Absolute Duo


Absolute Duo Volume 6 Chapter 1

A burning pain woke me up.


What my out of focus view saw first, was the silver girl.

Bathed in the moon light, she looked really captivating, she was so beautiful that I felt like I could never stop looking at her.

But right now, my consciousness was blurred from the pain and heat, so maybe that was the cause.

"Ju, li...e...? gh..."

My chest, my left hand---from the pain coming from two different places, I could only groan.

"Your hand---fingers, can you move them?! The fingers on your left hand...!"

"Left, hand...?"

Inside this scorching pain, I shifted my gaze towards my left hand.

My left hand was enveloped in white bandages up to my elbow, and only the fingertips could be seen.

"Can you move them, Tooru"

Without answering Julie's question, I only obeyed her words.

First, the middle finger twitched a bit---

Then slowly the other fingers moved.


After observing my fingers, Julie's expression relaxed a bit.

"Gh, uhh...!!"

But I, on the other hand from only moving my fingers, a pain sharper than the one before arose, contorting my face.

"That's great. You can move them"

(Move them you say... But then, where...? I should be... Fighting with Sakaki, rig...)

I should have been fighting with Sakaki in the remains of the single-handed-sword dojo, but I was utterly confused since I woke up in a place I didn't remember.


"Ah... Right..., my arm was...by Sakaki..."

My frozen memories---

That last memory was restored deep in my head, and I finally understood what had happened to my body.

Being unable to even scratch him, I was utterly defeated.

"I, I was..."

As if trying to stop those thoughts, the silver girl placed her small hands on my forehead.

With a sorrowful, and painful expression, she said:

"...For now please rest, Tooru"

Julie's hand was pleasantly cold.

That coldness, it felt that it could calm down if even a bit my suffering.

"Only for now, try to forget everything..."


Repeating those words, my consciousness was loosened once again.

Even so, a bit before sleeping again, the fact that I lost to Sakaki resurfaced again.

"Damn, it..."

Since the day I lost to Sakaki, six days have passed.

I passed those few days being treated in a hospital managed by the Dawn organization in the urban zone---But today, I'll be leaving for now.

My wounds and pain have progressed healing nicely, and it seems next week I'll be able to take the bandages off.

After that I'll only have to do some rehabilitation, and I will be able to use my arm like before.

"Thank you for your help"

I greet the doctor who was in charge of me, and go out of the examination room together with Julie.

Julie has stayed at the hospital ever since that day until now.

Even though she should have classes on the weekdays, so I once asked her why she didn't return to the school, and she told me that she was ordered by the school to stand-by at the hospital until I was discharged.

I don't know if it was her own will, but Julie stayed those days without complaining at my side.

"Well, let's return"


I was going with Julie out of the hospital when---

I suddenly stopped.

That black-clothed girl --- «Blaze Diabolica» Tsukumo Sakuya was standing there accompanied of a bodyguard.

"...Good day, chairman"

Hesitantly, I pretended being calm when I greeted her, and Julie silently did a small bow at my side.

When looking at us, the black-clothed girl, seemed to smile a bit.

"Good to see you, Kokonoe Tooru. Are your wounds all right?"

"When I finish with the rehabilitation, I should be just like I was before"

"I see, that's good to know"

She giggled a bit, and continued with her next sentence.

"But from now on, you should try to think before making foolish decisions. So that apart from your contract with me --- «Diabolica», you can arrive at the limits of the «Power» of the «Soul» you posses, the «Final Extreme», that's what your goal should be"

"...Right, got it"

The "foolish" part was unpleasant, but I hold back and nodded.

"By the way, there is one thing I'm interested in"

"What is it?"

"That you lost---there is no doubt about it, right?"

"...Well, yeah. Is there something with that?"

Nodding, I asked a bit wary.

Because of the current situation, it was easy to want to know about what kind of person that it was I lost to.

The reason why I was wary, was because I had no idea what could happen if the chairman knew that the person I lost to was Sakaki.

If she would decide to take revenge because one of her creations was damaged, that decision worried me.

After all, that guy should only die by my hand.

"There is no need for you to make that kind of face. I do not have any kind of interest in who defeated you. What I asked about before is for confirmation --- the question is this:"

Clapping once, the «Witch» [1] threw her question at me.

"Is the spirit to fight still inside you?"

"In what sense?"

