After All I'm a Lolicon Really Sorry


After All I'm a Lolicon Really Sorry Chapter 25-30 + afterword

Never have so many people appeared at my dining table before, at the dining table right now, two little lolis are fighting over the food on the table. Honestly this was completely unnecessary, in any case Awayume has made a lot of food and it's not like they could eat much of it.

Natsukawa Yu has already completely lost the restraint a young lady should have. Because her body is too petite, she has to sit kneeling on the chair with one hand holding the table to be able to get food further away on the dining table, I'm even worried she'll flop onto the table.

「Ah! I saw that piece of meat first!」

「Tsk tsk tsk, you're still too young little girl, only adults can understand this thing called meat!」

With the advantage of the meat being closer to her, Sena successfully grabs the meat. Speaking of it, I think Sena's view on "meat" is completely different from the surface meaning?

「Sena, don't misguide her! Speaking of it, you're also just an eighth grade brat and you dare to call yourself an adult? 」

「As long as I'm older than her it's enough! Ah! Let go of that meat!」

「Hmph! Just keep speaking Sena-oneechan, then the meat will all be mine!」

「Don't think about taking it all for yourself!」

Sena and Natsukawa Yu's battle intensifies, the dining table is already devastated. To find meat, the vegetables they don't want to eat are all pushed to one side, and me and Awayume are in charge of eating these vegetables they don't care about.

After finishing eating, Natsukawa Yu and Sena both surround my working computer looking at I don't know what, while I propose to take care of the dishes with Awayume but am rejected by her. So, I can only watch her from the side, who told me to still be a wounded person right now.

「Oku-kun, what do you plan on doing about that child?」

「I don't know either… Although since she purposely came to my home it's not like I can kick her out right.」

Awayume discusses quietly with me while washing the dishes.

「Oku-kun, you're injury is so serious, how about you stay home tomorrow. In any case tomorrow is also Friday, with the weekend afterwards you can also have a good rest.」


Still going to school in my current condition is just asking to suffer.

「Also, you're absolutely not allowed to do some weird things to them Oku-kun you lolicon!」

「How could I! I'm a very safe lolicon! If you don't believe me ask Natsukawa Yu!」

「Then I guess I'll believe in you. 」

「No need to guess, you can fully believe in me Awayume!」

「Fine, then I'll go help you ask for a day off over at the school, you have to rest properly.」

I leave the kitchen and am about to return to my room to lie down, but my room is already occupied by Sena and Natsukawa Yu.

「Sena, and Miss Natsukawa, what are you two looking at?」

Hearing my voice, their bodies freeze like two students who were caught sleeping in class. The two people turn their bodies blocking the computer screen.


「Aoba-oniichan, you can't call me that! Call me Yu!」

Huh? Why has Natsukawa Yu become such a casual girl, I think usually in a family like hers you can't directly call their names.

「Then… Yu, can you tell me what you guys are looking at?」

「Aoba-oniichan, H.」(TL: H=Hentai=Pervert=Not the cartoons.)


「Sena-oneechan just said that Aoba-oniichan is a lolicon whose brain is filled with filthy things, but because Aoba-oniichan is too timid and doesn't dare to lay hands on the little lolis in real life, you can only draw them down and do some weird things.」

「Yu! How could you betray me so easily! Um… Don't look at me with that sort of look you pervert lolicon! I'm not scared… Sorry it's all my fault!」

The two people finally expose the computer screen. On it is the folder where I store my illustrations, right now they've at least already browsed through half of it…

「I say Sena, showing these things to a child even younger than you, aren't you afraid of leaving a bad influence?」

「Right now is the age of information… Um, on the internet you'll always accidentally click on some weird websites, I'm letting Yu get accustomed to it first, yeah, that's right!」

「Don't think everybody is like you! Only you would click on other weird looking websites!」

「Oh yeah you pervert lolicon! Are you telling me you've never clicked on some websites with all sort of little lolis drawn on the front page?」

… Of course I've done this sort of thing. Whenever I see information related to little lolis on websites, my mouse always involuntarily moves over and then clicks it. Of course my computer will also always catch viruses, the worst time was when my computer completely crashed and all of my computer files were damaged. From 2d to 3d, the loli pictures I'd save before all left me… At that time I was sad for a very long time, since then I've never saved these photos.

「Actually thinking about it for so long, looks like you've clicked on a decent amount of websites worth remembering you pervert lolicon.」

Sena cunningly changes herself from an unfavorable position to a favorable position.

「Forget it, when do you plan on going back Sena?」

「Actually avoiding the topic again, you've definitely maxed out this skill right? I'm going back in a bit, I don't need to you take me back. Speaking of it, you plan on letting Yu stay here at your place tonight?」

I look towards Yu, her expression of "Even if you kick me out I won't leave" has already fully conveyed her determination to stay here.

「No other choice I guess…」

「Then you absolutely can't do anything weird to Yu, she's not me, she's still young!」

「Don't say it like if the target's you I'll do some weird things, okay?」

「What a hypocritical pervert lolicon, you clearly want my body so badly!」

「I suddenly feel like it's already very late, you should leave now Sena.」


Sena angrily leaves the room and slams the door very hard.

「So noisy… Since Sena's gone now, Yu, can you tell me your reason for coming here?」

Before there were too many people so I didn't ask why Yu got "lost" to my home, now is the time.

「You can't pry into a girl's secrets Aoba-oniichan!」

「Speaking of it, isn't your behaviour right now a bit too different from your behaviour in the villa before?」

「Is it? I prefer being this way better!」

Natsukawa Yu is a model young lady, since she was little she must have received lessons in etiquette, in the villa before she was very able to exhibit the behaviour of a young lady. Even though she's still very young, her speech and mannerisms are all very disciplined, giving people a ladylike feeling. But the Natsukawa Yu who has come to my home right now has already completely thrown to the winds her previous manner. She is completely without restraints and is already a normal girl who looks very lively and cute.

「As long as you like it, you're also very cute like this.」

「I'm so happy! But Aoba-oniichan seems very good at complimenting girls, do you regularly do so?」

「No… I've basically got nobody to compliment.」

It's true, the people at my side basically all more or less have some strange points, and I also usually never let go of these points, always making tsukkomis using these points, how could I also go compliment them… Speaking of it, am I very bad like this?

「Then does that mean I'm the only girl Aoba-oniichan can complement? I'm so happy!」

「I do also have a very cute little sister, I also regularly compliment her.」

「That's different, she's your little sister, I'm not!」

Yu comes over to me wanting to lean her head against my body, but she suddenly remembers I still have wounds on my body and retracts her head.

「If you're tired you can lie on the bed first.」

「Aoba-oniichan is a gentle person, no wonder there are so many girls by Aoba-oniichan's side!」

「You can't say that sort of thing…」

Lying on the bed, Yu rolls around playfully, her little body is small enough for her to play around as she pleases.

「The bed has Aoba-oniichan's scent~」

「Don't smell this sort of scent!」

I suddenly realize something, I seem to have forgotten about the question I asked her before… This little loli's ability to control the direction of conversation is way too strong!

But since she's spent so much effort to not respond, I'm not willing to force her either. If she wants to talk about it she'll definitely tell me on her own.

「Speaking of it, Yu, don't you need to go to school?」

「Go to school? I'll have to wait for next years, I didn't go to kindergarten and elementary school like an average person of the same age, my education was all taught by teachers at home, but next year I'll also be starting to go to middle school. I've never gone to school before, wonder what going to school is like. Aoba-oniichan, will going to school be interesting?」

「Honestly I don't really know how to answer your question either…」

After all I'm a person with a massive "fan group" at school, they have their eyes on me at all times. Everyday I live my days worrying about whether I'll be suddenly called to go have a talk with the cops or school authorities, this kind of life shouldn't be considered interesting, right?

But besides this, the God Chosen Club is another interesting place. Asakusa-senpai who likes teasing people, Akiha-senpai who has a special interest in female underwear and has supreme piano skills, Amamiya Kotosuzu who blames herself very easily and likewise cheers up very easily, and prodigious bishoujo artist Kamina Eno who was dragged into the God Chosen Club with me. Their existence has made my school life that I originally thought would be a big mess have some colour.

「School can't be described using interesting or uninteresting, if I had to say then it should be if the friends you make at school make you think they're interesting.」

「So that's how it is, I hope I can meet friends as interesting as you Aoba-oniichan!」

「You're so cute Yu, you'll definitely be able to make interesting friends.」

「Aoba-oniichan called me cute again~ I'm so happy!」

At this time Yu lets out a yawn and rubs her sleepy eyes, She looks very cute and innocent.

「You're already very tired now aren't you? Then sleep earlier.」

「Ok, Aoba-oniichan will also sleep by my side right?」

Yu leaves open a big area on the bed, signaling she wants me to sleep together with her.

「If you're willing Yu I'll be sleeping here then…」

I don't have any past experience of sleeping together with a little loli, moreover she's also a young lady with a prominent background. Right now she's already invited me to sleep together with her, of course I can't just decline, right? It's definitely not to fulfill my "Want to one day sleep together with a little loli, and then even be able to say good morning to each other when getting up in the morning" wish! Absolutely not!

I think so lying on the bed after turning the lights off.

「Aoba-oniichan, can I sleep hugging your arm?」

「That's great… Of course you can.」

I nearly exposed the ecstasy in my heart, careful careful, can't let her find out.

And then I feel my right arm being hugged by a warm and soft body. Yu gently leans her head on my arm, searching for a comfortable position.

In a bit she's quietly leaning against my arm not moving, in the dark room is only our rhythmic breathing.

「Yu, good night…」


Yu answers me with a sleep-talking-like voice, looks like she's already about to fall asleep.

The night passes without words.

The next morning, while I'm half awake I feel that my breathing isn't very smooth. I feel like the air in my chest and lungs is all being squeezed out, I'm breathing out more than I breath in. Under the torture of my brain gradually lacking oxygen I finally wake up.

