Against the Gods


Against the Gods Chapter 840-843

Chapter 840 – Merciless Flames of Anger

"Let's go," Huangji Wuyu muttered in a low voice before adding, "Don't hold back."

Huangji Wuyu attacked first, the front of his long sleeve flapping slightly as an imposing aura that could shake the heavens pressed down from above. In an instant, the Little Demon Empress' spiritual pressure from the flames had been negated and the area of several hundred meters that had Little Demon Empress at its core hastily shrunk.

This Sacred Master of the Absolute Monarch Sanctuary was the head of the Four Sacred Masters who were regarded as divine beings within the Profound Sky Continent and he had not used his full strength for many years already.

However, he had not held back in the least when he launched his first attack against the Little Demon Empress.

This was simply spatial interference that was performed by relying on an intensely strong profound energy and it was the highest level of spatial ability that could be achieved within Profound Sky Continent. In the current the Profound Sky Continent, the only person that could achieve such a level of spatial interference by relying on merely one's own profound energy this was Huangji Wuyu. The completely distorted space was strong enough to instantly shred a low to middle level Monarch into pieces.
Space twisted and contorted in such a shocking manner that it looked like a wave that was tossing and turning violently in the ocean. However, the figure of the Little Demon Empress, who stood in the center, did not twist or turn in the slightest. Icy-cold bone-chilling killing intent shot past the rippling and twisting space to firmly lock onto the three Sacred Masters, without even weakening one bit.


The Little Demon Empress' palm thrust out and a "Burning Sun Rupture" immediately exploded in the distorted space. An eye-catching golden light illuminated the heavens and earth in that instant. Immediately, the space that had been shrinking started to expand ferociously yet again. Following an extremely sharp noise, three hundred meters of space instantly exploded as countless spatial shards shot towards Huangji Wuyu like needles… and behind the spatial shards were comet-like Golden Crow flames.

"Powerful indeed." Huangji Wuyu muttered, not too surprised that his spatial suppression had been instantly broken. A white light flashed in his hands and a grayish white wide ruler appeared in them. The ruler was one and a half meters long but in an instant, it grew to three meters long… This wide ruler was known as the "Primal Chaos Heavenly Ruler" and was considered the top among the Profound Sky Top Ten Tyrant Profound Artifacts. Not only was it the most sacred object within Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, it was also said to be a divine object that the heavens granted Absolute Monarch Sanctuary. It looked ordinary and normal but possessed divine might that could split mountains.

Seeing Huangji Wuyu take out the Primal Chaos Heavenly Ruler, Qu Fengyi and Ye Meixie who had originally advanced to attack abruptly slowed down and even retreated a few steps backwards.

Huangji Wuyu's face was calm as water. The Primal Chaos Heavenly Ruler casually drew a line in the air, looking as if it was going to forcefully smash those golden flames apart… In an instant, a dreadful aura descended from above. This aura was deep and boundless, bringing along an indescribably enormous pressure. As the body of the ruler moved through the air, the spatial shards that were flying towards Huangji Wuyu were wrenched out of their trajectory before they could even draw near. Then, they completely disappeared.

Even the intense Golden Crow flames abruptly slowed down before colliding with the Primal Chaos Heavenly Ruler without much force.

Huangji Wuyu gave a casual twist of his wrist, intending to completely shatter those golden flames. But at that moment, his expression, which was as placid and calm as a gentle wind, suddenly underwent a slight change.


When these golden flames came into contact with the Primal Chaos Heavenly Ruler, they did not explode. Instead they suddenly latched onto the ruler like a striking serpent, instantly turning the Primal Chaos Heavenly Ruler into a flaming ruler. Huangji Wuyu was stunned by this turn of events but he did not panic as a profound energy that was as deep and thick as a mountain explosively surged forth, pouring into the Primal Chaos Heavenly Ruler… Immediately, the power of those golden flames weakened. But they grew even more ferocious in the next instant, causing the power that had surged into the Primal Chaos Heavenly Ruler to weaken at an extremely fast rate. The golden flames that followed closely behind suddenly rushed forward amidst Huangji Wuyu's shock and amazement, smashing into the profound energy that protected him.


A dull noise rang out as the golden flames, which smoldered with the divine might of the Golden Crow, finally exploded. It was also in this instant that Huangji Wuyu finally understood why Qu Fengyi had been rendered so helpless and pathetic in front of these golden-colored flames. When the flames had grown large in his eyes and enveloped him, he felt a spiritual pressure from this flame that he had never felt from any other flame. Under the spiritual pressure of these flames, he felt his heart and soul instantly convulse as an instance of fear was birthed in his heart. The scorching heat which accompanied these flames was even more terrifying, making him feel like he had entered purgatory before the flames had even drawn close.

"Imperial Heavenly Origin Cauldron!!"

Amidst his shock and fear, Huangji Wuyu made the most correct decision in the first instance, flinging the Primal Chaos Heavenly Ruler away as he used all of the profound energy in his body to make a swift retreat as he erected a profound formation that was in the shape of a whirlpool around his body. The moment the violent Golden Crow flames on his body exploded, the image of a huge gray-colored cauldron instantly appeared, repelling the flames.


Huangji Wuyu's hand emitted an attractive force, recalling the Primal Chaos Heavenly Ruler into his hand. There were no wounds on his body but his expression was grave and he did not retain a shred of the composure he had before.

"Are you alright?" Ye Meixie asked in a low voice.

"I'm fine. There is something strange going on with her profound flames, it definitely isn't any common profound fire. Don't bother anymore with any airs or attitudes that a Sacred Master is supposed to possess, let us attack together!" The space behind Huangji Wuyu suddenly ruptured as his body instantly disappeared and translocated to the back of the Little Demon Empress. The Primal Chaos Heavenly Ruler smashed towards the middle of her back.

The Little Demon Empress turned around, flames instantly enveloping her slender and delicate right arm as she smashed it towards Huangji Wuyu.

Clang! Boom!!

The Primal Chaos Heavenly Ruler gave a fierce shudder before being instantly bent into the shape of a full moon. Huangji Wuyu's expression changed yet again; he had rarely showed his Primal Chaos Heavenly Ruler in front of people because there were very few people who had the qualifications to make him use the Primal Chaos Heavenly Ruler. But the girl in front of him had not only met the Primal Chaos Heavenly Ruler with her bare hands, the power that had rebounded into him from her strike had actually thrown all of the blood and energy in his body into turmoil.

Not only was her profound fire bizarre, her profound strength… was actually even deeper and more solid than his own!!

The power that was imbued into the Primal Chaos Heavenly Ruler was instantly and completely dispersed but the flames of the Little Demon Empress had yet to scatter. Furthermore, these flames morphed into nine rivers of flames which struck at Huangji Wuyu with the speed of a striking snake, forcing him to retreat pathetically.

