takenbrought away by the devil sword and the crisis had been averted, Yun Che’s mind relaxed. At that time, he suddenly could feel the slight warmth of his body… and he began opening his eyes slightly.

“If that’s the case, save your strength and stop speaking. Hurry up call out the profound ark.” the Little Demon Empress said as she panted.

However, Yun Che smiled, “Caiyi, don’t worry… For me… you’ve risked your life… I would never allow myself to die this way…”

Yun Che closed his eyes and concentrated. The air above him trembled and the image of the Primordial Profound Ark appeared.

“Senior Master Murong… inform all disciples not to resist my thought.” Yun Che softly instructed.

Murong Qianxue nodded, her expression suddenly became complicated… She knew where entering the profound ark would bring them. It was an entirely different world that could even be said to be rivals with the Profound Sky Continent.

However, Frozen Cloud Asgard has already been destroyed and their roots were already gone. Following their Asgard Master was their only choice.

A ball of weak white light that originated from the Primordial Profound Ark shone onto everyone. Following which, the light flickered and everyone… including all the Frozen Cloud Asgard disciples, vanished.

After which, the space vibrated with intensity before the Primordial Profound Ark disappeared into thin air. All that was left behind below was a piece of wild plains that had just suffered from a massive disaster and not one piece of complete land could be found.

After a long time, the scorching heat that filled the skies finally dissipated, the atmosphere began to get colder. Following the arrival of dusk, snow started to fall sporadically from high up in the sky. Gradually the dried up ground was being filled up with a layer of white.


The Primordial Profound Ark shot through the air, instantly crossing fifty thousand kilometers.

Walking out of the Primordial Profound Ark, the surrounding scenery was not the Demon Imperial City that they had been expecting but instead, a wide and empty plain. The air was also mixed with an exceptionally active flame aura.

“This place is…” Number One Under Heaven immediately turned and looked towards the north before instantly recognizing the place, “Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley!”

“Big Brother Under Heaven…” Yun Che weakly said, “Although I am still conscious, there is a chance that I might lose my life anytime. Only the Golden Crow Divine Spirit will be able to save me. That’s why I chose this place… Please help me bring my grandfather and the others to Demon Imperial City and let my father help them to settle down… Tell my parents and grandfather that… I’ll definitely come back… safely…”

Yun Che’s words caused Number One Under Heaven’s heart to clench. If even Yun Che himself said that he “might lose his life anytime”, it was obvious how serious his injuries actually were. It was no wonder he would choose to stop directly at the entrance of Golden Crow Lightning Valley. He inhaled strongly and nodded, “Brother Yun, don’t worry. I assure you that they will not have any strand of hair missing upon your return.”

Yun Che smiled with gratitude before weakly lifting up his hand, “Grandfather… Little Aunt… Yue’er… I will definitely… be fine… Senior Masters… I have never forgotten the will of the later Asgard Mistress… One day… I will bring all of you… to rebuild… Frozen… Cloud… Asgard…”

After he finished speaking, Yun Che’s concentration relaxed and his eyes blurred as he lost consciousness yet again.

“Don’t delay any longer!” The Little Demon Empress’ eyebrows knitted together as she instructed, “Xiao Yun, Number One, bring everyone back to Demon Imperial City now. Xue’er, you carry Yun Che. Let’s go into Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley!”

“Ahh… alright!”

Every breath of time could determine the difference between Yun Che’s life and death. Feng Xue’er did not even have time to feel anxiety from coming to a new place as her right hand carefully hugged Yun Che while her left hand held onto the Little Demon Empress as she followed her lead and sped to the north.

The destination Yun Che guided the Primordial Profound Ark to was already extremely close to the entrance of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley. Feng Xue’er ignored her injuries as she rushed along at full speed. Shortly after, they had already arrived in front of the Golden Crow Profound Array that sealed Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.

The Little Demon Empress took out the Demon Emperor’s Seal and touched the artifact. Two drops of blood dripped from the tip of her fingers. One of them landed onto the Demon Emperor’s Seal while the other landed in the middle of the Golden Crow Profound Formation. Following that, the Demon Emperor’s Seal went and touched the center of the Golden Crow Profound Formation. The Demon Emperor’s Seal let out a strange nose and the Golden Crow Profound Formation started buzzing. The profound array that sealed Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley swiftly weakened before disappearing totally.

