Against the Gods


Against the Gods Chapter 836-839

Chapter 836 – The Devil Soul within the Sword

Xuanyuan Wentian kept his sword-wielding hand to the back, while the other was stretched towards Fen Juechen. In a leisurely manner, he said, "Honored Devil Lord, I have already completely witnessed the surprise you brought me. It's about time for this game to come to an end."

Fen Juechen, "???"

Xuanyuan Wentian's strange movements and his strange words did not receive any form of response. The Heavenly Sin Divine Sword was grasped in Fen Juechen's hands, surging with a thick dark glow.

Xuanyuan Wentian slowly clenched the hand he stretched out and his brows began to sink. As though he was talking to himself, his voice suddenly turned a little cold. "Honored Devil Lord, what's the meaning of this? Could it be that you have forgotten who had spent a thousand years of blood and sweat to remove all of the seals the Eternal Night Royal Family placed on you!? And who was it who spared no hesitation to startle the entire continent, in order to prepare a Devil Sword Conference to remove the final seal placed on you by the Evil God!? Now that you have obtained your wish… Could it be that you're going to be ungrateful and throw this sword master aside, to serve under this brat!?"

"What are you talking about!?" Fen Juechen said while gnashing his teeth.

"Hmph!" Still not receiving any response, Xuanyuan Wentian once again brought forward the sword behind his back. "It seems a small accident has occurred. In that case, some changes must be made to the way this game is played. Fen Juechen, your strength has indeed risen greatly but if you think you can kill this sword master the way you are now… it is but an idiotic dream!"


The thin sword in Xuanyuan Wentian's hands released a light, quivering buzz. A white flash of light followed right after, as the tip of the sword had already pierced straight towards Fen Juechen's face. This time, Xuanyuan Wentian took the initiative to launch an attack and though this sword strike looked normal, it contained all of his strength with no reserves to spare.

The blade of the sword was straight but the nature energy in the surrounding five kilometers was completely stirred, as it began to bubble like boiling water.

Fen Juechen let out a furious roar as he smashed out a sword strike. Every attack he made with his sword would submerge the sky and earth into darkness and the surrounding world would also be filled with endless gloom and vengeful intent.


Space shattered. Countless spatial fragments flew out like scattered metal needles, piercing holes into everything they made contact with. The two figures slowed at the same time and then exploded forth at the same time. Blazing sword beams and dark ghastly lights clashed intensely in the sky, bringing about explosive roars comparable to a chain of thunder.

Fen Juechen's face was as devious as a devil god's. With the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword which was surging with black aura, his every swing carried his unstoppable full strength. His every strike was concentrated with his extreme resentment and hatred and his every blow was filled with the extreme desire of smashing Xuanyuan Wentian directly into smithereens. Black profound energy was the negative form of profound energy in the first place and as Fen Juechen's killing and hateful intents thickened, the destructive power of the black profound energy would rise even further.

He seemed to be unable to see the sword beams coming from Xuanyuan Wentian at all as he desperately swung his sword time and time again like a madman… During the battle with Yun Che above the eastern seas several months ago, he was attacking the same way.

Killing intent that could envelop the entire sky and earth, along with a dark aura, were suppressing Xuanyuan Wentian. The black aura emitting from the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword was intensifying constantly and whenever it was swung, the ghastly space-tearing sound was as though countless of ghosts were weeping in grief.

Xuanyuan Wentian was retreating a step at a time and he looked like he was in a state of being completely suppressed. The profound energy aura emitting from his body was also far from being comparable to the dark aura emitting from Fen Juechen's body. However, his face was as calm as still water.


Fen Juechen let out another hungry wolf-like howl. Carrying a devil god-like aura, the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword obliterated all the sword beams and smashed straight towards Xuanyuan Wentian's head.

This time however, Xuanyuan Wentian did not avoid it like before. Slightly raising his eyes, an extremely thick and powerful sword intent surfaced. In an instant, the thin sword in his hands suddenly spat out a sword beam a hundred meters in length, as eye-piercing as the chilling stars in a dark night. Then, it flew head-on towards the black horizontal slash that was descending from the skies.

Crack! Boom——

After the thunderous roar was a loud noise that sounded as though the sky was collapsing. Two powers that were at the peak level of the Sovereign Profound Realm directly clashed and the might of the profound energy blast instantly obliterated the world within several kilometers into complete emptiness. The dazzling white sword beam and the black aura shattered in the air and Xuanyuan Wentian and Fen Juechen were sent flying several meters away at the same time.


Fen Juechen had stopped his body, swayed and then puked out a large mouthful of fresh blood. Though a large amount of Xuanyuan Wentian's sword blast was dispersed away by his power, there was still about ten percent of the sword blast which pierced through his profound energy defenses and penetrated into his body, causing injuries both inside and outside his body.

On the other hand, though Xuanyuan Wentian was blasted a similar distance away as Fen Juechen. The color on his face was still normal and did not look as though he had suffered any injuries. Merely the sleeves of his clothes seemed to have been half swallowed by the dark devil aura.

Fen Juechen's power rose explosively in a short timeframe and it looked as though it was already to the extent of matching Xuanyuan Wentian. However, from this clash, the short end of the stick had been completely exposed.

When the profound energy in one's body rose explosively due to certain reasons, then what one had to do in the next period of time was to establish and stabilize his new powers with all his might. This could be said to be common sense in the way of the profound. Taking all of the Frozen Cloud Asgard disciples as examples, after their profound strength were raised by Yun Che with the Tyrant Pellets, he personally gave the order to have all of the disciples stabilize their cultivation for at least the upcoming one month and they were not allowed to cultivate any profound arts during that time.

Yun Che's strength had also experienced several improvements in explosive manners. However, he possessed the Dragon God physique and the power of the Rage God as his foundation and after several explosive rises in strength, he had never experienced a situation where his body was unable to adapt to his new strength.

However, Fen Juechen was different. His desire to exact vengeance was too powerful and the rise in his strength was overly vigorous as well. The most direct consequence was that he would be unable to stably wield this newly found strength and the amount of time his body could endure this level of strength would be rather short. His power would also be far from being refined to match the intensity at his supposed plane of profound strength. Thus, though he could match Xuanyuan Wentian in terms of power, when it came to defensive abilities, he was still way far off.

Therefore, when the two people endured the same level of profound energy blast, Xuanyuan Wentian was basically unharmed while Fen Juechen was gravely injured. Compared to injuries, the more severe consequence was that in his injured state, he was losing even more control of the power within his body. No matter if it was the internal breathing in his body or the black aura surging out of his body, there were evidently traces of chaos.

Xuanyuan Wentian was not the least bit surprised by Fen Juechen's sudden change in condition. His sword pointed forward and as it swayed, spatial fragments whirled like flying daggers, swirling up hundreds of spatial tornadoes of different sizes.

Fen Juechen gasped heavily for air. Due to his chaotic internal breathing, when facing this strike from Xuanyuan Wentian, he was unable to gather sufficient power at a moment's notice. With a loud explosive "boom", the black glow was blown away and Fen Juechen was sent flying off into the distance. Several dozen scatters of blood erupted from his body as the blood and energy in his body churned even more so than before. The chaotic dark devil energy escaped from his control like an enraged wild beast and it went rampant within his body. Stopping his figure, he desperately tried to settle his internal breathing, however, he was unable to suppress it even after a long while.