Just as the Little Demon Empress was about to advance, a beam of white light suddenly shot down at her from above. It was like a torrent of tides, suppressing her body for an instant. On the other side, the sudden clap of thunder shook the earth. Qu Fengyi and Ye Meixie used all of their profound strength, Ye Meixie's body was illuminated by the glow of the sun and moon as a heaven-shaking aura caused the very space around him to quake. Every part of Qu Fengyi's body was crackling with electricity, the space behind her was completely shrouded in a purple light.

The light of the sun and moon was akin to lightning which could end the earth; it was like divine punishment that descended from the blue skies above. The two sacred masters used all their power in a combined attack as an area that was tens of kilometers wide was flooded by an indescribably enormous energy field, causing everything within this area to feel as if a mountain was pressing down on them.

A cold light flashed into the Little Demon Empress' eyes as her small and delicate body rushed into the skies above, leaving a trail of flames behind her. An enormous sea of fire exploded outwards and expanded into the air, fully enveloping both Qu Fengyi and Ye Meixie.


The rumbling howls of exploding power resounded through the air like the continuous sound of exploding thunder, every single explosion threatening to rip apart the blue sky. The power of two of the great Sacred Masters crazily surged and their profound strength had been pushed to its limits before even ten breaths had passed after their first attack. The power that exploded forth at every interval was enough to cause mountains to crumble and send tsunamis spinning across the surface of the ocean.

The Four Sacred Masters were the peak existence within the Profound Sky Continent and there was no one stronger. There was also no one who would be able to resist if two of the Sacred Masters combined their powers.

But today, they had met one such person.

Even under the combined strength of two of the great Sacred Masters, the flames in front of them still blanketed the heavens and the earth as it swiftly devoured their lightning and profound light. The result of this was that none of the boundless power that came from the two Sacred Masters managed to even touch the Little Demon Empress' body.

The hearts of Qu Fengyi and Ye Meixie were filled with incomparable surprise and amazement. They could not recall the status of this girl clad in rainbow-colored cloth and they could scarcely believe that such a person even existed in this world. The two of them had launched their attacks simultaneously and at full force and they could barely even suppress her. Moreover, these dreadful golden-colored flames were releasing a scorching heat that they could not comprehend; it was constantly burning their bodies and souls.

Huangji Wuyu did not immediately advance. His brows sunk low as he stared intensely at the delicate and tiny figure that was wreathed in flames. Behind him, a black-colored profound shadow slowly appeared.

"Boundless Star Domain!!"


Boundless energy spread out from his body as a gray-colored domain swiftly expanded and engulfed everything around him, causing more and more of the space to be encompassed within this gray world.

After seeing Huangji Wuyu spread out that gray-colored barrier, the eyes of Qu Fengyi and Ye Meixie flashed as their postures changed. Then, they simultaneously pressed in on the Little Demon Empress at lightning speed. The Sun Moon Profound Arts instantly merged with the power of thunder and lightning as an enormous energy field, which seemed to encompass its own independent world, smashed towards the Little Demon Empress.

As fellow Sacred Masters, as personages who stood at the very peak of the Profound Sky Continent, they were also the people who understood each other's powers the most. So the combination of both their powers was practically perfect and flawless.

The sea of fire that was in front of the Little Demon Empress was immediately smashed aside as the enormous energy field battered the Little Demon Empress, sending her flying like a soft ball of cotton. She was pushed back by several kilometers, falling directly into Huangji Wuyu's gray-colored domain.

Instantly, most of the flames that were burning on the Little Demon Empress' body were extinguished and the aura she was exuding began to rapidly weaken. It was as if her entire body had been mired in an invisible, viscous substance, making it hard for her to even move.

"Hahahaha!" Ye Meixie gave a hearty laugh, "Good! Now that she has been forced into Brother Huangji's Boundless Star Domain, she had become like a lamb for slaughter. I alone can capture her!"

"Stop talking nonsense and take action immediately… I won't be able to maintain this for long!" Huangji Wuyu shouted in a deep voice.

Ye Meixie gave a cold laugh as his figure blurred. The sword in his hand flashed as a beam of sword energy shot towards the middle of the Little Demon Empress' brows. Qu Fengyi attacked at the same time; a bolt of lightning which contained dreadful power exploded towards the top of the Little Demon Empress' head.

The pretty face of Feng Xue'er, who had fled far away with Yun Che but had not left the battlefield entirely, instantly went pale when she witnessed this scene. She glanced at Yun Che and after a moment of hesitation, she finally chose to put him down. Her body ignited with Phoenix flames and she rushed forward, "I'm coming to help you!!"
However, at this time, the mark that was nestled between the Little Demon Empress' eyebrows suddenly started to burn fiercely and in an instant, it seemed as if a volcano was erupting around her body. The flames, which were very close to dying out just a moment ago, flared back to life with a crazy vigor as her aura of power began to rapidly rise once more… Her pupils, which had been filled with a cold detachment, now had two golden flames burning in them.

"This… This is!?"

This sudden change had stunned all three of the Sacred Masters. They simultaneously felt the space around them suddenly tense up as an indescribably dreadful energy field heavily pressed down on their bodies.


Huangji Wuyu's extraordinarily powerful Boundless Star Domain was shattered like a fragile eggshell. Before Huangji Wuyu could even react to the collapse of his domain and puzzle out the reason behind it, he was hit by an enormous wave of backlash which shook his body. His face went pale as he violently spat out a mouthful of thick blood.

"What… what is going on?" Huangji Wuyu muttered to himself in a soft and panicked voice. He raised his head and his pupils abruptly and fiercely contracted… Astonishingly, he saw a golden-colored image that seemed to be solid appear behind the Little Demon Empress.

"Golden… Crow!?" Huangji Wuyu gasped in a stunned voice. Following that, he suddenly remembered something and he roared in a low voice, "You… you are the Little Demon Empress!?"

He had personally seen the fiery image of the Golden Crow before so he recognized it at first glance. It was just that the fiery Golden Crow image that he had seen before had been scarlet in color but the fiery image that appeared at the Little Demon Empress' back was a shocking gold!

The only ones who could cause the fiery image of the Golden Crow to materialize were the members of the Illusory Demon Realm's Illusory Demon Imperial Family. Moreover, there was currently only one person who possessed the bloodline of the Illusory Demon Imperial Family, and that person was the Little Demon Empress!!

The Little Demon Empress did not respond to the question. She lifted up her arm that was wreathed in the violent flames of the Golden Crow, then gently pushed towards Huangji Wuyu.

A fire lotus exploded in front of Huangji Wuyu. Huangji Wuyu's body was incredibly strong and resilient and before this, he could still forcefully resist the flames of the Little Demon Empress. But after this golden-colored fire lotus had exploded, the profound energy that protected his body instantly collapsed, forcing him to retreat many steps while also sending all of the blood and energy in his body into chaos. Before he could even rouse himself from his shock and react, a golden-colored figure suddenly blurred into existence in front of his very eyes. A girl in rainbow-colored clothes now stood in front of him, her entire body immersed in golden-colored flames. Those eyes which seemed to freeze all emotions caused his consciousness to go blank for an instant.