The sole entrance into the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley appeared unrestricted right before their eyes.

An inactive Golden Crow Bloodline was after all, still part of the Golden Crow Bloodline. Relying on the Demon Emperor’s Seal, it could still forcefully open up the seal on Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.

“Let’s hurry!”

A scorching wave of heat hit them right as they approached. The air was filled with a divine flame aura that was unlike the Phoenix flame’s. Due to the fact that the origin of the lightning had been consumed by Yun Che, the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley only possessed flames now and there was no lightning at all.

Feng Xue’er brought the both of them through the pillars of flames and sea of fires towards the location where the Golden Crow Divine Spirit resided. In front, lay their last and only hope. They dared not think… what they would do if even the Golden Crow Divine Spirit could not save Yun Che…


Chapter 851 – Destroyed

“This is that small world that the Golden Crow Divine Spirit created?” Feng Xue’er asked. She had heard Yun Che speak of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley before but its true appearance still far surpassed what she had imagined.

“Mnnn,” the Little Demon Empress replied in affirmation, her brows faintly raised. This was because she could clearly sense that the fire aura in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley was much weaker than it had been the last time they had been here.

After passing through countless flame seas, a mountain rampart finally appeared. In front of the mountain rampart, a profound formation that was burning with golden flames was slowly revolving in place.

“There it is!”

They landed in front of the fire profound formation, the Little Demon Empress gently shrugged off Feng Xue’er’s supporting arm before slowly kneeling to the ground:

“The Twelfth Emperor of the Illusory Demon Imperial Family, the eleventh successor of the Golden Crow bloodline, Huan Caiyi, begs to see the Golden Crow Divine God.”

Feng Xue’er also hurriedly knelt down as she held Yun Che in her arms. In front of the only hope they had of saving Yun Che, she would not hesitate in the slightest even if she was required to adopt the humble posture of a lowly ant.

The Little Demon Empress’ voice was quickly swallowed up by the sound of the roaring flames that resounded in the Golden Crow Lighting Flame Valley. But even after waiting a long time, they received no response.

Bewilderment and uneasiness welled in the Little Demon Empress’ heart. This was the independent world that the Golden Crow Spirit had created, so its spirit perception should cover every corner of this world. Anything that happened in this place would not be able to escape it’s spirit perception. It should have sensed their presence from the moment they had entered Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.

Especially since it had expressed such regard for Yun Che the last time around…

So why had it not made an appearance and met them yet?

“The Illusory Demon Imperial Family’s Huan Caiyi begs to see the Golden Crow Divine God.”

The Little Demon Empress called out again but she still did not receive the Golden Crow Spirit’s response, even after a long time had passed.

“Little Demon Empress sis, the Golden Crow Spirit… Is it not present in this place?” Feng Xue’er asked in a worried voice.

Just as her voice fell, an ear-splitting and soul-shaking girlish voice abruptly rang out from all corners of the place, “Huan Caiyi, why did you suddenly come to this place and disturb this noble one’s slumber!?”

This voice was even more intense and violent than lava and it also contained a simmering rage.

“Ah!” Feng Xue’er cried out in alarm. The Little Demon Empress raised her head and looked upwards as she spoke in an extremely respectful and reverential tone, “For inadvertently disturbing the Golden Crow Divine God’s slumber, Huan Caiyi is willing to accept all punishment. But… Yun Che has sustained heavy injuries and he teeters on the edge of death. The only one in the world that can save him now is the Golden Crow Divine God, so I beg that you present your golden body and save his life. Huan Caiyi is willing to pay any price. Even if you want my life in exchange, I am willing to give it.”

Feng Xue’er’s mouth dropped open and she stared dazedly at the Little Demon Empress. The Little Demon Empress had uttered the words “even if you want my life in exchange, I am willing to give it” in such a calm and matter-of-fact manner.

She may have appeared cold to the point where it seemed like she did not have any emotions but the Little Demon Empress’ feelings for Yun Che did not lose to anyone else in this world… Even as the noble and supreme monarch who ruled over the entire Illusory Demon Realm, the Little Demon Empress regarded Yun Che as more important to her than even her own life.

