Against the Gods


Against the Gods Chapter 826-829

Chapter 826 – Threat

"Hehehehe…" Facing Jasmine's cold taunts, not only did Moonflower not become angry, she instead smiled tenderly and narrowed her charming eyes at Yun Che for a moment. Twisting her waist like a water snake, she then appeared in front of Jasmine with speed comparable to teleportation. "Your highness, not only has your appearance remained unchanged, even your temper hasn't changed in the slightest. A few years ago, we had thought that you had encountered misfortune. My king was depressed for a long while, you know?"

"Depressed?" Coldness and ridicule could be seen from Jasmine's face and following after, the light in her eyes dimmed. "How did you find me?"

"Hm?" Moonflower lightly stroked her lips with her slender finger. "Wasn't it your highness who notified this servant?"

"…" Jasmine's chest heaved slightly, and in the depths of her mind, she helplessly sighed. "As expected…"

Earlier on when she investigated the depths of Cloud's End Cliff, she had encountered dark devil beasts within the dark abyss and was forced to use her god powers. Back then, she had already felt that it was anything but reassuring… The Twelve Star Gods were branches of the same tree and individuals who inherited the powers of the Star Gods possessed a unique trait to detect each other.

The Star God Realm was extremely far from this place and it was seemingly impossible to detect at this range. However, if there was a Star God who was coincidentally slightly closer… With the degree of god powers she unleashed at the abyssal depths on that day, there was indeed the possibility of being detected.

Incredibly, today this worst case scenario had turned into reality.
"Brother-in-law, just what is going on?" Xia Yuanba softly asked. "Who is this… very strangely dressed woman? She seems to know your teacher. Could this be someone powerful like your teacher?"

"…" Yun Che did not reply, and was actually unable to reply. His mind was a chaotic mess… An unprecedented chaotic mess.

From how Moonflower was addressing Jasmine and the expression she was having while facing Jasmine, Yun Che had already ascertained that this Moonflower was definitely someone who resided in the same world as Jasmine. There was an extremely high possibility that she was here to search for Jasmine.

Recalling the abnormal behavior Jasmine had this morning… Most likely, she must have already sensed that Moonflower was nearby back then. In other words, she did not want to be found.

This Moonflower was addressing Jasmine as "your highness" but her tone and posture did not demonstrate even the least bit of respect, as though her status wasn't any lower than Jasmine's!

As Yun Che had thought, Jasmine did indeed sensed that Moonflower was speedily approaching this morning. Thus she separated from Yun Che and completely sealed her presence, attempting to escape from Moonflower's spiritual perception. However, she never expected that Moonflower would actually seek Yun Che out… Jasmine kept herself alive by attaching her soul onto Yun Che for exactly seven years, so Yun Che did indeed carry the aura of her soul and it was very heavy as well.

Her body similarly carried Yun Che's aura, no matter if it was his life or his soul.

Thus, she had no choice but to reveal herself. Otherwise, with how vile Moonflower was, Yun Che would definitely die.

"Then why were you near this planet?" Jasmine coldly questioned.

"Naturally, it's an order from my king." Moonflower's finger slid off her lips and carried on down her smooth neck before stopping at her collarbone, where she gently twirled a strand of her shining hair. "A few years ago, there were rumors that your highness was still alive. This servant did not believe it but my king wanted this servant to retrieve your highness no matter what. This servant has no choice but to comply with my king's orders. In these few years, this servant was going around sightseeing. Never did I expect that I was actually able to find your highness for real."

"A few years ago?" How did you people find out I was still alive?" Jasmine's eyebrows, which were already sunken before, sank even deeper at this moment and her voice suddenly carried an ice-cold killing intent. "I understand now… It's the Universe Devouring Beast!!"

Back then when the Primordial Profound Ark was traversing through space, in order to provide extreme conditions for Yun Che to cultivate in, Jasmine forcefully intervened with the spatial flow of the Primordial Profound Ark. Once, within the crevices of space, she encountered two Universe Devouring Beasts! One died, and one fled!

Universe Devouring Beasts were one of the extremely small number of unique beasts that managed to survive since the Primordial Era. Their numbers were extremely small and they resided in space crevices, treating space as their form of food. Because their experiences and knowledge were extremely broad, at the moment she launched an attack, they were able to distinguish her powers and identity with a glance. If Star God Realm found out that she had not died a few years ago, then that fleeing Universe Devouring Beast was the only possibility!

"Your highness sure is smart." Moonflower said with a giggle. "It's no wonder your highness still did not die after being struck with the Absolute God Slaying Poison. So you forcefully abandoned the body that was infected with the demonic poison and attached your soul onto someone else… If this servant isn't mistaken, that someone, should be that handsome little brother over there."

Jasmine: "…"

"Not only does that little brother look handsome, his life force is surprisingly exuberant, it's no wonder he could be chosen by your highness. Hehehehe."

Moonflower laughed like a twisted flower. What she absolutely did not expect was that the demonic poison Jasmine was struck with back then had not only spread throughout her entire body but had also seeped into her soul as well. If it was merely one's body that was infected, one could still protect his or her soul by abandoning the body. However, if the poison had seeped into the soul as well, with how terrifying the Absolute God Slaying Poison was, even in the plane of power they were in, without a doubt they would definitely die. There was definitely no luck nor fortune to speak of.

Unless they possessed the Sky Poison Pearl of the Heavenly Profound Treasure Ranking.

Jasmine should have faced certain death back then but at the very last moment, she had encountered Yun Che who possessed the Sky Poison Pearl. Her fate was thus changed because of Yun Che and Yun Che's fate was similarly turned upside down because of her.

"But from the looks of it, your highness seems to have only reconstructed your body not too long ago and your god powers have only been restored by ten percent. It's better this way as well, otherwise this servant would have been troubled." Moonflower tilted her lips upwards, both her voice and expression were still as tender and frail. "If this servant had known about this, then I wouldn't have informed my king that I had discovered your highness beforehand."

"…!" The light in Jasmine's eyes suddenly turned cold. "You informed… that person!?"

