Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!


Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Treasured Fox soon to be born (5)

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"The matters that I don't wish to be concerned of, no one can force me to." Bai Yan was expressionless, with ice-cold eyes.

Yu Rong sneered, disdainfully spoke, "I think that your destiny is quite unfair, that's why you'd oppose. After all, your former fiancee had just recently taken my daughter as his wife, the status of the two of you, one is high up in the sky while the other is on the ground!"

"Actually, if not for the fact that you have your Matriarch family, do you think the emperor would have bestowed the second prince to you? Even said, could you compare with my Ruo'er? In truth, my Ruo'er is educated and well balanced, gifted with unique innate skill. Only she could match with the prince as the Imperial Concubine!"

"Not only that, but… someday, Ruo'er would be the mother of the whole nation, and you who are equal to dusts could only look up to her."

Her Ruo'er is simply wonderful, how could she be compared with Bai Yan?

What a joke!

"I actually think that, your one and only usefulness is to exchange for a third grade spiritual pill. In order to express your efforts, wait till we've received the third grade spiritual pill, then we'll let you catch a glimpse of it.Otherwise, for a waste like you, you wouldn't have another chance to do so in this lifetime!"

Bai Yan sneered, in her previous lifetime, she could even refine eighth grade spiritual pills, let alone what is a third grade pill?

"If you come find me today, only to say these things, then I ought to advise you to save a little bit of that energy!" Bai Yan faintly swept a glance over the two people within the room, "But…. the matters of today, I, Bai Yan will definitely engrave in my mind, when the time comes, I'll have each and every one of you pay the price!"

The future days?

Old madame Yu's face was filled with disdain. Wait till she enters the Qian family, will there even be any future days?

After throwing off these sentences, Bai Yan confidently turned around to depart, not even turning her head around.A body adorned with red dress disappeared from the tranquil afternoon sun rays.


After leaving Yu Rong's room, without even informing anyone, she entered into her own room, calmly sat cross-legged at the bedside. If anyone could saw it, they will see, a faint thread of spiritual energy would flow into her body.

Only those with the traits of yellow ranks have this faint thread of yellow spiritual energy.

In these 3 months, Bai Yan finally reached the yellow ranks, this rate of advancing in rank is too slow. If she tried refining spiritual pill at this current stage, she could have get a better body constitution, and the rate of advancing in ranks would also speed up.

Without a doubt, the former Bai Yan's rank is only normal human level, she’s even inferior to a servant girl, at least. A servant girl has the low strength of a yellow rank.

The reason why she could reach the yellow rank, is only because of the result of practicing to be stronger these past few months.


The sky soon darkens, the tranquil dim light of the night arrives.

Outside the door, came the sound of a rumbling noise. Bai Yan is aware that the people from Qian family have finally arrived.

As expected, two servant girls arrived and entered through the door, coldly spoke, "Come with us."

Bai Yan didn't speak anything, unhurriedly stood up, and walked out the door.

A palanquin had already been prepared at an earlier time.

Everyone is aware of Bai Yan's strength, so the people that the Qian family had sent over isn’t much of an expert, the menservants are merely low leveled yellow ranks.

After Bai Yan stepped into the palanquin, they proceeded to close the curtains, then quickly sped up towards Qian house.

Passing through remote areas, perhaps they fear that they will be discovered by others.

At this moment, a 'BANG’ sounded, smoke and dust sprung up everywhere, and suddenly the palanquin heavily fell to the ground.

"What's going on?" The carrier stared blankly, then hastily went to check on the palanquin.

The servant girls who were supposed to be on guard was left unconscious.

On the fallen palanquin, a young lady lazily propped up her chin, fine black hair flows down, spreading over the fallen seat, a beauty that could simply steal a person's soul.