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Advance Bravely Chapter 92


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Early morning, 7 A.M, the car arrived at its destination, the driver called awake his two sleepy passengers.

"Do you have the exact house address?"

Xia Yao foggily stared at the papers in his hands, looking at them properly, he said, "It doesn't say anything on here."

"Let's get off and have a look around!"

Xuan Da Yu stretched out his body, opened the car door, and hopped off.

It was eerily quite inside the small village, other than a few elderly people out taking their morning exercise, most youngsters are still hibernating like a cat under their blankets on this day off. Xuan Da Yu cast his gaze around, settling on an old lady.

"Grandma grandma, may I ask a question?..."

Xuan Da Yu never got to open his mouth because the old lady was already pointing at her ears, indicating her hearing disability. Xuan Da Yu couldn't do anything other than smile awkwardly, then moved aside to let her through.

Xia Yao stopped in a fifty year old man in his track, politely asking, "Uncle, may I enquire about Wang Zhi Shui's house?"

"Wang Zhi Shui? We have such a person in our village?" The middle aged man appeared confused.

Xia Yao quickly added, "Ah, his father is Wang Kai Tai, his mother is Li Chun Qing."

The moment he heard these two names, something in the man's eyes changed, it was an uncomfortable look, evaluating Xia Yao from head to toe.

"Who are you? Why are you trying to find the them?"

Xia Yao explained, "About this... Wang Zhi Shui and I are friends."

This man immediately flung out his arms, "I don't know where they live!" Then he pushed his way through.

Xuan Da Yu was also having a hard time finding someone younger, he thought such a person would know Wang Zhi Shui's whereabouts, however, the instant Wang Zhi Shui's name was said out loud, this person suddenly had a strange expression his face.

"I didn't know this guy existed! Never heard of him before!"

Xuan Da Yu added lightly, "his mother's name is Li Chun Qing."

The guy laughed haha and stepped back inside his home, the type of bland laugh that indicates he doesn't want to talk about it. Xia Yao and Xuan Da Yu asked a few more people, it turns out that it's not because these people doesn't know the given names, but they don't dare to talk about it. It seems that the Wang Zhi Shui household is a shameful thing to them. "Hell, what's with all the secrecy?!" Xuan Da Yu spat, "So this is the type of family that can breed that hybrid Wang Zhi Shui."

Xia Yao said, "How about we drop by his uncle's house? Their house is quite easy to find, it's only a village from here to the North."

"Agreed, let's go!"

Xuan Da Yu and Xia Yao walked on, they came to an orchard, the one belonging to Wang Zhi Shui's uncle who lives with his wife in a bungalow on this land.

"Anyone home?" Xuan Da Yu knocked the door.

A woman who was brushing her teeth opened the door, "Who are you looking for?"

Xia Yao used his friendly tone to answer the middle aged woman, "You are Wang Zhi Shui's aunt?"

At first, this woman's gaze appeared gentle, but as soon as Xia Yao mentioned "Wang Zhi Shui", her eyes turned unwelcoming instantly.

"What do you people want?"

"Uh..." Xia Yao explained, "We came to find Wang Zhi Shui, but we don't know which house, so we came here to ask for directions."

The woman said, "You know our home, but not theirs?"

"We truly don't know, we..."

"I do not know!"

And with that, the door was slammed shut in Xia Yao's and Xuan Da Yu's face with a simple but crude "Bang".

Xia Yao was flabbergasted, it took him a whole minute to recover.

Even Xia Yao, someone whose smile can melt anyone's heart, was degraded by their action. It just goes to show how deep their animosity towards Wang Zhi Shui's family runs.

And from that moment onwards, Xia Yao and Xuan Da Yu came to a revelation, there's no doubt that there's something wrong with Wang Zhi Shui's family. Trying to find them through the villagers here is impossible. So the easiest way is to find the village committee.

Arriving at the committee, and only after pulling out a ton of files were they able to find what they were looking for thanks to the good staff members.

By lunch, the two finally found Wang Zhi Shui's house. Funny enough, they have passed this place multiple times, they just didn't know. Xia Yao inspected the house; on the outside, this can be considered as a normal village house, not too poor either.

Xuan Da Yu knocked, but no one came to open the door.

"Maybe there's nobody home." Xia Yao suggested.

The two waited for a whole hour outside, enduring strange looks from everyone who passed by, even little brats were pointing in their direction, teasing and laughing sneakily. Both Xia Yao and Wang Zhi Shui became immensely annoyed. If they had to live in such condition, they would become crazy in no time!

An old neighbouring auntie, having seen their situation, couldn't help but came over to give advice.

"Nobody has lived here for a few days already, is useless to wait."

Xia Yao asked, "Where's everyone?"

"I heard from some gossiping ladies over there that the woman living in this house has been hospitalized."