"Of course." Moonflower's fingers were still playing with her own hair. "Your highness clearly had discovered this servant but not only did you not look for this servant, you instead concealed your presence and played a game of hide-and-seek with this servant. Evidently, you do not want to return with this servant, right? In terms of brute strength, this servant can't beat your highness either. It's really troubling, that's why this servant had no choice but to first send a voice transmission to inform my king. How would I have known your highness's god powers had fallen to this extent… Aiyo, if this servant wishes to take away your highness no matter what, in the state your highness is currently in, you won't be able to resist in the least."

"Hmph!" Jasmine's face was expressionless. "Though I don't wish to return, there will still come a day where I will return to that place. Since I have been found by you, it seems I can't even hope not to return now."

Jasmine was very clear that if Moonflower's "king" knew of her whereabouts, then her wanting to stay here was no longer possible. Otherwise, that person might make a trip here personally… If that really were to occur, then the consequences would basically be disastrous.

"But, I need ten days," Jasmine's eyes slightly narrowed as she coldly said. "Ten days later, after I have done everything I want to do, I will return with you!"

"Jasmine…" Yun Che's heart skipped a beat from Jasmine's words and he shouted out involuntarily.

Facing Jasmine's sharp and cold eyes, Moonflower simply shook her head with a smile. "Of course you can't. My king gave this servant a very heavy order that if I were to see your highness, then I will have to immediately bring your highness back, without a single moment of delay. This servant doesn't dare to disobey my king's order, you know. Furthermore, your highness even hid from this servant earlier. If your highness secretly runs off in these ten days, then this servant will be severely punished by my king."

"Since I already said that I will return with you ten days later, then I won't break my promise." Jasmine's voice grew even colder, "Furthermore, though I only have ten percent of my god powers presently, if I'm unwilling, it still won't be that easy for you to bring me back by force."

"Your highness, don't be so obstinate." Moonflower did not hesitate nor worry in the least from Jasmine's words but instead smiled even more charmingly than before. "Your highness was playing hide-and-seek with this servant earlier but because of that handsome little brother, you still came to find this servant of your own will. It seems that little brother is very important to your highness, hmm."

Jasmine's expression slightly changed. "He's a disciple I took in while I was bored and had nothing to do!"

"Disciple? Oh~~~~ This servant sure is shocked. With your highness's personality, you're actually interested in taking on a disciple as well." Moonflower's charming eyes narrowed into slits, and the smiling intent carried in the corner of her lips grew even more eloquent. "If your highness insists on not returning immediately, this servant will indeed be troubled. But, if my king finds out that your highness is unwilling to return home because of a certain someone in this low level planet, this servant wonders what will happen?"

"You! You dare threaten me!?"

"Also, I have a piece of good news that I must definitely inform your highness immediately," Moonflower said with a gleeful smile. "The new inheritor of the Sky Wolf Star God has already appeared."

"Sky Wolf Star God…" Jasmine suddenly raised her head. "Who is it!?"

Sky Wolf Star God was the Star God power her brother inherited back then, so she had some special feelings towards the power of the Sky Wolf Star God.

A Star God powers definitely could not be inherited by just anyone. There were extremely high requirements for the inheritors. Aptitude, physique, compatibility, none of these three did not carry extreme requirements. After a generation of Star God had fallen, finding the next suitable inheritor would usually require several hundred or even several thousand years.

Presently, it had only been less than ten years since her brother had fallen, yet a new inheritor had already appeared in such a short span of time.

"That person is…" Moonflower's face revealed a mysterious smile. "Princess Caizhi."

"…" Jasmine's body suddenly shook as though she was struck by lightning. "What did you say!?"

"Your highness, you heard it correctly. It's Princess Caizhi." Seemingly very satisfied with Jasmine's reaction, Moonflower's smile grew even more pleased. "Also, the compatibility between Princess Caizhi and the Sky Wolf Star God power has achieved a perfect degree never before seen in history. As expected of…"

"Shut up!!"

Jasmine clenched her two fists, her two fragile arms were even trembling slightly without end. Even her aura had turned chaotic… From afar, with his eyes set on Jasmine the entire time, Yun Che's heart and soul was in absolute chaos. Because he could sense that Jasmine was enraged, anxious… and a little afraid…

He was unable to understand their conversation, and furthermore, he didn't have the least bit of strength to intervene in the matters on their level. He could only stare and listen. His heart and soul were filled with worry for Jasmine, and also…

The fear of possibly losing Jasmine.

Jasmine's breathing grew hurried. After a long while, she finally managed to calm down and the trembling of her body gradually stopped. She lightly raised her head, took in a heavy breath, and coldly said. "Fine, I will return with you right now."

"Now that's obedient of you, your highness." Moonflower's smile was like a flower. "Seeing your highness returning safely, my king will definitely be overjoyed."

"But, you must promise me one thing."

"Oh?" Moonflower slightly tilted her head.

Jasmine's eyes slightly drooped as she looked towards Yun Che and their lines of sight intersected… But merely a moment later, Jasmine shifted her eyes away. "After I return, you're not allowed to bring up to that person that I have taken in a disciple and you're not allowed to say anything related to this place!"

Since it had come down to this, she had no other choice.

Moonflower's threat was very evident. If she did not obey her now, then she would inform "that person" of this place.

Even if the entire Profound Sky Continent was destroyed, she definitely would not bat an eye.

But Yun Che…

"Oh~~" Moonflower lightly smiled in a tamed manner, as though she was not the least bit surprised by Jasmine's request. "How could this servant dare to disobey your highness' order? This servant was merely ordered to bring your highness back, so I wouldn't even bother informing my king about this handsome little brother. Hehehehe."

Moonflower was smiling tenderly but in the depths of her eyes which were filled with charming light, a strange glow slightly flashed.

"Good." Jasmine slowly nodded. "You best keep to your words, otherwise…"

"Aiya, your highness, don't reveal such a frightening look, this servant isn't that courageous." Moonflower made a frightened, tender expression. "Also, your highness is clearly aware that this servant hates people that tell lies the most."

"Hmph!" Jasmine turned around. "Before we go… Since he and I are after all master and disciple, I have a few words for him. Take it as a form of goodbye."