"Heh heh," Xuanyuan Wentian chuckled. With a light tone, he said. "One thousand eight hundred years ago, this sword master made a breakthrough, stepping into the realm of Monarchs at the age of one hundred and seventy three. Two hundred eighty years later, I reached the sixth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm… which was also the realm of strength you possessed when we last met. The time it took for this sword master to reach my current realm of strength from the sixth level of Sovereign Profound Realm, was exactly a thousand five hundred years. While you, have merely used nineteen days."

"Such a terrifying exploit."

"Unfortunately, though the intensity of your strength is not any lower than mine, you lack a thousand years worth of accumulated experience!"

Before Xuanyuan Wentian's voice fell, his figure had suddenly turned illusory and a power which completely choked Fen Juechen came enveloping down from the skies.

Fen Juechen's eye sockets were close to tearing as he let out an aggressive roar. The Heavenly Sin Divine Sword swept up in a gigantic dark wave, smashing straight towards the sky… However, he had only swung his sword halfway through when he heard a loud ring next to his ear. He instantly lost touch of his two arms and his entire body was sent flying away like duckweed. The black aura on his body scattered and the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword left his hands as well.

Xuanyuan Wentian was number one in the way of the sword in the Profound Sky Continent but that did not mean that his capabilities were focused on only the way of the sword. As one of the four people who reached the limits of the Sovereign Profound Realm in the Profound Sky Continent, profound energy released by any of his profound arts could split seas and move mountains.

Xuanyuan Wentian, who blasted Fen Juechen away did not give chase. Instead, he calmly reached out his hand, sucking the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword that was flying towards the high skies into his hand.

He grabbed onto the sword and looked at the hilt, his eyes had already narrowed into extremely thin slits. "Honored Devil Lord, you should have some words for me now, right?"

The Heavenly Sin Divine Sword was shrouded by a black mist and under Xuanyuan Wentian's interrogative voice, it slightly trembled… And at this moment, a large repelling force emitted out from the blade of the sword. Because of insufficient preparations, the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword escaped Xuanyuan Wentian's hand. A pitch-black streak of light cut across the sky and it then returned to its owner's hands.

Fen Juechen's entire body was dyed with blood as he grasped onto the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword with both his hands. His pair of eyes let out a fiend-like ferociousness. The edges of his utterly tattered black robe rose and his black hair flew up high as they fluttered disorderly within the surging black aura.

His speed of recovering the ability to move surprised Xuanyuan Wentian but what startled him even more was the rising density in the black aura emitted from his body and the dark atmosphere had even grown a little stronger than before. He had clearly already suffered heavy injuries and though his aura was in great disarray, he was like a devil god who had suddenly awoken in the netherworld as he once again approached Xuanyuan Wentian, filled with terrifying darkness and killing intent!

Xuanyuan Wentian's pupils slightly shrank… This was, the power of a devil god which belonged to the highest of realms!?

An uncomfortable feeling sprouted in Xuanyuan Wentian's heart. Not daring to hesitate any further, he quickly pointed the sword in his hand towards Fen Juechen. Profound energy gushed out of the tip of the sword, instantly piercing towards Fen Juechen.

This strike, instantly drilled a tunnel in space itself, crossing space in the truest sense.


This strike, proved why he was titled number one in the way of the sword in Profound Sky Continent!

Fen Juechen, who was like an awakened devil god, did not make the slightest response in front of this strike and was struck right at his chest… However, this strike did not penetrate his heart but instead, it released countless sword beams that pierced into Fen Juechen's innards.

The black aura that surged once again earlier quickly sank and then scattered away. Fen Juechen's eyes were wide open and blood was gushing out of his seven orifices. His body slowly slumped backwards, like a lifeless statue, he fell straight down from the skies and smashed onto the devastated ground below. There was no longer any movement.

Xuanyuan Wentian retracted his arm and then slightly heaved a sigh of relief.

"It seems the power of the devils, cannot be comprehended with common sense," Xuanyuan Wentian said in a low voice. Fen Juechen's state earlier left a lingering fear in his heart.

Next to Fen Juechen, a shadow charged towards the skies… This time, the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword had arrived next to Xuanyuan Wentian of its own will. Xuanyuan Wentian looked at it and lightly said. "Honored Devil Lord, from your silence earlier… I hope that you're not planning on going against our thousand year promise!"

Within the black shrouds, a pair of long devil eyes slowly opened at the hilt of the sword. In Xuanyuan Wentian's mind, a dark and hoarse voice resounded. "Of course not. But, my earlier condition earlier was not what I had expected… It was not what I had expected at all!"

"Not as expected?" Xuanyuan Wentian's brows twitched. "What happened?"

"By using me, he awakened the power of the devil blood in his body, while I was able to gradually recover through the nourishing of the devil blood. However, just as I was about to destroy his soul, I realized that his willpower was extraordinarily terrifying… Not only did I fail, I have instead became his puppet!" The devil soul within the sword roared out unwillingly.

"What!?" Xuanyuan Wentian's expression sank.

"Now, not only am I unable to retrieve his devil blood, I have to depend on him to survive, unable to defy his commands. If he dies, then the devil soul I have just begun to restore will be completely extinguished as well! If you had not made him unconscious, I wouldn't have been able to even send you a voice transmission!"

Xuanyuan Wentian's expression turned pitch-black and the bones on his fingers crackled. The corner of his lips moved, revealing a hideous and twisted smile. "So you're saying, not only have my thousand years of blood and sweat been completely wasted, I even… gave him a celebratory gift…"

"No," the dark tone of the devil soul's voice suddenly changed. "It's not that you do not have any chance at all, there is still another method. The power that method brings you, will be much stronger than just obtaining the devil blood itself. At the same time however, it is much more dangerous. This depends on whether… you dare to make a gamble!"


Chapter 837 – Endless Infatuation

“How are we gambling?” Xuanyuan Wentain asked without the slightest of hesitation.

“Through… Devil Wheel Blood Sacrifice!”

“Devil Wheel Blood Sacrifice?”

“Just like the Devil Blood Reincarnation technique that was cast on Fen Juechen a thousand years ago, Devil Wheel Blood Sacrifice is a forbidden technique unique to my Eternal Night Devil Clan,” the devil soul residing in the sword said in earnest. “This Eternal Night forbidden technique converts a mortal soul into dark blood and then when taken into a devil body, one could obtain the entirety of the soul’s vitality and strength… Listen clearly, to the entirety!”

“…!” The light in Xuanyuan Wentian’s eyes stirred greatly, as he said in low tone, “In other words, it directly takes over the entirety of a person’s life and level of cultivation? Without any consequences!? There’s actually such a terrifying forbidden art in this world?”

“That’s right! How could a mere mortal like you understand the incredible power my Eternal Night Devil Clan possesses?” The devil soul within the sword said imperiously. “But, this forbidden art can only be used on the souls of mortals. It’s completely ineffective on living creatures with the powers of gods and devils. The young devils of my Eternal Night Devil Clan would occasionally use this forbidden technique to devour mortal souls and increase their strength. To mature devils, the powers within mortal souls are unbearably measly. Furthermore, the blood of mortal souls are usually accompanied with taint and filth, so they basically deride the use of this technique. But in regards to Fen Juechen, using ‘Devil Wheel Blood Sacrifice’ will allow his strength to rise explosively!”

