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Advance Bravely Chapter 85


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Yuan Zong: Don't you like birds?
Xia Yao: Yes, I like birds, but not yours.
Yuan Zong: Why is that?
Xia Yao: Because it's too big.

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The two have just settled in when Yuan Zong's phone rang.

"Who is it?" Xia Yao asked.

Yuan Zong quickly glanced at the caller's ID, "Yuan Ru."

Xia Yao leaned in closer to eavesdrop. (Such a child >_不不)

In the phone, Yuan Ru's voice held a certain fragility and worriness too it, with even a hint of choked up emotion, like something bad had happened.

"Big Brother, come home quick, I'm in trouble."

Then she hung up, and when Yuan Zong called back the other end was busy.

After clearly hearing that, Xia Yao patted Yuan Zong's shoulder, "What are you waiting for? Go home quick."

Without a word, Yuan Zong swung his jacket around his body and left.

Xia Yao grabbed a fallen corner of the blanket that still retained it's warmth from Yuan Zong's heat and snuggled into it, sighing endlessly: this was supposed to be a great night, then suddenly problems after problems comes knocking at my door.

Yuan Zong walked to his car but stopped dead in his track when he went to open the door.

Yuan Ru was sitting inside, waiting for god knows how long. To be totally honest, Yuan Zong didn't feel startled at all; even when Yuan Ru stared him down with a diffident gaze and a wounded expression, Yuan Zong could only feel a little grief. He calmly opened the car door and sat inside. There seemed to be a strangling air floating about. Yuan Zong pressed the window down. Everything happened in silence.

"You don't have anything to say?" Tears spilled out the moment Yuan Ru opened her mouth.

Yuan Zong replied coldly, "What do you want me to say?"

"Tell me that you didn't come home today because you came here to explain to Xia Yao about my situation, and that you were trying to clear up this misunderstanding between us."

Yuan Zong remained silent.

The last fictional bubble popped, and locked up emotions finally rained down on Yuan Ru.

"I've always thought that your tight-knit relationship exists because of me, because I'm the binding thread between you two, if it hadn't been for me you guys would never have gotten so close to each other. But now I realise, I am nothing more than a mouldy rope. Hell, from the second you two became friends I snapped, huhu..."

Yuan Zong pulled out two tissues and handed it over two Yuan Ru.

Yuan Ru wiped her tears, blew her nose, and continued to talk.

"I heard the second in command trainer said, during his four years working at the company, he has seen students after students come and go in hundreds, some of whom were even your good friends, but never have there been someone who is treated so biased. Did you know how incredibly happy I was to hear that? You were finally accepting my choice, finally caring for the person I liked."

"Then you started to come back home and cook dinner less often, you can't imagine how much I despised this, but when I heard that Xia Yao was also staying over at the company for his meals, I didn't feel so cheated anymore. At that time I decided, even if you made me eat more repulsive food I will still be accepting, as long as you guys can deepen your relationship."

"Then there was that time when I found a therapist to cure Xia Yao of his illness, no matter how furious you were I never thought anything of it. I believed that you were mad because you thought I chose the wrong way to handle the situation, and that you were scared Xia Yao's and my relationship would end tragically. The time Xia Yao marched into our house, pulling you out in front of Wang Shuang and I, then saying those words, I still desperately held onto a ray of hope, hallucinating that he added a 'brother-in-law', and because the wind blew too forcefully that the words were lost."

"But now it seems... I've been so stupid, no one is as dull as I am, how could I have been so dumb?"

Once more, Yuan Ru burst out in tears, her tears mixed with running nose depicted a mournful look.

Yuan Zong finished off a cigarette, tapped the tip for the ashes to fall, and finally used his stoic tone.

Yuan Ru quietened her cries, waiting for Yuan Zong to show his stance.

"You've only just realised you're a bit thick?"


Yuan Ru was shocked at first, then she starting wailing, jumping onto Yuan Zong's body. After wrecking havoc, she finally fell into her brother's chest, wallowing in the injustice of it all.

Yuan Zong stiffened a bit, but he still reached out to pat her head, hugging his sister closer, and patiently waited until she got everything off her chest.

"Big bro... How can you do this to me... Even if I used all the IQs of our house's eight generations, I would never have imagined you would compete against me for a man! You're single and over thirty, do you know how much hope I had for your future lovers? However, you ended up giving me a harsh reality kick. You You You... Oh my goah... huhuhu..."

Yuan Ru cried her hearts out inside Yuan Zong's embrace for over half an hour, and then finally struggling to seat up. She fixed her messy hair, wiped her tearful face, and reluctantly stabilised her emotion.

"I still don't understand, how can you like him?" Yuan Ru was still not giving up.

Yuan Zong borrowed Yuan Ru's words, "I've liked him from the moment I saw him."

Yuan Ru's face elongated, now that she has finally figured everything out, all she could do was grind her jaws in regret.

"But I still don't understand, how can Xia Yao accept you? Even with a beauty like me repeatedly showing off he is still ignorant, but he can shoot electricity at a big rough man like you? Tell me why is that, you are obviously missing two meat balls on your chest, and has an extra one grown at your crotch?"

