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Advance Bravely Chapter 88



This came faster than I had expected. So on behalf of the team, I would like to say a GIGANTIC THANK YOU to all of AB's readers! You guys are the best 👌😂❣️.

A little present to my lovely readers 😘😘😘

A little present to my lovely readers 😘😘😘

Some readers have commented that the drama isn't like the book, especially the "sensitive" scenes. Firstly, for AB to even be aired is a feat. Secondly, of course they will have cut all those scenes (just like Addicted), and will have the full version later on in DVDs...etc...(partly because of censorship and partly because by doing so, they can sell the drama multiple times). Be aware that it took Addicted a whole year after its first broadcast to release everything from Cut scenes to Behind the scenes. So please have patience, my darlings. All good things come to those who wait.😌



In the blink of an eye, not a single shadow was left on the training ground, even the managers retreated. There stood only two men in that large arena.

A shivering wind suddenly swept across Xia Yao's cheeks.

Yuan Zong continued to retain his earlier attitude, bottomless eyes stared Xia Yao down without uttering a word.

Summoning his courage, Xia Yao teased Yuan Zong some more.

"Oh? You are finally noticing me? Such a big heart you have!"

To be honest, Yuan Zong had seen the fear in Xia Yao's eyes, therefore he was somewhat hesitant about his next move. But there was no other way, his anger has reached a level where it cannot be digested; with his guts in knots, the only option was to explode with rage. It takes a simple flashback thinking about Xia Yao playing with those dirty toys to make Yuan Zong want to fuck him shitless.

"What are you doing? Don't pull me!"

With one hand, Yuan Zong threw Xia Yao over his shoulder, carrying him into a tiny dark room. Xia Yao made no resistance, but then his arms were forced to cross behind his back while his whole body was pushed into the wall in front.

Literary speaking, Xia Yao was a policeman, how could he bear the feeling of being captured like a common thief?

His face twisted, Xia Yao yelled at Yuan Zong.

"You you... Let go!"

This wall has seen many people, they have all come here to be punished, each cane will disable them from sitting for at least three days. However, Yuan Zong isn't really able to punish Xia Yao, no matter how angry he was he could only slap Xia Yao's bottom, on which lies bundles of nerves, slapping it wouldn't cause pain but rather bring immense pleasure.

Xia Yao cried out, his eyes held a certain resentment.

"What gives you the right to hit me?"

Yuan Zong replied, "As your coach, shouldn't I punish you for using training for unreasonable purposes?

He pinched Xia Yao's buttocks again, making Xia Yao want to scream.

"You are acting out in retaliation!"

Yuan Zong glowered, "Then you tell me, what am I taking revenge on?"

Xia Yao didn't want to discuss last night's event, even worse, having to explain himself, so he did what comes natural: use his strength to wiggle out of this situation. The result? His crotch collided against the wall, making him curse nonstop. With his energy depleted, all Xia Yao could do was silently mumble incoherent stuff, looking extremely pitiful. Seeing him like that, Yuan Zong's voice unknowingly softened considerably.

"Can't you say one proper sentence without being mad at me?"

Xia Yao's pupils swiftly turned, summoning his powers (like Superman =]] ) to escape Yuan Zong's grip while the older man was having a moment of weak heart. Next up, a stunning kick was aimed for Yuan Zong's chest. Sadly, Xia Yao had underestimated Yuan Zong's reflex and was stopped by his block.

Without warning, Xia Yao's body moved, his other leg delivered another kick to Yuan Zong's Achilles heel, Yuan Zong successfully blocked it. His leg had barely touched the ground when Yuan Zong's large grip pulled it back, making Xia Yao fall into his embrace once more.

Not only failing to own up, but intentionally provoking? Yuan Zong face was a storm brewing.

Xia Yao, knowing that teasing time was over, decided to use his "killer move", which was to wrap his arm around Yuan Zong's neck, refusing to let go.

This move has proven to work everytime. (Xia Yao sure knows Yuan Zong's weaknesses!)

Yuan Zong can block Xia Yao's punches, but is unable to unwrap those arms around his neck. It would be a waste to do so.