Upon opening my eyes I see Yu lying on my chest like a kitten. With the awakening of my consciousness, I feel the intense pain throughout my body…

Anybody who's been injured before knows that, when getting up the next morning after being injured, the pain of the injured areas will always be very obvious, not to mention my entire body has injuries. Upon waking up my entire body feels as horrible as though I'm being bitten by ants.

On my chest, Yu is awoken by my shaking. Lifting her head that's buried in front of my chest, she sits on top of my stomach and yawns, looking at me with sleepy eyes.

「Why are you lying under me Aoba-oniichan…?」

「I think I should be the one asking this question!」

The moment the words leave my mouth I regret it. This sentence completely empties out the remaining bit of air in my lungs, and I'm having problems breathing in right now. If this continues I'll be about to become the first lolicon to die from a lack of oxygen from having a little loli sitting on me!

Yu seems to finally see that I'm feeling very unwell and hurriedly gets up from my body.

「Sorry Aoba-oniichan, I didn't know you're in so much pain!」

After becoming wide awake, Yu looks at me with an apologetic expression. Her big clear eyes blink while looking at me, her eyelashes as long and thick as a butterfly’s wings are slightly curved into a beautiful arc.

After taking a couple of deep breaths I finally come back alive, looking at Yu like this I naturally can't blame her. I gently place my hand on her head and stroke it, Yu reveals an expression of enjoyment like a little kitten's.

「Yu, good morning.」

「Aoba-oniichan, good morning.」

Ah! It's appeared! The script of saying good morning to each other after sleeping a night together with a little loli! I did it during my lifetime!

「Why do you look so happy Aoba-oniichan?」

「Humans will all show expressions of joy when their wish is fulfilled, I'm very normal like this!」


Yu looks at me puzzled, but I absolutely won't tell her.

At this time the room door is opened and Awayume wearing an apron walks in.

「You're all awake now Oku-kun, when I came in before you guys were still sleeping so I didn't disturb you guys. I've already made breakfast now, come eat together.」

Hearing that there's food, Yu immediately gets out of bed and runs toward the dining table, not even arranging her bedhead. Awayume watches her with a helpless smile and gently combs her hair for her from behind

「You're hair really is so soft!」

Awayume softly strokes Yu's long hair while holding it, and then can’t help but rub it with her face.

「Mm… So nice.」


I walk out of the room, awkwardly watching Awayume who's a bit weird. Her face immediately turns red.

「It… It's not like that!」

What's with this behaviour that's like a guy having a dubious relationship with another girl behind his girlfriend's back and in the end being seen by his girlfriend?

「I will act like I saw nothing.」

「Oku-kun! You bully!」

Awayume glares at me in discontent, her face is flushed crimson.

And Yu seems to be very pleased with the breakfast Awayume made. Holding the spoon, she eats with big bites, her eyes also occasionally look at our own portions. That Young Lady Natsukawa last time at the villa who only took a small bite of everything during breakfast was definitely a fake!

After finishing breakfast, Awayume goes off to school. Only me and Yu remain in the apartment.

「Yu, if you're bored you can go play on the computer, I'll just rest in bed.」

「Really? Then I can look at the pictures in that folder?」

Yu's expression makes it look like she's looking forward to it a lot, making me feel very stumped. This is all Sena's fault, opening up a demon gate for Yu.

「Those illustrations aren't appropriate for you to look at yet…」

「Aw… Then there's nothing interesting.」

「You actually only want to look at these!」

I was wondering why Yu was so happy when she heard she could play on the computer, so this was her goal!

「Um… If it's something else… I want to see you draw Aoba-oniichan!」

「What's there to see about me drawing?」

「I greatly admire your drawing skills Aoba-oniichan. When I was young my parents had also hired an art teacher to teach my drawing, but I never had any really big improvement. It must be because I don't have any drawing talent.」

Yu is a bit dejected, but I don't know that this is all just a trap to trick me to draw.

「It might just be that you were too young at the time and not that you don't have any drawing talent Yu. When you were young you might not have been sensitive enough towards colour and lines, and that's why you couldn't draw well.」

「Even though I'm very thankful for you comforting me Aoba-oniichan, I know that you can't do anything about talent.」

She's still so young but she already understands about talent… Maybe she's right, since I was young I had great expectations placed upon me by Ando-sensei. With my so-called talent I very quickly surpassed the others, but I feel that my current drawing skills are still unable to reach Ando-sensei's level. His accumulation of experience all these years was not useless, so as long as he's willing to try he will definitely also be able to reach a new level.

「So I want to see you draw in front of me Aoba-oniichan, I want to see how those pretty drawings are drawn!」

Since Yu wants to see so badly, I naturally don't have a reason to decline either.

「Okay, since you've already put it like that Yu, of course I have to agree. What do you want to see me draw?」

I think usually girls of this age all hope to see people draw scenery drawings like some flowers or clear water with blue skies.

「Thank you Aoba-oniichan! Then draw me, draw me just like those illustrations you draw!」

Pu… Could it be that this era is advancing too quickly? Yu actually wants me to draw her like those characters in illustrations filled with temptation!

「Yu, using you as a model for those drawings really isn't good, let's pick a different one.」

「It's no… good, whimper… Sure enough I'm unable to make you have any creative inspiration Aoba-oniichan…」

Yu's eyes start to fill with mist, her white teeth softly biting her lower lip. Her teary eyed appearance makes people feel pity, she's honestly too cute! I feel a beam of light seem to flash by in my mind, just like how the originally muddled and lightless world was opened up into a new world rich with life because of a divine command.

My hand can't help but extend towards… the drawing pencil!

No! Hurry up and stop my hand! I really do have to "stop"! My rationality has already been completely destroyed by this sudden flash of inspiration. Yu's appearance before has been deeply imprinted into my mind, my eyes start to only see the pencil and lines… (TL: A way to say stop in Chinese is 住手, which translates directly to "stop hand".)

I completely forget about my surroundings, I don't even care if time has passed by around me. After an unknown amount of time, I finally put down the pencil in my hand and collapse onto the bed panting.

「Aoba-oniichan is so amazing!」

Yu looks with delight at the just finished coloured illustration, I know very well exactly how terrifying of an existence I've created.,,

A physique even more petite than the little lolis using Sena as a model before and having a cute and cuddly face. Her frail shoulders are tightly pulled in, her body without an inch of cloth and two slim legs are crossed together blocking that important area. Her two arms also surround the front of her chest, adding that fair skin even whiter than snow, the little loli in the illustration with Yu as a model has both a natural, radiant beauty and an inviting seduction. This is an illustration that is currently my greatest masterpiece and that makes people feel that it is sacrilege to just look at it!

Oh my god, what have I done!!!

"Grumble…", After just finishing breakfast, my stomach releases an awkward protest.

「How long have I been drawing for?」

「6 hours at the very least, is Aoba-oniichan hungry?」

「So that much time has already passed by…」

Right now it is totally lunch time already, I've greatly expended both my mind and body, no wonder I'm so hungry.

「I'm injured right now and can't make lunch, how's about I take you outside to eat?」


「Ok, then this illustration…」

Before I even finish speaking, Yu anxiously hugs that drawing.

「I absolutely won't give this drawing to anyone else! This drawing is mine now!」

「Ok… It's yours it's yours.」

Only now am I really in completely regret that I actually drew this drawing, if Yu steps onto a weird path in the future that'll be entirely my fault!

I take Yu to a family restaurant, this place is a family restaurant I'll regularly visit on weekends when I don't want to eat instant noodles. I order myself a fried rice and order for her a steak with a cup of fruit juice.

When eating this food the expression on her face is very blissful, she really is a very strange young lady. She eats the delicious and refined food at home very calmly, but she greatly enjoys this food that normal people eat.

While eating the steak on her plate she occasionally looks at the fried rice on my plate. I regularly feed her a bite and as repayment, she delivers her juice over to my mouth and even doesn't allow me to drink using the cup, I have to use the same straw as her. At this time when I mention the problem of hygiene to her she doesn't care at all.

The atmosphere of this lunch was very nice, we were both very satisfied with our meals. On the way back home, my cellphone receives a text.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki 「Can you starting going out with Hatsuyuki again?」

Seeing the signature of the text I'm filled with mixed emotions, after all I'm unable to candidly shrug off that stuff that had happened. Some things need to be washed away with time to be able able to be slowly forgotten.

Aoba Oku 「Sorry, I haven't been feeling well recently, I can't go on a date with her.」

Only after a long time after the text was sent does she respond.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki 「If you don't want to continue you don't need to use this sort of sloppy excuse.」

Indeed… After that sort of thing had just happened, my text is indeed like I'm avoiding going out with Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki.

Aoba Oku 「Please don't misunderstand, I really have been injured these past two days and am currently recuperating at home.」

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki 「Sorry… I was too mistrusting. You're at home, I want to go visit you.」

… She actually wants to come visit me? I don't know what she's thinking, but even if we see each other right now I think it'll be awkward right? Even though it's not like that gap between two people after being rejected after a confession, but the relationship between me and her really isn't that close.

After pondering on it, I still send her the address of the apartment. She indicates she'll come in the afternoon after school.

「Aoba-oniichan, what's wrong with the text? You look very troubled.」

Is the expression on my face really that obvious…

「It's nothing worth being troubled about, it's just at night there will be a friend coming to my home.」

「Is it someone you don't want to see Aoba-oniichan?」

「No, I just have a bit of a story with her…」

「Okay, as long as you're fine Aoba-oniichan.」

Yu doesn't continue asking questions, in this area she really is very considerate. She's clearly just a child who isn't even in middle school yet.

To kill time, after returning home I turn on the laptop and check out the school forum. I just so happen to see that legendary post where Awayume is the lead singer. After clicking on it I can see the video file for the live performance, Awayume's performance is indeed very outstanding. Her beautiful, loud singing has an indescribable attractiveness.

「This is that big sister who helped comb my hair this morning right, her singing is amazing!」

Yu immediately recognizes who the lead singer is, looks like she also really likes Awayume's singing.

「Ya, she's that big sister who loved your hair so much she couldn't let go of it and even put her face to it.」

If Awayume was here I wouldn't be able escape from a beating.