"I want to know if it is acceptable that I think that our contract still continues. What I am searching for are people that, no matter what happens to them, continue to have the resolve to live --- Of course that condition means that if a wall stands before them, they will continue to fight against it, and please do not talk about those that when suffering a bit only turn their backs and walk away"

If there would be an opponent that would break my resolve, my existence would become useless---

Giggling a bit, the «Witch» tested my resolve once again.

"Now again, I will ask. Is the spirit to fight still inside you?"

A slight moment passed since the «Witch» asked her question, I shook my head.

"...There's no change in my resolve"

"Then I will forget this event"

With those last words, the chairman's interrogation was over.

Just that, an «Exceed»---and also one that can manifest the true «Power» of a «Blaze» of my level, lost to someone, and that this black-clothed girl showed no interest whatsoever in him, made me feel uneasy.

But if she had asked, how I would have to answer was worse, so that helped me, but even so...

Then, the bodyguard standing at the side of that black-clothed girl---Mikuni-sensei, I called to him.

Then, in place of the chairman, he talked to us.

"Kokonoe-kun, Sigtuna-san---the two of you, since last Saturday you have been in a Etnarc mission and have been busy with it until today. If someone asks about what the mission was, you have to respond that you don't have the right to talk about it to unrelated people---Got it?"


"If I got asked about the wound on the arm, should I respond with, 'I had a personal fight, and accidentally injured my arm', or something?"

Maybe because of my stupid question the chairman only sighed a bit.


Obviously saying that it was an injury I got from the mission would be enough to calm down someone like Tora or Miyabi.

Maybe with that in mind, the measures the school took against this incident made such an excuse credible.

And at the same time, giving Julie the order to stay at the hospital was also with that in mind.

"We only made what we considered to be the best decisions, I hope you do not mind that we acted by ourselves, right?"

"Right. ...Thanks for that"

"Our business here is finished. So now, I will be returning to the school, if you would consider it appropriate, how about going together with me?"

"... I'll have to decline"

At my response, «Diabolica» only said "Well, he rejected me" and laughed weirdly.

Dark clouds filled the sky.

When I saw that gloomy weather, I felt that it was only increasing my already depressed mind.

I sighed once looking at the sky, and started walking towards the station together with the silver girl.

When walking trough the streets, a lot of people stood still looking at the silver-blonde haired girl.

The bisque doll, like appearance of this girl attracted a lot of attention.

But even that disappeared when we arrived at the direct monorail station to go to the school.

Since people with no relation to the school could not get into the station, and it was a normal weekday, only the two of us boarded the train.

Inside the train enveloped in silence, I recalled the fight with Sakaki.

(I could not match him at all... Even a Mjolnir released with the «Power» of a «Level 4», I could not even scratch him.)

In my heart, wounds deeper than those on my body were left behind.

I gritted my teeth.

My chest felt heavy.

(Will I... ever be able to reach that strength...?)

Because he is awakened, I never really thought anything.

The «Power» of Sakaki, cannot be described as only overwhelming.

«Blaze» and «Mjolnir»---

Even using the two «Powers» I acquired, I couldn't land a single attack on him, not even erase his smile.

I can't see its extent.

How much longer should I try to acquire more «Power», so that he can be within my reach?.

Could it be---forever?

My back shivered a bit.

It was because I was thinking about things I better should not think of.


Then I noticed, the silver girl sitting in front of me was looking at me worriedly.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was just thinking a bit you see... So, you don't have to worry."


But her Ruby-eyes were still looking fixedly at me.

All what moved were her eyebrows.

They were lifted a bit, but Julie said nothing.

"...Sorry, Julie. To be honest, right now I'm somewhat---no, really awfully depressed. I expected there would still be a difference in strength, but I didn't expect that I would end up being so useless, you know..."

At a difficult time, please talk to me---I remembered that the silver girl had told me that some time ago, so I continued telling her all the thoughts that were weighing on my chest before.

Julie listened carefully without saying anything.

Until finally, I said everything.

The insecurities I carried---after voicing out the scary thoughts I had, I felt a little relieved.

"Thanks, Julie"


For hearing me, and for everything else, that she was ready to believe in me, I expressed my feelings of gratitude, and Julie smiled.

Seeing that smile, my chest hurt.

That was because, from what was in my heart---I wasn't able to tell her everything.

When we finally stepped out of the monorail, from the dark sky, some drops started to fall.

Arriving at the front of the school, it changed to a drizzle, dying the ground in a dark color.

