Adorable Creature Attacks! The Beauty Surrenders!

Other name: ACABS; Meng Shou Lai Xi, Mei Se Nan Dang; 萌兽来袭,美色难挡

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Supernatural, Xuanhuan

Date released: 2017
Views: 4082

Author: Ying LanMeng; 盈蓝梦

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Wuxiaworld Forums

When a modern psychiatrist transmigrates into the literal and martial cunning Young Miss of the General Residence, how should she fit in? Why not just pack up your things and travel the world? Magic? Monster slaying? Sometimes, they just have to show up to do nothing before leaving~ Because of the powerful experts in the party, all of the monsters have long fled already~ However, this party was truly unusual! Let’s not start with that “boy next door”-type, naive and comical handsome dude that came together with her, but, shouldn’t heroes be domineering? Aren’t doctors apathetic and emotionless? Shouldn’t scholar be gentle and kind? And shouldn’t demons be evil and vicious? There were truly a couple strange combos in this squad: a devilishly charming Hero, a kind and delicate Divine Healer, a playful and mischievous scholar, lastly let’s not forget that freaking adorable demon!
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