Adolescent Adam


Adolescent Adam Volume 7 Chapter 3

FeTUS headquarters existed 2000 meters below Megutono Academy. It had as much space as several baseball stadiums, but most of that was used for labs and storing weapons.

There were no entertainment facilities and the Witches were only given a few 12-square-meter rooms each.

Although that was plenty of space if they were living alone.


Witches Miss B, aka Shirohara Ren, leaned back in her chair and sighed from the exhaustion of reading through quite a few documents.

She used this room for studying and work and the interior design was quite high society and not what you would expect for a student. She sat at a heavy wooden desk in a deep-seated wide chair. The wooden bookcase lined with textbooks glistened from its lacquer finish and a less-than-practical yellow lamp illuminated a pure white quill on the desk.

“Excuse me.”

A maid stepped in. She was wearing an apron dress that seemed to fit the interior much more.

“Miss D. Yes, perfect timing.”

Daima Makoto, a fellow Witch who waited on people as a hobby, carried in some tea.

“You could really stand to decorate your room more cutely.”

“A knight must never be lacking in dignity, even if it would help encourage her studies. I must keep up appearances.”

Ren sounded proud of herself.

For better or worse, she was a proud girl, so the maid chuckled while handing her the tea.

After preparing her own, the maid sat down. The floor rose up to support her butt.

Springloaded ran through the walls and floor of the room and they would change form to suit the Witches’ needs, so they did not need a chair to sit.

In other words, the entire dignified interior was Ren’s own choice.

“How go the cultural festival preparations?”

“It’s the day after tomorrow…so I have to finish it all today.”

Ren sounded exhausted and looked down at her desk.

It was covered in Student Council documents related to the cultural festival. This was all work to be done by President Ren.

“It just piles up like this.”

“There’s no helping that.”

She had only completed half of it, but she held her eyelids to fight the weariness.

“I mean, you were busy all week with the Kurosaki issue.”


Kurosaki. Their expressions darkened at the mention of that name.

Even if she was only attending the academy as a camouflage life, it was unthinkable for someone as diligent as Ren to neglect her Student Council work. She never would have let it build up to this extent.

If not for all of her time going into investigating Kurosaki as they showed signs of approaching Fujita Mutsuki.

“We are doing everything in our power to investigate this, so you can focus on school, Miss B.”

“I know that. But…”

Ren in particular was working on her own to investigate this.

–Her personal grudge against them for taking away the cousin she saw as a little sister had only deepened recently.

“Then why not get someone else to help?”

When the atmosphere grew heavy, Makoto quickly avoided that subject.

“Miss C and I are teachers…and you had Fujita Mutsuki-kun help you before, didn’t you?”

“I only had him help as a punishment. I can’t restrain him for longer than necessary.”

“You really are stubborn. Just ask him for help and you’ll get it.”

“That’s not the issue.”

Ren replied coldly, but the topic had been successfully changed. Her expression softened as soon they began discussing that boy.

“Then…what about Miss E?”


Although it quickly became troubled again.

“Machina…Miss E is out of the question.”

“I suppose so. This is an important period for her.”

Makoto had suggested it, but she smiled bitterly as if this was the obvious result.

What Miss E, aka Machina, was doing now was the most important thing for FeTUS as a whole, so as irresponsible as it was, it took precedence over the cultural festival.

FeTUS’s final proposition was reliant on Machina’s current actions.

Miss D tapped her heel against the floor that had become a chair. The Springloaded reacted by activating a holographic vision of some text in the air.

“The Holy Grail Plan. …We’ve finally made it this far.”

The text really only looked like letters written neatly on some kind of document, but it was better called a pattern. It was as disorderly as graffiti, but the whole formed a geometric shape.

It was a language not found anywhere in the world. Each of those runes contained as much data as 1024 letters of the alphabet and only the FeTUS Witches could decode it in modern civilization.

The simplest part was the portrait photo in the top left corner, like it was a resume.

“Eve ex Machina. If we humans truly can create divine genes, I would honestly feel more frightened then proud as a follower of science.”


They both viewed the photo.

The rune-covered document contained as much data as an encyclopedia, but it still only contained the bare minimum of records.

To those two Witches, that expressionless face of FeTUS Witches Miss E, aka Ibekusa Machina, reminded them of far more data.

“I used modern genes to calculate out what the Fruit of Knowledge had to have provided, recreated the genes of Eve, and modeled the missing portions off of that boy. After following Adam’s genes to recreate the missing data, I remade her womb for compatibility, and…just thinking about all the work is making me feel faint, but I managed somehow.”

