Against the Gods


Against the Gods Chapter 819-821

Chapter 819 – Giant Darkness Beast

"Given the level of the laws in this world, this kind of darkness energy shouldn't even exist." Jasmine said as she raised her head. What was even stranger was the fact that such a dreadful dark devil aura did not dissipate into the space that was ten meters above her.

It was as if something was securely confining this world below, not allowing it to escape.

But when Jasmine had crossed between "both of these worlds," she had not felt anything or any power trying to obstruct her.

These were two worlds were clearly connected, but they were governed by a completely different set of laws and they did not interfere with each other!?

This was something that was completely and absolutely unfathomable… it was so inconceivable that even Jasmine was not able to understand it.

The suction force that was tugging at her from below was extremely strong but it was not at the point where Jasmine could not resist it.

After the initial shock had worn off, Jasmine's eyes gradually grew colder. She flung her arm out as her profound strength surged and profound energy strong enough to collapse mountains and churn the seas exploded from her body. In an instant, the suppression created by the dark devil aura vanished completely and even the rending force that came from the abyss below her weakened to the point where she could ignore it.

"Hmph, I want to see just want kind of things are hiding in this place!"

Jasmine was no longer wary of descending further, so she actually used the pulling force that was coming from below to descend at an even faster pace than before.

As she continued to descend, the density of the dark devil energy around her continued to grow. After she had descended about three thousand kilometers, it had grown nearly twice as dense as it had originally been. Furthermore at this time, the air currents that were coming from below suddenly underwent a slight change.

This was…

Jasmine's senses and mind sharpened as she immediately slowed down.


Jasmine's feet landed heavily on actual ground… landing at the bottom of the abyss that no one had ever managed to reach alive!

At this moment, Jasmine had surrounded her body with profound energy and she had not deliberately slowed down to soften her landing. But after she had landed, the ground under her feet did not show any obvious cracks. It was inconceivably hard.

Furthermore, a dark, cold and bone-piercing aura immediately spread up from her feet to the rest of her body.

"What a pure darkness environment." Jasmine muttered to herself as she surveyed her surroundings. Such a pure darkness environment was not something that could be formed within even with tens of thousands of years. So this strange world that was hidden at the bottom of the abyss must have existed for the longest of times.

Jasmine stretched out her hand and the red light that appeared above her palm illuminated the dark world. The space in front of her was vast and empty, the ground flat and even. She could not see where it extended to. The mountain wall that she had used to guide her descent was not more than sixty meters to her right. Furthermore, once she had reached this place, she saw that this mountain wall had turned pitch-black. The ground and the occasional rock that jutted out of the ground were also pitch-black and there was not even the slightest variance in color.

Jasmine took to the air and advanced at a slow speed as she explored this bizarre world that should not exist. Even after a long period of time had passed, the scenery remained the same… there were only gloom, emptiness, darkness and a deathly stillness.

This seemed to be a world of death. Besides the darkness and the abnormally dense and rich devil energy, there was nothing else.

Jasmine finally came to a stop as she was ready to stop her exploration of this place.

However, it was at this time that a muffled cry suddenly rang out in the distance.


This howl seemed to come from extremely far away, as if it was five hundred kilometers distant. But it was so heavy that it caused Jasmine's ears to buzz faintly. Her head jerked up as she looked in front of her.

That was the howl… of a beast!?

There were living creatures in this place!?

What kind of creatures could live in this kind of dark world!?

As her heart was seized with shock, Jasmine sent the red light in her hand flashing forward as it pierced the empty space in front of her!!


The space in this dark world twisted violently as it let out an ear-piercing cry but a rift did not form in the air. Furthermore, the distorted space was swiftly returning back to normal once the distortion had ended.

"I actually… can't tear apart the space in this place!" Jasmine had just noticed that besides the incomparably dense dark devil aura in this world, the laws of space were also of a bizarrely high level.

Jasmine took to the air once more as she shot towards the source of that howl.

The darkness devil energy did not obstruct Jasmine's aura much and in the blink of an eye, she had already traversed tens of kilometers. At this time, another huge roar rang out in this dark world.

This time, the roar did not sound very far away. In fact, Jasmine heard it as if it was right next to her ear. She came to a sudden stop as all of the blood in her body churned at the sound of that roar. She focused on the path in front of her… and under the red light that was radiating from her body, she could see a blurry black silhouette lurking in the darkness in front of her.

This silhouette was at least tens of meters tall and it was clearly a living creature as Jasmine could see it move! But what caused Jasmine to be alarmed was not its enormous size, it was the unmistakable aura of danger that it was radiating.

She had always thought that even if all of the existences in this inferior world were to combine their powers, it would still not cause her to feel the least bit threatened.

But the giant darkness beast in front of her, of which she could still only see the silhouette of, actually made her feel a sense of danger.

Just what was… this thing?

Jasmine was left in an ineffable state of shock but suddenly realizing that two gloomy black lights had appeared on the upper portion of the giant shadow… To Jasmine's shock, the black light shot towards the place where she was hovering!

The red light radiating from her body could be said to be extremely glaring in this world of darkness.


An explosive roar caused the entire dark world to tremble as the huge black silhouette rushed towards Jasmine as it snarled. It was as if a mountain was hurtling down at her from above.

A heavy feeling of suppression pressed down on Jasmine from above and this was the first time she had truly felt this "feeling of suppression" after coming to this world. She activated Star God's Broken Shadow to flash to the back, but she did not move too far away.


