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Advance Bravely Chapter 97


A very big happy birthday to Xu He Ni and Gong Jun you guys!!!! 

A very big happy birthday to Xu He Ni and Gong Jun you guys!!!! 

And since it's JunJun's birthday, we're going to celebrate with this tearful chapter :vvv

And since it's JunJun's birthday, we're going to celebrate with this tearful chapter :vvv.


The next two consecutive days, all of Xia Yao's effort was poured into..."pruning" himself.

Meanwhile, on one side Xia Ren Zhong kept bugging him, "I've introduced that girl to you, why haven't you contacted her yet?

"Don't you see I've got injuries on my face?" Xia Yao rubbed some ointment onto his jaw, stroking patiently, then looking left and right in the mirror, replying nonchalantly, "The first impression on our first date must be exceptional!"

Xia Ren Zhong laughed ha ha, patting Xia Yao's hair.

"It's just a small injury, my son, even with these marks, it is still a beautiful face."

Xia Yao made a begrudging face "I'm just trying to not scare her away."

"Is your injury serious? Let me see." Xia Ren Zhong swivelled Xia Yao's body around.

Xia Yao pointed to him the ugly swelling on his jaw due to being suffocated by Heizi.

Xia Ren Zhong almost rolled his eyes, "You call this an injury? If you don't look through a magnifier you'll never be able to identify it. It's nothing to you, how can other people see it?"

"You may not pay attention but there are others who do." Especially someone whose eyes are even clearer than a magnifying glass.

Then, Xia Yao picked up his razor and began shaving.

Xia Ren Zhong made a hopeless face and returned to the living room where mother Xia sat, "Your son is much more delligent nowadays, like a monk who still takes care of his looks."

Mrs. Xia didn't fail to catch Xia Ren Zhong's eye roll, "Unlike somebody who would run around in his bunched up clothes all day when he was younger."

"What are you talking about, when was I ever that odd?" Xia Ren Zhong would rather die than admit it.

Mrs. Xia snickered, "So tell me why an old man like you should care so much about what you're young son is doing?"

Xia Ren Zhong made Mrs. Xia want to scowl at him.

"Haven't you heard? The only time a man cares about his looks is when he's deeply in love, that's why I'm saying that this is a great sign, he must really care." (All hail the Mother for her insights 🙌🙏. No words have ever been truer =)))) )

Xia Ren Zhong replied, "I'm not wary about him sprucing up, I'm only worried that he's wasting time, moreover, I'm leaving in two days, by that time I won't know how the dates have progressed."

"You just worry about yourselves, I'll call if anything comes up. Whether it is successful or not, your presence here won't do anything!" Xia Ren Zhong fell into a deep thought, a light-dark glow oozed from his sharp military eyes. He leaned into Mrs Xia's ears in a mysterious manner.

"My son has really become engrossed in making himself beautiful lately?"

Mrs. Xia contemplated for a moment, "Yes, especially during these last months, very different to two years ago when he'd rather die before he is even bothered to touch up his face. Yesterday, I searched through his closet, all of his clothes were immaculately chosen and arranged."

"Seems like he is really serious about this meeting!" Xia Ren Zhong's eyes radiated with happiness.

The following day Xia Yao left home at sunrise.

Mrs. Xia was preparing breakfast outside, Xia Ren Zhong walked into Xia Yao's bedroom with the intention to wake him up, only to find that the occupant had left long ago. All that was left is an empty, spotless room.

"Where's our soon?" Xia Ren Zhong asked Mrs. Xia.

To which she replied, "He left early thing morning carrying a big bag. He's probably going to that date."

Xia Ren Zhong scrunched his face in contemplation, "He took a big bag with him?"

"Of course, isn't it customary to bring a gift to first meetings? You can't still think that the dating game is the same as it had been in our time, when you can marry me with only just a bag of rice and two packets of noodles?" (Mr and Mrs Xia are so cute :v)

Xia Ren Zhong smiled evilly, a big bag? Seems like quite the present!

However, it was soon ten pm, and Xia Yao was still nowhere to be seen.

Xia Ren Zhong couldn't hide his concern, "Why is he still not home yet?"

Because Xia Yao and Mrs Xia live with each other, and with Xia Yao constantly sleeping out, mother Xia was already used to not seeing him at home at night.

"He's probably out strolling the streets with that girl, on this year's new years festival all the shops stayed opened, they can very well be out with each other, it's perfectly normal."

Xia Ren Zhong said, "I'm just afraid he can't keep his hands to himself."

"How can you think so negatively of your son." Mrs Xia glared at Xia Ren Zhong, "Nowadays, the youngsters go to karaoke bars, clubs, ain't they all just entertainment destinations?"

"But he's not picking up my calls."

Mrs Xia carefully explained, "Every night at this time, his phone will be turned off."

Xia Ren Zhong was still a bit confused, and a little worried.

"Alright, I will oversee our son for you, don't you also have to depart tomorrow? Quickly go pack."

(we all know where Yao er is heading, right? {^_^})


Meanwhile...Xia Yao was in Heilongjiang, miserably tredding through the thinkening snow, wandering towards an uncertain, dazzlingly white unknown.

