Adolescent Adam


Adolescent Adam Volume 6 Chapter 3

The Fujita family tended to be low energy, but Mutsuki did not have trouble getting up in the morning.

But just because he did not have trouble did not mean he was particularly good at it.


Rinnnng, rinnnnng.

Yet again, he got out of bed at 5 AM at the insistence of his ringing cellphone.


“Are you up?”


“We meet in the Student Council Room at 0600 again. Don’t be late. Got that?”

His groggy mind managed to answer “yes”. He suppressed his desire to dive right back into bed and got dressed. He put on his gym clothes instead of his uniform. He had 3 pairs, but it was a little damp because he had been wearing them every day lately and his laundry rotation could not keep up.

The sun had yet to color the eastern sky, so the living room’s eastern window was dark. He sighed and prepared breakfast like usual.

“I’m back~ Oh? Hee hee hee. You’re up early again.”

“Welcome back, Micha-san.”

After having fun on her motorcycle all night, Micha returned at around half past five. He had already explained the situation to her, so she chuckled at the tired look on Mutsuki’s face.

“Was her name Ren-chan? She must really like you.”

“This isn’t easy…”

“Don’t blame her, Mutsuki-kun. You give off this aura that makes older girls want to take care of you.”

This was nothing as kind as taking care of him, so he could only sigh.

“Is Ange in her room?”

“Yes. …I think. She left yesterday like you did. I went to bed at 10 and haven’t seen her.”

He had no time, so he ate his breakfast while preparing the food and placed Micha and Ange’s portions on plates. After brushing his teeth and finishing getting ready, he grabbed the bag with his school supplies and uniform in it.

“I’ll be going. Make sure Ange doesn’t sleep in.”

“Will do~”

To arrive by the promised time, he left the house when the September sky had only started growing bright.

He arrived at school at 5:50. He left his bag in the classroom before heading to the Student Council Room.

“0555. You made sure to arrive 5 minutes early. Well done.”

She was already there.

Ren also wore her gym clothes and she nodded when the boy arrived.

“To hone your charitable heart, let’s get to work preparing for the cultural festival.”

She stood straight and directly faced him. Mutsuki was fully awake now but still weary. She, however, exuded motivation and eagerness from her entire body.

“Are you ready, Fujita Mutsuki?”


“Show me more energy than that.”


3 days had passed.

Mutsuki was being punished for his deviant sexual behavior on campus, but for Machina’s sake, they could not make a big deal out of it and so President Shirohara was personally overseeing the punishment.

Plus, Machina had not been all that angry in the first place, so it was more an issue of Ren’s feelings.

The personal punishment given to Mutsuki was to assist with Student Council business until the cultural festival.

Basically, he did odd jobs to prepare for the festival.

It seemed simple, but it was rough. Mutsuki alone had to take over all the help for a festival held by the entire gigantic school.

Ren had made a number of comments:

“Listen, Fujita Mutsuki. I once monitored you, so I don’t think you are a vulgar person to the core. I think you merely lost your way in the 5 months I was gone.”

“You hold an important position as the bearer of the Serpent’s Eye. I understand how finding yourself in that position during adolescence can blind you to what is right. But that is why I wish to guide you to a pure and wholesome life.”

“A wholesome mind is built upon wholesome deeds. Regain your pure self with volunteer work.”

“Don’t worry. I will work with you.”

It was unclear how she viewed this, but Mutsuki had never been able to say “no” and this was Shirohara Ren-senpai. He could not defy her.

“Today, we will be weeding the area around here. I want the lawn to look nice for the festival.”


He was entirely unable to complain as she had him wake up at 5 in the morning to do all sorts of odd jobs.

Today, it was weeding. The schoolyard and edges of the sports ground had not been maintained over summer break, so there were plenty of weeds growing.

Even if it was still cool so soon after sunrise, it was heavy labor. He was sweating after only 15 minutes. Sweat stained his work gloves and some rough dirt got inside them.

At the very least, this was not a job for a normal student to be doing at this hour. …He frowned while the smell of the weeds pricked at his nose.

But this was the 3rd day. Mutsuki was more or less voluntarily participating in this harsh early-morning work.

He was not obligated to do this, so he could skip it if he wanted.

Then why was he doing it? Part if was his easily influenced personality. Part of it was self-punishment because he felt bad for what he did to Machina, even if she was not saying anything about it. Part of it was Shirohara Ren’s charisma that allowed her to force through some fairly ridiculous demands.


“Oh… Look, Fujita Mutsuki.”


Ren called him over while crouched down next to the school building.

Her work gloves were even muddier than Mutsuki’s and she pointed at a pale crimson color mixed in with the green summer grass.

“It’s a cosmos. In Japan it’s also called…an autumn cherry blossom, isn’t it?”

“Yes. I see it’s still a bud.”

“It must have wandered in here from somewhere. It would be a shame to uproot it. There’s a flower bed in the courtyard that isn’t in use, so let’s move it there.”

She smiled happily and carefully dug around it.

———And part of it was because she would spend time with him.

President Shirohara Ren had a strong sense of responsibility, so she had begun monitoring because she had ordered him here in the name of providing guidance.

“Don’t worry. I will work with you.”

Just as she had said, she performed all of the odd jobs alongside him, from weeding to cleaning the school building. She was always here early in the morning.

She had no obligation either, but she put in the same work in the name of providing guidance. He could hardly complain about that.

And there was one last part of it…

“Time to carry it over. …Oh, the dirt is falling away. Fujita Mutsuki, hold it in.”

“Oh, yes, yes.”

Ren made a bowl out of her hands and tried to carry the cosmos and the root ball below it.

Mutsuki wrapped his hands around hers from below to catch any dirt that fell out.

They were wearing work gloves, but he still felt his cheeks grow hot from holding her hands. Fortunately, he was sweating, so she did not notice.

———The last part was of course that he had feelings for her.



He heard a cute scream.

Wondering what it was, he realized Ren was acting oddly.

Her eyes were as clear as the September sky and they were opened wide.

Her usually intelligent face looked more like a puppy now. He tilted his head, wondering what had happened.


She tensed up and let out another cute shriek.

Her shapely chin was pulled all the way back to her throat to look down at something: her own clothes.

Then he realized that a 5cm object the color of a dead leaf had hopped from the cosmos and onto her clothes. Specifically, onto the nametag on her chest.

“Oh, a grasshopper. They’re pretty common this time of year.”

It was fairly big but not a big deal. It was only a grasshopper.

He did not often come across bugs at his age, so he smiled at it.