The explosion shook the heavens and the pitch-black surface cracked crazily. Using the red light, Jasmine, who had deliberately gotten closer, could also finally see the true appearance of this gigantic shadow.

It was one hundred and sixty five meters tall, its head was extremely wide and it looked like a cross between a wolf and a bear. Its four limbs were thick and stout, and its head and body bristled with white fangs. The sharp tips of those fangs shone with a hellish light that would send fear coursing through anyone's soul. A huge and long jet-black tail was arched overhead, and the end of the tail gleamed with the same cold light that a blade would.

Jasmine, "!!"

There was no one in the Profound Sky Continent, Azure Cloud Continent or the Illusory Demon Realm who had ever seen or heard about the gigantic beast in front of Jasmine. There were no records of it to be found in any of the three continents either. It was an existence that was completely unknown, an existence which surpassed all common knowledge.

But this dreadful giant silhouette had fiercely stirred up an image that Jasmine had inherited from her Star God memories. A name escaped her lips amidst her bewilderment and shock.

"Nine Desolate Devil Fang!"

This was a creature that had coexisted with the devils in the northern part of the Primal Chaos Dimension during the Ancient Era—a primordial devil beast!

But everyone knew that not long after the era of the devil and gods had ended due to each of their annihilation, the energy of the northern Primal Chaos Dimension was gradually assimilated by the energies of the southern Primal Chaos Dimension. The darkness element had slowly grown thinner and thinner and this led the dark devil beasts to their extinction roughly fifty to sixty thousand years later. These devil beasts had not appeared since then.

However, this strange world of darkness was actually hiding something that was like the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign; devil beasts that were supposed to have long ago gone extinct during the Ancient Era!

The red light that shone from Jasmine's body, which she had used for illumination, was far too glaring in this world. So it was too great a stimulus for the devil beast who was used to the darkness. After it had missed her completely, its gigantic body slammed towards her once again… its body was enormous but its speed was as fast as lightning—

It was at the very least far faster than the maximum speed that Yun Che could attain currently!

This huge dark might and pressure was enough to cause even the strongest individuals in the Azure Cloud Continent to go limp with fear. They would find it incomparably difficult to even move under this pressure, much less put up any resistance.

"Primordial devil beast… why would a creature exist in this place!?"

Jasmine's heart was filled with huge shock and bewilderment as her body flickered once more, causing the giant darkness beast to miss yet again.


The explosive sound of air being pierced rang out in the darkness. All of the white fangs on the Nine Desolate Devil Fang's body suddenly jutted out and morphed into tens of white bone blades that crazily pierced towards Jasmine. The space that even Jasmine was unable to tear was instantly pierced full of holes.

Jasmine's expression became grave as the red light that radiated from her body grew even deeper. She stretched Star God's Broken Shadow to its limit as countless red shadows flashed through the air. After her body had flickered back hundreds of times, a beam of red light exploded out from her body and pierced through a small opening in the fangs to strike the ankle of the Nine Desolate Devil Fang.


A spray of bloody mist exploded from the Nine Desolate Devil Fang's right leg. The Nine Desolate Devil Fang had now been thoroughly enraged by the pain as those tens of fangs crazily attacked Jasmine like berserked vicious beasts. The power contained by every single fang was enough to destroy a giant mountain.The pitch-black tail that had been wagging behind it was suddenly raised at this moment.

Immediately, a dark and cold sense of danger came from above and Jasmine jerked her head upwards… Within the darkness, Jasmine saw a black beam of light that was more than ten meters wide shoot out from the Nine Desolate Devil Fang's tail. It then morphed into hundreds of black lightning bolts which exploded outwards.

Jasmine's expression grew dark as she swiftly turned around, retreating from those beams of black light and fangs at the fastest speed possible. In an instant, she had retreated nearly ten kilometers but the Nine Desolate Devil Fang was extremely fast so she could not shake it at all.


A beam of black lightning which contained a dreadful energy smashed into Jasmine's body. Jasmine's face paled slightly as her body lost its balance and she was hit by a fang that had been hurled through the darkness… Jasmine was immediately flung out like a leaf that had been caught up in hurricane.


Jasmine's body smashed against the pitch-black stone wall before heavily falling to the ground, she stood up and looked at her own chest. She had not received any injuries but the Smoky Red Fairy Dress now had a bowl-sized hole in it.

"You actually… wrecked my favorite dress!" Jasmine's eyes flashed with a bloody light as her killing intent and fury exploded simultaneously. She had been suppressing them all this while, but they ignited in this moment.

The huge black silhouette once again arrived in the space above Jasmine as every single fang on the Nine Desolate Devil Fang's body grew to more than three hundred meters long. They were millions of times more terrifying than any blade in this world. But this time, Jasmine did not dodge as those dreadful fangs whistled through the air.


A long red line cut through the middle of this dark world and it did not fade for a long time.

The red line pierced through all of the fangs of the Nine Desolate Devil Fang's… After an instant of dead silence, the forty nine fangs which sought to end Jasmine's life had been evenly cut in two by that red line.

This nightmarish change caused the Nine Desolate Devil Fang to roar in shock and fear. Jasmine's body had already ghosted to the back of the Nine Desolate Devil Fang. Her dainty and small hand was wrapped in red light before she mercilessly smashed it against the nape of the Nine Desolate Devil Fang's neck.

"I had originally planned on not killing you… but you insisted on courting death!"

As Jasmine's bone-piercingly cold voice fell, red marks began appearing on Jasmine's small hand before they swiftly spread across the body of the Nine Desolate Devil Fang, causing it to look like cracked glass. In the blink of an eye, the red marks had covered the body and the four limbs of the Nine Desolate Devil Fang.