"You can't…"

"Moonflower!!" When Moonflower had just voiced out her rejection, Jasmine's eyes suddenly turned back towards her, killing intent that seemed as though it had come from the nine hells firmly stopped her from speaking further. "You'd best not take things too far! I have already agreed to return immediately with you. It's only a few simple final parting words with my disciple. If you dare spout the least bit of nonsense again, once I recover my strength, I have ten thousand ways to ruin your face to the point where it will never ever recover! You will be turned into an existence that looks neither a human nor a ghost!"

"Do you want to try me!?"

The smile on Moonflower's face stiffened for a moment and when she smiled again, it had already turned a little forced. Evidently, she was frightened for real. "Alright, alright. This servant didn't say she wouldn't agree."


Jasmine retracted her killing intent and no longer gave Moonflower another glance. Slowly descending from the sky, she landed next to Yun Che.

"Jasmine…" Seeing the girl whom he could not be more familiar with close at hand, Yun Che lightly called out. His voice was so fleeting even he was unable to hear it clearly.

"All the unrelated people scram!!" Jasmine lightly crooned, and she suddenly waved her small hand.

A tornado swirled up into the air. Among the cries of shock that filled the sky, the surrounding people, tables, chairs and even the entire Phoenix Main Hall was swept up by the tornado, and then flung far away.

In an instant, a terrifyingly flat empty space appeared in a three kilometer area around them, not a single human shadow or bit of debris could be seen. The two of them were the only ones left at the center of this world.

 Chapter 827 – Heartless

Jasmine waved her small hand yet again and the surrounding area was covered by an extremely thick and heavy isolation barrier.

Moonflower did not approach, nor did she try to use her mind to penetrate the barrier and listen to what they were saying. Her gaze dipped low and her eyes faintly narrowed as she leisurely fiddled with her hair. Moonflower’s hair had looked as dark as night but under the light of the sun, one could see a strange dark green color shimmer in her locks.

“Yun Che.” Jasmine sounded very calm and unruffled, and she even seemed a little indifferent, “I had originally planned to stay here for another twenty four years before returning to that world, but… the will of heaven does not bow to the desires of man, so I have no choice but to leave today.”

She did not say she was returning “home”, instead she had said she was returning to “that world”. That unintentional slip of her tongue seemed to express that she had already subconsciously recognized this place as the place where she belonged and that place had already become another world to her.

Yun Che fixed her with a steady stare and compared to Jasmine’s composure, his eyes and voice expressed immeasurable anguish, “Must you… leave now?”

Jasmine was not someone who hailed from this world. She had come from an entirely different world, an entirely different plane. Once she had escaped the clutches of the devilish poison and reconstituted her body, he had resolved that he might lose her. It was just that this day had come way too suddenly.

Not too long ago, she had said that she would stay by his side for at least another twenty four years…

“If I choose to wilfully stay behind, that person might just decide to pay a personal visit to this place. It is also extremely likely that he would take out his anger on this world,” Jasmine said in a dull voice. “Whether it is the Profound Sky Continent or the Illusory Demon Realm, if he wants to destroy either of them, it will be as easy as flicking a finger for him.”

“That person?” Yun Che muttered in a daze. Jasmine’s words, actions and her decision had also made it clear that “that person” she was referring to was also the “my king” Moonflower had referred to. It was also clear that he was definitely someone even stronger than her. Jasmine’s strength when she was not even at ten percent of her full power was already so great that he could not even fathom it. So if “that person” that Jasmine kept referring to really wanted to destroy the entire Profound Sky Continent, he might really only need to flick his finger to do the deed.

Jasmine’s gaze slanted to the side and in a flash, a dull coldness formed in her eyes, “He is my father, and he is also the person I hate the most. One of the reasons why I do not desire to return is because I am not willing to see that most hated and disgusting face of his!”

Yun Che, “…”

“Haah…” Yun Che sighed helplessly. After that he spoke in a rather dazed and distracted manner, “Maybe going back is good as well. After all, that place is also your home. You’ve already left home for seven years, so it is about time for you to return. Even though I’m extremely unwilling to see you go… I can’t use my selfishness to forcibly anchor you to a world that you don’t belong to. I don’t know what caused such a huge estrangement between you and your father but in the end, he is still your father. From what that Moonflower said, after he found out you were not dead, he has been sending people to find you all this time. So that shows that he has at least been concerned about you.”

Yun Che’s words did not cause the coldness in Jasmine’s eyes to fade even a little bit. She only coldly replied, “You won’t understand.”

Without trying to dispute or explain anything, Jasmine suddenly raised her right hand. Her index finger began flashing with a faint red light and after that she pressed it against the center of Yun Che’s brow until she saw that red light sink into Yun Che’s brow.

“Within this memory fragment are all the words that I am unable to say to you right now.” Jasmine’s delicate face was still cold and detached but her eyes faintly shimmered for an instant, “Twenty four hours from now, the seal on this memory fragment will automatically undo itself. At that time, you will know what I want to tell you.”

“Also.” Jasmine did not even give Yun Che a chance to say anything as she immediately continued, “This morning, I had resolved myself for this moment to come the moment I had sensed Moonflower’s presence. So, I handed something to Hong’er and she carried it back with her into the Sky Poison Pearl. After I have left, you can take it from her… Even though it will not be able to increase your cultivation by too much, it will at least be able to increase your lifespan by several thousand years.”

“What you have left me is…”

“You don’t need to question me any further, you will know once you see it.” Jasmine said as she tilted her head up slightly to look into the distance, “Today, there are too many outsiders present… including those so-called Four Great Sacred Grounds. After I leave, the moment they realize that I am no longer around, they will definitely turn around to try to deal with you. It is not only because you have the Mirror of Samsara in your possession, it is also because they will seek to vent their anger and grievances on you for the punishment and humiliation I subjected them to that day—especially Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and Sun Moon Divine Hall. Once the threat of my existence is gone, they definitely won’t let a future threat like you continue to exist on this earth.”

“I understand.” Yun Che said softly. Compared to Jasmine’s impending departure, all of these things were completely insignificant to him.