But the girl with it on her chest was not smiling at all.

“Uh, uhhh, um, Fujita Mutsuki. Sorry, but…”


“Hwah…it’s crawling up.”

The uncooperative grasshopper crawled up her gym shirt in search of higher ground.

In other words, it was approaching her face.

“G-get it off, get it off.”

Her mouth flapped and her voice was shrill.

Mutsuki was taken aback.

(…She’s so cute.)

He smiled bitterly.

“Do you not like bugs?”

“No, I don’t. Um, hurry?”

“Oh, yes, yes.”

He reached out his hand.

Mutsuki was a boy, so he was not afraid of a bug like this. He tried to grab it, but…


Despite being a boy, he forgot how bugs worked. As soon as he tried to grab it, the grasshopper jumped away. And right toward Ren’s face.

The frozen girl managed to use her true reflexes to dodge to the side with incredible speed.

With nowhere to land, the grasshopper fell into the grass and the cosmos Ren had been holding fell to the ground. And…

“Ah… Um, senpai?”

It must have really scared her. Ren was trembling and clinging to Mutsuki.

Like a small child, she clung to the arm he had not reached out toward her.

(Oh. H-her boobs are touching me…)

This unexpected contact with his beloved upperclassman caused the boy to freeze in place.

He had been holding this arm out to hold the cosmos, so she was pressing everything from her chest to her stomach against the length of the arm.

Most notable was his upper arm squished between her breasts.

(Hers are pretty big too. Oh, but they feel a lot different from Ibekusa-san’s…)


The girl soon came back to her senses and quickly moved away.

“My apologies. I panicked.”

Where had that cuteness gone? She returned to the usual dignified and intellectual Shirohara-senpai and cleared her throat.

“I’ll carry the flower, so you continue weeding.”

She picked back up the dropped cosmos. It had lost a lot of dirt, so she could carry it on her own.

He was disappointed he could not hold her hands through the work gloves, but he had just had even more contact than that, so being with her would be awkward. He simply nodded and got back to weeding.

Ren’s panic must have stuck with her because she kept an oddly emotionless face, frowned, and started toward the courtyard.

She stopped after a single step.

“I wonder if there are…grasshoppers in the courtyard flower bed.”

“It’s still pretty hot, so probably.”


“O-okay, okay. I’ll go with you.”

He still did not get to hold her hands, but he went with her.

He got to see an unusual side to this beloved upperclassman, so he decided arriving at school so early might actually be fun.

Unsurprisingly, they were downright exhausted.


“Really wears you out, doesn’t it?”

The heavy labor from 6 AM left Mutsuki about to collapse once classes started.

He laid his head on his desk and Sakae rubbed his shoulders.

After being freed at 8, he had changed into his uniform and gone to his classroom. Those 30 minutes until the bell rang were his precious resting time.

He currently had about 10 minutes left. Machina and Ange had yet to arrive, but a lot of the boys, Lucia and Sakae included, had gathered today.

“That girl really pisses me off, being so mean to Mutsuki-kun,” complained Lucia.

Mutsuki smiled bitterly and shook his head to say she was not being mean to him.

“But it also has got to be nice hanging out with Shirohara-senpai like that.”

“I know, right? Kah~, I’m so jealous, Fujita~”

Everyone gathered there began speaking.

Gentle Mutsuki could get along with anyone and ever-positive Sakae tended to attract people to him. It was hardly surprising that their classmates were approaching them, but…

“Hey, hey, Fujita-kun. What’s it like being the president’s personal errand boy?”

“Do you end up alone with her a lot?”

He could not help but think that his job was attracting more people than usual.

The school was viewing Fujita Mutsuki as an emergency helper for the Student Council. They could not announce why he had ended up doing this, but people rarely cared much what the Student Council did. No one had questioned it as he worked with the Student Council early in the morning, during lunch, and during the cultural festival preparatory period for the past 3 days.

But even if no one cared about the Student Council, they did care about the Student Council President.

“Man, I wish I could get that close to her.”

“She’s so damn pretty, isn’t she? Your average idol doesn’t hold a candle to her.”

“It’s not just her face; it’s that body too. She’s slender in all the right places and thick in all the right places…and her hips are positioned so high. Non-Japanese blood is a hell of thing.”

Mutsuki was right there, but they ignored him and began discussing the president.

This was the natural course of conversation for boys, so Mutsuki listened in and nodded along.

Shirohara Ren had more than just elegant facial features; her body was also incredible. It had been obvious from a distance, but a closer look proved it all the more.

Her arms and legs were the ideal length and her 160cm body had the head, chest, abdomen, and hips divided into the golden ratio of a Greek sculpture. She could gather attention just by standing there and her ideal model’s body played a large role in that.

Her breasts were beautiful spheres that looked like 2 eggs side by side. Mutsuki would be lying if he said being alone with her in the morning had not put him in a strange mood.

That said, Mutsuki was somewhat accustomed to being around hot bodies.

That previous touch had sent his heart racing, but he was used to being around beautiful women like Katsue-sensei. He was also in contact with beautiful girls who had a more fetishistic appeal such as Machina with an absurdly large bust on an otherwise average frame or Ange who had an average build with the height of an elementary school girl.


“Oh, good morning, Ibekusa-san.”

“…Good morning.”

At that very moment, Machina arrived as inconspicuously as ever.

If she was here, the bell was about to ring. Unable to continue their crude conversation with a girl present, Sakae and the other classmates returned to their desks.

Only Lucia and Machina remained.

…And Machina seemed to have already forgiven him for the incident 3 days prior.

She had already known Mutsuki tended to get carried away, so she may have been used to his occasional extreme request.

Machina herself did not mind, Ren alone was angry, and Mutsuki alone felt self-loathing.

The pregnancy test and a FeTUS test had both rejected the possibility of pregnancy. They were apparently still investigating the reason for the lactation.

Mutsuki felt somewhat relieved and somewhat disappointed. That slight awkwardness remained as he gradually regained his usual relationship with Machina.

“Huh? Come to think of it…”

He realized the desk behind her was empty. That was Ange’s seat.

Machina always arrived just before the bell. If she was here but Ange was not, then Ange was late.

“Deryaaaahhhh! Made it!”

At that very moment, she dove into the classroom.

Her tie was twisted, her buttons were done up wrong, and she was generally a mess. He had given her cellphone a wakeup call at around 7, but she must have gone back to sleep.

“Sigh. C’mon, stupid Mutsuki. You need to leave my lunch in a more obvious place. I used up way too much time searching for it.”