With Xuanyuan Wentian’s level of intellect, he instantly understood the intentions of devil soul within the sword. “You’re saying… allow Fen Juechen to devour me with “Devil Wheel Blood Sacrifice”?”

“That’s right!” The devil soul within the sword said with a dark tone. “Then, your material body will completely disappear. Your life and level of cultivation will be completely held by Fen Juechen! You have already personally seen the power Fen Juechen currently possesses. If your two powers merge, on this plane, who else can be your opponent? And this is far from a simple one plus one, once your two powers merge, it will definitely lead to a qualitative change to your powers, immediately allowing you to step into the divine way you have been dreaming of all these years… Remember, it’s not a possibility but certainty!”

Xuanyuan Wentian: “…”

“Not to mention, the devil blood in Fen Juechen’s body has merely undergone preliminary awakening and is far from reaching its limits. It will take another half a year before it completely awakens. You will already become invincible after your two powers merge but with every day leading up to half a year, your strength will still continue to rise explosively. In a few short months, it will rise to a realm which you would never have dared to dream of in the past—a realm which currently, you’re basically unable to comprehend!!”

In Xuanyuan Wentian’s eyes, a glow that was blazing to the extent of madness was suddenly released. However, his voice was still light and calm. “Honored Devil Lord, have you not missed out the most important part?”

“Heh heh heh.” The devil soul within the sword laughed sinisterly. “With your intellect, you should have roughly guessed that the part I haven’t brought up is also the most important part… That’s right! ‘Devil Wheel Blood Sacrifice’ will devour one’s life and strength but it will also take in one’s soul at the same time! Compared to the souls of devil gods, souls of mortals are like the fireflies flying in front of the seas that can be obliterated easily. But the situation between you and Fen Juechen is completely different! Fen Juechen possesses a frail devil physique and devil soul. Since you possess the physique of a mortal, he can use ‘Devil Wheel Blood Sacrifice’ on you but the power of your soul far surpasses that of Fen Juechen!”

“With Fen Juechen’s devil physique, casting ‘Devil Wheel Blood Sacrifice’ will take in your life and strength. Your body, its flesh and blood, will completely disappear and at the same time your soul will enter Fen Juechen’s body as well. What happens after that is very simple. Since the strength of your soul far surpasses Fen Juechen’s, you can easily obliterate his soul in turn, becoming the new owner of his body. From then on, you will completely possess his devil physique which already had its devil blood awakened and the power of my devil soul will also be wielded by you!”

“…” Xuanyuan Wentian turned silent. Then, he lightly snorted. “I see.”

“So, it depends on whether you’re willing to let go of your own material body! And more importantly, it depends on whether you dare to make such a gamble! If successful, you will immediately step into the divine way you dream of and from then on become invincible on these lands, to the extent of possessing unprecedented strength on this plane! But if it fails… not only will you lose your material body, your soul will scatter as well!”

Xuanyuan Wentian’s eyes slowly narrowed, as he spoke with a low voice. “The devil blood in Fen Juechen’s body has only been awakened for a few dozen days, calling it a ‘devil physique’ is a little too much of an overstatement as well. Are you certain that his ‘devil physique’ can activate that forbidden technique?”

“Heh, of course.” The devil soul in the sword said with disdain. “Though Devil Wheel Blood Sacrifice is a forbidden technique, it’s basically a lowly measure only young devils would use. The reason why it’s labeled a ‘forbidden technique’ is merely because it is conducted through the devouring of a mortal’s soul and body. If used excessively, it will easily evoke a punishment by the laws of heaven. With my present soul power, I’m at least ninety percent confident of using his devil physique to cast Devil Wheel Blood Sacrifice once.”

“Then, what’s the ‘if’ that would lead to my soul being scattered?” Xuanyuan Wentian asked.

“Very simple. That’s when Fen Juechen’s soul suppresses your own instead. The end result? You will not be the owner of the devil physique which would take in all of your strength, instead, Fen Juechen will obtain everything! While you, no matter if it’s your body or soul, it will completely disappear from the face of this world. Huhuhuhu…”

The final laughter made by the devil soul in the sword, sounded like a form of mockery.

“Hahahahaha!” Xuanyuan Wentian laughed out loud. “The soul of I, Xuanyuan Wentian, has endured a total of two thousand years of tempering, a mere Fen Juechen capable of scattering my soul? That’s simply a joke as huge as the heavens.”

His words suddenly ceased. Then, with an irregularly calm voice, he said. “Ever since I found out the existence of the divine way, seeking the divine way had always been my lifetime wish. Now that it’s right before my eyes, even if the danger is increased a millionfold, I will not even make a frown either… Now, let’s begin then! In the face of absolute power, what’s the point of having a material body?”

“Huhuhuhu, very good. As expected, you did not disappoint me. A residual soul like me can only live on within this sword. I am never able to exist on my own and can only depend on others. Though you are a human, with your mad infatuation for power, you have the qualifications to be my wielder!”

The devil soul within the sword said in a cold voice, “Devil Wheel Blood Sacrifice can begin at any time but during this process, you must ensure that Fen Juechen stays unconscious. If he is conscious, I will be completely controlled by him and it will definitely be impossible for me to ignite the power of his devil blood… hss… he’s… he’s… awake…”

The voice of the devil soul in the sword suddenly weakened and then it completely disappeared.

Below, Fen Juechen who had blood flowing out from all his seven orifices suddenly opened his eyes. Then, he flipped and stood up… However, his body was pierced through by several hundred blades of sword energy and was severely injured. Before he could even stably stand, he heavily knelt onto the ground and his entire body was trembling from the pain.

“Xuan… yuan… Wen… tian…” Fen Juechen raised his bloodstained eyes, staring straight at Xuanyuan Wentian in the sky. His words were filled with unimaginable hatred.

He stretched out his hand and a ray of black light flashed. The Heavenly Sin Divine Sword made a screeching sound as it flew out of Xuanyuan Wentian’s hands. In an instant, it returned next to Fen Juechen, piercing into the pitch-black earth.

Xuanyuan Wentian did not make any move to stop it. Descending from the sky, he landed in front of Fen Juechen. With a smile on his face, he said with considerable admiration. “After being struck by my Sword of No Return, not only did you not die, you even woke up so quickly. Should I applaud you for your incredible willpower or should I praise your devil physique for being as extraordinary as I expected?”

“You…” Fen Juechen gnashed his teeth, a stream of black scarlet blood flowed out from the corner of his lips.

Naturally, Xuanyuan Wentian did not mind his demon-like ferocious gaze. He spoke with a grin, “A thousand years ago, Ye Mufeng whose strength suddenly increased exponentially gave me quite a fright, but what I felt more was excitement and surprise. I never expected that a thousand years later, his son would actually give me an even greater surprise! Though you wish to kill me, do you know how I feel so grateful towards you? Fen Juechen… Ah no, I should probably call you…”

“Ye Huang!”

“Uuu…” As though Fen Juechen was struck by lightning, his eyes widened all the way in an instant.

“Heheh. Don’t look so surprised. I have long since told you that the things I know far surpasses your imagination. Furthermore, the things I know are far more than what you know.”

Xuanyuan Wentian opened his hands and raised his head towards the sky above as he used his body to feel the world in an intoxicated manner… because he would soon abandon this body… “It’s still a little early and this body of mine has accompanied me for more than two thousand years after all. During this moment of departure, let me tell you an interesting story.”