"Hmph!" Jasmine slowly withdrew her palm and after her figure blurred in the air, she was already several kilometers distant.

Pitch-black devil blood began crazily spewing from the red marks which covered the Nine Desolate Devil Fang's entire body and in the short span of a few breaths, nearly half of the devil blood in its body had sprayed out as its gigantic devil body started to sway. It then finally fell to the ground with a boom. The instant it fell, its devil tail and four limbs had all broken off from its body.

"Darn…" Jasmine peered at the air above her as her brows knit tightly together. In order to kill the Nine Desolate Devil Fang, she had been forced to use most of her power. Moreover, using this amount of power came with the risk of being "detected."

If this was an independent world like the Heaven Basin Secret Realm or the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, she would not be worried at all. The world of darkness that was located at the bottom of this abyss was clearly an independent existence yet it was also connected to the outside world. If not, she would not have been able to sense the oddity that existed in this place from the distant Profound Sky Continent.

"That level of power just now… should not be enough, right?" Jasmine muttered to herself as her brows relaxed.

"Wuuaoo…" The Nine Desolate Devil Fang's body shook as its strong life force allowed it to survive Jasmine's attack which had smashed its internal organs into a mushy paste. It let out a deep and low wail of despair.





At this moment, several roars which all carried extremely oppressive power rang out in the distant darkness… The last howl of the Nine Desolate Devil Fang seemed to be a plea for help or a shout to alert the others. Because in the blink of an eye, deep and heavy roars, cries and howls filled the air, causing the dark space to shake violently.

The expression in Jasmine's eyes changed completely… In the span of less than ten breaths, she had heard at least tens of different howls and cries. Furthermore, these were definitely not the howls and cries of any normal beast as all of them carried with them a peerlessly dreadful might… and the majority of these auras were not inferior to the aura of the Nine Desolate Devil Fang in the least!!

Furthermore, the sounds were growing nearer and nearer as it was clear that these beasts were approaching this place at the fastest speed possible.

Jasmine had already been immeasurably shocked to find one primordial devil beast existing in this bizarre world of darkness. However, the howls that were ringing out in the distant darkness clearly and shocking told her… that the Nine Desolate Devil Fang was not the only primordial devil beast in this place!

The primordial devil beasts, which should have gone completely extinct, actually existed in this place in droves!!

"Just what exactly… is going on?" The shock in Jasmine's heart was profound and ineffable. Compared to why this place contained the long extinct primordial devil beasts, what she really could not understand… was why such a place would actually exist on this planet!

Because this was a planet that the Evil God had created himself, and he'd also used this planet to seal the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations and the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign!

Furthermore, why would there even be such a place in a world that a god had created? As the creator of this planet, the Evil God definitely knew every single detail about it. Not even the smallest and most insignificant existence or change would escape his notice, so he definitely had to know about the existence of this dark world. Leaving aside the question as to why this place existed in the first place—why did the Evil God not completely destroy this world that should not exist before he fell?

Could it be… this was something the Evil God himself…

The devil beasts of the Primal Chaos Realm should have been long extinct, yet they existed in large numbers in this place… It was as if he predicted that the devil beasts would end up going extinct so he intentionally created this world of darkness so he could preserve them…

These thoughts naturally appeared in Jasmine's mind because she could not think of any other reason to explain the existence of this dangerous world besides this… She immediately and heavily shook her head again, "That's not possible. The Evil God is a god and he was even ranked as one of the most powerful gods. How could it be possible that he had intentionally created a world for devils…"


A shrill bird cry pierced the darkness as a gigantic black shadow flashed over Jasmine's head like a bolt of lightning. At the same time, Jasmine's gaze locked onto it.

"Bane Glass Bird!"

Jasmine said with a low cry—because this was also a primordial devil beast that appeared in her Star God memories!

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Chapter 820 – Eternal Mystery

The Bane Glass Bird was a powerful devil beast that lived in the Disaster Fog Devil Valley during the era of gods and devils. It had glass-like body that was as tough as steel, and it was lightning fast. A flap of its wings could sweep up a dark hurricane, engulfing everything in a hellish catastrophe.


The Bane Glass Bird retracted its wings, suddenly diving through the sky like lightning. Everywhere it went, dark space would twist into whirlpools. Under the radiant red light from Jasmine's body, the body of the bird refracted prismatic light… However, this light was not beautiful to the eye and instead resembled the shine of snake's scales, sending chills through people's hearts.

These dark devil beasts seemed to possess an acute territorial awareness. Regardless of whether it was the Nine Desolate Devil Fang from earlier or the current Bane Glass Bird, both of them attacked Jasmine the moment they spotted her.

The Bane Glass Bird's incredible speed greatly shocked Jasmine This was probably not its fastest velocity, but it still surpassed the speed that Jasmine would be capable of at peak condition. For the short moment that Jasmine was dumbfounded, the dark tornado that had been created by the Bane Glass Bird's charge had already closed in on her.

The red glow that Jasmine had retracted earlier exploded forth once more. Her small, snow-white hand reached directly into the dark tornado. With a casual grasping motion, it instantly disturbed the dark space tearing tornado. At that moment, the Bane Glass Bird shifted the direction of its charge slightly and rushed directly toward Jasmine's side. Shattered rocks flew into the air as it pierced a deep, gigantic crater in the dark abyss.

