Against the Gods


Against the Gods Chapter 824-825

Chapter 824 – Moonflower of Hell (2)

It was time. Guests filled the entire hall. The Phoenix Main Hall and side halls were already filled with guests from all over the Profound Sky and any one of them was a well-known person within the Profound Sky Continent. The seats that had been set up outside the halls nearly took up half of Phoenix City. Although they might only able to sit outside, anyone that could enter Phoenix City was already undoubtedly the ruler of some land or some form of royalty.

This engagement banquet, which has been labelled the most prestigious one in the entire history of the Profound Sky Continent, was personally hosted by Feng Hengkong. Even Feng Zukui, who no longer bothered with such affairs, was present. Feng Tianwei, along with all the other grand elders who rarely showed their faces and usually just remained in seclusion were all present as well… They all wanted to personally witness the Divine Phoenix Sect’s most glorious moment.

Standing in the center of the main hall, Feng Hengkong who had already been emperor for a hundred years could not contain the agitation within himself. All the powerhouses in the world had gathered and even the Four Great Sacred Grounds were present… and the Four Sacred Masters all personally attended and prepared mighty gifts that were presented by their sect's most important character as a sign of respect. Such a scene was something that he dared not even dream of and this scene was several times more grand than his ascension ceremony years ago.

The goal of Divine Phoenix Sect had always been to one day be on the same standing as the Four Great Sacred Grounds. However, with the current state of Divine Phoenix Sect, even if it were to safely maintain its progress, to achieve such a goal would require several thousand years of time. Furthermore, with the Phoenix God dead, Divine Phoenix Sect had always been on the brink of danger. Their greatest wish had always been the full awakening of Xue'er's powers.

Today, the situation has drastically changed. A figure that could cause the Four Great Sacred Grounds to be scared out of their wits has appeared, and this individual was Yun Che's master. The status of Divine Phoenix Sect had thus been elevated due to Yun Che's relationship with Princess Snow.

The Four Great Sacred Grounds obviously did not come because of their Divine Phoenix Sect. They had only came to please Yun Che. As long as their Divine Phoenix Sect were to maintain their good relations with Yun Che, even if the truth with regards to the Phoenix God were exposed, they would have no reason to worry. Even if the Four Sacred Grounds had ten times the courage they had now, they would not dare to cause trouble for the Divine Phoenix Sect because the person who had just married Yun Che was not any ordinary Phoenix Sect disciple but their future sect master!

Feng Hengkong heavily sighed with emotion in his heart. He used to constantly feel worry and pained regarding this matter between Feng Xue'er and Yun Che. This was even his sole reason for developing killing intent towards Yun Che initially. In the end, he had no choice but to accept it due to Feng Xue'er's persistence. Now, he learned that this was not a disaster for Divine Phoenix Sect, but a blessing in disguise! The conflict they had in the past, even the grudge of the murdered sons, all paled in comparison.

"Everyone," Feng Hengkong said after looking up, his deep and authoritative voice spreading throughout every corner of Phoenix City by his profound energy, "Today is my daughter's twentieth birthday, and it is also time to fulfill a promise made back then to help her decide on her marriage. For everyone to come all the way here for my daughter's matter, I, Feng Hengkong am grateful."

Feng Hengkong's tone changed swiftly as he calmly continued, "I, Feng Hengkong, have fourteen sons but only one daughter. I love her very much and treat her as my treasure. Xue'er grew up beside the Phoenix God since she was young, and she is the first person in the entire history of my Divine Phoenix Sect to have truly inherited the Phoenix God's legacy. She is my beloved daughter and also the future of my sect. Therefore, as Xue'er's birth father and the Divine Phoenix Sect Master, I have never once thought of marrying her to a person outside of the sect."

"However, several years back, Xue'er and Yun Che met alongside the Phoenix God, experienced woes together and shared life and death together. Although my Divine Phoenix Sect has several grudges with Yun Che, their relationship has never faltered and instead grew stronger and stronger to the point that they would not even part in death. In the end, this became a chance to settle our grudges… Thinking about it this way, doesn't this marriage seem like it was arranged by the heavens?"

Feng Hengkong's words were both moving and ingenious. He turned around slightly and said with a smile, "Xue'er, Che'er hurry and come welcome the guests."