A small and delicate hand pressed down against his chest.


The golden flames ruptured, causing the protective profound energy around Huangji Wuyu's body to collapse once again. The Primal Chaos Heavenly Ruler flew from his hands as his entire body shot down to the earth like a meteorite, heavily smashing against the hard ground below, creating a human-shaped hole that was nearly a hundred meters deep.

"Brother Huangji!!"

Ye Meixie could not believe what he was seeing but the movements of his hands did not stop at all. His sword, in which his most powerful energies were focused, continuously attacked the Little Demon Empress from different angles, each attack piercing towards the left side of her neck.

The Little Demon Empress slowly raised an arm as a cluster of golden flames lengthened by several feet before transforming into a golden-colored flame sword. The golden flame sword sent a sky-splitting slash towards Ye Meixie who had just arrived in the empty air above her.

When the Little Demon Empress had just left Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, her Golden Crow's Record of the Burning World had only reached the third realm. But today, it had reached the fifth realm. Because the golden-colored flames sword she had just used to attack Ye Meixie was astonishingly the Golden Crow's Record of the Burning World fifth realm's attack, "Golden Annihilation"!

In other words, the current Little Demon Empress was far stronger than the Little Demon Empress who had once again descended upon Demon Imperial City after leaving Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley!

The flame sword carried an extremely extraordinary locus of fire as it sent out mediocre slashes, its movement appearing to be exceptionally slow. Yet it accurately landed on Ye Meixie's sword that was moving as swiftly as a hurricane… With a soft ring, Ye Meixie's sword soundlessly melted away. The enormous profound energy that had been gathered in the blade was like a current of water that had been cut in two as it flowed to the left and right before dissipating completely.

Ye Meixie's pupils widened by more than ten times, because he could smell the incomparably clear stench of death swiftly approaching. His vision had already been completely filled up by that life-stealing golden glow. His survival instincts kicked in, causing him to desperately use all of his energy in a bid to retreat as swiftly as possible…

The golden light slashed into his right shoulder and after a moment of resistance, it completely slashed through it.

A miserable cry rent the air and ruptured the ground as Ye Meixie spun away like a spinning top. He held his right shoulder which was missing an arm as he rolled about in agony, his hoarse cries rending the air. His eyes had widened to their very limits and his pupils had similarly expanded to the point where it seemed like they would be unable to shrink back to their normal size. He was an unrivalled and matchless Sacred Master… he was unable to accept or believe that everything that had happened was real…


Chapter 841 – Boundary Between Life and Death

The Little Demon Empress’ divine energy came at the cost of her life. The consequence of releasing her flame energy entirely, was the shortening of what remained of her initially meager lifespan. Unless left without choice, she definitely would not choose to go into this state, however, her current killing intent and rage had already reached their peaks. Yun Che was even hovering between the boundary of life and death where he could lose his life at any moment, so how could she still possibly scruple about such consequences?

Earlier, under the collaboration of the three Sacred Masters, they could still match the Little Demon Empress and even had a slight advantage over her. However, with the Little Demon Empress’ fully released flame energy, in the blink of an eye, Huangji Wuyu was defeated in a single exchange and Ye Meixie had even had an arm sliced off.

Qu Fengyi was instantly dumbfounded. Her entire body stiffened, not daring to take another step forward. Ye Meixie’s sliced off arm was completely engulfed by the Golden Crow flames and before it could land on the ground, it had already been burnt to ashes, disappearing without a trace.


The ground next to Ye Meixie exploded as Huangji Wuyu surged into the skies. Grabbing onto Ye Meixie, he extinguished the Golden Crow flames that were crawling on the rest of his body and loudly roared, “Run!” With his full speed, he and Qu Fengyi fled far away at lightning speed.

Just as the Little Demon Empress was about to give chase, Feng Xue’er’s excited voice suddenly sounded behind her. “Big Brother Yun, you’re… you’re awake!!”

The Little Demon Empress’ figure paused and her rainbow figure had already returned next to Yun Che in a blur.

The profound energy the Little Demon Empress inserted into his body earlier had probably taken effect, however, Yun Che’s life force was still utterly weak. Presently, his eyes were half-opened and the light in his eyes was dim, without the slightest trace of focus.

“Caiyi… Is it… you?” Yun Che moved his dried lips, letting out a voice as frail as a mosquito’s buzz. He had recovered a bit of his consciousness and opened his eyes but what came into sight was a dark blur. He was able to figure out that the Little Demon Empress was by his side from that warm Golden Crow energy he could feel in his body.

“Don’t speak.” The Little Demon Empress tapped on the center of his forehead with one of her hands, while she placed the other on his utterly tattered chest. The purest of Golden Crow origin energy endlessly poured into his body… However, her energy was unable to find any life veins she had to desperately protect.

Because his life veins had all been completely shattered.

To be capable of staying alive this long in a state where his organs and life veins were destroyed and to be capable of recovering a little of his consciousness even just barely, this was already an impossible miracle to the knowledge of common folk.

“It’s no use… It will only… wound your vitality… for nothing…” Yun Che’s fingers lightly trembled, looking like he was struggling. He clearly knew where the Little Demon Empress got her powers from. Rather than saying she was gifting him her origin energy, it would be more accurate to say she was desperately giving him her own life. However, the present him was basically powerless to stop her. As he was unable to clearly see a thing even if he squinted, he slowly closed his eyes and bitterly said. “In the past… No matter how heavy my injuries were… As long as I had a single breath remaining… I would have the confidence that I would definitely survive…”

“But this time… I might… really…”

“Big Brother Yun! You will be fine… For sure!” Feng Xue’er desperately shook her head as she interrupted his words with teary eyes.

A faint layer of golden flames floated above Yun Che’s body. The Little Demon Empress retracted her two hands and gently said. “Don’t speak too much and waste your energy. Take this opportunity while you’re still conscious to immediately summon the Primordial Profound Ark, then we shall return to Illusory Demon Realm together. I will bring you over to the Golden Crow Divine God. As an omnipotent divine spirit. It will definitely have a way to save you.”

“Alright…” If there really was something in the world that could save him, then it could only be the Golden Crow’s soul. Even if not for this reason, he could no longer continue staying in the Profound Sky Continent. “We have to bring… Grandfather and the rest…”


Every word Yun Che spoke was evidently extremely difficult for him. He focused his mind with all his might and following after a stir in spatial ripples, the Primordial Profound Ark appeared. Then, under Yun Che’s will control, the three of them were sent into the inner world and it disappeared right after.

Carrying Ye Meixie, Huangji Wuyu and Qu Fengyi fled wildly the entire time. Three mighty Sacred Masters were like frightened birds and they were already several hundred kilometers away in an instant. Confirming that the Little Demon Empress did not chase after them, they finally slowed their speed and stopped after a while. However, they were still greatly shaken.

