Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World


Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World Chapter 8

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She grabbed a black cloak from the cupboard, draping it around her body, and pulling the hood down to hide her face before opening the door to head out.

The Flowing Cloud Pavilion was the most remote courtyard of the Princess' Household. If not given to Huang Bei Yue to bully her, then it would basically be empty.

She easily hopped over the two or three-meter wall. Although her current body has no internal force, she did not forget things learned due to modern science.
Even in this era, she can still be considered a foreign expert!

The capital of Nan Yi country is the city Linhua. It is a historic huge city with a large population that has plenty of well-developed businesses.

Walking down the street, both sides of the road are lined with magnificent buildings, the wide streets can accommodate more than a dozen carriages lined next to each other, and there are plenty of shops bustling with activities on the side.

There are many street vendors from various countries, wearing a variety of outfits, so Huang Bei Yue dressed in a large black cloak did not draw any special attention.

In the eastern part of the city is the Buji Er market which is the largest trading market in Nan Yi country. It not only facilitated trade for a variety of herbs, gems, and other treasures, it also performed transactions for mercenary trade unions. Every day, hundreds of thousands of mercenaries come to take a task, or to resell materials that they personally obtained.

From her memories, she could tell that the previous Huang Bei Yue had never been to the Buji Er market.

Arriving at the door, she could hear many people's voices, while several groups of mercenaries with strong, muscular physiques went in and out.

A few large, dark, and solidly muscled mercenaries passed in front of Hang Bei Yue. Her height was such that she actually only up to a few mercenaries' waists!

"Ha ha ha! Little doll, don't come here to play!" a mercenary said gruffly.

A mercenaries temperamental mood and recklessness is already familiar to Huang Bei Yue due to long years of contact in the modern world, therefore she is no longer scared of such things.

Nodding towards them, Huang Bei Yue was deftly walked away from the crowd.

There were countless market stalls of different sizes. Huang Bei Yue was focused on stalls selling herbs and medicines. She needed the medicine because Dong Ling was wounded, but she also needed some special herbs to restore her body from the perpetual illness and allow it to completely recover from being poisoned.

She did not want to openly oppose the people of Princess' household before she was completely well and strong.

As long as it wasn't a one hit kill, she would not be easily defeated!

But, after inquiring about for the item prices, Huang Bei Yue can only be speechless. It was really too much!

After so many years of being bullied in the household, Huang Bei Yue basically had no money. Although the princess left behind many things, it had all been stolen away. They left her nothing!

She understood then that no matter the era or age, money was an extremely important thing!

It is imperative that she make money now.

Thinking this way, Huang Bei You slowly headed towards the other side where the mercenary trade union market was.

Spending ten copper coins to officially register as a mercenary, Huang Bei Yue was already feeling the pain because there were only less than twenty copper coins and a smattering of iron coins.

Make money, make money, be sure to make money!

She headed to the mercenary trade unions task-board, a huge white stone wall, covered with a variety of mercenary tasks. Each task had a different difficulty level, and the reward amount is also different.

Huang Bei Yue ignored the two-low leveled task-boards, and directly headed to the senior task-board to see the requests.

The senior task-board was not surrounded by a lot of people, but those that dare to come there appear to have great strength. When they looked over and saw Huang Bei Yue's small, thin body, they all have a look of surprise.