Since last week had clear weather, we had gone out without an umbrella, so we had to stop at the entrance so we wouldn't get wet.

"We don't know when it will stop raining, so maybe we should just resign and arrive wet to the dorms?"

"Nai. It might affect your wounds"

"Something like this won't do anything"

"Nai. You should not"

Since Julie started complaining a bit more forcefully, I had to step down.


"Although we do not know when the rain might stop, so I will go alone to the dormitory and return with an umbrella"

This time it was Julie's proposal, and I wanted to stop her.

No matter how fast Julie runs, there's no way this rain won't get her wet, and in consequence, the possibility she might catch a cold is big enough.

But even so---


Because of a certain reason, I went from rejecting the idea to accepting it.

"Alright, you can go, but as soon as you arrive change your wet clothes first and dry yourself. Then, when you get the umbrella, don't hurry to return, so that you don't end up wet once again"

"Ja, I will try to return as soon as I can manage"

Saying that, she went out running into the rain while her silver-blonde hair swayed behind her.

I smiled wryly as I saw her back turn small in the distance.

When her figure disappeared behind the curtain of rain---

(I'm sorry, Julie)

Apologizing in my mind, I walked into the rain, away from the entrance.

The state of the weather didn't get better, in contrast, actually I think the rain got heavier.

Without caring about my body growing cold from the rain, I continued my steps.

I'm really sorry to Julie who was worried about the state of my wounds but, it was for this reason that I accepted Julie's proposal.

This was, an action made because of what I wasn't able to tell Julie before.

Because of what she might think of what I was about to do.

At the road that continued towards the dorms, I went into the lawn, and approached a somewhat big tree.

(What am I pretending... Just being like that so that she doesn't see me in this unsightly way, what a worthless pretension)

To tell the truth, it was not that I couldn't say it---I couldn't show it.

That's why I wanted to be alone, but I still felt bad for using the kindness of the silver girl in this way.

Being so selfish makes me feel really guilty, and I can't stop condemning myself for that, but I had to do that so that Julie would not see---


Recalling how I could not do anything to Sakaki at all, I mumble almost like spitting out.

"Damn it all...!"

All those piled up feelings left my mouth becoming shouts.

I hammered my fists into the tree, letting some dull sounds resound.

"I was...I was... Kh, Ahaaaahhh!!"

All my anger, my regrets, all my feelings burst out, transforming into screams.

Once again, and once again I shouted, and continued pummeling.

I lost.

The chance for the revenge I longed for had finally showed itself, and I was defeated without being able do a single thing.

And not only that.

I even got scared.

Being so frustrated, miserable, all I could receive was pity.

Thrusting my knee out, I screamed facing the sky.

As long, for as long as I could.

During all that, I wonder just how much time I continued like that.

I stood still, looking down at my feet, but---

"... Did you calm down a bit?"

Suddenly, a voice sounded.


My eyes facing down at my feet, saw someone's shoes come near.

I lifted my head, and standing there was---


Having yellow topaz hair and sapphire blue eyes, it was the girl from England.

And some steps behind her, her personal attendant---Sara too.

"Wh, why are you here?! Shouldn't there be classes right now?!"

For some reason the golden girl was in her informal clothes, and I asked her for how long she was there looking.

"All of it. Since you first struck out your knee, and all those many times until now"


I had no words.

Knowing she had seen a bit too much of that pathetic appearance, I had no idea what I was supposed to tell her now.

"More importantly---Sara, a towel please"


At her master's order, Sara took out what seemed to be a high quality towel from a leather suitcase.

Lilith took the towel, came near to me---

"Can you hold my umbrella, Tooru?"

"Um, yeah..."

Somehow, I felt like I was dancing at Lilith's pace---thinking like that, I accepted her umbrella.

And so, the golden girl, onto my head, with the towel that was as smooth as it looked, and even had a nice smell.

"It probably won't be as good as having your head completely dry but, this is better than nothing, right?"

While saying that, she moved both her hands and started drying my soaked hair.

"Ah... It, It's alright, don't worry. I can do it by myself...!"

"You can't. With an injured arm you won't be able to wipe yourself correctly, will you? Hey, don't run away"

Certainly, right now I can't use my left hand, and my right hand is holding the umbrella, which I can't simply throw away, so in the end, I had to do what Lilith told me.

"I want to wipe the back too, could you lower your head a bit?"

Again, I had to obey Lilith's words and lowered my head. Lilith began to wipe the back of my head.