Yun Che and Feng Xue'er held hands, walked into the hall and stood beside Feng Hengkong. Yun Che was dressed casually while Feng Xue'er was dressed in the phoenix robe that she wore when she first met Yun Che. The moment they appeared, the entire world seemed to have been engulfed by a glittering light, a light so dazzling that it was almost impossible for anyone to open their eyes.

Because today's Feng Xue'er did not wear her snow veil and her face was completely exposed to everyone. The shine of her beauty seemed to suddenly cause everything in the world to lose its glow.

People who had heard of Feng Xue'er's name were plentiful but only a very few had seen her actual appearance. They all stared dumbfoundedly at this beauty who was said to be the most beautiful woman within the Profound Sky. Their attention was firmly fixed on her, unable to pull away… The beauty of the woman they were looking at could not simply be described with words. Even the best painter in the world would not be able to replicate her beauty one bit and even in their dreams, they would not be able to imagine such unparalleled beauty.

Shocked, stunned, envious and suffocated… No one that saw Feng Xue'er's beauty would question that she was the number one beauty in the entire Profound Sky Continent. However, when they thought of Yun Che who was beside her, all their imaginations and jealousy had been exterminated at the same time. Several people snapped back to reality with great difficulty as they lowered their heads hastily and dared not look anymore, afraid that they might subconsciously lose control.

As Feng Xue'er's elder brother, even Feng Ximing rarely managed to see her without the veil. He stared closely with both eyes wide open and had a look of extreme lust. However, he clenched both his hands tightly while his heart wrenched tightly in pain. If it were before the Devil Sword Conference, he would go into a frenzy without any care for repercussions. However, facing Yun Che now, his remaining sanity caused him to be unable to do anything. It was as though he was being pinned onto a cross and was experiencing excruciating pain and jealousy while not being able to move.

After the appearance of Yun Che and Feng Xue'er, what followed was naturally a series of standard procedures. Although Yun Che loathed such things, he tried his best to follow—he did not want Feng Xue'er to feel any bit of regret.

"Che'er, Xue'er's mother passed on early. This band was left behind by her when she was still alive. She wanted me to personally hand it over to Xue'er's partner. All these years, I've always kept it with me and never let it leave my side."

Feng Hengkong gently held the golden threaded band in his hand for quite a few moments before he reluctantly passed it on to Yun Che, "From when Xue'er was thirteen, I had already begun thinking about her marriage. However, no matter what I thought, the most basic criteria was that he had to marry into our sect as we definitely could not allow Xue'er to marry out. Now, I'm going to pass this band and Xue'er officially to you. However… I do not want you to marry into our sect nor would I request that you do anything else for our Divine Phoenix Sect. All I ask for is for you to treat Xue'er kindly and not let my precious daughter suffer any grievances… That'll be enough. Xue'er's deceased mother would undoubtedly feel assured as well."

Feng Hengkong organizing this engagement banquet that shook the heavens, was indeed so that he could rely on Yun Che's strength to build the Divine Phoenix's might, as well as eliminating the huge danger that had always been present. However, Yun Che could tell that these words that Feng Hengkong just said were from his heart—at this moment, he was only Feng Xue'er's father.

"Don't worry, even if I have to risk my life, I would not let Xue'er suffer from any grievances." Yun Che said as he held the band in his hands seriously.

Feng Hengkong nodded slightly. With what Yun Che just said, it was already sufficient for him.

In the hall, Zi Ji let out a heartfelt sigh, "Princess Snow and Asgard Master Yun are the two most outstanding individuals of the current younger generation. Regardless whether it is their looks, qualifications or profound cultivation, there is no one that can match up to them. They are truly a match made in heaven."

As Zi Ji spoke, echoes of agreement sounded one after another.

"In this world, only Princess Snow could possibly match up to Asgard Master Yun. Similarly, the only person that can match up to Princess Snow's Phoenix status and alluring looks is no doubt Asgard Master Yun."

"It really makes people sigh with envy."

"Phoenix Sect Master, why don't you set the date of marriage today as well so that we can prepare early for the big day," One of the top clan masters within Divine Phoenix Empire shouted.