She stomped over and sat down. She was quite sweaty.

“Huh? Didn’t I leave your lunch on the table?”

“It was next to the sink. I spent forever looking.”

“Oh. Sorry. But isn’t that one of the first places you would look?”

“Uuh… Well, I was running late after going back to sleep.”

I knew it, thought Mutsuki with a bitter smile.

Ange wrinkled her brow in annoyance, but she was not the type to complain when it was her own fault. She fell silent and looked the other way.

Then their teacher arrived and the time for chatting ended.

I need to make two wakeup calls from now on, decided Mutsuki.

(Ange went back to sleep.)

Did that mean she had been out somewhere during the night again?

That one concern stuck with him.

The morning was the most exhausting time, but Mutsuki also had to carry out Ren’s instructions during the cultural festival homeroom during 6th period.

It had been a difficult day. Since the homeroom took up both 5th and 6th period today, he had been called to the Student Council Room during lunch. And not all of his tasks were physical labor like that morning.


Megutono Academy had more than 20 school buildings, so there were a lot one would never visit during a normal life there.

Building East 2 on the northeast of the grounds was one of those.

It was generally known as the Music Building. It was 3-stories tall and all of the rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor were used for music rooms. The 3rd floor contained a few larger music rooms for the brass band and the choir. The 2nd floor contained smaller classrooms, but they had been soundproofed and filled with acoustic equipment for the clubs that wanted to start bands.

Simply put, the entire building had been made into a gathering place for those who loved musical instruments.

Mutsuki was not all that interested in music, so he never had to go there.

But for those in a band, the cultural festival was the most important time of year and he was assisting with the preparation for the exciting season.

“Please write your requested time on this form and drop it off at the Student Council Room by afterschool Friday.”

“Sure thing

Feeling glad they seemed nice, Mutsuki finished his task, stepped outside, and sighed.

His job today was to confirm the number of clubs and bands that wanted to perform in the gym during the cultural festival.

All he had to do was bring them the form, but…

(Uuh~, this makes me so nervous.)

He had trouble with people he did not know and he was hesitant to knock when they were practicing music, so this was a difficult task for him.

“That’s the brass band and choir done. Next is…”

His mood grew dark when he thought about where he was going next.

The 2nd floor was for individuals who had formed a band instead of more traditional clubs.

While the 3rd floor had been built for music in the first place, the 2nd floor had modified normal classrooms into music rooms, so it had an entirely different atmosphere. The hallway was full of large equipment and instruments, so there must have been nowhere else to store them. A few of the windows were covered with soundproofing material, so it was dark.

Plus, this was a haunt for rock bands.

This was only Mutsuki’s personal image of rock bands, but he assumed he would have to face slender macho men with spiky hair who dressed skimpily to show off their bodies.

This boy had overcome threats to his life in conflicts involving angels and demons, but he was still afraid of that type.

“Excuse meeee.”

He hesitantly knocked on the first door.

He would wait a few seconds. If no one answered the door, could he report to Ren that no one was there? He felt like that would be dishonest, but…

“Yes? Ahn…what is it?”

The door opened.

Rudely enough, Mutsuki felt his fears had been confirmed when he saw the girl who opened the door.

She was from the high school. Her hair had been bleached a nearly-white brown and her skin was well tanned. Her eyes were accentuated by extreme mascara and she had color contacts in, so he naturally flinched back upon seeing her.

She was what was known as a black gal. Mutsuki had heard there were a few of those in the high school, but he had never seen one up close since there were none in the middle school. He grew flustered.

“Um, I-I’m from the Student Council. It’s about the cultural festival.”

He wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible, so he handed her the form and explained how to fill it out.

He glanced inside the room and found it had been remade into their personal studio. It did not look at all like part of a school. They had brought a sofa and table in and “Silvia” was written on the wall with laminate letters. That may have been their band name.

The band had 4 members including the one that had answered the door. They must have been a group of gals because 3 of them had skin tanned at a salon and bleached, wavy hair. There were some slight differences in their fashion, such as wearing a scarf and knit hat despite the heat or having a tear sticker next to just one eye.

Mutsuki’s eyes naturally turned toward the last one: a less stylish girl sitting quietly in the back.


“Eh? Oh, Niki-san.”

He realized she was a classmate.

It was Niki Hozumi from his class. He recalled that she was playing in a band for the cultural festival. This seemed to be that band.

“Eh? What’s this? Is he a friend of yours, Nikki?”

“Is he your boyfriend? Well, is he? C’mere, you.”

The other 3 grew excited and pulled him inside.

They had him sit on the sofa and then two of them sat on either side of him. The club president sat across the table from him.

“Hm, you’re pretty cute. So, Nikki, is this the Satowa boy you were talking about?”

“N-no. This is, um, Fujita-kun.”

The other three were upperclassmen, so even strong-willed Hozumi grew obedient here.

Mutsuki froze up at the sudden turn of events.

The three older girls seemed to subscribe to the idea that a friend of a friend was a friend because they grew overly familiar. Most notably, they moved quite close. They brought their faces in close, while ignoring how their boobs and thighs pressed against him.

“I’m jealous, Nikki. We don’t have any guys this cute in our class.”

“Na ha ha. He’s blushing. I like this kid. He’s just my type.”

“Um, um…”

Trapped between them, Mutsuki had no idea what to do.

Sitting in the seat across from him, the club president suggestively sucked a lollipop with her thick lips as she casually read through the form. He had to stick around until she understood it.

(N-not so close. Your boobs are touching me… Niki-san, help me, Niki-saaan.)

He sought Hozumi’s help, but as the underclassman of the club, she only smiled bitterly.

All in all, the high school gals molested him for 15 minutes.

It was 30 minutes after that when Mutsuki trudged back to the Student Council Room.

Just as he had feared, he had run across people with spiky hair and lots of makeup, but he had fortunately found them to be normal people when he spoke with them. From there, the explanations had gone smoothly.

That said, he was still exhausted when he left the Music Building.

(Personal clothing and piercings… Hard to believe they’re from the same school.)

Mutsuki was in a bit of a daze.

The members of Silvia in the first room had left the strongest impression.

He had no prejudices against black gals. Even if hers was natural, he had a roommate with the same color of skin.

But it embarrassed him when they approached him so unreservedly.

The band members were Nikki (i.e. Niki Hozumi), Mami, Amu, and Teruyo. (The others had not told him their real names.) They were searching for a male vocalist for the cultural festival and they wanted Lucia. After hearing Mutsuki was friends with him, they had asked him to help convince Lucia.