Xia Yao laid his head on Yuan Zong's tight neck where nerves were shaking. Brushing his locks aside one can easily see his veins and blood vessels popping out. Yuan Zong's breathing rushed out like water, all that was left was engulfing flames.

Xia Yao could easily feel Yuan Zong relaxing so he eased off on his vice around Yuan Zong's neck. Instead, his palms clutched the older man's head on each side. Xia Yao stared deeply into those bottomless eyes, while heat spread over his lips.

Yuan Zong's instincts told him to jump into the flame no matter the consequences; all he wanted to do was to embrace Xia Yao. Yuan Zong threw Xia Yao onto a bed nearby.

"You really do live up to your expectation, how much addictive drug did you give me to change me into a man like this?" (Oh my my my! O_O)

Yuan Zong ripped Xia Yao's clothes apart, then pounced in to devour, leaving countless bite marks on Xia Yao's body.

Xia Yao constantly tried to kick harshly in an effort to get the vibrator he'd unintentionally brought along. His face was that of a fearless Kamikaze.

Yuan Zong's hand flashed across and took out another vibrator out of the blue, right when Xia Yao was reaching for his.

"What the hell? Where did you get that one... Ahhh..."

Yuan Zong pushed Xia Yao down, placed the toy on his nippled and started fondling.

A wave of electrical current shot underneath Xia Yao's skin, burning his nerves. His chest, in return, shook uncontrollably, making his waist swirl as a result, wild moans irresistably escaped his lips. "Ahhhh, it tickles..."

This boggles Xia Yao, why is it that when he used the vibrator it didn't work, but now that it's inside Yuan Zong's hand it was working wonders? Don't say that even masturbating depends on the person in charge?

Yuan Zong was silently threatening Xia Yao: Uncle here will definately show you my poweress.

The vibrator slid down to Xia Yao's bushes where it touched the soft head of "Xiao Yao Zi", Xia Yao immediately begged for forgiveness.

"Don't don't don't..."

Though that was what his mouth continuously muttered, his legs still willingly parted, easily letting Yuan Zong stimulate neighbouring areas. (Perverted Xia Yao =_=...)

Yuan Zong intentionally used his mocking voice, "What are you doing, deliberately opening your legs?"

Xia Yao's skin glowed red, his hands sprung out the prevent Yuan Zong's "massages", angrily cursing him, "You need to be taught a lesson!"

Yuan Zong poured the slippery wet liquid into his hands and pressed it against Xia Yao's "opening", powerfully rubbing it in. The egg shaped vibrator ravaged Xia Yao's sensitive spot, forcing Xia Yao to beg for mercy, but he couldn't stop what was inevitable; just like that, it was pushed deep inside.

Even though he had used a large amount of lubrication, Yuan Zong could still feel a strong resistance, just looking at how that toy was being engulfed by Xia Yao anus was enough to make Yuan Zong's blood all rush southward, even thinking about it was making his blood boil.

"It hurts...take it out..."

Xia Yao moaned in pain.

However, rage was already lit inside Yuan Zong, there was nothing Xia Yao could do.

It all came crashing down, pain, bitterness, numbness, tension...foreign sensations swooped in on Xia Yao... Yuan Zong's finger inside was moving relentlessly, then suddenly touching "the extreme spot". His excitement sky rocketed in the blink of an eye, like the ravaging ocean waves. Xia Yao immediately grabbed the bed sheet, choked up sobs sounded from his throat, along with shivering thighs.

"Ah ah...I can't bear it..."

Yuan Zong turned Xia Yao over, his front faced downwards. Yuan Zong trapped Xia Yao's arms down with his own, "If you are unhappy with my care, then I shall give you the "real" thing."

Xia Yao's bloodshot eyes almost spurted blood, he rigorously shook in head in denial.

"You can't...Yuan Zong... Ah ah..."

Yuan Zong's "gun" has only hardened slightly, but Xia Yao was already under intense pain; his body hurting is one thing, the important thing is ... his heart hurts. He, himself, wasn't mentally prepared for this. Yuan Zong leaned closer to Xia Yao to truly feel his fear. Yuan Zong straightened his posture, pressed Xia Yao's butt cheeks together, positioned himself between them and began pushing in. At first, it was unhurried probing, but with each sway his movement became more vigorous, all weapons were being deployed. Powerful like a lion along with savage punishment.