“Him? Heavily injured and on the brink of death? Hahahahaha…”

The Golden Crow Spirit did not materialise and the Little Demon Empress’ words only provoked a loud laugh of disdain from it, “Idiot! Yun Che possesses the bloodline of the Dragon God and has the protection of the power of the Rage God. So no matter how heavy his injuries are, even if he is lingering on his very last breath, as long as he isn’t dead, he will definitely recover. But the both of you want this noble one to save him? This is simply ridiculous!”

“No, that isn’t the case this time around,” the Little Demon Empress pleaded in a loud voice. “It was not just any power that harmed him this time. He has already been tottering on the edge of life and death for an entire ten days. He has only woken up once during these past ten days and he might die at any time. In this world, it is truly only you that can save him now.”

“…Ten days?” The Golden Crow Spirit’s voice was clearly laced with suspicion. Because Yun Che had the body of the Dragon God and the powers of the Rage God, so on this plane, there should not be any power that would cause him to lie at death’s door for ten days without any signs of recovery.


At this moment, a pair of scarlet-golden eyes suddenly opened up in the dull-golden sky as scorching rays of light that seemed like fire descended from above. It seemed as if a blazing sun had risen in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley as the place grew even brighter and hotter.

The Golden Crow Spirit finally appeared and the Little Demon Empress bowed deeply in it’s presence. Feng Xue’er also hurriedly knelt down but after that she gently placed Yun Che in front of her body as she plead, “Great and magnanimous Golden Crow Divine Spirit, I beg that you definitely save Big Brother Yun. I, Feng Xue’er, am willing to use everything that I have and everything that I am to repay this favor.”

The light released by those scarlet-golden eyes first fell on Feng Xue’er’s body as it lingered on her for a very long time… Because her body was releasing a Phoenix aura that was far too dense, dense to the point where it was abnormal.

But it did not ask her anything. Instead those golden eyes swept across the Little Demon Empress before stopping there for a short moment. After that, the Golden Crow Spirit asked in a severe voice, “You actually ignited your origin blood? Hmph, given the power that this noble one has bestowed upon you, to think that there is actually someone on this plane that can push you to this extent!?”

“Even though Caiyi was forced to ignite her origin blood, my body was not harmed. I will recover within the month. I beg that the Golden Crow Divine God definitely save Yun Che,” the Little Demon Empress plead once again.

Facing the Golden Crow Spirit, every single word she said was regarding saving Yun Che’s life.

“Hmph, then let this noble one see just what kind of wound can render a person, who possesses both the body of the Dragon God and the powers of the Rage God, unconscious for ten days!”

A beam of golden light fell from the sky before morphing into layers of weak flame which covered Yun Che’s body.

In a single instant, all the flames that had just touched Yun Che’s body fiercely jumped before dispersing like flashing lightning. The golden eyes which hung in midair also released a strange light as the Golden Crow Spirit said, “This is…”

The Golden Crow Spirit’s tone underwent a fierce change, “Why did he get harmed by this kind of power? Just what did all of you encounter?”

“We don’t know either.” Feng Xue’er as she shook her head, “At that time, I was at Big Brother Yun’s side but I did not even see who harmed him. I could not even sense a single trace of any strange or abnormal energy auras around him. Big Brother Yun just suddenly… became like this.”

“…” The Golden Crow Spirit suddenly grew silent and it did not speak for a very long time.

The aura in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley also suddenly became stifling.

The Golden Crow Spirit’s silence caused a thick sense of uneasiness to arise in the hearts of the Little Demon Empress and Feng Xue’er. Feng Xue’er was finally unable to endure this stifling aura. She raised her delicate head and spoke in a pleading voice, “You are the great and magnanimous Golden Crow Divine Spirit, so you definitely have a method to save him. I beg that you bestow your great mercy upon us, no matter what…”

“There is no need to speak any further.”
The Golden Crow Spirit suddenly spoke, interrupting Feng Xue’er’s words. It continued in a cold voice, “Are any of you aware just what kind of power he was harmed by?”