…Did that mean he would meet them again?

While hoping “Nikki” would get the other three to give up, he entered the main building.


But despite the trouble he had with them, his skin felt like it was on fire.

They were hot. And even if they had not been, having 3 girls pressing up against him would do that.

Plus, the dark skin of those black gals played a role.

A brown-skinned young woman had forcibly taken his virginity and he had slept with her as her lover many times since then.


A sharp sensation ran through his lower body and simply walking caused him to bend over.

He had hid it by positioning it in his pants, but his dick had been rock hard ever since visiting that room. He was in public, but he had trouble walking like this.

It was due to having those tanned girls clinging to him.

That had reminded him of that lust-inspiring woman with the same color of skin.

But Micha was not the only one he remembered.

He also thought of that girl he had met in his dream…

“I’m back.”

“Uwah!? Fujita Mutsuki, wait just a second…”

“Eh? …Wah!”

He had been in such a daze that he had forgotten to knock before opening the door.

As usual, Ren was the only one in the Student Council Room. And the two of them froze in place at this unexpected situation.

She had been changing into her gym clothes. She must have been in a hurry because she had fully removed her uniform before putting on the gym clothes. And in the instant before that second step…


He quickly shut the door.


Afterwards, he froze, forgetting to even let go of the doorknob.

(I…saw it.)

His mind went blank.

She had still had her skirt on and her back had been turned, so he had only seen how slender her waist was, but he had still seen her “while she was changing”. His face grew warm.

And as he remained frozen there…

“Y-you can come in now.”


Ren finally opened the door from her side. Since he was still holding the knob, he stumbled forward.

“Sorry,” he said in a nearly inaudible voice as he walked in.

“I don’t mind. That was my responsibility for being so negligent.”

The girl cleared her throat and tried to distract him from the fact that her face was even redder than his.

She then held the chest of her shirt.

“…Did you see?”

She wrinkled her brow in a look of embarrassment.

“N-no! I didn’t. Um, o-only your back.”

He could not claim he had not seen her changing, but when he realized she was talking about her chest – the one part of her fit body that was sensually swollen – he quickly shook his head.

The way she held her fingers against her beautiful bust line caused them to sink down, showing just how soft the mounds inside her shirt were.

He had only seen her back, so he really had not seen them. The boy blushed and denied it, and the girl must have decided he was telling the truth because she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Oh, Senpai. Your skin…”

“Mh? Oh, I forgot.”

After taking a breath, she too noticed what was wrong.

Her skin color and her hair color had changed. Her skin had become an almost sticky white reminiscent of milk. Her hair changed from a pale brown to a bright blonde.

Her Asian body became a white body.

“My Illusion Springloaded was switched off. …Is this better?

She seemed to manipulate something and then her skin and hair returned to their normal color.

Mutsuki was taken aback, but he soon realized what this was.

“Oh, right. You’re actually British, aren’t you?”

“Yes. The founder of the family is said to have been French, but my Baran family has accompanied the history of Great Britain for generations.”

She and his homeroom teacher Katsue Subaru were both white, but they wore disguises to blend in while living in Japan.

“How do you change your skin color?”

He asked the question he had wondered since learning Subaru’s identity.

“Nanomachines known as Illusion Springloaded. By rubbing them on my skin, they change the light reflection rate to alter the apparent pigmentation.”


He did not entirely understand the concept, but he understood it as mechanical makeup.

“So it doesn’t actually change your skin color.”

“No. Not even FeTUS has the technology to easily alter your melanin.”

“I see.”

That was surprising. He had seen a lot of FeTUS technology, but it had all seemed like magic and he had felt like they could do anything.

“Hee hee. There’s no helping that. Witches are no more than witches. We aren’t as all-powerful as the frightened masses think.” Ren smiled in self-deprecation. “At the very least, demons are far more all-powerful when it comes to body alterations.”


That reminded him of the fact that Lucia, the only demon he knew, could easily change his skin color.

And even turn into a brown-skinned girl…

“Okay, Fujita Mutsuki. About your next job.”

“Oh, yes.”

“It concerns your class.”

Mutsuki had completely forgotten, but his class still had not decided who would play the lead in the traffic safety play. So it was his job to ask about that.

Backdrops and plywood had been left out in the hall, so things were feeling a lot more like the cultural festival as he walked to his classroom.

Had they decided on a lead yet?

Machina seemed willing to do it if they asked, but he wanted to avoid that if possible. Wearing the backpack accentuated her breasts far more than necessary and he wanted a personal monopoly on them.

Ange had refused, but he felt she would be perfect for the role.

And just as he prepared to open the door…


He heard a cheer from inside.

It was his classroom, so he walked in like normal. They seemed to be discussing things again today, so Class Rep Sakae stood up at the lectern.

“What is it, Mutsuki?”

“Well, the Student Council wants to know if you’ve decided on a lead for the play.”

“Nice timing! We just found our lead. No one in history has ever been more perfect for a role.”

For some reason, every eye in the class was sparkling.

Puzzled, he turned to see where they were looking. Fortunately, it did not seem to be Machina. She was simply looking out the window. But it was not Ange either. She was resting her head in her hand and looking the other way.

Everyone was looking to the seat next to hers.

“Ha ha You arrived just in time, Mutsuki-kun.”

The lolita-style dress costume fluttered around…a boy.

“Well, Mutsuki? Does it look good on me?”


Mutsuki found himself joining the class’s excitement.

Lucia happily spun around and hopped, causing the skirt to flutter around him. Once he noticed Mutsuki, he ran over.

“Boom. Do you like the clothes? Hee hee hee. Cute, right?”


The boy dove into his arms like that was his usual spot, so Mutsuki accepted him despite feeling shaken.

Mutsuki could only agree with the assessment of “cute”.

He was cute. Incredibly so.

The simple dress was a plain purple with black frills and ribbons and the demon boy wore a white blouse and kneesocks with it. The dress showed off the nice material without drawing too much attention. Lucia was as adorable as any girl, so he may indeed have been a perfect match.

A dark headdress accentuated his eyes, amplifying his bewitching allure in addition to his cuteness. This was enough for a stir to run through the class. More than 70% of the boys frowned at the inappropriate feelings they had despite knowing Lucia was a boy.

“I don’t think anyone is going to complain about this. Okay, Satowa, will you play the lead?”

“Sure, I’m fine with that

Confident he could charm anyone in the class, Lucia elegantly brushed back his hair.

And seeing that…


Mutsuki felt a stirring in his erection that had finally started to fade.