“…Stop that.”

Ren shook her head while staring at the photo of Machina.

“Miss E is a proper human. Do not talk about ‘recreating’ and ‘modeling’.”

“Yes. I misspoke.”

Makoto used a bitter smile to dodge an issue for the second time that day.

As a scientist, she could not rid herself of the dry feelings of being the girl’s creator, but she did not see Machina as a mere tool. She thought of her as a little sister or a daughter.

But she could not contain her excitement when she saw that daughter’s growth after raising her to be a partner to the Adam boy, Fujita Mutsuki.

Especially with Machina fast approaching her ultimate objective.

“S-so how are things between them, Miss B? Do you think it will go well?”

She was also interested in a gossipy kind of way about the relationship between the young boy and girl. Her eyes sparkled as she leaned forward.

“…What a pain.”

Ren shrugged and did not reply.

…There was no way she could tell Makoto that.

Friday was the day before the cultural festival, so the atmosphere surrounding Megutono Academy shifted from excited to anxious.

Student Council President Shirohara Ren enjoyed that nicely tense atmosphere.

“President, we have some sample yakisoba, so please eat it.”

“Yes, I will stop by later.”

“Presideeent, come listen to us perform~”

“Later, okay?”

Everyone had already completed their entry for the festival, so they were in the final rehearsal and testing phase.

The Student Council was going around to ensure there was no trouble in this crucial stage, but the President was so popular that people kept calling out to her.

It had only been a bit over half a month since she had returned to her position as President, but Shirohara Ren was fulfilling her duties perfectly.

“Ange-chaaaan, over here, over here. We don’t have much time for the final rehearsal.”

“Yes, yes. …Ah.”


Except when it came to her attitude toward one person.

While walking through the school, she ran across the last person she wanted to see.

The red-haired girl must have been participating in the play because she was carrying some things.

“What do you want?”

As soon as she saw Ren, the corners of Ange’s eyes rose sharply.

She showed blatant hostility. Ren decided she should ignore it, but…


She glared back.

Ren strictly, politely, and (most of all) mechanically served the school as President, but she always responded emotionally to this one student: Jiyuuni Ange.

Ignoring the girl and moving on would be the best course of action. Ange would never back down if Ren glared back at her. She knew this would only prevent either one of them from backing down.

Ever since they had clashed and never reached a satisfying conclusion, Ren had felt an extreme dislike of this angel as a teenage girl rather than as a logical Witch.

“Ange-chaaan? Oh, President. What’s up?”

“Mh. Hello.”

They were saved when the angel’s friend called out to them.

That distraction allowed Ren to stop glaring. Ange must have been satisfied with that because she gave a “hmph” and left with her friend.

Ren regretted what she had done. She was not a child and yet she had fallen for such blatant provocation.

“Miss A is not going to be happy.”

Then she heard a chuckling voice arrive in place of the angel.

This voice was even more blatantly provoking than Ange’s glare. …Ren simply gave a displeased look, but then she turned around.

“Yes, I need to do better. You have caused enough trouble yourself, so I need to avoid placing any more of a burden on my teacher.”


She turned around to find not a student but the teacher named Katsue Subaru, aka FeTUS Witches Miss C.

This was someone else Ren was better off avoiding as President, although for a different reason than with Ange.

When Ren responded sharply, Subaru’s eyebrows twitched behind her glasses.

Even if they did not get along, they were from the same organization. They knew the appropriate distance to keep between each other.

“Inspecting the festival? Must be tough being Student Council President.”

“What I’m doing isn’t much different from a teacher’s job.”

They began walking side by side.

Whatever they felt on the inside, they would be seen as teacher and President, so they continued their inspection.

“How is your class doing?”

She naturally asked about her biggest concern.

As Student Council President, Ren was privy to all the details of the festival events, but when it came to Fujita Mutsuki, Miss C would know more as his homeroom teacher.

“There’s nothing to say. Everyone is enjoying the cultural festival. The one surprise is how much Jiyuuni is getting into the rehearsals.”

With a glance in the direction of the gym Ange and her friend had entered, Subaru shrugged.

“The angel and the demon in our school seem far too casual about it all.”

Just as the two girls entered the gym, a few band rehearsal teams left. Silvia was among them. The band members all had their hair dyed bright blonde and Lucia was sweaty from singing but clearly enjoying himself.