“…” Both the Little Demon Empress and Feng Xue’er shook their heads at the same time.

“The person who harmed him used the power of the Heavenly Poison Star God!” The Golden Crow Spirit’s voice was like a raging fire, “However, on this plane, there shouldn’t be any person who has heard of the name ‘Heavenly Poison Star God’”.

“Then… how can we save him exactly?” Who the Heavenly Poison Star God was and why that person wanted to kill Yun Che was not their main concern right now. The only thing that they wanted to know was how to rescue Yun Che.

“Save him?” The Golden Crow Spirit said with a heavy snort, “You don’t even know what kind of existence the Heavenly Poison Star God is, so it’s natural that neither of you can even imagine how terrifying she is. This is an incomparably strong divine power and it is far more malicious than it is strong, reaching the very pinnacle of maliciousness!”

“The power which has harmed Yun Che is enough to reduce any other living creature on this plane to dust. But Yun Che possesses the Dragon God’s marrow and his bones are as strong and resilient as star steel, so that is why he did not disintegrate completely.”

“The Heavenly Poison Star God’s power also definitely contains a virulent poison. The only reason why Yun Che wasn’t poisoned instantly by this virulent poison was because he has the Sky Poison Pearl on his person.”

“After the Heavenly Poison Star God’s power has harmed someone, the lingering energy left after the attack does not dissipate. Instead, it will burrow into the body like a maggot and even if the person does not die immediately, it will continue to rend the soul and devour that person’s life. Only a power on the same level as it can force it to dissipate. This is also the reason Yun Che has not yet recovered his strength or recovered from his wounds yet. But in the end, he still has the protection bestowed upon him by the body of the Dragon God and the power of the Rage God, so that is why he has forcefully endured until now without succumbing to death.”

“The fact that he can forcefully survive under the influence of the Heavenly Poison Star God’s power is a miracle in and of itself. If the same power had been inflicted on either of you, both of you would have already died ten thousand times over! But even though he still lives, it is only the last gasps of a dying man! And if you truly want to save him… that is no more than a fool’s wishful thinking!”

The four words “a fool’s wishful thinking” felt like a bucket of cold water had been poured over their heads. Feng Xue’er’s tears immediately started to gush out. She tried her best to hold back her tears as she spoke, “Golden Crow Divine Spirit… is it true that even you… can’t think of anything?”

“Yun Che’s innate talent is special and unique and not only is he the one who inherited this noble one’s bloodline, he is also the one that this noble one has placed all of my hopes in. If I can save him, this noble one will not spare any effort. But even if this noble one’s power was a hundred times what it is right now, it would still be far from that Heavenly Poison Star God who harmed him.”

“It would be easy for this noble one to rouse him temporarily but even if I expended all my strength and effort, it would be impossible for me to save him.”

Even though the Golden Crow Spirit’s voice was still as fiery and explosive as fire it was now laced with a deep somberness and helplessness.

Feng Xue’er immediately melted to the ground, hugging Yun Che as she sobbed and wept. Their last ray of hope had been mercilessly destroyed. If even the Golden Crow Spirit was unable to save Yun Che, then there truly existed no method in this world that could save him…

“Speaking of which, there was originally someone that could save him but since the Heavenly Poison Star God appeared, then it is natural that this person would definitely not be able to continue to stay in this place,” the Golden Crow Spirit said, its voice and the gleam in its eyes had dulled by several degrees.

The person it was referring to was naturally Jasmine. But right now, it could no longer sense the presence of Jasmine’s soul in Yun Che’s body. In the next instant, it deduced that seeking out the Heavenly Slaughter Star God was the only reason the Heavenly Poison Star God would even appear in this world. It was also for this reason that she would make a move to kill Yun Che.

Feng Xue’er knew that the person the Golden Crow Spirit was speaking of was that dreadfully powerful girl in the red dress. But… she had already left and she would never ever be able to return. Even if Feng Xue’er wanted to go look for her, she would not be able to find her.

“You should leave,” the Golden Crow Spirit said in a somber voice. “He is dead and that is indeed extremely regrettable. But such is fate. Given his tenaciousness, he should still be able to struggle on for around another ten days… In this life, he has already experienced good fortune that a normal person would not be able to even hope for in ten lives. Even though he was born with an unfortunate fate, it could be said that he has not lived his life in vain at all.”

