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Advance Bravely Chapter 101


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Xia Yao lied panting on Yuan Zong's chest as his semi-closed eyes slowly turned to look outside the window then faintly said, "The sky is already dark."

Upon hearing that, Yuan Zong did not respond but instead, both of his hands weaved beneath Xia Yao's armpits before suddenly pulling him upward until tip of their nose touched. Those two pitch-black orbs that gazed attentively at Xia Yao, revealed the blazing fire that ceased to die down. In them were a mixture of anger, worry and love that would make anyone suffocate with desire. With a silent explosion, the 'loaded gun' at the lower half of his body—which doesn't seem to have the tendency for tiredness—immediately welcomed another wave of enthusiasm.

The corner of Xia Yao's lips slightly rose in a teasing and joyful manner as he pecked Yuan Zong's lips with his. (sweetness overload T_T)

Every time Yuan Zong was about to employ an 'offensive tactic', Xia Yao would always use that kind of tender move to cause the other person's feeling to sway straight into his hand as a counterattack. It was as if saying, to injure just one strand of my hair is the same as stabbing yourself twice in the heart. That kind of feeling was akin to happiness infiltrating the soul while ten thousand of ants were simultaneously digging deep into the bones. It was truly a type torture that brought ecstasy.

Actually, Yuan Zong understood it clearly; without lubricant or any proper mental preparation, 'that matter' was impossible to accomplish. But after ravaging through his own mind, he truly wanted to for once become a barbarian and cause a grand scale massacre. However...the moment Xia Yao gave him just the slightest hint of kindness, he would definitely choose to strangle himself first instead.

He couldn't go through with it, he really couldn't. (This is the type of man I am looking god! Yuan Zong, come to me!!! 😩)

Xia Yao nibbled on Yuan Zong's ear just like a little mouse trying to cut through it while laughing at the same time.

Yuan Zong shot Xia Yao a glance and simply said, "I want to slaughter you."

Not paying attention, Xia Yao let his tongue slid all the way down to Yuan Zong's chest. He mischievously gnawed and bit at that firm muscle while devilishly throwing glances Yuan Zong which obviously was saying: Slaughter me! Slaughter me!

Aside from the 'lack of order', Yuan Zong could make out the sheer confidence in Xia Yao's eyes.

In Xia Yao's heart, he knew without a doubt that Yuan Zong was incapable of forcing him to do anything. Perhaps the feelings Yuan Zong has for him was unconditional indulgence and adoration. He took Yuan Zong as a boundless paradise that allowed him to rejoice presumptuously and act shamelessly without the need for any explanation; he came here from a distant land to release his passion and desire.

Yuan Zong was proud of that kind of special feeling Xia Yao has toward him but in his heart, he silently said, it's only natural, you should be especially used to it!

Xia Yao's hand stealthily snaked downward before giving Yuan Zong's ass cheek a firm squeeze. Then he said with a bit of mockery and seriousness, "I also want to fuck you."

Yuan Zong thought: Should I flip out, should I flip out, should I flip out?

Not receiving an answer, Xia Yao added, "My friend here is more delicate than yours, plus your butt is also bigger than mine...if you let me fuck you, perhaps it'll be even more fitting. How about we give it a try?"

Decided not to flip out for the time being, Yuan Zong first asked, "Why do you want to fuck me?"

"Then why do you want to fuck me?"

"Because I like you."

With that compelling push, Xia Yao has nothing else to say.

Yuan Zong asked again, "What's your reason? Huh?"

Xia Yao was happy to not declare his own position.

The flame that settled in Yuan Zong's crotch was once again ignited by Xia Yao's suggestive smile. He gripped Xia Yao's waist while his large member stirred roughly yet excitedly in between Xia Yao's ass cheeks. Several times, the tip of his cock would enter that tight passage but when Xia Yao cried and begged for mercy, it would slip out......again and again in between the contradiction that brought on struggle created from pleasure yet unsatisfied desire, Yuan Zong tightly held onto Xia Yao. Only when their intense heartbeats mutually collided was Yuan Zong able to cut off his own tyrannical intention.