With those kind of actions that seemed fitting for a mother-son relationship, I started feeling a bit embarrassed---

Finally, she lightly hit my head with both hands.

"I guess that's enough. Now you only have to return to the dorms and immediately change your clothes, and then you better get yourself a hot drink to warm yourself from the inside. ...Also, the option to warm yourself in my room is also a possible option~♪"

"No, no thanks, your feelings are enough..."

Lilith made a gesture of drinking milk, but after the shameful display I had done until recently, I tried to avoid facing her any longer.

Mumbling "What a pity" she took her umbrella from my hands.

"By the way, Lilith, Why were you out here at this time?"

That the golden girl wandered somewhere on a whim from time to time wasn't something unusual, but I asked because I wanted to know what caused her to see me in a state I didn't even want Julie to see---

"Since you were discharged, I had ordered a cake. Then, when I thought that it was almost time to go get it, I saw that girl return alone---"

It seems that she heard from Julie that I was waiting outside, and when she came to see me, she ended seeing me do that.

"First I thought I should pretend I didn't see anything like that girl, but---that was what was left after that happened"

After that happened---

It was already obvious from her knowing I was discharged, but Lilith knew I was hospitalized.

After all. that day I lost to Sakaki, what took me to the hospital was her---the Bristol family's helicopter.

When I had recovered enough to have a rational conversation, she only once asked the reason why something like that happened to me.

A personal fight.

I only said that much.

With who, for what reason, or how it ended, I didn't say anything about that.

But only from seeing my state, the result could already be guessed.

And because of that, she was unable to ignore me screaming my lungs out at the sky.

"I see... Well, thank you, Lilith"

With a clear voice, I thanked her for trying to lift at least some of the pain weighing on my heart.

And also, for waiting until I was done to talk to me.

"...wait, like that girl?"

Sara---it can't be her.

After all, when she came out together with Lilith, she showed no signs of trying act like she didn't see anything.


Without answering my question, she slowly moved her head, looking at the trees behind.

Where she was looking was---

Trying to hide in the trees, half her head peeking out watching us, the Silver blonde girl.

"Ju, Julie...?!"


Her body shook a bit, and hurriedly hid in the shadows of the trees---

But knowing she had been seen, she came out looking downwards.

"... I'm sorry, Tooru"

I knew she must have been here when Lilith talked to me from what I heard before, but from her apology it was once again clear to me that she too, had seen me doing that. I asked looking away.

"Ehrm... Why are you here?"

"Since that person there said she was going to get Tooru..."

While trying to find the words to answer, Julie's hair was still wet.

She had an umbrella with her, so maybe after she heard what Lilith said, she hurried to follow her.

"I'm the one who should apologize. ...Well, you see, I didn't want you to see me in such a shameful state, so I just used what you said to make you return alone..."


"You see, men always try to show off. Well, women try more but..."

When I said that, Lilith sighed.

"Well then, did you calm down a bit? Tooru"

"Yeah, well, at least a bit. It's just that, now..."

Once again she asked, and I made a weak smile, when I answered, I was unable to make eye contact with either of them.

AD v06 021.jpg

"Because of the embarrassment and shame, I've calmed down to the worst feeling"

"Well, the day you would know that you were seen would come sooner or later. But isn't it fine? No matter in what kind of hole you fall, later you only have to climb up"

"...I don't like it, but I agree with her"

"That's, it... It might be just that... Haha..."

I nodded to the words from the two girls, laughing wryly.

It was just a wry smile, but maybe I had already calmed down to the point of smiling again.

If I had just returned like that to the dorms, and everything that happened would remain hidden---even from Julie and Lilith, I don't think I would have been able to smile again so soon.

"Well...thanks, Lilith. And of course, Julie too"

"Don't mind it, Tooru" "I did not do anything though..."

"Thanks to the two of you, I was able to feel better again. That's why, I'm saying thanks"

"Ja. If it is about that"

Julie nodded, and from her hair, some drops fell, which made me notice again.

"Right, Julie. You're still wet. What will I do if you catch a cold now...!!"

"...Are you supposed to say that in your current state?"

Lilith tied me with my own words.

"A, Anyway, you should return to the room, enter the bath, and if possible even take a shower...!"

"That goes for you too"

I got tied on my own words again.

Putting me aside, Lilith gave Julie an unusual suggestion.

"Whatever. Let's hurry and return. ...and you, come to my room"

"...Why is that?"