In a flash, Jasmine appeared next to the Bane Glass Bird using Star God's Broken Shadow. She reached out her hand to grab onto one of its reddish-yellow feet, turning her body to ruthlessly hurl the Bane Glass Bird, which was several hundred times her own size, away from her.

The Bane Glass Bird screeched miserably as it was sent flying several dozen kilometers away like a cannonball. When its body fell, it carved a fissure that was more than a hundred meters long into the pitch-black ground. Only afterward did the Bane Glass Bird finally come to a stop, the colorful scales on its entire body gradually staining with scarlet blood.


The Bane Glass Bird's cry became fierce and savage. When it stood up, its entire body dripped with blood, and its pair of wings trembled slightly. However, the aura of its body not weaken and instead grew even more ghastly and tyrannical.



Just as Jasmine was about to step forward and give the Bane Glass Bird a killing blow, two similar, ear-piercing cries resounded from the darkness nearby. There were actually two more Bane Glass Birds!

Aside from that of the Bane Glass Bird, hundreds of different, yet incomparably terrifying dark auras were approaching at extreme speeds. Their goal was obvious!
Considering Jasmine's current state, dealing with so many dark devil beasts at the same time was simply an impossible task. After she took a step back, Jasmine furrowed her brow and no longer hesitated, floating up into the air. She flew upward as fast as she could, ascending over a thousand meters until her body crossed the critical point between the two worlds.

The dark devil auras instantly disappeared without a trace, and the elements and laws of the surrounding world reverted back to normal. Jasmine stopped, and glanced below her one last time. Her palm sliced forward and tore space apart, allowing her to instantly rise more than thirty thousand meters and return directly to the top of Cloud's End Cliff.

After leaving behind the dark world at the bottom of the cliff, Jasmine did not immediately depart. She stood at the edge of Cloud's End Cliff and looked at the dark, foggy void below with an indifferent expression. It was as if she were thinking about something…

No one would have guessed that the depths of this abyss would hide such a strange world that shouldn't have existed. Even Jasmine would not have expected it had she not come here herself.

If a single one of the dark devil beasts were to escape this deep abyss, then this world would definitely be plunged into a catastrophic nightmare. No one would be able to oppose it. Even if the Monarchs from all three continents were to combine their strength, exterminating even one devil beast would be a foolish dream.

Not a single one of the profound practitioners in this world had any idea that such terrifying creatures were actually hidden in the world that they lived in… and that there were so many of them!

"With the passing of the Evil God… the reason behind this dark world's existence should remain an eternal mystery," Jasmine muttered to herself after pondering for a long time.


Divine Phoenix Empire, Black Moon Headquarters.

After returning from Supreme Ocean Palace, Zi Ji's state of mine could no longer return to its former calm. The Devil Sword Conference which had gathered experts from the entire continent did not get them the secrets of the Divine Profound Realm like they hoped. Instead, it made the Four Great Sacred Grounds, which had dominated the Profound Sky Continent for ten thousand years, realize that there were still existences above them that were so powerful… they were just ants in their eyes.

As a result of the Four Great Sacred Grounds' act of greed, their lives were now in someone else's hands.

When Zi Ji returned to the Black Moon Headquarters, he also shouldered an extremely important mission related to the present Supreme Ocean Palace—he was to prepare congratulatory gift for Yun Che's and Princess Snow's engagement ceremony that would take place in twelve days.

Supreme Ocean Palace had never been so serious and anxious about preparing a congratulatory gift… because their lives had never been in someone else's hands before.

The seventh floor of the Black Moon Headquarters was as quiet as ever. Only the babble of flowing water could be heard, but not only did it not disrupt this serenity, it added a hint of elegance.

At this moment, the startled cry of a young girl broke this silence.

"Ah! You… who are you?"

"Who dares to break into Black Moon Merchant Guild!"

This cry made Zi Ji frown. Regular people could not enter the seventh floor of Black Moon Merchant Guild. Forcefully breaking into it was as difficult as reaching the heavens, and none had had the guts to do it. Yet, from the panic in the young girl's voice, it was evident that an esteemed guest had not arrived. Someone had forcefully broken in.

The moment that Zi Ji turned his body, he instantly moved several meters and arrived where the cry came from. In a glance, he saw the three young girls who usually attended to him anxiously blocking the path of a red clothed girl.

As soon as he could clearly see that girl, Zi Ji's originally stern face twisted, and his pupils shrank intensely, as if they had been stabbed by needles as they shrunk intensely. He hurriedly said, "Qing Chen, Huang Que, Zi Xi, she is an esteemed guest. Do not be impolite. Hurry and apologize!"

Fearing that the red clothed girl would make a move, he had already rushed forward and bowed, his body bent deeply. "Senior, these three little maidservants have never seen senior's appearance made an innocent offense as a result. I hope that senior has can be magnanimous and does not take their behavior personally."

Qing Chen, Huang Que, and Zi Xi were instantly dumbfounded… As people who were intimately aware of Zi Ji's identity, they had never seen him this frightened or give anyone such a deep bow— not even when the Sovereign of the Seas arrived in person.

Indeed, if the Sovereign of the Seas had arrived, Zi Ji would not be this anxious and frightened. However, the person in front of him was…


"Catch!" Jasmine coldly voiced out. With a push of her small hand, a dress adorned with red crystal tassels, which looked luxurious without losing any of its cuteness, floated toward Zi Ji while wrapped in red light.

Zi Ji hurriedly raised his arms and carefully received it.

"This was bought from your Black Moon Merchant Guild's New Moon City Branch seven years ago. It is currently somewhat damaged. You have three days to fix it completely!" Jasmine commanded.