「I will tell that big sister what Aoba-oniichan said.」

「Yu, please do forget about what I just said.」

「Then draw me another drawing!」

Yu this little loli actually isn't satisfied with one drawing?

「Then it would be better to let me openly embrace death, that would still be better than being stuck with the crime of ruining your future.」

「Don't be so nervous Aoba-oniichan… I'm just joking, I'm already very satisfied that you could give me this drawing Aoba-oniichan.」

Honestly the best would be to not take this drawing either… But seeing how much Yu likes it, no matter what I can't ask her for it back.

「Aoba-oniichan, is there a student in your school with the same name as you and moreover is also a lolicon?」

「Of course there isn't, why?」

「Then that means the one being talked about here is you?」

I look towards the post Yu is pointing at.

"Pervert Lolicon Aoba Oku's foul and abhorrent actions, beating the crap out of an upperclassman and conspiring with the student council president giving him a warning,"

「… I think there could be a person in the school also called Aoba Oku like me and is also a lolicon.」

Yu smiles looking at me but doesn't expose me. I click on the post, the comments are all attacks on me.

「Heartless and inhuman! Is there nobody who can punish this pervert!」

Why did you omit "Lolicon" again!

「Save your energy man, Aoba Oku's got a strong backing. Not only is the police station his people, even the student council is within his influence!」

So I'm that amazing? How come I don't know…

「Leave me alone and I'll leave you alone, as long as he doesn't come mess with my little sister I won't do anything to him. But if he dares to lay his hands on my little sister, I'll… kill him!」

Dude, I really won't do anything to your little sister, there's no need to fight me…

My eyes have already learned to filter out those words like "human trash, scum" or even more offensive words, this is the new skill I've learned from browsing the school forum, otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep looking.

「Aoba-oniichan, this Aoba Oku seems to be hated by a lot of people at school.」

「Ya… It's definitely because he didn't properly establish the positive image of a lolicon and isn't like me, always thinking of how to better love and cherish lolis.」

「Aoba-oniichan seems very dependable!」

「Of course…」

Time passes very quickly, in the turn of an eye school is already over, at this time I hear someone knocking on the door. It seems like it's not Awayume, could it be she's already here? With a bit of nervousness I walk over to the entrance and open the door.


「Huh? Why do you seem very relieved after seeing that it's me you pervert lolicon?」

Sena walks in on her own.

「I say, are you treating my home like your home and coming over for a stroll whenever you want?」

「Someone like me who is the most perfect loli in the world, with beauty like that of a curse, cuteness that makes people tremble, maturity that makes the world bow before me visiting your home and you actually still have complaints?」

「Exactly what did you eat that fried your brain for you to be able to say these baffling descriptors? Exactly what is it that gave you this confidence?」

「Che, you just don't dare to admit how much you love me, you've clearly always wanted me to give you my love!」

「Ya ya ya, I love you so much, I want to be loved by you so badly.」

「It's this sort of casual attitude that's the worst! Go die you pervert lolicon!」

「Then I'm going now, sit wherever you want.」

Leaving behind Sena who is angry but has no place to vent her anger, I return to my room. Very soon Sena also follows in to play with Yu.

「You're here Sena-oneechan, did you know, in Aoba-oniichan's school there's someone…」

I hurriedly go to cover Yu's mouth.

「There's a senior like me who has a special hobby, but what he likes is collecting female underwear!」

Sorry Akiha-senpai, at this sort of time I can only betray you…

「You actually have this sort of senior? Sure enough perverts will all automatically get together.」

「I'm not a pervert! I'm a lolicon!」

At this time noise comes from the door again. I nervously walk over to the entrance opening the door and as expected, this time it really is… them.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki came together with Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki.

「This is a small consolation gift, how's your injury?」

I take over the consolation gift from Yoruhisa Shikuyuki's hand, it's some black sesame dango.

「Even though I'm not healed yet right now, they're just some scrapes and bruises. I'll be fully healed in a few days.」

She stands at the door expressionlessly, holding onto Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki who is also not speaking. At this time I don't even know how to tell them to "come in and sit down first", luckily Sena suddenly appears at this time.

「Classmate Yoruhisa! You actually came, ignore this per… my cousin, come in first!」

Sena's reaction is very fast, she didn't betray any signs of the lie when we tricked them before saying I'm her cousin, Sena holds Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki's hand entering the room, after seeing her little sister go in Yoruhisa Shikuyuki hesitates for a bit and then also comes in.

I suddenly remember that there's still some tea leaves at home, they were given to my by Awayume in the past. She said that if there were any friends who came to visit, if I had nothing prepared then it would be too impolite. Originally I thought that besides her I wouldn't be able to find any so-called "visiting friends", who'd have thought it's actually come in handy now.

After brewing the tea I take out the consolation gift Yoruhisa Shikuyuki gave me and place them on the platter. Then I take out a couple of tea cups and carry it to the room, like this I think I've at least managed to have the bare minimum amount of etiquette…

Without any friends who would come visit me, I really am unused to these sorts of things.

Right now there are four girls in my room, if this was the past I wouldn't even dare to think about it. Not to mention that besides Sena who is a "fake loli" in my heart, the other two are all genuine little lolis!

「Cousin… Why do I feel like what you're expressing in your eyes is very rude to me?」

You could actually tell even this? Have you studied micro-expression psychology before Sena?

I place the stuff on the table in the room. Sena and Yu both sit down and start eating without any hesitation, Yoruhisa Shikuyuki and Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki look more reserved.

「Um… Let's eat together.」

「Ok, thank you.」

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki picks up a dango giving it to Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki first and then takes one for herself, just like this the Yoruhisa sisters start eating with small bites.

「Mm… Delicious! Why didn't you take this sort of thing out earlier Cousin!」

「Aoba-oniichan is stingy!」

I feel like when Yu is together with Sena she'll be even more lively than usual…

「This was brought over by this big sister, you guys should thank her!」

「Thank you big…Ah, Yu, I was going to eat that!」

「Hmph! You're too late, thank you Big Sister!」

Getting the dango first, Yu leisurely thanks Yoruhisa Shikuyuki, Yoruhisa Shikuyuki nods her head expressing that she accepts her thanks. Afterwards Awayume's club activities have also ended, after opening the room door she's very shocked to see that there are actually so many people in my room…

Under my introductions, they have a basic knowledge of each other. Afterwards Awayume takes a trip to the supermarket and buys a lot of ingredients, making a big table of delicious food. If it was before, Sena and Yu would have already started eating, but with so many people right now even they feel embarrassed to eat first.

When Awayume brings over the last dish and sits down, only after everybody says "Thanks for the food" do they start to gulf down the food.

During this time, Sena regularly gets food for Hatsuyuki who is sitting beside her, perfectly playing the part of a considerate classmate, while Awayume also has some conversation with Yoruhisa Shikuyuki at the dining table. All in all even though the are so many girls gathered in the house, the atmosphere is still very good.

Originally I was worried there would be some awkward moments, but in reality nothing happened.

Sure enough, in light novels, if girls are gathered together there will definitely be a scene of carnage is all a lie!

My situation right now is very bad, not mentioning anything else, just the fact of me only wearing a bath towel and facing to girls also only wearing a bath towel looking at each other in the bathroom is very bad right?

I must first apologize for me letting down my guard too early before, even though there were more girls before than right now, but up until the Yoruhisa sister's left my home the atmosphere was always very peaceful.

But after they left, I just wanted to take a bath and the atmosphere actually became this stiff, even the air seems to have frozen a bit.

「I say… Girls? I just want to scrub my body, may I ask what you guys want to do by coming in?」

I really just wanted to scrub my body… With injuries on my body I can't even take a bath.

「Che, of course it's because I saw that you can't scrub your body you pervert lolicon so I took pity on you and came in to help you!」

「Me too, not to mention you can't scrub your back Oku-kun.」

Awayume and Sena both entered the bathroom one after another with the same thought.

「Then you guys don't need to both come in!」

The moment the words leave my mouth I know things are about to go down…

「I don't know either why Awayume-oneesan also came in. Awayume-oneesan, just leave this sort of small thing to me! A pervert lolicon like him will definitely enjoy my service more.」

「There's no need to trouble you with such a small thing Sena-chan, Oku-kun and I grew up together. Letting me help him with this sort of this is perfectly normal.」

Even though the two people look like they're getting along very well, their words express their attitude that they absolutely won't concede. In the end I honestly can't do anything else and can only let them help my scrub my body together, even afterwards I have to let them apply the medicine and ointment together.

Afterwards Awayume returns to her own room while Sena and Yu are still playing in my room.

「I say, Sena, when do you plan on going back? It's not good if you go back too late.」

「Go back? I already called home saying I'll be staying outside today.」

「… When did you call this time?」

「After school.」

… You're completely treating my home like your own.

「What sort of expression is that you pervert lolicon! With a tender and delicious little loli like me standing in front of you, do you have any complaints!」

「No… No… Sigh.」

There's less and less that I can do about Sena.

Sleeping together with Yu at night has already fulfilled my "Sleeping together with a little loli and saying good morning to each other when we wake up in the morning" wish, an extra Sena right now doesn't actually make much of a difference.

So when I wake up the next morning and discover that they're both lying on me, I practically want to cry!

「Save… Me!!!」

My hoarse voice wakes up Sena and Yu, they use the same eye rubbing posture and sit up yawning.

「Good morning Aoba-oniichan.」

「I won't say good morning to Pervert Lolicon, hmph!」

「Enough Sena, tsundere has never been your attribute!」

「Che, a pervert lolicon like you should gratefully accept being able to see me enact all sorts of attributes!」


For this two day break, Sena stays at my place the entire time playing with Yu. Yu really does looks happier when she's together with Sena and better matches the image of a child. During Sunday night, Yu reluctantly waves goodbye to Sena.

「Yu, I've got to go to school tomorrow, are you going to stay home by yourself?」

「Thank you Aoba-oniichan.」

Yu doesn't directly answer my question, at this moment she turns into Miss Natsukawa again, the smile on her face is very reserved.