“Almost ten thousand years ago, a person accidentally picked up a pitch-black sword. There was a layer of immensely powerful seals placed on the sword and within the sword, a frail soul was locked away. This soul was sealed for too many years. He yearned for freedom but with its own strength, not only could it not escape the seal, it would instead be completely devoured by the seal itself. In order to survive, it did not hesitate to put down its pride. It begged the person who picked up the sword and took the initiative to bestow him its only drop of devil blood and a part of its powerful profound art. He only wished that the person could remove the seal on the sword.”

“Hss…” Fen Juechen was gasping heavily.

“The person who picked up the sword accepted his request and absorbed that drop of devil blood. He cultivated in that profound art and obtained incredible power. However, immediately after, he sensed that his own personality had been affected and thus stopped his cultivation. Furthermore, he used an immensely long time to cultivate a bloodline seal, forcefully sealing his devil blood. Even his descendants who inherited his bloodline, especially those of direct descent, would be planted with such a bloodline seal at birth.”

“Though without the support of the devil blood, that profound art was still incomparably powerful. Relying on that profound art, the former unknown clan quickly rose into power and they soon became one of the most powerful forces in the way of the profound in the entire continent. They were titled the ‘Eternal Night Royal Family’ and that profound art was the ‘Eternal Night Illusory God Record’, renown to the entire continent back then… Ah no, it’s true name should be… Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night!”

Fen Juechen’s bitter expression changed time and time again and his pair of pupils shrank intensely from Xuanyuan Wentian’s words… These were clearly things that he had found out only after obtaining Ye Mufeng’s residual soul. They were also absolute secrets that only descendants of the clan master’s bloodline knew of. How exactly did Xuanyuan Wentian know…

Xuanyuan Wentian placed his hands behind his back and said in a self serving manner, “As for that sword… the Eternal Night Royal Family depended on the profound art bestowed by the sword to rise in power but they had completely gone against their initial promise. Not only did they not release it from the seal, they instead added several dozens of powerful seals onto it. They even locked it within a pool of fire, labelling that place as the greatest forbidden ground of the entire clan and not a single person was allowed to approach it… Heheh, if not for the bestowal from the sword, who in the world would know how ungrateful and shameless the Eternal Night Royal Family really was?”

“Such a despicable family is basically the shame of the way of the profound. Thus, this sword master delivered justice in place of the heavens, allowing this so-called Eternal Night Royal Family to disappear completely from this world. Huu…” Xuanyuan Wentian lightly exhaled and silently smiled.

“Xuanyuan Wentian…” Fen Juechen’s eyes were dyed with blood and his teeth were at the verge of breaking. “The one who is the most despicable in this world, is you…”

“Don’t be so agitated now.” Xuanyuan Wentian still carried that grinning expression of his. “The disappearance of Eternal Night Royal Family was not the end, rather, it was merely the beginning. Aren’t you curious why I knew of all this? Why am I aware of the power in your body? Also, why am I aware of your other name… heh.”

“After exterminating the Eternal Night Royal Family, I found a random opportunity and easily managed to obtain the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword. Thereafter, I released some of the several seals placed on it. The devil soul in the sword told me everything and told me all of its secrets. It told me a devil soul could awaken one’s devil blood and once all of its seals are released, the dying devil soul will be able to gradually recover through devil blood. With the convergence of devil blood and devil soul, it will give birth to a power that can never be comprehended on this plane.”

“But regarding all these truths, I found out about them too late. The Eternal Night Royal Family was already exterminated and what’s left of Ye Mufeng was merely a strange, unextinguishable soul. There was no longer anyone else who carried devil blood… However, the devil soul within the sword told me something. Ye Mufeng still had a son named Ye Huang who had died a miserable death during the extermination. In order to save his son, Ye Jianxi, an Eternal Night descendant, did not hesitate to go against her ancestor’s strict teachings and activated a forbidden technique within the ‘Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night’. It forcefully imprisoned Ye Huang’s soul which was soon about to disperse, along with all of his essence blood. Using twenty percent of Ye Mufeng’s soul as a guide, she then activated a forbidden reincarnation technique that violated the laws of heaven, allowing Ye Huang’s soul and blood essence to be long lasting and he would be able to borrow a body to reincarnate into when given a unique opportunity… Heh heh, as expected of a power at the level of devils. It’s really incredible. If not for hearing it with my own ears and seeing it with my own eyes, even if it was me, I would never believe that such a heaven-bending technique would actually exist in this world.”

“You…!!” Fen Juechen’s body was ice cold, the flow of his blood felt as though it had been sealed by ice… He was unable to believe that Xuanyuan Wentian was actually aware of these either!

What exactly was going on?

At this moment, he already had a very bad premonition. This entire time, he had thought that he had always been extremely secretive. Even he was unable to accept the fact that he had actually been watched by this scary pair of eyes this entire time…

“Heh, it’s truly a beautiful work of fate. Ye Mufeng and Ye Jianxi wanted to leave behind a hint of their bloodline after the extermination of their Eternal Night Royal Family but they had also left behind their final hint of devil blood for this sword master! In these thousand years, through the guidance of the devil soul within the sword, I would often pay attention to the movements of the devil blood caused by the forbidden reincarnation technique… Until twenty odd years ago, the final hint of devil blood finally found an opportunity and reincarnated by borrowing a body in a sect called Burning Heaven Clan in the Blue Wind Empire, thus becoming the third son of the clan master…”

“Sss!!” Fen Juechen’s pupils were already on the verge of erupting. Xuanyuan Wentian’s every sentence and every word, sounded as though they had come from the abyss, causing him to feel an unprecedented sense of dread.

“I soon made all of the proper arrangements as well.” Xuanyuan looked down and faintly stated, “Do you know why Ye Mufeng’s residual soul was placed at that place in Black Fiend Nation? Because that place has the heaviest yin energy in the entire Profound Sky Continent. Adding that he was sealed in a soul coffin, it was guaranteed that Ye Mufeng’s residual soul would not disperse even after a thousand years. Then do you know why your grandfather Fen Yijue had that key in his hands? Heh, that was something I passed to him personally and I had even personally planted a soul suggestion into him.”

“Speaking of it, I initially planned to exterminate the entire Burning Heaven Clan three years ago and leave you as the sole survivor. Then, I would have had you take the key from Fen Yijue while driven by hatred and thoughts of vengeance and thereafter look for Ye Mufeng. However, I never expected that halfway through the operation, Yun Che came slaughtering his way here, causing everything to occur prematurely. But fortunately, he massacred the entire Burning Heaven Clan but left you alive in the end. Though there were some slight time deviations, no matter the process or result, there weren’t any detrimental effects, the plan was still as perfect and flawless. After that, you successfully found Ye Mufeng and awakened the memories belonging to Ye Huang. Unexpectedly, you even received a part of Ye Mufeng’s strength. After that, what you wished the most, was definitely to retrieve the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword. Because only the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword is able to release the devil blood seal placed within your bloodline, allowing your strength to increase exponentially like Ye Mufeng a thousand years ago. You will then take your vengeance thereafter… and this, is also what I wished to happen.”