“That person… really was the Little Demon Empress?” Qu Fengyi said, alarmed. Next to her, Ye Meixie was sitting in a meditative posture tending to his injuries. However, his face was painfully twisted. He was still unable to accept that he, who should have been unbeatable under the heavens, would lose an arm to someone else, becoming a single-armed Heavenly Monarch.

“I don’t believe it either.” Huangji Wuyu’s expression sank. “However, the flames she used were clearly Golden Crow flames. In this world, the only person capable of releasing Golden Crow flames of that degree, can only be the Little Demon Empress of the Illusory Demon Realm! Sss… The Demon Emperor who died a hundred years ago clearly should have been the strongest expert in Illusory Demon Realm but his strength was still weaker than any single one out of us four. How can the Little Demon Empress’ strength be powerful to such an extent!?”

What he could not be unfearful of was the power the Little Demon Empress suddenly exploded forth at the last moment, which had evidently surpassed the power the berserk Ye Mufeng had a thousand years ago!

“No… It’s definitely impossible.” Qu Fengyi pondered for a moment and still shook her head in the end. “My Ocean Palace had secretly left spies in Demon Imperial City a hundred years ago. According to the reports they send back, the Little Demon Empress’ profound strength was at the sixth level of Sovereign Profound Realm at most. That person definitely couldn’t be the Little Demon Empress.”

Following after, Qu Fengyi seemed to have suddenly recalled something, as she softly said. “But, the final report sent by the spies we left at Demon Imperial City was a year and a half ago. Could some sort of an immense change have happened after that? That’s not right either! Even if the Little Demon Empress’ aptitude is ten times stronger, it’s impossible to increase her strength to such an incredibly abnormal extent in such a short period of time.”

Huangji Wuyu silently muttered to himself for a while and then suddenly spoke up. “It seems we have to ask Xuanyuan Wentian regarding this matter. Since he’s capable of grasping all of Yun Che’s secrets, he must definitely be aware of many other things as well. From his words, we should be able to directly judge if that person is actually the Little Demon Empress… But, no matter who she is, we should all be cautious regarding this matter.”

“Huu…” Huangji Wuyu spat out a long sigh. “I have always thought that I was invincible under the heavens but after a short span of a few days, that red demonic girl came and now someone who possesses terrifying Golden Crow flames appeared as well. It seems like after walking on the way of the profound for several thousand years, I am still yet a frog in a well. But fortunately, she was unlike the red demoness. If we gather power from all the Sacred Grounds, she might not be impossible to deal with.”

The Primordial Profound Ark did head over to the Illusory Demon Realm. Under Yun Che’s guidance through his will, it transferred to Flowing Cloud City.

“This is Flowing Cloud City, Big Brother Yun’s birthplace.” Carrying Yun Che, Feng Xue’er introduced the place to the Little Demon Empress as she walked out of the Primordial Profound Ark. She had always been very curious about the Little Demon Empress but though she was finally able to meet her in person, it had to be during a time when her mood was in its most downcast state. Her entire mind was focused on Yun Che, to the point where she did not spare that many glances on her either.

“…” The Little Demon Empress’ eyes lightly swept through the surroundings. She immediately sensed Number One Under Heaven’s approaching presence and he then appeared in her line of sight.

Seeing the Little Demon Empress appear all of a sudden, Number One Under Heaven’s pupils shrank and he had almost fell down the sky from the shock. Under extreme astonishment and fear, Number One Under Heaven seemed to have even forgotten how to fly, as he stumbled his way towards the Little Demon Empress from the sky. “Number One Under Heaven welcomes the Little Demon Empress…”

Before he even finished his words, the intense smell of blood subconsciously caused his line of sight to shift towards Yun Che, who was in Feng Xue’er’s embrace. In an instant, his expression gravely changed and he basically forgot to give the Little Demon Empress a bow as he charged right up in a flash. “Brother Yun! What happened to Brother Yun? What happened!?”

“Big Brother Under Heaven.” Feng Xue’er said in a bleak tone. “Hurry and call Grandfather Xiao’s family over. Big Brother Yun will bring us back to that Illusory Demon Realm place.”

“Make haste!” The Little Demon Empress sharply said.

“…I understand!” Number One Under Heaven did not probe any further and hurriedly flew back to the Xiao Clan’s courtyard.

When Feng Xue’er and the Little Demon Empress descended from the skies, Number One Under Heaven had already charged right out while bringing along Xiao Lie, Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Yun and his wife.

“Little Che… Little Che!!” Seeing the bloodied figure in Feng Xue’er’s embrace, Xiao Lingxi was startled. Then, as though her mind had instantly collapsed, she came rushing towards him in tears.

“Don’t approach him!” With a wave of the Little Demon Empress’ hand, a strong breeze forcefully pushed Xiao Lingxi away. On Yun Che’s body, the Golden Crow flames used to seal his remaining vitality could not harm Feng Xue’er but it was definitely enough to kill Xiao Lingi at the moment of contact.

“What happened… Who is it… Who harmed big brother!?” Xiao Yun’s face was miserably pale as voice trembled.

“Just what is going on? Right… What about Big Brother Yun’s master?” Number Seven Under Heaven anxiously said.

“I don’t know… I really don’t know.” Feng Xue’er shook her head with teary eyes. “I wasn’t even able to clearly see who injured Big Brother Yun and he became like this all of a sudden…”

“Xue’er, Little Aunt… don’t cry…” Yun Che, who was still holding onto his consciousness, let out an incomparably frail voice. “Follow me… together…  back to… Illusory…”

Yun Che’s voice gradually grew more frail than before and then he was completely quiet. His eyes which he had kept half-open with all his strength had also powerlessly closed as well.

“…” The Little Demon Empress’ lips slightly moved. She saw that as Yun Che’s consciousness sank, the Primordial Profound Ark which was controlled by his will had also disappeared on the spot as well.

“Little Che!!” Yun Che’s silence caused Xiao Lingxi’s little face to pale even more out of fright. In the past, when Yun Che had countlessly landed himself in dangerous situations and even had notices of his death, she had only heard of them and had never personally witnessed them. This time however, when she saw Yun Che’s body which was covered entirely in blood and his chest which was basically in an utterly tattered state, she collapsed and cried out loud. “Little Che… Wake up, hurry and wake up… Uuu… I beg you, nothing must happen to you…”


A cold roar, carrying both might and chilling intent, instantly stopped Xiao Lingxi’s cries. The Little Demon Empress’ face was still as ice-cold as before, not a single surge of emotion could be seen. Her empress might had even silenced a crowd of Monarchs in Illusory Demon Realm, let alone other people.

“Even if you cry to death, it isn’t of any use to his injuries! If you have the strength to cry, might as well spend it on thinking how to save him!” The Little Demon Empress’ ice-cold voice had seemingly condensed the air of the entire Flowing Cloud City.

“I…” Xiao Lingxi bit her lips, her body powerlessly trembled.

