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Advance Bravely Chapter 100

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I hope this video will explain your answers regarding the change in season 2 (watch on Youtube for subs)

I hope this video will explain your answers regarding the change in season 2 (watch on Youtube for subs)

And now for another 22+ rated chapter! =)))) Prepare ya'll tissues and get cozy!

And now for another 22+ rated chapter! =)))) Prepare ya'll tissues and get cozy!

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At a little past nine o'clock, Yuan Ru woke up and pulled out her mobile phone from the side of her pillow. When she saw the time on the display screen, she couldn't help but to blank out. Usually, if she wasn't up by seven o'clock, Yuan Zong would have come to kick her door. How come it's so quiet today when it's so late already?

With this in mind, Yuan Ru put on her clothes and went to knock on the door of the room next to hers.

"Ge, why aren't you up yet?"

In reality, Yuan Zong and Xia Yao had woken up a long time ago. However, since they were busy being affectionate, they simply did not want to get out of bed.

After hearing Yuan Ru knocking on the door, Yuan Zong used his thumb to poke the centre of Xia Yao's brows. "Let's get up. If even that lazy girl is up, aren't you embarrassed lazing around in bed?" Yuan Zong said in a deep tone.

Xia Yao looked at Yuan Zong with a lazy yet comfortably gazes that seemed to bewitched Yuan Zong. "I'm not embarrassed, I'm not embarrassed at all."

For someone that had not slept in late for more than ten years, Yuan Zong's abstinence was immediately shattered by just one glance from Xia Yao.

When Yuan Ru finished dressing up half an hour later, she went to door on Yuan Zong's door again.

"Ge, it's almost ten o'clock. You're still not going to get up and cook?"

Yuan Zong caressed Xia Yao's ass cheeks and said, "Let's get up. There will be visitors here in a bit. Wouldn't it be unsightly if they saw you lazing around in bed like this?"

"It's not like they're here to visit me. Can't you just lock the bedroom door?" Xia Yao said as he kneed Yuan Zong's crotch. "You can get up, it's not like I'm stopping you."

Hearing that, the back of Yuan Zong's throat flare up. If he could get up, he would have done so ages ago. But being glued to the satiny and creamy skin-that he had been enthralled with- finally made him understand why previous emperors, while praised by tens and thousands of people, would not attend early morning court. As if anybody could get up if they were in the same situation?!

In the end, unable to tear himself away, Yuan Zong turned over and pressed on Xia Yao's body.

Still standing outside of the room, Yuan Ru spoke again, "Ge, I'm going to Uncle's place to eat since you're not cooking. I'll be going into the city to buy some stuff in the afternoon and I might stay at Auntie's place tonight."

With that said, she banged on the door and walked off grunting angrily.

Just as she left, a wildfire immediately flared up inside the quilts. The two rolled and entangled their bodies and gnaw at each other with such intensity that it became unbearable. But when Yuan Zong was on the verge of unleashing his bestiality, Xia Yao heartlessly stopped.

"I need to shower first."

Yuan Zong said, "Don't bother. It's too cold so just wipe yourself down."

"No way," Xia Yao responded with extreme persistence. "My body is all sticky. It really doesn't feel good."

After that, he hastily got up to get dressed. (It almost happened! =)))) )

Since Yuan Zong couldn't talk him out of it, he forced himself to get up and put some clothes on. Then, he went and made some food for Xia Yao so has to fill his empty stomach. It was unclear why Xia Yao had eaten his food in such a quick manner. After wiping his mouth, he followed Yuan Zong out of the house.

On the road, practically everyone greeted Yuan Zong when they saw him, all the while, casually asking, "Who is this?"

With Xia Yao's elbow resting on his shoulder, Yuan Zong said, "He is a friend from another province."

"Oh my, he's so handsome!"

At times like this, Yuan Zong would smile until creases formed at corner of his eyes as he stared attentively at Xia Yao. Honestly, it was as if these people were complimenting his own kid.

It wasn't until they arrived at the communal bathhouse did Xia Yao understand why Yuan Zong did not want him to shower here. He had to shower with everyone else since there were no private rooms. While doing so, Yuan Zong insisted on sharing a shower head with Xia Yao with the intention of covering him up. (Always the protective husband :3)

Having restrained his desires for quite a few days already, Xia Yao ended up getting an erection in this kind of public place. Even after he used all his well power to force it to go down, it refused to comply. Ultimately, Yuan Zong laughed mocked him.

"Look at that little friend of yours."

Xia Yao sneered coldly then he took the advantage when no one was watching and tugged the 'falling object' between Yuan Zong's legs.

"You're not any better than I am."

While the two were in the midst of a delightful banter, someone suddenly tapped on Yuan Zong's shoulder and kindheartedly reminded him, "The two shower heads over there are good to use."

"I know. I'm helping him scrub his back."

Having said that, Yuan Zong reached toward Xia Yao's back with the hand that had a towel on it. But, just as he was about to scrub, he suddenly discovered two light marks that wouldn't have been discovered without a closer look.

