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Advance Bravely Chapter 103


Let's give a round of a welcome to our new translator ! Yay! Very dedicated to her work, she is 😘.

Let's give a round of a welcome to our new translator JoySummer77! Yay! Very dedicated to her work, she is 😘


Xuan Da Yu was getting so confused by Wang Zhi Shui's actions. He immediately yelled out, "Get out, go spend the rest of your life with whoever you want! I ain't got time for you!"

Wang Zhi Shui expressed a wounded face. "How can you say that? I had even quit a show for you! And just to let you know, the money I'm supposed to get today was doubled the amount of what I usually earn. I lost so much in order to accompany you!"

Xuan Da Yu glowered, he then remarked snarkily. "Did I force you to cancel it?"

"No..." Wang Zhi Shui shook the bag in his hand. "You see, I have already bought [1]Tangyuan. It would be such a waste to throw them away. Why run around during New Years? Come inside."

[1] Tangyuan which can also be said as Yuanxiao(元宵)(sweet ball soup) is a Chinese dessert made from glutinous rice flour that was made into a ball. It can either be filled or not filled. (I picture below)

While saying that, Wang Zhi Shui sneaked his hand around Xuan Da Yu's arm

While saying that, Wang Zhi Shui sneaked his hand around Xuan Da Yu's arm. Xuan Da Yu tried to pry it off, but couldn't and was forced into the house. Sitting down with an unhappy face, he shouted, "Go cook the Tangyuan!"

Wang Zhi Shui cried out happily, "Okay!"

Skipping into the kitchen, Wang Zhi Shui put some water into a pot to make soup. Seeing that the water will take a while to boil, he went back to the dining room. Xuan Da Yu was seen on his phone, redialing a number. But no one answered his call.

Wang Zhi Shui casually asked. "Why were you in such a hurry earlier?"

"Looking for someone," Xuan Da Yu answered with an angry tone.

Wang Zhi Shui inquired, "Are you looking for officer Xia?

Feeling a bit surprised, Xuan Da Yu gave a knowing look and asked suspiciously, "How do you know?"

Wang Zhi Shui gave a small snicker. "Don't you follow his ass around all day long? One day without seeing him, you think about him. Two days without seeing him, you panic. Three days without seeing him, you become crazy."

Xian Da Yu just realized how much Wang Zhi Shui knows and couldn't help but examine him with narrowed eyes.

"Are you stalking me or what?"

"Do I need to do that all day?"

Wang Shi Shui smirked, "We all can tell by the way you look at him."

"What kind of look are you referring to?" Xuan Da Yu asked.

"How you feel about him determines the way you look at him." Wang Zhi Shui replied.

Xuan lit up a cigarette, inhaled slowly and spoke with a serious tone."Don't always treat manhood as gayhood. The relationship between me and him are completely normal as friends to friends."(Of course, you would think that cause now you have Wang Zhi Shui!)

"That is for the best." Wang Zhi Shui said. " You two are not suitable for each other."

"How unsuitable?"

"You cannot satisfy him."

Xuan Da Yu's face was masked in dark clouds.

Wang Zhi Shui added, "What he wants is a gun, and at best you are a needle. It's only suitable to treat me, a second-grade deformity." (HAHAHA Wang Zhi Shui, I seriously love you!!!)

Xuan Da Yu fiercely threw away the cigarette butt. "I will burn you to death!"

Wang Zhi Shui quickly went into hiding, "Didn't you say we are good brothers now? Why are you being angry?"

"Go cook your Tangyuan now!!!"

"Aiyeo, If you didn't remind me I would have already had forgotten about it."

Wang Zhi Shui trotted into the kitchen only to poke his head out a few minutes later, "Umm about that, I forgot to turn on the fire."

Xuan Da Yu, "......"

The cooked Tangyuan was served onto the table, the two individual sat next to each to eat. Xuan Da Yu doesn't seem to be enjoying the food, unlike Wang Zhu Shui who seemed to love it. One bite after another, he had already eaten half a bowl of Tangyuan.

"Does it taste that good?" Xuan Da Yu couldn't understand. "Isn't it sweet, wouldn't you grow tired of it?"

"I won't grow tired of it." Wang Zhi Shui said, " I love to eat Tangyuan when I was small. My grandmother always makes it for me when I asked for it. The Tangyuan my grandmother made is better and more delicious than the store-bought ones."

Xuan Da Yu's face changed a bit and the word he wanted to say failed to leave his mouth.

Wang Zhi Shui added, "Let's go out and play during the afternoon."

"Don't wanna," The straightforward answer is the only thing he got.

A lonely face was put on display, "Fine, I guess I will have to play by myself."

"What's so fun about playing by yourself?"

"Why can't there be fun when playing by myself? I grew up playing by myself, I just don't believe that everyone out there on the street has a significant other. "

Right...Xuan Da Yu mocked himself. Well, aren't I also attending the fair (Temple Fair) by myself? Who doesn't have these moments when they feel lonely and helpless?