"This…" Zi Ji had a dumbfounded expression. He then recalled that Jasmine seemed to be wearing it when he saw her in the Devil Sword Conference.

"Are there any problems?" Jasmine's voice turned thirty percent colder.

Zi Ji's heart skipped a beat, and he hurriedly said, "No, not a single one. Since it came from our Black Moon Merchant Guild, we will naturally take responsibility until the end…"

"That's for the best," Jasmine coldly said. "Remember! This princess wants it to be fixed. This princess does not want you to find another piece that looks exactly the same. This princess only wants this piece! You have three days. In three days, this princess will personally come to retrieve it. If it's not completely fixed, or if this princess isn't satisfied with it, then this princess will tear this headquarters of yours apart!"

After saying that, Jasmine and instantly disappeared from where she was. Zi ji did not have any opportunity to speak.

Zi Ji gasped for breath. With trembling hands, he wiped sweat from his forehead. After taking a considerably long time to steady his state of mind, he calmly said, "Qing Chen, Huang Que, Zi Xi, hurry and send a voice transmission to the guild leaders of the first ten… no, the first thirty side branches. Have them personally bring the best artisans in their guilds, use the most superior profound crystals to power their best profound arks, and immediately make their way to headquarters as fast as possible. Not a moment's delay is allowed… Hurry!"

"Yes!" The three young girls did not dare to probe further and moved in a rush. It was clearly from Zi Ji's expression that this was a grave matter that concerned the existence of Black Moon Merchant Guild.

After circulating Great Way of the Buddha for several days, Yun Che woke up from his trance. The heavy feeling on his entire body had once again weakened considerably. The dormant portions of Phoenix blood and Golden Crow blood also had clear traces of awakening.

Yun Che opened his eyes and saw that Jasmine was standing in front of him.

"When did you return?" Yun Che subconsciously asked.

"Just now," Jasmine replied.

"That's strange. You were wearing the Red Smoky Fairy Dress when you left. Why did you change into another?" Yun Che asked in suspicion, sizing up Jasmine with a glance.

Jasmine was currently wearing a short, bright red polka dot dress with a huge butterfly ribbon tied to the back. Girls were creatures that loved to change into different clothes after all, and changing clothes was normal for other girls. However, it was an extremely rare sight when it came to Jasmine because… Jasmine always had a soft spot for the Red Smoky Fairy Dress—it was the first dress that Yun Che had bought for her.

In these past few years, Yun Che had bought Jasmine many dresses in the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm. They were a miscellaneous assortment of princess dresses, moonlit dresses, fairy flowing dresses, phoenix tailed dresses, dawn jade dresses, and more. Furthermore, they were all bright red, and every single one of them was extraordinarily lavish. However, ninety nine percent of the time, Jasmine wore the Red Smoky Fairy Dress, and the occasional change in attire was just to see if she looked good in something else.

Although it had been worn for seven years, with her profound energy protection, there was never a single stain or speck of damage on the Red Smoky Fairy Dress. As long as she wanted to, wearing it for hundreds or thousands of years would not be a problem.

"Don't you always say that I don't like changing dresses? Hmph!" Jasmine snorted coldly and turned her head away, looking like she was too lazy to deal with him.

The red dress that Jasmine was wearing was rather short, and her two thin, jade-like calves were completely exposed. A pair of small red gemstones on her jade skin glittered with flowing light, and Yun Che was barely able to tear his gaze away. He hurriedly turned his head to the side, praying that Jasmine did not notice where he was looking earlier. He hastily changed the topic and asked, "Jasmine, what did you discover in the Azure Cloud Continent? What is hidden at the bottom of Cloud's End Cliff?"

However, Jasmine responded with a question. "…when will you be ready to head over to the Azure Cloud Continent?"

"If possible…" Yun Che did not hesitate very long, and answered, "As early as possible would be best. I even want to head over there right now."

"I don't even know how Ling'er looks right now," Yun Che muttered softly.

If everything from back then truly wasn't an illusion, then the present Ling'er should already be sixteen years old.

"Then how are you going to get there?"

"Using the Primordial Profound Ark, of course."

"Primordial Profound Ark?" Jasmine glanced at him, then leisurely said, "Do you know how far from each other the Azure Cloud Continent and the Profound Sky Continent are?'

"The distance between the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm is approximately six hundred and fifty thousand kilometers." Jasmine slowly raised two fingers. "The distance between the Profound Sky Continent and the Azure Cloud Continent is seven times that!"

"Seven times…" Yun Che was secretly shocked. "Over four million five hundred kilometers!?"

It was no wonder that both the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm knew of each other's existence and had several historical grudges. Yet, regardless of whether it was the Profound Sky Continent or the Illusory Demon Realm, neither could find detailed records of the Azure Cloud Continent. Even if there were, an extreme few existed, and most were obscure rumors. In reality, although they existed in the same world, there was actually a distance of about five million kilometers between them!

Even though five million kilometers of continental ground was a great distance, reaching the other side would just be a matter of time. Traveling over five million kilometers across the ocean, however… It was almost impossible for humans to go traverse that with just their own strength.

Jasmine crossed her arms in front of her chest and softly said, "With the Primordial Profound Ark's remaining energy, traveling back and forth between the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm dozens of times would be possible. However,going to the Azure Cloud Continent… can only be done once! If you excessively consume the Primordial Profound Ark's energy before then, I'm afraid that, after reaching the Azure Cloud Continent, you won't even have to think about returning."