"How did you get this on your back?" Yuan Zong asked.

Xia Yao abruptly stiffened, Shit! It's all over. I've looked at myself in the mirror every day, but I forgot to look at my back.

"What's wrong with my back?" Xia Yao pretended to be dumb on purpose.

Yuan Zong touched the two marks as he spoke, "You don't even know you got injured?"

"That is.... maybe it was from the day I fell over and accidently scratched it." Xia Yao responded rather ambiguously.

Although the marks looked more like it was from being tied up, Yuan Zong did not question him any further. Instead, he simply warned Xia Yao, "If you aren't careful in the future and continue to get minor injuries like this, I'll give you a major injury."

In order to deceive him, Xia Yao did not dare to say much more.

On the way back home, the speed of their footsteps unconsciously increased. However, Yuan Zong's steps were normally wide so even if he increased the rhythm, he did not appear to be in a rush. Xia Yao, on the other hand, was used to strolling around slowly. Therefore, when he fastened his footsteps, it was as if there were a set of hot wheels beneath his feet that caused his restless hearts to betray him.

It was even to the point that the two began to race. You over take me by one step, I'll over take you by two steps. By the time they were only five hundred meters away from Yuan Zong's house, Xia Yao was no longer able to contain his need. He let out a loud laughter then bolted madly ahead.

There was nothing else in Yuan Zong's mind except for the back of Xia Yao's seductive figure in the snow. He could feel a fireball chasing after him, and if he did not fasten his footsteps, he could be burned to ashes.

Both the courtyard door and the bedroom door were shut tightly.

The sunshine from outside was separated by a thick layer of frost on the window. The blanket was cluttered up on the heated brick bed. The thick cotton padded coats desperately wanted to be unbuttoned.......the two wild men seemed as though they were having a clandestine love affair. They let go of all the misgivings and restrictions as well as the most primitive, pure and licentious passion.

Xia Yao had never heard such coarse breathing sounds from Yuan Zong before. The movement of his lips and teeth as it grinded against his were rough and domineering. When his tongue reached to the depth of his throat, Xia Yao felt it could almost swallow each and every one of his breath.

There was a string of fuse in their heart that could detonate at any second.

Although the temperature outside was less than negative forty degrees Celsius, inside the house it was hot and steamy as Xia Yao and Yuan Zong ripped off each other's clothes. They kissed, caressed, grind and nibbled...eagerly and madly released the longing they had restraint on each others' naked bodies. Hot waves invaded their insides one after another, nearly causing them to lose their minds.

Xia Yao rode on Yuan Zong's legs as his sexy hips rocked back and forth while he grinded on Yuan Zong's swollen member with need. Yuan Zong held Xia Yao's delicate waist before firmly sucking on his small erect nipples, causing him to cry out in pleasure again and again. 

"ahhhh.... it feels so good....suck it...."

Yuan Zong bit his nipple then pulled and teased at it with a bit of strength. The pleasure that welled up inside of Xia Yao was so intense that he persistently pulled Yuan Zong's hair. His waist was rocking back and forth on Yuan Zong's crotch with great force, causing his passage to tickle as Yuan Zong's pubic hair rubbed against it. The hardened member that was leaning not so coyly on Yuan Zong's lower abdominal was already pre-cumming like a 'spring gushing with tears'.

"How long have you wanted this?" Yuan Zong asked in a coarse tone.

Xia Yao said, "I wanted it ever since you left.... ahhh...."

Yuan Zong gave Xia Yao's ass cheeks a fierce slap until the trembling flesh shocked his hands to numbness. He really wanted to spread this horny person's legs wide open, and fiercely ram his cock in and fuck him until he cried for his mother and father. (T_T my poor heart...)

Xia Yao's eagerness were no less than his. He pushed Yuan Zong's upper body down before moving up to sit on his neck. Then he shoved his hardened white radish—that has been crying hungrily—into Yuan Zong's mouth and started to shamelessly thrust in and out.

With that move, Yuan Zong's eyes were forced to complete redness. His hands pulled on the pubic hair that was scattered around his mouth which made Xia Yao burst into cries.

Yuan Zong's thick and powerful tongue willfully played with the tip of Xia Yao's cock before a burst of electric current destroyed any of his willpower. After the aching and hard member was pulled out, Yuan Zong seductively cupped the balls with his mouth and titillated them. A second later, Xia Yao moved forward a bit, allowing his passage to loom above Yuan Zong's hale lips. Xia Yao instantly cried out with several rich moaning sounds.


Yuan Zong seductively stuck his tongue out. Xia Yao twerked repeatedly with impatient, rubbing his passage against Yuan Zong's moist tongue as his hands gripped and pulled on the bed sheets, while crying out in painful and intolerable pleasure.

"I can't.... this feels too good.... mmm...."

If it was half a year ago, Xia Yao would have never imagined he would do such lewd move.