FeTUS had created this school as a miniature garden, but an angel and demon had joined and their hostile relationship had entered a passive phase. This should have been highly abnormal.

“Gather heaven, earth, and hell and you will have everything. And the world was created from discord. …So they say, but I find it hard to believe.” There was self-deprecation in Subaru’s voice. “Why do you think that is?”

“That’s obvious.” Ren smiled bitterly. “The angels, demons, and we have all found ourselves in the palm of his hand.”

That was where the conversation would inevitably lead.

Fujita Mutsuki wished for no fighting between the three sides and that was the greatest help those FeTUS members could have hoped for.

Angels had an advantage over demons, demons over humans, and humans over angels. It was supposed to work like that, but FeTUS members had found themselves left in the dust by Ange several times now.

And of course.

Having a FeTUS member in an intimate relationship with him was ideal for the organization.



While on their patrol, Ren and Subaru were shocked by what they found inside the gym storeroom.

The boy they had just been discussing was there. Mutsuki and the other two widened their eyes.

“Npwa…nh, hahh.”

Only the fourth person in the room, Machina, failed to notice Ren and Subaru’s entrance, so her eyes remained happily narrowed while she continued sucking on the boy’s lips.

How long they had been enjoying this deep kiss was apparent from the solid flush of her cheeks and the dampness of her eyes that looked like a film of tears. Her usually intellectual features were now solidly colored by arousal, so even the other two members of her sex were shocked.

“Ah…Senpai…and Sensei.”

Mutsuki could only smile bitterly at the fact that they had seen this.

Ren sighed deeply, regretting any thoughts that he was even remotely reliable.

“I believe I told you I could not allow such indecent acts at school.”


Mutsuki was once more called to the Student Council Room and made to sit on the floor.

Machina needed to be scolded as well, but Ren started with Mutsuki.

“Um, but, Senpai. This time, Ibekusa-san was the one who…”

The boy trailed off but still refused to back down.

This was different from when he had taken advantage of Machina’s obedience by milking her and having her piss. She had asked him to do this, so it was illogical to scold him alone.

Ren disliked being illogical, but…

“That does not change that you went too far.”

She rejected his argument.

She knew her argument was almost entirely based on emotion, but that scene was burned in the back of her mind and refused to go away. With this and with Ange, her greatest weakness was her inability to back down.

She could not rid herself of the feeling that filled her when she saw those two sharing their lips like lovers.

“B-besides, that is indecent. In Japan, you should only kiss someone when you…y’know, are in love. That was f-filthy.”


Mutsuki was easily pushed around, so he gradually quieted down.

The conversation brought Mutsuki’s thoughts back to what he and Machina had been doing. They had been sharing saliva and sticking their tongues deep in each other’s mouths like they were searching out each other’s hearts. He recalled the softness of the cute girl’s mouth and the flavor of her spit.

“I-it is true Miss E is at a fault here.”

Ren also blushed as she recalled Machina’s obscenely melted face with drool dripping down it.

“It looked like she was in an indecent mood simply from making ou-…from kissing. I need to scold her as well.”

She made a strong statement to hide her embarrassment.

She had been careless.

“Sh-she can’t help that. Kisses really get to you…or how should I put it? Once you start, it’s really hard to stop?” Mutsuki followed his natural tendency to cover for other people. “So it’s best to not start, but Ibekusa-san insisted.”

“What are you talking about? Just separate your mouths and it’s over. Just pull your head back 5cm. How is that hard?”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Enough excuses. There is a problem with the two of you if that puts you in an indecent mood.”

Ren grew talkative when Mutsuki talked back to her. He had tried to argue and she was glad to comply.

But that meant Mutsuki was bound to talk back again.

“A-again, you just can’t help feeling something…indecent when you’re kissing.”

“It is a beautiful sign of one’s love. There is something wrong with you if it seems indecent to you. Love is a pure thing.”

“I agree, but, um, it really does make you horny.”

“For you maybe. I would feel nothing of the sort.”


“Do I have to prove it?”


Their argument was heading in an entirely unexpected direction.

Mutsuki found himself speechless and the room filled with silence.

Ren soon realized she had said something weird, but…

“Y-you don’t have to do that.”

The boy quickly looked the other way.

But to the girl’s eyes, it looked like he was dodging the issue or provoking her.

“No, I will prove it.”


She responded to his provocation by sitting on the floor in front of him.