After exploding in sweats once more, the two clung closely and jerked in unison while enjoying the look in the others' eyes as each lose controlled and erupted in pleasure. Not only was there no hint of exhaustion from either of them, there was an intense burst of arousal instead as the two messed around for another round.

Having been separated for more than ten days, with the accumulation of their longing and torture seeming as if it was fully satisfied, the two had utterly gone out of hand. They were completely unaware was what being 'tired' or, having a 'limit' meant. All their sweat soaked the bed sheet and their bodies—that had just been washed clean—were once again covered in all kinds of 'filth', emitting an unruly and vulgar manly smell.

While still frantically kissing one side of Xia Yao's cheek, Yuan Zong asked, "Are you hungry?"

Xia Yao held both their aching cock in his hand and rubbed it against each other—panting heavily again and again as he spoke, "I'm not hungry...I'm not hungry. I just want to do it with you."

Fuck...... Yuan Zong flipped Xia Yao over with one hand and gave his ass a firm slap and roared in a low voice. "How can you be so lewd?"

Xia Yao lifted his head and let out a painful moan but a second later he wrapped his hand around Yuan Zong's waist...allowing him to roughly ravage him. His handsome and sexy face twisted presumptuously to various expressions. When the intense pleasures rolled in, all types of intolerable obscene words to one's ear burst out as deplorable vulgar movements were employed.

The two lingered in their affectionate state from dawn until sunlight shot into the room, lighting up everything until those lights died down once more.

Even by the time they were done messing around and Xia Yao could no longer shoot anything, he continued to cling onto Yuan Zong and grind up on his body. His body has already lost all its coordination which in turn made his senses extremely sensitive. The second Yuan Zong touched him anywhere on his body, he would tremble from the excitement, causing him to lose control.

In the end, Yuan Zong reached for Xia Yao's weak yet swollen manhood then roughly stroked it up and down for a while with great force. Xia Yao was sitting at the edge of insanity as he struggled and begged for mercy while the corner of his eyes filled with enshrouding mist before he crumbled and let out pleasurable cries.

"Yuan Zong, I miss you."

Yuan Zong used one hand to pressed Xia Yao tightly against his chest. At that moment Yuan Zong's heart seemed to bleed with happiness.

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During the afternoon of the next day, Yuan Ru returned home worn out from her journey. At first, she thought there would be warm food awaiting her but to her dismay, there wasn't even a sign of steam coming from the kitchen. Seeing that, she stormed to Yuan Zong's room with anger only to find the door when she attempted to push it open.

What the fuck, he couldn't have slept until now?

Just as she was about to knock on the door, Yuan Ru vaguely heard the sound of someone speaking.

"Okay, okay, little slut...."

"What now? It's big again..."

"Do you not think that your butt isn't swollen enough? Huh?"


Yuan Ru plastered herself against the door and listened for a while, feeling confused. Who is he talking to? It's already this late in the day and he didn't get out of bed just to talk to himself? Who the hell would believe that?!

The only thing in Yuan Ru's brain was the word, 'adultery' and that alone made her somewhat delighted. Brother, you actually couldn't restrain yourself. As expected, you really engaged in this kind of shady business! Let me catch you in the act and then I'll take a couple of photos so I can send it to my Prince Charming. Just wait to get dumped by him!

With this in mind, she went back to her room, practically turning the place over and searched for ages before finally finding a bunch of old keys. Then, she crept back to Yuan Zong's room and found a key that was similar to the key to her own room. She quietly inserted the key and gave it a turn before she pushed the door open and charged into the room like a thunderbolt.

A—'click'—was sounded.

A picture of a salacious scene was saved in Yuan Ru's mobile phone.

In the picture, Xia Yao was lying on his back with his arms tightly hooked around Yuan Zong's neck. While Yuan Zong was on top of him with his face buried in his neck. Xia Yao's neck was raised slightly—with half of his face making it onto the picture—as the words licentiousness and unruliness written was all over it. With the blanket slightly open, it revealed two naked yet rather sexy chests appearing inseparably close, fitted together.