“I had thought of directly taking action and slaughtering all of them, so that no one in this world would be able to pose a threat to you anymore,” Jasmine said as she shook her head lightly, “But, they do possess the reputation of being sacred places in the Profound Sky Continent, so if I destroyed all of them, all of the sin and infamy would fall upon your shoulders. Furthermore, given your personality, you wouldn’t want me to do it either.”

“On that day in Supreme Ocean Palace, you spared both Huangji Wuyu and Qu Fengyi. If they have any sense of shame and honor, they will not make another move against me again,” Yun Che said softly. “As for Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and Sun Moon Divine Hall, I had already promised you that I would rely on my own strength to pay them back and not rely on your strength. So even if I don’t have your protection, they will still not be able to do anything to me.”

“Furthermore, I won’t be afraid even if Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace attempt to make a move against me like they did twenty days ago! At most, I will use the Primordial Profound Ark to bring Grandfather, Frozen Cloud Asgard, and the rest of them to the Illusory Demon Realm. One day, I will definitely let them die in regret! So, they do not even deserve to die at your hands, you definitely don’t need to worry about me.”

“Actually, I am not worried about you.” Jasmine said blandly, “Even though your current strength is far from satisfactory, if it was so easy to get ahold of you, you would not have survived until today. I can only hope that Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace won’t be so foolish as to repeat their stupidity once more!”

“I won’t kill these people. It would be best if they behaved sensibly but if they do not, I will leave them for you to deal with personally. This will also keep you on your toes and prevent you from getting lonesome. However, if they really fail to appreciate my kindness… In the next few years after my departure, before you can absolutely guarantee your victory, you need to avoid confrontation for now, don’t rashly rush to your death.”

“I understand.” Yun Che said with a heavy nod of his head.

“Compared to the threat of the Four Sacred Grounds…” Jasmine said as her gaze grew heavy, “What I am truly worried about is the devil origin orb in your body.”

“Now that you have recovered your strength, you should be able to barely seal it using your own profound strength. It’s just that you’ll have to seal it far more often than if I did it for you. If it can always maintain its current state that would be for the best but I’m just afraid that it might manifest some sort of weird change in the future… After all, this is something on the level of the gods and devils and it has already bonded with your profound veins too.”

“Don’t worry.” Yun Che said with a forced smile, “My luck has always been very good.”

“If there are any weird changes that happen to it, go to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley to find the Golden Crow Spirit.” This was the only thing that Jasmine could think of, “After all, it did inherit a portion of the Golden Crow’s will and memories so it should possess extensive knowledge and experience. Perhaps, it will be able to think of something.”

“Mn, I understand.” Yun Che said as he nodded his head again, but he could not conceal the anguish in his eyes. Every single one of Jasmine’s words had either expressed worry for him, were nagging him or making arrangements for his future.

Without either of them noticing, many things between the two of them had long ago become habitual.

“There are also two more things you need to remember,” Jasmine said as she glanced at Moonflower. She discovered that Moonflower was stroking her own shoulders with her delicate hands, it was as if she was leisurely appreciating her own beauty and she was not even paying any attention to them, “The first thing is that you need to treat Hong’er well. Even though she may throw tantrums, act wilfully and stage little acts of rebellion from time to time, her heart is pure and she is especially devoted to you. After I leave, you will be the only person left in her world, so you definitely mustn’t bully her.”

“Yes, I will treat her well… Furthermore,” Yun Che said with a smile that took great effort. “I also wouldn’t dare to bully her.”

“The second thing… is the thing that you promised me before. You must never ever try to explore the depths of Cloud’s End Cliff.”

“Don’t you worry, I definitely won’t go anywhere near that place,” Yun Che said with a light nod of his head. “You said before that the Primordial Profound Ark only has enough power for me to make one trip to and from the Azure Cloud Continent. After I go there, I will bring Ling’er back with me. Other than Ling’er, there is nothing else I care about or miss in the Azure Cloud Continent. After that, I may never ever return to that place.”

“Mnn.” Jasmine gave a soft hum of acknowledgement before turning around, “Yun Che… this is goodbye.”


The isolation barrier shattered and Jasmine slowly floated into the sky, flying towards where Moonflower was.

“Jasmine!!” Yun Che moved forward just a step before he rigidly stopped himself. He yelled in a voice that was filled with boundless emotion and determination, “You can go back with no worries, because one day… one day I will come and find you! In order to see you again, I won’t slack off even for a single day! We will definitely meet again.”

Jasmine stopped in midair, not moving for a long time. After that, she turned around to face Yun Che. but her expression was not agitated or emotional. Instead, it was filled with an icy coldness that froze Yun Che’s very soul.

“Yun Che, in the end, we were still master and disciple.” Jasmine’s eyes were filled with a detached coldness that caused Yun Che’s breath to catch in his throat, “If you still respect me as your master, you need to promise me one last thing!”

“…” Jasmine’s eyes caused Yun Che to feel deeply puzzled and uneasy. He could only give a light nod of his head, “No matter what it is, as long as you say the word, I will make that promise.”

“Good!” Jasmine said with an imperceptible nod of her head, her voice cold and heartless, “I want you to immediately vow that you will never ever step into the Realm of the Gods!”

“Oho?” Moonflower’s gaze shifted to the side, her fingers still lightly stroking the long hair that fell upon her shoulders, a mildly interested look on her face.

“Ah…” Yun Che was completely stunned. After that, he asked in a dazed voice, “Why?”

“Because that isn’t a place that you should go to!” Jasmine said coldly, “Given your innate talent, comprehension ability and all of the things in your possession, you will be completely unrivaled in this world. You will be able to lord over it all your entire life and you will also have peace and safety for your entire life. There will no one who will be able to threaten you or the people you want to protect—this was also the reason why you chased after profound strength at first. It was also the original reason for you choosing the heavy sword. But if you do come to the Realm of the Gods, you will only be a lowly weakling! Any random person will easily be able to consign you to a dog’s death!”

“I want to go there to see you again. It is not to cultivate an even higher level of world cultivation nor is it to brave any dangers!” Yun Che yelled in a loud voice.