"In other words… it would be best to not use the Primordial Profound Ark," Yun Che said faintly. Then he looked at Jasmine with a respectful expression. "Jasmine, heh heh…"

"I can bring you there." Jasmine's expression became stern. "However, you must promise me one thing."

"Huh? What is it?"

Jasmine's slender brows tilted slightly. The dark world beneath Cloud's End Cliff was undoubtedly the largest concern in her heart that could not be relieved. "When you're in the Azure Cloud Continent, regardless of whether that happens sooner or later, you're not allowed to approach Cloud's End Cliff ever again! Even if your strength becomes a hundred times stronger than it currently is and is eventually able to sweep across the entire continent, easily enabling you to defeat someone like Xuanyuan Wentian, you must never attempt to investigate the bottom of Cloud's End Cliff!"

Yun Che was someone who possessed an extreme level of curiosity and never feared unknown dangers. Jasmine was deeply aware of that. With Yun Che's speed of growth, the day that he became undefeatable in this world would definitely come. When he no longer had any enemies, out of curiosity, boredom, and confidence, he would try to investigate what was beneath Cloud's End Cliff…

That would be the same as sending himself into a dark hell that he would never return from! The dark absorption force there would prevent him from ever escaping, and the dark devil aura would reduce him into ash. Any of the devil beasts would easily tear him into shreds.

Jasmine needed to cut his wishful thinking short from the very beginning.

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Chapter 821 – A Premonition of Danger

"Why?" Yun Che asked in a puzzled voice, "What secrets did that place hide? Could it be extremely dangerous?"

Jasmine's words had undoubtedly made clear that the what was hiding at the bottom of Cloud's End Cliff was no ordinary mystery.

"It's not merely as simple as being dangerous." Jasmine said in a stern voice, "I can't tell you what is hiding at the bottom of Cloud's End Cliff. Its dreadfulness is far beyond what you can imagine."

Yun Che, "…"

Jasmine shot a glance at Yun Che before her voice turned slightly gentler, "Me not telling you the source of Moon Slaughter Devil Nest's darkness and Cloud's End Cliff's secret is not because I don't want to tell you or that I don't trust you, it's that…"

Jasmine raised her head as her eyes grew more focused and serious than they had ever been before, "I had originally thought this world was only a normal and even inferior planet among the billions of planets in the boundless universe. If I did not know that the Evil God's Seeds were scattered on this planet, I would not even have come here. But as I gradually unearthed the secrets that were hidden on this planet, I came to realize that this planet was not only not as simple as I had perceived it to be but it was also far more complex and mysterious than I had ever imagined. It has gotten to the point where this planet has completely exceeded my imagination and there were a few times where my perception was completely overturned."

"…" Yun Che immediately froze in place.

"Furthermore, the moment these secrets are leaked out and the denizens of the Realm of the Gods come to know of them, the world that you inhabited will be plunged into an eternal calamity," Jasmine said as she shut her eyes. "So, it would be for the best if I am the only person who knows about these things."

After a brief but heavy silence, Jasmine softly added, "If I can't even tell you these things, then it's natural that I will never tell anyone else either."

Even though his heart was still filled with curiosity and suspicion, Jasmine's words—especially the words that she had just spoken deterred Yun Che from pursuing this matter any further. The discontent and feeling of loss in his heart were completely swept away and he gave a heavy nod of his head, "I understand! I won't ever go near Cloud's End Cliff from now on. Even if I do end up at Cloud's End Cliff due to special circumstances, I will definitely not attempt to investigate what is hidden at the bottom… This is something that I've promised you Jasmine, so I definitely won't ever break this promise."

"Good." Jasmine said as she gave a sigh of relief in her heart… Yun Che had never once broken a promise he had made to her. This was especially so when it came to getting the Netherworld Udumbara Flower for her. He had practically thrown his life away and endured soul-rending pain such that a normal person would not be able to bear even after a hundred lifetimes.

"The Azure Cloud Continent is too far away, even I need to expend quite a bit of energy to travel there. Furthermore, your wounds and profound strength have not fully recovered yet and in a few weeks, there is still that… hmph, engagement ceremony of yours. How about we wait for you to finish up all your nonsense before I bring you to the Azure Cloud Continent? This should help you avoid the scenario where you have to walk on eggshells around two women and get overwhelmed trying to juggle both, thus wasting my energy. Hmph."

Jasmine's voice had become calm once more and she had even grown rather irate towards the end. After she had finished speaking, she folded both hands behind her back and walked away with an angry and petulant pout on her face.

"…" Yun Che's mouth dropped open and he had a dumbstruck expression on his face. Jasmine had always assumed a very serious, cold and haughty posture and acted as if she was completely detached from the world. But during this period of time… it seemed like all the times she had shown any anger at all was when she talked about the girls that were by his side.

"It can't be that… she is actually… jealous… right now?" Yun Che muttered to himself softly as he stared blankly into space.


A gloomy and sinister place shrouded in shadow.




After the sounds of heavy gasping and panting subsided, a shrill roar split the air. The desolate mountain range shook at the sound of that roar as countless flying profound beasts took to the air in terror. In the middle of this desolate mountain range, a pitch-black mist slowly rose into the sky.

A human figure holding a jet-black sword stood in the middle of that mist.

The black mist curled around Fen Juechen's body… Moreover, this black mist was several times deeper and denser than it had been before. The most dreadful thing, however, was his aura, it had become so dark and sinister that it seemed to originate from the depths of the netherworld itself.

The devil blood in his body had awakened.