“Um, Senpai, you really don’t have to do that.”

“Just let me do this. All I have to do is kiss you and then pull my head back.”


Mutsuki was confused, but Ren puffed her chest out proudly. She was entirely focused on disproving the boy’s argument and she had yet to really think about the method she was using.

“Here I go.”

While sitting on the ground facing each other, she leaned forward.

(Is this the right way to do it?)

There were several question marks in her head, but the girl moved her face toward the boy all the same.

Mutsuki was frozen in place with a “is she really doing this?” look on his face. That worried look only encouraged the scolder of an upperclassman.

A kiss was the only way to prove she was right.

“Here goes.”


She moved even closer and the boy shut his eyes as if succumbing to the pressure.

They were seated in the seiza style, so even with their knees touching, she had to lean forward a fair bit. He did not lean forward at all, so she naturally ended up leaning over him.

Their noses brushed together and they felt each other’s breath on their lips.

Two soft pieces of flesh pressed together.

Mutsuki briefly tensed even further.

(…What am I doing?)

While Ren quickly grew calmer.

She finally realized that there was no real reason to kiss him.

(I-I’m kissing…a boy.)

She had grown up in England, but kisses of greeting there were only on the cheek.

She remembered that this was her first time to do this with a member of the opposite sex.


She quickly pulled her head back.


Mutsuki breathed a sigh of relief as if to say “it’s over”.

Ren did not take a breath. She was still holding her breath. The realization that this was her first kiss had made her forget to breathe.

But her rational mind quickly recovered.

“S-see? You just have to stop like that.”

Her voice was threatening to crack, so she pitched it low.

Then she took a deep breath.

It was a breath of victory. She had justified the position that let her criticize Machina and Mutsuki.

…Of course, Mutsuki was far calmer when it came to kissing.

“But, um, that wasn’t what I was doing with Ibekusa-san.”


She was dumbfounded to find he was acting like her first kiss was insignificant.


But she was aware that her kiss and what he had been doing with Machina were different.

“Th-then you do it. Do to me what you were doing with Miss E.”

“Eh? But, Senpai…”

“Just do it. I cannot accept this until you do.”

They corrected their seated posture.

Mutsuki was reluctant, but he was stubbornly ordered to continue. At this rate, Ren’s first kiss would be meaningless.

The hurdle must have lowered after she did it to him because the boy gave in.

“O-okay…um, don’t be mad.”

This time, he leaned forward.

(Uuh…th-this is kind of…)

This was the reverse of before, so he leaned over her.

Feeling an intimidating sort of pressure, Dame Lavriel, aka Ren, was overwhelmed.

But it was not unpleasant. In fact, it kind of made her heart race.

(Fujita Mutsuki… I thought he was small, but he’s s-surprisingly big.)

She tried to suppress her pounding heart.

Then the boy suddenly stopped.

“Um, Senpai. Could you shut your eyes?”

“Mh? S-sure.”

On his insistence, she shut her eyes like he had before.

(Uuh…I can’t see…and wait.)

She felt somewhat forlorn now that she could only see darkness. The instinct to gather as much information as possible heightened her sense of hearing, so her rapid pulse sounded all the louder.

She could also detect his movements to an extent. She heard the rustling of his clothing and felt the movements of the air.

(That means he’s close enough for me to feel those air movements. Uuuh.)



She felt a soft sensation on her cheek.

He had touched her. The warm hand was larger than she had expected. It covered her entire right cheek.

(H-here it comes…)

Some damp air reached her nose and cheek. He was moving in closer.

(I can feel his breath. …It tickles.)

The air current licked across her lips like foreplay for what was to come.

That was enough for a sensual shudder to race down her spine.

(I-is that what…k-kisses are like?)

She had entirely underestimated it. She had only thought of it as “lips touching”, but each little action held so much depth. An impatience bordering on fear rose from her gut.

“…Here I go.”


But before she could escape, her lips were taken.

Her mind immediately went blank.

(H-huh? …What is this?)

This was no more than lips touching. That was certainly true.

But it was completely different from what she had insisted on earlier.

When the boy’s lips softly touched hers, they puckered and pressed against hers like they were sucking. It was more like he had “captured” her lips than “touched” them.

Perhaps because he used a different method, the feeling was incredibly raw.

She tasted the soft flavor of mucus membranes instead of simple flesh. He was likely tasting her lips in the same way.

“Hh, hh, hhh.”

Ren groaned deep in her throat.