By saying "the woman", this auntie must be indicating Wang Zhi Shui's mother. Xia Yao immediately cast a meaningful look at Xuan Da Yu in an "I told you so" gaze; This family must be going through something tough.

"Hpmh! Serves her right for being hospitalized!" the auntie suddenly added, "An early death might even enable her to redeem herself!"

Uhhh...Xia Yao's lips twitched. What did members of this household really do to receive such hostile reactions?

Xia Yao and Xuan Da Yu eventually had to buy loads of presents to finally dig up some helpful information from this woman's mouth.

It turns out that Li Chun Qing and Wang Kai Tai belonged to the same trumpet band, they were also the local singing group, which ever house within the ten mile radius has a funeral would call them to sing. Wang Kai Tai specializes in cross-dressing, while Li Chun Qing is a stripper, the type that strips bare; such thing is considered "preposterous" in old-fashioned villages like this.

"She must not know what is embarrassment: always out and about seducing men, then giving birth to a bastard whose bloodline is unknown, the child was just two or three when she forced him to join a circus. When her mother-in-law was alive, the old lady was tortured by her all day. You just can't fathom the pain and suffering."

"Do you know how the grandmother died? She hung herself outside her grandchild's room! The child she single-handedly raised since birth, the child she understood best. Just how much hatred does she have to bare to treat the boy like that?"

Xia Yao couldn't imagine waking up one morning, seeing the lifeless body of his loved one dangling from his door frame. It would be like suffocating the life out of his hopes and dreams.

The auntie continued, "Wang Kai Tai ran off later on, Li Chun Qing got sick, her bedroom started to stink! Aiya, sometimes when we walk past the garden, we find the smell can easily kill us. As for that child, he never returns home anymore, not even to visit his sick mother. That's why I say that woman needn't live no more, it's karma!"

Old auntie continued on talking for hours, grumbling, prattling, like an unstoppable water fountain that has suppressed much frustrations over the years and was finally allowed to run. It was not until sunset, that Xuan Da Yu and Xia Yao returned home with a heavy heart.

Deafening silence followed their path.

Then Xia Yao finally opened his mouth, "I reckon he's a professional thief, just think about it, he learnt to perform magic in the circus since he was young, so he must have agile hands."

Xuan Da Yu's expression changed, his voice no longer held as much conviction as it did before.

"Didn't you hear what that auntie said? There's such a bad blood between him and his mother that he might not be stealing money to pay for her hospital bills but for spending it on women and stuff."

"This doesn't affect me." Xia Yao said simply, "You still want to seek him out?"

Xuan Da Yu said gloomily, "For what? To look at his balls? Forget it!"

Xia Yao finally let out a big sigh, this case has set itself straight, and the massive rock has lifted itself off his heart. There are so many people in this world, each one of us holds our own misery inside, therefore, we have certain ways of dealing with the wound. We might not be able to give them our feelings, but the least we can do is respect them.

Xuan Da Yu pulled Xia Yao by the neck to one side, breathing into his face. (Have you brushed your teeth XDY? XD)

"I won't search for him anymore, how about I "chase"after you?"

Xia Yao punched him hard, then used his elbow to poke Xuan Da Yu.

"Fuck off you lamb!"

Xuan Da Yu laughed so hard he fell back against the chair, "I find that you have been using lots of Dong Bei sayings nowadays." (Yuan Zong's hometown =]] )

Xia Yao closed his eyes, not reacting to Xuan Da Yu's words.

The following day, Xia Yao returned to his unit, then quickly went home at night. He was fiddling around with his phone when he saw a missed call. Immediately, a sweet sensation gushed through his blood, and Xia Yao excitedly pressed call back.

Yuan Zong was enjoying a smoke next to his heater placed near the bed, when he saw a phone number calling, a hard to catch second of joy appeared between his eyebrows.

"Why are you suddenly calling, missing me already?"

Xia Yao smiled, "Just to check in to see if you're alive or not."

Yuan Zong tapped the ashes off, remaining silent.

"How's everything over there?" Xia Yao asked.

Yuan Zong only uttered one word, "Cold".

Xia Yao humphed, "You... Finally getting to know the feeling of being cold, eh!"

"I'm not cold, I'm only afraid you don't know I'm cold."

Xia Yao could stop grinning ear to ear, his heart doing a flip flop.

Feeling Xia Yao being so lovely, Yuan Zong couldn't help asking, "What's got you in such a good mood?"

"Good mood?" Xia Yao pouted in denial, "I'm always like this!"

"What trouble did you get yourself into?"


Ahhh...Yuan Zong finally appeared >.<, I'm so happy! Do you agree with me that the moment he's on screen everything turns super sweet??? <3 <3 <3

<, I'm so happy! Do you agree with me that the moment he's on screen everything turns super sweet??? <3 <3 <3

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The next chapter may come a bit slower ^^

The next chapter may come a bit slower ^^.