He felt his power crazily rise as his profound strength attribute transformed into an even purer darkness attribute. He had nearly lost control of his emotions many times during the process of awakening but he had suppressed this with his iron will.

Both of his hands tightly gripped the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword that was also surrounded by that same black mist—also known as the Moon Slaughter Devil Sword. His breathing was heavy and ragged as blood freely flowed down his trembling arms… This was because the devil blood in his body,which previously had not awoken, had now been completely refined. Thus, he was having a hard time enduring his crazily growing darkness profound energy.

The blood that dripped from his body was a shocking dark red color. It was not the same color as fresh blood from normal human beings.

"Xuanyuan Wentian…" Due to Fen Juechen's determination to grow even stronger, even pain that was ten times worse than what he was enduring would be nothing to him right now, "The first person I'm going to kill… will be… you!!"

Because Xuanyuan Wentian was the main culprit behind the destruction of the Eternal Night Royal Family!

The devil blood in his body continued to awaken as the black mist around his body continuously streamed into the sky; it seemed like it would never stop. The coiling black mist above him did not dissipate for a very long time as it gradually formed into the face of a sinister grinning devil…

Fen Juechen had not noticed that two long, narrow, pitch-black eyes had slowly appeared underneath the hilt of the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword before suddenly fading away.


Yun Che had devoted all of his energy and attention to his recovery over the past few weeks, so the heavy wounds that he had sustained in his dire fight with the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign had completely healed. His profound strength, which he had overtaxed to an extreme degree, had fully recovered just the day before and the slumbering Phoenix and Golden Crow bloods had nearly completely awakened once again.

This morning, Yun Che had risen early and prepared to leave the Snow Region of Extreme Ice… because today was the day of the engagement ceremony between him and Feng Xue'er. The engagement ceremony that Feng Hengkong had shamelessly arranged on the day of the Devil Sword Conference.

Yun Che did not immediately travel to Divine Phoenix City. He first stopped over at Blue Wind Imperial City as he had intended for Cang Yue to accompany him there. However, once he arrived, Cang Yue gently turned him down.

"Husband, the monarchs of the other five nations will definitely make an appearance but besides my status as the monarch of the Blue Wind Nation, I am also your principal wife. Furthermore, Little Sister Xue'er is revered above all things within the Divine Phoenix Nation. If I were to make an appearance at your engagement ceremony with her, the Divine Phoenix Imperial Family would feel a measure of discomfort. Hence, it is best if I do not personally go."

"However, I have long ago prepared a present for this occasion and I dispatched people to deliver it to the Divine Phoenix Imperial Family several days ago," Cang Yue said with a faint smile. There was not a hint of jealousy or reluctance in her manner. On the contrary, she was as gentle and graceful as water, "I will definitely be there on the day that Husband and Little Sister Xue'er get married. If Husband and Little Sister Xue'er would be willing to get married in the imperial city, that would be for the best."

"Alright then." Yun Che knew that it was not that Cang Yue did not want to go nor was not going for the sake of the Divine Phoenix Imperial Family. She was not going because she was taking Feng Xue'er's feelings into consideration. He hugged Cang Yue before softly speaking, "It'll only be two or three days at most. After that, I will bring Xue'er back and then I will bring all of you to the Illusory Demon Realm with me. My parents will definitely love all of you."

"Mn, I've also been wanting to meet them all this while. I also want to meet… the Little Demon Empress that you constantly talk about," Cang Yue whispered into his ear with a faint smile.

Yun Che left the palace and took to the skies, arriving at Jasmine's side. Jasmine did not turn around and she spoke in a stiff and haughty voice, "Have you done what you needed to do? If you have, let's be off."

After she finished speaking, her left hand grabbed Yun Che's arm as she made a rift in space with a gesture of her right hand.

Instantly, the world whirled before Yun Che's eyes and before he even had time to react, the scenery in front of him had completely changed from the familiar Blue Wind Imperial City to Divine Phoenix City. From his view of the Black Moon Merchant Guild that soared into the clouds, he could tell that he was right in the central region of Divine Phoenix City.

Jasmine's accuracy and speed was not at all inferior to that of the Primordial Profound Ark.

"When will I be able to do this?" Yun Che asked with a heart filled with envy and admiration.

"You? You still have a long way to go," Jasmine said in a surly manner, "Just tearing space alone will require a large amount of power. Furthermore, if you want to traverse through space, it will use up an extremely large amount of energy. Finally and most importantly, you will need to have a complete and thorough understanding of the laws of space to do this. The laws of space and the other elemental laws cannot even be mentioned in the same breath. If you want to completely understand them, you will need at least a few thousand or even tens of thousands of years of cultivation to comprehend them."

Yun Che glanced at Jasmine gloomily and the meaning in his eyes clearly showed… you are obviously even younger than me!

"Run along then. Just from looking at this atmosphere alone, one can tell that those 'esteemed guests' will be filling up the streets of this Divine Phoenix City before long," Jasmine said as she gazed at the city below her.

"You're not coming with me?"

"I'm not interested!" Jasmine said with a haughty sniff before she continued, "But I will be staying in Divine Phoenix City."

"Ah," Yun Che said. Given Jasmine's temperament, she could not even be bothered to meet the people around him, much less the countless guests who would attend the engagement ceremony. However, there was still time, so he was not in any hurry to get to Phoenix City. Moreover, after thinking for a bit, he asked Jasmine a question, "Jasmine, I have something that I have always been very curious about. Just what is the power that you're normally using? From the time we met to the Devil Sword Conference, every time you have attacked… Um, your target is instantly cut apart. Furthermore, it is clear that the strength of your attacks are overwhelming, yet I have never sensed the slightest bit of profound energy from you."

