Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World


Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World Chapter 6

Chapter 6 : The Strong being Absolute

Huang Bei Yue……unexpectedly coming to First Princess residence, actually there is such unexpected harvest.

When need to be cruel not lenient, when need to be cold also not looking back, he to this little fellow, suddenly feel very interested.

“Your Highness……” in the darkness came a low call.

Waved his hands, white colored robe sleeve flipped, ghostly figure instantly disappeared into in midst of night.

************Bei Yue Dynasty*************

Flowing Cloud Pavilion

This is First Princess residence’s most remote courtyard, covered in grass, tree shadow dancing, alone at night really can be startled by those swaying tree just like in horror movies.

Soon after Hui Wen First Princess passed away, there is a doctor said she was contracted a serious illness and will be contagious, let her move to this long abandoned yard.

She used to live in Bluish Green Water courtyard, now is occupied by concubine Xue and second young miss Xiao Yun.

Second young miss Xiao Yun, fifteen year old 3-star summoner, within young generation of girls in Nan Yi country, she considered rarely seen genius.

Besides the current Crown Prince, it is Xiao Yun limelight most flourishing.

Therefore Xiao Yun is extremely doted at home, concubine Qin who gave birth to first son Xiao Zhong Qi also not dare to provoke her easily.

Xiao Yun and her mother concubine Xue seems like not particularly harsh to Huang Bei Yue, within her memory not like concubine Qin that kind of abusing her, only haughty Xiao Yun never put this waste little sister in her eyes.

When Huang Bei Yue seriously ill, it is also concubine Xue who deliver medicine to her.

Wrong, deliver medicine!

Huang Bei Yue push open Flowing Cloud pavilion door, quickly returned to bleak dark room, light the candle, pick up the usual medicine jar concubine Xue deliver and smell it.

Quickly frowned, as expected it’s odd!

Inside this medicine jar has a trace of poison, taking it once will not be fatal, but after long time, body will become more and more weak, and finally whole body become limp, even not die but only can lie down on bed for lifetime.

So malicious, no wonder Huang Bei Yue’s body always this poor, even when First Princess alive, asking so many famous physician still also helpless.

This kind miniscule amount of poison is difficult to find, also only Huang Bei Yue this kind in modern world who received variety of poison tasting person, with a smell can know.

What a good concubine Xue, First Princess is not unkind to you, without First Princess, you right now only a mistress without status, you don’t know to be grateful, instead use this kind vicious mean to harm her daughter.

Huang Bei Yue sat down, slowly straighten her breath, she is not in hurry, these people, she will settle it one by one.

Death, too convenient for them!

Sky almost bright, Huang Bei Yue did not sleepy, try to meditate on the bed, gathering Qi for a while, the weird thing is, every time when Qi entered Dantian, it will immediately cleanly disappear.

“FUCK! Really is a waste!”

Sick and weak is enough, even Qi also unable to condense.

In this era of martial revere, powerful country stand side by side, constantly warring, strength is the only standard to determine a person status, no wonder as First Princess daughter, dubbed as Princess Bei Yue, such showy identity also can reduced to a joke in Nan Yi country.

The weak, no one will sympathize!

Only the strong will be respected!

Huang Bei Yue quickly sorted out this world information from her mind.

Carta continent, continued the more than hundred years chaotic period, because of upheaval and in decline, martial art flourishing, war opportunity let warrior in this  era highly respected.

As long as strong enough, you can run rampant in any country.