「I had a lot of fun these past few days, but I must go now, I can't cause you any more trouble Aoba-oniichan.」

「… If you're willing you can keep staying here.」

She shakes her head with a helpless smile.

「This time I ran out from my home in Tokyo, Aoba-oniichan, do you remember when we first met in Kandatsu, I had also run down from the mountain?」

That Yu in the grass who was curled up in a corner like a startled rabbit, of course I wouldn't forget.

「That day it was because I couldn't stand my schedule still being full everyday while on vacation in Kandatsu, that's why I secretly ran down the mountain. Originally I just wanted to see the new and interesting things down the mountain, but in the end because of my curiousity I went further and further until I couldn't get back.」

Yu's life is not at all as easy as other people think, she's not even in middle school yet but she's already carrying on her back too many things she has no control over.

「But at that time I met you Aoba-oniichan, even though at the start when you said you were a lolicon it gave me a fright, because in the education I have received lolicon's are the most terrifying people!」

「How can that be! It's definitely that the person teaching you is tricking you! Yup, that's right!」

「Hehe, sure enough Aoba-oniichan is a complete lolicon. But it's also precisely because it's you that I feel like I can definitely find joy by your side Aoba-oniichan. So when I knew you were in Tokyo I really was very happy.」

「I let my family end the vacation early because I wanted to return to Tokyo earlier. After returning I immediately planned my "escape", but this was actually just my family's indulgence of me, they've definitely also been watching my "escape" the whole time. Even right now, there are definitely people on standby in the surrounding.」

Hearing her words I look at the surrounding but don't notice anyone.

「To not make me feel troubled, they definitely won't easily appear like this. Aoba-oniichan, call Butler Ebashi right now, like this the people nearby will also immediately come to pick me up.」

Yu even knows that I have President Ebashi's contact number? I take out my cellphone and call the number I had saved before.

「Hello, is it President Ebashi?」

「Yes, you are Mister Aoba?」

「It's me…」

Yu extends her hand to me, motioning me to let her take the call. After giving the cellphone to her, she says a few words with President Ebashi and then very soon knocking comes from the entrance.

「Aoba-oniichan, goodbye, I wonder when the next time we meet will be.」

Yu's smile has a trace of nostalgia, but she still resolutely opens the door. At the entrance there are already people standing there to receive her.

「Yu, goodbye! If you want you can come to my home whenever you want.」

I believe that this won't be my last time seeing Yu, some bonds won't be broken so easily.

I watch Yu get into a black car and gradually disappear into the night. I have a bit of anticipation in my heart, anticipating that one day when I return home again I can see Yu once again saying to me with a bright smile over her face:

「Aoba-oniichan, I got lost again!」

The scenery will definitely be exceptionally beautiful, with dreams of the future I sleep heavily in this boundless night.

When I wake up next morning, I discover that Awayume is already sitting by my bedside, it looks like she's worried about my injuries which is why she didn't sit on me.

「Oku-kun, good morning, Yu-chan has already left?」

「Ya… I guess.」

「She'll come back in the future, right?」

「Definitely, at that time you'd better not have any thoughts about her hair again.」

「You're so annoying Oku-kun!」

After eating breakfast with Awayume we leave the house walking to school.

「Oh right Oku-kun, how's your review been going for the midterm tests?」

Tests? What's this? How come no one’s ever told me about it!

「Midterm… tests?」

「Ya, this week is test week, could it be you didn't review anything Oku-kun?」

「Ah… About this… Because of this and that…」

「Sigh, in short you didn't review anything right, Oku-kun you idiot.」

Awayume looks very helpless. Speaking of it since we were young Awayume's marks have always been a lot better than mine, every time there's a test I've got to rely on her pre-test tutoring to be able to just barely pass. Even the school entrance test for this school in Tokyo was because of her help that I managed to luckily get accepted.

「It's okay… In any case… Ah! You have help me Awayume!」

「Your attitude is entirely the same as Nobita going to Dor*mon for help Oku-kun! I've already said before that you can't rely on me for tutoring before every test, you need to properly listen in class!」

Well. since entering the school there's always been this thing or that thing, causing me to be unable to properly listen in class… Okay it's just me not trying! But even though Awayume says this every time, in the end she still won't leave me on my own every time, sure enough this time I still have to rely on her.

「All in all, Awayume, I still have to rely on you this time!」

「Sigh… This is the last time, okay?」


Since a long time ago when Awayume started helping me, she always says "This is the last time, okay", but every time I still have to shamefully rely on her…

After walking into the school and agreeing with Awayume to go to the library to study at lunch, we go to our own classes. When I'm about to walk through the classroom door, I see Kamina Eno who is also just about to enter the classroom door and I suddenly think of a problem.

「Um, Miss Kamina?」


「You know there's tests this week right? You definitely know!」

「I know.」

「Then that's where the problem comes.」

I stare at her with a serious expression, her expression is always oblivious.

「How do you plan on doing multiple choice questions?」

Isn't this problem too cruel for her? You've got to choose so many things for multiple choice questions, won't this make make her choose until she cries!


「Huh? Feeling?」

「Yes, feeling.」

「Isn't this a bit too unreliable! In short you plan on guessing for every question right?」

「Yes… No?」


Kamina Eno really is an existence that makes people despair, she's especially a student who will make the teachers despair. There simply isn't a single teacher who can stand a student whom no matter how you teach her, in the end even if she knows the answer to the question she still has to guess.

「Good luck…」

After saying this to her I return to my seat. Speaking of it, when I walked into the classroom I noticed that the entire class was a lot quieter. Clearly in the past whenever I came in I could always hear them quietly condemning me and whatnot, how come they all look so nervous today?

「Hey… why do you guys seem very nervous looking at me?」

I'm asking the boy beside my seat, he's also the person who asked me before if I was really a lolicon.

「C… Classmate Aoba! Please let me go!」

Huh? Why does he look so terrified?

「Don't be nervous, do I look that scary?」

「We all know about what you did… Before it was all our fault, please forgive us!」

Exactly what happened?

「Can I ask you to explain everything to me?」

「E… Explain what?」

「Of course it's why you guys are looking at me so nervously right now…」

「I… I understand now! We already understand your terror Classmate Aoba… No! Your dominance!」

Do I actually also have a dominating aura that makes people submit without needing to lift a finger? Then how come I was beaten so badly a few days ago?

「Please explain this so-called "dominance".」

This boy looks like he's already about to cry.

「Did you beat the crap out of an upperclassman a few days ago?」

「Um… There was indeed a bit of a fight.」

I also had the crap beaten out of me okay? That was multiple people against me by myself!

「And then that senior put out word that he would definitely make you unable to keep staying in this school. In the end after your companion, Student Council President Asakusa-senpai heard this, she made that senior clean the entire schoolyard after school using the reason of school labour, moreover she even personally supervised him. Friday after school that senior kept cleaning the schoolyard until two in the morning and fainted from exhaustion! I heard that right now he's still lying in the hospital…」

… Asakusa-senpai is definitely a demon! I only knew that she said she would help me take care of this thing, she actually dealt with it like this! I finally understand what the situation is with the "warning" written in that "Conspiring with the student council to give a warning" post I saw on the weekend with Yu.

「Classmate Aoba… Excuse me, are you satisfied with this explanation?」

He carefully asks me, like he's afraid I'll also make him go do school labour.

「I'm good… Thank you.」

「Y-Y-You're welcome! Don't mention it!」

Seeing that I seem to have "forgiven" him, he exhales a long breath at his seat.

Even though what Asakusa-senpai did to the senior was very excessive, she ultimately did it for me. I naturally can't say anything about her, in the end I can only say — The power hierarchy really is amazing.

The tests start tomorrow and continue until Friday. Today all of the students are very serious during class time, and I also magically listen to the lesson, but I discover that there are a lot of questions I don't understand. I write them all down in my notebook and plan on going to ask Awayume. At noon I go to Awayume's classroom to look for her, planing on eating lunch with her and then going to the library.

「Oku-kun… I heard classmates say that last week you fought with a senior from our school, is it true?」

Awayume actually also found out about this…

「Ya, it's true.」

「To think that the hooligan harassing Sena was actually a senior from our school, the way Asakusa-senpai punished him really is satisfying!」

Huh? I was already ready to do my best to cover this thing up, who'd have thought this was actually how Awayume understood it…

「That's right, exactly, I also didn't think that person was actually a senior from our school!」

「Ya! Oku-kun did a great job! But you have to remember to not be too rash in the future, if you can solve the problem without fighting then please do so, otherwise if something were to happen to you Oku-kun… I…」

Awayume's soft little hand gently grabs my hand, through the warmth of her palm I and feel her deep care of me.

「Ok, I promise.」

After hearing my promise, the corners of her lips stretch into a beautiful curve and she smiles sweetly.

After finishing eating we go to the library to study together… Or I should say Awayume is one-sidedly tutoring me. I get answers from her for all of the problems I had accumulated from the morning, Awayume is very skilled at teaching people, this probably has a really big correlation with me going to her for help for tests since I was young.

Only when it's almost time for the afternoon classes do we split up at the library and agree to continue after returning home.

After finishing seriously listening to the afternoon classes, I still copied down the questions I didn't know, while I was seriously listening to the lessons the afternoon classes passed by very quickly. After school me and Kamina Eno go together to the God Chosen Club's clubroom, when we arrive there Asakusa-senpai and the others are already there.

「Yo Lo-kun, how's your body.」

「They're all minor injuries, adding that the rubbing alcohol and ointment were all very good, I'm already about healed.」

「Then it looks like it wasn't that serious, and I thought it was serious when I saw you at the time and you looked like you were practically about to die.」

「Huh? You're hurt Aoba-kouhai? I'm telling you, when you go to the balcony to borrow female underwear you can't directly jump over it, you have to learn to observe the structure of the house.」

「I wouldn't be injured over this sort of thing okay! Speaking of it why are you so familiar with this, didn't you say you've never done this sort of thing?」

「I know a little… I just know a little bit, I've still yet to put it to practise.」

「If you put it to practise I'll pretend like I've never known you Akiha-senpai.」

「You're so cruel Aoba-kouhai!」

「Oh right.」

I then look towards Asakusa-senpai and sincerely thank her.