"Could it be that your powers aren't based on profound strength? But are actually some other kind of power… that is on an even higher level?"

From the moment he had met Jasmine, the way she had killed the members of the Xiao Sect, the flame dragon, the flood dragon and Mu Tianbei… had all been the same. They had been cut apart in an instant, each part had been neatly and evenly split. When she had killed people at the Devil Sword Conference, she had done so using a red line that flashed across her opponents, cutting them into pieces… the aura that radiated from her attacks was so dreadful that it shook one's soul but he could hardly feel any movement of profound energy when she made those attacks.

However, whether he attacked with heavy sword, profound flame or fist, every single attack would split the earth and the sounds produced would shake the heavens. His attacks would tear at his opponents' internal organs and cause their blood to churn and in some cases, a single sword strike would rend their bodies and shatter their bones… it was as different as day and night from how Jasmine's attack sounded and looked when she killed people. It basically seemed as if they were using two completely different powers.

"Of course I am using profound energy!" Jasmine exclaimed as she rolled her eyes at him, after that her gaze grew rather gloomy, "It's just that my power is not used for battle or to harm people. The only goal of my power is to kill people! So that is why it's a little special."

"…Kill people?" Yun Che asked in a stunned voice.

"When your profound strength grows, it essentially means that the density of the profound energy in your profound veins is growing. You can also understand it as your profound energy being compressed," Jasmine said in a bland voice, "Every time you rise by a level, it means that your profound energy has become slightly more compressed. Once it reaches a certain level of compression, a fundamental change will occur… that is also when you enter a new realm."

Yun Che briefly nodded his head.

Jasmine raised her hand, it was dainty and exquisite, as flawless, tender and delicate as white snow. Just from looking at this small hand, one would never think that a casual wave could unleash a might that would destroy the heavens and the earth. "However, my profound art will once more compress my profound energy to the extreme every time I fire off an attack. This will reduce the scope of the attack but dramatically increase its power."

As she finished speaking, Jasmine made a small gesture with her hand and two identical lumps of metal appeared in her hand. After she made another gesture, one of the lumps turned square-shaped while the other one turned into the shape of a needle. After that, she sent them flying at the bell tower in front of them.



The square-shaped metal piece smashed a part of the stone wall of the bell tower before clattering to the ground. But the needle-shaped metal piece completely pierced the stone wall, embedding itself into the stone wall behind it.

"The two pieces of metal were identical in composition and weight. The strength I used to fling them out was the same as well. But the first piece of metal only smashed the stone wall, so it created quite a bit of damage. The second piece of metal, on the other hand, did not create a lot of damage and even the sound of the attack was very soft but it sought to directly take the life of the opponent!" Jasmine withdrew her hand, "Do you understand now?"

"This is my Star God power, it is a power that condemns me to a future where… my hands will be soaked in blood."

"So that was how it is!" Yun Che said in a expression filled with wonder. "This means that even though you release the same amount of profound energy, your attacks will generate an enormous might and in many cases, it will even greatly reduce the amount of profound energy consumed in the attack? To think that there was such a powerful and miraculous profound art! Jasmine, you said before that you would teach me your 'Star God Arts'. Were you referring to this profound art you just described?"

Jasmine had indeed said those words before and when she had said them, they did not seem to stir up Yun Che. But now, his expression was filled with expectation and enthusiasm. Jasmine, however, replied with a slow shake of her head, "I did indeed think of doing so over the past few years. But over this period of time, I have changed my mind."

"Why?" Yun Che asked as his brows twitched, "Could it be that my present level of cultivation is still not sufficient for me to practice such a high-grade profound art?"

"That isn't the case." Yun Che had even managed to comprehend high level profound arts such as the "Great Way of the Buddha" and the "Prison God Sirius’ Tome" in an extremely short amount of time. So Jasmine definitely did not think that he was unable to comprehend her Star God Arts. She spoke in a soft and gentle voice, "My power is focused on 'instant destruction', even my Star God's Broken Shadow is meant to match that 'instant destruction'. But your fighting style has always been incomparably fierce and violent. Compared to my method of fighting, you could say that they are at the extreme ends of two opposing styles. Especially since you use the heavy sword as a weapon. So, if I were to forcefully impart my Star God Arts to you, not only will it not bring you any benefits, it is extremely likely to warp your own growth."

"Don't forget, the reason why you chased after profound strength at first was to 'protect' and not to kill!" Jasmine firmly stated as she looked at him. But the depths of her eyes were colored with a bewilderment that Yun Che could not understand.

"…" The eagerness in Yun Che's eyes gradually vanished before he gave a light nod of his head, "Mn, I get it."

"You can leave now. Don't call on me unless something extremely significant happens." Jasmine turned around and faced her back towards him. After that she closed her eyes and did not speak any further.

Yun Che was not sure if he was mistaken but he had the nagging feeling that there was something wrong with Jasmine today.

Normally, Jasmine would work hard to portray an icy and cool facade, giving one the impression that she was far above everything. But right now, it could not create any pressure for Yun Che, nor did it deter him in the slightest. Because he understood Jasmine's nature far too well.

But today's Jasmine gave him a feeling of "heaviness"… for some odd reason. This feeling was unclear and not even worth mentioning. Moreover, Jasmine's words and actions were no different from how they were usually… but he just could not shake that odd feeling.

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