“Look for me? Why would you want to look for me?” Jasmine’s eyes slanted to the side but her voice still remained cold and heartless, “After I leave, you still have Hong’er to accompany you at all times! You still have relatives, friends and many women by your side! Without me, what difference will it make?”

“It will definitely be different! Jasmine, you are…”

“Don’t waste your breath!” Jasmine interjected as she turned around once more, “It looks like you have no desire to promise me this one thing. We have been master and disciple for this long, but you aren’t even willing to listen to the last thing I have to say to you. This has truly caused me extreme disappointment. Hmph. Fine then, I’ll leave it to you. Given your innate potential, perhaps you will indeed have the strength to go to the Realm of the Gods in a few hundred or even thousand years. But even though you will be able to enter the Realm of the Gods, you will definitely not be able to find me.”

“Covering all the possibilities, even if the most unexpected thing does happen and you are truly able to find me… I will also definitely not meet you!”

“When all’s said and done, you are merely an unexpected companion that I met and I am also the same thing to you. The destiny that you and I share has already been stretched to its very limit! Do not continue imagining that your feelings are being reciprocated!”

As her heartless words fell, Jasmine’s figure blurred and she instantly shifted to Moonflower’s side as she coldly said, “Moonflower, let’s go!”


The space had been torn apart, Jasmine’s figure completely disappearing in that instant.

“Aiyah.” Moonflower’s hand finally fell from her hair as she looked at the dazed Yun Che, who seemed as if he had lost his soul.

The moment her fingers left her hair, a strand of it gently fell from the tip of her finger as it lightly floated towards the ground below.

A faint wind blew and sand and dust stirred in the air but that falling strand of hair did not budge even an inch as it faintly flashed with a strange gloomy green shimmer.

“See you around, little brother,” Moonflower said as she cast a heavy and amorous gaze at Yun Che. But after that, she said something that was immeasurably strange and weird, “In order to thank you for taking care of her highness for all these years, this servant has specially prepared a small gift for you, okay? You better enjoy it.”


With a bewitching and seductive laugh, Moonflower’s voice vanished into thin air like a light and airy fog.


Chapter 828 – Eternal Farewell

Space distorted and Jasmine’s silhouette appeared above the Profound Sky Southern Ocean.

The blue ocean was vast as the sky and Jasmine was s

till as she floated in the air. Her ice cold heartless eyes were quickly melting… they melted until only a layer of mist, that hindered her vision of the whole world, remained.

Suddenly, it was… an eternal farewell…

All of this was too sudden for Yun Che but it was the same for her as well.

To Yun Che, there was only the heart wrenching pain of separation but to her, there was also indescribable helplessness and pain.

“This… is good as well…”

In a world without Yun Che, she muttered softly…

“The current him… can still grow swiftly without me…”

“In a few short years… he will be able to exact revenge personally… and fulfill his own wish… there’s no one else in this world that can threaten him… or disobey him…”

“He will miss me, and might even feel sad… but he has loving parents… so many friends… so many women… In a short while, he will… slowly forget about me…”

Jasmine slowly closed her eyes, her hands still placed on top of her chest, unable to pull them away… because it was far too suffocating. In her life, this was the third time she felt this way.

The first was the passing of her mother.

The second was falling of her brother.

The third…

A warm feeling filled the corners of her eyes and mouth at the same time. She instinctively stretched her hand and touched it…

It was tears at her eyes and blood at the corner of her mouth.

Because they would never be able to meet ever again.

Those seven years had been like a dream.

She slowly pulled her hands together and she muttered while out of sorts, “So, this is my… life’s biggest trial…”

The sound of the skies shrieking echoed from behind and it was soon followed by the delicate and gentle voice of Moonflower. “Your highness, do you wish to look at the scenery here a bit longer before we leave?”

“Not interested.” Jasmine’s eyes turned cold instantly. Without even turning back, she glanced at her and said, “Remember what you promised me. Otherwise… I’ll do what I said!”

“Your highness only knows how to scare this servant.” Moonflower replied half afraid and half begrudgingly, “After this servant brings your highness home, she definitely will not talk about that handsome little brother to my king. If she lies, this servant would let your highness punish her however she wants.”

“Hmph! Let’s go!”

Jasmine’s body flashed and she once again disappeared into the air before Moonflower.

She always had her back facing Moonflower so she did not see the crafty glow that was shining in Moonflower’s eyes as she spoke.


The most central hall of Phoenix City had been completely destroyed. This end to the engagement banquet, which gathered all the major sects, powerhouses, imperial families and visiting clans was not something anyone had expected.

Jasmine had already left but Yun Che still remained standing there. His expression and emotions were a complete mess and his brain seemed to have completely lost all ability to think. In the surroundings, the people who had been swept away by Jasmine all stared at one another. Some of them still had not snapped out of their shock yet because this was a sensation that they had never felt before on their path of profound cultivation.

“Brother-in-law’s master… is from another world?” Xia Yuanba uttered in shock, “Realm of… the Gods?”

“The fact that she came from another world was something that we were certain of because in the history books of Profound Sky Continent, there has never been such a level of strength.” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue sighed, “We just did not expect her to actually be from the legendary God Realm… No wonder she had such frightening strength.”

“God Realm?” Xia Yuanba turned and looked at his master, “Is that the ‘Realm of the Gods’ she and Brother-in-law mentioned? Does Master know that place?”

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue shook his head, “The universe is boundless and endless. Our world is but one of the many. In the legends, if one was able to breakthrough the Sovereign Profound Realm and enter the Divine Profound Realm, he would be on the brink of godhood. At that time, one’s spiritual senses would transcend the continent and one would be able to sense the existence of another world. In the ancient legends, the highest of worlds in the universe was named the God Realm. Old Man Duotian who disappeared thousands of years ago was said to have ascended to the God Realm after breaking through and attaining godhood.”

“The so-called ‘ascension’ of Old Man Duotian might have been a fake legend. However, the name ‘Realm of the Gods’ has been recorded in several ancient books and today, hearing this name from Yun Che’s master who came from another world… It looks like the ‘Realm of the Gods’ recorded in books does truly exist.”