「Why are you thanking me? Is it because I just so happened take you home a few days ago.」

「That's also included, there's also the matter of you helping me in school Senpai.」

Askausa-senpai is a bit surprised.

「You know about it Oku-kun? And I thought you would definitely say my method was too extreme.」

「I do indeed think so… But I understand that you did everything to help me and Awayume.」

Awayume waves her hand expressing that I don't need to think anything of it, she's just this kind of senior, she will silently help her juniors. Sure enough having a senior like her really is a lucky thing.

This really was a tiring week, everyday I repeated the painful cycle of test, study, test, study.

Your average person has subjects they're good at or bad at in terms of learning, only a rare few people can conquer the subjects they're bad at and achieve dominance in every subject. And in reality I don't have a subject I'm particularly bad in, if you're asking why, it's because before every test Awayume will tutor me in everything… Causing me to basically not be particularly weak in any subject, of course, there also isn't any subject where I get high marks.

Awayume is really amazing, regardless of liberal arts or sciences she's virtually good at them all. I once asked her how she could accomplish the learning of so many subjects, at that time she said with a joking tone– "It's all to help you face the tests", recently I no longer feel like she was joking.

Finally, with the ring of the bell the final physics test is finally over, a lot of students lean over their seats in relief. There are also some students surrounding the students with better marks in the class, asking about the answers to questions they're uncertain about, after obtaining the answer some are happy and some are sad. In my opinion this sort of action is actually completely meaningless, no matter what the answer is, the fixed reality won't change. Maybe some people will rejoice when knowing that the correct answer matches their own, but more people will start to mope and lament.

I look towards Kamina Eno and nod my head to her, then I walk out of the classroom. Five minutes later, I notice that she still hasn't left the classroom, so I go in to check up on her and discover that she is still sitting in her seat.

「Didn't I tell you to come out to go to the clubroom together?」

「Did you?」

… And I thought that if I nodded my head to her she would be able to tacitly understand my meaning, turns out that I was just thinking too much of myself.

「Okay, let's go now then.」

This time Kamina Eno finally comes with me together to the God Chosen Club clubroom. The inside of the clubroom is still as quiet as usual, Akiha-senpai is examining a pair of white spotted underwear, Asakusa-senpai is reading a bunkoban, and Amamiya Kotosuzu is wearing her personal maid outfit with a relaxed smile and holding a teapot, prepared to pour tea for me and Kamina Eno who just came. (TL: Bunkoban, small paperback book. Could be a normal book, could be a manga.)

「Lo-kun, you guys are here, how'd the test go?」

Asakusa-senpai puts down her bunkoban and asks about how I feel about my test using the dependable appearance of a senior looking after her junior. This really isn't like her at all…

「Asakusa-senpai, right now are you thinking of me saying that I did very bad, and then you can take the opportunity to ridicule me?」

「… Che, I was actually seen through.」

She curls her lip, sure enough her appearance just now was an act.

「I did okay, but you should be asking Kamina Eno, I think she should be in a lot of trouble…」

Even though Asakusa-senpai and the others still don't know yet that Kamina Eno is afflicted with analysis paralysis, Kamina Eno's usual unreliable performance is obvious to everyone.

「Feel, pretty good.」

「You can't use your feeling as an excuse to avoid the test results.」

「Speaking of it, how'd you do Senpai.」

Asakusa-senpai seems to have been anticipating the entire time for me to ask this question, she reveals a confident smile.

「If the pervert over there didn't misperform, number one for the second year section this time is definitely mine again!」

This sentence seems to have some sort of special meaning…

「That pervert is referring to … Akiha-senpai? How come you have to say if he didn't misperform?」

「Even though I don't want to admit it, this pervert's marks are indeed better than mine.」


I didn't think that Akiha-senpai who is never serious actually has such good marks…

「You seem to not believe that I have good marks Aoba-kouhai, know that I'm a person who's received an elite education before!」

「Then how come you say that if he didn't misperform then you're number one Senpai?」

I don't get it at all, if Akiha-senpai didn't misperform shouldn't his marks be higher than Asakusa-senpai's?

「Hehe, because as long as he performs as normal on the tests, he can definitely correctly answer all of the multiple choice questions on the tests, and then write answers related to underwear on all of the subjective questions!」

「It's actually like that…」

「It's nothing really.」

「We aren't complimenting you Akiha-senpai!」

Right now I really feel scared of Akiha-senpai's obsession towards underwear, after all if it was me I wouldn't be able to write views related to lolis on my test.

「During the last test, there was a question about Japanese bridge designs, in the end this pervert forcibly drew the bridge as underwear and was kicked out on the spot from the test room by the supervising teacher.」


「Actually I drew it this time too, but I didn't let the supervising teacher see it!」

「Don't be so proud of yourself Akiha-senpai!」

I finally understand why Asakusa-senpai is so confident…

「Then, how'd you do Classmate Amamiya?」

「Speaking of it, Lo-kun, why do you always call me senpai but not her?」

「Huh? What do you mean…」

「Amamiya's a third year senior.」

… This really is the first I'm hearing of this, Amamiya Kotosuze has always looked like a very shy little girl who very easily blames herself, her cute appearance makes people entirely unable to tell that she's actually a third year senior!

「This sort of thing… is okay, anyhow… anyhow I'm not the slightest… sob… slightest bit… like a third year senior… sob sob sob…」

She's gonna crying! She's really about to cry!

「Don't cry Amamiya-senpai! It was all my mistake! I'll call you Senpai from now on!」

「Huh? Really?」

「Absolutely yes!」

I once again stop her.

I work as usual in the clubroom, when time's about up dusk has already dyed the entire clubroom, at this time my cellphone receives a text.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki 「Are you free this weekend, can you continue dating Hatsuyuki?」

Aoba Oku 「Ya, I do have time this week, are you deciding the time?」

A while after I sent the text, she once again texts back.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki 「Then how's about tomorrow at 10, the location is that amusement park closest to your home.」

Isn't this the place me and Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki first met?

Aoba Oku 「I understand, but I have a request.」

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki 「Request?」

Aoba Oku 「Ya, I hope that tomorrow I can date her by myself, and not decide on what to do according to your help.」

This time she is silent for even longer.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki 「I understand.」

Aoba Oku 「Ok, then that's it, goodbye.」

Originally I thought the texting would end here like before, but very soon my cellphone rings again.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki 「Goodbye.」

… She would never respond to me again in the past.

The next day.

I'm already at the amusement park at around 9:30, this time I'm finally here a step before Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki. But not waiting for over 10 minutes, a black-haired little loli in a black dress gradually appears in my vision.

「You're here Yoruhisa, then let's go in?」

She slightly nods her head, her calm expression doesn't look like she's opposed against me in any way.

Me and her line up together buying two tickets, there's no child ticket because Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki is a bit taller than Sena, one is just perfectly below the 150cm height line and the other is a bit taller.

Right now is already the middle of autumn, there is a slight chill in the air. I'm a bit worried if she'll be a bit cold because she's wearing just a black dress.

「Um, Yoruhisa, will you be cold wearing just a dress?」

She shakes her head expressing that she's fine, she doesn't look like she's pushing herself. I think for a moment about what we should play first, we definitely can't head straight for the rollercoaster like with Sena. that's simply an inhuman behaviour.

I don't plan on asking Yoruhisa what she wants to play, she definitely won't say anything. So after thinking about a lot, I ultimately choose the one I want the least — The carousel.

I take Yoruhisa to line up at this attraction that is very popular with children and couples, only after seeing that the person in front of us is a female do I let Yoruhisa line up behind her, and then I line up behind Yoruhisa. Even though I say I don't need Yoruhisa Shikyuki's help, I still remember the reminders she gave me from the last date.

Very soon it reaches our turn, she expressionlessly gets onto a wooden horse while I sit in the position beside her. Even though this is also an attraction popular with couples, during the entire ride me and Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki don't have any interactions such as going around holding hands like other stupid couples.

We just silently sit on these constantly turning wooden horses that also sway up and down, I think in the eyes of others we definitely look like two strangers? This is the result of me coming in after resisting my konibyo. (TL: See chapter 5 for konibyo)

After leaving the carousel ride, I take her to a ride countless times less thrilling than the roller coaster– The West Japan train ride. This is actually just sitting in a cart similar to a roller coaster's, and then travelling on a track without any ups and downs, looking at the greenery on the two sides of the cart.

Speaking of it, how could West Japan have so much vegetation?

Me and her each sit on one side of the cart, looking at the greenery on the two sides. The train moves very steadily, there isn't any shaking, this is probably good for visitors who have just finished riding the roller coaster to come calm their nerves.

We still silently finish this ride, not only this one, the following few rides are basically all passed like this. I'm starting to slightly regret not wanting Yoruhisa Shikuyuki's help, without her I don't even know what Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki likes to play. But since I've already said so, I've got to take it to the end. After thinking back and forth, I decide I should directly ask her what she wants to play.

「Sorry, the rides we rode before were all very boring weren't they, can you tell me whatever you want to play from now on?」

Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki looks very hesitant, but this makes me feel hopeful, if she didn't want to say she would have just expressionlessly stared at me. After thinking for a long time she suddenly points at a tall structure.

But luckily… It's not the roller coaster, it's the ferris wheel.

「You want to ride that?」

Yoruhisa Hatsuyki nods her head.

「Okay then, let's go.」

Under normal circumstances there are relatively few visitors who ride the ferris wheel at noon, but since she wants to ride it I obviously don't have a reason to refuse.

If it was later, a popular attraction like the ferris wheel would have had a very long line up, but right now we only line up for a bit before getting on the ferris wheel. After getting in the cabin, I'm still about to sit on the opposite side from her, but at this time I notice that Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki's expression isn't quite right.

「Are you okay?」

After hearing my question she lowers her head, seemingly unwilling to look at me. But I feel like it's not because she's afraid of me, there should be another reason.

「If something's wrong, we can still get off on time while the ferris wheel hasn't started turning.」

She lightly lifts her head up a bit and looks at me timidly, she then says a sentence to me with a stutter.

