Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World


Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World Chapter 64

I’ll Let you have it [6]

She lightly nodded her head, turned and unfeelingly left.

Luo Luo unhappily said: “Xi Tian daren wearing that is also very good looking! Why are you so fussy about it?”

“I wasn’t talking to you!” Princess Ying Ye glared at the young man, with her head high, she left.

Making Luo Luo turn red in anger, leaping up and jumping down.

“Luo Luo.” A imposing voice sounded behind him, the patriarch of the Bu Ji Er family, Sai Si walked out, patting Luo Luo’s shoulder, “This time you did great ah.”

Luo Luo immediately beaming with joy, seizing this opportunity to talk about conditions: “Then father, let me become a mercenary!”

Patriarch Sai Si shook his head, Luo Luo’s strength, he knows best, youngsters are impulsive, full of risk taking spirit, full of desire to take risk. But if actual danger actually does appear, they would lose their lives at any moment.

The life of mercenaries is bloody and hard, he’s young so he doesn’t understand. When he grows up, then he would understand the painstaking efforts of a father.

“The things about the mercenary, we will take about it later. Father will now give you a mission.”

Hearing the first part, Luo Luo’s smiling face immediately fell. But after he heard the second part, his eyes widen: “What kind of mission?”

“That Xi Tian daren is very strong, father wish that you would get close to her. If you can rope her in, it would be the best.”

“Getting close to her…” He appears to thought of something, Luo Luo’s face turned somewhat an unnatural red color.

“What’s the matter?”

“Oh, nothing?” Luo Luo shook his head quickly, “Rest assured, I will make sure that I become friends with Xi Tian daren.”

Become friends? Sai Si laughed bitterly in his heart, such a strong nine star summoner, how could she easily become friends with you, a little kid, who isn’t even a summoner?

This son of his ah, everything else is good, it’s just his thinking is too naive!

Huang Bei Yue walked out of Bu Ji Er market, thinking about where she should go to buy a few decent clothes, a carriage suddenly stopped by her side.

Jumping from the carriage is a figure with a graceful body, a young girl with a beautiful face, it’s Xiao Yun.

“Xi Tian daren, where do you live, let me send you back home.” Xiao Yun very politely said.

I live in Princess Zhang Prefecture, do you dare send me?

Huang Bei Yue glance at her, using a very hoarse/husky voice to say: “No need.”

“Xi Tian daren, today Yun er was able to win the bid for your ice feather, we feel very honored and wish to invite you to a simple meal. I don’t know if daren would want to give us face?”

Inside the carriage, Concubine Snow also walked down, very passionately also invited her.

“I have things to do.” She coldly throw those three words (in Chinese character it’s three characters), Huang Bei Yue walked around them and left.

Give you face? How much is your face is worth?

Xiao Yun looked at her back (Huang Bei Yue’s back), when she walked far away, they can still feel the aura of a strong expert around them, making it hard for people to breath.

Her face was both envious and jealous: “Mother, when can I become a nine star summoner?”

If she became a nine star summoner, even if she’s only a concubine’s daughter, people would still look up to her.

“Don’t worry, mother will let your wish come true.” Concubine Snow whispered, “Today Prince Xiao Yao also came, mother already prepared to send him a big gift, asking him to make you a Xi Sui (Essence cleansing) pill.

“Essence cleansing pill?!” Xiao Yun was both surprised and happy, “Mother, what you said is the truth?”

Essence cleansing pill, is one of the more precious pill out of the other pills, the refining process is hard, even if it’s a level six pill master, the success rate is about 30%.

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Zhan Ye, you better start courting her or else Luo Luo’s gonna steal her away from you 😛