He shifted a bit to the side so his classmates would not notice, but…

“Hm? Oh…”

Lucia noticed.

When he felt Mutsuki’s body tense up, he gave a mischievous grin.

“Mutsuki-kun, you’re in charge of reporting back, aren’t you? Let’s go. We need to go tell the Student Council.”

“Eh? Ah, ah, wait…”

Lucia ran from the classroom while tugging on Mutsuki’s hand.

There was no real need for Lucia to go…but Mutsuki could not fight it and went along with it.

Lucia had said they were going to the Student Council Room, but they arrived at a nearby locker room instead.

Mutsuki had already guessed why Lucia had dragged him away, but he was still surprised. Nevertheless, Lucia swiftly locked the sliding door.

“L-Lucia-kun, um…ahp.”

His lips were sealed before he could say anything.

Lucia pecked at his lips like a small bird would its food and he pressed his entire body against the other boy. Their hips bumped together and Lucia pressed his hipbone against the erection he had known was there.

“Neh heh heh What’s this about, Mutsuki-kun? What’s got you so hard?”

He kept his lips only a few millimeters away, wrapped his arms around Mutsuki’s neck, and whispered to him.

“Did this outfit turn you on? …Well, I wish that’s what this was, but it feels like you were pretty horny before getting to the classroom. Did something happen with that president?”

“N-no. Nothing.”

He had actually accidentally seen her changing, but this obstinate boner was from earlier than that.

And it was technically not that anything in particular had happened.

“You’re pent up, aren’t you?


Lucia’s voice was dripping with confidence.

And he was right.

Part of it was seeing Lucia’s skirt fluttered up around him and the fact that Lucia was so cute that Mutsuki just wanted to hug him.

Part of it was seeing his upperclassman’s bare back.

Part of it was the physical contact of those older gals.

But the fundamental problem was his lack of sexual release recently.

He had not been able to go all the way with Machina three days before and he had not been with any other girl for the past few days. Micha was obsessed with her motorcycle and Ange was never home at night. He could not meet Machina or Schwarze so easily.

Not only was he the type who could do it several times in a single day, but he had been so thoroughly fulfilled over the past few months that he was feeling quite sexually frustrated now.

However, he was not in the habit of doing it himself and he had needed to get to sleep early recently.

“Hee hee. If you had just told me, we could’ve done it at any time

After seeing through it right away, the demon boy gave a bewitching smile.

Mutsuki was instantly charmed. After the incident three days ago, he was a little worried that someone might see if they did it at school, but the little demon’s charm was too powerful to ignore.

Lucia simply grinned with their noses close enough to touch.

He seemed to know exactly what decision Mutsuki would make.


Mutsuki bit his lower lip…


“Ha ha

And just as the demon boy had predicted, he went for the kiss.

“Nn, nn…c’mon, you’re a little too eager.”

“Ahp…hahh. That’s because you’re such a good kisser, Lucia-kun…”

The two of them exchanged a kiss so heated the locker room air grew damp from their breaths.

Their lips were locked together and would not separate. It was such a deep kiss that their cheeks touched. Their pink tongues were occasionally visible through the gap, proving that their tongues were exchanging an intimate embrace within.

“Hee hee Oh, Mutsuki-kun. You love me so much, but you always reject me the first time.”

“Th-that’s because you’re…”

A boy.

He started to say it and that made him focus on the fact that he was currently making out with another boy.

He had succumbed to the cute demon’s temptation a few times before and he no longer felt much resistance, but the sense of guilt was still great.

He started to pull his tongue back, but…

“Ahn No, no. Don’t stop.”

Lucia must have predicted that because he immediately guided Mutsuki over.

He sat Mutsuki down on a nearby bench and straddled the boy’s lap. He placed his hips directly above the obvious tent in Mutsuki’s pants.

He placed his penis directly above Mutsuki’s penis.

“But I’m a girl right now, okay?”

The boy smiled provocatively while obviously pressing his manhood against the other boy.

Did he want Mutsuki to think he was a boy or a girl? It was impossible to tell, but…

(Oh…I get it. He’s a girl.)

The hard sensation rubbing against his stiff rod was enough to inspire lust in Mutsuki.

(Even with a dick…he’s still a girl.)

With a sticky sound of saliva, he stuck his tongue back in the boy’s mouth.

“Ahn, ahahn.”

“There’s a sweet smell…in your mouth, Lucia-kun.”

“Ha ha. I had grapes with lunch…ah, Mutsuki-kun, your tongue is too wild.”

He stuck his sticky, saliva-coated tongue almost into Lucia’s throat and screwed it around. Lucia could not help but wrinkle his brow in longing.

The corners of his eyes heated up, his eyes grew damp, and the light of reason in them faded. This added a seductive sexuality to his already cute face…

“Nn…swallow my saliva.”

“Okay…pwah…gulp Gulp …Ahh, delicious

At some point, Mutsuki had become the active kisser.

The demon looked satisfied as he swallowed the boy’s saliva. Lucia’s seduction was truly skilled. More than just work up Mutsuki’s lust, he also stimulated by boy’s aggressive side by creating situations that played to Lucia’s own masochism.

Mutsuki of course realized he was being seduced, but he did not grow wary.

There was enough trust and love between them to enjoy things no matter which side took the lead. Mutsuki decided to do it the way Lucia liked, so he strongly embraced the small body sitting on his lap.

“You’re a good kisser, Lucia-kun…but you’re also weak to it.”

“Ahh, amhh, that’s…that’s because you’re the one kissing me, Mutsuki-kun.”

“…Your nipples are erect.”


While embracing him, he also brought his hands to his chest.

As a boy, Lucia’s chest had little feminine softness, but it had more springy resilience instead.

Mutsuki wildly groped him. The frilly dress dulled the sensations, but he groped him hard enough to feel the stiff nipples.

“Nn, ah, nhh, ahh, Mutsuki-kun, that’s a little hard on the chest.”

“That’s on purpose. …You’re so cute, Lucia-kun.”

“Ahh…w-wow. Hhhn, my body…my body is melting from the chest…

Mutsuki normally took a fair bit of convincing before he got going, but he was almost forceful today. Being the target of that pent-up lust must have stimulated his masochism because Lucia happily stuck out his chest.

“Ah, ah, that’s…amazing. Now you’re…twisting my nipples?”

Mutsuki tormented the nicely resilient chest.

Lucia was not accustomed to this level of attack, so he could not help but cry out. Mutsuki’s fingers dug in fast and slow, strong and weak, and he pressed his entire palm into the demon’s chest. Lucia loved the accent provided by occasionally pinching and pulling on his nipples.