The Little Demon Empress stood up, her eyes bleak and lifeless. She gloomily said, “Xue’er, let us depart. He hasn’t seen his father or mother… for a very long time now.”

Feng Xue’er’s mind was a swath of grayish white, her vision completely blurred by her tears. She gently hugged Yun Che as she listlessly stepped forward in a disoriented fashion but she did not even know which direction she was headed.

“Wait a moment!!”

The Golden Crow Spirit’s voice suddenly rang through the air like an unexpected peal of thunder, stopping the footsteps of Feng Xue’er and the Little Demon Empress.

Two golden lights fell on Feng Xue’er’s body as the Golden Crow Spirit stared her fixedly. The light that it’s pair of golden eyes was releasing at this moment was far more thick and intense than it had been at any other moment.

“Golden Crow Divine Spirit?” Feng Xue’er muttered lifelessly.

“Feng Xue’er, answer one question for this noble one.” The Golden Crow Spirit’s dull voice suddenly regained the explosiveness of a volcano, “Are you still a virgin?”


Chapter 852 – Repeating the Same Old Trick

“Ah…” Feng Xue’er was stunned by that question and she did not even know how to begin to respond to it.

“Answer this noble one’s question, are you still a virgin?” The Golden Crow Spirit repeated in a grave voice, “The answer to this question is directly related to whether or not Yun Che can be saved.”

To the two girls who had already given up their last bit of hope, these last words uttered by the Golden Crow Spirit were without a doubt completely earth-shattering. The Little Demon Empress instantly turned around and the confused Feng Xue’er was also shocked back into sensibility. She opened her tender lips while frantically nodding her head in embarrassment, “I… I… am…”

Even though Feng Xue’er was practically like a sheet of unspotted white paper when it came to relations between men and women, she still clearly understood the meaning of the word “virgin”.

“Hahahahaha…” Feng Xue’er’s reply caused the Golden Crow Spirit to abruptly start laughing loudly. Moreover, this loud laughter began to surge fiercely, sweeping away the previous heavy and stifling atmosphere, “Yun Che has the Dragon God’s bloodline. Combined with the Golden Crow’s flame, this means that the yang energy in his body is incomparably rich and vigorous. Furthermore, you possess surpassing beauty and it seems like your feelings for him are deeply rooted as well. To think that he hasn’t even touched you yet, this is truly an extremely rare occurrence!”

The Little Demon Empress, “…”

“I…” A red blush stained Feng Xue’er’s cheek as she began to hem and haw, “The power within my bloodline still hasn’t… still hasn’t fully awakened… So I can’t… Big Brother Yun has always cherished and treasured me…So… So…”

“Hmph, this is simply absurd!” The Golden Crow Spirit said in a huffy voice, “If you had lost your phoenix vital yin to any other male, it would indeed have seriously stifled the awakening of the power within your bloodline. But how can Yun Che’s constitution be compared with that of a normal male’s!? Just by the virtue of his Dragon God bloodline, not only can he cause your physique to fundamentally change, he can even greatly aid the awakening of the power of your Phoenix bloodline.”

“Right now, you have awoken roughly forty percent of the power of your Phoenix bloodline. If you maintain your present state, you will need at least fifteen more years to fully awaken your power. But if you practice Dragon Phoenix Dual Cultivation with him, you will be able to awaken ninety percent of your power in no more than three months! Within half a year, you will be able to fully awaken your power. At that time, your strength will far surpass Huan Caiyi and the Phoenix Spirit who bestowed this bloodline upon you. Three years later, you will be able to step into the way of the divine and reach a new horizon!”

“You desire for the power of your bloodline to be fully awakened, yet you are not even aware that such a top-class male incubator is right by your side. Instead, you reject what is near at hand and seek something that is far away. It is simply far too laughable.”

“Ah…?” The strange and unreasonable outburst from the Golden Crow Spirit stunned Feng Xue’er in place, leaving her at a complete loss.