In a daze, Yuan Ru slowly put down her mobile phone and stared dumbfounded at the scene before her.

At that moment, the two men on the bed had already turned their head toward her. Yuan Zong still wore his usual calm and stern expression while Xia Yao's enticing demeanor—captured on the picture as second ago—faded, and he returned back to the cold and ruthless prince that Yuan Ru knew of.

Hearing it is one thing and witnessing it with one's own eyes is another matter.

Looking at them, thousands of horses began to gallop across the field of green in her head. Why the hell is it him? Why does it have to be my Prince Charming? Moreover, what made Yuan Ru unable to stand it even more, when she caught the look of ecstasy in Xia Yao's demeanor just then, she actually felt sexually aroused.

Fuck! The wild position and erotic scene that she fantasized about in her dream was actually being played out on her brother's bed!! Yuan Ru was having a battle with the nerves in her brain while the two men before her took their time to put on their clothes.

When Xia Yao set his foot on the floor, he felt that the frame propping his butt up were not a pair of legs but rather a stick made up of pure cotton candy. As he walked, it seemed like he was strolling on clouds, weak and fragile.

Yuan Ru grabbed his arm and incessantly asked, "When did you get here? How come I didn't know?"

But, Xia Yao exerted his strength and got free and walked into the bathroom before leaning against the wall and brushed his teeth.

Once infatuated always infatuated. Even if her heart was full of jealousy, when it's time to be infatuated, she was nevertheless infatuated.

Yuan Ru watched him leaned against the wall, exhausted from head to toe—while squinting to look at something outside without focusing on anything in particular. That was obviously a stab at her since she considered it an 'adorable' look, but she pretended not to care for something rarely seen. Pfft, acting licentiously even when you're brushing your teeth.

In reality, Xia Yao simply couldn't stand straight from being overly exhaustion.

"Hey, did you really fall for my brother?"

Xia Yao, "...."

"I'm talking to you, why are you ignoring me?"

Xia Yao, "...."

"I'm telling you. I got a picture of you, caught in bed. Be careful or I'll expose it."


After he finished, Xia Yao walked in front of Yuan Ru and pinched her face with his wet hand.

Then without saying anything, he walked away.

Yuan Ru gritted her teeth in anger. If that had happened before—that is—being touched like that by her Prince Charming, her heart would have gone crazy, head over heels. But at the moment, being considered as an unwanted third wheel and having her cheek was pinched simply made her want to cry tears of hopelessness!!

Since he found the person he wanted to find and done the things he wanted to do, Xia Yao could finally relax and take things less seriously, and have the nerves to give his mother a call.

As expected—the second the call connected—Mrs. Xia coldly and sternly questioned him.

"Where did you run off to?"

Xia Yao said, "I'm with a friend in Heilongjiang."

"What are you doing there?"

"Nothing much, just taking vacation." He answered.

"Everyone else would visit Sanya for vacation but you ran north to Heilongjiang instead?"

Xia Yao hesitated for a short while then laughed and said, "Mom, wait until I get back and I'll tell you. There are still things I need to do here. Okay, I'm going to hang up now."

"I'll settle this with you when you get back!"


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Well, our "little sister" Yuan Ru finally knows and have seen the REAL thing! Hehe. 👌🏻😁 I love how both Yuan Zonh and Xia Yao are just taking it in by stride :3.

 👌🏻😁 I love how both Yuan Zonh and Xia Yao are just taking it in by stride :3

Finals ending for me today guys, so it's back to dedicating time for my readers ❤️❤️❤️

Finals ending for me today guys, so it's back to dedicating time for my readers ❤️❤️❤️. I feel that with so much work on my plate now, therefore, I will need to assemble my new "avengers translators" team. I understand that a lot of you are and have asked me about this, so if you're interested in becoming a part of the team, please privately message me 😘👌🏻. I will really appreciate your help.


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