“M-Mutsuki-kun…ah, you’re too good, nn, at teasing my nipples…ahhhn

He was testing all of the experience he had built up with a variety of girls. He was too experienced for Lucia who was not accustomed to this kind of stimulation.

Lucia naturally twisted around to escape…and ended up with his back to Mutsuki.

The boy did not hesitate to reach below the demon’s arms and continue his attack on that flat chest. In fact…

“What’s wrong, Lucia-kun? Aren’t you going to kiss me?”

“Ahh. Wah, ah…ah~~”

It was hard to kiss him while his back was turned, so in lieu of protest, Mutsuki pinched and pulled his nipples.

Mutsuki’s lonely lips and tongue stickily toyed with Lucia’s adorable cheek, chin, and earlobe.

Lucia blushed and writhed with his feet kicking at the floor.

But even as the coquettish demon reacted like a small animal…

“Nn, oh, c’mon, Mutsuki-kun…”


“You need to enjoy this more than me.”

With his back still turned, Lucia stuck out his hips.

His butt was thicker and thus more resilient than his chest and it bumped into Mutsuki’s erection through his pants.

“C’mon, how about this? Does my butt feel good?’

“Y-yeah…it’s so soft and amazingly sexy.”

Lucia pushed his butt against him even more.

Each time his skirt waved back and forth, solid flesh collided with and squished against soft flesh. The harder one pushed at the other and the tip sank into the crack.

“Ha ha Your cock is already rock hard… Ahn, nn, ah ha ha Your cock is rubbing at my butt.”

Even with the pants and skirt in the way, a tremor ran through Lucia’s slender body as he felt the heat rub against his sensitive flesh.

He narrowed his eyes in ecstasy and looked back over his shoulder.

“Enjoy my body even more

He wiggled his hips seductively.

Mutsuki’s breathing grew heavy as the pleasure reached his penis.

“Yes…I’ll take every last part of your body, Lucia-kun. After all…”

He embraced that small body and took the lips once more.

(…Lucya is a girl.)



He muttered something while their lips were locked, so Lucia tilted his head.

Mutsuki had not intended to say anything, so he tilted his head back. The two remained confused for a moment, but then…



They returned to a kiss even stickier than before.


Mutsuki stuck his sweaty hands inside Lucia’s skirt.

Lucia’s eyebrows twitched when he felt those hands reach a risqué zone.

“Lucia-kun, you weren’t wearing any underwear?”

“Eh heh heh.”

“Even back in the classroom?”

“When I put on this dress, I had already decided I would have you fuck me in it.”

Lucia bent over and stuck his butt out toward Mutsuki. The short skirt had been hiked up dangerously high.

Plus, Mutsuki had already stuck his hands inside.

“Ahh, hhhhn… M-Mutsuki-kun, don’t grope my butt so much.”

Mutsuki’s fingers dug into his smooth butt.

Mutsuki tended not to be very aggressive due to the guilt of homosexuality, but today he was much more forceful. He was rough even if you took the demon’s temptation into account.

Had his last shred of reason snapped because Lucia was dressed like a girl? Was it thanks to his full-to-bursting sperm tanks? Whatever the case, he groped that butt strong enough to leave marks on the white skin. He pressed his middle finger against the center slit and stimulated the sensitive skin there.

“Lucia-kun, your ass is as soft as a girl’s.”


He also poked at the perineum leading forward from Lucia’s butt.

It was a little darker than the bright white thighs and hips and it formed a bit of a puffy embankment. The red line running down the bottom of his penis ran down the center of it. It looked like a girl’s with the slit closed up.

It was a little hard at the base of his penis. Thinking it might get softer, Mutsuki thoroughly massaged it.

“Ahn, ahhhh, no, nooo. Not deep in my balls. I can feel it in my dick.”

Mutsuki attacked the bottom of his crotch with his four fingers while leaving his thumb on the butt.

Pressing on his swollen anus made it feel like a coarse brush was stroking the inside of his body.

Lucia shuddered at the masochistically erotic sensation.

As Lucia’s reaction grew, his legs turned a bit inward and trembled. He took deep breaths in an attempt to calm himself, but each breath constricted the sphincter and lifted up the ring-shaped anus to kiss Mutsuki’s thumb.

“You have such a lewd reaction to everything, Lucia-kun.”

That feminine boy reacted more cutely than any girl when he was stimulated like a girl.

Aroused by this, Mutsuki once more embraced that body with its male animal lust exposed.

He expanded the sensitive hole with his thumb and reached forward with his other hand.


He grabbed the swollen male organ.

After Mutsuki so thoroughly stimulated Lucia from the other side, the penis was so erect that the shape of the head was clearly visible even through the foreskin. The stickiness seeping from the tip got on Mutsuki’s hand.

“It’s gotten so big… You’re about to cum, aren’t you?”

“Ah, ahn. Yes…yes, I am. My butt feels so hot and my dick is about to explode.”

With his weak point in the other boy’s hand, the sensuality from the front and back put a look of bliss on Lucia’s face.

The sexual perversion of the crossdressing boy influenced not just the boy watching him, but the boy himself. He felt the pleasure of having his penis toyed with and the sensuality of having his soft hole fingered.

The male and female pleasure mixed together inside him.

“Time to pull back the foreskin.”

“Okay…b-be gentle.”

When Mutsuki formed a ring with his fingers and grabbed the penis, Lucia’s melted expression tensed up a bit.

Mutsuki had fallen into the depths of homosexuality with this demon boy a few times before, so he knew Lucia feared having the tip exposed. And as a fellow boy, he understood why.

He kissed Lucia’s ear to tell him it would be okay and then he slowly puled the swollen foreskin down.

It naturally peeled away and revealed the red tip within.


The only thing hiding it now was the well-ventilated skirt. The exposed skin was as sensitive as a small child’s, so his hips trembled when the air reached it.

Flipping up the skirt caused a raw smell to mix in with the demon boy’s sweat.

That masculine smell reminded Mutsuki that this was a fellow boy in his hands.

Dressed in an adorable gothic lolita outfit and with a slight look of fear in his eyes, the boy was probably cuter than anyone else in the world.

Mutsuki was now driven on by the immoral arousal more than he was stopped by the idea of homosexuality.

“You’re so hard. What should I do? Get you off once?’

Mutsuki stroked his fingers along the sensitive anus and started stroking the stiff flesh by pushing the foreskin up and pulling back down again.

“Ah, ah, nooo, don’t squeeze my dick all of a sudden. My milk will come out.”