Yuan Zong said, "My meat may not grow in the right place, but my brain does." (Ohh ohh ohh!!! SLAY BITCH! SLAY!)

Yuan Ru screeched loudly, she huffed and puffed furociously. After calmly down she put on an unyielding face.

"Bro, I want to compete with you fair and square."

Yuan Zong was particularly calm to throw out two words, "Not playing."

"Do you think I'm joking around?" Yuan Ru said heartily, "Can you really guarantee that Xia Yao will only be tempted by you and not others?"

Yuan Zong turned to Yuan Ru, "I will use my life to bind him to me."

Men are like that, especially Yuan Zong: he has the perfect combination of manly fervour; iron clad bones; a soldier's vow that echoes for a thousand miles, earth-shattering; blazing spirit, one that will stand tall even after being trampled on by the king's army.

Yuan Ru kept her mouth shut this time because she knows Yuan Zong wasn't kidding anymore.

"What will you use to tie him down?" Yuan Zong fired back the question, "All that was needed was a simple "Last-for-three-seconds" and you're already out the door, and you still want to tie someone to you? It would already be a feat if you can tie yourself down." (OH MY GOD YUAN ZONG! Let the LION out, baby, LET IT OUT! whoohoo!)

Yuan Ru was embarrassed to her core. Really, there was no way to win this conversation.

Luckily, she still had Wang Shuang. Yuan Ru has just figured out the importance of having a bosom friend. So other than gossiping, bragging about one's boyfriend, flaunting one's happiness, now, two best friends can console one another when both becomes love game sacrifices.

On the way home, Yuan Ru asked Yuan Zong, "Can I YY him though?"

"If you add me into your YY with him then I have no objections." Yuan Zong replied.

Hmph... Yuan Ru gave her big brother a dirty look.

Xia Yao gave enough time for Yuan Zong to return home and check on Yuan Ru, then he called.

"Is Yuan Ru alright?"

Yuan Zong said, "She's fine. Go to sleep."

The instant Yuan Ru figured out it was Xia Yao's voice, she launched herself across her seat to yell into the phone, "Xia Yao, I'm warning you, my brother's crotch can kill a bull, just you wait, the length..."

"He has already hung up." Yuan Zong said.

Yuan Ru resentfully slumped back into her seat, not looking at Yuan Zong anymore.

* * *

Early next morning, when Xia Yao walked out of his bedroom, he saw Xia Ren Zhong drinking tea in the living room. Xia Yao awkwardly called out "Father", and then under Xia Ren Zhong's stare, slid back into his bedroom.

A rare reunion dinner happened that evening at the Xia residence.

During dinner, while Xia Yao was trying to not bring that up, Xia Ren Zhong was also hesitant. Luckily, both father and son was avoiding discussing about last night's event at all cost, and so the meal continued in harmony.

However, after Xia Ren Zhong has drowned down a cup or two of wine, his gaze continuously stopped in Xia Yao's direction.

"Ah shit..." Xia Yao mentally thought.

Xia Ren Zhong said, "You'll be turning twenty five by the end of this year, yes? You should be thinking about possible love interest."

No surprise... Xia Yao ducked down and started to eat mechanically.

Mrs Xia added, "I've introduced a prospective girl to him once, but it didn't last a week."

"This can't continue!" Xia Ren Zhong said, "certain age requires certain goals, you've got a stable job, it is time you learn to love someone."

Xia Yao said, "There's no need to hurry, many of my friends are still single. People get married later in life nowadays, an early marriage will only lead to higher rates of divorce."

"I'm not forcing you to get married." Xia Ren Zhong emphasized, "I'm telling you to find a girlfriend to lighten up your current lifestyle, so that you won't feel lonely."

Xia Yao picked up some tofu and plopped it into his father's bowl, "Please eat."

"Don't even attempt to steer the conversation in another direction." Xia Ren Zhong said, "I saw what was hidden under your blanket last night, don't try to hide it."

Lighting struck Xia Yao, his body quaked, the rice in his mouth almost spewed out.

Xia Ren Zhong added another statement, "No matter how blown up that thing is, it won't feel any good to touch!"

A boulder on Xia Yao's shoulders plopped into the water, the thick cloud in his head disappeared. So that's... father thinks... You've got to be joking, how much air would one need to blow up to Yuan Zong's kind of hardness!

Mrs Xia's face paled, sheer used her elbow to nudge Mr Xia, "Why are you discussing this with our little boy?"

"Little Boy? How old exactly is little?"

Xia Ren Zhong persisted, "You aren't small anymore, there are things we can say face to face. Talking about that thing, if I used it then it could be acceptable! Your mother and I, we live separately all year round, conditions just won't allow for otherwise... But you're currently living in such a good environment, you can freely choose someone, why torture yourself so?"

"I'm through with you." Mrs Xia picked up her plate and made a beeline for the door.

When there was only father and son left at the table, Xia Ren Zhong made his ideas even clearer.

"Go and hand over that thing this instant, and don't even bother trying to deny it."

Now that things have taken such a turn, Xia Yao could only say one sentence.

"Dad, you are a great man."

Xia Ren Zhong laughed haha, then frettily drank another sip of wine.

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