"Okay, I will go out with you during the afternoon." Xuan Da Yu's attitude took a sharp turn. "Cinema, bars, clubs; you can pick it all, drag racing, gambling, the women you choose, I'll pay."

As a result, Wang Shi Shui brought Xian Da Yu to the Temple Fair [2].

[2] Temple fair is a Chinese tradition where people gathered around famous and important temples to pray, and worship Chinese gods. Basically it a festival but at the temples. This event is usually held around Chinese New Year.

 This event is usually held around Chinese New Year

The Lunar Temple fair on the 15th is just simply crowded with a sea of people

The Lunar Temple fair on the 15th is just simply crowded with a sea of people. It was extremely hard to move around, Xuan Da Yu was being squished to death between the crowds. There were multiple times when he wants to sneak away, but as soon as he saw that happy face on Wang Zhi Shui, it forced him to stay.

"I wonder, you run around every day, and you are still not tired to run to here?"

Wang Zhi Shui replied, "I run around every day, but I've never really visited here. Whenever I perform on stage, I always wish that I was the one down with the crowds watching the entertainments. I can boo at the performance, I can play coax on people, I can even steal from them, it will be so cool!"

Xuan Da Yu's heart was disgusted, and his mouth wasn't all that forgiving, "Look at your poor face!" (This is a way of mocking a person).

Wang Zhi Shui laughed heartily then squeezed his head into the crowd. Xuan Da Yu only stood on the outer ring watching Wang Zhi Shui whistling at performances, belly laughing along with the crowds, and even fighting over gift baskets with a group of small children......

On the way home, Xuan Da Yu gave a small gift box to Wang Zhi Shui.

"What is it?" Wang Zhi Shui asked.

Xuan Da Yu replied, "This is for you."

Wang Zhi Shui took a look at the lighter in the gift box, it was very fancy with diamonds and gold colored designs. It comes with a limited edition certificate with only 99 pieces left, worldwide.

Xuan Da Yu originally was supposed to give this to Xia Yao as a gift but Xia Yao kept running away from him. So Xuan Da Yu changed his mind. Instead of just throwing it away, why not give it to Wang Zhi Shui to sell it.

"Bought this for 45K. When you sell it, it could go higher."

Xuan Da Yu reminded Wang Zhi Shui to be careful of anyone that wants to take advantage of him.

"Why are you so rich?" Wang Zhi Shui again issued this problem, "What does your family do?" Since Wang Zhi Shui asked, There was nothing to be kept a secret so Xuan Da Yu straightforwardly said, "Opens Casinos in Macao."

Wang Zhu Shui opens his eyes wide, looking pretty awestruck.

"If you compare yourself to officer Xia, who has more money?"

Xuan Da Yu gave a light snicker, "Xia Yao's family is of the RED royal family bloodline. My family was the political victim. The worst part is there is no chance for our family to rise again. We are not even on the same level, there is no comparison between our family."

Wang Zhu Shui was shocked, "Then why does officer Xia look so poor?"

Xia Yao's change of heart just because of a few bills inside the jail cell was still engraved inside Wang Zhi Shui's mind.

"There are things that can't be measured by money. When the rich family meets the Royal family. It doesn't matter how rich the rich family is they still have to bow their head to the highest one."

Wang Zhu Shui lets out a puff of smoke, "I would rather be a rich man's dog and drive a fancy car than been a poor person."

"Ugh, is that all you are going to ask for?"


At this same moment, Xia Yao was wandering on the busy street with Yuan Zong. They are here to see the ice lanterns and snow sculpture in Harbin[3], the place was densely packed with people. If everybody breathes out a mouthful of heat at the same time it can melt the largest icicles. The broadcast was publicising information, first, it was about one child who cannot find his mother, to a grandpa who cannot find his grandson, and later on about two sisters who have separated again, and where they should meet...

At times like this, to have someone like Yuan Zong who is vibrating power and intelligence was truly an upper hand.

Even if there were a lot more people I won't be afraid because I have a top bodyguard accompany me. No need to cram through crowds and no need to rub against people, they will instantaneously create a wall barrier. When hungry, with this bodyguard's height, they can easily tell you where the good foods are. With their long arms, they will be the first to reach for foods and also paying for them. Facts had proven that Yuan Zong's role is far more than these.

On Chinese New Year, generally, there will always be a variety of traditional entertainment activities such as ring toss, throwing firecrackers, and poppers, fishing for small goldfish, etc. Xia Yao was attracted to this dick-shaped pillow prize in a balloon popping venue. He tiptoed and whisper into Yuan Zong's ear, "I want that big JB (dick) pillow."

Yuan Zong's mouth lifted into a small chuckle, "That is a mushroom pillow."

