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Advance Bravely Chapter 95


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 So go check it out on YouTube my long awaited darlings! ^^

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The company regained it's peaceful atmosphere, but Xia Yao was feeling a little bored, he wanted to find someone to talk to, but that person must definitely not be Xuan Da Yu. After debating back and forth, he decided on Peng Ze, it has been a few days since he has seen his friend, what has that guy been up to?

9 o'clock, Xia Yao arrived at Peng Ze's front step.

Peng Ze lived apart from his parents due to working conditions. Before Xia Yao and Peng Ze had their little fall out, they were almost like family. Peng Ze even gave him the keys to the house, so that Xia Yao can come and go freely, as if they were really sharing a house.

Xia Yao toured the apartment, but there were no one inside any of the rooms, then he heard noises coming from the bathroom. So he headed towards that direction.

The bathroom door wasn't closed, a man's skinny form was inside taking off his clothes, preparing for a bath. Xia Yao knew that this wasn't Peng Ze, and was about to turn away when that guy turned around.

"Baby, come give me a hand..."

When Li Zhen Zhen discovered that the person in front of him wasn't Peng Ze, his mouth dropped to the ground, his skinny, long fingers skidded southwards to cover himself up where luckily, there was an underwear. Li Zhen Zhen let out a shrilling scream.

"What's this, why are you here? Don't you know how to knock?"

Xia Yao didn't say anything, instead, his eyes glued themselves onto Li Zhen Zhen's two long white thighs.

Li Zhen Zhen is "gay", and so having a man look at him like that made him extremely uncomfortable.

"What are you standing there for? Get going!"

Xia Yao still didn't move, instead, on his face was a bewildered expression.

Li Zhen Zhen's eyes turned stormy, "Have you had enough?" He went to slam the door.

However, Xia Yao's hand flung out to prevent the door from closing, no matter how hard Li Zhen Zhen pulled, it wouldn't close. Xia Yao's eye sight was still chasing Li Zhen Zhen's thighs, showing no mercy, they were full of speculation, suspicion, and for some reason, urgency.

Li Zhen Zhen, of course, didn't know what Xia Yao was thinking about, all he knew was that the way Xia Yao was staring at him made feel shameful.

"Let me warn you, Peng Ze will return any second now, so you better go away this instant. If you continue to act like this I will call him, then don't blame me for creating any problems between you guys, I... Ah! Ah! Ah! What do you want?"

Xia Yao kicked the door wide open. Without a word, he dragged Li Zhen Zhen to the bathtub and forced his legs to open to its maximum capacity."Peng Ze!! Save me!! Quickly, where are you?!! Your buddy is crazy! ! ..."

Peng Ze walked out of the elevator to hear Li Zhen Zhen's cry for help, so he kicked the doors open and rushed to the toilet where Li Zhen Zhen was being "abused" by Xia Yao, his face stricken. Xia Yao acted as if he couldn't hear anything, he continued to tighten his grip, forcing those two legs wide apart like a "dog in heat".

Witnessing such a scene, Peng Ze was rocked to his core.

"You can't...Yao Er, Yao Er, what are you doing? Don't be impolite."

Peng Ze's words fell on deaf ears as Xia Yao was truly on a rampage for Li Zhen Zhen's legs.

Lu Zhen Zhen cried out in pain underneath Xia Yao's unforgiving hands that were almost crushing his veins.

"Effing hell... Peng Ze, what are you standing there for? Come give me a hand...ah ah ah!"

Peng Ze finally reacted, but was caught off guard by his friend's reckless abandon. Xia Yao had no care for his mate as he slapped Peng Ze few feet away.

Li Zhen Zhen couldn't even cry tears anymore, "Peng Ze... Where's your courage? Show some skills!"

"But he's the best fighter among us three; even if Xuan Da Yu and I get together, we wouldn't be able to defeat him!" Peng Ze hugged Xia Yao, loudly whispering in his ear, "Xia Da Ge, please have some thought for your friend here? If you have problem please come to me to find relief! His delicate body can't take your manhandling."

Xia Yao suddenly asked Li Zhen Zhen, "Have you ever sex chat with a man, before?"

Li Zhen Zhen hasn't even opened his mouth when Peng Ze's face changed color. He immediately pulled Xia Yao's hand away, and used his own to secure Li Zhen Zhen's neck, angrily asking, "You sex chat with whom?! How can you do that?"

"What are you talking about?" Li Zhen Zhen's indignant face exclaimed at Xia Yao, "Don't talk bullshit"

But Xia Yao was like a tax collector, hard-headef to no ends, "Eight years ago, did you, or did you not, sex chat with another man?"

Li Zhen Zhen nearly went beserk, "Mother effing hell, eight years ago!!! Can you be anymore unreasonable? I don't even remember what I did eight years ago, but you know I sex text with somebody?"