Yet he would not release her. In fact, he rubbed the point of contact together to deepen the girl’s feeling.

(Hyah…w-wah, that tickles.)

Something far more solid than a breath tickled her lips.

As a Witch, she had quite a lot of knowledge about the human body and she knew the lips and mouth had a lot of nerves, but this was her first time to be so very aware of it.

Whether due to sweat or saliva, she suddenly found her lips were damp. The contact between their lips felt even stickier.

(Th-this is enough. This should be enough… I need to end this…ah.)

Only about 10 seconds had passed, but Ren tried to pull back her head in surrender.

But she could not. The boy’s hand on her cheek had brushed through her hair and reached the back of her head.

It was not forceful enough to restrict her actions, so she could pull back her head if she wanted to.

But the very fact that he was touching her seemed to restrain her.

There was no real reason why. She simply could not resist as long as he wanted to kiss.

(Wh-what is this? What is…ah, ah.)

She felt plenty of other sensations: the warmth of his breath, its dampness, and the way its angle changed slightly. Each of those things confused the girl further.

But strangest of all was how it made her feel on the inside.

She was not sure if she should call it her heart or her soul, but she felt her very essence crumbling from something formless reaching her through his lips. It was warm and it changed shape like water to perfectly surround her. It caused the girl to crumble like a sand sculpture.

(No, no. I-I really can’t…escape.)

She now knew why the boy had said it was “really hard to stop”.

And at the same time…

(Does Miss E feel like this too…? Oh, but even more.)

The thought of Machina reminded her that she had not at all reached the level that girl was on.

“…Um, Senpai?”

They had been doing this for 20 seconds now. Mutsuki must have been feeling embarrassed because he pulled back a bit and called out to her.


But his words were quickly sealed once more.

The girl had filled the gap he had created to speak.

Her instincts obeyed the pleasure. In her desire to continue kissing, she sent her lips after him instead of avoiding him.

“Ah…nn, Fujita…ah.”

With her mind a crumbled sand sculpture, she was not aware how shameless she was being.

Her eyes were damp, her skin flushed, and her breathing heavy. She had scolded her underclassman for this earlier, but her own face was loosening up now.

“Senpai…nn, nn.”

Mutsuki was leading her, but that did not mean he had kept his cool.

He had kissed Micha, Machina, Ange, and Black Cat plenty of times, but Shirohara Ren was his first love and it meant something completely different with her. He was not enough of a playboy to calmly take the lead in this kiss.

“Ahh Hahhh… Ah, ah.”

Her heavy breaths were dizzyingly bittersweet.

And her lips had parted somewhat.



He stuck out his tongue and easily snuck it inside where he found so much sweet saliva.

(Ah…h-his tongue is…inside my mouth…)

Without even realizing she had begged for it, Ren’s eyes widened and she accepted it.

He was licking her inside her mouth. This was of course a first for her and the feeling was even more intensely unexpected than her first kiss before.

“Ah…nn, nbh, nnjh…kphh, hh, hh…nhhh.”

He was only tickling near her front and canine teeth, but Ren’s heavy breathing grew to some slight moaning.

(H-his tongue…wow…his tongue is…in my mouth)

Each time the intruder crawled around inside, a warm wetness entered her mouth and produced a spark of joy.

Pleasure burst inside her mind. Her slender body tensed and jerked to show the growing size and frequency of the explosions.

(Nnhaahh I…I can’t, I can’t. I’m going to go crazyyyy.)

Her spine tensed too, so her body bent backwards and she seemed to form a half-bridge while still seated seiza style. She planted her hands behind her and raised her chin.

Her mouth was now at the top of her body, but the boy’s tongue still crawled inside.

“Nhp…hh, hhhh.”

It moved between her teeth to continue further in.

Unsure what to do, her tongue cowered down, but the boy’s tongue skillfully captured it like a snake and gently stroked it.

He persistently tasted the entirety of her mouth. As he licked her from the inside, the sharp lines of her cheeks bulged out somewhat.

With each of those movements, he searched out the sensitive flesh within her mouth.

(Ah, ah, ahhh There’s something wrong with me. There’s something wrong with meeeee!)

The continuous sexual explosions blanked out her mind. She was like a mere a toy. A toy with a switch in her mouth that caused her body to jerk when touched.

Her lower stomach jumped around the most, putting her even further in a bridge pose.

(Th-there’s something in my…stomach. Something rising up…ahh, from so deep inside)

Her womb was reacting, but she could not identify the feeling since she had barely ever masturbated.