"It's a JB, YOUR JB[4]" Xia Yao kept teasing Yuan Zong.

[4] In this case JB does not mean Justin Bieber or JB from GOT7. JB is one of Chinese slang word which means 'dick.' The pillow is actually a mushroom head. Hope you get the joke. haha.

Yuan Zong slanted his eyes and stared faintly at Xia Yao, he really wants to destroy that dirty mouth.

A moment later two people came into the shooting balloon venue, Xia Yao quickly points a finger at Yuan Zong.

"You go do it."

Yuan Zong raised the toy gun. The owner said, "20 game coins for 20 shots, hit it 5 times to win."

"Pow, pow, pow, pow......."

The owner didn't even finish his sentence before 10 balloons were gone in a blink of an eye, he couldn't even tell when they exploded. When he finally recovered, Xia You had already grabbed the prize he wanted and was getting ready to leave.

On the road home, Xia Yao frequently used the head of the mushroom pillow to stab the middle section of the pants where Yuan Zong's butt is. Finally, Yuan Zong lifted Xia Yao's belt to stop this from continuing.

"Do you want to go to the bathroom now?" he said with a hard and angry stare.

Xia Yao flashes his sharp teeth at him, "Quickly put me down. You are strangling my 'eggs' "

"Still gonna be rude?"


Together they went to another game venue. The venue has 12 cans stack together, the visitor can throw bean bags to knock down the cans. If the top cans are hit, the visitor can earn the highest prize, if the 2 middle cans are hit they can get the second prize, but if all cans fall down there will be no prize. With just a quick glance, Yuan Zong can already tell that there is something fishy. The top can are filled with sand which is the heaviest. The bottom row is the lightest. If using normal force to hit the bottom row, it won't move, but if it hits the top, all cans will easily fall down. Not only that, the premise must be able to be hit.

After seeing several people leave with empty hands, Xia Yao gave a light shove at Yuan Zong, "You go do it."

Yuan Zong took the bean bag, with a flick of his hand, the top can fall to the ground 2 meters away from its usual spot, the sand inside the can also came flying out. What kind of power does Yuan Zong's arms have!? Iron cut arms!!! Smashing the top can was easy. In just one try, Yuan Zong had already knocked 6 cans down and there were still more beanbags in his hand. The owner could not stand it anymore.

"Umm about that, I know you are a master at this. How about I give you an extra large gift and you give others a chance to play and earn prizes."

Xia Yao gave the toy car he won to the kid next to him who wouldn't stop crying.

Later on, both went to play other games, in the end, they couldn't carry all the prizes they won. Other people come here to win things, Xia Yao comes here to take things. Other people come here to try their lucks, Xia Yao comes here to give luck or misfortune to the stall's bosses. They'll be considered unlucky if grandpa Xia chooses them, and it'll be their lucky day if grandpa didn't choose them.

With the company of his bodyguard and personal assistant, Xia Yao was living the life of his dream.

As night falls, all the ice sculptures lit up.

[3] Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is an annual celebration during New Years held in Harbin, Heilongjiang. It is one of the largest ice and snow festivals in the world. Basically, all buildings and sculpture are made of ice and snow. During the night times, everything lights up.

 During the night times, everything lights up

Before, he was not able to see the shape of the ice until the embellishment of colorful lights finally revealed a variety of shapes, showing off the fancy colors with different light effects

Before, he was not able to see the shape of the ice until the embellishment of colorful lights finally revealed a variety of shapes, showing off the fancy colors with different light effects. It feels like they were living in a graceful world of ice and snow and they were the only ones present, with no noises, just incomparable tranquility and harmony.

Years from now, when he thinks back to this scene, he would probably believe that this was all but a dream. In no way could he have predicted he would be with a man who he doesn't have any interaction until half a year ago at a romantic yet exotic ice-sculpture building, eating skewers, watching the fireworks, and flirting intimately in a joking way.

"Excuse me beautiful, can you help us to take a photo of?" Xia Yao asked a passerby.

The girl wanted to ask Xia Yao how would he like his picture to be taken when Xia Yao went to Yuan Zong's side, slightly squatted down, patted his back and said, "Climb up."

"What are you doing?"

Xia Yai said, "I want to carry you."

Yuan Zong did not move, never in his life had he been carried on somebody else's back.

"Hurry and climb up!"

Xia Yao has such a persistent mind that Yuan Zong could not beat, so he climbed up onto Xia Yao's back reluctantly.

A snapping sound was heard. (uh oh, please don't break Xia Yao. haha :) )

A man without self-esteem who is trying to leave a manly impression on other people.

Have you been watching the series? Like some of you have noticed, it's getting pretty intense! 🙌🏻👌🏻😉😉😉

***********Have you been watching the series? Like some of you have noticed, it's getting pretty intense! 🙌🏻👌🏻😉😉😉

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