Peng Ze was inevitably pulled into this conversation, what happened eight years ago that you're so aggressive about it?

Xia Yao was adamant that he's got it right, his feelings were in turmoil as it nearly caused him to resort to violence.
"It's you, it has to be you, you and him have the same long legs."

Li Zhen Zhen felt like somebody has used a knife and pierced his eyeballs. Peng Ze couldn't take it anymore, he ripped Xia Yao away with all his might, while constantly advising him softly, "Yao Er, you must be mistaken, he's only 22 years old this year, he was just 13 eight years ago, his body hair wouldn't have even developed yet!!!"

Xia Yao's hands unwilling let go, and then he immediately made for the exit.

Peng Ze wanted to chase after his best friend, but the elevator door was already closing.

The second time he returned to his room, Li Zhen Zhen was rubbing his swollen thigh, while grinding his teeth in condemnation, "That was your blood brother? Xia the monk?... I finally got to see him with my own eyes today; so mature, so high class, really makes me see him different than before!!!"

Peng Ze was also super confused himself, frustrated over the unknown reason behind Xia Yao's out of character actions.

"Did you call him? Did you call him to make fun of me?" Tears gel from Li Zhen Zhen's eyes, "Yeah, in your eyes I'm this immoral person, and I will salivate whenever I come into contact with anything remotely male. Why don't you think about what type of person your friend is? Like I have the confidence and power to seduce him!? Moreover, you weren't even gone for more than five minutes, how can I hook up with someone I've only been in contact with for five minutes? You think too high of me!"

Peng Ze thought back to that unreasonable possibility, quietly muttering, "His outburst must have resulted in holding tension in for too long?"

"What tension!" Li Zhen Zhen's voice was filed with indignation, "I'm not good enough in his eyes, so he wanted to pressurized me. You heard him, I sex chat with a man eight years ago?? Even if I did, what does that have to do with him? Does it even make sense? He is obviously trying to offend me!"

Peng Ze lovingly patted Li Zhen Zhen's head, "Alright, alright, I'll ask him what really was the matter next time I see him."

Xia Yao returned home in discontentment, memories of that unforgettable experience kept playing in his head like a broken record (You guys know what I'm talking about, right??? =]] ). Those legs are so alike to Li Zhen Zhen's.

Xia Yao has never told anyone that story, because he knows, it would only make people laugh at him, no one would be able to truly fathom the trauma it brought Xia Yao.

But today, it suddenly occurred to him one person who he can confide in.

And this person cannot be anyone other than Yuan Zong.

Even though Xia Yao didn't want to reveal his traumatic experience to Yuan Zong, but he believed for a fact, that if he was to open himself up about it, there will only be one person who will not laugh at him.

Xia Yao speed punched in Yuan Zong's number while feeling a little uncomfortable.

"What's wrong?"

The second Xia Yao heard Yuan Zong's deep rumble, all his worriness seems to disappear, all that is left was assurance.

"I want to tell you something."

Yuan Zong hummed.

Xia Yao finally confessed what happened eight years ago, during this duration Yuan Zong did not say anything, nor did he express any feelings, just quietly listening. His respect eased Xia Yao's unsettling feelings, so Xia Yao spurted out what happened with Li Zhen Zhen.

After he had finished, Xia Yao patiently waited for Yuan Zong's response.

"Done?" Yuan Zong asked.

Xia Yao said yes with a heavy heart.

Then, Yuan Zong smiled.

Xia Yao honestly thought out of everyone in this world the one person who wouldn't laugh at him is this male, unfortunately... He'd thought wrong.

Xia Yao heard the smirk clearly, even though it wasn't a loud laugh, it was enough for someone like Yuan Zong. Moreover, it was a prolonged laugh, something Xia Yao has never heard coming out of Yuan Zong's mouth.

Xia Yao was on the verge of smashing his phone and screaming out loud.

"Ah ah ah! ! ! ! Why the hell are you laughing? Is it that funny?! You're all awful! Laughing at others' pain!!"

But Yuan Zong is merely human, he has humour. And to be totally straight forward... This was too funny.

So Xia Yao just laid there on the bed, his face washed with green, and didn't open his mouth at all.

Yuan Zong creased laughing and said, "You shouldn't have based your judgment on what you saw, you have to figure out whether Li Zhen Zhen's personality fits that kind of action or not. Each person has their own characteristic, and it usually remain the same during their whole life."

Xia Yao still refused to open his mouth.

"Don't lie on your stomach," Yuan Zong said, "Stand up and video call me, I want to see your face."

Xia Yao replied with a depressing tone, "How do you know I'm lying?"

"By your breathing."

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 The film crew is selling an EXTRA 800 USBs for those who haven't gotten their hands on it yet (it's a little bit more expensive though)



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Muscles muscles muscle!!! =))))

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Where are you touching, boy?? 🤣🤣

Where are you touching, boy?? 🤣🤣


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