But as she spread her legs and stuck her hips out, she was aware just how shameless her pose was.

(I-I can’t take it anymore. Stop this, Fujita Mutsuki. Just stop it.)

She cried out in her heart.

But Mutsuki did not pull back because he was working under the assumption that she would pull back if she wanted to stop.

“Nmhhhn Nhhn Nhhn Pwahh, Fujita, ahhhh

No matter what she thought in her heart, the voice escaping her mouth was rejoicing in the situation. More and more, she desired this violation while in a shameless pose. More and more, she desired more of this pleasure she had never before felt.

“Nh, nhh, Senpai, Senpai…”

Mutsuki was desperately working to restrain himself.

He had ended up kissing his first love and both her voice and body revealed her sexual arousal. It was his last shred of rationality left that kept him from going further than a kiss: embracing her or pushing her down.

Wouldn’t placing a hand around her slender stomach be fine? How about embracing her waist? A hand on a breast wouldn’t hurt, would it? She would allow a finger up her skirt, don’t you think?

He swept aside all of those thoughts and focused only on kissing.

So the kiss naturally grew quite persistent.

“Nnghhh Hh, hhhh Hhn, nnn

The wild movements of the tongue serpent brought Ren’s moans close to screams.

(My mouth, no, it feels so good. It feels so good My mind is…ahhh, I can’t go on)

She was nearly hyperventilating and all thought faded from her mind.

The sticky sound she heard from within her head matched the jerking movements of her hips lifted up in the bridge pose.

This was no longer a mere kiss. It was more like mouth sex and her eyes were rolling back in her head.

“Nhhh, hhhh, hhhh

Her moans were even more melted than Machina’s had been and the girl finally arrived at a feeling she had never before experienced.

(Ah, ah, ah, ahhhh…what, what?)

It was like the floor was melting away. Her footing vanished and she was enveloped by a sensation of floating.


Her mind fell into an accelerating sea of pleasure.


Her hips leaped up with enough force to hit Mutsuki’s stomach.

Even through her skirt and even with her clothing in place, he could tell the flesh inside was rejoicing. Sweat flew from her skin and the sweet scent of a teenage girl filled the room.

When she cried out into his mouth, Mutsuki finally pulled his head back.


A mixture of relief and joy escaped her lips once they were finally freed.

After her body convulsed a bit, it went limp like a supporting thread had snapped.

Mutsuki supported the collapsed girl, propping her up in a more relaxed sitting position.

And after about 30 seconds in a daze…

“…I-I understand now. It is indeed hard to find a good time to stop.”

Her voice was cracking as she returned to the original topic.

“Um, I will speak with Miss E too. That’s enough for today, Fujita Mutsuki, so you may leave.”

“Um, but, Senpai.”

“Leave. Please.”

Unable to hide her exhaustion, she pleaded him.

Mutsuki could not dig in his heels here, so he worriedly stood up.

“Th-then…please call me if anything happens.”

“Yes, thank you.”

They both knew that call would never happen, but they dodged the issue by acting like a normal upperclassman and underclassman as he left the room.

She made sure he really had left and the door really had shut.



Ren reached her limit and crumpled to the floor.

She was still out of breath. Her shoulders rose and fell and she lay carelessly on the floor.

No, she was not “still” out of breath.

She had caught her breath, but she had lost it again, like it had all come rushing back. The remnants of pleasure lingering in her body had left her short of breath.

(What was that…just now?)

She pressed her pink lips together and moved her tongue around inside while thinking back on what they had done.

She was fairly certain the sensation inside her when he sucked at her mouth was sexual in nature. She could not deceive herself about that. The pleasure in her mind had been much like when she had stuck her hand in her underwear while thinking about him – when she had masturbated.

But at the very end, the sensation had spread beyond her mind and seemed to explode across her body.

Ren had some sexual knowledge, but she could not think of a single condition that applied to this situation.

…Her textbook knowledge contained nothing about reaching climax from a mere kiss.

(Uuh…my panties are cold.)

She did not remember getting wet, so she only noticed it now. While her hips had leaped around, the inside of her panties had thoroughly melted and produced enough extract to drip out of her underwear.

She knew she had to change, but the afterglow of that explosion left her body too heavy to move.


The most she could do now was breathe a heavy sigh.

(Fujita Mutsuki…hm?)

She was fully aware her mind was hopelessly full of him.