"While Tooru or you are taking a shower, the other has to wait and will get cold, right. That's why I'm telling you to use the shower in my room"

"That is..."

Hearing that from someone who always treated her like some kind of rival, Julie was hesitant.

"I'm not doing it for you, I'm inviting you for Tooru's sake. Or are you saying it's alright if Tooru uses my shower"

"...If it is like that I will go"


I really felt like she only used me as some kind of incentive to get the silver girl to approve.

Toying with me, and getting Julie's response---her way with words was really impressive.

"Well then, this conversation isn't going anywhere now, so let's---hold on, you being so drenched isn't good at all"


Lilith took the towel on her hand and placed it on top of the silver blonde girl's head.

"It was used just now so it might be bit wet, but it should at least do something"

"J, Ja"

A bit bewildered, Julie started wiping her wet head---

"...Thank you very much"

Almost whispering, she expressed her gratitude.

"I'm counting on you, Sara"

"Understood, milady"

We returned to the dorms, I went towards our room, and Julie and Lilith to the girls floor, and Sara, being requested something by her master, went outside once again.

...Glaring at me just before going out.

"What did you request of her?"

"I told you before, right? That I was going out to get a cake to celebrate your discharge"

"Oh, yeah, that makes sense..."

Understanding that, the reason Sara glared at me---she was getting something for me---was also obvious.

"I also told about the cake to Tomoe and the rest, so let's eat together after dinner~♪"

"Go--t it, wait, you told Tachibana and the rest?!"

"Don't worry, I told them it was to commemorate your mission"

Starting to calm down, I was about to return to my room---

"Ah, Lilith...!"

Finally noticing it, I called out to the golden girl.

"Err...Thanks a lot. For today, and that time on my birthday, for always caring so much"

"...Oh, you noticed?"

"Well, it's already the second time"

"He~h, I see. Well, let's make you eat a tasty cake and get you to feel better or something"

Saying that, Lilith briefly winked at me, and went running towards Julie who stood waiting.

(Next time, I guess I'll have to do something to thank her)

Seeing away that waving yellow topaz hair, I returned to my room wondering what I should do to thank her.

After dinner at the commemoration party---

Miyabi and Tachibana were worried if my hanging arm was alright, Tora asked "Since when did you receive such a mission?" with a puzzled look.

I said that my arm was fractured, and about the mission, that after I parted ways with Tora, an urgent request was made, and I had to present myself at the Etnark troops.

Telling lies to them pained my heart, but I simply couldn't tell them the truth.

Apart from that, I really enjoyed the time I spent together with the friends I had not seen in such a long time, and before I noticed, it was over.

Curfew was approaching, and we were back in our room, the time passed without me or Julie saying anything---

But this time the atmosphere was clearly different from the usual.

Normally we definitely don't talk a lot, but even so, today's silence is something else.

The TV is on, but, none of the content really enters my mind, and Julie too, even though she is sitting near me, it feels like her mind is not here.

I glance briefly at her, and she's making a deep expression, as if being in deep thought about something.

To be honest, this is not the first time I saw Julie with such a face.

As to why she is deep in thought---I'm aware of the reason.

In that day I lost to Sakaki.

My «Shield» broke, and I received serious injuries.

The one who saved my life was not Julie, even though she was standing near there, but instead, after Sakaki left, it was Ougi-san who coincidentally also came to visit the ruins of the dojo.

Ougi-san was doing first aid to me when he ordered Julie to go to the school to present a rescue request, then Lilith transported me in a helicopter, and at the hospital I got emergency treatment and managed to continue living.

Just after I recovered consciousness, Julie wouldn't look at me. Somehow she overlapped the reality with her memories of the death of her father and broke down, and kept blaming herself for endangering my life, she was suffering a lot.

I wasn't the only one who got injured from the fight against Sakaki.

Her trauma was brought back, and also, she couldn't do a single thing to help me, and now inside Julie, there was a really big wound wound called regret.

I got her involved.

Even though that fight was supposed to be my personal fight.

With my own «Soul»---with my «Shield», I told her I would protect her, but I ended up hurting her myself.


Those unbearable feelings, somehow made me stretch my hand towards Julie.

When I suddenly patted her head, after being lost in thought, Julie looked at me as if asking if something happened.

"I'm sorry"

I voiced my apology.

For making her see me in a shameful way, and for lying to her.

"Nai. Please do not let it worry you"

Softly smiling, Julie said that.