「I want… to go to the washroom.」

It's actually this reason! No wonder she feels embarrassed to tell me this sort of thing, any girl would feel embarrassed right? Of course, if it was Sena then it would be uncertain.

「Then let's get off right now, okay?」

After all we've only just gotten on, the ferris wheel hasn't started yet, it's not too late to get off right now. If it starts then it'll be about half-an-hour before we can get off.

「If we get off… then we can't come back on right?」

It is indeed so… The ferris wheel ride has already been checked off on our tickets, we can't ride it again unless we run out again to buy new tickets.

「It's okay, if you really want to ride it then we can just go out again to buy new tickets.」

「… It's okay, I will… do my best.」

Huh? What does this "do my best" mean?

「Do your best for what?」


She's not speaking again, but from the looks of it she doesn't plan on getting off. In that case her doing her best is probably to– hold on for half-an-hour.

At this time the ferris wheel slowly starts moving, I know that at this time there's no way to go back now…

Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki has her head lowered the entire time, right now it looks like she can still hold on. I am entirely not in the mood to look at the scenery from the ferris wheel, right now I'm cheering for her the entire time in my heart…

The ferris wheel slowly turns, with the visitors outside the window becoming smaller and smaller, where we are also becomes higher and higher. I gradually notice that the legs of Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki who has her head lowered the entire time are starting to restlessly wiggle, this shows that she's already feeling somewhat unable to hold it in.

「Um… Can you still hold on?」


Her nearly inaudible response I guess is expressing that she can still hold on. A long time later when our cabin is already at the peak of the ferris wheel, Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki already looks very uncomfortable, her legs are tightly squeezed together.

Telling her to hang on at this time is asking too much of her right? I'm also very anxious in my heart, my mood right now is no less relaxed than when I was surrounded in a small alley a few days ago.

After thinking about it for a long time, I finally boldly open my mouth saying to her:

「If… If you honestly can't hold on, just do your business… here? I absolutely won't look, and I absolutely won't tell anybody!」

This bold suggestion of mine makes Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki who is sitting on the other side quiver, she slowly raises her head that has been lowered for a dozen minutes and looks at me. The tears are already flowing non-stop in her eyes, with just a soft blink they will flow out. Her small lips are tightly shut, I can tell she's already about to reach her limit…

「No… I will… do my best.」

After difficulty saying this she lowers her head again, at this point she actually still wants to hold on?

With the passage of time, the ferris wheel is slowly about to reach the ground, and Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki's situation is already very bad. Her body is trembling the entire time, quite evidently she's about to be unable to hold it in!

From my perspective the final 2-3 minutes pass by unbelievably slowly, I pretty much think that every single second is too much. When the observation cabin finally opens, I immediately pick up Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki. At this time I simply don't have the time to ask for her permission, I can feel how violently her little body is trembling.

After getting out of the cabin I rapidly walk towards the nearest washroom in the amusement park, as for why I'm walking? Because right now Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki is simply unable to bear the shaking caused from running!

I rapidly walk to the washroom, only at this time do I think of a problem– Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki is a girl, how should I enter the women's washroom? But after thinking for just a few seconds I no longer hesitate!

Go lolicon! Bestow upon me strength Lolicon Spirit!

I resolutely carry Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki and calmly walk into the women's washroom, completely ignoring the gazes like looking at an alien of the female visitors in the washroom. I fortunately find an empty stall and then after putting down Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki with a suitable posture, I'm about to leave right away. But right when I turn around, I feel a nearly imperceptible force grab my clothes. I turn around and with a glance I discover that it's her shakingly extending her hand.

「Under… wear.」

Pu! I actually forgot about this, right now she doesn't even have the ability to take off her own underwear!

To… To think that I'll actually fail here? In the end Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki will still wet herself? As a lolicon can I only manage to do this much?

No! I am a lolicon with the duty of loving and protecting little lolis!

After a moment of clarity, I inhale a deep breath and extend my two hands towards the inside of Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki's skirt. With my action arises the cries of surprise of the female visitors in the washroom, but it's already too late! Along her soft skin I find the two sides of her underwear and then firmly pull them down. I once again ignore the gazes like looking at an alien scumbag of the female visitors and calmly make my exit.

At this moment, I feel that my Lolicon Spirit has risen to a higher level.

In the future if there are people discussing about what the most thrilling and stimulating ride in the amusement park is, even if the people with their own opinions don't ask me I will still shamelessly insert myself to say– It's definitely the ferris wheel.

This is what I'm thinking while I'm standing at the washroom door waiting for Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki.

After the females who were in the washroom before come out and see me, they all inevitably throw me a look of contempt. I calmly accept them all, after all what I just did was no less than, or you could even say completely surpassed Akiha-senpai's behaviour of drawing underwear on his test paper.

After waiting for about 10 minutes at the washroom entrance, I notice a little loli in a black dress with her head lowered slowly come out from the washroom. I can tell that she's definitely very embarassed right now, honestly don't mention her, even I feel very awkward looking at her. But I'm after all a guy, I can't just leave her there like that.

「Um… Yoruhisa, sorry, at that time I could only do that.」

Hearing me talk to her, Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki's head seems to bury itself even deeper. I faintly hear her release a cute "Mm~" of frustration due to being too embarrassed.

「Thank… you.」

Huh? Am I hearing things? I think I actually heard her say thank you to me even after doing those things to Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki?

It must be fake, there is no greater illusion in life than thinking that a certain girl likes you, in second place comes hearing Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki say thank you after doing what I did.

「Thank you… very much.」

Does she know I'm in disbelief which is why she repeated it again? But this time I believe it!

「It… It's okay, I just did what I could do.」

My lolicon heart is cheering, because it has been recognized.

Afterwards Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki returns back to being what she was initially like, following me with a flat expression. At this time I suddenly want to do a test, during the last date Yoruhisa Shikuyuki said that it's enough for me to maintain a distance of half a meter from her. Right now I want to try and see if it's okay for me to get a bit closer.

After having a plan, I slowly get closer to her, 40 centimeters, no problem; 30 centimeters, she appears a bit nervous but it's still within an acceptable range; 25 centimeters, still within an acceptable range; 20 centimeters, she no longer looks quite at ease. This distance is actually already very good, this means that she's already quite at ease with me, but I still want to be an idiot and get a bit closer to see…

I slowly, very slowly slowly continue moving closer to her, she's already displaying a very shaky look. When I'm only 10 centimeters away from her, she extends her hand to me, it looks like it really is because I'm too close so she wants to push me away.

But unexpectedly, she doesn't push me away and instead gently grabs my hand. I'm immediately a bit shocked, from her little hand I feel a bit of warmth, and then I smile softly, slowly grabbing her little hand and holding hands with her.

「Yoruhisa, let's go eat lunch.」


Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki is a girl who doesn't like speaking. Not only that, she doesn't even know how to express her intent of wanting to get close to someone, she always passively accepts the kindness of others. After we eat lunch, we play at numerous rides and attractions in the afternoon, we keep playing until the sky is no longer bright before leaving the amusement park. This time I propose to take her home on my own, she doesn't reject. Thus me and her get on the car together and get off near her home.

「Goodbye, Yoruhisa.」

「Good… bye.」

After Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki says goodbye to me she walks on the path home while I get back in the taxi and go back to my own home.

When I get off the car again, the night sky has already completely spread across the horizon.

I've always thought that Yoruhisa Shikuyuki is a girl with a lot of connections with the night, everytime she appears in the night she will always give me a great deal of shock. Could this time be the same too?

I silently watch Yoruhisa Shikuyuki who is standing at the apartment entrance, her appearance is very sudden, making me a bit bewildered.

「You're back.」

Under this night sky her cool voice appears even more ethereal.

「Ya, I've already taken your little sister home.」

「Thank you, how was the date today?」

「Pretty good I think.」

If you take away the matter with the ferris wheel and only keep the scene of me holding her hand, then I think it was pretty good.

「That's good, the reason I came here today was actually also to confirm this matter with you.」

「Is that so.」

「What do you think about Hatsuyuki?」

「She's a very cute girl.」

「Is this evaluation of yours applicable to all little lolis?」

… She's right, towards little lolis, the adjective "cute" will never be wrong.

「What I want to know is, what do you think of Hatsuyuki as an independent individual?」


For a moment I don't know how I should answer her.

「Sure enough, as a lolicon you just don't want to give up on any single loli.」


「Forget it, right now I just want you to precisely tell me your attitude, will you treat Hatsuyuki well? Even after you cure her androphobia.」

「I will.」

This is my response from the bottom of my heart.

「I understand, then I'm going now.」

She walks over to my side, behind me is the path towards the street, when she's about to brush shoulders with me:

「Let me walk you to the street.」

I don't know exactly what I was thinking either, but I just feel like I shouldn't let her leave alone. She looks a bit surprised but silently nods her head. Thus me and her walk towards the street together, she's silent the entire time and is walking a bit absent-mindedly. When we reach the roadside, I'm just about to say goodbye to her and then head back home when an accident nearly occurs.

I don't know what she's thinking about, while the light is red at the intersection she is still walking forward. Seeing a car about to ram straight into her, I hurriedly move forward and pull her back, pulling her into my chest.

「What were you thinking? Not even watching where you're going!」

It really was just a few seconds off, if she had kept walking like that she would have definitely gotten into an accident. I feel extremely lucky that I proposed before to walk her to the street.

Only at this time does she react, thinking that she was nearly about to be hit by a car just now she's in a bit of shock. Right now she is leaning against my chest, I feel there shouldn't be such a romantic position between us so I want to let go of her.

But when I take my hands away from her body, she doesn't pull away her body from me and instead tightly grabs the front of my clothes with her hands, burying her head in my chest.

「Sorry… Just give me ten seconds.」

Her voice sounds a bit choked, causing me to be unable to say anything to refuse her.

I silently agree to her behaviour and let her lean against my chest, right now the light has already turned green and the passing pedestrians by the roadside all secretly look at us revealing expressions of envy. But amongst these passing pedestrians I discover a familiar figure.