“Ahhh…” Xia Yuanba’s mouth was agape as he muttered, “Brother-in-law said that his master was younger than little sister Xue’er, yet she’s so strong. The strange woman that appeared just now looked like she was stronger than Brother-in-law’s master. That God Realm… just what kind of a scary place is that?”

“That is a level that we could never comprehend. After all, being able to personally witness a being from the legendary God Realm, our lives haven’t been in vain. However…”

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue looked at the surroundings silently. The shock on the faces of the people from Absolute Monarch Sanctuary had not yet dissipated. Supreme Ocean Palace, who had just lost three Venerable Ones, were in a mix of shock and sadness. As for Sun Moon Divine Hall as well as Xuanyuan Wentian and his son, they all stared firmly at Yun Che while their expressions changed continuously.

“Hearing their last exchange, after she leaves, she will probably not return any more.” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue sighed, “Yuanba, you should understand that although this was only an engagement banquet, it was so grand… this was not because of Yun Che nor was it because of Divine Phoenix Sect but actually because of Yun Che’s master. Now that Yun Che’s master has left in front of everyone, Yun Che’s predicament… sigh.”

Xia Yuanba instantly recovered from his sudden shock.

No one dared to bring up Yun Che’s identity, because of his master. The fact that he possessed the Mirror of Samsara was already known to the world and no one dared to snatch it only because of his master. Now that his master had left… it also meant that the obstacle that was shielding him, preventing the Four Great Sacred Grounds from taking action against him had disappeared.

Other than that, Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s three dead attendants, the destruction of the northern region, the humiliation suffered by Ye Meixie and Qu Fengyi… they did not dare to take revenge on Yun Che’s master, but it was highly likely they would exact revenge and vent their frustrations on Yun Che!!

“I don’t believe…” Yun Che muttered to himself, “You obviously didn’t want to leave. I don’t believe that you do not wish to see me again… I don’t believe…”

“Big Brother Yun…”

Feng Xue’er hurried over to Yun Che’s side. She could feel Yun Che’s sadness and disappointment as she gently consoled, “Although I do not know what happened… that day that Supreme Ocean Palace, she worked so hard to protect you, so I believe that you and your master will definitely reunite one day.”

Yun Che gently lifted his head and smiled, “Xue’er, you’re right. I know how kindly she treated me all those years perfectly well. Her last words must be because she was afraid I would get into danger finding her… After all, I have already been scolded by her several times in the past because of such matters.”

“Mn!” Feng Xue’er nodded strongly.

“Brother-in-law!” Xia Yuanba hurried over and said in a suppressed voice, “You must be careful. Now that your master is no longer here, I’m afraid Xuanyuan Wentian and the others might…”

“I know.” Yun Che was extremely calm and did not look one bit shocked, “However don’t worry, they won’t do anything now. There’s so many people here, they would definitely consider their reputation. Even if they were to take action against me, it would be when everyone has left.

“Yuanba, don’t worry about me.” Yun Che suppressed his emotions and revealed a slight smile on his face, “Don’t forget, I have the Primordial Profound Ark. If i want to leave, even ten Xuanyuan Wentian’s would not be able to do anything to me. After this, I will bring Xue’er and leave… it looks like I can only temporarily return to the Illusory Demon Realm.”

Hearing what Yun Che said, Xia Yuanba was relieved.

On the other side, looking at Yun Che standing together with Feng Xue’er, Feng Hengkong’s emotions had completely flipped from before the banquet. He sighed heavily, “Such matters happening and of all days today… this is disastrous.”

All of the Divine Phoenix Sect disciples and elders including Feng Tianwei and Feng Zukui were dumbfounded.

Yun Che’s master had so suddenly left and would never return again. Yun Che had lost his massive backing… and Divine Phoenix Sect organizing such a grand banquet was only to inform the world that they had a massive backing that no one could offend.

However, even before the banquet had finished, all of these had suddenly burst like bubbles…

When Xuanyuan Wendao entered Phoenix City, there was no sense of arrogance from him. He who usually looked at the Divine Phoenix Sect Master with disdain was now treating him courteously and respectfully. In order the quell Yun Che’s anger, he had lowered his head and stepped his pride beneath his feet… However, seeing how everything ended, when he looked at Yun Che’s back now, his eyes and aura had all completely changed. The hatred and grievances that he had suppressed firmly in his heart had exploded like a wild beast and it caused his body to tremble uncontrollably.


Xuanyuan Wentian raised his hand and gave him an alerting glance before walking beside Feng Hengkong. He stated indifferently, “No one could have expected that a perfect wedding would turn into such a mess. Phoenix Sect Master attaining a good son-in-law but the son-in-law’s master has flown away… such a pity.”

Feng Hengkong felt his chest clench. Recalling a few hours back, when Xuanyuan Wentian arrived, he had brought gifts and even personally handed them over. He even bowed and asked in order for Xuanyuan Wendao to meet Yun Che… Now, when Xuanyuan Wentian spoke, it was obvious that he was speaking with a tone as though he was someone who was higher ranked and even a fool could hear the sarcasm in his words.

“Hoho,” Feng Hengkong laughed helplessly. “Ah, such matters are unpredictable but they have spoiled the mood of our distinguished guests.”

“That’s not the case. After all, this was not the intention of Divine Phoenix Sect right?” Xuanyuan Wentian replied with a smile before turning around. “A complete Phoenix City being destroyed. Looks like Divine Phoenix Sect Master will need to take some time to clean up this mess. Since that’s the case, we shall not stay here and be a nuisance.”

“Wendao, let’s go.”

Even before he finished speaking, Xuanyuan Wentian had already leapt into the sky and flown into the distance without looking back. Xuanyuan Wendao’s face twitched and convulsed as he stared ferociously at Yun Che before immediately catching up.

Xuanyuan Wentian leaving so coldly obviously meant that he did not bother saving face for Divine Phoenix Sect. However, those powerhouses from the six nations did not dare question it. Furthermore, a sly glint flashed past the eyes of the other three Sacred Masters almost simultaneously.