Setting the date of marriage during the engagement banquet was originally normal and logical. However, this was something sensitive for Feng Hengkong. Since he did not force Yun Che to marry into Divine Phoenix Sect, so, the marriage date should naturally be decided by the male side. However, not only were Yun Che's parents not present, they were an unspeakable taboo as well…

Feng Hengkong instantly burst out laughing, skipped over what was said and raised his hand and shouted, "Everyone present today are all my Divine Phoenix Sect's distinguished guests. Please do not hold back and enjoy yourself to the fullest."



The calls of the Phoenix were heard in sky above Phoenix City. Some of them were low and warm while others were high pitched. As people looked up, they saw thousands of Phoenix Sect disciples that were fully ignited in phoenix flames rush into the sky. They formed ninety nine figures of Phoenixes and danced in the skies, scattering scorching flame light and phoenix might all over Phoenix City.

"Hahahaha," Feng Hengkong laughed heartily, "The Phoenix Silhouette Sky Dance has already begun. Everyone please enjoy and start drinking. No one can leave sober!"

Both the inside and outside of the hall replied in unison. The place soon turned lively as laughter was mixed with the noise of conversation and the resulting sound waves flooded the area.

Looking at the bustling and excited hall, Feng Hengkong's surging heart still could not calm itself. Although he could not completely get over the grudge of Yun Che killing his sons, he strongly believed that with Yun Che's protective personality, he would definitely not mistreat Xue'er.

The daughter that he regarded to be his life finding the best man that she also deeply longed for, who at the same time, also allowed their Divine Phoenix Sect's status to skyrocket, causing the Four Great Sacred Grounds to never dare to touch them… and even Mighty Heavenly Sword Region to curry favor with him.

Perhaps it was the blessing of the Ancient Phoenix God that allowed them to instantly step out of the peril they spent everyday worrying about and rise to the pinnacle.

After several rounds of alcohol, the atmosphere of the banquet became even more lively. The Phoenix Silhouette Sky Dance performance also reached its climax and the sky was filled cries of the fiery Phoenix. It was as though the whole sky had been lit on fire. Feng Hengkong came over beside Yun Che and Feng Xue'er, "Che'er, Xue'er, it's getting late. Follow me around to give toasts. As for the date of the wedding… Che'er, we still need to seek your parents' opinions. There's no need to rush. Wait…"


An unusual exploding noise suddenly sounded in the sky and it was followed by the violent tremors of the space. This caused the originally lively hall to suddenly turn grim. At the same time, pitiful cries were heard as the phoenix disciples who had been dancing in the air crashed into ground with failing flames.

"Who's there! How dare you barge into Phoenix City!" Several phoenix disciples shouted in deafening voices.

"What happened?" Feng Xue'er hurriedly asked.

"Let me go see."

Just as Feng Hengkong was about to rush out of the hall, the surrounding abruptly grew brighter. A scorching wave also surged from above. Instinctively, everyone looked up and became stunned.

When they looked up, they actually saw a sky filled with residual scattering flames… The roof of the Phoenix Main Hall had actually disappeared!

Feng Hengkong remained rooted. Yun Che and Feng Xue'er were shocked as well… Those that were able to enter the Phoenix Main Hall were undoubted figures with extremely high statuses. The Four Sacred Masters, the twelve Spiritual Masters of the Sanctuary, the seven Venerable Ones of the Supreme Ocean Palace, and the five Divine Envoys of the Divine Hall were all present but no one could tell how exactly did the roof disappear.

It was as though it was silently absorbed into the atmosphere in an instant.

"This… what happened? Just what has happened!" The atmosphere in Phoenix City changed drastically. A strong sense of unrest seemed to descend out of thin air and flooded everyone's thoughts. The phoenix disciples that were in charge of security were all activated and each one of them looked into the sky, fully focused.

A cool breeze blew. The sound of the wind was so calm that one could almost not hear anything stirring. However, the residual phoenix flames in the sky seemed as though they had been swept away by a violent storm and disappeared without a trace.

Following the residual flames being dispersed, the figure of a woman appeared high above the sky of Phoenix City and she was accompanied by a barely discernible odd fragrance.

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Chapter 825 – Moonflower of Hell (3)

As the residual flames dispersed, the figure of a woman appeared in the sky high above Phoenix City, carrying a seemingly illusory scent.

In an instant, the condensed aura once again underwent a change, a restless and uncomfortable feeling was speedily spreading out from within the hall. Tens of thousands of eyes were staring straight at the female figure in the sky, turning languid as though their souls were being hooked. This was especially so among a few youths whose saliva was flowing out from the corners of their mouths, yet they did not know how to swallow it back.

