Abyss Domination

Other name: Meimei shi konju da mowing (ceng yong ming); ShenYuan Zhuzai; 妹妹是恐惧大魔王(曾用名); 深渊主宰

Genre: Action, Adventure, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Supernatural

Date released: 2014
Views: 2143

Author: (诸生浮屠); Eminent Student Of Buddha; Zhusheng Futu

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Re:Library

(Original Synopsis:) The year of turbulence. A crisis of fearful energy erupted in the temporal chaos causing all the gods to temporarily lose their power and forced to arrive in the mortal world as saints. This is the most chaotic time in history, having both unpredictable dangers & opportunities; between formidable gods and humble gods alike there erupted chaotic fighting everywhere whilst confusion spread throughout the universe. Gods were as common as dogs, and death walked everywhere. In this time of unprecedented turmoil across the world, a youth named Sauron starts his journey. (raltzero’s Original Synopsis:) A terrible energy storm erupted inside a chaotic space-time, causing all gods to temporarily lose their godly influence and forced their holy selves to descend into the world. Since the beginning of history, this was the most chaotic period, full of unpredictable dangers and opportunities. All sorts of formidable deities fell from the sky and humble mortals became gods and omnipresent chaotic fighting affected the entire multiverse. Saints were like dogs, witches and monsters wandered everywhere. In this unprecendented turbulent period, there came a youth known as Suolun beginning his otherworldly travels. (TL Synopsis:) A young man is summoned into the game world of a popular VRMMO used by everyone to evaluate future employment credentials. Without knowing why his mind inserted into that of a petty thief named Sauron, possessing the previous occupants memories and retaining his own knowledge of relating to his previous life’s occupation as a Thief of the Legendary Domain. He must grow stronger quickly while adapting to this familiar yet strange dangerous new world. Using his knowledge of this worlds game like elements and his knowledge of future events from past experiences, to avoid the dangers and protect his newly acquired younger sister from the disaster that is beginning to surge in the shadows of each major city. But does his sister really need much protection? Regardless he shall carve a bloodied path to anyone hindering him in protecting her! When the kings of the Abyss raise and the Gods fall, a massacre will take place on the lands! Humans must re-learn magic as the past system becomes broken after all of divinity has fallen, and somehow protect themselves against the surging evil spreading across the lands. A war between the Abyss and Humanity has started.
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