“With ‘secrets of the Divine Profound’ as bait, I gathered all of the supreme experts of the Profound Sky Continent and conducted the Devil Sword Conference. Its goal was to release the final seal placed on the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword. The Devil Sword Conference was completely successful and what had to be done after that, was to have you obtain the completely unsealed Heavenly Sin Divine Sword. Because the first thing that you would do after obtaining the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword would definitely be to awaken your devil blood! Furthermore, after being released from the seal, the devil soul within the sword could also gradually recover through your devil blood. After recovering a sufficient amount of devil soul energy, it would then be able to forcefully seize back your devil blood and then bestow it upon my body, allowing me to obtain both the devil blood and devil soul, allowing me to possess a peerless strength… Though that red demoness messed everything up, out of all things, she aided in handing over the unsealed Heavenly Sin Divine Sword into your hands. Hahahaha, these are definitely the rewards the heavens gave me for my thousand years of perseverance,” Xuanyuan Wentian laughed out loud.


Fen Juechen’s fist heavily struck onto the ground. His entire body was trembling and his body was drenched with sweat, looking as though he was completely exhausted.

Ever since the extermination of Burning Heaven Clan, only the word “vengeance” remained in his world. For vengeance, he took the black key which Fen Yijue handed to him on the verge of death, all the way to the Land of Death in Black Fiend Nation after experiencing countless life-threatening dangers… For vengeance, he desperately absorbed the power that had converged within Ye Mufeng’s devil origin, even if he had to experience a hell-like pain due to the the repulsion between soul origins… For vengeance, he risked his life and headed to Supreme Ocean Palace alone… For vengeance, he wanted to awaken the devil blood in his body with the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword, even if he clearly knew it would twist his will and personality…

On this day, he found out that his own experiences, all the hatred he endured, all the pain, all the hard work, were actually all calculated and arranged by someone else!!

And that person, was even the culprit behind the extermination of his Eternal Night Royal Family, the culprit behind all of his tragedies… The person he hated and wanted to kill the most in this lifetime.

In order to kill him, he sacrificed everything. In the end, he was merely following his arrangements a step at a time, allowing his ambitions to take root.

This pain and this sense of powerlessness was indescribable.

“Why… Why have you… done all this?” Fen Juechen’s entire mental world was at the verge of collapse and the voice he made sounded as hoarse as scratching sandpaper.

“Heh,” Xuanyuan Wentian lightly laughed. “Naturally, it’s for that one thing that I have been chasing after this entire time.”

“One thousand and two hundred years ago, when I inherited the position of Sword Master of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, my cultivation had already reached the peak of the Sovereign Profound. However, after that, no matter how much hard work I put in, I was unable to break through the limit of the Sovereign Profound Realm, as though I was being locked in a cage that could never be opened. I had once believed that it was already the limit of human strength and I was already the highest of existence among humans. At last, I discovered the existence of the ‘Realm of the Gods’ in an ancient record. I then found out that the strength a human possessed can indeed break through the limit of the Sovereign Profound Realm, reaching the ‘divine way’ stated in legends. Thus, I began to search for all the possible opportunities… The incredibly strange ‘Heavenly Sin Divine Sword’ that was possessed by the Eternal Night Royal Family, was one of these opportunities.”

Fen Juechen opened his eyes wide and he said with a quivering voice, “Just for the sake of chasing after power of an even higher plane, just for the sake of a possible opportunity, you were actually so vicious and unhesitantly exterminated an innocent family… you actually… actually…”

“Is there a problem?” Xuanyuan Wentian shrugged and his expression showed that it was a natural thing to do. “The only thing in my life that never changed is my pursuit for even greater power. For this goal, I can sacrifice everything and use all the means possible. As long as it’s something that allows me to wield even greater power, everything can be my stepping stone. This is also why I, Xuanyuan Wentian, have all the achievements I have made up to today!”

“A thousand years ago, Ye Mufeng’s sudden explosive rise in strength gave me endless surprise. Because I clearly witnessed his power which surpassed the limits of the Sovereign Profound Realm, I clearly witnessed that opportunity! Thus, this entire thousand years, I have been spending time and effort in this. Nineteen days ago, I witnessed that red demonic girl’s power… I had once seen myself as someone who had reached the peak and had possessed peerless strength but in front of her, I was just trash who was unbearable to look at. Do you know how I felt back then? Fear… surprise… humiliation… but what I felt the most was yearning and excitement! Because Ye Mufeng’s strength is still far from being the actual limit, there is still an even higher level of power waiting for me… a power that others are capable of wielding, there’s no reason for I, Xuanyuan Wentian, to not wield it as well!!”

“And today, is where I will take the first step towards a higher plane!”

Xuanyuan Wentian’s incomparably infatuated pursuit towards the way of the profound, was something known to everyone in the Four Great Sacred Grounds.

But no one knew that he was actually infatuated to such an extent.


Chapter 838 – Golden Colored Flames

Yun Che exterminating Burning Heaven Clan was at least due to the fact that they touched his reverse scale. However, Xuanyuan Wentian did not hesitate to scheme against the other Sacred Grounds and even used great amounts of effort to destroy the mighty Eternal Night Royal Family. This was not because he had some immense hatred against them but simply because of a “possibility” that he could not confirm at that time!!

This was more than just being sick in the mind!

He, the remaining avenger, had actually been a chess piece left behind intentionally by the other party… Furthermore, each step that he took had been according to his prediction!

“Xuanyuan Wentian… You… won’t… succeed!!” Feng Juechen clutched the Heavenly Sin Devil Sword and trembled as he stood up. When he had successfully awakened his devil blood, he already sensed the existence of the devil soul within the sword. Furthermore, on the fifteenth day of his awakening of the devil blood, it had actually directly attacked his soul and tried to destroy his consciousness. However, he managed to successfully fend it off with much difficulty and forced the devil soul to submit to his will.

Combining with what Xuanyuan Wentian had just said, the devil soul within the sword had originally wanted to wipe out his consciousness before stealing the devil blood within his body before bestowing it upon Xuanyuan Wentian! Therefore, he could confirm that Xuanyuan Wentain had already completely failed at the last step!

“Hehehe, is it?” Xuanyuan Wentian laughed, stretching out his pale white palm towards Fen Juechen, “Fen Juechen, you actually should thank me today. If it weren’t for me wanting to keep you alive, how would you have managed to live up to today. I have granted you so many years of life, so today, it’s time for you to repay me for everything!”

Xuanyuan Wentian’s outstretched hand pulled back strongly.


In Fen Juechen’s brain, something seemed to have suddenly exploded and there was a humming noise. His vision instantly turned plain white and his eyes lost their color before he fell to the ground stiffly like a wooden plank.

Xuanyuan Wentian let his hands down as he turned around and said, “Let’s begin.”


Feng Xue’er ran northwards all the way without stopping even slightly. She did not know where she was nor did she dare to stop and ask anyone. She only faintly felt that she had already left the perimeters of the Divine Phoenix Empire.

The sky gradually darkened and signs of the approaching dusk started to appear on the western skies. The vast forested region below and the blowing cool breeze seemed to calm Feng Xue’er’s chaotic mind down slightly. From the time when Xuanyuan Wentian had been interrupted by Fen Juechen till now, several hours had already passed and there were still no signs of Xuanyuan Wentian’s aura appearing behind her.

After so long, it must already be safe.

Feng Xue’er’s speed slowed down gradually as she held Yun Che tightly and gently said, “Big Brother Yun, we’re already safe. I know that you won’t fall so easily. I’ll immediately… immediately make you better.”