There were even some who had blood flowing out from their noses, yet they were completely unaware of it.

The ascetic twelve Spiritual Masters of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary lowered their heads at seemingly the same time and they constantly recited the mantra of clarity. However, they did not dare to raise their heads even after a long while.

The woman in the sky had a tall figure, and was even taller than the average male. She was dressed in a jade-green silk gown which was seemingly translucent, and her coquettish jade body was rather discernible. The silk sleeves slipping over her arms and thighs were however completely transparent. Her pair of silky arms were smooth and crystal clear while her shoulders glistened bright.

Half wrapped in chiffon, the bosoms in front of her chest were enormous. Seemingly a large half of them were exposed, blatantly sandwiching a deep valley and the white luster they had led to people coveting and salivating for them.

Under the jade-green silk gown, her two beautiful slim, long legs were completely exposed, their creaminess was to the extent where people could lose control, wanting to hug and lick them.

Within the Profound Sky Continent, even the brothel women did not dare to dress themselves this revealingly to seduce people, let alone a woman who cultivated the profound that could use the Profound Floating Technique. Appearing above Phoenix City, her endlessly seductive body was being watched by countless experts, yet she had not a single change to her expression. With a flirtatious face and dark painted brows, her tiny, water hibiscus-like, red lips revealed a faint smile.

When comparing her facial appearance, she was far from the perfection and flawlessness of Feng Xue'er. However, her entire body was emitting a demonic charm capable of taking away the souls of men. Her pair of eyes especially, looked as though they were carrying the water of autumn. When her gaze met the people below, it was as though she was secretly sending autumn ripples to the people, causing their hearts to go into ecstasy. With a mere glance, it was enough to fiercely arouse the men's most primitive desires.

This was a completely foreign face; not a single person had seen it once before. Furthermore, the initially tense atmosphere, following after the appearance of this woman, completely underwent a change. Yun Che regained his senses after being stunned for a short while and at this moment, he suddenly realized that among most of the young profound practitioners present, they had dull-looking eyes and their saliva were flowing straight off their lips. There were even some who had blood wildly pouring out from their noses… This caused his heart to suddenly skip a beat.

To be capable of entering Phoenix City, these young profound practitioners were definitely not just average people. No matter how charming a woman could be, a mere glance of her should not have lead them into making such unsightly displays of themselves in this large hall and audience.

This was clearly… soul suppression!?
However, he did not sense any profound aura or ripples of soul energy emitting out from the woman in the sky… This meant that, this was completely caused by this mysterious woman's most natural, most normal state!

In regards to someone capable of causing such shocking soul suppression on this many profound experts in her natural state, in his entire life, Yun Che had only seen it happening with Jasmine around!

When Jasmine made her appearance, she did not require any profound energy or soul energy, but by merely meeting people's gazes, she could make figures like the four great Sacred Masters feel as though they had fallen into a frozen river, crumbling their will. This woman however did not need to intentionally lock her eyes onto someone but with just a mere glimpse of her, profound practitioners as strong as a Throne or Tyrant would lose their hearts and souls.

Furthermore, the feeling this woman gave him, was actually…

Actually similar, albeit a little faint, to Jasmine!?

"To actually dare disrupt this banquet, where did you come from, demoness!?"

Huangji Wuyu growled and like a clock striking midnight, it shook awake the people who had lost their senses from their daze.

"Big Brother Yun, who is she? She's wearing… very little." Feng Xue'er leaned next to Yun Che, and softly said. As a woman, even she was a little embarrassed looking towards the sky.

Yun Che: "…"

Feng Hengkong swept a glance throughout the hall, and with sunken brows, furiously said. "May I know who your excellency is, and what kind of grudge you have with our Divine Phoenix Sect? Why did you disrupt our banquet, and harm our Phoenix disciples!?"

"This woman is dressed indecently, and dirties the clarity of one's eyes. Furthermore, her body carries a bewitching art. Her motive being here is definitely not a kind one," Spiritual Master of Detached Heart of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary calmly said.