She has two big bags of items in her hands, it looks like she just came back from the supermarket. She calmly watches me and Yoruhisa Shikuyuki, after watching for a few seconds she turns around leaving in the direction of her home.

My mind is completely blank, I don't know what I should do. I can't bring myself to push away Yoruhisa Shikuyuki and then mindlessly chase after Awayume.

I can't…

These tens seconds that Yoruhisa Shikyuki is leaning against my chest seem to last a lifetime. After she pulls away her body from my chest, I also feel like something in my heart has been pulled away.


Yoruhisa Shikuyuki who has regained her composure disappears along the sidewalk in this vast night, while I absent-mindedly walk back home. Arriving at the door, I can't bring myself to open the door, but you've eventually got to face what you have to face. I take out the key and open the door, after walking inside Awayume is already sitting at the dining table.


Even when I call Awayume's name it appears a bit unintelligible.

「Oku-kun, you're back.」

「Ya, I'm back.」

「That girl just now… was Yoruhisa Shikuyuki right?」

She suddenly mentions that girl who was in my embrace just now.

「Ya… it's her, um, I…」

「Sh, you don't need to explain anything Oku-kun.」

Awayume walks to my side, her long and slim index finger softly touching my lip.

「Yoruhisa Shikyuki really is a very beautiful girl, so beautiful that I'm even jealous.」

So Awayume also thinks that Yoruhisa Shikuyuki is very beautiful? Probably every person who sees her will think that.

「Moreover, not only her appearance, her cool aura also has a fatal attractions towards guys right?」

Males will always think of conquering those untouchable flowers, this is their nature.

「If not even a girl like this can move your heart Oku-kun, then no one else can do so right?」


「But, Oku-kun, do you know?」

Awayume retracts her index finger pressing on my lips and places it on her own lips. She slightly crooks her head looking at me, a smile on her face.

「I'm very happy.」

「… Why?」

I don't understand, not one bit, how can Awayume still feel happy after seeing that sort of thing.

「The reason is very simple.」

Awayume's smile grows even bigger.

「Because as long as you don't only like little lolis then that's enough for me.」

It's actually this reason!

「I'm very delighted, really very delighted. I'm so happy to be able to see you have seemingly intimate contact with a girl who isn't a little loli Oku-kun.」

「Because, as long as you won't only like little lolis, then I have a chance.」

Awayume's words are filled with magic, making me unknowingly enthralled and drawn in.

「Maybe you'll think that I'll be very sad seeing you have that sort of intimate action with another girl Oku-kun.」

I do indeed think that.

「But it's not so, it really isn't, I'm very happy, because…」

Awayume's eyes are filled with a glow of confidence.

「As long as you'll like girls besides little lolis Oku-kun, then Sakurada Awayume has the confidence to win your heart.」

Her voice has an unquestionable determination, her words are filled with confidence.


I'm a complete mess right now, what I'm thinking about right now isn't whether or not Awayume or someone else will make me fall in love with them, but a more fundamental question about myself.

Could I really fall in love with a girl besides a little loli?

I've never even thought of this question before, I firmly believed that I am a lolicon with a grand faith, I couldn't possible fall in love with females besides little lolis.

But today, my persistence has been shaken again and again. Regardless of Yoruhisa Shikuyuki's action of burying her head in my chest by the street, or Awayume's bold and confident declaration right now, they really have caused my heart that I once thought was unshakeable to have a crack in it.

This crack is very terrifying, a single accident could very like cause my faith and what I've pursued all these year to vanish in an instant.

「Oku-kun, that you will like other females while liking little lolis really makes me very happy.」

Awayume's words will only make my heart gradually lose its guard even more.

She's right, even though I'm a lolicon, why can't I also like other females? Other females and little lolis don't affect each other right? Even if I go out with other females, as long as I still like little lolis I'm still a lolicon right? For them I can still devote my all…

My heart is gradually shrouded by Awayume's nightmarish words. In this cage without any bars, I am completely unable to find a direction to escape, I can only wander helplessly in the darkness, no matter how I run I can't leave this cage created by my heart.

This is the biggest test I've encountered since becoming a lolicon, in fact I don't even know what it's testing, but I understand very clearly that if I still can't find my way, I will only be defeated in this test and thereby lose something that is very important to me.

「Think about it Oku-kun, as long as I have a chance I absolutely won't give up.」

Awayume's gentle words always inadvertently gnaw at my determination.

Afterwards Awayume leaves my room and I return to my room lying on the bed. My mind is a complete mess, I keep think about Awayume's words that are filled with temptation.

If I accept her words, I'll be able to go out with regular females while also be able to love little lolis and be a lolicon right? Lolicons are people who can give their everything for little lolis, that's why they are lolicons. As long as I still persist in this, then I'm still a lolicon. And besides this I can also give other people happiness, Awayume has always liked me, since a long, long time ago she has liked me, in fact she's liked me even before when she confessed to me in grade 7.

I still remember like it was yesterday, the lonely and hopeless look on her face that day when I rejected her, that was an expression only had when you felt like you were abandoned by the world. Even though I'm not willing to admit it, I know that maybe to her I really am very important. In my heart she's always been my childhood best friend, for her I'm willing to go fight with other people, but I don't dare to accept her feelings.

If, if I accept her, she'll definitely be very happy right? She also knows very well that I'm a lolicon, she'll definitely tolerate me to also love little lolis right?

But I feel like there really is something wrong like this, although I can't put it in words.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki, even though we already buried the past in the night sky of that night with the drifting scraps of paper that filled the sky, there will still be some feelings remaining that time has yet to completely wash away right? And with the following contact, this will only make this affection become like a drug, making us intoxicated in it, over time it will make me unable to free myself from it.

But if I'm willing to open up my feelings and accept everything, then maybe the ending will be even more beautiful, right? If me and her get together due to some sort of opportunity, then with her care towards her little sister, she'll still hope that I can continue helping her little sister Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki walk out of her fear of males. I can still come in contact with the little lolis that I as a lolicon like the most, right?

But I still like there really is something wrong like this, but I can't say it.

These things that I can't put to words keep lingering in my mind, I'm unable to explore it, and unable to expel it, I can only let it hover in my mind.

I don't know that this isn't something that can be expelled, nor is it something allowed to be expelled, it's name is my conscience.

If I let it go, not only will I lose the right to be a lolicon, I will lose even more things.

That kind of me would truly have– Lost the right to be human.

I stay at home all of Sunday, and Awayume also accompanies me the entire time. She keeps trying to seduce me, even though the method isn't too different from before, my reactions have lost the calmness of the past, I will usually have a very big emotional swing due to her teasing.

She sees that something is wrong with me and is very happy, she tries using even more methods but I still hold onto a string that not even I know what it is. This string is very thin and will snap very easily, but it's precisely this final string that is maintaining my reason, causing me to not completely fall.

Even though I don't understand, I can still feel that if I fall, I will be beyond redemption.

I hold onto it with an unclear effort, it's already very taut, only when Awayume goes back at night does it slightly relax a bit. I know that I must do something to make it not always at the brink of snapping.

I take out my cellphone and open Line.

Aoba Oku 「Sena, you there.」

I send a message to Sena and she replies very quickly.

Nanako-sensei 「Yo… You're actually looking for me on your own you pervert lolicon? Sure enough you can no longer resist your impulse towards me? Do you want me to give you a bit of a reward you pervert lolicon~」

For some reason, when I see Sena's words that are shameless as usual and completely unlike something said by an eighth grade girl, I feel a lot more relaxed in my heart.

Aoba Oku 「No it's not! I want to ask… If one day I could accept females besides lolis, what would you think?」

This time Sena is silent for a long time before responding.

Nanako-sensei 「You actually want to betray your faith you pervert lolicon? And I thought you would live in your own little fantasy in your mind for your entire life. 」

Aoba Oku 「There isn't a single person who would live in their own fantasy for their entirely life okay! That's a mentally ill person!」

Nanako-sensei 「So you still have this self-awareness you pervert lolicon~ But if you can accept females besides lolis, then for other people this might be something worth being happy over, but like that you won't be able to be a lolicon anymore right?」

Can't be a lolicon anymore…

Aoba Oku 「Why not? Even though I'll like other females, I can still deeply love lolis at the same time. As long as I'm willing to give my all to little lolis, then I'm still a lolicon right!」

Nanako-sensei 「Huh? What are you saying? To think that not only are you a pervert lolicon, you're also a scumbag pervert lolicon!」

On the other side of the Line conversation, Sena seems very angry.

Nanako-sensei 「"Even though I'll like other females, I can still deeply love lolis at the same time"? "Willing to give my all to little lolis"? You're just a pervert lolicon, how much do you have to give to others!」

Her words strike me right in the heart.

Nanako-sensei 「A person possesses very few things, when a person is no longer willing to give everything to a person they love, and instead distributes this love, then he's just a scumbag, okay? To think that you would actually say this sort of thing, I was wrong about you!」

Afterwards Sena doesn't say anymore, I've never seen her so angry before, I can tell that she really is very angry.


Is this word used to describe people with my sort of thinking? Even though right now I still can't find an answer, my heart feels a bit clearer, I no longer need to constantly worry that that string will snap under the weight.

Tonight I sleep a lot easier than last night. Early next morning, Awayume is lying in my bed hugging me.

「Oku-kun, good morning.」

「Awayume, good morning.」

I can already calmly respond to her again, Awayume seems to be a bit surprised but she still smiles.

Afterwards we eat breakfast together and go to school. After returning to class I see Kamina Eno holding a lot of test papers in her arms and walking in the direction of the office with the teacher. I'm guessing it must be that her marks are honestly too horrible, thus causing her to be called by the teacher to go have a talk.

During the morning classes my mind is elsewhere, I'm still thinking about Sena's words. At noon, I don't go to the cafeteria, instead I go to the school convenience store. I buy a bottle of water and bread then go to the clubroom, I want to use work to temporarily numb my mind.

After reaching the clubroom, I discover that it is unusually rowdy. Going in and listening, it turns out that they're all shocked about Kamina Eno's test papers. I'm thinking that they're definitely shocked by Kamina Eno's horrible marks, but after I go in and also huddle over by the test papers, I am also shocked!