She looked down before gradually flying towards a small narrow space. Yun Che’s injuries were so severe that she did not dare look. The glimmer of life aura that did not dissipate was as weak as a firefly’s glow. What she was going to do next would be to completely give up her Phoenix origin power that the Phoenix God conferred upon her to Yun Che… She knew fully well that the severity of Yun Che’s injuries did not lie with his external injuries but the fact that his organs had all been destroyed. Furthermore, the severity of the destruction was such that even if the Great Firmament Golden Deity were to descend from the heavens, his injuries still could not be healed. Even if she were to give up all her Phoenix origin power, all that she could do would be to grant him one last breath for a short period of time.

However, other than doing this, she did not know what other choice she had remaining.

Feng Xue’er descended gently before lowering Yun Che to the ground. Yun Che’s entire body was covered in blood, especially his chest… The miserable state caused Feng Xue’er’s heart to wince in pain at first glance. She closed her eyes as she could not bear watching any longer, gently lifting her hands and burning her most precious Phoenix energy source without any hesitation.

At this time, her body suddenly shuddered. Her beautiful eyes that had just closed opened suddenly and intense shock appeared on her face… Right at the moment she started to burn her Phoenix origin power, an extremely frightening aura shot over from afar and fixated firmly onto her.

The strength of this aura was far superior to her and even exceeded that of Feng Zukui… it was at the pinnacle level where Xuanyuan Wentian belonged to.

Just when she thought Xuanyuan Wentian had caught up once again, two other strong and dense auras which did not pale in comparison to the previous one fixated themselves onto her as well.

A voice, suddenly rang from far away in the sky, “Oh? Isn’t this the Divine Phoenix Sect’s Princess Snow? We just attended your banquet in the afternoon but now here you are thousands of kilometers away. What unbelievable fate that we meet again.”

Feng Xue’er drew back her flames and turned around, looking at the silhouettes of the three figures in the sky… Three figures who were at the pinnacle of profound cultivation within Profound Sky Continent, three of the four Sacred Masters!

Sacred Emperor Huangji Wuyu, Sovergien of the Seas Qu Fengyi, Heavenly Monarch Ye Meixie!!

In order to avoid Xuanyuan Wentian, she had brought along Yun Che and escaped at top speed, with almost no stops in between… However, right here, she had met people on the same level as Xuanyuan Wentian, and three of them in fact!

How could this be a coincidence!

“It’s you guys!” Feng Xue’er instantly understood. The three of them obviously had the same motive as Xuanyuan Wentian. They kept following her, which was why they were currently here!

“What do… you all want?” She stood in front of Yun Che and shouted with the fiercest voice that she could possibly muster.

“I don’t want to say too much nonsense,” Qu Fengyi coldly spoke. “The three of us have chased you all this way. As for our motives, could the clever Princess Snow really not have guessed them already?”

“However, from the looks of it, the condition of your fiance isn’t very good,” Huangji Wuyu’s gaze left the bloodied Yun Che whose aura could not be sensed and said. “Previously in Phoenix City, your father told us that Yun Che had already died but we did not believe him. Looks like the Divine Phoenix Sect did not lie to us.”

“Since Yun Che is already dead, this make matters much simpler,” Ye Meixie smiled as he spoke. From the understanding of the three Sacred Masters, Yun Che’s current state was already a completely dead man. Regarding how he suddenly died so tragically, it was not important. Ye Meixie stretched out his hand in the air, “Princess Snow, you should obediently hand over Yun Che’s body to us. When we obtain what we want, I can assure you that we won’t cause any trouble for you. We might even return his body back to you.”

Ye Meixie’s last words were no lies. Even with their absolute strength, there was no need for the three of them to do anything to Feng Xue’er. Because, unlike Xuanyuan Wentian, they had not verified the death of the Phoenix God yet. They might dare to kill the others from the Divine Phoenix Sect but Feng Xue’er was the Phoenix God’s sole successor. If they were to kill her or severely injure her, the would undoubted incur the wrath of the Phoenix God…

The wrath of the Phoenix God, unless they did not have a choice, they did not dare take that on.

Although in their hearts, they still possessed different levels of doubt as to whether the Phoenix God was still alive, even if they were ninety percent certain, the remaining ten percent was sufficient to deter them from touching the Divine Phoenix Sect’s bottom line.

“You wish!” Despite the immense pressure of facing three Sacred Masters, Feng Xue’er’s aura was like a spark within a hurricane. However, her eyes still possessed unprecedented determination, “I will never let… you all harm Big Brother Yun anymore!”

“Hehehe,” Huangji Wuyu laughed, “He’s already a dead man but Princess Snow still remains so infatuated. This really calls for praise.”

“Big Brother Yun won’t die!” Feng Xue’er shouted loudly. “Even though you are all Sacred Masters, your hearts are actually so vicious. You guys are the one who should die! Previously at Supreme Ocean Palace, you guys worked together to snatch something Big Brother Yun owned but were taught a lesson by Big Brother Yun’s master. In the end, she still let you all off and you all also personally promised in front of everyone that you all would not harm Big Brother Yun anymore. Doing all of this today, aren’t you afraid… that Big Brother Yun’s master will not let you all off anymore!”

Thinking about that absolutely frightening young girl in a red dress, the three of their hearts froze but merely for that one moment. Following which, Ye Meixie started to laugh, “Hahahaha, you’re right. I didn’t expect the gentle Princess Snow to have such a glib tongue. We are indeed afraid of the red demoness but unfortunately, she belongs to another world and has already left. She will never ever return again and even personally announced that she would sever all ties with Yun Che. I’m sure Princess Snow also heard that clearly.”

“Hmph, the shame and pain that the red demoness has caused me is something that I’ll never forget!” Ye Meixie’s voice instantly turned cold, “All this is because of Yun Che! I had originally wanted to make Yun Che repay this debt properly but never would I have thought that he would die so quickly!”

“No need to say anymore,” Qu Fengyi’s voice turned cold. “Feng Xue’er, since Yun Che is dead, we’ll only ask for the Mirror of Samsara. If it’s still on him, just throw his corpse over. If it’s on you, then you better obediently hand it over.”

“You’d best listen to us obediently,” Huangji Wuyu smiled as he spoke. “The shame they suffered that day, they had want to vent it on Yun Che. If you make them act themselves, I cannot assure you the completeness of Yun Che’s corpse.”


Feng Xue’er’s long hair ruffled and turned a fiery scarlet. The phoenix flames on her body instantly burned thirty meters high. Within the phoenix flames, the silhouette of a phoenix spreading its wings appeared. Her gaze and voice were hateful and determined, “If you all want to harm Big Brother Yun… you must first step over my, Feng Xue’er’s ashes!”

“Hmph, so disobedient,” Ye Meixie laughed indifferently.

“Let’s go,” Qu Fengyi said in a low voice.


The sound of thunder erupted in the air. Ye Meixie and Qu Fengyi had acted simultaneously. They shot down from the skies and straight towards Feng Xue’er. Feng Xue’er was undoubtedly the strongest within the current generation in the Profound Sky Continent. Her natural talent was unrivalled within the entire history of the Profound Sky Continent but under the immense pressure of the two Sacred Masters, her Phoenix flames had instantly been suppressed by half. However, the other half had continued to burn ferociously with her strong determination.

Big Brother Yun, although I’m not your wife yet, if I could accompany you in death, I would have no regrets in this life… Feng Xue’er muttered in her heart and shot towards the two Sacred Masters with a resolute will. The clear sounds of a phoenix shooting through the skies could be heard.