Bewitching art? Yun Che's brows locked even tighter than before. Being together with Jasmine for seven years, he was completely certain that it was definitely not an intentional emission of a so-called bewitching art but a soul suppression under one's natural state! Furthermore, because her soul level was simply too high, even these peak-level experts of the Profound Sky Continent were unable to notice it and they instinctively believed that was merely a vulgar bewitching art.

Could it be that the soul level of this strange woman, was actually comparable to Jasmine's!?

Im… Impossible! In this world, someone that could be on par with Jasmine basically should not exist!

"Brother-in-law, what happened to you?" Xia Yuanba who arrived next to Yun Che suddenly realized Yun Che's entire body was tensed up, as though he had realized something extremely frightening.

"This woman used a bewitching art to confuse the crowd the moment she arrived. Since this visitor does not have good intentions, what's the point of wasting our breath with her!?" Mo Chenfeng, Great Elder of Supreme Ocean Palace, coldly said. "But this woman's bewitching art is indeed astonishing, her cultivation must certainly be impressive as well. Sovereign, let me personally take her down!"

"Mn." Sovereign of the Seas Qu Fengyi slightly nodded.

Mo Chenfeng instantly rose in the air. Accompanied by a violent surge of wind, he headed straight for the woman in the sky dressed in a green gown. "Demoness, it's best if you quickly give up any form of resistance!"

"Wait a minute, don't attack, question her motives first!"

Yun Che quickly roared out but he was already too late in stopping him.

Because of the opponent's extremely powerful "bewitching art", Mo Chenfeng did not belittle his opponent too much, neither did he leave any reserves because his opponent was a woman. Under the divine might of a level eight Monarch, a violent tornado dispersed the scattered clouds in the sky. However, at the center of the tornado, the charming woman did not move in the slightest, neither did her sleeves flutter with the wind. She gently reached out her right hand, pointed her finger at the charging Mo Chenfeng, and with a light tap… a very thick jewelweed polish was smeared on her fingernails, sparkling brightly in red.

The violent wind disappeared. A streak of green light slightly flashed on Mo Chenfeng's body, and following after… his body, like a sand sculpture being blown apart, suddenly disintegrated, turning into tiny, green sand particles which scattered in the sky…

And then, they silently dissipated from this world.

This scene was fantastically beautiful, yet all of the profound practitioners present instantly paled from horror.

Because that was an elder who was ranked first in Supreme Ocean Palace! A incredibly powerful level eight Monarch! They bore witness with their own eyes, that with just a light tap of a finger by this seductress from an unknown origin… without the slightest of profound energy ripples produced, without a clash of power that could shake the sky and earth, the profound energy released by Mo Chenfeng disappeared without a trace and his entire being directly disintegrated into powder that could be swept away by a light breeze!!

"Th-th-this… This is…" Feng Hengkong's eyes split open from horror, and turned incoherent with his words. Even the four great Sacred Masters positioned at the center of the hall were showing terribly aghast expressions… and this was also the second time they made such expressions in their entire life .

The first time, was the day when they were facing Jasmine!



After a brief span of cold silence, sorrowful and trembling cries rang out. Three figures from the seats allocated to Supreme Ocean Palace rose into the sky, charging towards the position where Mo Chenfeng disappeared from… The three of them were respectively dressed in red, yellow and blue, and the profound aura from their bodies were also powerful to a shockingly peerless extent!

Because these three people were extraordinary existences within Supreme Ocean Palace who had statuses surpassing elders—they were three out of the Supreme Ocean Palace's Seven Venerable Ones!

Venerable Red, Venerable Yellow, and Venerable Blue.

Among them, Venerable Blue's cultivation level was that of a level ten Monarch, and in Supreme Ocean Palace, he was preceded only by Sovereign of the Seas Qu Fengyi and Venerable Purple! He could be said to be ranked in the world's top ten strongest individuals.

Venerable Blue's name was Mo Jueya, and Mo Chenfeng was his son.

"Y-you demoness! You dare… You dare use your demonic arts… to kill this venerable one's son!!" With his trembling body, Venerable Blue pointed at the charming woman.

Facing the three Venerable Ones who were enveloped with anger, the charming woman's tender body shrank back, as though she was feeling aggrieved. "Uncle, this servant don't follow your words."