Number Seven Under Heaven hurriedly supported Xiao Lingxi off the ground and gently consoled. “Little Aunt, she’s the Little Demon Empress whom we have often told you about. In Illusory Demon Realm, she’s comparable to everyone’s goddess and at the same time, she is Big Brother Yun’s wife. She will definitely know of a way to save him. Also… Also, I don’t believe in the slightest that Big Brother Yun, who was even able to defeat that terrifying Duke Huai, would fall like this.”

“We must immediately return to Illusory Demon Realm.” The Little Demon Empress looked to the front and seemed to be muttering to herself. Like Yun Che, the only hope she could think of was the Golden Crow’s soul.

Xiao Yun scratched his head in frustration and then, he suddenly raised his head and anxiously said. “Little Demon Empress, did you use the Space Splitting Ring to get to the Profound Sky Continent?”

As the former young master of the Yun Family, Xiao Yun naturally knew of the existence of the Space Splitting Ring. Twenty odd years ago, Yun Qinghong and his wife relied on this very Space Splitting Ring and descended unto the Profound Sky Continent behind the Four Great Sacred Grounds’ back.

“Yes.” The Little Demon Empress slightly nodded. “However, because I was in a rush to get here, I only had the Yun Family insert sufficient energy for the trip here and there isn’t any additional energy for a return trip. Initially, I had thought that we could return through Yun Che’s profound ark. However, his profound ark evidently corresponds to his will. In his unconscious state, outsiders are basically unable to use it.”

“Then… What do we do?” Feng Xue’er said in a fluster. With Yun Che’s current injuries, as each second drags on, a part of their final hope would be severed as well.

The Golden Crow flames floating on Yun Che’s body gave the Little Demon Empress feedback on the condition of his body, allowing her to clearly understand that for every second more Yun Che survived under these incomparably terrifying injuries, it would be a miracle that could destroy common sense itself.

In such a state, holding onto the final bit of one’s life was already a miracle that was hard to come by. If they really wanted him to regain consciousness again before the true moment of his death, then it would truly be even difficult than ascending to the heavens itself.

The Little Demon Empress silently stood there and stared blankly into space. All of the sounds and colors in the world seemed to have all floated away from her consciousness. After maintaining this condition for a long while, she finally spoke, “Where can we find a place with extreme degrees of pure fire elements, or pure ice elements?”

“This…” Xiao Yun scratched his head and desperately pondered. However, it had only been a short while since he returned to the Profound Sky Continent and he rarely left Flowing Cloud City as well. His understanding of the Profound Sky Continent had basically stopped at the explanations Yun Che or Xiao Lie gave him. This problem was too difficult for him and after pondering for a long while, he stuttered. “A place with active fire elements… Should be a volcano… But when taking purity into account, it’s a little…”

“I know of a place!!” Feng Xue’er suddenly said. “At Frozen Cloud Asgard, there’s a place called Frozen Cloud Wintry Spring. Big Brother Yun once said that it was the core of the land veins of Snow Region of Extreme Ice. It’s a place with the heaviest ice energy in the Blue Wind Empire or even more so the entire the Profound Sky Continent.”

The Little Demon Empress looked to the side and with a sway of her colorful sleeves, a rough wave of wind had already swept the people into the sky. “Hurry and tell me the direction!”


Chapter 842 – Final Hope

Though she was carrying six people with her, with her fully unleashed profound energy, the Little Demon Empress’ speed was still extremely fast. Before anyone came to their senses, they had already flown several hundred kilometers away.

But at this moment, the Little Demon Empress began to slow her pace and she suddenly asked. “Yun Che has an official wife on Sky Profound Continent and she is even the princess of a country. Where is she?”

“It’s big sister Cangyue,” Feng Xue’er said. “But she’s no longer a princess but the empress of Blue Wind Empire. She’s currently residing in the imperial city.”

“…” The Little Demon Empress turned her head over. “Give me the directions, we shall head to the imperial city first!”

The Little Demon Empress changed her direction at once and arrived at Blue Wind Imperial City. She immediately charged into the imperial palace and without giving any explanation, forcefully swept up Cangyue who was completely unaware of what happened. Then, she made a beeline towards the north, rushing towards the Snow Region of Extreme Ice.

The present Frozen Cloud Asgard was still as cool and quiet as usual and the hearts of anyone who came here would become as tranquil as the endless ice and snow.

All of the girls in Frozen Cloud Asgard held the deepest of respect, gratitude and reliance for Yun Che and not a single one of them did not like Feng Xue’er from the bottom of their hearts. Their engagement was also an extremely happy matter for Frozen Cloud Asgard. However, they were completely unaware that the situation had already worsened to a grave extent.

At dusk, an extremely terrifying gust of wind suddenly swept up in the quiet Snow Region of Extreme Ice. Murong Qianxue and the other girls of Frozen Cloud Asgard sensed this at seemingly the same time and they hurriedly gathered together before charging out of the gates.

“Who is it!?” Murong Qianxue sharply shouted. With the reinforcement of her profound energy, her voice spread to several dozen kilometers away. However, in the next instant, as though they had teleported, several human figures instantly appeared in front of them.

Behind them, waves of cold wind and snow raised up to several hundred meters in height.

“Senior Masters and Junior Masters, hurry… hurry and bring us to the Wintry Spring!!” Feng Xue’er leapt down from the sky with Yun Che in her arms and as they were pressed for time, she anxiously shouted.

“Princess Snow? This… They are?” Murong Qianxue and the others were stunned for a moment. Frozen Cloud Asgard seldom received visitors and it had always been for a thousand years. Though Yun Che was the Asgard Master, because of his respect towards Frozen Cloud Asgard, he seldom brought visitors over as well. Other than Feng Xue’er, he had only brought Xiao Yun over once and it was due to an important reason as well.

But this time, Feng Xue’er had instantly brought over this many unfamiliar faces. Most importantly, today was clearly the day of engagement between their Asgard Master and Feng Xue’er, so why did she suddenly return?

However, their surprise had only lasted for a single moment, as they suddenly realized the person in Feng Xue’er’s embrace was actually Yun Che. In an instant, as though the six were struck by lightning, they surrounded the two of them out of fright. “As… Asgard Master!? What happened!? Who injured Asgard Master…”

“Did you all not hear her words earlier!?” The Little Demon Empress coldly reprimanded. “If you don’t want him to die, then bring us to that place called Frozen Cloud Wintry Spring immediately.”

“Senior Master, Junior Master… Hurry… It’s the only place left that can save Big Brother Yun.” Feng Xue’er said in a teary tone.

“Hurry and come with us!” Murong Qianxie did not probe any further and fully unleashed the all the profound energy in her body. She pushed out her palm the moment she turned around and all of the restrictions placed on the gates were all removed in an instant. With her quickest speed, she charged right up to the front and at the same time, a cold authoritative voice, carrying a light quivering, was spread throughout Frozen Cloud Asgard. “Wu Xuexin, Shui Hanyin… as well as all of the disciples near the Wintry Spring, heed my order! Immediately release all of the restrictions surrounding the Wintry Spring! This matter concerns the life of our Asgard Master, there must not be the slightest of delay!!”