Right at the moment Feng Xue’er shot out her phoenix flames she suddenly saw an eye-catching golden color from the corner of her eye..

That was also a ball of flames, however, it was in the most elegant and eye catching golden color! The golden flame was not big; it seemed as though it had appeared out of thin air and it shot towards Ye Meixie and Qu Fengyi like a comet… The instant the golden beam descended, the two Sacred Masters’ frightening aura had been completely overshadowed.

Ye Meixie and Qu Fengyi’s stopped moving. The glaring golden beam caused them to almost be unable to open their eyes. Their chests felt as though they had been weighed down by a scorching metal plate that was so heavy it suffocated them. What was most frightening was that the swiftly approaching sense of danger caused all the hair on their bodies to stand on end.

And this frighteningly fatal sense of danger had come from the golden beam.

Ye Meixie and Qu Fengyi did not even think twice before raising their profound aura to the maximum to counter the golden beam in front of their eyes. At the same time, they relied on the recoil to propel themselves backwards.


With a dull sounding explosion, the golden flames were dispersed with the efforts of two Sacred Masters working together. The flame shattered into bits of fire before completely disappearing. The frantically retreating Ye Meixie and Qu Fengyi both wore pale expressions and when they both stabilized themselves, they nearly shouted out at the same time, “Who’s there!?”

The ball of golden flames had caused them to feel a suffocating spiritual pressure… Although Huangji Wuyu did not take action, the expression on his face also changed drastically. The three Sacred Masters looked up and saw a petite figure gradually floating down from high up in the skies.

There was a young girl who was dressed in luxurious colorful clothes. In terms of her outer appearance, she could only be described as “small girl”. However, her black eyes revealed might and darkness that did not fit her age at all. Her face seemed to have been carved to perfection, but she was so cold that there were no signs of any expression.

The most eye-catching thing was at the center of her forehead; the scarlet golden mark of a flame imprint flickered.


Chapter 839 – Killing Intent That Filled the Sky

A shocking aura and strength that caused two Sacred Masters to be forced back at the same time. Undoubtedly, Huangji Wuyu, Qu Fengyi, and Ye Meixie all felt shocked. Furthermore, this aura obviously did not belong to Xuanyuan Wentian… Since when did such a figure appear in the Profound Sky Continent?!

As they looked at the girl dressed in colorful clothes descending from the sky, all of them were dumbstruck.

A girl?

For a slight moment, the figure of Jasmine flashed past their minds and their hearts winced strongly. However, although this girl in colorful clothes possessed a frightening aura, it was not completely unlike Jasmine’s absolute suppression which caused them to feel as though they were as meaningless as ants. Despite that, it was still sufficient to cause them to feel pressure in their hearts which meant that her strength was on the same level as theirs.

However, as the three Sacred Masters who reigned over the Profound Sky Continent, they had never seen this young girl in colorful clothes before. They had also not known that there was actually such an existence that could possibly rival them.

Indeed, they had not seen this young girl in colorful clothes before… Because she did not belong to the Profound Sky Continent but had come from the distant Illusory Demon Realm.

The Little Demon Empress!

While apprehending Duke Ming and removing the biggest threat, during the process of cleansing Demon Imperial City, Little Demon Empress realized that there were spies left behind in Demon Imperial City by Supreme Ocean Palace and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region a hundred years ago. From that, she deduced that Supreme Ocean Palace and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region might have possibly known of the changes that happened with Illusory Demon Realm during this time and this would likely cause immense danger for Yun Che who had returned.

Because of her worry for Yun Che, she had come to the Profound Sky Continent alone on the day that the space splitting ring recovered its strength. Relying on the aura emitted due to the Golden Crow’s bloodline, she had finally found Yun Che. However, when she found him, she saw that he was covered in blood and more than half of his body had already gone into a deceased state.

“Young lady, who are you? We don’t seem to know each other, why do you want to attack us?” Huangji Wuyu went forward, smiled and said calmly.

Little Demon Empress descended and did not show any concern towards Huangji Wuyu. She stretched out her snow white hands and gently pressed on the middle of Yun Che’s forehead without moving for some time.

“Little girl, who… are you?” Feng Xue’er did not stop her approach or contact but asked with shock.

The little girl that was by her side had looks so exquisite that they were illusory. On this face that could even cause the sun and moon to become jealous was a cold, bone-chilling expression. Regarding Xue’er questions, she did not have the slightest reaction as she remained staring at Yun Che who was covered in blood, whose organs were all destroyed. Her icy cold expression still did not change in the slightest. However, Feng Xue’er had noticed that on her petite hand that was in contact with Yun Che’s forehead, her gentle jade fingers seem to be trembling slightly.


On the tip of the Little Demon Empress’ finger, a ball of golden flames was ignited. They also ignited the Golden Crow Imprint in the middle of Yun Che’s forehead. However, the originally eye catchingly bright fire imprint was now completely dark.

Little Demon Empress frowned slightly. With her finger touching the Golden Crow Imprint, she started to quickly inject profound energy into Yun Che’s body without restraint. This caused the surface of Yun Che’s body to glow with a dim golden light.

The three of them looked at each other as their eyebrows knitted tightly together because this little girl, who was a completely mystery, obviously knew Yun Che. However, she had been trying her best to help a dead person treat his injuries… This was simply laughable.

“Young lady,” Huangji Wuyu spoke once again. “Though I really want to know who you are, the dead man by your feet is much more important to us. I suggest you leave immediately. Don’t get into unnecessary trouble because of some dead person.”

“Hmph, especially if you’re offending three of the people in this world that you should best not offend,” Ye Meixie plainly added.

The flame at the tips of Little Demon Empress’ fingers extinguished.

Gradually, she turned around and a killing intent so strong that it seemed as though it had originated from hell filled the air. In the sky, the clouds stopped moving; the mountain breeze stopped blowing; the dust and fallen leaves all remained fixed in the air. An unparalleled bone-piercing coldness seemed to have sealed everything in this world in ice.

The expression of the three seemed to change immediately. The young girl in colorful clothing had an extremely strong aura which caused Huangji Wuyu to try and persuade her to leave after consideration. However, he did not imagine she would suddenly explode with such frightening killing intent.

Her eyes remained calm and dull, as though she would never have any emotions. However, this killing intent that filled the skies had obviously meant that she wanted to destroy them at all costs and grind them to dust!

“Interesting. Hmph, your aura is indeed frightening but it’s a pity you don’t know who stands in front of you,” Ye Meixie laughed coldly.

The Little Demon Empress’ body shook and she instantly appeared in front of the three of them. Lifting up her tender arm gradually, the temperature of the world seem to rise at a frightening rate.

“Let me handle her,” Qu Fengyi stepped forward and said with a frown, “You guys go and get Yun Che’s body first. It’s best if you can control Feng Xue’er as well. It is likely Yun Che handed her the Mirror of Samsara before he died.”

“Don’t be careless,” Huangji Wuyu warned. “This young lady isn’t normal. It was not luck that she forced you two back previously.”

“Un… for… giv… able!!”

The Little Demon Empress finally spoke. One word, and yet it pierced the heart. Although the air had obviously become extremely scorching, the three of them only felt ice cold chills.

“Hmph! Overestimating yourself!”