When her voice left her lips, everyone instantly felt a numbing sensation in their bodies, and even their bones had softened in an instant… Yun Che was no exception as well. Her voice was delicate like a young girl's, yet at the same time, it carried the suave and indolence of a mature woman. In between, it even carried a seductive feeling that could seep into one's bones. With just a few words, the hearts of those who heard them shook and they felt as though their souls were about to escape their bodies, heading to where that voice came from.

Yun Che had heard too many bewitching voices, however, never had he encountered one that was bewitching to this extent, where the voice could numb one's soul just by reciting a few short syllables.

"This servant is here to find a person, and I have not accidentally killed anyone. However, you people wanted to fight and kill the moment this servant made her appearance, yet now you're trying to blame this servant instead. For so many big men bully this little girl, it's so shameless."

After these words were spoken, the people below were barely able to stand stably due to the numbness in their bodies.

"Elder brother, do not waste your breath with this demoness… Just kill her!!" Venerable Red's eyes were flushed red and as he growled, a jade-blue broadsword appeared in his hands in a flash, and with a light swing, it brought about disorderly ripples in space. Venerable Blue and Venerable Yellow closely followed behind as well. Overwhelmed with grief and anger, the three great Venerable Ones attacked at the same time and this first attack of theirs, was a killing move without any openings to escape from!

"Step back!!"

Qu Fengyi and Zi Ji paled from shock, and they roared out at the same time. Someone that could kill Mo Chenfeng in an instant was basically a terrifying existence that surpassed the understanding of anyone in the Profound Sky Continent! Though they were the Ocean Palace's Venerable Ones who stood at the highest peak of the Profound Sky Continent, there was still a grave possibility…


No one clearly saw what happened. They merely heard a light ringing and the violent tornado of profound energy, along with the spatial chaos that filled the sky, that was brought upon by the three Venerable Ones, had completely disappeared. All three of the Venerable Ones' chests were struck with a glowing green substance.

The three Venerable Ones' eyes widened to the extreme and their expressions were completely frozen. In the next moment, their faces, their entire bodies, and even the robes they were wearing and the swords in their hands, had turned jade-green. Then, like three lifeless stone sculptures, they smashed downwards from the sky above.

"Ven… Venerable Ones…"

Everyone, especially the people from Supreme Ocean Palace had all turned dumbstruck. Looking at the three bodies that were falling from the sky, a few elders of Supreme Ocean Palace unconsciously wanted to catch them. Immediately after, Yun Che's explosive roar rang in their ears, "Don't touch them!"

The Ocean Palace's elders froze, and unconsciously stopped their feet.


The three jade-green bodies smashed onto the ground at the same time and at the instant they landed, the bodies which should have possessed a Monarch's profound protective aura and should have been a hundred times sturdier than jade, shattered into pieces like limestones. The blood flowing out was jade-green in color and wherever the blood flowed, the profound jade floor would quickly sink.

The faces of the few Ocean Palace's elders paled from this terrifying sight as they retreated in a panic.

"It's poison… an extremely terrifying poison!" Yun Che muttered softly, his right hand tightly grasped onto Feng Xue'er's arm, and Feng Xue'er's face had long lost its color from this horrifying scene.

"Hehehehe…" The charming woman let out a tender and frail laugh. "You can't blame this servant for this now, it was them who first wanted to bully this servant."

This time however, there was no longer anyone being dazed by lust because their hearts had already been covered with immense fear, and only endless dread and cold remained.

Disintegrating Mo Chenfeng in an instant, and then… eliminating three Supreme Ocean Palace's Venerable Ones in an instant!!

This scene, which was even more terrifying and absurd than a dream itself, was something they had just experienced several days ago!

Just what was going on with this world!? The Four Great Sacred Grounds were clearly the largest power in the world! The Four Great Sacred Grounds were the overlords which could not be opposed by anyone in the world! However, the red-clothed young girl that appeared nineteen days ago instantly killed the three Sword Attendants and stepped on the Four Great Sacred Masters as though they were mere ants, silencing the Four Great Sacred Grounds. A person like that, throughout the entire history of the Profound Sky Continent, had never once appeared before. The appearance of a single one was already extremely abnormal…

Now, only a few days had passed, yet another person that could instantly kill the three Venerable Ones appeared!

Feng Hengkong's pupils shrank and the demeanor he had earlier disappeared without a trace. A heavy sense of fear was also wildly spreading throughout Phoenix City.