Ever since they encountered the crisis back then, Frozen Cloud Asgard had placed many restrictions and Frozen Cloud Wintry Spring which resided at the core was especially so. When it came to the strength of these restrictions, if Feng Xue’er wanted to forcefully break them apart, even she would have to spend a large amount of time and effort to do so.

However, from the gates to the Wintry Spring, all of the restrictions were removed by Murong Qianxue and the five others using the crudest methods and when they charged straight to the center of the ice palace, all the restrictions surrounding the Wintry Spring had already been removed. Feeling the extremely concentrated cold energy, the Little Demon Empress directly grabbed Yun Che out of Feng Xue’er’s hands and in a flash, threw him into the Wintry Spring where white mist was rising.

“Little Demon Empress… sis, can this really save Big Brother Yun?” Feng Xue’er worriedly asked.

“…” The Little Demon Empress was silent for a moment, before she softly said. “A year ago, he was heavily injured from Duke Huai’s attack and was forced to the Sea of Death with me. The Sea of Death was initially a place of certain death at the moment of contact but not only was he unharmed, his injuries rapidly healed. After that, when I questioned him on this matter, he once said that not only was pure flame energy unable to harm him, he could even absorb it to rapidly heal his vitality and profound energy. At the same time, he pointed out that it was not just flames, ice had similar effects as well.”

“Though the degree of concentration and plane of power of this Wintry Spring is far from being comparable to the Sea of Death, it still indeed contains a pure and rich amount of cold ice energy. It can be said that it does not disappoint me too much.”

“In that case, Big Brother Yun… can Big Brother Yun be saved?” Feng Xue’e excitedly said.

The Little Demon Empress fixated her eyes on Yun Che who was submerged in water and her voice carried a frosty chill. “The plane of power of the energy behind his injuries is extremely high and presently, it’s still residing in his body. Forget about fixing his injuries, my powers are incapable of even scattering away this energy. For just this mere Wintry Spring it is basically impossible to save him. In this Wintry Spring, he could still possibly die in the next breath… What I hope for is that this Wintry Spring will bestow him a little vitality, allowing him to once again wake up right before his death and then activate the Primordial Profound Ark to return to the Illusory Demon Realm… This is our only hope.”

Murong Qianxue and the five others had already turned dumbfounded from their conversation. Chu Yueli stepped forward and anxiously said. “Princess Snow, just what in the world happened? Who… Who injured Asgard Master?”

“I don’t know.” Feng Xue’er painfully shook her head. “I was next to Big Brother Yun back then but I simply did not notice who was behind this fatal attack on Big Brother Yun.”

“You all should step down for now. There’s no need for too many people here.” The Little Demon Empress commanded. Her every word carried a might which others were basically unable to go against. The Frozen Cloud Six Fairies had all become Overlords but under this might, they were seemingly unable to breathe. However, at the same time, not a single one of them left.

“Currently, other than the people of the sect, Yun Che’s dearest relatives are here. You all should find them a place to settle down. Especially the three among them who have considerably weaker profound strengths, they are simply unable to endure the cold here,” The Little Demon Empress coldly said.

Only then did Feng Xue’er come to her senses and anxiously say, “Ah… Grandfather Xiao, Little Aunt and Big Sister Cangyue are still outside. If they stay here any longer, they will definitely be injured by the cold. Senior Masters and Junior Masters, I have to trouble you to take care of Grandfather Xiao and the others. We will protect Big Brother Yun here, without taking a single step away.”

Murong Qianxue hesitated for a brief moment, then slowly nodded. “Alright… if Asgard Master wakes up, you must inform us immediately.”

“Hanyue, hurry and personally seal all of the gates, as well as activate the defensive profound arrays. Hanxue, head over to the Snow Congealing Hall and retrieve all of the Healing Liquid Jade! Lianqie, Lanyi, send orders to all of the disciples to be on high alert around the clock. Yueli, let us go.”

Murong Qianxue was very clear that the present crisis was not so simple as being limited to just Yun Che being heavily injured and him possibly dying at any moment. The danger concealed behind it was definitely even more terrifying than the disaster they experienced before.

When the Frozen Cloud Six Fairies left, the Little Demon Empress turned around and looked at Feng Xue’er with a pair of eyes which resembled the silent and starry night. It was also the first time she truly measured her. “You are Feng Xue’er?”

“Yes,” Feng Xue’er lightly nodded. “Little Demon Empress sis, I often heard Big Brother Yun mention you and I’m also aware that big brother Yun and you are already married when he was in the Illusory Demon Realm.”

“…You really did not see who injured him?”

“I did not.” Feng Xue’er shook her head depressingly. “I was by Big Brother Yun’s side back then. Royal father, grandfather and great grandfather were there as well but none of us knew what happened. I only heard Big Brother Yun shouting and then he pushed me away. When I turned around, Big Brother Yun was already… already…”

“…” The Little Demon Empress sank into silence for a long while. Then, she said with an indifferent look, “Tell me everything that happened starting from the time he returned to this continent. Tell me all that you know, without missing a single detail.”

“Mn,” Feng Xue’er agreed without the slightest hesitation.

From the Little Demon Empress, she saw power which could defeat three Sacred Masters, a might and coldness that could suffocate anyone. Even when facing Yun Che who could possibly die at any moment, she was still as calm and emotionless as before, calm to the point where his life or death was of no concern to her.

However, she had clearly seen with her own eyes, ever since she first met the Little Demon Empress, all of her actions, words and even her seemingly frightening composure, there was not a single moment where they were not for Yun Che.

Her aura could suffocate, however, it had allowed Feng Xue’er, who was in a state of utter anxiety, to find immense trust and even a sense of reliance in the Little Demon Empress.

The existence of the Frozen Cloud Wintry Spring was far older than Frozen Cloud Asgard. It was situated at the core of Frozen Cloud Asgard and was also the core of Snow Region of Extreme Ice. Though it resided in an extremely cold land, it stayed unfrozen. The spring water was incomparably clear and every single grain of sand at the bottom of the spring could clearly be seen. Furthermore, the cold aura contained within had even surpassed that of profound ice. This place was usually the bathing grounds of the Frozen Cloud girls and when submerged within, the girls could calm their hearts and even subside the uncontrollable cold aura within their bodies.

But in the past few days, Frozen Cloud Asgard was on high alert around the clock and the Frozen Cloud Wintry Spring had even become their greatest forbidden ground. Not only were Frozen Cloud disciples unallowed to approach it, even sound itself was completely isolated.

The usual quiet Frozen Cloud Asgard was even more terrifyingly silent than before, as it was enveloped by an unprecedented suffocating atmosphere.