Qu Fengyi’s brows sunk as she shouted sternly. Her body did not move but glowed with a purple light. Above the sunny sky, the rumbling of thunder could suddenly be heard and numerous streaks of lightning could be seen striking down. In the sky above that had turned purple, loud noises could be heard gathering. In the blink of an eye, a massive lightning dragon that was three hundred meters had formed. A massive dragon claw appeared from the gathering purple lightning, causing the surrounding lightning to screech. With each strike of lightning, space contorted violently.

“Looks like Qu Fengyi really did not underestimate this little girl. She actually used her ‘Lightning Beast’ directly,” Huangji Wuyu muttered.

The so called “Lightning Beast” was obviously not an actual lightning dragon. It was the highest level of Supreme Ocean Palace’s core profound art, “Lightning Beastification”.

Within the Profound Sky Continent, the ability to rely on one’s strength to give rise to the lowest level lightning spirit would almost be sufficient to make that person a grandmaster. At Qu Fengyi’s level, she could make such a frightening lightning beast appear!


A frightening roaring noise filled the skies as two massive dragon claws struck towards the Little Demon Empress with the deafening noise of thunder.

“Ahh—— Be careful!!” Xue’er shouted in shock as she hugged Yun Che and retreated.

Normal profound practitioners could never hope to see something like “Lightning Beast” in their lifetimes. Its frightening might was also something normal profound practitioners could not imagine. Simply the aura of it alone could cause one’s soul to leave the body in an instant.

As the Sovereign of the Seas, Qu Fengyi was already long used to being above the rest. Although she was arrogant, she was definitely not an irrational person. Facing the Little Demon Empress’ unusual aura, she was not one bit careless. When she attacked, she had already used the highest level of the laws of lightning.

At the same time the lightning beast struck down, Qu Fengyi’s body had also turned into a purple lightning silhouette and flashed towards the Little Demon Empress. Nineteen days ago, at Supreme Ocean Palace, in the presence of Jasmine, they vowed to never go against Yun Che ever again in fear. As there were numerous Profound Sky powerhouses present then, them stealing the Mirror of Samsara today should not be revealed. Her using the lightning beast immediately was so that she could instantly eliminate this obstacle that appeared out of nowhere.

The lightning dragon struck straight down from the skies and the pressure was so frightening it was as though the end of the world was approaching. However, Qu Fengyi, who was rushing towards the Little Demon Empress, suddenly realized that she did not even look up towards the lightning dragon in the sky. Her gloomy dark eyes were currently staring at her without any emotion. The eyes that seemed to sparkle were like flickering stars in the sky.

Qu Fengyi’s heart suddenly turned cold.

The Little Demon Empress lifted her palm and Golden Crow Flames erupted into the sky… Instantly, the world before Qu Fengyi turned into a sea of dull golden fire.

Seeing the exploding flames suddenly appearing in front of her eyes, even before she managed to feel the scorching heat of the flames, all the veins in her body spasmed and she felt a sense of fear in her heart… She had only encountered a thing such as fear twice in her thousand year life. The first time was nineteen days ago in the Sea God Arena. This time, although it was not as intense as the previous time, it was still a legitimate fear.

Her gut instinct told her that the flames right before her eyes were more frightening than any flames she had ever seen… the flames were strong enough to burn her, a person at the pinnacle of the world, into ashes.

Qu Fengyi hurriedly stopped and her original attack ferociously changed. Her original strength that was used to attack Little Demon Empress had completely changed to defensive strength in the shortest amount of time, forming a large lightning profound formation.


The golden flames collided with the lightning profound formation that Qu Fengyi hastily made. With a loud piercing noise, the massive lightning energy seemed as though it had been engulfed by a massive beast and quickly dispersed, leaving only half the original strength behind in the blink of an eye. This shocked Qu Fengyi, causing her expression to drastically change. All the lightning energy on her surged as she hastily retreated.

The Little Demon Empress’ figure remained still and she did not seem to have moved even slightly. Then, her outstretched palm gently flipped upwards and another ball of flame surged into the sky. From afar, looking into the sky, it seemed as though there was an additional golden sun.

This “sun” seemed to have swallowed the lightning beast Qu Fengyi made from the highest level law of lightning.


The lightning beast’s roars turned frantic and in the next instant, the roars turned into cries. The body that possessed the lightning profound energy had been easily consumed by the golden flames. It struggled painfully but after two short breaths of time, its massive dragon claws shattered amidst the golden flames… Following the change in position of her hand, the flames that gathered around the lightning dragon’s body surged once again, completely swallowing the lightning dragon, no longer revealing a sliver of purple light.

It had been completely turned into a flame dragon that twisted continuously.

When Qu Fengyi rushed towards the Little Demon Empress, Huangji Wuyu and Ye Meixie were also preparing to snatch Yun Che’s body. However, even before they could turn their bodies, their expressions had drastically changed upon looking at the scene that had developed right before their eyes.


Following a dull loud noise, the flame dragon exploded in the air, shattering into pieces of fire that filled the sky, leaving not a single hint of lightning. Qu Fengyi fended off the golden flames that struck at her and quickly retreated to Huangji Wuyu and Ye Meixie’s side. Her expression was extremely hideous while Huangji Wuyu and Ye Meixie’s expressions turned dark, unable to laugh anymore.

They felt that this young girl in colorful dress who suddenly appeared was definitely unordinary. The fact that she could force back two Sacred Masters, they thought they had “overestimated” her as someone who was on the same level as them.

However, they had completely not expected Qu Fengyi’s exchange with her to be such an overwhelming loss.

Furthermore, Qu Fengyi had attacked with full strength… as for the other party, she had not even moved once from the start untill now.

“You… who are you?” Qu Fengyi’s chest expanded. Her gaze, expression and tone all turned completely different from before.

“…” The Little Demon Empress’ reply was killing intent that filled the skies and a sea of flames that blazed like the sun.


Fifteen kilometers of sky instantly turned into a sea of flames, shrouding the three Sacred Masters cruelly under a flaming purgatory. The forest beneath completely disappeared… not one spark ignited but it instantly turned into ashes. In the next moment nothing was left behind.

The three Sacred Masters looked into the sky and their faces sank. Qu Fengyi muttered in a low voice, “Looks like we won’t be able obtain her identity from her. I, alone, would likely not be her opponent. It seems like I have no choice but to work together with one of you.”

The Sacred Masters working together against an opponent—In their lives, other than Ye Mufeng back then, it had never happened before.

“There’s no need for you two to work together,” Huangji Wuyu looked up and said, “All three of us… will attack together!”

There was already an intense feeling of fear in his heart.

Because when the colorful dressed girl released her killing intent, the pressure it brought for them… was actually not inferior to Ye Mufeng’s back then!

Feng Xue’er hugged Yun Che and escaped some distance away. However, they did not run away. The sky had turned into a sea of flames but only they had not been engulfed by the pressure of the purgatory. She looked at the sea of flames in the sky dumbly for a while, while her bloodline made her feel a foreign and strong sense of throbbing.

This aura… Big Brother Yun’s Golden Crow flames…

Could it be…

She actually was…

The Little Demon Empress?


Author’s Note:
PS: There are obviously kids that would ask, the three Sacred Masters had already fought with the Illusory Demon Realm before, why do they not recognize Little Demon Empress’ Golden Crow flames? It’s very simple, because from their understanding, the Golden Crow flame was the same scarlet color as the Phoenix flame. The Little Demon Empress is the only person to achieve slightly golden colored Golden Crow flames in all of history. That’s why those three trash did not immediately link the flame to the Golden Crow flames.