He actually landed at the airport that afternoon, but Yuan Zong's home town isn't in Harbin [1], so Xia Yao had to take a very long bus ride. But because the snow was falling too thick, making the roads slippery, and Xia Yao was reluctant about the bus driver's capabilities, so he decided to change to trains for safety reasons. Unfortunately, train lines only offered economic tickets, therefore Xia Yao had to bare another grueling three hours on the train. When he finally arrived it was already late at night. From the train station, Xia Yao's initial plan was to catch a taxi to Yuan Zong's village, a very short distance by car. But after asking about the price, the taxi driver was adamant on 2000 yuan, saying that driving in this snow was dangerous, and that it's difficult to make money in the new years break. Xia Yao thought about how 2000 Yuan can buy a plane ticket, so he walked to the bus stop instead.

[1] Harbin is the capital of Heilongjiang

It took Xia Yao three rounds of public transport altogether to finally arrive at where Yuan Zong was living.

By that time it was already eight o'clock in the evening, but Xia Yao was determined to not call Yuan Zong to come pick him up. Even if snow has completely covered his khaki jacket, even if mud had splashed all over his pants, even if his hair was disheveled, just the thought of being able to surprise Yuan Zong warmed his heart. (You're also warming our hearts with your determination, darling T_T.)

An hour later, Xia Yao discovered that he had been running around in circles, his mind faltered. It was getting colder by the minute, the temperature has dropped exceedingly. Xia Yao was afraid to stop walking, because the moment he does so, his whole leg will ice up. It was freezing to the point where if he spat out, the spit would turn to ice before hitting the ground.

Xia Yao shivered, then reached for his phone, only to discover that it was out of battery.

I will not stop, I must continue forging ahead!

Xia Yao threw his image out the window, pulling all of his clothes out from his backpack, and one by one he wrapped it around his body. As time passed, the backpack got lighter, his body became heavier, and the road ahead seemed more arduous than ever. His head was ringing from the frigid wind, it was difficult to breath properly, but Xia Yao had to fight on, because he knew that if he were to pass out here, he will freeze up and die. (T_T I'm literally CRYING A MILLION TEARS RIGHT NOW!!!! My babyyyyy!!!!! Where are you Yuan Zong? Get your butt here and save your wife!)

With his path becoming more zigzagged, all his Xia Yao's passion before coming here had all been erased, he mentally cursed: Didn't you say you've already moved to a better home? Mother effing moved to here of all places? Then where did you used to live in the past? In the jungle?!

"Oh, Uncle..." Xia Yao had to use all of his strength to stop a middle-aged man passing by, "Do you happen to know where is Lao Fang village?"

"Lao Fang ah, just keep walking east, two villages from here, it's actually quite far."

East... East...Xia Yao began stepping in the West direction, but was luckily caught by the uncle.

"That's West, this way's East."

And then, Xia Yao really did manage to arrive at Yuan Zong's village, the lucky thing was that people here were very friendly, on top of that, Yuan Zong is famous, so you only had to mention his name for everybody to gladly help, the polar opposite of their trip to Wang Zhi Shui's hometown.

Xia Yao followed that path which villagers have pointed out to him, when he nearly reached his destination it was already twelve midnight. Xia Yao was cold, tired, hungry, his body was practically disintegrating, all of his plans have been thrown out the window, something about hiding in a closet, or disguising himself and hiding at a cross-road...Rubbish! All he needs right now was for Yuan Zong to open the door and he'll immediately get on his knees and kowtow.

Meanwhile, Yuan Zong was in his house having just finished playing mahjong[2], a group of people were leaving, and Yuan Zong was seeing them off.

[2] a Chinese board game

[2] a Chinese board game

Xia Yao was turning at the street corner, and saw that group of people.

Lucky me, finally a shadow of somebody, now I can ask like a normal person rather than knocking on people's doors at this time of the night.

Xia Yao used up a lot of his energy to run to these people.

"I'm sorry...Sorry to interrupt...can I ask something..."

Yuan Zong was about to turn around and walk inside when he heard the voice from behind. He stopped dead in his tracks.

"Would you mind directing me to Yuan Zong's house?" Xia Yao finally asked.

A guy swiveled around and whistled, "Yuan Zong, you've got a guest."

Xia Yao's heart thumped as he turned around and look at the door way.

Yuan Zong's gaze was burning a hole through Xia Yao, who was unable to fathom his current state: that cool demeanor that he usually carried around was gone, instead, he looked like a panda wrapped in layers upon layers of clothes, snow covered his hair, the only thing left was his face, as red as a rose amongst the ice enveloped grounds.

Xia Yao was like a bull on steroids, rabidly hitting Yuan Zong, kicking his knees bent, and climbing onto his body, eagerly wrapping himself around.

It was only then that Yuan Zong believe this was reality. (My heart just melted into a puddle of water T_T)

His heart suddenly broke into millions of pieces, blood poured from his bleeding veins as Yuan Zong tried his very best to engrave this single moment into his heart.

Yuan Zong used his large hand to button up Xia Yao's jacket, who's hair was as cold as ice. Yuan Zong was radiating love for this man in his arms.

"Why did you come here?"

Xia Yao pressed his hand against Yuan Zong's face and neck to heat it up, very slowly saying "Quick, take me to the toilet, I'm busting."

Yuan Zong carried Xia Yao inside, asking "Why didn't you take care of it on the way?"

Xia Yao nearly shed tears at his pitiful circumstances.

"I was counting on that bag of urine inside my body to keep me warm, okay?!"


What a lovely chapter. They are finally reunited, at last! Hehe <3 ^^. 

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