The impolite caress easily produced pleasure within the masochistic demon.

The sweaty smell on his butt seemed to fill all living beings with sexual urges. The crossdressing boy bent his arms and legs as a raw male scent came from his front side.


Mutsuki viewed the skirt in front of him and was once more charmed by the mystical beauty of the demon boy.

What would someone think if they walked in now and saw them? Most likely, they would think a pure young girl was being teased by a friend her age.

If they pulled up the back of the skirt and saw the anus happily accepting the thumb in the center of that cute butt, they might have to remove the “pure” part, but they would still see Lucia as a cute girl.

And yet on the other side, his male flesh was aimed upwards like a barometer that pointed toward ecstasy. And yet he was squirting out smelly precum in his desire to release his proof of maleness as soon as possible.

Mutsuki was once more reminded just how perverted this was.

“Ahhhh Mutsuki-kun, Mutsuki-kun, I can’t…I can’t last any longer My dick is about to explode. It’s about to explode and shoot milk everywhere

Lucia’s legs trembled and he could barely stand.

Mutsuki’s hand on him could feel the throbbing as he approached ejaculation, so Mutsuki’s cheeks bent upwards.

“…No, not your dick.”


“You’re a girl right now, Lucia-kun. So it’s not your dick. What would you call it?”

“Ah… …M-my clit. My clitoris. Ahhh, my clitoris is about to explode.”

Playing along with that dirty game seemed to drive Lucia even closer to climax. He finally collapsed on the spot.

Meanwhile, Mutsuki’s male side was further aroused by turning that perverted cute boy into a “girl”. His erection hurt being restrained in his pants.


“Ha ha…

He unzipped and pulled down his pants, revealing his to be just as wet with precum as Lucia’s.

“Mutsuki-kun…that’s amazing. Your smell is even stronger than usual

The demon gulped at the appearance of the giant object which was swollen from tip to base. He was down on his knees, so the head was right at eye level.

When it pointed at him as if to threaten him, the demon boy’s face filled with even more ecstasy than before.

His happiness was Mutsuki’s happiness, and his pleasure was…

“…Come here

Lucia gathered enough strength to stay on his knees and lift his hips.

He pulled up the skirt and revealed his smooth butt. He grabbed those curves which were as beautiful as any work of art.

“Put it in my pussy…in my ass pussy. My pussy wants to drink all the milk you’ve stored up

He spread his butt to either side.

As expected, the depths of that adorable little butt were breathing as a proper sex organ. It opened and closed like a fish asking for food, showing off the wet pink insides. When it closed and then reopened, sticky strings were visible. He had secreted lots of juices while waiting for the hard object’s arrival.

“Okay…I’ll make sure to cum lots. Because I’m a guy.”

Mutsuki’s proof of masculinity throbbed and he brought his fingers to the small trembling hole.

“Hwahhh… Ah… Ahhh…

“Wow, it’s tight even with just two fingers.”

“Nhh…don’t worry. My pussy can fit your dick just fine.”

Instead of being naturally tight, it stickily accepted his index and middle fingers inside and then suddenly squeezed down on them.

Mutsuki already knew just how much pleasure that trap-like structure would bring.

“I’m putting it in… The tip is pretty thick, so bear with it.”

“Okay. Eh heh. Pound my insides with that thick tip

Mutsuki followed up that exchange by spreading the fingers inside Lucia. The sphincter was tight, but the surrounding flesh was soft and expanded quite easily.

And once he pressed the tip against it, even that sphincter was on his side.

“Ah… Ahhhh, ah…here it…comes

“Hh…I’m putting it in. I’m putting it inside you, Lucia-kun. Ah, ah, wow. Even the entrance is so hot and soft…”

“Kwahhhhhh. That’s because…that’s because you made it that way. You loosened my ass pussy and turned it into a hole for swallowing cock

When he slid the tip inside the melted hole of flesh, it squeezed down with a joyous intensity.

Mutsuki frowned at the soft fleshy feeling just a bit below the head.

“Nhahhh Ahhhh So hot… You’re…you’re inside my ass pussyyyyy!”

As Mutsuki pushed further and further in, the sensation of the thick male organ caused Lucia to lean his head back and cry out.

His asshole widened. His body opened in the shape of the cock and allowed it inside him.

Even if that was not a vagina, this was a lot like vaginal sex. What mattered with this crossdressing boy was not how he was dressed. It was something else:

“Wow, Lucia-kun. Your butt really is lewd. I’m halfway in and it’s already twitching in pleasure.”

That was because Mutsuki’s penis only mercilessly increased in volume.

From his position, he could see the entirety of the boy’s heart-shaped butt below the skirt the boy had pulled up himself. And he could see a part of his own body sinking into the center of that hot roundness.

“Can you tell, Lucia-kun? Your ass is so full that some of the pink flesh is sticking out.”

“Ah, ahn, don’t say that It’s embarrassing.”

“But it’s the truth. …Nh, you’re really sucking at me…”

He moved his hips further in and noticed that Lucia’s body was trembling worse than before.

He had to be barely managing to stand. So Mutsuki embraced him and held his light body in his arms.


He returned his hands to Lucia’s chest while he was at it.

“What’ll happen if I tease your nipples again?”

“N-no…not my nipples. I’ll tense up inside.”

“Heh heh. Oh, you’re right. I can feel it in your butt when I pinch your nipples.”

“Ahhhh~~~ No, no. Not my nipples. Don’t squeeze my nipples while spreading my butt with your thick cock!”

Mutsuki rolled around the sensitive nipples in his hands.

“Ah, ahn Ahhhn. No, no. Your cock is too much. It’s too hot. My butt…my pussy…my ass pussy is too hot My ass pussy is going to melllllt

All the while, Mutsuki continued to pull his hips back and thrust them forward again. He knew that would stimulate a boy’s anus just as much as a girl’s.


His hips pounded into that pure, heart-shaped butt. His giant stake pushed all the way inside and Lucia’s body grew limp.

He just about collapsed forward. He did not since Mutsuki was supporting him, but his arms and legs dangled lifelessly down.

A white mass dripped down from within his skirt.

“Huh? Did you cum already, Lucia-kun?”


He was only half conscious, but he did nod.

Mutsuki stuck a hand in his skirt and found it soaked with sticky extract. The source in the center continued to erupt.

“Heh… Heh… S-sorry. Your dick was too amazing and I couldn’t last any longer.”

“That’s fine.”

Lucia had probably wanted them to cum together. He wrinkled his brow sadly.