“Golden Crow Divine God, you just mentioned that there was a method to save Yun Che. Is that true?” the Little Demon Empress asked in an anxious voice.

“Hmph, I guess this kiddo is pretty fortunate after all.” The Golden Crow Spirit said indifferently, “If he had touched that Phoenix girl in the past, then he would undoubtedly be destined for death right now. Not only was this Phoenix girl deeply in love with him, she also possessed enough beauty to overthrow a country. As someone who carried such heavy yang energy, with someone like her by his side, being able to control himself was indeed not an easy feat. But since this is the case, he has also gained a new life for himself.”

The scarlet-golden eyes hovering in midair opened wide as thick and dense firelight spilled out, “Right now, there is indeed a method that can save him. Furthermore, it is a method that will not only allow him to fully recover but it will also cause his cultivation to explosively increase within a short period of time.”

“What method!?” Both Feng Xue’er and the Little Demon Empress yelled at the same time. The elation of rising to heaven from the depths of hell caused all of the blood in their bodies to roil about agitatedly.

“This noble one has already said so much but the both of you still do not understand? Of course it’s your phoenix vital yin!” The Golden Crow Spirit thundered as it stared at Feng Xue’er, “When it comes to destructive power, the Phoenix flames are far inferior to the Golden Crow flames. But the Phoenix flames have a special cleansing ability. Yun Che is unable to recover from his heavy injuries because the Heavenly Poison Star God’s power is still running rampant inside his body. Given your Phoenix flames, it would undoubtedly be a fool’s errand to attempt to cleanse a power that far exceeds the level of your own. However, your phoenix vital yin is able to ignite the Phoenix’s ‘primal flame” one time in his body.”

“It’s other name is—the Flame of Nirvana!”

“The Flames of Nirvana… I have heard Lord Phoenix God mention this before,” Feng Xue’er said dazedly.

“The Flame of Nirvana is a divine flame unique to the Phoenix and it possesses the ultimate cleansing power in this entire universe. Furthermore, even the Phoenix itself can only ignite these flames twice in its life. The first time is when it is born, the second time is when it experiences rebirth. Furthermore, if it forcibly ignites those flames before its rebirth, then when it loses its life, it will not be able to undergo a nirvanic rebirth.”

“The Flames of Nirvana is impossible for a normal person to ignite but you are different.” Even though the Golden Crow Spirit was repulsed by the Phoenix flames, it possessed a deep interest and astonishment towards Feng Xue’er, “Because you did not merely inherit the bloodline of the Phoenix, you also inherited the entirety of a Phoenix Spirit! So your phoenix vital yin is completely sufficient to ignite a faint and weak Flame of Nirvana one time.”

“Even though it is faint and weak and should only last for an instant, it is enough to disperse the power of the Heavenly Poison Star God that is running through his body!” The Golden Crow Spirit’s tone changed abruptly after that, “However, if this is the case, then if you perish in the future, you will be unable to undergo a nirvanic rebirth as well. You, who should have had the body of the Phoenix which possesses two lives, will only be left with one life just like everyone else.”

“Then… then what should I do? What can I do to save Big Brother Yun?” Feng Xue’er completely disregarded whatever she was going to lose. If she was able to save Yun Che, she would not hesitate no matter the cost. Even though she had vaguely been able to guess at something but her understanding of relations between a man and a woman was completely limited to the intimate actions that Yun Che normally displayed with her. She did not even have the foggiest idea regarding the rest of it and she did not know what she had to do.

“Right now, it is fine if you don’t know what to do. Don’t you have a person beside you that can teach you whatever you need to know!?” The Golden Crow Spirit declared, relishing every word that it spoke.

“Ah?” Feng Xue’er gave a low cry while the Little Demon Empress was in a mild shock.

“You are inexperienced in the ways of the world, so it is natural that you don’t know what to do. But Huan Caiyi, at that time you were without a teacher, yet you took the initiative and learned by yourself. And after you married Yun Che, you did it day and night, so you have long ago become well-versed in such matters. It will be up to you to guide Feng Xue’er in what she needs to do… What’s more, the person that she wants to save is your man as well!”