Chapter 829 – Moonflower’s Maliciousness

“Let’s go!” Sovereign of the Seas Qu Fengyi threw the word out coldly, flinged his sleeve and coldly left… Xuanyuan Wentian had at least said something but she did not even look Feng Hengkong in the eye.

The three venerables who died at the hands of Moonflower had their bodies eroded from the poison and Mo Chenfeng had even turned into dust; they could not bring him back even if they wanted to.

All the Ocean Palace venerables and elders also swiftly followed and left. Zi Ji had stayed until the end, cupped his hands towards Feng Hengkong and said, “Divine Phoenix Sect Master, I bid you farewell.”

“Pardon me for not sending you off,” Feng Hengkong hurriedly returned the greeting.

“Hmph!” Ye Meixie snorted coldly, gathered the people from Sun Moon Divine Hall and left as well.

Huangji Wuyu glanced at Feng Hengkong, before shooting Spiritual Master Ancient Blue with a mundane look. Spiritual Master Ancient Blue then said, “Yuanba, we are going to leave as well.”

“Ahh?” Xia Yuanba turned around, “Master, Lord Sacred Master, my Brother-in-law and Little Sister Xue’er have just gotten engaged, I want to stay for a few more days.”

“That is their matter, and Divine Phoenix Sect’s household matter. How is it appropriate for you to stay?” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue shook his head sternly.

“Yuanba, you should go back.” Yun Che smiled as he said, before silently sending a sound transmission over, “After you leave, I should be immediately returning to the Illusory Demon Realm for a few years and it would probably be hard for us to meet. However, you do not have to worry about my safety because even if Xuanyuan Wentian attacks the Illusory Demon Realm tomorrow, there would be no problem. My master has personally said before that even if the Four Great Sacred Masters were to work together, they might still not be a match for the Little Demon Empress.”

Xia Yuanba clenched his fists tightly but still lightly nodded in the end, “Brother-in-law, for the next few years, I will work hard and cultivate. The next time we meet, I will definitely give you a huge shock.”

“Hahaha, I believe that fully,” Yun Che laughed. All these years, Xia Yuanba brought him far too many miracles and surprises.

Huangji Wuyu brought Xia Yuanba and all the people from Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and left, similarly without saying anything to Feng Hengkong.

In the blink of an eye, the Four Great Sacred Grounds had all left and the atmosphere turned extremely awkward. When the other powerhouses saw this, they also gradually went to bid their farewells.

In a short amount of time, all the Profound Sky powerhouses, that had travelled all the way to attend the banquet, had all disappeared leaving behind a pathetic scene of a Phoenix City where the Phoenix Main Hall that once stood in the city center had been razed to the ground.

Feng Hengkong closed his eyes and inhaled strongly, his throat forced out a sigh that was extremely grim.

Having inherited the position of Divine Phoenix Sect Master and Divine Phoenix Emperor for an entire century, today was the first time that he had clearly felt reality.

Before and after Jasmine left… their predicament was even wider than heaven and earth.

“Sigh.” Feng Tianwei and Feng Zukui also let out a similar deep sigh whereas the other elders and attendants still remained shocked and did not know what to do.

Feng Hengkong’s gaze turned towards Feng Tianwei and Feng Zukui. All three of them looked equally helpless. Feng Hengkong sighed inwardly and walked towards Yun Che and Feng Xue’er.

“Yun Che, you should leave.” Feng Tianwei said, “Your identity of the Illusory Demon Realm Demon Emperor has been revealed. Furthermore, you possess the Mirror of Samsara. The Four Great Sacred Grounds will definitely not let you off. Now that your master has left, no one can protect you… Hurry up and leave to the place you think is the safest. Otherwise…”

Feng Tianwei looked up into the sky, “When everyone has dispersed, they might return immediately.”

Obviously, Feng Tianwei has seen through this as well. After all, during the Devil Sword Conference, he personally witnessed the Four Great Sacred Ground’s attitude towards this “Demon Emperor” as well as their hideous expression when facing the “Mirror of Samsara”.

“I’ll leave immediately.” Yun Che had already planned everything as he held Feng Xue’er’s hand, “However, it will not be me alone. I’ll bring Xue’er along with me.”

Feng Hengkong’s expression flipped as he angrily retorted, “No! Do you want to drag Xue’er into quicksand as well!?”

“No,” Yun Che shook his head firm, “It’s precisely because I’m worried about Xue’er’s safety that I have to bring her with me. Xue’er is now my fiancee. Those people that want to look for me might go after Xue’er when they cannot find me… Especially Xuanyuan Wentian, that despicable sly old fox. He’s definitely capable of doing this!”

“My Divine Phoenix Sect has the protection of the Phoenix God. Furthermore, Xue’er is the successor to the Phoenix God, who would dare to go after her!” Feng Hengkong howled, but right after he spoke, his might suddenly weakened… Because he suddenly remembered that Yun Che has long since known that the Phoenix God was dead.

“Don’t worry, the place that I’m going to bring Xue’er to is undoubtedly the safest place. She will not encounter any danger or face any threats. Otherwise, I would never choose to bring her along. Furthermore…” Yun Che’s voice was very calm and it seemed as though he had everything planned, “I have ways to speed up Xue’er’s cultivation. After I bring Xue’er away, we might not be able to return for years. However, the day that we return, I assure you that Xue’er’s phoenix powers will have grown to a jaw dropping level.”

Yun Che’s voice was so calm that it had an aura which one could not even try to question. Feng Hengkong looked at him for a while, before turning to Feng Xue’er, “Xue’er, do you want to stay at home or follow him?”

“Royal Father…” Feng Xue’er replied softly, “Where ever Big Brother Yun goes, I will follow.”

“…” The corners of Feng Hengkong lips twitched, but he did not speak for a while. He then turned around and let out a long sigh before grimly saying, “Yun Che, when you killed my sons… I fully deserved it and I could force myself to forget. However… if anything happens to Xue’er, I will not let you off even when I become a ghost!”