One day… Two days… Three days… Seven days… Ten days…

In these ten days, Yun Che’s body was still quietly submerged within the Wintry Spring and within the Wintry Spring, even if a corpse was submerged within, there would not be any changes to it even after a million years. In these ten days, the Little Demon Empress had been staying above the Wintry Spring and had never made a step out. Her aura had also been connected to Yun Che’s body the entire time, without diverting away for even a single moment.

As ten days passed, Yun Che was still motionless and there were no traces of him waking up either. The extremely heavy injuries on his body did not heal a single bit and even that final strand of lifeforce was still as utterly weak as ten days ago. However, out of sheer tenacity, that strand of lifeforce continued to stay within his body without completely scattering off. It was the final strand of hope that remained in this difficult time.


Chapter 843 – Dark Clouds in the Snow Region

Xiao Lingxi did not get much sleep in the entire ten days and most of the time she was staring blankly into space. Occasionally, when she was drowsy, she would unconsciously fall asleep but immediately after, her nightmares would scare her awake.

The cold aura of Snow Region of Extreme Ice was definitely not something Xiao Lingxi could endure, so most of the time, she, Cangyue and Xiao Lie could only stay within the special barrier Feng Xue’er had placed. They could hardly move around in Frozen Cloud Asgard for long periods of time and with Frozen Cloud Wintry Spring being surrounded by extremely heavy cold aura, wanting to approach it to visit Yun Che was just wishful thinking.

“Little Che…” She shrank at the corner of her room and muttered softly, as though her soul had already left her body. At this moment, the door was gently pushed open and Cangyue slowly walked in.

Xiao Lingxi suddenly raised her head and then, she stood up and charged forward as though she was hit with an electric shock, jumping into Cangyue’s embrace in an instant. “Cangyue sis, how is Little Che… is he awake yet… is he already awake…?”

“Lingxi, calm down for now,” Cangyue hurriedly held onto her and consoled her with a gentle voice. “He will wake up and he will definitely get better. Big Brother Under Heaven said that if it was anyone else, that person would have already died ten thousand times with that kind of injury, however my husband is still tenaciously staying alive. Have you forgotten… In the past, there were so many times when we thought that we would not be able to see him again but he would always appear in front of us safe and sound? This time, he will definitely wake up and get better, safe and sound like always.”

“I… I know, I know…” Xiao Lingxi lightly teared up. “I just hate myself for being so useless. I’m not able to do a single thing and I’m not able to help Little Che in the least. Now, I can’t see Little Che even for an instant, I… I…”

“Just taking care yourself well is the greatest help and comfort he can receive.” Cangyue mustered a light warm smile and then helped Xiao Lingxi to a chair. “My husband is working so hard to live because he can’t bear to let you and all of us go. So you must not look so beaten down when my husband wakes up, otherwise it will worry him to death.”

As she held back her tears, Xiao Lingxi bit her lips. Then, she lightly nodded. “Mn… I understand, I’m fine… I have always been taking good care of myself. Cangyue sis, you’re the one who should get a good rest. In these few days, you have gotten even less rest than me and you have even been consoling me the entire time. You’re even an empress, there must be many things for you to do at the imperial palace…”

Cangyue lightly shook her head. “Don’t worry, I have already sent Palace Chief Dongfang a sound transmission, allowing him to manage the state affairs on my behalf. Lingxi, put down your worries and have a good sleep. You never know, once you wake up, your Little Che might wake up as well.”

“Alright…” This time, Xiao Lingxi obediently agreed and stood up. “I shall first visit my father, he hasn’t gotten much sleep these last few days either and he’s eating so little too. Xiao Yun and Seventh Sister can’t even persuade him with his future great grandson. If this keeps up, he definitely won’t be able to hold on.”

Though Xiao Lie’s true grandson was Xiao Yun and not Yun Che, he had raised Yun Che for sixteen years, protected him from the wind and rains for sixteen years and it was also Yun Che who accompanied him for sixteen years as well. They were not related by blood but the feelings developed in those sixteen years were basically not any weaker than the bond of blood.

“I will go with you.”

Just as the two girls were about to head over to visit Xiao Lie, suddenly, she felt that the light in front of them had suddenly dimmed, as though the blazing sun up high in the sky was suddenly covered up.

However, the sun and moon could never be seen all year round in Snow Region of Extreme Ice and the sky had always been a vast expanse of whiteness. So why did it suddenly turn dark?

Above the Frozen Cloud Wintry Spring, the Little Demon Empress who was as silent as an ice sculpture suddenly widened her eyes, as she raised her head and looked towards the sky.

The whiteness of the sky which was usually cast upon by the endless ice and snow, was actually being covered by a layer of foggy darkness all of a sudden. An aura carrying an extreme degree of suppression poured downwards, casting another layer of dead silence that could shake one’s heart, upon the already tranquil Snow Region.

“What happened?”

All of the Frozen Cloud disciples were startled by this sudden abnormal change. The Frozen Cloud Six Fairies rose into the air, scanning the sky and their surroundings. An incomparably intense stifling feeling and discomfort surfaced in their hearts. There had always been only a single climate in Snow Region of Extreme Ice ever since the days of old and never had such a sight been seen before. Furthermore, this stifling feeling which was sending chills down their spines, was definitely not caused by the change in climate either…

This was clearly an aura of profound energy!!

“This is…” Xiao Yun appeared in the sky as well and he softly said with a doubtful tone, “Wait a minute! This aura, don’t you think it’s a bit familiar?”

“It’s indeed rather familiar.” Number One Under Heaven said with a sunken voice.

“It’s Fen Juechen!” Feng Xue’er suddenly shouted. “When big brother Yun fought with Fen Juechen above the eastern seas a few months ago, Fen Juechen had an energy aura like this!”

“Him?” Xiao Yun and Number One Under Heaven were stunned but immediately after, they came back to their senses. Number One Under Heaven said, “That’s right, this feeling is indeed extremely similar to Fen Juechen’s aura… But, it’s a little different as well! Though it’s the same energy aura, the feeling it’s giving me seems to be different.”

But as to what was different, he was also unable to differentiate.

“Look… Quickly look over there!” Number Seven Under Heaven suddenly exclaimed.

Xiao Yun and Number One Under Heaven looked towards the north at the same time and suddenly saw that the northern skies had already turned into a vast and terrifying, pitch-black darkness. Furthermore, this pitch-black darkness was spreading towards Frozen Cloud Asgard at a considerably fast pace.

“Hss…” Number One Under Heaven took a deep breath. “Let’s go!!”

“Seventh Sister, stay here and protect grandfather and little aunt well!” Xiao Yun hurriedly told her and then flew out of the palace gates with Number One Under Heaven and Feng Xue’er.

And at the same time, Murong Qianxue, Jun Lianqie, Mu Lianyi, Chu Yueli, Feng Hanyue and Feng Hanxue had already brought a group of Frozen Cloud disciples out of the palace gates. With frosty faces, the swords in their hands shone with cold light, as they awaited the strong foe.