「Miss Kamina… How did you achieve full marks in every subject!?」

The table of full perfect test papers can practically be recorded into school history okay! I've never before heard of a student that could achieve perfect in every subject during exams!


「It's actually your feeling again! This is definitely a superpower!」

Exactly what's the situation with this feeling of hers that is occasionally good and occasionally bad? This has completely surpassed the realm of a sixth sense!

And then I ask her why she was called to the office by the teacher in the morning, she says the teachers in the office wanted to take a picture with her… If I was a teacher, encountering such an amazing student I would definitely also want to take a picture with her!

「Even if it's your feeling, how did you correctly answer all of those subjective questions?」

「Subjective questions? Feeling.」

She can even use her feeling to answer subjective questions? Or maybe, Kamina Eno's views are formed precisely by her feeling, therefore she can correctly answer all of the subjective questions using her feeling!

I no longer need work to numb myself, this has already shocked me so much that I can't think of anything else. And just like that the noon break passes by in this mysterious feeling, at the afternoon I once again start thinking about what I should do.

Awayume has always been looking forward to my change, since the first year of middle school it has been so. If I become able to accept even more people, she will definitely be very delighted, but Sena's words also keep lingering in my mind.

「You're just a pervert lolicon, how much to do have to give to others?」

Sena's words assail my heart, I'm forced to ask myself, is it really good to be able to accept other people and believe that I can give other people happiness? Will I really be content? Is this the so-called happy ending?

Originally I thought that I would constantly torture myself amidst this endless thinking, countlessly make that string taut and easy to snap.

But I very soon obtained an answer over this matter, under a turning point after school everything suddenly became clear, I really am eternally grateful to that person who enlightened me.

It was precisely because of her that I found myself again.

The school rooftop after school is bright and clear.

In this big place there are only two people standing across from each other. One of them is me, and the other is also a girl I know.

「Your name is… Kousaka Emi right?」

She once confessed to me, but I rejected her with the reason that I'm a lolicon.

「Classmate Aoba, thank you for still remembering me.」

She looks very polite, I'm entirely unable tell that she would say that kind of thing after I once rejected her — ""Yeah, that's right, if you had to say it then I am displeased, clearly you should have just gone out with me and then gotten dumped by me once I had no more feelings!"

In reality my words at that time were also too extreme, weren't they? There simply isn't any girl who could still maintain her composure after confessing and hearing the guy say such a thing to her.

「Why did you bring me out here?」

When I returned to the classroom in the afternoon for class, I discovered a note asking to go to the school rooftop after school.

「There's actually only one thing I can do.」

Kousaka Emi's eyes are a bit misty.

「Then let me do it one more time.」

She inhales a deep breath.

「Classmate Aoba! I like you! Even though I was rejected by you I still like you! No matter what I like you!」

The same sudden confession as before, but more frank and passionate words.

「Sorry… I…」

「Don't say anything first, Classmate Aoba! Let me speak first!」

She directly cuts me off from what I want to say.

「After I was rejected by you, I did indeed tell what you told me to my friends. In the end to get revenge for me, they conducted a personal attack against you on the school forum. 」

I know about this, this is the root as to why I have now become an existence that people fear in the school …

「After finding out about it I honestly felt very sorry, but I didn't even have to courage to go apologize to you… Because your gaze would never stop on me, in your opinion this thing doesn't matter at all right?」

As she says, I indeed don't care about this.

「Afterwards I originally thought I could very quickly fall in love with someone else and no longer have any feelings towards a lolicon like you, but during class time I would still unknowingly look over at you, but your gaze was always towards the sky outside the window.」

Kousaka Emi's voice is a bit sorrowful.

「We didn't even have a single chance to meet eyes!」

「But… I still wanted to get close to you, so… I finally mustered up the courage to invite you to karaoke.」

She did indeed look very nervous that time, I originally thought she was like that because she felt guilty towards me.

「Even though I had to ask for a long time, you still agreed in the end Classmate Aoba, I really was very happy!」

「That night I was so excited that I virtually didn't sleep, at night I kept thinking about what clothes to wear and how I should do my hair for you to like it. But the next day, I discovered that I was just too naive.」

She gradually starts to become downcast.

「When Kamina Eno appeared, all of my confidence fell apart, with her around I didn't have the slightest chance of success!」

So she actually thought like this when Kamina Eno appeared that day? It's no wonder, who told Kamina Eno to have actually said to the other people "I'm taking him to go meet my parents", anyone would have misunderstood you right?

「But at that time I was still hopeful, even though I couldn't be together with you Classmate Aoba, Kamina Eno wouldn't necessarily be able to either, right?」

「Because… You're a lolicon Classmate Aoba!」

My mind is instantly as though it had suffered a heavy blow, her words make me think of even more things from a deeper level.

「Afterwards, sure enough you and Kamina Eno didn't look very intimate together. Even though there was regularly gossip about you and Kamina Eno from the school forum, I still didn't believe it, because you told me before Classmate Aoba, you are a lolicon!」

"You are a lolicon!"

「Later on the rumours about you and Kamina Eno gradually died down. Originally I was starting to relax, up until recently when I heard that you fought with an upperclassman for a girl, I started to become restless, because this sort of thing is too easy to confirm…」

「I went to the hospital and found that senior. He told that you really did fight with him because of that girl called Sakurada Awayume!」

She's getting more and more worked up.

「I really couldn't believe it! But I also couldn't not believe it! So, the reason I brought you here today was to verify it with you!」

Kousaka Emi's tears have already covered her face.

「Classmate Aoba! I like you! I really really really really like you! I hope that you can go out with me! Please give me an answer right away!」

She confesses to me again, waiting for my response, but I am very hesitant.

「Sorry… I can't go out with you.」

In the end I can only say this.

「Not like this! It's not like this! I knew the result from the very beginning! I want to know the reason! The reason you're rejecting me!」

Reason? Exactly what reason is it worth for her to so persistently question me? It's actually more important than being rejected?

「You still don't understand yet? I want you to tell me, it's because you're a lolicon!」

Because you're a lolicon!

Because you're a lolicon!

Because you're a lolicon!

Because you're a lolicon!

Because you're a lolicon!

Because I'm a lolicon!

That's right, what am I hesitating about? For what exactly have I become so sensitive about? Why didn't I understand such an obvious answer?

Do I have any other choice? None at all, because I am a lolicon with absolutely nothing besides my faith of loving lolis!

Why was I lost in other feelings? From the start I am a lolicon, this is the faith I swore to give my all to and pursue for my entire life!

What do I have to give to other people? Everything of mine should only belong to them! They are the only faith I must pursue! Everything else is fake!

My brain feels like it has been struck by lightning, with this instant of enlightenment everything I had forgotten is retrieved one by one. I've gotten it back again, my only reason for existence.

「Kousaka Emi!」

I shout with all my strength.


「I don't like you! I'll never like you! It's impossible for me to accept you! I will never accept all girls including you!」

She was clearly rejected by me using very excessive words, but her face gradually reveals a smile.

「Because Aoba Oku will always be a lolicon!」

I feel like my body has suddenly become a lot lighter, all of the illusions and confusion I shouldn't have all disappear on the roof of this school.

「Kousaka Emi, thank you very much, it's you who made me understand this simple truth.」

「No.. You don't need to thank me!」

She smiles looking at me.

「Because this was purely for my selfishness! As long as I can guarantee that you're a lolicon, then that means that I still haven't lost!」

It's actually this reason… Her openly telling me her goal makes me think of another person.


But different from her, Awayume wants me to not be a lolicon anymore, and then obtain my recognition through her own efforts, right?

Sure enough… My childhood friend Sakurada Awayume really is a very amazing girl.

I look at the sky above my head, the clouds gathered together look more and more like a crouching little loli! And this is the scenery that I should see in my eyes!

Leaving the rooftop, I don't go to the clubroom and return home first.

Taking out my cellphone I open Line.

Aoba Oku 「Sena, I am a lolicon, Aoba Oku is a lolicon, he will forever be a lolicon!」

These words have the same meaning, just like this I send this tediously long message over without any editing.

Nanako-sensei 「Sure enough you're still coveting my body you pervert lolicon!」

Aoba Oku 「That's just you thinking too much!」

After putting down my cellphone I wait, wait for Awayume to come in through the door. I want to tell her, tell her everything I've understood!

After a long period of waiting, the room door finally opens. After coming in Awayume looks with surprise at me who has a big smile over my face.

「Hey, Awayume.」

I stand up walking over to her, my eyes staring at her without any wavering.


Awayume also stares at me without any avoidance.

「I am a lolicon.」

「I know.」

「I am only a lolicon.」

Just adding an "only" is already enough to express my resolution.

「You have the right to choose other people Oku-kun.」

Awayume still wants to continue persisting in changing me.

「No… I don't have this right, I should say that I have the corresponding obligation.」

There seems to be a fire burning in my eyes, staring at Awayume with a blaze.

「My duty is to give my all to little lolis, all of my feelings and thoughts are theirs!」

「Because Aoba Oku, he is a lolicon! It's precisely because Aoba-Oku is a lolicon that he is Aoba Oku! 」

My words have already assuredly conveyed all of my persistence to Awayume, there is no longer the slightest bit of confusion in my heart.

「Sure enough… Oku-kun is still Oku-kun, you've never changed before.」

Awayume is silent for a long time, watching me with a helpless smile as she always has.

That's right, why am I Aoba Oky? Just like how Juliet once said "Romeo, why art thou Romeo?", Juliet's question is not actually a question, it's simply because harboured within the question is only her deep love towards Romeo.

And I am the same, this isn't a question at all, it's simple because Aoba Oku it the lolicon Aoba Oku.

Aoba Oku loves little lolis.

So he is Aoba Oku.

I watch the sky outside dyed by the setting sun, my inner heart is a field of peace. I will continue to go on with the identity of a lolicon, no matter how many cold treatments I get, I will just gently smile to them and confidently say to them– After all I am a lolicon so sorry.

Volume 1「End」