“ “~!@#¥%…” The Little Demon Empress’ mouth faintly opened. A panicked and flustered expression that even Yun Che had never seen before was now clearly pasted on that normally cold and practically emotionless face.

The gloomy and stifling atmosphere shared by both girls suddenly became extremely subtle. The Golden Crow Spirit’s eyes flashed before it gave a heavy snort, “Hmph, how troublesome!”


A ring-shaped cluster of flames suddenly sprang up around the three of them, placing them squarely in the center. After that the flames suddenly surged, forming a gigantic flame barrier which contained all three of them within it.

Moreover, it was not the first time that the Little Demon Empress had seen this flame barrier… The Golden Crow Spirit had used this method to seal Yun Che and her the last time… While telling her that she had a time limit of two months to obtain his vital yang at least five hundred times before they would be allowed out.

“Huan Caiyi, you better listen up and listen good.” The Golden Crow Spirit’s grave and serious voice resounded in her ears, “If you merely want to save Yun Che, then you can simply rely on the ‘Flame of Nirvana’ that will be ignited by Feng Xue’er’s phoenix vital yin to disperse the power of the Heavenly Poison Star God that is coursing through his body. After that, Yun Che’s extremely strong self-healing ability will allow him to make a full recovery within days. But Feng Xue’er is definitely not any normal inheritor of the Phoenix bloodline and her body can nearly be called the actual ‘body of the Phoenix God’. Because of this, her phoenix vital yin is incomparably precious, so even if the slightest bit of it is lost, it will still be a huge, incalculable loss which can never be recovered.

“If Yun Che can perfectly obtain her phoenix vital yin, then it will definitely cause his profound strength to soar within a short period of time. At that time, it might be possible that he could even surpass you.”

“The enemy that you encountered was able to force you to ignite your origin blood. Given Yun Che’s current strength, even if he does make a full recovery, the moment he clashes with that enemy, he will undoubtedly die. If you don’t want him to suffer a miserable death after he barely manages to snatch it back in the first place, then you should assist him in perfectly obtaining Feng Xue’er’s phoenix vital yin. At the same time, it will also help Feng Xue’er by speeding up the awakening of the power of her bloodline.”

“This barrier will last for three months. Given Feng Xue’er’s body of the Phoenix God, she will completely use up her phoenix vital yin after these three months. As for how to allow Yun Che to perfectly obtain her phoenix vital yin… Heh, you should be far more experienced regarding that than this noble one. The results that all of you obtain after three months will be entirely dependent on you. So you definitely must not disappoint this noble one.”

“Hahahahaha…” The Golden Crow Spirit let out a loud laugh, as if it had done something delightful. After that, those eyes flashed with a golden light and the barrier below was instantly sealed away completely, securely trapping those three people within its confines.

It had initially forcefully trapped the Little Demon Empress and Yun Che within that barrier and it would not let them out before they achieved the target it had set for them.

Not more than two years later, it was once again doing the same thing. The only thing that was different this time around was that it had forcefully confined three people and the limit was not the “amount of times”, it was time itself.

What was even more different was its state of mind.

After bestowing the last of its Golden Crow origin blood and its own soul origin to Yun Che, the Golden Crow Spirit had gradually started to recede from existence. Before this, it would often release its own spiritual perception to observe the Illusory Demon Realm but during this period, it had spent most of the time sleeping so as to reduce the rate at which it was disappearing.

Even though this was the case, it will still vanish forever before ten years pass… Along with the Sea of Death and the entire Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.


After sealing those three people into the barrier, the Golden Crow Spirit did not immediately return to its slumber. It lingered on silently for a very long period of time before letting out a heavy sigh.

“As a spirit fragment left behind by the Phoenix itself, even if it was on its last legs, it actually disregarded the dignity of the divine beasts and gave all of itself to a lowly human being. How utterly absurd. As a fellow spirit, even though my spirit is about to be scattered to the four winds, I would definitely not be able to do such a thing…”

“But it looks like it had also definitely sensed that dreadful aura, so it ultimately chose to do this. Devoting all of its strength to give this world the ability to resist what is to come, giving this world a faint and weak hope that isn’t even equivalent to a grain of sand…”

“The cracked Wall of Primal Chaos… What exactly is stirring behind it…”