The black clouds in the northern skies rolled and tumbled, causing the rays of light to dim even further. That stifling feeling and sinister cold aura intensified with every breath. These Frozen Cloud girls cultivated in the Frozen Cloud Arts and had resided in Snow Region of Extreme Ice for a long time, so they were basically unafraid of the strong cold. However, their bodies felt chills as the aura approached and their souls were even trembling uncontrollably.

“This… Is this really a profound energy aura?” Chu Yueli said in utter disbelief. “How can there be such a profound energy… The most sinister profound arts recorded in my Asgard’s records are not even up to this extent either.”

“Do you people know who the other party is?” Murong Qianxue asked. She was unable to believe that this was an aura being released by a single person either.

“We can’t say for certain. However, no matter who it is over on the other side, there’s no need to worry.” Number One Under Heaven confidently said. “With the Little Demon Empress here, if the other party is an enemy, no matter who it is, that person is just courting death!”

As his words fell, a bolt of light suddenly flashed in front of them. A petite girl wearing a colorful glazed dress stepped onto the snowy ice field, her face was like the jade of ice and her eyes were like the cold stars, not even a single cold breeze blew at her arrival.

“Little Demon Empress sis,” Feng Xue’er voiced out in pleasant surprise. However, when she immediately thought that with the Little Demon Empress’s arrival here, there was no one looking after Yun Che and she once again began to worry. “About Big Brother Yun…”

“All of you stand back!!” The Little Demon Empress suddenly raised her hand and a violent snowy wind suddenly blew, forcefully pushing everyone several dozen meters away. She herself, however, was already several hundred meters in front of them.

At this moment, the rumbling black clouds in the sky were already right before their eyes. They watched as the clouds slowly rolled about in the sky and then, stopped moving forward. An extremely stifling and sinister aura enveloped the entire Frozen Cloud Asgard immediately after.

“Pretentious,” The Little Demon Empress coldly crooned. With a flip of her palm, before traces of any profound energy flow could be seen emitting from her body, a golden flame had already exploded within the dark clouds in the sky above and then, a sea of flames erupted within the changing dark sky. “Come out!!”

The sea of flames raged on and in the blink of an eye, a large half of the dark clouds had been already engulfed. The other half of the dark clouds were sinking down from the sky, all the way to the in front of the Little Demon Empress. Then, a loud, arrogant laughter slowly scattered them apart.

“Hahahahaha… Truly, as expected of the divine flames of the Golden Crow, it truly did not disappoint me.”

Amidst the scattered dark clouds, a tall human figure with a thin frame slowly walked out.

He had a face of a twenty year old. Dressed entirely in black, he had long ink-black hair and ink-black eyes. He looked at the Little Demon Empress, wearing a sinister, light smile that made one feel uncomfortable. “Nice to meet you, Little Demon Empress of Illusory Demon Realm. Welcome to the Profound Sky Continent.”

Little Demon Empress: “…”

“Fen… Fen Juechen!? It’s really him!!” Feng Xue’er held onto her lips, she was unable to believe her own eyes for a moment. The person who walked out of the black fog was undoubtedly Fen Juechen.

“No! Wrong!!” Number One Under Heaven suddenly said. “He’s not Fen Juechen! Though his appearance is exactly the same, the feeling he’s giving me… is completely different from Fen Juechen! Even his voice is different as well… Who are you? Who in the world are you? Why did you disguise yourself as Fen Juechen!?”

Number One Under Heaven was not that familiar with Fen Juechen but Fen Juechen was someone who had an extreme temperament, so this trait was overly obvious. Fen Juechen’s expression had always been ice-cold, expressionless, aloof and he carried a heavy sense of solidarity that could make one feel a pang in their hearts. He was like a lone wolf with nowhere to go.

Though the person in front of their eyes had exactly the same appearance as Fen Juechen and had an extremely similar profound aura, the feeling he was giving off was not aloofness but an insufferable arrogance. His expression, atmosphere and the arc he formed with his lips, were completely different from the Fen Juechen he knew.

The most obvious difference was his voice. Furthermore, with Fen Juechen’s personality, he definitely would never have laughed in such an arrogant manner earlier.

“Hahahaha.” ‘Fen Juechen’ once again laughed out loud and he nodded in admiration. “As expected of the young master of the elven race, you truly possess keen senses. If you lose your life in this world of ice and snow today, it would truly be a shame.”

Number One Under Heaven’s expression changed, his heart skipped a beat… Earlier, he called out the Little Demon Empress’ identity, and now, he had even precisely called out the status he held!

“Fen Juechen” raised his hand and said with a wide grin, “In that case, why don’t you people make a guess? Who am I really?”

This voice was not foreign in the slightest and among the people present, the number of people who heard this voice before was not limited to just one. After the initial shock, this voice suddenly overlapped with a figure in their minds.

“You’re… Xuanyuan Wentian!!” Feng Xue’er and Xiao Yun shouted in astonishment.

“Heh…” Fen Juechen… No, Xuanyuan Wentian’s lips raised, the inclined slope grew even more dangerous and brazen than before. In a slow and leisurely manner, he voiced out. “Perfect answer. That’s right, it is exactly I. Just to remind you, there’s no need to call me Sword Master Xuanyuan again in the future, rather, you must refer me as… the Unparalleled Heavenly Sovereign!”

“It’s actually, really…” Hearing him personally admitting it, Xiao Yun opened his eyes wide. He was still unable to believe his own eyes and everything that he heard.

“Unparalleled Heavenly Sovereign? Heh, that sure is an exaggerated title,” Number One Under Heaven ridiculed. “I have long heard of the name Xuanyuan Wentian but never had I expected that he would be so arrogant. As someone who dares to call himself Heavenly Sovereign, you hide your head but expose your tail, disguising yourself as someone else. You’re simply making us laugh our heads off.”

Number One Under Heaven wantonly threw out ridiculing remarks. Though he was on guard, he did not feel much sense of danger. Because he was incomparably confident that the Little Demon Empress was an absolute peerless existence in this world. Forget about a single Xuanyuan Wentian, even if the Four Sacred Masters of the Profound Sky Continent come together, they would only face defeat in front of the Little Demon Empress.

However, what he did not notice was that though the Little Demon Empress’s expression was cold and calm, a deep heaviness was being emitted from within her cold eyes. Her two petite hands were also not in a relaxed state but tightly clenched.

“Disguise? Heh heh heh, hahahaha.” Xuanyuan Wentian was not the least bit angered. Or, to put it another way, to the current him, there was no longer anything that existed in this world that could anger him. “No no no. This sovereign bestowed him a heavenly reward, allowing him to offer his body to this sovereign and then allowing him to look upon this lowly world together with this sovereign.”

“This is a great fortune which he used the extermination of his two families and his two lifetimes to exchange for. Heh, it wasn’t easy, you know.”