At this moment, the terrifying charming woman in the sky suddenly disappeared.

A green light flashed in front of Yun Che's eyes and a flirtatious face appeared before his eyes. Her face was close to the point where it could be reached by a stretched hand, carrying a strangely nice-smelling illusory scent.

That terrifying woman in a green gown actually appeared before their eyes. Feng Xue'er and Xia Yuanba yelled out in surprise at the same time, while Feng Hengkong and the rest who were in the vicinity had even paled from shock, as they frantically retreated like they were being electrocuted. Yun Che was shocked to the core but before he could retreat, a hand with especially slender and long fingers had already lightly pinched on the button in front of her chest, the jewelweed polish smeared above her fingernails emitted out a mysterious floral scent.

However, other than that, his profound energy was not sealed and the charming woman's hand did not release any form of energy. But, he did not dare to move. He was very certain that, with the strength she possessed that could instantly kill the three Venerable Ones, if she wanted to kill him, an instant was all she needed.

"Big Brother Yun!"


Seeing Yun Che being restricted by her, Feng Xue'er and Xia Yuanba were stricken with horror, and was about to charge over. Yun Che hurriedly growled. "Don't come over, hurry and step back. She… She doesn't wish to harm me."

"You're correct." The charming woman smiled as she stared into Yun Che's eyes. Her charming eyes were like silk and her voice was as gentle as cotton. "Little brother, this servant simply wishes to ask you a question. As long as you reply obediently, this servant will immediately let you go."

Her voice was creamily tender, her eyebrows were arched and her watery, almond-shaped eyes glistened brightly, bewitching in an indescribable manner. She did not look like she was taking Yun Che hostage in the slightest, rather, it looked as though she had the desire to leap into his embrace and release her feelings of passion.

"What… do you want to ask?" Yun Che did his best to calm his heart down.

"Tell this servant." The charming woman's face slowly closed in. "Where is Princess Jasmine right now?"

"…" Yun Che's pupils suddenly shrank but right after, he determinedly said. "Princess Jasmine? What are you talking about? I don't understand very well."

The corner of the charming woman's lips lightly arched upwards, her pair of charming eyes slightly narrowed as well. The light in her eyes turned coquettish and dangerous. "Little brother, it's bad to lie, you know. Your body carries her scent, you know."

"Release him!!"

A heart-piercing chilling voice suddenly sounded from the back, causing the surrounding temperatures to instantly plummet.

Yun Che's pupils shook, and he subconsciously called out. "Jasmine!"

The charming woman slowly turned around and looked towards the young girl in red dress who was walking out from the spatial rift at the back. Within her beautiful eyes that flowing with green radiance, a strange dazzling light flashed past. Then, she faintly smiled. "Your highness, this servant finally managed to find you."

"I don't want to say it a third time, release him." Jasmine's face, eyes, and voice, did not carry even the slightest of emotion.

"Hehehehe." The charming woman let out a tender laugh. "No wonder this little brother has your highness' scent… Your highness, don't be nervous. Such a handsome little brother, even if your highness orders this servant to kill him, this servant cannot bear to do it."

The charming woman lightly tapped her finger, and Yun Che instantly staggered back, leaning into Feng Xue'er's embrace.

"Jasmine!" Yun Che worriedly shouted. However, he basically did not know what he should and could do in the situation before his eyes.

"It's been seven years, seeing that your highness is still safe and sound, this servant feels boundless joy from the depths of her heart." Even when facing Jasmine, the charming eyes of the charming woman were still like silk, and her smile looked as though it carried a hundred blooming flowers.

"It's been seven years, yet you're still so loathsome," compared to her flirtatiousness, Jasmine's voice was as cold as a frozen spring. Slowly, she muttered the other party's name. "Moonflower!"

People who had heard of the Twelve Star Gods of Star God Realm, would be aware of the two most frightening existences that could strike them with terror just by conversing about them.

Among the two, was the Heavenly Poison Star God.

And presently, standing in front of Jasmine was this woman who was seemingly born to bewitch men, the Heavenly Poison Star God who carried the title "Moonflower of Hell"!


Presently, everyone who was looking at her, would merely see that she possessed charm that could bewitch the entire world but only Jasmine was fully aware that the phrase "If glamor is like peaches and plums, then poison is like snakes and scorpions", could be fully exemplified by this woman!

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