Xia Yao was rubbed until his thighs caught fire, his buttocks were under reckless impact.

To say that Yuan Zong's crotch can puncture a bull is not too far from the truth, he hasn't officially went in yet, but a rehearsal as such was enough to make Xia Yao toss and turn as if he was dying.

Xia Yao's waist felt as if it had snapped in half, worse, it wasn't from the massive size, but the brutal pace. One wave after another, Xia Yao couldn't even find space to breath properly. Every time he thought Yuan Zong would take a break, he would increase the frequency.

Even with the vibrator buried inside Xia Yao's body, Yuan Zong persisted to push in and out. Xia Yao wasn't just numb in the bottom, his inside was also numb. Forced tears rolled down his face, while he continuously begged for forgiveness.

In that moment, Xia Yao was shown the true meaning of a "special agent", a "real man".

"Ah ah ah... Help me ahhh..."

Yuan Zong suddenly pulled out his member, an electrifying current shot onto Xia Yao's ass.

After calming down, Yuan Zong, still breathing heavily, waited for Xia Yao to wipe himself up and then he pulled out the vibrator. He overturned Xia Yao's body to find out that Xia Yao had shot, wetting the sheet underneath.

Xia Yao was left in a stunned state, finally letting out a simple word.


Yuan Zong parted Xia Yao's thighs to find that they were pitifully swollen, meanwhile, his chest has been pinched to the point where it has lost all sensations.

"Are you an animal?" Xia Yao suddenly punched Yuan Zong's chest.

Yuan Zong's tone was as stoic as before, with a hint of thirst for revenge, "If you feel like I'm an animal, then today, I won't hold back and go all out."

This time, no matter the price, Xia Yao had to tell Yuan Zong what really happened with the sex doll. He even pulled out a picture of the doll lying in Xia Ren Zhong's car in case Yuan Zong didn't believe in his words.

After looking at it, Yuan Zong's face froze over, his words were caught in his throat.

"Why are you only telling me this now?"

Xia Yao kept a straight face, not spewing a word.

Yuan Zong pulled Xia Yao's face towards his, "Are you trying to make me feel guilty and embarrassed?"


Yuan Zong used his hand and covered the area of Xia Yao's thigh that was swollen. I'll show real pinching...pinch, pinch, pinch.

(Note: Yuan Zong has not officially entered Xia Yao yet, if you're wondering)
* * *

"This afternoon... Taking the trainees' hits... Did it hurt?"

Xia Yao swivelled his hips to direct his injuries at Yuan Zong, "It was nothing in comparison to yours."

Yuan Zong's eyebrows displayed a ray of pain, his hands grazed Xia Yao's bottom, petting.

Xia Yao poked Yuan Zong, "Of you feel so bad about it, why don't you let me do you once."

Yuan Zong gave Xia Yao a sideway glance, are you dreaming?

Xia Yao pouted, "Come on then, what's got you all embarrassed?"

Yuan Zong caught Xia Yao's cheeky fingers, "Stop messing around, let me tell you something important."

"What's that?"

Yuan Zong lightly said, "I have to return to my hometown for the New Years."

Xia Yao asked, "And when is that?"

"When the high school students have all completed their national exam."

Xia Yao raised his fingers and counted, only a fortnight from now.

"Well then for how long are you staying there?"

"One month."

Xia Yao suddenly felt like his heart was being ripped apart bit by bit. Being away from each other for such a long time tends to hurt, especially when two people were just entering their love phase.

Sensing Xia Yao's distress, Yuan Zong tried to provide an explanation.

"It's been years since our last visit, my relatives all misses us. It's long overdue that we came back to visit a part of our parents' past."

Xia Yao forced himself to speak calmly, "Why are you telling me this? If you need to go home then go, who wouldn't return on New year!"

Yuan Zong hugged Xia Yao closer into his body and didn't say a word.


Poor Xia Yao, just when things were going great for them T_T.

This is a song that I covered called "Liang Liang" from Eternal Love (San Sheng San Shi - Three lives of Cherry Blossom). I would like to dedicate this song to all of Advance Bravely's faithful readers. May you stick with us for "three lives", or at least until chapter 215 😂🤣🙊