“Royal Father…” Feng Xue’er’s tears shot out nearly instantly as she said in a trembling voice, “Xue’er is unfilial. She has always made you worry all these years… Big Brother Yun and I will return soon… we will… Royal Father please take care of yourself…”

Feng Hengkong waved his hands behind and did not speak, as though asking them to leave immediately. Towards Yun Che, Feng Xue’er was more than infatuated with him; it could even be said that she had been bewitched by him. Although he could not bear it, was extremely worried and hated Yun Che, for a woman to meet a person she was willing to give her all for, perhaps it could be said to be happiness.

Feng Tianwei and Feng Zukui secretly listened in the entire time but they did not interrupt nor did they affect Feng Xue’er and Feng Hengkong’s final decision. Feng Zukui turned to an elder beside him and said, “Qingshan, go bring all the Three-striped Phoenix Spirit Pellets over and let Xue’er bring them along.”

“Yes.” The old man who was called “Qingshan” turned around and disappeared.

“Big Brother Yun, are we leaving now?” Feng Xue’er asked with tear filled eyes.

“Mn,” Yun Che nodded, “When she left, regardless whether it was my identity or whether it was the Mirror of Samsara that I had on me, I must temporarily leave the Profound Sky Continent. However, this is good as well. After all, I promised to bring you to the Illusory Demon Realm to meet my parents… After we leave here, we’ll go Blue Wind Imperial City to bring along your big sister Cang Yue. Then, we’ll go to Floating Cloud City to bring along Grandpa, Little Aunt, Xiao Yun, and the rest before we proceed to the Snow Region of Extreme Ice to bring the people of Frozen Cloud Asgard… For the next few years or perhaps decades, you will have to stay with me in the Illusory Demon Realm.”

Before he left for the Illusory Demon Realm, he had to bring all related people along… including Frozen Cloud Asgard. Otherwise, they would definitely meet with a great calamity. Furthermore, since had been tasked by the late Gong Yuxian and had already developed strong ties with Frozen Cloud Asgard, he could not leave them behind.

Furthermore, with the massive inner world of the Primordial Profound Ark, bringing along the few thousand members of Frozen Cloud Asgard was an easy feat.

“As long as it’s a place with Big Brother Yun, anywhere is fine,” Feng Xue’er looked at him and gently said. She did not have any worries or fears towards the unknown Illusory Demon Realm.

Just as she finished speaking, she felt Yun Che’s body freeze and she immediately asked, “Big Brother Yun, what’s wrong?”

The calm of Yun Che’s face disappeared and he wore a serious expression. Even his eyes had a brutal gaze.

This feeling…

Why would there be a sudden sense of fatal danger…

This frightening feeling was more frightening than what he experienced when he initially encountered the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign in the Moon Slaughter Devil’s nest…

What was it?

Just where exactly did it come from?

He had a frightening sensitivity towards dange. In that previous moment, a sense of danger of unknown origin caused all the hairs on his body to stand. All the nerves in his body tightened as well… That frightening feeling seemed like a giant python’s mouth was just inches above his own head.

However, the surrounding ground had already been levelled by Jasmine. Other than the people from Divine Phoenix Sect, there was no other outsider present nor did any outsider approach. Furthermore, not a single person revealed killing intent. However, this extremely scary dangerous feeling lingered around creepily as though it was borne out of thin air.

Yun Che’s palm grabbed firmly onto the helpless Feng Xue’er and pushed her behind him. He gritted his teeth and scanned the surroundings… Suddenly, on the empty ground, he spotted a strand of very fine and very minor reflection that one usually would not have been able to tell with the naked eye.

After forcefully plucking the Netherworld Udumbara Flower in the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, Yun Che’s soul force surged after he woke up from his unconsciousness. This extremely minor reflection entered his spirit sense and into his vision.

That was a strand of long hair… Right before Moonflower left, she dropped it from between her fingers.

The black and long strand of hair seemed to possess a dark green glow to it as well.

Yun Che looked at it dumbly before his expression drastically changed. His eyes widened till they nearly burst out as his gathered all the strength in his hands and roughly pushed Feng Xue’er away.

“Xue’er leave, quick!!”


Even before Feng Xue’er, who had been pushed away, managed to regain her composure, a violent piercing noise erupted from behind…

That strand of hair left behind by Moonflower turned into a thick deep green glow and shot towards Yun Che at a speed that he could not react to and could not even comprehend. It shot through his chest and came out from behind scattering the sky with… green blood.


Yun Che was sent flying and landed hundreds of meters away. The green glow then disappeared, but on the left side of Yun Che’s chest, a huge bloodied hole appeared… His heart had been completely destroyed.

The green poison began to spread on the side of the wound… However, it was quickly cleansed by the Sky Poison Pearl and completely disappeared.

Yun Che fell to the ground, his face pale white, his eyes unfocused and his lips trembling with difficulty…


Yun Che’s eyes completely lost any signs of life and he fell silent.

Yun Che had received numerous injuries in his life and many times they were severe. However, his body and willpower exceeded that of a normal man. No matter how severe the injury, he would never let himself become unconscious. Even during the fight with the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign where he completely consumed all his profound energy, he managed to forcefully hang on and did not lose conscious immediately.

However, this time, he could not even shout out “Hong’er’s” name and had already lost his conscious. The hole before his chest and the pool of blood belonging to his body was a frightening sight.

Moonflower promised Jasmine not to mention Yun Che to anyone after she returned. This promise, would definitely be kept… because she promised to not mention Yun Che. However, she never said that she wouldn’t kill him.

When she promised Jasmine… or perhaps when she detected Jasmine’s aura on Yun Che, Yun Che had already become a dead person in her eyes.

Although what she left behind was only a thin strand of hair, it possessed extremely frightening poison and divine power. No matter whether it was the poison or the divine power, it could easily poison or obliterate anyone single person from the Profound Sky Continent!

There was no chance of survival at all.

Yun Che possessed the Sky Poison Pearl which cleansed Moonflower’s poison.

He possessed the Dragon God’s Body, and was protected by Rage God’s strength. That was why his body did not disintegrate on the spot. However, that was still the power of a god. Not only had a huge hole been pierced through, the energy that entered his body had torn his body completely apart from the inside, shattering all of his meridians and veins.