But that smile, looked somehow lonely, and knowing that it was my fault, made my chest hurt.


Having followers all around the world, the name of the main temple of a certain religion.

It's influence is particularly strong in Western Europe, and a certain country there was trying to use their teachings as the national law.

That monarchy driven country somewhere on the east and west limits of Europe, was putting effort in their health care system, and that was known to the neighboring countries.

In Japan, the ones who are aware of that, are at most only few, but the one doing the effort---the queen of that country, is really beautiful so at least the name of the country is well known.

And now, at the middle of this country---at a section of the palace in the capital city and also the country's political symbol, the sound of clapping hands overflowed.

At that meeting, all the clapping were directed to a single beautiful woman.

The aforementioned queen of this country---her name is Beatrix[2].

While being a queen, she also held one more face.

«Silent Diva»---the face of someone called so at «Rein».

But now, at this place, of all the people applauding her, not a single one is aware of the existence of something called «Rein».

They are only using their hands to approve the new political suggestion she made.

Around one hour passed, and the meeting finished.

Beatrix came out of the meeting building, and headed to another place for a different matter, while a small sigh escaped her lips.

To get the suggestion approved, some time is needed, and a lot of preparations have to be made.

But after two years, to finally get the suggestion approved, was enough to alleviate some of her stress.

"...A beauty in sorrow, that would be a good scene for a painting"

To that sigh, some thoughts were thrown out.

Beatrix shifted her gaze ahead and, she saw the figure of the young man resting his back at the wall.

The young man was this castle's---something, he wasn't even someone from this country.

His name was Clovis.

Always clad in a showy army uniform, someone from «Rein»---the man who hold the «Seven Name» «Tempest Judges».

"... If you don't choose the correct words and time, the place too, that could sound like sarcasm, Clovis-sama"

"Hmm, I only voiced my real thoughts but, it seems they didn't reach you"

At the shrugging young man, Beatrix's face clouded a bit.

"Anyways, haven't I already told you before to not show yourself outside since it might give me trouble?"

After all, the young man in the army suit was a follower of «Holly».

Of course, Beatrix was aware that Clovis would not show himself without a reason.

The surroundings were eerily devoid of people, and she knew he had prepared a people avoiding barrier, but---at any cost, it was necessary to avoid letting known that the both of them were related to «Holly».

"Rest assured. As of now, «Holly» has only few people, and they can't just leisurely send people capable of discovering barriers like this to every country"

(That they don't have the leisure to do that is whose fault after all...?)

She thought about the chaos «Holly» was passing through she heard somewhere, but the «Diva» didn't say anything.

"So, for what reason are you here?"

"I have a message to pass from him, you see."

"...From Sakaki-sama?"

The name that came from Beatrix's mouth, was the one of that dark youth that slew Tooru.

Narukami Sakaki was the one who accompanied Clovis, and who send him to that part of Europe so far from Japan.

Facing Beatrix, the man in the army uniform smiled and said.

"Put the «Crimson Actress» on stage"

At what was told to her, the beauty that always had that refined atmosphere, glared for an instant.

"I understand, so I will be going now"

Stating she understood what he meant, Beatrix went away from the side of that man, and tried to go away from that place.

But, Clovis's business was still not over.

"It's almost time, I thought, to move on with the matters of «Judecca»"

While both of them faced away from each other, the man on the army uniform talked.

"...About that, I believe I already said that I don't want to be involved with that matter at all"

"Not being involved with that can only mean to support me, I suppose there is no problem if I accept you answer as that"

To the words of that man with so many different faces, the beauty called «Silent Diva» remained silent.

That was her answer, and it was hidden inside the silence.

"That's all for now, but---I'll be away from here for a time so, I'll leave him up to you"

Having it left unsaid, and without any clues, Beatrix asked "To where?" wanting to know his destination.

"You see, I received a love letter, and I want to answer it"

The man with the second name «Tempest Judges» smiled oddly at his own words, and his body began to be covered in light.

"Until then---below the name of «Rein»"

"Until then---below the name of «The beast»"

Leaving unmatched words, the man in the army uniform erased his figure inside the light.

At that place, only Beatrix was left behind, and the surroundings were filled with silence.

The song of a small bird that came from far away, was the only sound.

Beatrix sighed softly, and murmured.

"«Crimson Actress»..."

  1. "Witch" is written the same way as "Diabolica"
  2. I'm really not sure if this was the best romanization but I'll leave it so