But he was still ejaculating even now, so it was an obscene expression that mixed apology with lust. His usually cute features combined with that look were seductive enough to make Mutsuki even harder.

And Mutsuki was not about to blame him for that.

But if Lucia felt bad…Mutsuki grinned as a sadistic idea came to him.

“I’m about to cum too, so stick with me until then.”


Mutsuki grabbed the demon boy’s penis which was still erect and ejaculating.

The foreskin was slick with the milky liquid, but he still managed to pull it down to expose the red head below. He knew that part was painfully sensitive, but he mercilessly grabbed it and softly rubbed it.

“Ahhhhhhnnn No, no, no. I’m still…I’m still cumming! Don’t tease my dick! Not right now! It feels too good!”

“You say that, but you just keep cumming.”

Thinking back to when he had milked Machina, Mutsuki massaged the sensitive tip so it would not hurt.

The sweetly loosened demon boy’s insides squeezed at his penis which was buried to the base. Mutsuki was also about to explode. He worked at that beautiful ass while poking at the penis beyond it.

“My butt…my butt feels incredible. Ahhh, you’re touching me deep in my ass pussy. You’re pounding at the base of my dick Ahhhh I’m cumming, I’m cumming

Mutsuki’s tip was larger than a normal person’s and it had found Lucia’s prostate.

He used his thickness to massage it from within the boy’s butt.

The pleasure that had made Lucia nearly collapse before grew even greater and hit him in waves.

“Ahhhh~~ I’m cumming, I’m cumming I can’t stop cumming…

With each thrust, semen flew from the demon boy’s tube-like penis. It splattered on the inside of the skirt, stained the complexly-arranged lace with its milky color, and dripped to the floor.

It may have been a trait of all demons or just Lucia in particular, but he never ran out of bodily fluids no matter how much he expelled. But the more he let out, the greater the pleasure seemed to build and the exhaustion seemed to grow.

It would be hard on him to extend this for too long, so Mutsuki lowered his hips.

“I’m going to cum too, Lucia-kun. I’ll fill you up with my cum.”

“Ahn, yes, yes, yes Give my pussy…my ass pussy all your semen!”

They rubbed their bodies together at a gentler pace.

Lucia’s insides provided the perfect sensation and tightness, so nothing more was needed to feel truly wonderful.

The overlapping layers inside him felt like countless tongues licking Mutsuki’s penis. He could only feel this superb sensation when moving slower like this and he felt his vas deferens throbbing almost painfully in its desire to ejaculate for the first time in several days.

“…Here I go.”

“Nhah…ah, yes…

The two boys’ bodies shook in unison.

The unexpectedly harsh pleasure became a pulse that raced up Mutsuki brainstem.

“Khyaaahhhhhhn You’re cumming! You’re cumming, cumming, cumming! Your milk…your cock milk is filling meeeee

The rock-hard rod penetrating the demon boy’s ass throbbed as it released its seed.

“…! …!”

Mutsuki’s penis and the rest of his body almost seemed to ache as he ejaculated for the first time in a while. He could not believe his body could store this much extract and the pleasure of it all traveling down his urethra caused his mouth to flap wordlessly and his body to tremble over and over.

And each time, that incredible load of magma conquered the demon boy’s ass.

“Hwah Ah, ah, hyaaaahhhhh! My butt My butt is on fire

Again and again, the cum bullets struck the reverse side of his sacrum.

The long-awaited impact raced around Lucia’s body and his own penis released an extra-large cum bullet of its own. It had enough force to knock the skirt forward.

“Kwah…hyah…you cum…too hard Ah, ah, nn…

Lucia reached his limit and slumped down on the spot.

Mutsuki was dazed by the pleasure, so he failed to react in time. He simply stood there while his penis slipped out of the heart-shaped butt.

“Ahn…your milk is going to spill out. Over here, Mutsuki-kun


The dazed look in his eyes showed that Lucia’s mind was even hazier, but he turned over and opened his mouth wide.

“Ahh…your milk…nhh It’s so thick.”

Lucia swallowed the manhood which was still as thick as ever and gulped down the extract it continued to produce.


Mutsuki watched over his actions like an impartial observer.

The pleasure of ejaculating after so long had been so intense that his mind had grown blank. It felt like his senses belonged to Fujita Mutsuki but his mind belonged to someone else.

Yes. He was not Fujita Mutsuki…



“What is it, Mutsuki-kun…?”


And the person in front of him was not Satowa Lucia.

“!? …Ah? Ahhhhhhhhh!”

In that instant, Lucia released a very un-Lucia-like scream of confusion and panic.

His slender body writhed on the floor. Almost like a bird being constricted by a snake.

A snake? The Serpent’s Eye had opened.

Mutsuki’s right eye had become an inhuman pitch black as it viewed the poor demon.

That dark demonic vision commanded the obedience of all women, so as Lucia writhed, his very cells underwent a change. His shoulders grew rounder while his chest and hips swelled out. He gained a female body. And more noticeably…

His skin grew dark.


The serpent narrowed his black eye in satisfaction.

…Yes, this was her.

Lucya had smiled a lot. She had run around with her skirt fluttering around her.

Her blonde hair and brown skin had reflected the hot sun. It was all the same as back then.

She had always pulled on his hand in the season after the wheat was harvested and joined him in a bed of straw like this…





That was when he woke up.

He could see Lucia through his left eye and she was curled up in fear. When Mutsuki noticed, he quickly got up from the brown girl he was leaning down over.

He blinked a few times to seal the Serpent’s Eye. Fortunately, that right eye was obedient to its master and quickly closed when he gave the mental command.

As soon as it did, Lucia’s feminized body returned to normal. He was a boy again and his skin color had returned.


Once he sensed the Serpent’s Eye had closed, Mutsuki expressed his concern for Lucia. His usual timid and kind nature had returned.

His mind was fuzzy and he could not remember what he had done. He had suddenly realized the Serpent’s Eye was open and his friend was suffering.

The demon boy tried to catch his breath and gave Mutsuki a fearful look.

Mutsuki had never seen this look on his face before. Mutsuki felt shame, but eventually…

“D-don’t worry about it. I just provoked you too much. That’s all.” Lucia gave him one of his usual smiles, even if it was bittersweet. “I…don’t think I’ll do the play. I’m sick of these clothes already.”

He tugged at the wrinkled costume.

Despite what he said, he must have realized that the crossdressing was what had sent the other boy out of control.

…And Mutsuki could tell Lucia really was afraid.


Mutsuki could only apologize.

After that, they parted ways as an awkward atmosphere hung over them.