Xia Yao unrestrained face was at Yuan Zong's line of sight. Compared to the scenes in Yuan Zong's fantasies, this kind of reality with such a hot and provocative move was simply more than Yuan Zong could withstand. If he didn't fiercely fuck him once, he would never know how the words 'head over heels in love' was written.

Soon, shattered ample of electric currents provoked Xia Yao's ass cheeks to tremble wildly. It ran from the very tip of his tailbone, igniting every nerve before creeping into his brain, bringing forth the low moaning that then burst loudly out of his mouth from the extreme pleasure, before......all the white cloudy liquid spurted on Yuan Zong's face.

Once Xia Yao caught his breath—after breathing heavily—his ear instantly burned red upon seeing that his butt was still glued to Yuan Zong' face. He didn't have the opportunity to hide yet when Yuan Zong firmly pressed him back down on his legs. 

Without any hesitation, Yuan Zong swept the cum on his face with his finger, spread open Xia Yao's ass cheeks and let his fingers dive right in.

" hurts..." Xia Yao raised his neck and moaned.

Yuan Zong's savagery had exploded long ago by Xia Yao's teasing actions. He pulled both of Xia Yao's hands back and secured it at his back before bending his own knee and using it to support Xia Yao at the waist. Then he lifted Xia Yao's ass up until it created a perfectly round and perky shape.

The fingers laboriously penetrated Xia Yao's tight passage. From slow to fast, shallow to deep, soft to hard, until a pa-pa-pa thrusting and stirring sound could be heard.

Xia Yao's nerves had just relaxed nerves had yet to rest properly when it reached another peak. Yuan Zong's rough finger that alone could easily complete several push-ups were 'utterly brutal' in Xia Yao's tender passage. Compared to the love egg, his finger was able to directly assault his passage, causing him to feel embarrassed and shameful. For Xia Yao, this type of delight was pleasurable and tormenting.

"Ahhh...ahhhhhh...." Xia Yao moaned as he struggled. Strong cries of begging for mercy was distorted and turned into an amorous peculiar feeling, "Don't...don't.... it's too's going to get hurt it....." 

Yuan Zong's finger—that was tightly absorbed by Xia Yao's passage—started to thrust repeatedly, stimulating that spot.

"I can't...ahhhhhhhh.....this is so feels so good...."

Xia Yao had on a twisted expression as beads of sweat rolled down from his forehead while his seductive hips rode on Yuan Zong's leg, catering to the rhythm of Yuan Zong's finger.

Blood surged in Yuan Zong's pupil, his violent movements were wrapped with thick and profound sense of love. The feeling of love and pleasure forced Xia Yao to continuously bite Yuan Zong's nipple before he suffered another round that was tackled with even more stimulation.

"I'm coming.... I'm coming... ahhh...."

Xia Yao cried and screamed in spasm, the corner of his eyes filled with tears while the intense and raging sweat droplets bounced off his trembling ass that was still on Yuan Zong's leg.

Yuan Zong was on the verge of madness. He pushed Xia Yao to the corner of the wall, parted his legs before pushing his gigantic member that was like a hard-soldering iron against the tight passage. As Xia Yao struggled and screamed wildly, biting his shoulder, neck and cheeks, Yuan Zong tried to push his hardened member in but held back from going all the way in as to avoid hurting him. 

Soon, vigorous and coarse sounds deeply gushed out from Yuan Zong's throat.

"I want to fuck you...I want to fuck you so bad."

Xia Yao's heartstring had already snapped, and only a sense of aching and pain guided his movements. With no other choice, he took control of Yuan Zong's cock and buried his face in, allowing his mouth to take in the whole thing. For something that most men would feel disgraced from doing, he did in complete willingness.

Letting out a low roar, Yuan Zong used both of his hands to hold Xia Yao's head and pushed it fiercely toward his member, nearly causing it to hit the back of Xia Yao's throat. That provoked Xia Yao to squeeze out low humming sounds.

Once Yuan Zong removed his cock from Xia Yao's mouth, he hastily spread open Xia Yao's ass cheeks. Then he used his 'tiger penis'[1] to whipped Xia Yao's red and swollen passage.

Xia Yao's face exploded in redness while his shy expression provoked Yuan Zong to swear incessantly.

"......does your fucking slutty hole feel good being whipped?"

Aroused once again, Xia Yao willfully hooked his arm around Yuan Zong's neck.

" feels great...."

In the split second that Yuan Zong burst into an extremely pleasurable orgasm, he held on to Xia Yao so tightly that he nearly crushed his entire body to pieces.

[1]  虎鞭 "Tiger's penis": actual meaning is Tiger's testes and penis but it can also be translated to "Tiger Whip". It is used in Chinese medicine as a medical herb to assist men that suffer from impotence. Apparently, it is great for kidney, helps life longevity, anti-inflammatory. Etc etc.


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 Thank you so much to these beautiful ladies who helped me get this chapter done! Love you guys soooo much! 😆😆😆

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